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					                                                                         Dr. Bruce Arai
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                                                                      Dr. Kathryn Carter
                                                                       Associate Dean
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                                                                            Ruth Cole
                                                        Assistant to the Dean and to the Associate Dean
        Part-Time Faculty Handbook 10-11                                   (ext. 5782)

                                                                        Nancy Lambert
                                                                    Administrative Manager
                                                                          (ext. 5778)

                                                                         Anna Gibbons
                                                                     Academic Receptionist
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                                                                          (ext. 5849)

                Laurier Brantford                                          Linda Cook
                73 George Street                        Assistant to the Director of Campus Operations
             Brantford, ON N3T 2Y3                                      E|
                 P|519.756.8228                                            (ext. 5761)

                 CAMPUS MAP:                            Registrarial & Recruitment Services Receptionist                   E|
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            Wilfrid Laurier University
            75 University Avenue, W
                                                                       Technical Support
             Waterloo, ON N2L 3C5
                P| 519.884.1970
                                                                          (ext. 5725)
                F| 519. 886.9351

                CAMPUS MAP:

                              LAURIER BRANTFORD FACULTY & STAFF LISTING

 LAURIER BRANTFORD                                  STUDENT CENTRE (SC)
 73 George Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2Y3            103 Darling Street, Brantford, ON
 519-756-8228                                       Fax: (Student Services) 519-756-4396
 Fax: 519-756-2127                                  Fax: (Health Services) 519-756-9092

 WLU - WATERLOO                                     ST. ANDREW'S (STA)
 75 University Ave W, Waterloo, ON N2L              95 Darling Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2K7
 519-884-1970 or 519-884-0710                       Ext. 5761         Fax: 519-756-4396
 519-884-8826 (Registrars Fax)
                                                    WILKES HOUSE (WH)
 CARNEGIE BUILDING (CB)                             119-121 Darling Street, Brantford, ON N3T
 73 George Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2Y3            Fax: 519-758-5995
 Operator: 5700     Fax: 519-759-2127
                                                    111 DARLING STREET (JH)
 GRAND RIVER HALL (GRH)                             111 Darling Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2K8
 171 Colborne Street, Brantford, ON N3T             Fax: (Sputnik) 519-758-9434
 Ext. 5849     Fax: 519-756-3716
                                                    RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC CENTRE WEST
 ODEON THEATRE (OD)                                 150 Dalhousie Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2J4
 50 Market Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2Z5
 Fax: 519-751-7589                                  RAC East (2011)
                                                    97 Dalhousie (2011)
 45 Market Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2Z6            NIPISSING UNIVERSITY
 Fax: 519-752-4210                                  67 Darling Street, Brantford, ON
                                                    50 Wellington Street, Brantford, ON
 SC JOHNSON (SCJ)                                   519-752-1524 ext 7500 Fax: 519-720-9996
 38 Market Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2Z5
 Ext. 5881     Fax: 519-759-7207

ITEMS (listed alphabetically)

ACADEMIC DATES                    A listing of important academic dates are available on our web site at:

                                               Faculty Handbook
                                 Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
ACCESSIBLE LEARNING/EXAM                The Accessible Learning Centre provides academic support services to students
ACCOMMODATIONS                          with disabilities. Students with disabilities are accommodated to give them an   equal opportunity to succeed academically and to participate fully in the
ble                                     university experience. It is the student’s responsibility to make initial contact
                                        with the Accessible Learning Centre to identify individual needs and to request
                                        services as well as examinations where applicable. Staff work closely with
                                        students while they liaise with faculty, campus and community professionals to
                                        determine and implement effective and appropriate academic supports to
                                        enhance student success.

