NEWSLETTER                                         JUNE 2010

        Band Office

  Regular Business Hours:
         Mon – Thurs               Father's Day Humour
      9:00am. – 4:30pm             A small boy came up to his dad and meekly said "Daddy, Daddy, can
   Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm          I have another glass of water please?" The dad replied "But I've
       Closed for Lunch            given you 10 glasses of water already son!" The little boy then said,
      12:00pm – 1:00pm             "Oh yes daddy, but the bedroom is still on fire!"

   (Summer Hours begin on
                                                                       What do you call someone who
          June 28th,
                                                                       does not hesitate to embarrass
    Mon - Thurs. 8:30 - 4:30
                                                                       you in front of your friends?
     Friday 8:30 - 12:00)
        (902) 897-9199
      1 – 800 – 693-3112
                                                                       Never raise your hand to your
 Deadline for newsletter is                                            kids. It leaves your groin
  the 26th of each month.                                              unprotected. ~Red Buttons
 Please send information by
          email to:                                                    The greatest gift I ever had                                              Came from God; I call him Dad!
                                                                       ~Author Unknown
         Fax: 893-4785
or drop off at Reception Desk at   Pampers Are Great!
          Band Office.             Spread the diaper in the position of the diamond with you at bat. Then
                                   fold second base down to home and set the baby on the pitcher's
PLEASE NOTE DATE                   mound. Put first base and third together, bring up home plate and pin
CHANGE : Next Chief and            the three together. Of course, in case of rain, you gotta call the game
Council Meeting is                 and start all over again. ~Jimmy Piersal, on how to diaper a baby, 1968
tentatively scheduled for
Tuesday, June 8th.
Deadline for submissions or
REQUESTS to see Council is
noon on Thursday, June
3rd. Please submit to:

Bernadette Sylliboy,
Administrative Clerk,
Fax: 893-4785 or
Band Council Meetings                    Compost/Garbage
Millbrook Chief and Council              (green bags) &
meetings are tentatively
scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday
                                         Recycle (blue bags)
of each month. We ask that all    Compost/Garbage                  Sacred Heart Church
letters addressed to the band     (green bags) dates are           Regular Sunday Mass
council for discussion be         Tuesday, June 1, 15 & 29.        Regular Mass Time is at
forwarded to:                     Recycle (blue bags) dates are    11:30 a.m.
Bernadette Sylliboy,              Tuesday, June 8 & 22.            Immaculate Conception
Administrative Clerk,             Compost bins must be at          website:
Fax: 893-4785 Email:              curbside by 7:00 am.
Please have information
submitted no later than noon      Community Hall
on the Thursday before the
meeting. Next Meeting is
                                  Contact Bernadette Sylliboy
tentatively scheduled
                                  at 897-9199 - Extension 110 to   Millbrook Prayer
Tuesday, June 8th.
                                  book the community hall for a
Deadline for submissions                                           Group
                                  community event. Requests
is 12 noon on Thursday,                                            Meets every Tuesday at
                                  for personal events such as
June 3rd. If information is                                        7:00pm. All are welcome!
                                  baby showers, bridal showers
submitted later than 12 noon                                       The agenda includes the
                                  and birthday parties will be
on the Thursday before the                                         Rosary, a lunch and social.
                                  denied. Those who book the
meeting it will not be                                             The meeting location changes
                                  hall are responsible to leave
presented to Chief and                                             each week so be sure to
                                  the building thoroughly
Council until the next                                             contact Jane at 893-7454.
                                  cleaned after their event.
regularly scheduled meeting.
                                  Please book at least 2 – 3
All requests for financial                                         Condolences
                                  weeks in advance. When
assistance to Chief and
                                  booking please come and see      Condolences to the family of
Council will be recorded in the
                                  Bernadette or call and she       the late Evelyn Gloade and
minutes, which are made
                                  will go over the rules before    the late Linda Julien. Our
available for viewing for all
                                  she gives you the keys. This     thoughts and prayers are with
Band Members at the
                                  includes Wellness, NADAC,        each of you, Millbrook Chief
Administration Office during
                                  Community Events, Meetings       and Council.
regular business hours.
                                  etc. Thank you.
Thank you for your
                                                                   Thank You
cooperation, Bernadette.
                                                                   Evelyn Anne Gloade:
                                                                   1963- 2010

