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					                                  St. Mary School
                             Volume 4, Issue 9                                   Newsletter                          MAY 2010

                             “School Year Theme: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14.6).
St. Mary School
9916—97 St.                  May Reflections
Westlock AB
T7P 2G2                      We are at that point in the year when stu-        with the preparation for these sacraments.
                             dents start looking ahead with anticipation       Our band students — Wind Ensemble and
Phone:                       to the end of the school year and the be-
780-349-3644                                                                   Stage Band — are gearing up for their trip
                             ginning of their summer break. However,           to Vancouver in late May. They have
Fax:                         it is also the time of year when the pace         been performing very well at their recent
780-349-6126                 seems to become increasingly more hec-            festivals and should be ready to put forth a
                             tic.                                              great effort in Vancouver. I trust they will
                             Our graduands are planning with excite-           arrange their school work accordingly so
Principal:                   ment — and perhaps in some cases a bit            that they do not fall behind in the neces-
Audrey MacDonald
                             of trepidation — their graduation. The            sary academics while they enjoy their trip.
                             event causes the excitement, but the real-        At this stage of the school year, students
Assistant Principal:         ity of what it entails seems to cause mixed       and teachers are looking ahead to
Derek Brown                  emotions. While they are readying them-                                                                Achievement Tests and Diploma exams,
                             selves for whatever the future might hold,        particularly those Achievement Tests
Inside this issue:           they have many decisions to make and              scheduled for May.
                             much studying to do to achieve the suc-
Elementary Chess Award 2
                             cess of which they are capable. We wish           Our athletics focus is now shifting from
                             them a wonderful graduation, but also             badminton to track and field. As students
Edmonton Regional Sci-   2
                             much success as they sort through their           prepare for their participation in this sport,
ence Fair Winners
                             many options for the future and as they           we encourage them to train and compete
Name the New School      2
                             remain focused on the last couple of              safely and to give their best effort.
Boston Pizza Receipts    2   months of their high school careers.       Regarding safety … as the weather contin-
Athletics                3
                             Students in grades 2 and 3 are preparing   ues to improve and students are out and
SADD                     3   for special events in June. The sacraments about in the evenings, they are reminded
Band Notes               3   of First Reconciliation, First Communion, to practice safe behaviours, whether they
                             and Confirmation are scheduled for June are out playing or riding on their bicycles.
Parent Council News
                             11th and 12th. In addition to their class- You need to remember the rules of the
D.A.R.E.                 4
                             room teachers, they are fortunate to have road so that you avoid putting yourself in
Junior Achievement       4   our parish acolyte, Thomas Nguyen, assist danger of serious injury.
May Achievement Tests    4

May Cafeteria Menu       5            Graduation 2010                                    First Reconciliation
                                                                                         Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 6:30 p.m.
Community Activities     6                Friday, May 21, 2010
and Parent Link Informa- &                                                                 First Communion
tion                     7             Theme: “Freedom”                                     & Confirmation
April Calendar           8         Liturgy at 9:30 a.m. at the church                  Saturday, June 12, 2010 @ 7:30 p.m.
                              Banquet: 6:00 p.m. / Ceremonies: 8:00 p.m.            (both at St. Mary of the Assumption Church)
Page 2                                                                                                             St. Mary School

Elementary Chess Award Winners
Congratulations to the fol-    2nd — Makayla P               B Event                          1st — Austin W
lowing students who were       C Event                       1st — Jett Z                     2nd — Justin B
successful in the elementary   1st — Josh R                  2nd — Jade C                     B Event
chess tournament. They         2nd — Chandra C               C Event                          1st — Julien Y
will receive their awards at
                               D Event                       1st — Cole B                     2nd — Zach F
an elementary assembly on
Tuesday, May 4th at 11:45      1st — Kelsey R                2nd — Breanna K                  C Event
a.m.                           2nd — Riley N                 D Event                          1st — Adam H
Grade 4                        3rd — Hunter S                1st — Tyson H                    2nd — Nick S
A Event                        4th — Jesse G                 2nd — Bailey C                   D Event
1st — Chris S                  Grade 5                       3rd — Christina G                1st — Kean W
2nd — Jared B                  A Event                       4th — Kyle B                     2nd — Cody T
B Event                        1st — Colton L                Grade 6                          3rd — Alannis F
1st — Tristan M                2nd — Kassidy C               A Event                          4th — Katie L