                                        Key Services and Supports
                                            • Conducts preliminary screening for students without documentation
                                                 who suspect they have a learning disability
                                            • Liaises with faculty regarding specific student disability-related issues
                                            • Establishes appropriate in-class and examination accommodations
                                            • Transcribes print materials into e-text, Braille or other alternate
                                            • Makes referrals to resource staff on and off campus

                                        Angel Evans will contact you in advance when registered students are writing
                                        tests/exams with Accessible Learning. Depending on the type of
                                        accommodations or exam format, students may write some tests/exams with
                                        the class.

                                        Please submit a copy of your exam (electronic or hard copy in a sealed and
                                        labeled envelope) 3 days in advance of the examination date, or earlier if
                                        possible. The deadline is important to ensure that accommodations are made
                                        for all tests and exams booked through Accessible Learning. (Example:
                                        Accommodations may include Braille transcription or audio recordings of entire

                                        Exams can be submitted to:
                                        Angel Evans (Accessible Learning Assistant)
                                        P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5786

                                        If you choose to submit the exam electronically, please e-mail to:

                                        Contact Information:
                                        Deirdre Boyle (Accessible Learning Consultant)
                                        E| ,
                                        P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5871

ASSIGNMENTS                             If your students are unable to submit papers on time in class, they should be
                                        advised to slide the paper under your office door. Advise students to keep a
                                        copy of any paper they submit to avoid disputes later. DO NOT INSTRUCT
                                        STUDENTS TO SUBMIT PAPERS TO ANY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE.

                                        If you have assignments to return to your students before or after classes have
                                        ended, there are two options:
                                             1. Set office hours and inform students of the time and location

                                                      Faculty Handbook
                                        Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                                    2.   Return the assignments at the Exam room (after student has finished
                                         writing their exam)

                               When returning papers, please follow FIPPA regulations. (see “FIPPA” for
                               further information)
ASSIGNMENTS AND TESTS IN THE   Normally, work such as assignments or tests, due in the last week of classes will
LAST WEEK OF CLASSES           be made known to a class at the beginning of the term. In no case, after the
                               first half of the term, shall the assignment of such work first be made known to
                               a class. To ensure that the workload of students is not unreasonable in the last
                               week of classes, the university sets the following limits for the final week of
                               regularly scheduled classes of each term:
                                          1. Assignments, projects, presentations and other evaluated work, to a
                                          maximum worth of 50 percent of the total marks available in the
                                          course, may be due for submission or presentation during the last
                                          2. In a course or section with a final examination scheduled in the
                                          examination period, an in-class test or examination worth no more
                                          than 20 percent of the total marks available in the course may be
                                          administered during the last week of classes;
                                          3. In a course or section that does not have a final examination
                                          scheduled in the examination period, no tests or examinations may be
                                          administered during the last week of classes, excepting only small
                                          quizzes and the like, worth no more than 10 percent that are part of a
                                          weekly or biweekly series of such items.
BOOKSTORE                      For all TEXTBOOK related inquires/orders contact:    Jennifer Brickman (Brantford Campus)
                               P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5834
CAMPUS CLOSURES                Campus closures will be announced on the local radio station CKPC 92.1 fm. A
                               notice will also be put on the phone answering system as well as on the
                               Brantford webpage (
CLASS CANCELLATIONS            If you need to cancel a class due to weather, illness etc. please send an email to
                               the following address as soon as possible:

                               You may also call and speak with the following contact; however an e-mail
                               notice of cancellation is still required:

                               Registrarial Services
                               P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5885

                               The cancellation will be posted on the Brantford campus
                               website, under "Class Cancellations" found on the left
                               hand side menu (

                               A notice will also be posted on our Twitter account -,

                               For information purposes: Cancellations for night classes can be reported to
                               Campus Security at ext 5762 (if you are calling after regular business hours).

                                             Faculty Handbook
                               Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
CLASS LISTS             To obtain class lists, you will need to access LORIS. LORIS is the Laurier On-Line   Registration system.
                        Your login is your WLU ID#; Password is birthdate (mm/dd/yy). You will be
                        asked to change this password to a 6-digit confidential number on first access
                        to the site. If your password needs to be re-set, contact
               519-756-8228 ext. 5885.

