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Statement 2010
  St David’s Catholic College
                                Disability Statement 2010

This document can be made available in larger print or if you think it
would be of assistance, a member of staff could read and discuss the
document with you.

Please ask at reception: 029 20498555

St David’s Catholic College is a College with a Catholic ethos. This
means that its mission (referred to overleaf) and its values necessitate
that the College creates a ‘level playing field’ to enable all its students to
realize their potential.The College believes it is of great importance to
ensure the need for equality of opportunity with all student-related
activities, and in its general policies is a strong advocate and protector of
those who face special difficulties in realising their full potential.

The College strongly supports the duties placed upon post 16 further
education institutions initially under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995
and 2005 and under the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act
2001 and now the Equality Act 2010.

We recognise as a College that all the young people who attend St
David’s are individuals with their own specific needs. We are committed
to ensuring that no student is treated less favourably than any other. As
part of this commitment we will ensure that there are reasonable

                                                                                 St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement
adjustments to provision where students would otherwise be subject to a

If you have a disability please tell us about it so that we can ensure that
the necessary adjustments are made.

                              Disability Statement 2010


Our Ethos – Our Mission……………………………………. p 3

Welcome to ‘The Hub’………………………………………. P 4

Where to get advice…………………................................ p 5

How do I apply to St David’s………………………………. p 6

Is there any specialist equipment?……………………….              P7

When individual examination provision is needed………. P 8

Does the College have specialist staff available?………      p9

Links with outside agencies……………………………….. p 10

Welfare, Counselling & Careers…………………………… p 11

Accessibility………………………………………………...                        p 12 – 13

Improvements……………………………………………….. p 14

                                                                      St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement
College Policies……………………………………….…….                       p 15`

                                Disability Statement 2010

Our Ethos – Our Mission

The Ethos of St David’s Catholic College is set out in its Mission
statement as follows

“A Catholic College for the community, seeking to discover and
realise the full potential of all in an atmosphere of love, service and
respect, inspired by Christ.”

The College’s Equal Opportunity Policy States that:

“The College is committed to supporting the principle of equal
opportunities, and opposes all forms of unlawful discrimination
including on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin,
sex, marital status, disability, part-time or fixed term status,
parental responsibilities, age, religion/belief, or sexual orientation.”

The College is strongly committed to education as the right of everyone
and believes that people with disabilities, whether they are learning
disabilities or physical ones, should have the same rights of access as
everyone else on a level playing field.

                                                                                St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement
Our Learning Support Department (‘The Hub’) will talk to you about your
interests, courses available, your specific learning needs and will help
you to find the best courses available to suit your circumstances.

We are committed to creating a ‘level playing field’ for all of our students.
This is what ‘The Hub’ is all about (please see overleaf).

                               Disability Statement 2010

Welcome to ‘The Hub’

'The Hub' is the new name for the Learning Support Department at St
David's and was launched by the rugby star Simon Easterby on 5th
November. The Department is run by Mrs Rachel Hinds and Mrs Jael
Jones. We are here to help and support you in any way we can.
Everyone needs support at some point in their lives and we want to be
here for you whilst you are a student at St David's. 'The Hub' is not only
for students with additional learning needs it is for all of you whatever
your need! Support can take many forms and we currently offer:-

      Dyslexia support
      Educational Psychology assessments
      Individual support for a variety of additional needs
      Help with planning and organisation
      Support in essential skills such as numeracy and communication
      ESOL support
      A peer mentoring scheme
      Counselling
      Social Skills programme
      FCF (Financial Contingency Fund) advice
      'News From The Hub', a newsletter run by students

                                                                             St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement
However, please come along if you want to speak with us about
concerns not listed here as we would rather you came to speak with us
than worry about things that may be concerning you. We are also
beginning lunchtime clubs including, a sign language club and a
'Confidence through Dance' class where participants will be taught some
basic ballroom and Latin American moves in an informal and fun
atmosphere and we hope to bring in some experts in other areas of
dance in the future. Once you have become a student of the College you
can join up for these and other Clubs we are hoping to start.

We hope that this has given you an idea of what 'The Hub' is about. If
you require more information please feel free to take a look at one of our
leaflets/newsletters around the college or pop into room M15 at any time
to see us. See you soon!
                               Disability Statement 2010

Where to get advice if I think I want to come to St

For advice and a prospectus please get in touch with Student Support

   Yourself in person

   By Phone on 029 20498555

   Email: inquiries@st-davids-coll.ac.uk

   By letter (address below)

You can also get further general information from our website at www.st-

Please contact us to arrange a visit to come and see our College and
the facilities we have. You are welcome to bring your fried, parent, carer
teacher, support or social worker along. If there is further support you
need just contact us before the visit so that this can be arranged.

