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ntario Palliative Care Association

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					                          ntario Palliative Care Association
                                                           The Flame
                                                                                                      SUMMER 2010
                            PRESIDENT’S ANNOUNCEMENT
      Made at One Vision/One Voice Provincial Palliative Care Conference, April 19th, 2010.

                                   ast year, at this very On April 18, 2010, the two boards held a joint board
                                   gathering,      OPCA meeting to discuss the results and agreed to move
                                   and HAO announced forward and develop an integration plan to form one
                           that we were exploring hospice palliative care association for Ontario.
                           the options for a closer
                           relationship. Over the last A joint working group was appointed with four
                           12 months, that relationship representatives from each association. Their mandate
                           continued to evolve with is to move forward developing an integration plan
                           regular meetings and joint for one association representing all hospice palliative
                           work on various initiatives. care in Ontario. Together we are stronger, and
                           Relationships strengthened, our voices unified as we strive to achieve our
                           trust grew, comments                vision of quality end-of-life care for all
    Marg Poling, President                                               Ontarians.
                           and suggestions
of one provincial association continued,                                      You will receive more information as
regularly, from government, providers,               “Together we
                                                                               the process moves forward and work
and both HAO and OPCA members.                     are stronger, and
                                                 our voices unified as
                                                                                begins. As we begin this process, we
Over the last six months the OPCA               we strive to achieve our        don’t know how we will get there,
and HAO board chairs have increased              vision of quality end-         but we know the outcome that our
the dialogue and a few months ago we               of-life care for all         membership has clearly called for. We
put the question of integration to our                Ontarians.”              are committed to a process that is open
members. We surveyed and asked if we                                         and inclusive of our members, respecting
should “continue as separate associations with                             the unique skills, talents, and gifts of our
a strategic alliance working closely on common                         diverse movement.
issues” or “move to one integrated association
representing all aspects of hospice palliative care in
Ontario” or “other”, leaving it to our members to fill OPCA President
in the blank.

We are very please to now share with you the survey
                                                               This announcement was sent to our members
                                                               early in May 2010 – here is a sampling of the
The HAO member survey had a 79% response                       responses we received:
rate with 92% of the respondents in favour of one
                                                               “This is going to be a very good thing, I am sure.
integrated association representing all aspects of hos-
pice palliative care in Ontario.                               Well done to everyone involved! Our voice will be
                                                               stronger than ever.”
The OPCA member survey had a 41% response rate
also with 92% of the respondents in favour of one              “Alleluia!!!”
integrated association representing all aspects of             “Wonderful!”
hospice palliative care in Ontario.

Ontario Palliative Care Newsletter
                                                          1                                             SUMMER 2010
                    2010 Annual Hospice Palliative Care Conference
                                 April 18 - 20, 2010

       he 2nd annual One Vision/One Voice conference was held in Toronto April 18 - 20, 2010, co-hosted by
       the Ontario Palliative Care Association and the Hospice Association of Ontario.
      The opening ceremonies were exciting and started the conference off on a high note. Dr Harvey
Chochinov’s presentation was excellent and led well into the concurrent sessions.
The panel discussion “the Cost of dying–is it worth it?” was extremely well done with incredible
participation from Dr. Chochinov, P. Chidwick, E. Dufour and Dr. Rachlis. It was moderated by Hana
Gartner who did an excellent job of identifying the issues related to the topic.
The Gala dinner theme was a passport to India where conference participants were able to dress in
traditional Indian wear, access henna tattooing and were entertained by a group of very talented dancers.
The food was India-inspired and excellent and many of the conference attendees participated in the dance,
a great time was had by all.
Once again we were able to come together and provide a well organized, evidence based conference that
meets the needs of those working in hospice palliative care in Ontario. Our congratulations to the Planning

                                          Brent Charette
                                          Beth Ellis
                                          Karen Fisher
                                          Elaine Klym
                                          Amanda MacLennan
                                          Maureen Talbot
                                          Lesia Wynnychuk

We also commend Lindsay Blair-Holder and other members of the HAO staff for the organizational skills
that made the conference such a success.