CLASSROOM LOCATION      Please do not change the location of your classroom. Room bookings for
                        university and non-university functions require us to have strict record keeping
                        of all room usage. Your cooperation is appreciated. If you have any questions
                        about your room assignment, please contact:

                        Registrarial Receptionist
                        P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5885
                        If you need to book rooms for any reason (i.e. make up exams, etc.), please fill
                        out the online form by going to the website, click on
                        Forms, and choose Rooming Bookings Form.

COURSE EVALUATIONS      Course Evaluations must be conducted during the last 2 weeks of the term.
                        Details regarding course evaluation will be given as the end of the term

                        Please be aware that, in addition to the formal WLU course evaluation, faculty
                        are able to administer a more unstructured evaluation that allows students to
                        write comments of their own. More details and instructions on how to do this
                        will be sent out during the formal evaluation period.

                        Contact Information:
                        Ruth Cole (Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Associate Dean)
                        P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5782
COURSE OUTLINES         Members must provide students with a written and/or electronic course
                        outline during the first week of classes, with a copy to the Program Coordinator
                        and Dean. To submit your course outline to the Dean, please provide the Dean’s
                        Office with an electronic copy during the first week
                        of classes.

                        The outline shall include at least the following information:

                            i.    the name, office address and telephone number, and weekly office
                                  hours of the Instructor;
                            ii.   the subject matter to be explored in the course;
                           iii.   a list of all required assignments and examinations, the relative weight
                                  of assignments and examinations in the final assessment, and the due
                                  dates for assignments and tests common to the entire class and worth
                                  more than 10% of the final grade; in classes in which students have
                                  individual projects or assignments due dates shall be arranged by
                                  consultation between the instructor and the student;

                        Please ensure that the following three notes appear on each of your course

                                      Faculty Handbook
                        Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus

             NOTE 1: Students with special needs are advised to contact Laurier’s Accessible
             Learning Office for information regarding its services and resources. They are
             also encouraged to review the Calendar for information regarding all services
             available on campus.

             NOTE 2: Wilfrid Laurier University uses software that can check for plagiarism.
             Students may be required to submit their written work in electronic form and
             have it checked for plagiarism.

             NOTE 3: FOOT Patrol [intended for courses offered at night] “After class, call
             751-7875 for a walk or drive home - No Walk is Too Short or Too Long!”

             NOTE: Faculty at Laurier Brantford are responsible for their own photocopying
             of course outlines. (see “Photocopiers”)
CUSTODIANS   Any questions concerning campus maintenance can be directed to Tony
             Parsons (Facilities Support Supervisor) at 519-861-0667.

             If you move furniture in a classroom, please return it to its original position.
E-MAIL       All Wilfrid Laurier University faculty and staff require a Novell account for
             Groupwise e-mail and to access all network resources. Novell accounts are used
             to access computer consoles in classrooms, CAS offices, and computer Labs. E-
             mail will be used for all campus communication with CAS members; we ask that
             you establish your Novell account as soon as possible and check your e-mail
             accounts regularly. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the
             Laurier Brantford support desk at or by calling
             519.756.8228 ext. 5725.

             When completing the following online form, please check the box indicating
             that you are a part-time faculty member in "Brantford/name of program" and
             submit as soon as possible. The online form can be found here:
    (Adobe Acrobat version 5.0
             or greater is needed to complete this form.) IT/Media Support Services and ITS
             do not support the forwarding feature, and you will be doing so at your own

             You are governed by the policies of Wilfrid Laurier University to use your
             official WLU e-mail address to correspond with students/faculty and staff.

             Please note that once you have submitted your form, the IT department will
             use your personnel email address to contact you directly. Once contacted, you
             will be required to go to Laurier Brantford IT Department located in SC B110 to
             sign the "Login Request" form, no earlier than 24 hours after submission.