Edmonton Regional Science Fair Winners                                           Save Your Boston Pizza Re-
Congratulations to all St. Mary stu-    Grade 4: Ashley T                        ceipts to Support St. Mary
dents who competed at the Edmon-        and Kelsey R — 3rd                       School Activities
ton and District Regional Science       place
Fair on April 10th and 11th. A spe-     Grade 5: Sawyer D                        A reminder that Boston Pizza Westlock is giv-
cial acknowledgement to the follow-     and Rachel B — 4th                       ing back to the community with Operation
ing teams who placed in their respec-   place                                    Education.
tive categories:                                                                 Guests to Boston Pizza just need to ask their
                                                                                 server to stamp their bill with the Operation
                                                                                 Education stamp and then turn in the paid bill
Name Our New Catholic School — New                                               to St. Mary School.
                                                                                 We will have a collection box at St. Mary in
school to be built in Spruce Grove                                               which bills can be deposited. We will collect
                                                                                 the bills, subtotal them, and return them to Bos-
The Board of Trustees of Ever-          following criteria. The name             ton Pizza Westlock. Boston Pizza Westlock
                                                                                 will then donate 5% of the total back to the
green Catholic Separate Re-             should be:
                                                                                 school. In order to qualify, all bills must:
gional Division No. 2 is seeking        • a source of encouragement              · Be stamped with Operation Education
input for the naming of our new             and inspiration to the staff         · Be from Boston Pizza Westlock
Catholic regional high school.                                                   Operation Education operates only during the
                                            and students of the wider
                                                                                 school year.
This new high school will serve             Christian community.                 The following deadlines will be adhered to:
the Spruce Grove and Stony              • one that will encourage stu-           · Bills dated prior to December 31, 2009 must
Plain areas. As a member of                 dents to emulate the ideals               be returned to Boston Pizza by April 1,
the larger Evergreen Catholic                                                         2010
                                            and virtues of the individual.       · Bills from January 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010
Schools community you are wel-
                                        •   one with which students can               must be returned to Boston Pizza prior to
come to submit names. The ap-                                                         October 1, 2010.
plication form and detailed in-                                                  We encourage your support with this endeav-
formation are available on the          •   easily identified as Catholic        our. Any money we earn will be used for extra
                                            (e.g. names of saints or bless-      -curricular programs and activities.
division website
                                                                                 Remember, the process is simple:
Deadline for submissions is Fri-            eds, Catholic clergy or other
                                                                                 1. Have your bill stamped with Operation
day, May 28.                                leaders).                                 Education
                                        •   one with meaning beyond              2. Deposit your bill in the collection box at St.
In selecting a name for the new                                                       Mary School prior to the deadline.
high school, please consider the            the immediate school com-
Volume 4, Issue 9                                                                                                           Page 3

Athletics … from the Shark Tank
Heading into the month of May, Track and Field takes centre      Provincials @ Medicine Hat – June 4th and 5th
stage in Athletics at St. Mary. Track meet dates are scheduled   We would like to thank all junior and senior high students who
as follows:                                                      represented St. Mary at junior high divisionals and high school
Elementary                                                       conference badminton tournaments held last week at RF Sta-
St. Mary Elementary Track Meet – May 20th                        ples. Your effort was commendable. Thank you for Sharing
                                                                 the Spirit.
Boyle Elementary Track Meet – June 1st
                                                                 ELEMENTARY TRACK MEET
Junior High
                                                                 •   Thursday, May 20th
St. Mary Elimination Track Meet – May 14th
                                                              Parent volunteers are requested. In the past we have found that
Junior High Divisionals @ Barrhead (athletes finishing either our willing and helpful volunteers have assisted us in running
1st or 2nd at the elimination meet) – May 28th                very successful track meets for students in grades 3-6. This
Junior High Zones @ Fowler Park in St. Albert (athletes       year we are expanding the meet to include grades 1 and 2 and
finishing 1st or 2nd at divisional) – June 3rd                expect to have more events that in the past. Therefore, we will
                                                              need parents to help us with this event. While additional infor-
Senior High
                                                              mation will be sent home, please let Mr. Brown or your child’s
Senior High Zones @ Foote Field in Edmonton – May 27th        classroom teacher know if you can help out at the track meet.

SADD — Students Against Destructive Decisions
On April 18th the Students Against         sent the event at Town Square.             Thank you for your support.
Destructive Decisions (SADD) group   Approximately 30 people came to the              On May 13th, SADD will be holding
hosted their first ever Candle Light vigil where presentations from family            its final activity for the year. White
Vigil in memory of those whom        and friends were made, and were en-              Out Day is to show our students how
we’ve lost as a result of a destructive
                                     tertained by a local teen who had lost           life can be affected when people are
decision.                            his best friend in an accident. This             removed as a result of drinking and
SADD partnered up with the Town of was the first type of community event              driving. We think it will have a last-
Westlock, County Towing, FCSS, and held by the St. Mary SADD group,                   ing impact, one to which our students
the Westlock Drug Task Force to pre- and we were pleased with the success.            will be able to relate.