The family of the late Evelyn     Community Hall after the        Happy Birthday Katie, Love
Gloade would like to thank all    funeral.                        Cecilia.
those who helped in any way
during our time of grief and      Signed: Sandra, Elizabeth,      June 10th - Happy Birthday
sorrow.                           Barry, Jeanette, Kenny,         Mali, Love from 97 Tower
                                  Darrell, and Dennis. We truly   Road Family.
Thank you to Father Tom           appreciated all the help and
Kurudeepan for his kind           support we received from        June 11 - Happy Birthday to
words and prayers.                everyone.                       my best friend Deanna
                                                                  Brooks, Love Yvette
Thank you to Lavinia Brooks       Happy Birthday!
for preparing food for the
                                  June 2 - Happy Birthday to
wake and her helpers, Mary                                        June 16 - Happy 26th
                                  Juliana Paul from all your
Martha Sylliboy, Corrina                                          Birthday to my best friend in
                                  family and friends.
Milliea, Wanda Brooks and                                         the whole world, Courtney!
Luisa Martin. Thank you to                                        Love Jacqueline xoxoxo
                                  June 3 - Happy Birthday to
those who sent food, sympathy
                                  Mitchell Cope, Love from 97     Happy Birthday Courtney,
cards, cash, mass cards,
                                  Tower Road.                     Love Grandad Brooks xoxo
flowers and memorial gifts.
Also thanks to Mi’sel Prosper
                                  June 6 - Happy Birthday to       Happy Birthday Courtney,
and Jay Martin for the
                                  my Godchild Anissa, Love        Love Martha, Shawn, Victor
                                  Godfather Buck.                 and Makayla! xoxoxoxo
Thank You to Margaret
                                  June 9 - Happy Birthday to      June 20 - Happy Birthday to
Gloade for the burial plot near
                                  Robbie Paul, Love Yvette and    Carol Francis!
                                                                  June 22 - Happy 6th
Thank you to Colin Bernard,
                                                                  Birthday to Corey, Love
Ron Ross, Jim Johnson, Cathy      Happy Birthday to my
                                                                  Buck, Yvette and Francis
Paul, Sharon Paul, Jessie         Grandson Robbie,
                                                                  Happy Birthday Corey, Love
Jeddore, Dean Christmas and       Love Grammy Cecilia.
                                                                  Great Grammy Cecilia.
Missy and Jenny Gloade for
their participation at the        Happy Birthday Robbie, Love
                                                                  June 27 - Happy Birthday to
funeral Mass.                     Tiara, Maggie and Jeff.
                                                                  Sue Phillips from 97 Tower
Thank you to the Pall                                             Road Family.
                                  Happy Mother's Day to
Bearers: Vernon Gloade,           Maggie, Love from Tiara and
Howard Jeddore Jr., Lorne                                         June 29 - Happy Birthday to
Paul, Paul Kenneth Francis,                                       my brother Leo, Love Buck.
Albert Phillips, Richard          Happy Birthday Robbie, Love
Poulette, Stuart Knockwood,                                       Happy Birthday Leo, Love
                                  Lynn and Irene.
and Randy Sack and                                                from 97 Tower Road.
Honourary Pall Bearers: Alex      June 10 - Happy Birthday to
Cope and James Sack.              our neighbour Katie
                                  Kennedy, Love Buck and          Happy Father's Day from
Thank you to all those who        Yvette.                         the Staff at the Millbrook
helped with the Salite: Peter                                     Administration Office.
Gloade, Clara Gloade, Bobby       Happy Birthday Katie, Love
Gloade, Lloyd Johnson and         Francis, Irene and Andy.
Colin Bernard.
                                  Happy Birthday Katie, Love
Thank You to the staff and
                                  Tiara and Maggie.
volunteers who prepared and
served the meal at the
                                                                  Monday’s are not convienient
                                                                  you may choose to see him at
                                                                  his Truro office. Call 893-
                                       895-9468                   5900 to make an appointment
                                                                  in town.
                                Medical Drivers
                                                                  Long Term Treatment
                                T.J Martin           897-2613     If you are interested in going
                                Shawn Gillespie 895-9540          to a longer term (5-8 weeks)
                                Germaine Martin                   rehab program after a detox
                                (H)843-0174    Cell: 305-0204     program please make sure you
                                Richard Poulette 895-4399         apply for a bed as soon as
                                Albert Phillips      843-2098     possible. There is a process
                                Jim Hepworth Sr.                  that must be followed to apply
Millbrook Awards Day            (H) 843-5986 Cell: 305-1676       for admission including a
Millbrook Awards Day will be                                      medical which has to be
held on Saturday, July 3,       James Howe -Sheet Harbour         completed. Peter Gloade has
beginning at with a light       (H) 1-902-885-2249                copies of the forms that have
meal around 5:00pm., awards     Cell 1-902-885-5232               to be completed at the Health
around 6:00pm. a Much                                             Centre.
Music Dance at the Gym for      Please ensure the following
