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Auckland, NZL 4 – 11 February 1950                      Edmonton, CAN 03 - 12 August 1978
Mobbs, Herbert SA         60kg               5th        Crabtree, Roger VIC      52kg                 Bronze
Barberis, Vern    VIC     67.5kg             Bronze     Katz, Ivan         VIC   60kg                 Silver
Caple, Keith      NSW 56kg                   Bronze     Stellios, Basilios NSW 67.5kg                 Gold
Giffin, Frederick QLD 75kg                   Bronze     Kebbe, Adrian VIC        67.5kg               Silver
Magee, Raymond NSW 110kg                     Silver     Castiglione, S     NSW 75kg                   Gold
McDonald, Ken NSW 82.5kg                     6th        Kabbas, Robert VIC       82.5kg               Gold
                                                        Quagliata, Charles NSW 82.5kg                 Silver
V BRITISH EMPIRE & COMMONWEALTH                         Wyatt, Stephen VIC       100kg                Silver
GAMES Vancouver, CAN 30 July – 7 August 1954            Laurie, Ian        VIC   100kg                4th
Caple, Keith   NSW 56kg                   Bronze        Edmond, Robert VIC       +110kg               Silver
Barberis, Vern VIC    67.5kg              Gold
McDonald, Ken NSW 90kg                    DNF           XII COMMONWEALTH GAMES
                                                        Brisbane AUS 30 September - 9 October 1982
VI BRITISH EMPIRE AND COMMONWEALTH                      Voukelatos, N      NSW 52kg                   Gold
GAMES Cardiff, WAL 18 – 26 July 1958                    Orsini, Lorenzo NSW 56kg                      Bronze
Bayley, Donald QLD 67.5kg            10th               Stellios, Basilios VIC      67.5kg            Silver
Cohen, Daryl    VIC    75kg          7th                Pignone, Tony      NSW 75kg                   Silver
Hall, Francis   VIC    82.5kg        8th                Kabbas, Robert VIC          82.5kg            Gold
Santos, Manuel NSW 90kg              Gold               Sabljak, Michael ACT        82.5kg            Bronze
Treganowan, L VIC      90kg          Bronze             Fratangelo, Luigi TAS       100kg             4th
Shannos, Arthur NSW 110kg            Bronze             Kabalan, Joseph VIC         110kg             Silver
                                                        Lukin, Dean        SA       +110kg            Gold
XII BRITISH EMPIRE & COMMONWEALTH                       Edmond, Robert VIC          +110kg            Silver
GAMES Perth AUS 22 Nov – 01 December 1962
Coffa, Salvatore VIC  56kg              6th             XIII COMMONWEALTH GAMES
Oshyer, Alan     NSW 67.5kg             Silver          Edinburgh, SCO 24 July - 2 August 1986
Modra, Ronald SA      75kg              7th             Hayman, Greg       NSW 52kg                   Gold
Perry, Russell   QLD 75kg               5th             Voukelatos, N      NSW 56kg                   Gold
Santos, Manuel NSW 82.5kg               DNF             Lowenstein, D VIC           60kg              Silver
Shannos, Jerry   NSW 90kg               5th             Mudd, Daniel       ACT      60kg              DNF
Shannos, Arthur NSW 110kg               Gold            Laycock, Ronald ACT         67.5kg            Silver
                                                        Stellios, Basilios VIC      75kg              Gold
VIII BRITISH EMPIRE & COMMONWEALTH                      Kabbas, Robert VIC          82.5kg            Silver
GAMES Kingston JAM 4 – 13 August 1966                   Fratangelo, Luigi TAS       110kg             Silver
Hay, Gerald     NSW 56kg              5th               Garzarella, C      VIC      +110kg            Bronze
Brancatisano, J NSW 60kg              6th               Lukin, Dean        SA       +110kg            Gold
Hall, Graeme    VIC     75kg          DNF
Perry, Russell  QLD 75kg              Bronze            XIV COMMONWEALTH GAMES
Vakakis, George VIC     82.5kg        Gold              Auckland, NZL 24 January - 3 February 1990
Shannos, Arthur NSW 110kg             Silver            Hayman, Greg      NSW 52kg           Snatch   Bronze
                                                                                             C&J      Silver
IX BRITISH COMMONWEALTH GAMES                                                                Total    Bronze
Edinburgh, SCO 16 - 25 July 1970                        Holloway, Russell ACT      56kg      Snatch   5th
Vasil, George     NSW 52kg         Gold                                                      C&J      DNF
Brancatisano, J NSW 67.5kg         DNF                                                       Total    DNF
Perry, Russell    QLD 75kg         Gold                 Blair, Mark       VIC      67.5kg Snatch      Bronze
