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					The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SATH) was established in 2003, following
the merger of two previous NHS Trusts (The Princess Royal Hospital NHS Trust and the Royal
Shrewsbury Hospitals NHS Trust). The Trust is the main provider of acute hospital care for
almost 500,000 people from across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Mid Wales, with over 900
beds across all the Trust’s sites. The Trust has recently achieved "teaching hospital status"
through our partnership with the Keele University School of Medicine, and the Staffordshire
University having dedicated teaching facilities on both sites.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust has purchased over 100 Motion C5
devices, with the first being purchased in 2007 for their VitalPAC project with The Learning

VitalPAC is a paperless system developed by The Learning Clinic that captures a patients
clinical data, including vital signs, clinical trends, pathology, early warning signs, pain scores,
oxygen alerts, and infection alerts.

The Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCA) are used

•   By all medical and nursing staff using the VitalPAC application to view clinical data on ward
    rounds, as the system has taken away a patients paper record at the bottom of the bed i.e.
    observation charts.

•   While in their docking station to display the ward overview and reminder times of future
    patient obs.

•   By Orthopedic consultants on ward rounds to display X-ray Images to patients.
User Feedback

•   Single interface so easy for anyone to use

•   Lightweight and easy to carry

•   Can be cleaned easily

•   Easy to remove from dock

•   Multiple functions for future use, such as barcode reader, camera and smartcard reader.

The Future

The trust is purchasing more units to expand and finish the VitalPAC project as well as for wider
application use, such as clinical site managers to access hospital systems on the move.

There will be around 200 MCA units across the trust.

To find out more information contact us on 020 8952 7770