Debbie Gravelle
OPCA Vice President

                                                    2              Ontario Palliative Care Newsletter
                               OUTSTANDING lEADERSHIP

         r. Larry Librach wrote, “I know that this nomination of a radiation oncologist might seem a little
         off the track of hospice palliative care but I do believe that Dr. Edward Chow needs some
         recognition for his efforts to provide better services in radiation oncology to our palliative care
patients”. The OPCA Awards Selection Committee agreed whole-heartedly with Dr. Librach. They initiated
a special Outstanding Leadership Award to recognize Dr. Chow’s contributions to end-of-life care in his
leadership of the Rapid Response Radiotherapy Program (RRRP) at the Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook
Hospital. This award can be shared by “all the radiation oncologists and the other healthcare professions
who work in the RRRP because of their influence in developing a system of caring for patients needing
radiotherapy”. Our warmest congratulations to Dr. Chow and his team.


    n May 2010, Hospice Caledon is preparing to open Bethell House, a 10 bedroom residential hospice,
    thanks in a large part to the support of Lorna Bethell. Mrs. Bethell’s gift was the impetus that ignited
    her family and the community to support the

Mrs. Bethell uses her innate charm, wit and
considerable connections to help better the
community in which she lives, to fulfill the dream
of her daughter, a community nurse with firsthand
experience of the need for an alternative to hospital
care, and to honour the dying wish of her husband,
a war veteran who having seen many lonely deaths
wanted to be sure that others would not die alone.

Mrs. Bethell understands the philosophy and
mission of end of life hospice care, having
personally experienced caring for her beloved
husband supported by a palliative care team. She
has truly championed this vision and never wavered from her goal—which was to provide a home to the
community that would allow those at end of life the opportunity to be cared for in a home-like setting
surrounded by a loving and dedicated team of professionals.

We thank Mrs. Bethell for her support and are proud to add her to our honour roll of past recipients.

Knoll Pharma Inc. (1997)                                Albert Latner (2004)
Glaxo Wellcome (1998)                                   Stuart and Irene Lunn (2004)
Saint Elizabeth Health Care Foundation (1999)           Harold Wolfe and Phyllis Flatt (2006)
Parkwood Hospital (2000)                                Margaret Anderson (2006)
Peterborough Festival of Trees (2000)                   Brockville’s 30 Hour Telethon for Palliative Care (2007)
Barrie Rose (2001)                                      Dr. Jay Foundation (2008)
Purdue Pharma Inc. (2003)                               Saint Elizabeth Health Care Foundation (2008)
Care for Kids (Toronto) (2004)                          Lorna Bethell (2009)

Ontario Palliative Care Newsletter                      3                                         SUMMER 2010
          Dorothy ley Award of Excellence in Hospice Palliative Care
                                    2009 Recipient – Chris Sherwood

                                                               hris    Sherwood         has    been      involved
                                                               in the provision of hospice pallia-
                                                               tive care for over 15 years, starting
                                                       as a staff nurse on the Palliative Care Unit at
                                                       St. Paul’s Hospital, a tertiary level centre in downtown
                                                       Vancouver. His move to Ontario in 2001 was certainly
                                                       our gain as he brought his expertise, his passion,
                                                       and his organizational skills to bear on issues such as
                                                       new DNR and Expected Death in the Home policies.

                                                       Chris has served Ontario and Canada tirelessly in
                                                       positively impacting the delivery of hospice palliative
                                                       care. His approach influencing positive change
                                                       demonstrates qualities many of us wish to emulate:
                                                       passion, compassion, belief, and fortitude. Chris’
                                                       challenge to all: Dare to dream. Dare to think really,
                                                       really big. Dare to change.

We are proud to add Chris to our honour roll of past recipients:

                                      Mary Vachon, RN, PhD (1996)
                                      Reena McDermott, RN (1997)
                                      Shari Douglas, RN (1998)
                                      Frank Ferris, MD (1999)
                                      Linda Bowring, MD (2000)
                                      Ivan Stewart, MD (2001)
                                      John Flannery, RN (2002)
                                      Deborah Dudgeon, MD (2003)
                                      Jean Echlin, RN, MScN (2004)
                                      Maryse Bouvette, RN (2005)
                                      Charmaine Jones, MD (2006)
                                      Larry Librach, MD (2007)
                                      Nancy Keat (2008)
                                      Chris Sherwood (2009)

                                                     4               Ontario Palliative Care Newsletter
                                          A FAREWEll...

          e bid farewell to two Board members who have given much to our organization and thank
          them for their dedication and commitment to ensuring quality end-of-life care for all Ontarians:
           Barb linkewich (Secretary) is a long-time member of the board. Barb joined the board of the
Ontario Palliative Care Association in 2002 and has served the board diligently over the years, participating
on many working groups and committees, the Membership committee for one, and on the Executive
as Secretary for many years. She was the chair of the committee for the initial development of the
Interest Groups Meetings at the then ‘Humber’ conference. She was always a strong voice for
Northwestern Ontario at the Provincial tables, serving on the Expected Death in the Home (EDITH),
and the Certification of Death committees. She played a pivotal role on the Exam Committee
developing the first HPC CNA nursing certification and in reviewing standards for the HPC
programming for Accreditation Canada and the national Hospice Association. Her professional
life has changed and she has moved even further north from Thunder Bay to Sioux Lookout. Her
position has taken her out of an exclusive palliative care focus but she remains passionate and supportive
of all things Hospice/Palliative/End-Of-life Care. She will be missed on the Board–this is only adieu!

