; Frant Pantomime and Dramatic Society Newsletter – December 2008 (PDF)
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Frant Pantomime and Dramatic Society Newsletter – December 2008 (PDF)


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									               Frant Pantomime and Dramatic Society
                Newsletter – December 2008
Welcome                                                discovered the inept ‘Inspector’ Pratt is sent
We hope that you all had                               to investigate.
an excellent Christmas
and the 2009 will bring                                The show will be on Thursday 23 April to
everything that you wish                               Saturday 25 April 2009.
                                                       Annual Dinner
The Pantomime – ‘Calamity Jane’                        Thanks to Andy Miller for suggesting The
Everyone we have spoken to has said that the           Abergavenny Arms for our annual dinner.
pantomime was a roaring success. People in             We have now arranged for the meal to be on
the village have, apparently, been saying how          Friday 23 January 2009 (7:30 for 8:00pm).
much they enjoyed Calamity Jane.
                                                       The cost will be £10.95 per head and Maggi
The audience on Thursday evening (when this            would like your meal choices by Friday 16
writer was in the hall) certainly seemed to be         January so that she can give the Abergavenny
very heavily involved!                                 plenty of warning.

Early indications are
that the show was very
                                                          Abergavenny Arms
Congratulations to                                               23 January 2009
everybody involved.
The NODA rep’s report is included at the
                                                       Chicken & Pork Terrine with a Raisin
back of this newsletter.
Spring Show 2009 – Murdered To Death                      Salmon Fish Cake with salad
by Peter Gordon                                          Cream of Broccoli & Stilton Soup
The readthrough/auditions for the play will be            Baby Leaf & Avocado Salad
at the Stables on Tuesday 13 January 2009 at
8:00pm. Maggi is directing the play and
would love to see anybody who is interested
in taking part on that day. Even if you don’t                         Main Course
want to be in the play but would like to help            Seafood Pasta in Cream & White
out in some other way, you’ll be very                              Wine Sauce
welcome.                                                Chicken & Ham Pie with Buttered
                                                          Cabbage and Creamed Potatoes
                            The play is a
                                                        Moroccan Vegetable Cassoulet with
                             comedy whodunit,
                             the first in a trilogy,                 Rice
                            and is set in a manor        Roast Sussex Sausages, Creamed
                            house in the 1930s.         Potatoes and Red Onion & Lemon
                            It is a spoof of the                  Thyme Gravy
                            Agatha Christie             Thai Green Coconut Chicken Curry
style of thriller – they even have a well-                     (mild) with Rice
meaning local sleuth who seems to attract
murder wherever she goes! When a murder is
              Frant Pantomime and Dramatic Society
               Newsletter – December 2008
                  Desserts                       Music: Mary Barnes at the piano provided
                                                 the music and had our toes tapping to
Hot Bramley Apple Crumble with Ice
                                                 some well known tunes.
  Coffee Ice Cream & Sticky Toffee               The Programme: Nicely presented A5 12
               Sauce                             page programme with details of cast and
  Chunky Monkey (Bananas & Ice                   crew, and correct use of NODA logo and
                                                 wording. Photographs of the cast during
 Cream with a Hot Chocolate Sauce)               rehearsals, together with advertising.
           Brie & Biscuits                       Regrettably, no list of the musical numbers
                                                 or scenes.
            - Denotes Gluten free
                                                 Scenery: Stage design and construction by
                                                 Kirsten Butler and members of the society,
A selection of teas and coffee are available     conveyed the different locations.
for £2.
                                                 Make Up: All looked good under the stage
Don’t forget – Maggi needs your selections       lighting.
by Friday 16 January – either by e-mail
(maggi.baxter@homecall.co.uk) or by phone        Costume: Supplied by The Costume Place
                                                 assisted by Linda Moores were excellent
(01892 890645).                                  overall, particularly for Geronimo and the
                                                 Braves, Calamity Jane, Old Timer and who
40th Anniversary Dinner                          would forget Julio’s!
We have now booked the hall for Saturday 20
June 2009 so please keep this date free in       Wigs: Christine Hodges had done an
your diaries.                                    excellent job with the wigs worn by some
We are looking into caterers and intend to put
                                                 Properties: All were good; the Indian
on some entertainment.                           Puppets by Jane Deavin and Jackie
                                                 Manktelow worked well.
NODA Review
                                                 The Production: Regretfully I felt this
 FRANT PANTOMIME AND                             production was not up to the previous
 DRAMATIC SOCIETY                                standard of pantomimes by the Society and
                                                 at times seemed to drag. It was somewhat
    CALAMITY JANE, THE                           like the “curate’s egg” – good in parts. The
   PANTOMIME (Limelight                          Can-Can at the end of Act 1 was executed
           Scripts)                              well.
Frant Memorial Hall                              Polly Berwick (Candy Barr) was a good
4 – 6 December 2008                              character but needed to project more.
     Director:    Jackie Manktelow               Josh Lowe (The Milky Bar Kid) worked
       Music:Mary Barnes                         hard to get the audience to respond.
                                                 Calamity Jane (Peter Payne) as the
This pantomime had similarities to the well      equivalent of the pantomime Dame
known musical of the same name with              provided a great character.            David
songs from the musical with additional ones      Barham (Geronimo) with Ryan Brickle
from other musicals.                             and Andrew Fletcher (the Braves) fulfilled
                                                 their roles superbly. Dot Smytherman
                                                 (Old Timer) looked the part with good
Front of House: A warm welcome from              diction and action and was believable. Nick
the front of house team.                         Jeal (Clint Westwood) gave a good
                                                 characterisation, nice accent but at times
                                                 too softly spoken. Roger Bassett (Chief
              Frant Pantomime and Dramatic Society
               Newsletter – December 2008
Talking Bull) worked hard as did Clive
Moores (Sheriff), but failed to enthuse me.
Pippa Attwod (Angelina) and Christine
Hodges (Jolie) gave us some laughs;
Richard Pierce (El Gwapo) with Ann
Darby     (Manuela),    Vicki     Connoley
(Dolores) and Ray Hodges (Julio) provided
great amusement with their characters and
absurd Mexican dancing. Jess Streets and
Rosie Steadman (Lightening the horse)
worked well inside the costume. Good
support from Heather Woodward (Belle
Hiccup), Harriet Berwick (Pocahontas)
and the entire Chorus.

A shorter review will appear in due course
in NODA SE News.

Thank you     for   inviting   me   to   your

Regional Representative
NODA South East
District 3
Frant Pantomime and Dramatic Society
 Newsletter – December 2008

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