all ages from 7:00 - 11:00pm.   information is readily            Before going to a rehab
and of course Fireworks         available: Client's Name,         program please make sure you
around 10:00pm. to celebrate    Band Number,                      are able to devote the required
all our wonderful students.     Date of Birth;                    time and attention to your
                                Doctor's Name,                    RECOVERY. Make sure you
Hope to see you all there!      Address and name of Facility,     have time to arrange to cancel
                                Telephone Number and Date         or reschedule all your medical,
                                and Time of Appointment.          dental, optical, probation,
                                                                  counselling, etc.
                                Counselling                       appointments until after
                                Charles Casselman a Clinical      treatment.
                                Therapist from the Truro
                                office of Addiction Services is   News From Nurse
                                available at the Health Centre
                                every Monday for one on one       Debbie
                                counselling before and after
                                Addictions Treatment              Immunizations
                                Programs. Follow-up               Please call the Health Centre
                                Counselling after successful      to make an appointment if
                                completion of a treatment         your child needs any
                                program is highly                 immunizations or “baby
                                recommended to deal with the      needles”. Incentive program:
                                challenges of RECOVERY.           ALL children completing
                                Counselling by this clinical      their 18 month needles will
                                therapist is also provided for    receive a Wal-Mart gift card.
                                family members of the             “ABC’s of Diabetes”
                                addict/alcoholic and others       workshop by dietician Tara
                                affected by addictions. Please    MacKinnon, Tuesday, June
                                call the health centre (895-      8th at the senior’s centre from
                                9468) for an appointment time     4-6 pm with a light supper
                                to talk to Charles Casselman      provided. This class is great
                                when he is in Millbrook. If       for people newly diagnosed
with diabetes or for those       having the following               purchase tickets for extra
who need a refresher on the      fundraisers: Lotto 10/49-          people because we are limited
basics. Please call the Health   ongoing, Merchandise Bingo –       to the number of seats we
Centre to register. Door         date TBA; Toll Booth - date        have. To register please call
prizes!                          TBA, Barbeque & Bake Sale          Lavinia at 895-9468
                                 June 4th. We also have a
New Mom’s Luncheon               penny jar at the office if
will be held on Friday,          anyone has pennies to get rid
June 18th from 11:00 am -        of! Please be generous and         News From Colin
1:00 pm. at the Senior’s         support your Relay for Life        Bernard
Centre. This is for expectant    team! Last year we raised
                                 5793.75 and we made it to 2nd
and new moms, we hope to                                            Nova Scotia Schools
have this monthly with           place in fundraising for the
                                 Truro Relay! This year's           Aboriginal Track &
different fun and educational
themes. Please call the          theme is "Just One More" so        Field Championships
Health Centre to register.       hopefully we can get to the # 1    May 18th 2010
Door prizes!                     spot in fundraising! Thanks
                                                                    Thirteen Millbrook children
                                 for your support!                  from Truro Elementary
Please Note                      If there are any cancer            participated in this
June 29th is Dr. Ferguson’s      survivors who would like to        championship for the first
last day before summer           join the Survivors Walk            time. The event took place in
holidays. Please check all       during the event please see        Westville N.S. against other
your prescriptions before this   me and I will get you a form to    children from many First
time as you need to make an      fill out. We would love to have    Nation communities The
appointment for prescription     you with us for the event!         events that they competed in
refill. He is away until the                                        were 60 Meter Sprint, 100
end of July and it is very       Senior’s Fishing Trip              Meter Sprint, Softball Throw
inconvenient to have to go to    This trip is scheduled for         and Long Jump.
the Walk In Clinic for           Saturday, June 5th, 2010           Here are the Millbrook medal
prescription refills.            from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. we     winners: Hunter Martin -
                                 will be going to L.O.R.D.A.        Atom Boys 60 meter Gold
                                 Seniors Fishing Pond.              Medal. Softball Throw-
                                 Transportation will be             Silver Medal
                                 provided for those who need
                                 it. Rain date is June 12.          Jonas Smilde-Cope- Atom
                                 Please register with Lavinia       Boys Long Jump Bronze
                                 or leave message. (Please note     Medal
                                 that the on-line site says it is
                                 closed, but I have spoken to       Sophie Bernard- Atom Girls
                                 the owners and it has re-          100 meter Gold Medal.
                                 opened on May 15th, 2010!)         Softball Throw- Silver Medal