Ciancio, Nicolo VIC         82.5kg Gold                                                      C&J      6th
Leong, Chim      VIC        110kg  4th                                                       Total    5th
Rigby, Raymond VIC          +110kg Gold                 Brown, Damian VIC          75kg      Snatch   DNF
                                                                                             C&J      Bronze
X BRITISH COMMONWEALTH GAMES                                                                 Total    DNF
Christchurch, NZL 24 January - 2 February 1974          Laycock, Ronald TAS        75kg      Snatch   Bronze
Adams, Michael NSW 56kg                        Gold                                          C&J      Gold
Katz, Ivan         VIC      56kg               DNF                                           Total    Gold
Hay, Gerald        NSW 60kg                    Silver   Christou, Phillip VIC      82.5kg Snatch      DNF
Vasiliades, G      NSW 60kg                    Gold                                          C&J      4th
Frew, William      VIC      67.5kg             4th                                           Total    DNF
Waterworth, John VIC        75kg               DNF      Goodman, H        VIC      90kg      Snatch   Bronze
Ciancio, Nicolo VIC         90kg               Gold                                          C&J      Bronze
Wyatt, Stephen VIC          90kg               Bronze                                        Total    Bronze
Martin, Nigel      VIC      110kg              4th
Roberts, Jason    SA      110kg  Snatch      Silver
                                 C&J         Silver   XVII COMMONWEALTH GAMES
                                 Total       Silver   Manchester, ENG 25 July - 4 August 2002
Garzarella, C     VIC     +110kg Snatch      5th      Yagci, Mehmet NSW 56kg               Snatch   5th
                                 C&J         9th                                           C&J      6th
                                 Total       8th                                           Total    6th
Kettner, Steven   VIC     +110kg Snatch      Bronze   Sarkisian, Yourik VIC       62kg     Snatch   Gold
                                 C&J         Bronze                                        C&J      Gold
                                 Total       Bronze                                        Total    Gold
                                                      Blythman, Craig VIC         77kg     Snatch   Bronze
XV COMMONWEALTH GAMES                                                                      C&J      DNF
Victoria, CAN 18 - 28 August 1994                                                          Total    DNF
Nguyen, Johnny NSW 54kg           Snatch     4th      Brown, Damian VIC           77kg     Snatch   Gold
                                  C&J        4th                                           C&J      DNF
                                  Total      4th                                           Total    DNF
Marinov, Sevi     VIC      64kg   Snatch     Silver   Campbell, Robert NSW 85kg            Snatch   5th
                                  C&J        Silver                                        C&J      8th
                                  Total      Gold                                          Total    5th
Brown, Damian VIC          76kg   Snatch     Bronze   Karapetyn, Alex VIC         94kg     Snatch   Gold
                                  C&J        Gold                                          C&J      Gold
                                  Total      Silver                                        Total    Gold
Kounev, Kiril     VIC      83kg   Snatch     Gold     Hocking, Corran VIC         +105kg Snatch     4th
                                  C&J        Gold                                          C&J      Silver
                                  Total      Gold                                          Total    Bronze
Goodman, H        VIC      91kg   Snatch     Gold     Rae, Chris        SA        +105kg Snatch     Bronze
                                  C&J        Gold                                          C&J      4th
                                  Total      Gold                                          Total    4th
Christou, Phillip VIC      99kg   Snatch     Bronze   Barker, Natasha NSW 53kg             Snatch   Silver
                                  C&J        4th                                           C&J      Silver
                                  Total      4th                                           Total    Silver
Saxton, Andrew WA          99kg   Snatch     Silver   Lee, Seen         VIC       53kg     Snatch   Bronze
                                  C&J        Silver                                        C&J      Bronze