Who to contact:

Mr Ken Reed, Acting Assistant Principal (Support for learners), St

                                                                             St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement
David’s Catholic College, Ty Gwyn Road, Penylan Cardif CF23 5QD;
tel. 029 20498555; email kreed@st-davids-coll.ac.uk

Other contacts include:

‘The Hub’ – Mrs Jael Jones and Mrs Rachel Hinds; tel: 029

Student Support Administrator Mrs Trish Townsend: tel 029

                              Disability Statement 2010

How do I apply to St David’s?

Saint David’s Catholic College is the sixth form principally for our
Catholic partner schools but we also encourage applications from pupils
from other schools who would like to continue their education in a caring
and supportive community. The College offers continuity of education
with an emphasis on an ethos based on Christian principles and which is
underpinned by excellent teaching, support and guidance. The very high
standards together with the excellent tuition and support offered by the
College are reflected in the impressive examination results achieved by
our students and in the high quality and very complimentary report from
Estyn following the Inspection carried out in November, 2006. Students
apply to this college from well beyond Cardiff including from abroad.

Visits take place to local schools in the Autumn term to outline
courses and expectations of the college. Open Evenings take place
In the November of the year prior to enrolment in September.

The online prospectus provides all the necessary information on
the college to enable applicants to make an informed choice when
they apply.

At present the application is paper based and this form requests

                                                                            St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement
the normal expectations of course choice etc. However, it is
important that the college is informed of any additional support that
is needed by completing the relevant section. The deadline date
this year is Friday 14th January.

When the form is being processed the learning Support Department
will identify the need of support and ensure that this information is
available during the interviews which take place in March. You can
be accompanied by your parent or guardian if you so wish. If we
are able to offer you a place an additional meeting will take place to
further investigate the best way in which the college can support
you during your studies. This is likely to take place no later than
May before your enrolment in September.

                             Disability Statement 2010

Is there any specialist equipment within the College?

   Lap-top computers for writing and spelling difficulties

   Specialist software for specific learning difficulties and

   Electronic spellchecks

   Modified equipment to meet a range of needs

   Tape recorders and dictaphones

   Induction loop in reception if your hearing is impaired

   Specialist equipment for dyslexia

Equipment is available for students to borrow. We aim to meet our
students’ needs wherever we can, sometimes hiring or purchasing
additional items. We wish to constantly improve our facilities in
order to meet student needs.

                                                                    St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement

                            Disability Statement 2010

When Individual Examination Provision is required

The Learning Support Department will discuss your needs with the
Examinations Officer Pip Thole (subject to your agreement) and
appropriate arrangements will be made which may include the

   Additional time for examinations

   A reader for the examination paper

   An amanuensis or writer

   A separate exam room and invigilator

   A transcription of your work for the exam boards

   An interpreter or communicator

   Question papers in different format e.g. enlarged text

In certain circumstances it may be possible to use alternative forms
of assessment such as video if assignment work is the usual form
of assessment.

                                                                       St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement

                                Disability Statement 2010

Does the College have specialist staff available to meet
your needs?

A number of staff have experience of working with students with learning
and physical disabilities. These include tutors, learning support
assistants and peer mentors who give practical assistance in classrooms
and ‘workshops’.

In addition, a significant number of staff are first aid trained and a first
aider is always on site in case there should be an emergency. Lists and
contact arrangements can be gained from reception, which is only a
short distance from classrooms.

There are regular INSET sessions involving staff as well as awareness
training which is offered to teaching and support staff by specialist staff
and outside agencies.

There is a visiting Independent Counsellor who is located in room G19.
Appointments can be made by contacting the Learning Support

                                                                               St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement

                              Disability Statement 2010

Links with Outside Agencies

The College works with a number of specialist organisations such as the
Wales Dyslexia Association, Royal National Institute for the Deaf, Royal
National institute for the Blind and the Equality and Human Rights

Other services may include working with or consulting the following:

Specialist careers officer

Educational Psychologist

Occupational Therapist

Speech and language therapist


Community nurses

Supported work placement organisers

Cardiff County Council and where relevant other neighbouring

                                                                           St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement

                               Disability Statement 2010

Does the College Offer a Welfare, Counselling and Careers

The college has very successful pastoral support provided by a range of
staff but primarily your personal tutor.

There is a visiting Careers Officer for students who can arrange specific
interviews for students with disabilities. The Careers Adviser is at the
College every Monday and Thursday. You can make arrangements to
speak to her via the LRC.