                                                                    Shayla Gloade- Atom Girls
                                                                    100 meter- Bronze Medal
From the Desk of                 International Tattoo               Reed Knockwood- Peewee
Lavinia Brooks, C.H.R.           Saturday, July 3rd, 2010.
                                                                    Boys 60 meter- Silver Medal
                                 We will leave from the
Relay for Life - Millbrook       Millbrook Health Centre at         Gerald (G) Blackmore-
Health Centre - Team             11:30 a.m. and return at 6:00      Peewee Boys 100 meter-
Mi'kmaq are participating in     p.m. Seating is limited!           Bronze Medal. Long Jump-
"Relay for Life". We will be     This Trip is for Seniors 55 +      Silver Medal
                                 only (No Guests). You may not
Emily Phillips- Peewee Girls       First Penance                    The next treatment program
Softball Throw- Gold Medal         (First Confession)               starting at Eagles Nest at
                                                                    Indianbrook is June 14th,
Other children that                Children will be making their    2010, it is an 8 week co-ed
participated and fell just short   First Penance on June 1st at     program.
of a medasl were Randy             Sacred Heart Church at
Milliea, Trey Martin, Chance       5:00pm. Light food and
Sylliboy, Will Sylliboy, Kiara
                                                                    Rising Sun
                                   drinks afterwards.
                                                                    The next treatment program
Denny and Julianne Johnson.
                                   Aboriginal Coaching              starting at Rising Sun at Eel
I would like to thank all the                                       Ground, NB is August 15th,
                                   Manual Rescheduled
children for representing                                           2010, it is a 5 week co-ed
                                   This training has been
Millbrook and Truro                                                 program.
                                   rescheduled for June 19th at
Elementary in a respectful         the Millbrook Community
manner. I would also like to       Hall. Limited space is           Mi’kmaw Lodge
thank Sunshine Bernard,            available. Sign up by calling    The next program for the
Vernon Gloade, Corrina             the Millbrook Health Centre      Mikmaw Lodge at Eskasoni,
Milliea, and Juliana Paul with     or Colin Bernard at 890-4365     NS is June 14th,2010, it is a 5
transportation and                 or 895-9468                      week co-ed program.
coordination of this event.
This would not be possible                                          Wolastoqewiyik
without their help.
                                   Addictions                       Healing Lodge
Tennis Clinic                                                       There next treatment
                                   Regular Hours
                                                                    program starting at
There will be a Tennis Clinic      Peter Gloade
                                                                    Wolastoqewiyik Healing
held at the Truro Tennis Club      Office 895-9468,
                                                                    Lodge at Tobique N.B. is July
on Sunday, June 6th , 2010.        Direct Line 897-1234
                                                                    5th, 2010, it is a 5 week co-ed
                                   or Cell 890-1671. Regular
Tennis rackets and balls                                            program. Referrals are
                                   Office Hours are: Monday –
provided. This clinic is free of                                    submitted up to 8 days before
                                   Thursday 9:00am – 4:30pm
charge to Millbrook                                                 admission date.
                                   Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm
community members.
                                   **Summer hours start on          Kids Help Line
There are 2 age categories for     June 28, 2010****                For any youth who are having
this day. Ages 12 and under                                         a problem such as bullying,
2pm- 3:30 pm at the Truro          GROUP COMING TO                  peer pressure, or any
Tennis Club                                                         problems and want to talk to
                                   MILLBROOK                        someone there is a number to
Ages 13 and up- 10:00am-           There will be a group from the
                                                                    call; all calls are confidential.
12:00pm at the Truro Tennis        Waskaganish Cree Nation,
                                                                    Youth Help line: 1-800-420–
Club                               James Bay in Millbrook on
                                                                    8336 & Kids Help Phone: 1-
                                   Thursday, June 10th at
Please Note: Marking black                                          800-668 -6868 or the Website:
                                   6:30pm to share their story on
soled shoes not allowed on                                 for
                                   their Culture, Abuse &
court. Please bring a drink                                         further information.
                                   Recovery. The leader of the
and comfortable clothing.          team is Dave Cheechoo uncle
                                   of the NHL player Jonathan       A A Meetings
First Communion                    Cheechoo from the Ottawa         Peter Gloade has a list of AA
Children will be making their      Senators. Everyone is            and NA meetings.You can call
First Communion on June 6th        welcome to come to this event    895- 5535 for more
at Sacred Heart Church             at the Community Hall.           information on local groups.
during Mass. Meal to follow at     Refreshments will be served.     Also has
Community Hall.                                                     information.
                                   Eagles Nest
Free Spirit Group                    Tel: 897-0445               Thanks to everyone who
Millbrook Free Spirit AA              or 897-1249                came to our Pre-School
group meets every Tuesday                                        Registration Day on May
night at 7pm at the Millbrook
                                     Fax: 897-2324               6th. For those who were not
Senior’s Centre.                    Director’s email:            able to make it, but have
                                 children who plan to attend
Dance                                                            Pre-School 3, or Pre-School
The Monthly Youth Dance at      DAYCARE SEATS                    4 Program in the Fall
the Community                   As of the printing date of       (September 2010), please
Hall is being held on
                                this newsletter, there are       drop in for an application
                                NO seats available in            asap. Please do not wait
7:00 – 9:00pm for Grade 5 &
under AND 9:00pm –              Daycare. This may change,        until late August or
11:00pm for Grade 6 & up.       however, if anyone pulls         September to do this.
 Parent chaperones are          their children out for the
encouraged. Pizza will be       summer. If you are in need       Also note that new
served and there will be        of Daycare Services, please      applications and medical
chances to win movie passes.    fill out an application asap     forms are required every
Canteen will be available,      to get on the waiting list,      year, and if your child has
offered by the Millbrook        and call to inquire about        an allergy, please provide
Youth Group.                    availability from time to        us with a Doctor's note to
                                time.                            verify this. Thank you!

