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The information in this report that relates to Exploration results, Mineral Resources or Ore Reserves is based on information compiled by Dr Waldemar Mueller
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which is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and to the activity which he is undertaking to qualify as a Competent
Person as defined in the 2004 Edition of the ‘Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves’. Dr Mueller
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THE COUNTRY Kazakhstan, stable government, significant foreign 
            investment, established mining industry and law
                      ,                  g         y

            6 prospects in Kazakhstan 
            6 prospects in Kazakhstan
            1Moz inventory*
            $5/oz discovery cost

THE STRATEGY Low risk, low capital 1st
             production site planned at
             production site planned at 
             Dalabai  2010
             Large Altyntas project 2nd
             production site 2012
             Ongoing exploration                   Kazakhstan is a sophisticated country, the economic hub of Central 
                                                   Asia and the link between Europe and Asia.  

THE TEAM       Established team and Kazakhstani
               Established team and Kazakhstani 
                                                                          * See announcement dated 10/3/2009 for 
                                                                          supporting JORC statements. 
                                                                      Why Kazakhstan? 
• Underexplored, huge potential                                     Who’s active in Kazakhstan
  • Top 10  for                                                    Frontier Mining   Ivanhoe     Kazakhmys
    Copper                Gold                                     Hambledon         Areva       Kazatomprom
    Lead                  Silver                                   Alhambra          Orsu        Kazzinc / Glencore
    Zinc                  Iron                                     Severstal         Polyus      Cameco
    Chrome                Uranium                                  Polymetal         ENRC        Arcelor Mittal 
• Large country, 16M people
   Links Europe to Asia
   Current Chair of  OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co‐
   operation in Europe)

• Skilled, educated population
   Literacy rate – 99.5%  which is higher than Australia. ‐ CIA 
   World factbook 2010 

• Relatively low country risk
  BBB‐ Fitch ratings Dec 09

• Market economy, 
   Kazakhstan's economy is larger than those of all the other 
   Central Asian states combined, largely due to the country's 
   vast natural resources and a recent history of political 
   stability. CIA Website 16.2.10. 
   2009 GDP  $179B,  PPP $11400
                                                Central Asia Resources
Shares on issue at  Feb 2010                                         177,435,510
Shares held by Top 20                                                145,842,788 (82%)
Share price (19/03/10) – ASX: CVR                                    AUD$0.047
Market Cap                                                           AUD$8.3 million
Options (issued or to be issued)
Options (issued or to be issued)                                     4,900,000
                                                                     4 900 000
Cash on hand                                                         AUD$880k

  Prospect       CVR           Total          CVR          Metal
               Ownership      Ounces*        Portion
Altyntas      95%            597,729       567,842       Gold
K k           95%            438 344
                             438,344       416 427
                                           416,427       Gold
                                                         G ld
Kengir        95%            127,000       120,650       Gold
Dalabai**     90%            75,123        67,610        Gold
                                       Greenfield site
Bizhe         90%            Greenfield
                             1,238,196     1,172,529

*See announcement dated 10/3/2009 for supporting JORC statements. 
** Dalabai also contains 949,854oz silver
                                  CVR Team
Chairman              20 yrs experience, numerous directorships 
                      Mining, property development, manufacture
Guy Earl of Warwick

Managing Director     B.Sc Geology, MBA
                      Mining, Banking and Finance 
Jason Stirbinskis
                      Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan

Finance Director      Director EnviroGold Ltd
                      Director Resource Equities
Angela Dent           Principal Western Ventures

In‐Country Director   High profile, respected Kazakhstani 
                      professional – Mining, Construction
Erulan Kanapyanov

Exploration Mgr       40 years experience
                      20 years Geological Survey of Kazakhstan
Waldemar Mueller      Exploration Manager – Perseus
                      Director ‐ Cygma

Non Exec Director     Major shareholder representative
Robin Gill

Non Exec Director     Major shareholder representative 
                      (Not present in photo)
Phillipe Reiser
                               Prospect Locations 

 Akb k i T
•Akbakai Town
 ‐Akbakai Mine 
  (7Moz, not CVR)
  CVR Field office / camp
 ‐CVR Field office / camp

                            •Altyntas Prospect   •Dalabai Prospect
                            •Kepken Prospect     •Bizhe Prospect 
                            •Kengir Prospect     •Field office / camp
Dalabai – First production site

               Planned 0.5Mtpa  Heap leach facility  
               producing :
                         ~20koz Gold/yr &
                         ~20koz Gold/yr &
                           ~40koz Silver/yr

               Key Statistics:
               Resource:                     75koz  gold
                                             950koz silver 
               Life of Mine:                 ~2.5*yrs
               Capital Exp: 
               Capital Exp:                   $8M
               Cash Costs                    <US$300/oz

                  *LOM based on current maiden 
                  Resource. Resource is expected to 
                  increase with further drilling.
                          Dalabai / Bizhe – Ideally placed
                                                                                      CVR Prospect
                                                    Road/Rail to Russia               Gold Prospect
                                                        and China

           Dalabai                                                                 Saryozek
                                                                                   13 000 people
                                                                                   13,000 people
                                    Road to China                          CHINA   20 minutes
      Saryozek                                                                     Rail and gantry
                                                                                   Unskilled Labour
Road/Rail to                                                                       Amenities
  Almaty                           S I L K   R O A D
                                                                                   1.2M people
                                                                                   160 kms 
                                                                                   Int’l Airport
                                                                                   Skilled labour
                                                                                   Skilled labour
                                                                                   Tech Support
                                                                                   CVR H.O.