             You can download Adobe Reader here:

             Contact Information:
             Laurier Brantford Support Desk

                           Faculty Handbook
             Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                            P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5725
EXAMS                       Instructors must fill out this online form at the beginning of each term if you are
                            having a final exam during the examination period:
                   If you plan
                            on having an in-class exam, take home exam or no exam at all, you must e-mail
                            Lisa Neziol ( with this information.

                            Exams will take place Monday to Saturday and most exams are 2 hours in
                            duration. Exams will be scheduled at 8:30am, 12:00pm, 3:30pm and 7:00pm.
                            Instructors will proctor their own exam(s). You will be notified later on in the
                            term if your course has qualified for an examination proctor to assist you with
                            your exam(s).

                            It is University policy to provide us with a copy of your final examination
                            (reference in Article in the F.T. Collective Agreement or 16.1 in the CAS
                            Collective Agreement). A copy is needed to plan and organize slip days for those
                            students who are unable to write on your scheduled exam date. Also, having a
                            copy allows us to administer the exam if an instructor is unable to attend the
                            examination, due to unforeseen circumstances.

                            Further information and required examination documents (e.g. Laurier
                            Brantford Examination Cover Sheet, Presiding Officer Reports and Attendance
                            Sign-in Sheets) will be e-mailed to you later on in the term.

                            Please advise your students of the following:
                                • I.D. cards (or one form of government issued photo identification)
                                     MUST be presented at every exam.
                                • No cell phones, blackberries or iPods are to be brought into exam
                                • No food or drink except for clear water bottles.

                            Contact Information:
                            Lisa Neziol
                            P| 519.765.8228 ext. 5766

                            Wilfrid Laurier University exam regulations are available at this link:
EXAM SCANNING INFORMATION   Facilities Support now has a ScanTron Scanmark ES 2800 scanner. This scanner
                            will scan various standard format optical scanner forms.

                            Contact Information:
                            Candice Krall
                            P| 519.765.8228 ext. 5814

                            Instructions for students can be found at the following link:
EXAM STORAGE                Exams and papers are to be kept for a minimum of one calendar year. If you do
                            not wish to store them during this period, you may hand them over to the

                                          Faculty Handbook
                            Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                        Student Awards and Examinations Specialist for storage in Registrarial Services.

                        Contact Information:
                        Lisa Neziol
                        P| 519.765.8228 ext. 5766
EXAM PRINTING           Final examinations MUST be printed through printing services; please visit their
                        website: For account information please contact
                        Nancy Lambert at When filling out the online form, please
                        make the request date at least 5 business days before your exam!

                        For confidentiality concerns all exams are now to be delivered to the attention
                        of Lisa Neziol, Examination Specialist:

                        Laurier Brantford
                        c/o Lisa Neziol
                        73 George St.
                        Brantford, ON
                        N3T 2Y3

                        Lisa will notify you once the exams have arrived and will make arrangements
                        for you to pick up your exams via e-mail.
SLIP DAY EXAMINATIONS   At Laurier we offer a make-up exam day called "Slip Day". Instances that are
                        automatically approved through Registrarial Services (where the student does
                        not need to go to the instructor first) are:
                             1. Three exams within a 24 hour period
                             2. Two or more exams scheduled at the exact same time
                             3. Campus conflict (students taking courses at the Waterloo and
                                 Brantford Campus)

                        If a student has one of the above conflicts, they must fill out the Laurier
                        Brantford Final Examination Conflict Form:

                        As written in the Undergraduate calendar, "the student may apply to the
                        instructor or designate to be allowed to write the exam at an alternate time,
                        ideally during the regularly scheduled examination period, but at the latest not
                        beyond the date by which final grades for the last scheduled exam are to be
                        submitted to the Registrar's Office” For those instances that an instructor
                        cannot first accommodate the student (e.g. student writing in instructors office
                        at an earlier date and time, alternate assignment, alternate essay etc), Slip Day
                        may also be approved through the Dean's Office. These instances can include
                        such things as illness, death in the family, car accident etc.