                                “FAMILY DAY”                     Parent-Tot & Parents-
                                Our 2nd Annual Family Day        As-Teachers Workshops
                                will be held on Friday,          There will be no Parent-Tot
                                June 4th, from 11:00 am to       or Parents-As-Teachers
                                1:00 pm. Parents &               Workshops in June, July or
                                younger siblings are invited     August. THANKS to all
                                to visit their children in our   parents & caregivers for
                                care, enjoy some lunch &         attending our workshops
                                enjoy some fun activities!       this school year; it has been
                                Please do not bring any          fantastic! Workshops will
Happy Father's
                                older siblings that should       start up again in
Day from the                    be in their own school(s).       September.
Health Centre                   ALSO, since this is Family
Staff!                          time, if you (or anyone else     TINY TOTS SUMMER
                                in your family ) are unable      CAMP
                                to attend, please do not         July 5th to 30th – 4 camps
                                send your child to daycare       for kids 3-6 yrs. See poster
                                or pre-school this day, so       for details. Deadline for
                                he/she is here without a         applications: Fri. June 4th.
                                family member. Thank you!        There are still some seats
                                                                 available, but apply asap!

                                REGISTRATION                     MEEC Closures
                                                                 Monday, June 21st –
                                                                 National Aboriginal Day
                                 Important Dates
Happy June Birthdays to          June 14 - 16 Field Days           Happy Birthday to
Dallas, Jorja & Reese!           See classes below.                Francis Joe-Phillips, Anna
                                 June 29 - Report Card Day         Mae Julian, Tristen
EMAIL DISTRIBUTION               Students are in school for        Standingready, Kassie Eagles,
LIST - If you would like to      1 hour only.                      Sierra Pictou, Cole Bernard,
receive your NOTICES via                                           Corey Dennis, Cal Brooks and
email, rather than (or in        July 3 - Awards Day, Dance        Rod Knockwood who will
                                 & Fireworks in Millbrook          celebrate birthdays in June!!
addition to) sent home with
your child, please call
                                                                   Also, Happy Birthday to
Sylvia to get on the list.       Field Days                        Brandon Martin, Celeste
                                 Monday, June 14 -
                                                                   Sylliboy, Lexi Bernard, Joe
                                 T. Boudreau Gr. 5IM, J.
                                                                   Eagles, Austin Lattie,
                                 McGrath Gr. 5, L. Gallant Gr.
                                                                   Patience Sylliboy, River
                                 4, J. Scully Gr. 4IM, W. Roy
                                                                   Pictou, Chance Sylliboy, Mary
                                 Gr. 3, J.Curtis Gr. Pr, D.
                                                                   MacKay, Darian Denny,
                                 Buchanan Gr. Pr., J.Gale-
                                                                   Madelyn Bernard and
                                 Addis Gr. 1IM, S. Munro Gr.
                                                                   Teighlor Wilmot who will all
                                 1, T. Fox Gr. 2IM, S. Paris Gr.
UPCOMING EVENTS TO                                                 celebrate birthdays over the
                                 2) and M. MacInnes Gr. 2
MARK ON YOUR                                                       summer vacation!
CALENDAR                         Wednesday, June 16
                                 C. McGillivray-Trefry Gr. 5,      Helping Eliminate
Fri. June   4th   – Family Day   A. Hinton Gr. 5, J. Joudrey       Racism
                                 Gr. 4, H. Teal Gr. 4, C.          Congratulations to Ava
Thurs. June 17th –               Burgess Gr. 3, D. Deagle Gr.      Martin, Gerald Blackmore,
                                 1IM, J. Hinton Gr. PrIM, R.
Preschoolers Trip to                                               Will Sylliboy and Sophie
                                 Sampson Gr. 1, L. Matheson        Bernard who were recognized
Wildlife Park (Both P3 &
                                 Gr. 1, N. Sylliboy Gr. 3, M.      by TES for helping to
P4 groups)                       Harding Gr. 2IM and D. Kolke      eliminate racism.
                                 Gr. 2.
Mon. June 21st – National
Aboriginal Day HOLIDAY           Morning Arrivals
Centre is closed.                                                  Peanut/Scent Free
                                 It is very important to have      TES is a peanut/scent
                                 your child at school before       free school. PLEASE
Wed. June 23rd –                 O’Canada is played at 7:55.       make sure all products
Preschool Graduation
                                                                   sent to the school
                                 Backpacks                         are PEANUT and NUT free.
CHANGE TO NOTE: Age              Please check your child's
3 Screening was NOT held         backpack each night for
on May 28th. This has            important information.            Milk
been postponed to Friday,                                          Millbrook Band provides
Sept. 3rd!                                                         white milk for any Band

                                 Choir                             Member who wishes to have
Happy Father's Day!              Boys Choir is completed for       it. If your son/daughter is not
                                 this school year.                 receiving milk and would like
it contact Shelley Gloade at
the school.