Notes From the Band Room
Results from festivals in        Wind Ensemble also came         The Edmonton Kiwanis             Red Deer on Tuesday May
April saw the Junior Band        away with the Top High          Music Festival awarded the       18th. The Wind Ensemble
win the Gold with Distinc-       School Band overall at the      Junior band with the Supe-       will play at 1:00 p.m. They
tion with a mark of 93% at       St. Albert Rotary Music         rior Award, the Wind En-         will leave St. Mary at 9:00
the St. Albert Rotary Music      Festival and a $200 Scholar-    semble the Superior Award,       a.m. and be back around
Festival.                        ship.                           and the Stage Band the Su-       6:00 p.m. The junior band
The Wind Ensemble and            The Leduc Music festival        perior Award.                    will play at 4:00 p.m. thus
Stage Band also received         saw the Stage Band and          The Wind Ensemble and            leaving at 12:00 p.m. and
the Gold with Distinction        Wind Ensemble receiving         junior bands will attend the     arriving back at around 9:00
Award with 95 % each. The        the Gold Award.                 ABA Festival of Bands in         p.m.

  The Westlock Gators Swim Club is gearing up for another summer season. We are conducting a FREE trial week from May 3 to
  May 6. Any interested swimmers are welcome to come out for a swim. The Gators Club is for swimmers of all abilities both com-
  petitive and recreational. Our coaches will help you improve your technique.
  Swim times are: Monday & Wednesday 5:30 – 7:00 pm                              Phone 780-349-8793 for more details.
                    Tuesday & Thursday 7:00 – 8:00 am & 5:00 – 6:00 pm         Come to the Rec. Centre in May and try it out!!
 Page 4

                                          Parent Council to celebrate our school staff!
                 Please join us at our planning meetings for our upcoming staff appreciation event!
           Meetings will be held @ 7 PM in the school library on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 and Wednesday, June 2, 2010. The
           event is scheduled for later in June. Let us know how you can help us to recognize our staff! We will need help-
ers to plan and run this event, and parents to provide food.
                                             Fall Parent Council activities
We are recruiting Parent Council members for the 2010-2011 school year. We have great ideas for the upcoming year, includ-
ing a fall BBQ. We need YOU to make these happen. Our first meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 1,
2010 @ 7 PM in the school library to plan the fall BBQ. Elections of new executive members will be scheduled for our Octo-
ber meeting.
For more information about these events, or to receive updates as they become available, please contact us!
          Parent Line: 780-307-0090
          Website: under “Parent Council”

D.A.R.E. Program Returns to St. Mary School
After a two year break, the D.A.R.E.                                           Wednesday, April 28th with their
                                           provide this program were transferred
(Drug Awareness Resistance Educa-          out of our community. Since then,   graduation. Cpl. Milner and Jack Ad-
tion) program has returned to St.          there were no available trained     kins of AADAC addressed the stu-
Mary School.                               RCMP members to offer the program.  dents and their invited guests. In ad-
For several years, we had been able to However, last fall we were fortunate dition, several students read their es-
provide our students with training that to have Cpl. Sandra Milner, relatively says and a group performed a skit for
will help them make healthy choices new to Westlock and D.A.R.E.               the audience. Overall, the program
when faced with the temptations of      trained, agree to provide this program appears to have been a success and
drug use and alcohol abuse; however, to both our grade 6 and grade 7           we were fortunate to have Cpl. Milner
the D.A.R.E. trained members of the classes.                                   work with our students in this capac-
RCMP upon whom we depended to                                                  ity.
                                        They concluded their program on

Junior Achievement                                       May Achievement
                                                         Test Schedule                             VOLUNTEER
Junior Achievement           May, with 4 sessions of
programs are being of-       1 hour each. Their pro-
                                                              Tuesday, May 11th
fered to students in         gram, entitled                Grade 3 English Lang. Arts                 Wednesday, June 16th
grades 8 and 9 again this    “Economics for Suc-                    (Part A)                               at 4:00 p.m.
year by local community      cess,” focuses on budg-
                                                            Wednesday, May 12th                       in the St. Mary School
volunteers.                  eting practices.
                                                           Grade 6 English Lang. Arts                        cafeteria
The grade 8 class com-       We are fortunate to be                 (Part A)                      All who have assisted us
pleted their 4 hour pro-     able to provide our stu-      Grade 9 English Lang. Arts             in any way throughout
gram, “Dollars With          dents with these oppor-
                                                                    (Part A)                       the 2009-2010 school
Sense” last week. The        tunities and appreciate
                                                             Thursday, May 13th                    year are invited to at-
grade 9 class is sched-      the community volun-
                                                                 Grade 6 Math                              tend.
uled for their 4 hour pro-   teers who have been
gram at the end of April     willing to work with                   (Part A)                     We look forward to welcom-
and into the early part of   them.                                                                 ing all our volunteers.
                                                         Yearbooks include all students – Kindergarten to
 2008-2009 YEARBOOKS FOR SALE                            grade 12. Collect them for each of your child’s
      A few still available. Get yours now.              13 years of school. What a great graduation gift
See Mr. Brown or purchase yours at the office for $35.   they will make – 13 volumes of memories!
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