                        If the instructor cannot accommodate the student, the instructor must
                        provide a reason and then direct the student to the Dean's Office to fill out the
                        Laurier Brantford Final Examination Conflict Form (Dean's Office):

                        If you have a student who has been approved to write on Slip Day from the
                        permission of Registrarial Services or the Dean's Office, you will be copied on
                        the e-mail to the student which notifies them of the date and time they will be

                                      Faculty Handbook
                        Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus

                                      For all exam related inquiries please contact:
                                      Lisa Neziol
                                      P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5766
MAKE-UP MID-TERM EXAMS                Make-up midterms are to be arranged between the faculty member and the
                                      student, and should not involve office staff. Make up midterms can also be
                                      written in the professors’ offices if that is agreed upon by the student. Staff
                                      cannot act as proctors for mid-terms.

                                      Room bookings can be made through the online form:
FIPPA                                 The University operates within the ambit of Ontario’s Freedom of Information
(Freedom of Information and           and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). We also have institutional guidelines
Protection of Privacy Act)            concerning these matters. In most cases, the guidelines offer simple, direct and
                                      inexpensive access to personal information. Please familiarize yourself with the
                                      information at the Office of the Privacy Coordinator:

                                      In situations where the University’s institutional guidelines and the Act conflict,
                                      the Act prevails. In keeping with the above policies, it is not acceptable to:
                                                1. Leave essays in the halls (or any public place) for student pickup;
                                                2. Post lists of student grades (identified by name and/or student ID#)
                                                on doors or walls (or any public place);
                                                3. Post lists of grades on WebCT (unless the grade is posted using
                                                WebCT’s mark book function, which is private to each student and
                                                must be accessed using a password).

                                      Compliance with FIPPA is mandatory. If you have any questions regarding
                                      FIPPA, please contact:

                                      WLU Privacy Coordinator
                                      P| 519.884.0710 ext. 3637
GRADES                                Grades MUST be submitted within 96 hours after the final exam. Grades are   entered by the instructor on LORIS. The Student Awards and Examination
rp_id=2307                            Specialist will send out a memo to all faculty members containing important
                                      information and instructions closer to the end of the terms.

                                      Please print a hard copy or email an electronic copy of your final grades and
                                      submit it to our Student Awards and Examinations Specialist for our records.
                                      Information regarding grades is available via the following link:

                                      Instructions for Faculty using LORIS to enter Grades:

                                                    Faculty Handbook
                                      Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                                   Grade changes are done through the Student Awards and Examinations

                                   Please follow FIPPA regulations with regards to posting grades (See under

                                   Contact Information:
                                   Lisa Neziol
                                   P| 519.765.8228 ext. 5766
HEALTH SERVICES                    Health Services is available to all part time/full time students as well as faculty   and staff at Laurier. A full range of ambulatory care is provided for students
                                   including consultation with registered nurses and physicians. Appointments are

                                   Key Services and Supports:
                                       • Provides ongoing physical and mental health care and support for
                                            students while at university
                                       • Facilitates referrals to specialists as necessary
                                       • Provides documentation of illness for missed exams (policy on this can
                                            be found at
                                       • Health education and health promotion activities are coordinated
                                            through the Student Health Services

                                   Fall and winter terms, while classes are in session
                                   Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 4:30 (lunch hour will vary)

                                   Summer Hours
                                   Closed for the summer (end of April to September)

                                   Please Bring Your Health Card

                                   During other hours please used local walk in clinic located at 225 Fairview Drive,
                                   Brantford. 519.753.9581
                                   Brantford General Hospital Emergency Department is located at 200 Terrace
                                   Hill Street ( 519-752-7871)

                                   Contact Information:
                                   Maureen Pinkett (Registered Nurse)
                                   P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5803
IT/LAURIER BRANTFORD               Contact Information:
SUPPORT DESK                       Laurier Brantford Support Desk
                                   P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5725