Lunch Program
Millbrook provides the lunch     IMPORTANT DATES
program to students who are                                       HOMEWORK CLUB
                                 Thursday, June 3 –
Millbrook Band Members.                                           The last day for Millbrook
                                 School Dance (admission          Homework Club for students
Students have a choice of
                                 $6.00)                           in Grade 6, 7 and 8 is June 10,
Healthy Meal # 1 or Healthy
Meal # 2. We do not provide
                                 Thursday, June 10 – Last         From June 14 – 17, there will
chocolate milk but the meal      day for Homework Club for        be Exam Study Group for
does come with white milk.       Grade 6, 7 & 8’s                 Grade 9 students only.
Please make sure to fill out     Monday, June 14 – 17
the lunch order form each        Millbrook Exam Study             ATTENDANCE CHEQUES
week and return it to            Group for Grade 9’s only         Attendance cheques for junior
school. On the form where it     June 18 & 21 – Grade 9           and senior high students will
says amount enclosed, write      Exams                            be issued on Friday, July 2 for
the word Millbrook and if your                                    the months of March, April,
                                 Tuesday, June 22 – Grade
son/daughter is eligible the                                      May and June.
                                 9 Make-up Exams
cafeteria will bill the Band
                                 Tuesday, June 22 – Grade
Office directly.                                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                                 6 & 7 Awards Day at TJHS
                                 Wednesday, June 23               to Anissa Blackmore, Haley
                                 Grad Dance (admission            Julien, Morgan Marshall,
Lunch Schedule                                                    Cheyenne Martin, Sherry
Primary & Grade 1                $10.00)
                                 June 24, 25 & 28 –               Paul, Chelsay Phillips, who
Eat from 11:15 – 11: 35                                           will celebrate their birthdays
Break from 11:35 – 12:00         Marking Days - No School
                                                                  in June.
Grades 2 & 3                     Wednesday, June 29
Eat from 11:40 – 12:00           Report Card Day                  Also, Happy Birthday to
Break from 12:00 – 12:25                                          James Brooks, Nikki MacKay,
Grades 4 & 5                     Saturday, July 3
                                                                  Jaxon Maloney, Melanie
Eat from 12:05 – 12:25           Awards Day, Dance and            Nasson, Lynn Phillips,
Break from 12:25 - 12:50         Fireworks in Millbrook.          Ansala'wit Pictou and Terry
                                                                  Sylliboy who will celebrate
                                                                  their birthdays over the
Running Club                     REMINDER – Parents and
                                                                  summer vacation.
Running Club for grades 3 to     Visitors are reminded to sign
5 is completed for the year.     in at the office each time you   To Educate Our Diverse Population T
Congratulations to all who       visit the school.                 FROM THE DESK OF
                                                                  Can Be
that participated!                                                MALI SYLLIBOY
                                                                  News from the TJHS Red
Mikmaq Language                                                   Neighbourhood
Classes - Remember to
                                 PARKING - At dismissal           Kwe’ Emsitwen
                                 time, please do not stop or
sign up with Debbie Gloade
                                 park along the sidewalk at the   If you have any questions,
at the Band Office if your       front of the school. PLEASE
son or daughter is                                                please call me at TJHS
                                 wait for your child in the
interested in Mi'kmaq            designated parking lot.
                                                                  anytime or you can reach
Language Classes in                                               me at