Diane Williams (Toronto Central) joined the Board as the Regional Representative for Central Toronto
in 2008 and worked diligently to represent her fellow members in the Toronto area. Diane volunteered for
our Communication committee working to enhance the Board’s communication with the membership. As
chair of the Newsletter Committee, she made sure it included not only news of the Association but also
personal stories from the people that made up the Association. We shall miss Diane’s enthusiasm and
willingness to pitch in and wish her all success and happiness in the future.


       heresa Morris is a nurse who brings new information, advocates for innovative approaches to
       service provision, is astute in client assessments, and is a strong and respectful client advocate.
       Theresa has worked in community nursing with the Victorian Order of Nurses, as a case manager
with the Peterborough Access Centre, and was one of the first Palliative Pain and Symptom Management
Coordinators in the province. She is now the Palliative Care Nurse Consultant/Coordinator at Peterborough
Regional Health Centre.

This award, named in honour of Marilyn Lundy, is sponsored by the Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative

Congratulations, Theresa!

Past recipients:

       Heather Hewson, RN (2005)
       Bonnie Cole, RN (2006)
       Brenda Smith, RN (2007)
       Ann E. Baker, RN (2008)
       Theresa Morris, RN (2009)

Ontario Palliative Care Newsletter
                                                     5                                         SUMMER 2010
                                       MEET yOUR BOARD
  We are pleased to welcome three new Regional Representatives to the 2010/2011 Board of Directors:
                              Heather Campbell (Mississauga Halton) has worked and volunteered in the
                              non-profit sector for 23 years, mostly in a leadership capacity. Originally
                              using her professional fundraising skills in the arts sector (National Ballet of
                              Canada, Canadian Opera Company, Ontario Ballet Theatre), she recognized
                              the need to raise funds for the hospice palliative care community. Heather
                              co-founded the Healing Cycle Foundation in 2005 and became its Executive
                              Director. Having raised over $800,000 for the palliative care unit at Credit
                              Valley Hospital, the foundation is now becoming a provincial entity with the
                              intention of financially assisting hospices and organizations that support
                              hospice palliative care across Ontario.

    Heather Campbell

Suzanne Jensen (South East) has rejoined the ranks of palliative care recently
as an Educator and Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultant
in the South East LHIN. With over 25 years nursing experience in many
different disciplines she is happy to return to this specialty field as part of
a very supportive team. The opportunity to teach and consult with health
care providers on the principles and practices of hospice palliative care is the
perfect job, albeit with lots of mileage. Other volunteer interests are the May
Court Club of Brockville Next Generations and The St Lawrence Academy,
a small private school in Brockville.

                                                                                        Suzanne Jensen

                              Cathy Joy (Waterloo Wellington) is the Palliative Pain and Symptom
                              Management Consultant in Waterloo Region. She has held this position for
                              8 years. Cathy has been a standing member of the OPCA since 2002, and
                              supports building capacity and stakeholder engagement. She also for
                              the past 4 years has acted as Co-Chair for the Provincial Palliative Care
                              Consultants Network. Cathy's special interests are working with those
                              working in Pediatric Palliative Care Programs, the Homeless and Risk of
                              Being Homeless Program, and Chronic Disease Program Planning for
                              Palliative and End of Life Care. Other passions: canoeing, skiing, and travel,
                              with lots of family time!
        Cathy Joy

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                                                       6              Ontario Palliative Care Newsletter
                                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2010/2011
    President – Marg Poling                                                      Past President – Chris Sherwood
    vice President – Debbie Gravelle                                             Treasurer – Carol Ford
                                                        Secretary – Debbie Gravelle
                                         Regional Representatives
    1 – Erie St. Clair – Sharon Allen                            8 – Central – Carol Ford
    2 – South West – Paul Cavanagh                               9 – Central East – Theresa Morris
    3 – Waterloo Wellington – Cathy Joy                          10 – South East – Suzanne Jensen
    4 – Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant                         11 – Champlain – Debbie Gravelle
                               – Ildico Tettero                  12 – North Simcoe Muskoka
    5 – Central West – Wendy May                                                    – Vivian Papaiz
    6 – Mississauga Halton – Heather Campbell                    13 – North East – Elaine Klym
    7 – Toronto Central – Position Open                          14 – North West – Marg Poling
                                        Community Members – Rick Firth, Julie Darnay
  (Contact information for all Board members is available on our website or can be obtained by contacting the OPCA office.)