                                   Please contact the following individuals if you are having…
                                   LORIS account issues, please email:
                                   Banner account issues, please email:

                                                 Faculty Handbook
                                   Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                         Millennium account issues, please email:
                         Novell and WEBCT account issues, please e-mail:
                         Voicemail password reset, please email:
KEYS SERVICES            Keys for office, classrooms and media kiosks are distributed and returned
                         through Special Constable Service. See Special Constable Service (before the
                         first week of class, if possible) to sign for, and pick up the key(s). At the end of
                         term, it is important that you return the key(s), and sign that you have done so.
                         If you are making a special trip to pick up your keys, please verify that someone
                         will be in the office on the day and time you are coming.

                         Contact Information:
                         Special Constable Service
                         P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5762
LIBRARY                  Laurier Liaison Librarians work with faculty to develop the local collections and    provide in-depth library and research assistance to you and your students. The
                         Library collaborates with the Brantford Public Library to house the Laurier
                         Brantford library collection and offer circulation and basic information services.
                         Laurier Brantford has a growing collection of videos housed on the Brantford
                         Campus (in the Public Library) specifically for use on our campus. If we do not
                         have a local copy of a media title, you will be directed to the Waterloo campus.

                         Contact Information:
                         Irene Tencinger
                         P| 519.756.2220 ext.350
LORIS (Laurier On-Line   Your login is your WLU ID#; Password is birthdate (mm/dd/yy). You will be
Registration System)     asked to change this password to a 6-digit confidential number on first access    to the site. If your password needs to be re-set or have account issues, please
                         contact Registrarial Services.
                         Contact Information:
                         Registrarial Services
                         P| 519.756.2220 ext.5885
MAIL                     Check your mail regularly. Locations of mail slots are as follows:
                         Your office is in CB  mail slots are in CB 119 in the Business Centre
                         Your office is in GRH  mail slots are in GRH 208
                         Your office is in 111 Darling St. (JH)  mail slots are in the main floor lunch
                         Your office is in OD  mail slots are in OD 102 Admin. Office
                         Your office is in RAC (West)  Rooms 124, 236 and 330
                         Your office is in STA  mail slots are in 301A in the Business Centre
                         Your office is in SCJ  Rooms 106, 320 and 408
MEDIA                    Laurier Brantford has a growing collection of DVDs and videos available for
                         classroom use. To identify these media in Primo, perform a search on your
                         keywords, and then use the Refine My Results menu on the left under the
                         collection heading, WLU Brantford media. Laurier Brantford Media is available
                         by asking at the Circulation Desk.

                         DVDs and videos are also available from Media Technology Resources on the

                                       Faculty Handbook
                         Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                         Waterloo campus. To find DVDs and videos available to you through the Media
                         Technology Resources please search the WATMEDIA catalogue at the following

                         For more information about Media Technology Resources please visit:
                or contact the Laurier Brantford
                         Librarian who would be happy to assist you. (see Library)
MULTI-MEDIA CLASSROOMS   As a member of the Laurier Brantford team, you are encouraged to use the
                         tools we have on campus to help aid your teaching. This includes using Power
                         Point, and video and audio to enhance your class and make it interactive.

                         We have three full media consoles in Odeon, four full media consoles in Grand
                         River Hall and three full media consoles in Carnegie with a floating media cart in
                         each of the buildings. Also in the Odeon building, you can use the computer lab
                         to offer hands-on tutorials using the media cart.
                         Sign-up book for AV equipment for CB is located at CB Administration Office;
                         for GRH in GRH 137; For OD in OD Administration Office.