                                                                  896-5550                         9
                               FROM THE DESK OF
                               LISA WILMOT                       FROM THE DESK
                                                                 OF TOM WILSON
                               Grade 7 ENGLISH
Grade 6 Students are           Journal work and Project
expected to: Check/Use the     work will be completed in         Tentative Grade 9 Exam
their student’s agendas        class.                            Schedule
daily Practice                                                   Friday, June 18th: Social
multiplication tables,         Grade 7 SCIENCE                   Studies AM ; Science PM
                               The students will be working
complete Mental Math
                               on Unit 4 (The Earth's Crust)     Monday, June 21st : English
Skills Worksheets and          and then moving on to Unit 2      AM ; Math PM
P.O.W.s Read 20 minutes        (Heat).
daily                                                            Grade 9 students are
                               Grade 7 SOCIAL                    reminded to have a
TJHS Homework Site:            STUDIES                           CALCULATOR for their
http://chignecto-              Students are completing           Math EXAM on Monday,     Chapter 10 (Creating              June 21st.
homework.asp                   Canada) and will be
                                                                 Students are reminded that
                               working on Chapter 11
Thank-you &                                                      studying over previous tests
                               (Into the Modern World).          and quizzes are one of their
Congratulations to
Clarissa Sylliboy                                                best resources for preparing to
                               Grade 7 MATH
                                                                 write exams…if you are
                               Students will be working on
We wish to extend Clarissa                                       missing a “few” of them then
                               Transformational Projects, all
Sylliboy our appreciation                                        ask a “study buddy” who is a
                               work will be done in class.
for choosing to do her                                           good student if you could
                               Then they will be working on
practicum here at TJHS                                           study theirs for a while…This
                               Angle Relationship.
                                                                 advice should especially be
Millbrook Learning Center
                               Mi’kmaw                           followed in high school!!!
and congratulate her for
her graduation from the        Students are working no
                                                                 Students are also reminded to
Human Service Program at       colours and numbers.
                                                                 follow Exam Outlines…I know
NSCC. Way the go Claire!!!     Parents                           of one subject’s exam that only
                               I have enjoyed working            covers material learned
June 8 - Mrs. Clarie’s ELA                                       during 3rd Term!!! (Science)
                               everyday with the students
class Book Bag Project is      here at TJHS. There are only      Ask Mr. MacGillivary about
due: For this project the      a few weeks left and I would      this!!!
students will need a           like to wish each of you a safe   Students should keep
children’s book, artifacts,    and wonderful summer.             attending school right up until
and a bag to decorate.                                           exam day because most
                                                                 teachers have Exam Review
June 14 - Mrs. Clare’s In-
                                                                 Classes that last week before
Class Science Project is
                                                                 exams and you have to start
due: The majority of the                                         the English Process Exam a
Space Unit Science project                                       week ahead of time also. ***
will be done in class and                                        (Students need to study their
the students will present                                        Literature Terms from the
their project to using power                                     whole year and study the Unit
point to their class.                                            on ADVERTISEMENTS.

                                                               three days after to excuse
                                                               your students.
Some teachers have been
known to reward students
(with good attendance) with
some “HINTS” one or two                                        Happy “Summer”
classes before their exams!!!                                  Birthdays to Tevin
                                                               Brooks, Shante Blackmore,
Exams                                                          Lisa Nasson, Summer Paul,
Now is the time to begin
                                                               John B. Bernard, Devann
reviewing for EXAMS for
                                                               Sylvester, Cody Denny,
grade 9 students. Please
remind students to open your         896-5700                  Kyle Gloade and Jordan
books and start studying.                                      Marshall.
                                First Nations                  Scholarships &
Reminder that nightly
homework can be found on the    Support Teacher                Bursaries
TJHS website, the address is    Cheryl Higgins                 Many Scholarships and
as follows: http://chignecto-   Office Number: 896-5728        Bursaries are due during    E-mail:                        the summer. I have been
mework.asp                researching and collecting
Have a Great Summer,                                           application forms. These
                                Important Dates                are available to student
Thomas Wilson                   June 3 – Honour Awards         now. Individual meeting
                                Night (tentative)
                                                               with potential graduates
                                June 6 – Band Awards Night
                                                               will be taking place the
Millbrook Student               June 7 – Athletic Awards       early part of June.
Awards                          Night (tentative)
                                                               HOMEWORK CLUB
Millbrook Awards Day will be    June 15 – Provincial Grade
held on Saturday, July 3,       12 Math Exam                   Homework Club is held on
beginning at with a light       June 17 – Second Semester      Tuesday and Thursday
meal around 5:00pm., awards     Exams begin                    afternoons from 3:00-4:10.
around 6:00pm. a Much           June 24 – Prom                 All Millbrook students are
Music Dance at the Gym for      June 24, 25 & 28 –             welcome to attend! The last
all ages from 7:00 - 11:00pm.   Administration Days (no        Homework Club will be
and of course Fireworks         classes)                       held on Tuesday, June
around 10:00pm. to celebrate    June 28 – Graduation           15th.
all our wonderful students.     June 29 - Report Cards
Hope to see you all there!      July 3 - Awards Day, Dance     CHEQUES
                                and Fireworks in Millbrook.    Attendance cheques for
                                                               junior and senior high
                                Grad Fees of $30 are due       students will be issued
                                as soon as possible and        three times per year. The
                                can be paid directly to        final attendance cheque
                                me.                            will be issued on Friday,
                                                               July 2 for the months of
                                Reminder to parents to call
                                                               March, April, May and
                                and excuse their students
                                for classes missed, you have

Congratulations to            inspire students to do their
Charlie Marshall for being    best. I hope to see everyone
a part of the 2010 CEC        again next year.
                              Over the last month, I
Track & Field Team!
                              accompanied the Integrated
Congratulations to Dean       Fine Arts and Mi’kmaq
                              Studies 10 students to
Johnson who attended
                              Partridge Island and to
Eagle Spirit High             Five Islands, and also took
Performance Camp at           a group of Grade 11 & 12
McGill University.            students on a tour of
                              Dalhousie University. It
                              was wonderful to bring
      It’s been my pleasure   students to these places
to work as the First          and have Shelley Young
Nations Program Support       and Kara Paul from
Teacher this year. I have     Dalhousie accompany us
worked diligently to          and promote post-secondary
improve academics and         opportunities.