Dalabai Resource 
       •Elongate fracture zones of 
        secondary quartzite radiating 
        from caldera in NE
        from caldera in NE
       •Simple,  uniform mineral 
       •Mineralisation from the surface 
        – the Central zone is actually a 
        ‘ridge of mineralisation’ 
        (minimal waste)
       •Significant potential beyond 
        current Resource

           Current JORC Resource
                     Gold          Silver 
     Category Tonnes grade         grade Gold oz Silver oz

     Indicated    627k  2.28g/t 22.3g/t       45,983  448,900 

     Inferred     977k  0.93g/t 15.9g/t       29,140  500,955 

      TOTAL      1604k  1.46g/t 18.4g/t       75,123  949,854 
       Resource calculated by Micromine using 0.2g/t lower cut 
       off which is appropriate given low opex and strong gold 
Dalabai – low risk introduction

            •Infrastructure and convenience
            •Simple heap leach ~ >70% 
             recovery (2 rounds of column 
             leach tests)
            •Near surface , shallow pits
             L C              i d l O
            •Low Capex required, low Opex
            •Previous operation
            •Potential to leverage Dalabai 
             plant and equipment for Altyntas 
             plant and equipment for Altyntas
             and therefore reduce capital 
Altyntas – Development 2012 

                               Resource calculated by Micromine using 0.7g/t lower 
                               cut off.
                               cut off
      8.9m @ 5.04g/t and 30m  30m @ 2.02g/t inc  40m @ 2.46g/t inc  10m @ 3.01g/t inc 
      @ 5.56g/t inc 14m @ 11g/t 16.5m @ 2.60g/t  12m @ 5g/t         3.5m @ 7.48g/t
                                                         26m @ 3.36g/t inc 
                                                         9.5m @ 8.57g/t                                   @     g/        @
                                                                                                  132.6m @ 1.35g/t inc 5m @ 
                                                                                                  3.25g/t & 10.6m @ 7.54g/t & 
                                                                                                  28m @ 2.10g/t


                                                                                                  176.3m @ 3.58g/t inc 16.4m 
                                                                                                  176 3m @ 3 58g/t inc 16 4m
                                                                                                  @ 28.7g/t & 18m @ 4.24g/t

                                           15m @ 2.23g/t inc 
                                           3.7m @ 6.22g/t
                                           3 7m @ 6 22g/t
                   18.1m @ 1.49g/t inc 
                   6m @ 3.35g/t

 5.8m @ 1.77g/t inc 3m @       14m @ 4.65g/t inc 1m  43.6m @ 19.3g/t inc 
 2.97g/t. 1m @ 9.1g/t  & 1m    @ 63.4g/t             16.4m @ 49.6g/t
 @ 7.23g/t

Altyntas contains some spectacular drill intercepts. Most intercepts shown above occur at 
Alt t       t i             t l d ill i t        t M ti t         t h       b           t
potential open pit depths. 
                               Example cross section
•Mineralisation from surface
•Open at depth
•Single mineralogical 
Open at depth
                                            Transitioning to producer
 Bizhe                                FEASIBILITY
 246km2                                                            DEVELOPMENT

    ?                            Altyntas 

                                 600koz Au
        Kepken                   Second phase 
                                         p        Dalabai 
        400koz                   production       75koz Au
        Close to                                                                  Q4 2010
                                                  First phase 
        Altyntas Kengir 127koz
                  Copper Gold
                  Copper Gold

                                  First Phase production 2010                Second Phase production 2012
Note: size of circle is
Note: size of circle is 
relative size of current 
                                  • Initial production 2010                    • Possible CIL/ heap leach 
Resource                          • Full production 2011                       • Current  Resource of 6.9Mt 
                                  • 0.5Mtpa heap leach                           grading 2.27g/t gold for 504koz
                                  • Short LOM ‐ potential to extend            • Partially funded via Dalabai
                                  • Low capital risk
                                  • Existing, convenient infrastructure
 Other Prospects
• 411 000oz JORC + Potential
• Oxides amenable to Heap Leach
• Sulphides produce float con of good grade 
  ~ 23.5g/t
• 2 Additional mineralised zones
• 127,000oz Au JORC + potential gold and 
  Sulphides produce float con of good grade 
• Sulphides produce float con of good grade
  ~ 29.5g/t Au, 10g/t Ag
• Potential for deeper copper mineralisation 
  indicated by geophysics results 

BIZHE (Not on map)
• Greenfield area prospective for gold and 
                  p p             g
• Close to Dalabai and potential source of 
  feed for Dalabai operations
Contact Details

Jason Stirbinskis
Jason Stirbinskis
Managing Director
Central Asia Resources Ltd
Ph: 61 8 9486 4788

Jason Stirbinskis
Honorary Consul of the Republic 
of Kazakhstan in Western 

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