                                                                                                             OPCA Regions

                                        Ontario Palliative Care Association
                                    A Strong Voice for Quality End-of-Life Care
                               vISION                                                               GOAlS & OBJECTIvES
   Quality end-of-life care for all Ontarians.                                  To support our members by:
                                                                                   providing education development opportunities to
                                                                                     facilitate communication
                             MISSION                                               being a central resource for information
                                                                                   being a link between local, regional, provincial and
   How we treat those who are dying in our community reflects                        national palliative care
   who we are as a society. All Ontarians have the right to die                 To encourage the development and expansion of palliative
   with dignity, to have access to physical, psychosocial, and                  care in Ontario by:
   spiritual care. As health care providers, volunteers, and                       advocating the importance of palliative care through
   family representatives of Ontario’s hospice palliative care                       influencing government policy and funding
   community we advocate for quality end-of-life care using                        promoting standards in palliative care
   and integrated and collaborative approach.                                      participating in the evolution and implementation of
                                                                                   enhancing the work of OPCA
                                                                                   maintaining financial stability

Ontario Palliative Care Newsletter
                                                                            7                                                            SUMMER 2010
        Effect Change &                                       OPCA                              	 Access to a network of colleagues at
        Advance Hospice                                     Membership                             the community, regional, provincial
                                                                                                   and national levels
         Palliative Care:                                    Benefits                           	 Privileges to elect members of the
           Join OPCA                             	 Professional development through               OPCA Board of Directors and attend
                                                    education initiatives, bursaries,              the Association’s Annual General
 The Ontario Palliative Care Association            reduced rates at such major events             Meeting
 (OPCA) is a non-profit organization and            as the Annual Ontario Provincial            	 Joint membership with the Canadian
 its membership reflects the important              Conference on Palliative and End-of-           Hospice Palliative Care Association
 multidisciplinary approach to hospice              Life Care                                      (CHPCA)
 palliative care. OPCA offers a range of         	 Input into curriculum development           	 Subscriptions to both OPCA and
 benefits to its membership and, most               for health care professionals at               CHPCA newsletters
 importantly, it presents a strong, proactive       educational institutions
 voice on issues specific to the provision                                                      	 67% savings on the subscription rate
                                                 	 Partnerships with professional                 for the Journal of Palliative Care
 and delivery of quality end-of-life care           associations and accreditation bodies
 – professional education, standards of             to advance standards and best practice         For more information contact opca@
 practice, government policy development                                                          or
                                                 	 Direct participation in provincial
 and funding, and public awareness.                 and national initiatives to establish           Check out OPCA’s web site at www.
                                                    standards of practice                    

                                                OPCA MEMBERSHIP FORM
    I would like to become a member of the Ontario Palliative Care Association and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association.
                                                      Individual Membership ($75)
   NOTE: If you have CHPCA membership through the Hospice Association of Ontario, please reduce the above Individual Membership fee to $60.

Individual Name: ___________________________________________________ Title: _______________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________________________________ Province: _________________ Postal Code:____________________
Telephone/Business: ____________________________________________ Residence: ________________________________________________
Fax: ______________________________________ Email:________________________________________________________________________

                  Important: What is your preferred means of receiving OPCA news and information?  Mail  E-mail
                   I include a charitable donation of $               [OPCA Charitable Donation No. 89078 993 RR 0001]
                               Clip or photocopy and mail membership form and fees (and/or charitable donations) to:
                         Ontario Palliative Care Association (OPCA), 194 Eagle Street, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 1J6
                                      Tel: 905.954.0938 or (Toll Free) 1-888-379-6666 / Fax: 905.954.0939
                                    E-mail: / Web Site:

                                                 NURSE GROUP MEMBERSHIP
                  Nurses who wish to be a member of the CHPCA Nurses Group will pay an additional $10 membership fee.
           If you are a nurse and want to be a member of the Nurses Group please add $10 to the joint membership fee listed above.

                                         Yes I wish to become a member of the CHPCA Nurses Group.
                                    I have enclosed an extra $10 on top of my joint membership fee with the
                                             Ontario Palliative Care Association and the CHPCA.
                                            Provincial Nursing License # _______________________.

                                                  CHPCA INTEREST GROUPS
  The CHPCA has created Interest Groups for members with similar interests. If you would like to be a member of an Interest Group please
             indicate the group(s) below. You will be added to an electronic list serve for the Interest Groups indicated.

                  Aboriginal Issues                          Nurses ($10 Fee)                             Pharmacists
                 Spiritual Advisors                          Physiotherapists                            Volunteer Issues
                  Paediatric Issues                           Social Workers                              Rural Issues
             Long Term/Continuing Care                    Complimentary Therapies

                                                                     8                   Ontario Palliative Care Newsletter