Congratulations to the Millbrook children who danced in the Truro Dance Academy
Junior Student Recital on Sunday, May 30!

All the little dancers from
Millbrook; Jorja Martin, Ava
Stevens, Madison Googoo
Mia Maloney, Ava Martin,
Madelyn Bernard & Maria Martin.
Way to go Girls, you were GREAT!!

Congratulations also to Melanie Nasson
who performed in the Senior Student
Recital on June 29!

       FINAL ROUND ended on May 31st.

            Millbrook Enterprise Grant June 17, 2010

Mailed Applications: Millbrook Enterprise Grant Cheques will be mailed on June 17, 2010,
providing application is received/complete/approved by June 16, 2010. Applications
received after this date will be mailed upon approval and processing of application.

Pick Up: Millbrook Enterprise Grant Cheques will only be released to the applicant.
Written consent will need to be included with the application to allow another person to
pick up an individual’s cheque. Written consent must include the name of the person
picking up the cheque. Please no phone calls or requests of the day cheques are issued;
written consent will only be accepted with the application.

Direct Deposit: Millbrook Enterprise Grant Direct Deposit applications must be received by
June 11, 2010. Requests received after this date will be mailed June 17, 2010.

Please complete the attached Direct Deposit Information Sheet. This sheet must be
completed as per instructions and returned with Millbrook Enterprise Grant Application.
Incomplete or incorrect information may cause deposit to be rejected. Funds then will be
mailed to the applicant on June 17, 2010.

*All applications received on or after June 17, 2010, will be processed and funds will be
issued the next business day of the band office providing application is complete and

                                 Millbrook Enterprise Grant
                                      Application Form
                             P.O. Box 634, Truro, N.S. B2N 5E5
Please Select:           Mail ____         Pick Up ____             Direct Deposit ____
Applicant Name: _________________________________________________________
Band # of Applicant: _______________   Date of Birth: Day_____/Month_____/Year_______
Telephone# (         ) ______-________
Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________

Application is also made on behalf of the following child/children: (Please list)
Name              Relationship           Millbrook Band #                   Date of Birth

All Millbrook Band Members are entitled to apply for the June 17 , 2010 Millbrook Enterprise
Grant. A parent of a guardian may complete the grant application form on behalf of Band Members
Under the age of 19 years.

By signing this application, I, the applicant, do hereby agree and authorize the Millbrook Band to pay from my Grant
Funds, any money I owe to the Millbrook Band as of the date of my application. Any Grant payable to Band Members
under 19 years will be placed in a trust fund. When that Band Member attains 19, he/she may apply through the Millbrook
Band to have his/her grant money released from trust. And I also acknowledge this Millbrook Enterprise Grant cannot be
assigned to a third party, and is only payable to the applicant.

Please note:      Applications must be fully completed to be considered for this grant of $1000.00 (One Thousand
(Canadian) Dollars). The deadline is Sept 17 ,2010. Any application not received or post marked on or after this date
will not be accepted. Faxed Applications will not be accepted, please mail!

A legible photocopy of Certificate of Indian Status (front and back) is required. If you do not have a Certificate of Indian
Status, proof has to be obtained from the Millbrook Membership Clerk. (902)895-6385, Ext. 234. If you have any
questions, please call 1-800-693-3112 or 902-897-9199.

Dated this _____ day of _______A.D. 2010
_________________________________                                 _____________________________
Witness                                                           Signature of Applicant
Received this _______ day of _______ A.D. 2010
                                                                  Band Administrator or his designate
Approved ( )       Not Approved ( )
By________________________________                 and by         _____________________________

This ________ day of ___________ A.D. 2010
Millbrook Enterprise Grant Direct Deposit
Please complete and submit with Millbrook Enterprise Grant Application

Deposits within Canada
Please include one of the following with application:

   •   Void Cheque
   •   Direct Deposit Form from applicant’s bank
   •   Or complete the following:

Name of Applicant: __________________________________________

Name of Bank/Financial Institution: ___________________________

Institution #: ____________________________________________

Transit #: _______________________________________________

Account #: ______________________________________________


Deposits within United States
Please include the following with application:

Name of Applicant: ________________________________________________

Address of Applicant: _____________________________________

Name of Financial Institution: _______________________________

Address of Financial institution: _____________________________


Routing#: _____________________________________________

Institution #: ___________________________________________

Account #: ____________________________________________


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