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					Big Sister Little Brother

Inspiring Theatre Audiences of the Future
The Glasshouse Arts, Conference & Entertainment Centre is proud to present the production of
Big Sister Little Brother at Tacking Point Primary School on Monday and Tuesday,
10 and 11 November 2008.

The Glasshouse is committed to introducing a new generation of audiences to live theatre, so is
thrilled that students from every year level at the school will have the chance to see Big Sister
Little Brother.

“Having lost the opportunity to present Big Sister Little Brother at the Glasshouse, we are
absolutely delighted to be hosting Jigsaw Theatre Company in partnership with Tacking Point
Primary School,” explains Robyn Birrell, Glasshouse Performing Arts Director. “Jigsaw is one of
Australia's leading children's performing companies and this show, which deals with sibling
relationships, holds not only an important message but when wrapped up in the silliness of the
traditional tale of The Emperors' New Clothes becomes great fun.”

Big Sister Little Brother is a delightful story for children and invites the audience into a world of
trickery and vanity where they meet big sister, Rita and little brother, Archie the two tailors
from The Emperor's New Clothes, on the run from the palace. Through the use of physical story
telling and humour, children have the chance to experience the joy of live theatre, while also
receiving a valuable life lesson in the importance of family.

Jigsaw Theatre Company will be holding 3 performances of Big Sister Little Brother, ensuring
over 450 students will have the chance to see the show.

Performance details:
Venue:               Tacking Point Primary School
Dates & Times:       Monday 10 November - Performance 1 at 11:30am
                                            - Performance 2 at 2.00pm
                     Tuesday 11 November - Performance 3 at 9:30am

Jigsaw Theatre Company’s vision is to expand young people’s perceptions of theatre, so they
engage their audience with bright, fun performances and combine them with workshops and
education kits to help link the theatre experience to learning within the classroom.

Media Enquiries: Margret Meagher, Business Development and Marketing
Communications Manager
Tel:0412 225 763

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