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					To Calculate Heat Requirement for Your Room
A good rule of thumb guide to calculate the heat requirement of a given room is:

IMPERIAL Height x Width x Depth (in feet) divided by 500

METRIC         Height x Width x Depth (in metres) divided by 14

This gives you the kilowatt requirement.

The clean air act of 1993 authorised Edinburgh’s local authorities to designate Edinburgh a
smoke controlled area, and this has remained in place to this day. This means it is illegal to
burn ordinary coal (rather than smokeless fuel) or wood in the Edinburgh area.

Wood can only be burned in stoves that have been tested for their use in smoke controlled
areas and are exempt from the regulations by being DEFRA (Department for Environment
Food and Rural Affairs) approved. Look for this (tree)     symbol alongside the stove entry if
you are in Edinburgh and want to burn wood in your stove.

     On every Defra approved stove you’ll see this symbol.

     This symbol demonstrates the stove output in kilowatts.