                         For the rooms that contain a full media console you will need to obtain a media
                         key from the Special Constable Service at 45 Market Street. Please remember
                         that media keys open all consoles on both the Waterloo and Brantford
MYLEARNINGSPACE          In Fall 2010, Laurier will implement MyLearningSpace, a new Learning
                         Management System (LMS) from Desire2Learn to replace WebCT/Blackboard. If
                         you are new to using an LMS, or have used WebCT in the past, Teaching
                         Support Services is offering sessions to orient you to use MyLearningSpace with
                         your courses.

                         Topics covered will include:
                             • News items and calendar events
                             • Uploading content for students to view (e.g., syllabus, powerpoint
                                  slides, etc.)
                             • Managing discussion forums, chat and course mail
                             • Online assignment drop-box management
                             • Grades set-up and management
                             • Other topics to be discussed include: quizzes, checklist, widgets,
                                  groups, etc.

                         Find sessions dates and register online at:
                         Space is limited.

                         If you wish to have content migrated from WebCT to MyLearningSpace, and
                         have not yet filled out the form to request this, you can still do so by
                         completing the form found here:

                         If you have any questions please contact Educational Technologies Staff at
OFFICE HOURS             Please post your office hours outside the office assigned to you. When posting
                         signs, please use the nameplates beside your office door or the glass and not a

                                       Faculty Handbook
                         Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                                    painted surface.
OFFICE LOCATIONS                    You will be sharing an office with one or more part-time faculty members. The
                                    Dean’s Office will contact you regarding your office location and date of

                                    Contact Information:
                                    Ruth Cole
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5782
ONECARD                             Laurier’s OneCard is photo identification and a library card. It works at all            Wilfrid Laurier University campuses. In Brantford, OneCards can be used for
                                    purchases at the Bookstore, access to several campus buildings, and a gym
                                    membership upon payment as per WLUFA. Local merchants, for example
                                    Williams and Coffee Culture, have begun offering discounts to OneCard holders.
                                    OneCards can be obtained from Student Services in Brantford. Full Time
                                    Students can use this as their Brantford Transit bus pass.

                                    Key purposes:
                                        • Identification for exams (students)
                                        • Accessing the Library and on-line journals once card is activated
                                        • Access to Student Centre after 4:30 pm and weekends
                                        • Gym membership
                                        • City Transit bus pass for full-time students

                                    Contact Information:
                                    Laurie Fosty (Administrative Assistant Student Services)
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5716
PARKING                             On-Campus parking is available to all faculty members. There is no designated   parking unless you have purchased a “Reserved” parking spot. Please see
=1724&p=5836               for parking rates. Payment via payroll deduction is
                                    available to all full-time faculty. Payment can also be made by cheque or cash.

                                    Permit information must be updated when there is a change in vehicle
                                    ownership or address/phone/e-mail address. New permits are not issued to
                                    individuals who have outstanding parking fees. The hang tag must be attached
                                    to the rear-view mirror of the vehicle with the permit number clearly visible
                                    through the windshield. Faculty and Staff Permits will permit those displaying
                                    their permit to park in the Gold Parking Permit areas at the Waterloo campus.
PARKING FEES                        Please visit for updated
                                    parking rates.

                                    Location of parking lots for staff and faculty & city parking

                                    Application Forms
                                    To receive a parking pass please see Candice Krall (Facilities Support Office)

                                    For all parking information please contact:
                                    Candice Krall (Facilities Clerk)

                                                  Faculty Handbook
                                    Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5814
PAY SCHEDULE                        Pay is direct deposited once per month on the 18 .

                                    Provide a void cheque and complete the direct deposit form if you have not
                                    already done so to the Dean’s Office.

PHOTOCOPYING                        Photocopier Codes can be obtained from the Office of the Director of Campus
                                    Operations and may be used from any copier on campus. Acceptable
                                    photocopying would include: exams, course outlines, assignments, course prep
                                    & research. There should be no photocopying of student handouts or other
                                    items unless paid in advance.