Opening times
9.30am – 4.10pm Monday to Friday

   Financial advice is available from your personal tutor on the Welsh
    Assembly Learning Grant and Educational Maintenance
    Allowance. Information on the EMA, free meals and travel is
    available from Geraldine MacNamara based in reception on the
    middle floor.

   Counselling Services - people go through difficult times when they

                                                                            St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement
    may feel worried, overwhelmed by problems or obstacles they feel
    they are facing. Sometimes they may turn to friends and relatives
    whilst on other occasions it can be more appropriate and helpful to
    discuss things with a counsellor because they are independent of
    us in order to get objective advice.

   If you think it would be helpful and wish to contact the student
    counsellor, please contact the College Counsellor, Jenny Lewis via
    the Learning Support Department.

                                Disability Statement 2010

Is the College Accessible to Everyone?

The following facilities provide access across the site:

Car parking - Accessible parking is available outside the main entrance.
All entrances are ramped.

Reception - The entrance has ramps leading to the reception area and is
accessible to wheel chair users. An induction loop is
provided for students with a hearing impairment.

Access to floors - An accessible lift is available to students and provides
access to the three floors of the main building.

There are vertical lifts to access most other parts of the building such as
the LRC

Corridors- The corridors are straight and flat and easily negotiated by
wheelchairs; Doors have in some cases been widened to provide easy
wheelchair access.

                                                                                St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement
Signage – There is accessible signage throughout the main building with
tactile lettering and Braille.

Cafeteria - A vertical lift provides access to wheelchair users and those
with a mobility impairment. The steps into the cafeteria are fitted with
handrails and high visibility strips. Upon request cafeteria staff will cater
for special dietary requirements. In the main hall, higher tables allow
wheelchair users to sit comfortably.

Fire Evacuation - An emergency evacuation procedure exists and
personal emergency evacuation plans are in place for individual
students. All students, staff and visitors are evacuated during

                                Disability Statement 2010

Toilets – There are disabled toilet facilities at several locations across
the site.

There is a state of the art theatre which has a flat area in front of the
seating for total accessibility and wheelchair access to the auditorium on
a level ground floor site.

Learning Resource Centre - The Learning Resource Centre is
accessible and located on the ground floor. Staff are available
throughout the college day to offer advice and help with specialist
equipment. There is a vertical lift within the LRC between the Brown and
Green Zones.

Sports Hall - The gym can be accessed by using the ramp and lift and
there are changing and toilet facilities available for disabled students.

Reception - Reception has a dropped counter and induction Loop.

                                                                             St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement

                             Disability Statement 2010

Improvements We have Made During the Last Five Years

   Ramped access to the front of the building

   Lift to all floors in the main building

   Vertical lifts to access the LRC and within the LRC itself to

    access the (upper) Green Zone.

   Widened doors

   External ramping to access all buildings and throughout

    various parts of the site

   Disabled toilets

   Accessible Signage in Braille

   Extra disabled spaces at the front of the College near to        St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement

    reception and ramping from there to the front (lower) entrance

   New Hand rails on ramps

                               Disability Statement 2010

College Policies

The Disability Statement provides essential general guidance on
learning support, facilities and the ethos within the College. Should you
need additional information please contact Student Support or ‘The
Hub’. Of course all staff will be prepared to help you.

There is further additional support available from:

    The College Website at www.st-davids-coll.ac.uk

    The Learner’s Charter

    Equal Opportunities Policy

    College Prospectus

    Course leaflets

Copies of this and other documents are also available on the
College Website and from Student Support

Information on Specific Polices can be obtained from:

Legal Services and Compliance Department
St David’s Catholic College

                                                                            St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement
Ty Gwyn Road
Cardiff CF23 5QD

Tel 029 20 431822/431873
Email: mwhitcutt@st-davids-coll.ac.uk

                                                    Disability Statement 2010


If you would like to feed back to us on our services and think they can be
improved in some way please let us know. We would like to hear from

In addition to the questionnaires and focus groups we conduct as part of
our quality assurance process you are welcome to speak to Mrs Trish
Townsend - Student Support Administrator, Mr Ken Reed Acting
Assistant Principal (Support for learners), Mrs Jael Jones or Mrs Rachel
Hinds at ‘The Hub’, or if the matter concerns policies, Mr Mark Whitcutt,
Director of Legal Services and Compliance. All can be contacted via the
general College addresses and email (below), in addition to the
individual details enclosed within this publication.

Or let us have your comments on the form below and return it to us:



                                                                                                                             St David’s Catholic College: Disability Statement

Please return to:

St David’s Catholic College
Ty Gwyn Road
Cardiff CF23 5QD
Tel: 029 20498555
Email: inquiries@st-davids-coll.ac.uk