                                  Total      Silver                                        Total    Bronze
Vlad, Nicu        VIC      108kg Snatch      Gold     Warthold, M       NSW 63kg           Snatch   10th
                                  C&J        Gold                                          C&J      10th
                                  Total      Gold                                          Total    10th
Botev, Stefan     VIC      +108kg Snatch     Silver   Phillips, Amanda QLD 69kg            Snatch   4th
                                  C&J        Gold                                          C&J      4th
                                  Total      Gold                                          Total    4th
Kettner, Steven VIC        +108kg Snatch     Gold     Lovely, Deborah QLD 75kg             Snatch   Silver
                                  C&J        Silver                                        C&J      Silver
                                  Total      Silver                                        Total    Silver
                                                      Williams, Saree VIC         75kg     Snatch   Bronze
XVI COMMONWEALTH GAMES                                                                     C&J      4th
Kuala Lumpur, MAS 11 - 21 September 1998                                                   Total    Bronze
Yagci, Mehmet NSW 56kg              Snatch   Gold     Pileggi, Caroline WA        +75kg Snatch      Gold
                                    C&J      4th                                           C&J      Silver
                                    Total    4th                                           Total    Silver
Sarkisian, Yourik VIC     62kg      Snatch   Silver   Nicholson, R      ACT       EAD               Silver
                                    C&J      Silver   Sharpe, Wayne NSW EAD                         6th
                                    Total    Silver
Brown, Damian VIC         77kg      Snatch   Bronze   * DNF = did not finish
                                    C&J      Gold
                                    Total    Gold
Heffernan, S      VIC     94kg      Snatch   Bronze   MEDAL TALLY – WEIGHTLIFTING
                                    C&J      Bronze        Gold         51
                                    Total    Bronze        Silver       44
Kounev, Kiril     VIC     94kg      Snatch   Gold          Bronze       39
                                    C&J      Gold          Total        134
                                    Total    Gold

Hall, McGregor    VIC     105kg  Snatch      5th
                                 C&J         5th
                                 Total       5th
Rae, Chris        SA      +105kg Snatch      Bronze
                                 C&J         Bronze
                                 Total       Silver
Year     Function            Name                 State
1950     Manager             Wigley, Thomas       SA
1954     Manager             Keenan, Herbert      VIC
1958     Manager             Garrard, Richard     VIC
1962     Manager             Marsden, Bryan       NSW
         Coach               Morrison, Clive      QLD
1966     Manager/Coach       Martyn, Leslie       VIC
1970     Manager/Coach       Coffa, Salvatore     VIC
1974     Manager             Ryan, Max            VIC
         Coach               Taylor, Robert       NSW
1978     Manager             Jones, Lyn           NSW
         Coach               Coffa, Paul          VIC
1982     Manager             Nylander, Ron        TAS
         Coach               Coffa, Paul          VIC
         Coach               Walsh, Bruce         NSW
1986     Manager             Walsh, Bruce         NSW
         Coach               Jones, Lyn           ACT
         Coach               Noonan, Michael      VIC
1990     Manager             Cashman, Ralph       NSW
         Head Coach          Coffa, Paul          VIC
         Assistant Coach     Leach, Martin        VIC
1994     Manager             Kayser, Boris        VIC
         Assistant Manager   Leach, Martin        VIC
         Head Coach          Coffa, Paul          VIC
         Coach               Borreggine, Luca     NSW
1998     Manager             Menhenick, Cameron   NSW
         Coach               Borreggine, Luca     NSW
         Coach               Leach, Martin        VIC
         Assistant Coach     Walls, Jack          WA
2002     Manager             Leach, Martin        VIC
         Head Coach          Borreggine, Luca     NSW
         EAD Coach           Blagoev, Blagoi      VIC
         Coach               Keelan, Michael      QLD
         Coach               Marinov, Sevdalin    VIC
         Coach               Tikkanen, Steven     NSW

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