                                    Contact Information:
                                    Linda Cook
                                    95 Darling Street, 2 floor, Suite 300
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5761
PRINTING SERVICES                   Wilfrid Laurier University Printing Services is also available for the reproduction    of exams, course outlines and assignments. Please contact Nancy Lambert to
rp_id=1659                          receive the account number which is required when placing your order online.

                                    Contact Information:
                                    Nancy Lambert
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5778
=1724&p=5823                        extension 5888 which will contact Waterloo Campus Dispatch Office that
                                    is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please advise them you are
                                    calling from the Brantford Campus and that you need a Constable to
                                    attend to your location. All Campus payphones have a free direct dial
                                    button for security.

                                    Do not try to deal with unsafe situations on your own!

                                    SPECIAL CONSTABLES
                                    45 Market Street
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext.5762 (General Information or Inquiries)
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext.5885 (Emergency)

                                    FOOT PATROL – NO WALK IS TOO SHORT OR TOO LONG!
                                    Foot Patrol is a student run organization that provides student escorts for all
                                    members of the Laurier Brantford community. Foot Patrol is available to all
                                    students, staff and faculty members at Laurier Brantford. To contact Foot Patrol
                                    dial 519.751.7875 or press the Foot Patrol button on all Campus payphones.
STUDENT E-MAIL                      Any official correspondence with a Laurier Brantford student should be sent to
                                    the student’s Laurier e-mail address, as opposed to hotmail, yahoo, etc. Every
                                    Laurier student has a Laurier e-mail address. The format of the address is first
                                    four letters of last name and last 4 digits of student ID #, example:
                           Please let students know that e-mail correspondence to you
                                    should be sent from their Laurier e-mail address. If students are experiencing a
                                    problem with their Laurier e-mail account, they should contact Laurier

                                                  Faculty Handbook
                                    Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                                    Brantford Support Desk.
                                    Contact Information:
                                    Laurier Brantford Support Desk
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5725

STUDENT SERVICES                    Contact Information:                           Judicial Affairs Council       Student Services                               P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5716
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5716                      Multi-Faith Services
                                                                                   P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5880
                                    Aboriginal Services
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5884                      OneCard
                                                                                   P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5817
                                    Accessible Learning
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5759                      Peer Connect
                                                                                   P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5712
                                    Athletics & Recreation
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5728                      Residence Life
                                                                                   P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5856
                                    Career Centre
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5726                      Student Affairs
                                                                                   P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5822
                                    Counselling Services
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5889                      Writing & Study Skills Resource
                                    Health Services                                P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5788
                                    P| 519.756.8228 ext. 5803
SUPPLIES                            Supplies are kept in the following locations:
                                    CB  Business Office (CB119)
                                    GRH  Administration Office (GRH209)
                                    JH  Lunch Room (main floor)
                                    OD  Administration Office (OD102)
                                    RAC (West)  Business Centres (Rooms 124, 236 and 330)
                                    STA  Business Centre (STA301A)
                                    STC  Business Centres (Rooms 106, 320 and 408)

                                    Please notify the administration office for each building if you see that supplies
                                    are getting low.
                                           New Year’s Day                 Family Day                 Good Friday
=2353&p=11779                               Victoria Day                  Canada Day                 Civic Holiday
                                             Labour Day                  Thanksgiving               Christmas Day
                                                    Boxing Day                               New Year’s Eve
VOICE MAIL                          Dial 7000 to access the voice mail system. Mailbox # is your Extension. There
                                    may be a note in your office as to what the password is. Otherwise, initial
                                    password is 66 plus extension number. The first person to access the voice mail
                                    system will be prompted to change the password. Please leave a note for other

                                                  Faculty Handbook
                                    Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus
                                       faculty sharing the office, indicating the new password. Likewise, if you ever
                                       change the password, leave a note for your office-mates.

If any of your personal information changes, i.e., address, phone number, e-mail, highest degree attained, etc., please
                communicate with Ruth Cole at so that we can keep our records accurate.

                                                    Faculty Handbook
                                      Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus