; Retread executives open up to Mike
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Retread executives open up to Mike

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									    Movers and shakers: Top 100 Retreaders


up to
Mike                                                                       forklift tires!

                                                                          Wheel weight
                                                                     Manufacturers move
                                                                         away from lead

                                                                  Make the right training
                                                                               a priority

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Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14102
                                  18 Wheel weight debate?                             The Industry’s Leading Publication
          Not really. Manufacturers are moving away from lead
                                                                                      April 2010, Volume 91, Number 4

                              22 Eco-friendly forklift tires?                         Departments
       They’re here, says dealer — and they’re in high demand
                                                                                      4 Editorial
          Commercial Tire Dealer™                                                     Fill-rate problems — From pent-up
                                                                                      demand to the outhouse

                                                                                      6 Online
                                                                                      One-stop stock ticker

                                                                                      8 News/views
                                                                                      Overhaul or keelhaul? — Tire dealers blast
                                                                                      health care reform law
        23 ‘We were able to maintain our positions’
                        Retread execs sound off on difficult market                   16 Ludwig Report
                                                                                      Now is a good time to rebuild your tire
                                         26 Full speed ahead                          inventory
         Goodyear builds on ‘stability’ of its retreader network
                                                                                      45 TPMS
                                                                                      2009 GMC Envoy — TPMS contains many
                                          28 Saturation point                         electronic components
                   MRTI ‘will not expand forever,’ says Laferriere
                                                                                      47 Business insight
                                 29 ‘The worst is behind us’                          No excuses! — Make the right training a
                 Marangoni’s Sweatman predicts market rebound
                                                                                      49 Business insight
                                            32 Tip-top shape                          Web site traffic breakdown — It’s time to
                  America’s largest retreaders continue to expand                     review your online tire store strategy

                                     34 Top 100 Retreaders                            50 NVH
                                                                                      Calm the clunk in a Nissan caliper

    38 Products for ‘bigger, badder’ ag machinery                                     52 Focus on industry
                               Manufacturers offer new tires, sizes                   A stud-y in winter tire technology —
                                                                                      Nokian unveils next-generation
                                   40 Nowhere to go but up                            Hakkapeliitta
                              OTR execs predict gradual recovery
                                                                                      53 Products
                                                  42 Let it roll                      54 Quik-Link
                                                                                      55 Classified
                       Truck tires — from wide-base to SmartWay

                                                                                      58 Your turn
                                   44 Commercially Viable                             ‘Now I have the steps in writing!’

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     Fill-rate problems
                           From pent-up demand to the outhouse

    Ttheir inventories to historically low
               he recession last year helped
               curtail demand. As a result,
               tire manufacturers reduced
                                                                              “I sell all the brands listed, also Carlisle lawn and garden,” says
                                                                           Jones. “I keep around 5,000 tires in stock at all times.”
                                                                              His medium truck tire sales are predominantly made up
                                                                           of foreign brands “because of the pricing. I also have a large
                                                                           industrial and medium truck wholesaler within 15 minutes
        The imposition of Chinese con-                                     from me, so I don’t have to keep that many in stock.”
     sumer tire tariffs on Sept. 26 led to                                    In defense of the tire manufacturers, annual original equipment
     drastically reduced imports. Import-                                  passenger and light truck tire shipments have decreased each of
     ers had brought in extra shipments                                    the last four years, and replacement consumer tire shipments
     in advance, but the stockpiles have                                   have dropped three of the last four years. According to Phil
     disappeared.                                                          Caris, vice president of sales and marketing for Cooper Tire &
        You can guess what is happening             By Bob Ulrich          Rubber Co.’s North American Tire division, service levels are
     now. Tire supply is not able to keep                                  more challenged than they’ve ever been.
     up with pent-up tire demand. And fill rates are terrible.                “You had a lot of manufacturers that were, in my opinion,
        Even vehicle manufacturers are demanding more tires, which         pretty responsible with managing inventory,” he says. “They
     will make it even more difficult for tire companies to fill your      scheduled what I call ‘unplanned’ planned plant shutdowns.
     orders for replacement tires.                                         You also had manufacturers taking plants completely off-stream
        How bad is it? The majority of respondents to our recent Web       on a permanent basis.”
     poll on www.moderntiredealer.com indicated their fill rates on           Caris says the moves were necessary. “Last year, capacity
     consumer tires were at 70% or below. That is not acceptable by        was relatively high in the early part of the year, and demand
     either dealers or tire manufacturers.                                 was off-line. In the middle of the year, demand started to pick
         Two recent comments on Modern Tire                                                           up in certain segments, and in some OE
     Dealer’s Facebook page succinctly illustrate                                                     segments as well, and the manufacturers
     the problem.
        Vicki Moyer Williams, co-owner of Williams
                                                             Tire supply                              couldn’t keep up with supply.
                                                                                                         “Then, to compound the problem,
     Norwalk Tire & Alignment in Norwalk, Ohio,
     says lack of supply is quite evident.                  is not able to                            the ITC (International Trade Commis-
                                                                                                      sion) 421 ruling led to tariffs on Chinese
        “I checked a size today — 20 different tire                                                   consumer tires, which affected supply in
     styles listed but only about four that I could actu-
     ally order — and the cheapest was a Michelin,”
                                                            keep up with                              October, November and December.”
                                                                                                         That gave independent tire dealers,
     she wrote on March 4. “The customer did not
     want to spend that much.”
                                                             pent-up tire                             who reduced their inventory levels for
                                                                                                      similar reasons, fewer options when de-
        Williams Norwalk Tire offers Uniroyal, Mi-
     chelin, BFGoodrich, Mastercraft, Firestone,               demand.                                mand picked up.
                                                                                                         Although Caris says the manufacturers
     Goodyear General, “and more.”                                                                    couldn’t have predicted what turned out
        “It’s only going to get worse,” wrote Alan Jones, owner of         to be the perfect storm, it is still their responsibility to increase
     Tire-City Inc. in Bristol, Pa., in response to Williams’ comment.     their supply and get fill rates back up to respectable levels.
     “The fill rate is so bad.”                                               If manufacturers can fill 100% of your orders 100% of the
        Tire-City has been a family-owned business for all of its 51       time, then they undoubtedly have too much inventory. That’s
     years.                                                                good for you, bad for them.
        “We offer at least eight brands,” says Jones, “and they all have      However, if they can’t fill your orders to your satisfaction, they
     problems with fill rates now... and yes, it is worse this year. It    not only lose sales, but run the risk of losing you as a customer.
     will affect the whole pipeline.                                       There has to be a balance.
        “Conti General’s rate was good, but with the demand, they             Ultimately, it has to be the consumer who matters to you.
     are now hurting. I have taken Kelly on to fill some voids.               Tire-City’s Jones has the right attitude. He has been involved
        “I think we must bring production back in the states to create     in the business for 40 years. His father, the late Wesley Richard
     more jobs here and supply our needs first.”                           “Boney” Jones, founded the dealership in 1959.
        According to its Web site, Tire-City sells Cooper, General,           “Our customers are awesome, and they trust us with their
     BFGoodrich, Summit, Sumitomo, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli,              tires,” he says. ■
     Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Carlisle, Deestone, Heritage         If you have questions or comments, please e-mail me at bob.
     “and many more tires.”                                                ulrich@bobit.com.

4                                                                                                                                 MTD April 2010
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6                                                                                                                                                                                                 MTD April 2010
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                                               Overhaul or keelhaul?
                                                                    Tire dealers blast health care reform law
                                                                              By Mike Manges                               costs, which may force him to pass along costs to his

                                                         T         he health care reform bill signed into law on
                                                                   March 23 by President Barack Obama will have
                                                                   a negative affect on small business owners. That
                                                       was the consensus of independent tire dealers polled by
                                                       Modern Tire Dealer the week that the bill was signed.
                                                                                                                              Craig Bruneel, owner of Bruneel Tire Factory in Boise,
                                                                                                                           Idaho, says however the bill shakes out, it will be very
                                                                                                                              “I don’t know what it’s going to do to my business. Being
                                                                                                                           a conservative, I think everybody should be accountable
                                                           The act, which will extend medical coverage to 32 million       for their own health. I don’t think we need more govern-
                                                       uninsured Americans, contains mandates that will drive up           ment intervention.”
                                                       operating costs for business owners, say dealers.                      While there are many unknowns about the new law, Paul
                                                           Craig Myers, treasurer of Philadelphia, Pa.-based Allen         Fiore, director of government and business relations for
                                                       Rubber Co. Inc., dba Allen Trio Tire & Service, says the            the Tire Industry Association (TIA), believes most of its
                                                       potential fall-out from the law concerns him.                       cost is going to fall on small business owners.
                                                           Myers reports that his company, which has four loca-               “I don’t think there’s anything good about this for small
                                                                                                 tions and employs         businesses. We have concerns that the cost of insurance
                                                                                                 25 people, “has had       is going to go up.” Fines for not providing coverage are a
                                                                                                 (medical insurance)       possibility, too.
                                                                                                 co-pays in place for         “Some of the provisions won’t kick in anywhere from one
                                                                                                 years.”                   year to seven years, but some will kick in very soon.”
    Official White House photo by Pete Souza

                                                                                                    The dealership’s          At this point, Fiore says TIA’s job is to study the law’s
                                                                                                 insurer recently told     contents and provide “the best and most accurate informa-
                                                                                                 Myers it will hike        tion” it can to its members. ■
                                                                                                 rates by 55% this year,
                                                                                                 based on “what they

                                               President Obama leads the cheers
                                                                                                 think is going to come
                                                                                                 down the road” due to             Health care reform:
                                               as the House passes the health care the health care system
                                                                                                 overhaul, he says.
                                                                                                                                   what they’re saying
                                               reform bill on March 21, 2010.
                                                                                                                               A number of tire dealers blasted the recently
                                                                                                    Mye r s s ay s h e
                                                                                                                             signed health care law via www.moderntiredealer.
                                                       would rather President Obama use his power to stop in-
                                                                                                                             com. Here’s what they had to say:
                                                       surance companies from gouging small business people.
                                                           “This law is going to hurt small businesses. We’re not
                                                                                                                                • “It’s a sad day for this country when something
                                                       going to put the burden on our employees. We will be                  like this health care bill gets forced upon the Ameri-
                                                       forced to dig deeper into our own pockets.”                           can people like it has. It is no longer ‘government
                                                           “I’m not pleased with it at all,” says Jim Lynch, co-owner        by the people, for the people,’ especially when the
                                                       of Maine Commercial Tire Inc. in Augusta, Maine.                      politicians who designed this bill don’t have the
                                                           “We’ve always provided insurance for our people who               same health care reform.”
                                                       wanted it. We’ve always covered 60% of it for them, whether              • “I am against the health care bill. It’s not going
                                                       single or family. It looks like (the government) is going             to help our health care problems. If anything, it will
                                                       to take some of that control away from us.”                           make things worse.”
                                                           Dennis Dickson, president of Indy Tire Centers, an                   • “What should one think when ‘our’ govern-
                                                       11-location dealership based in Indianapolis, Ind., calls the         ment has decided to take over one-sixth of the
                                                       bill “an example of the arrogance of Washington, D.C.”                American economy and mandate that its people
                                                           “Did (the health care system) need help? Yes. Did it need         be forced to purchase a product of (the govern-
                                                       a total government takeover? Absolutely not. Government,              ment’s) choosing?”
                                                       as we look at it, usually turns out to be the problem, not
                                                       the solution.”                                                          Not all comments were negative. One dealer
                                                           Dickson says his company provides medical coverage                wrote, “I say we all sit around and continue to
                                                       for all its employees, from managers down to tire changers.           complain about any attempts to reform heath care,
                                                       “It’s a shared cost, but I think it’s a fair program.”                and soon we can give the insurance companies
                                                           He believes the health care overhaul will increase his            one-half of our economy rather than one-sixth!”

8                                                                                                                                                                        MTD April 2010
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bitesSEMA takes show applications
                                               From Ohio to Russia
                                                    with love
     Applications to exhibit at the              Muhs retires after 54 years
     2010 Specialty Equipment Market          Tire repair industry veteran Chuck Muhs
     Association (SEMA) Show are now          was honored at a retirement reception
     available at www.SEMAShow.com.           thrown by his company, 31 Inc., in early
     The show will be held Nov. 2-5 in        March.
     Las Vegas, Nev. The SEMA Show fea-         More than 200 suppliers, customers and
     tures more than two million square
                                              employees from as far away as Russia and
     feet of exhibits and attractions. For
     more information, call (702) 450-        China came together in Newcomerstown,
     7662, ext. 120, or visit the Web site    Ohio, to honor Muhs for his 54 years of
     listed above.                            service to the industry.                      Chuck Muhs (right, with Bob
                                                Muhs started his career with Kex Prod-      Hendry) told attendees about his
     ASA names Halle president                ucts in 1960. He and Bob Hendry became        recent visit to see his 94-year-old
     ASA Tire Systems has named Ken-                                                        mother, Katherine (pictured).
                                              partners in 31 Inc. in 1988. Hendry, former
     neth Halle its new president. He         vice president of sales and marketing, will
     replaces long-time ASA President         replace Muhs as president of 31 Inc. and
     Wayne Croswell, who will continue        become the principal shareholder.
     to work with ASA as a consultant.
                                                31 Inc. is the manufacturer of “Xtra
     Halle most recently served as CEO
     of Kewill Inc., running its U.S. trade   Seal” tire repair material, which is sold
     and logistics functions.                 internationally. (Research and development
                                              for new and existing products is conducted
     Dodge picks Conti truck tires            by the company’s own chemists and en-
     Continental Tire the Americas LLC        gineers.) Muhs’ work has led the way to
     will supply original equipment truck     many well known, innovative products and
     tires for Dodge Ram medium-duty          manufacturing processes.
     Chassis Cab trucks starting with           He also established manufacturing fa-
     2011 model year vehicles. The                                                          Left to right: Roger LeBlanc
                                              cilities in both rural Ohio and Zhejiang      (Counteract Balancing Beads),
     selected tires are Continental’s
                                              Province, China.                              Bob Bignell (Ontario Tire Dealers
     HSR steer and HDR drive products,
     both size 225/75R19.5, for the Ram         (To view photos from the event, check out   Association) and Joe Nalezny (31
     4500 and 5500 trucks.                    www.facebook.com/moderntiredealer.)           Inc.) were on hand to honor Muhs.

     Maxxis wins Nissan fitment               Denman Tire files Chapter 7,                 Co., a five-outlet dealership based in La-
     Maxxis International has secured         will go out of business                      trobe, Pa. Terms of the deal have not been
     original equipment fitments on the
                                              Ninety-one years of specialty tire manufac- disclosed.
     2010 Nissan March, a compact car
     known in many countries as the           turing has come to an end. Denman Tire
     Nissan Micra. The tires are size         Corp. has filed Chapter 7, according to the
     175/60R15 81H and 165/70R14 81S
     and will be produced at Maxxis’
                                              United States Bankruptcy Court Northern
                                              District of Ohio.
                                                                                               Atlantic Tire opens
     plant in Thailand.                          Denman’s plant in Braceville, Ohio, and        store in Raleigh
                                              its warehouse in Austintown, Ohio, are set      Atlantic Tire & Service held a grand
     Cooper relocates machinery               to close. Approximately 260 employees
     Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. contin-                                                         opening for its latest store, a retail out-
                                              will lose their jobs. Earlier this year, the    let in Raleigh, N.C., on March 24. The
     ues to relocate equipment from its       Leavittsburg, Ohio-based company said it
     shuttered Albany, Ga., plant to its                                                      new store gives the dealership three
                                              may cease operations if it could not secure     locations; the other two are in Cary and
     other factories. Cooper says it will
     save $75 million to $80 million an-      financing or find a buyer.                      Durham, N.C.
     nually thanks to the Albany plant’s         Chapter 7 is a court-supervised process        “We are excited to celebrate this suc-
     closing. The tiremaker shut down         that enables trustees to collect and dis-       cess with the people who helped make it
     the factory last September.              tribute assets for and to creditors. Pensler    happen: our customers,” says Anthony
                                              Capital Corp., a Princeton, N.J.-based          Blackman, Atlantic Tire’s owner. “We
     U.S. AutoForce holds show                private equity firm, is Denman’s majority
     More than 500 customers from                                                             couldn’t do it without their business.”
                                              owner.                                          The dealership celebrated the opening
     all over the Midwest attended U.S.
     AutoForce’s recent trade show/                                                           with several giveaways.
     convention in Wisconsin Dells,           Monro acquires                                    Atlantic Tire offers Michelin, Goodyear,
     Wis. The multi-day event also was        Import Export Tire in PA                        Firestone, Bridgestone, Uniroyal and
     populated by dozens of tire and          Monro Muffler Brake Inc. has acquired           BFGoodrich brand tires, plus numerous
     auto parts suppliers.                    the retail assets of Import Export Tire         auto repair services.

10                                                                                                                       MTD April 2010
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bitesCooper boosts JV stake
                                             TIA, with SEMA’s help, will power Global Tire Expo
                                             The Tire Industry Association (TIA) and the Specialty Equipment Market Association
                                             (SEMA) will hold the Global Tire Expo — Powered by TIA, a tire industry-only part of
                                             the 2010 SEMA Show, Nov. 2-5 in Las Vegas, Nev. The new expo is open to all segments
     Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. will           of the tire industry, including automotive, commercial, retreading and more.
     boost its stake in its Cooper              To reinforce the expo’s “tires only” focus, the event will have its own branding,
     Chengshan Tire Co. joint venture        entrance units and color scheme. Tire manufacturers’ booths will be placed in the
     from 51% to 65% following recently
                                             center in order to provide a greater level of prominence.
     granted approval by the Chinese
     government. The cost of the addi-          TIA will work with tiremakers on a one-on-one basis to assist them “with every
     tional shares is $18 million. Cooper    aspect of exhibiting at the show,” according to TIA officials.
     says the JV is a critical part of its      The expo also will include an expanded education program targeted to the tire market.
     strategy.                               The program will include “TPMS at 10,” “Tires at Two” and “Management at Four.”
                                                “Today ushers in a new day for the tire industry,” says TIA President Wayne Croswell.
     Hesje joins TIA council                 “With the creation of the Global Tire Expo — Powered by TIA, and the fact that it
     Brian Hesje, chairman of the board      will now unite exhibitors from all sectors of the tire industry in our own tire-focused
     of Fountain Tire, has joined the        area, we are optimistic that it will become the premier event in the world for the tire
     Tire Industry Association’s             industry.”
     Environmental Advisory Council.
                                                In related news, SEMA will place a permanent TIA representative on both its show
     He replaces Jim Prangle, also of
     Fountain Tire, on the committee,        committee and Tire & Wheel Council, effective immediately. TIA also will continue
     which held its first council meeting    to reach out to tire manufacturers in order to better ensure their representation in
     on March 31.                            expo activities.
                                                SEMA also is making a special effort to reach out to tire manufacturers on an in-
     Techking gets OE approval               dividual basis to find new ways they can reduce the cost of exhibiting at the expo. All
     Following extensive testing at three    expo exhibitors are eligible to receive a one-on-one audit of their show plans, which
     mining sites in China, L5S OTR          SEMA says could save exhibitors up to 20% on their show-related spending.
     tires from Techking Tires Ltd. have        (For more information on the Global Tire Expo and SEMA Show, visit www.
     received the Atlas Copco Group’s        moderntiredealer.com.)
     stamp of approval. The slick OTR
     radial mining tires, offered in size
     17.5R25, were fitted on Atlas           Toyo Tire Holdings names president
     Copco underground loaders.              Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. has named Takashi
                                             Shimizu (pictured right) its new president. He replaced
     Monro expects sales increase
                                             Masaharu Yoshimoto, who retired on April 1.
     Monro Muffler Brake Inc. expects
     to post a comparable store sales           Yoshimoto served in numerous capacities during his 38-
     increase of 7.5% for the fourth         year career with the Toyo group of companies in the U.S.,
     quarter of its 2010 fiscal year, more   Japan and Australia. He was appointed Toyo Tire Holdings
     than the company’s original projec-     president in January 2009.
     tion. This is on top of an 11.2%           Shimizu, who joined Toyo in 1985, has served as senior
     comparable store sales increase         vice president and CFO of Toyota Tire Holdings of Americas
     posted by the company in the prior      since its creation in January 2008.
     year quarter.

     BBTS honors Becker Tire                 Brazil raises tariffs on tire exports to the U.S.
     Becker Tire & Treading Inc. has         Tire tariffs are in the news again. This time, Brazil has raised duties on tires shipped
     received a 35-year service award        from the United States by 100%. Specifically, tariffs on passenger tire exports from the
     from Bridgestone Bandag Tire            U.S. to Brazil were increased from 16% to 32% earlier this month.
     Solutions. Becker Tire is a Bandag         The decision, described as a retaliatory action against the U.S. due to a controversy
     franchisee. The firm retreads more      surrounding American cotton exports, is the second-highest such action in the history
     than 2,100 truck tires per month.
                                             of the World Trade Organization, which authorized the Brazilian sanctions.
     Toyo names new CFO                         A U.S. government spokesman says the action will increase prices on tires shipped
     Toyo Tire North America Manufac-        from the U.S. to Brazil, and “could result in a decrease in sales.”
     turing Inc. has promoted Allan Hug-
     gins to CFO and senior director of      Tirecraft associate dealer program gains momentum
     finance and accounting.                 Tirecraft Canada reports that 29 independent tire dealerships and garages have joined
                                             its associate store program, which was re-launched more than a year ago. Eighteen of
     Kumho embraces social media
                                             those stores are located in Ontario. The program now includes more than 114 locations
     Kumho Tire U.S.A. Inc. will increase
     its marketing efforts on major          throughout Canada.
     social networking sites such as            Tirecraft also has entered the Atlantic Canada region with the recent signing of Miller
     Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to        Tire Group, which is in the process of converting its eight locations over to the Tirecraft
     reach current and future buyers.        format. “We have lots more coming,” says Tirecraft President Don Gauthier.

12                                                                                                                        MTD April 2010
Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14108

bitesTRIB publishes Buyers Guide
                                             Cooper recall includes several private brand lines
                                             Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.’s recall of approximately 7,769 size 245/70R17 SUV tires
                                             includes tires that Cooper built for American Car Care Centers Inc. (ACCC), Del-Nat
                                             Tire Corp., Hercules Tire & Rubber Co., Nokian Tyres plc, Pep Boys — Manny, Moe
     The Tire Retread & Repair Infor-        & Jack and TBC Corp.
     mation Bureau has released an             Certain ACCC-owned American Prospector SUV tires produced Nov. 15-21, 2009,
     updated version of its “Retread         are included in the recall. In addition, certain Del-Nat-owned Delta A/S Sierradial tires
     Tire Buyers Guide,” which lists
                                             produced Nov. 22-Dec. 5, 2009, also are in the recall group.
     companies by name, location and
     the types of tires they retread. For      Hercules says certain Hercules Terra Trac SUV tires made Nov. 15-Dec. 12, 2009, are
     more information, e-mail info@          under recall. Nokian reports certain Vatiiva H/T tires manufactured Nov. 29-Dec. 12,
     retread.org or call (888) 473-8732.     2009, are being recalled, as well. Meanwhile, Pep Boys says certain Definitely Dakota
                                             H/T tires made Nov. 15-28, 2009, are part of the recall, while certain TBC-owned
     Goodyear names VP                       Cyclone Radial SUV tires manufactured by Cooper Nov. 15-28, 2009, are being
     Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has          recalled, too.
     named Jim McKinnon vice presi-
     dent and CIO. A 35-year Goodyear
     veteran, he replaces Tom Connell,
                                             Delta World Tire opens 15th location
     who will continue with Goodyear         Delta World Tire Co. has opened its 15th store, a retail center in Biloxi, Miss. Built
     as the company’s corporate con-         from the ground up, the store contains eight service bays, a large warehouse and a
     troller and vice president.             “beautiful new showroom,” according to Delta World Tire President Paul Bernstein.
                                             Delta World Tire, which is headquartered in New Orleans, La., has nine locations in
     TGI will distribute Atturo              that state, as well as six locations in Mississippi.
     Atturo Tire Corp. has named Tire
     Group International Inc. (TGI) its      Nitto launches online consumer education effort
     exclusive distributor in Puerto
                                             Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc. has launched a series of online videos at its Web site, www.nittotire.
     Rico and the Dominican Republic.
     TGI, which is based in Miami, Fla.,     com, that are designed to help consumers understand the importance of proper tire
     has sales offices throughout Latin      maintenance. The videos discuss tire rotation, balancing, proper air pressure inflation
     America.                                and other topics. ■

     Sullivan offers Sox magnets
     Sullivan Tire Co. Inc. is handing out
     magnets listing the Boston Red
     Sox’s 2010 schedule at 51 of its
     locations throughout New England.
     The magnets are free.

     MATDA elects president
     The Mid-America Tire Dealers As-
     sociation elected a new president,
     Gary Champlin of Champlin Tire
     Recycling Inc., plus six new board
     members at its recent convention/
     trade show event in Catoosa, Okla.
     The board members will serve
     two-year terms.
                                                Dunn Tire Corp. Chairman Randy Clark (left) presents a check to David
     Car production is climbing                 Campbell, founder of Hands On Disaster Response.
     North American new vehicle pro-
     duction is on the rise. Total produc-
     tion volume in February reached
                                                                     Chipping in for charity
     922,000 units, a 57% increase from               Dunn Tire raises more than $83K for Haiti relief efforts
     February 2009 numbers, according          Cheektowaga, N.Y.-based Dunn Tire Corp recently raised $83,648 to help with
     to a recent J.D. Power and Associ-        earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. How? By donating $5 from the total price of every
     ates report.
                                               tire sold at 29 Dunn Tire stores between Jan. 16 and Feb. 14.
     TWI celebrates 40 years                      The dealership donated the proceeds to Hands On Disaster Relief (HODR), a
     Troy, Mich.-based Tire Wholesal-          Massachusetts-based non-profit group that provides assistance to natural disaster
     ers Inc. will hold an open house on       survivors around the world.
     May 6 to celebrate its 40th year in          “The stories of generosity from our community were heartwarming,” says Dunn
     business. The event will be held at       Tire Chairman Randy Clark. “We had a nine-year-old girl come into one of our stores
     the company’s distribution center         with her mom. She brought us all of her allowance money, $9, because she said
     in Troy and will include prize give-      she wanted to help the people who didn’t have homes anymore.”
     aways for attendees.                         For more information about HODR and its many services, see www.HODR.org.

14                                                                                                                         MTD April 2010
     Ludwig Report

                  Now is a good time to rebuild
                      your tire inventory
     I    f your business hasn’t picked
          up smartly so far in 2010, you
          had better look at why not. In
     the Snow Belt, dealers I speak with
     have just about sold out of snow tires
                                                                           2010, average costs for size 215/60R16 major brand tires
                                                                           were up 0.5% while average selling prices were flat. Average
                                                                           costs for a 215/60R16 private brand tire were up 2.3% while
                                                                           selling prices for private brand tires were up on average 1.9%
                                                                           for the month. We expect average tire costs will likely increase
     (you better get orders in soon for this                               further in the coming months as raw material prices continue
     year as supply could be tight). With                                  to move up.
     gasoline prices holding below the $3 a
     gallon level, driving is picking up and                               Passenger, truck tire pricing seen as normal
     those who deferred tire buying are                                      In February 2010, 78% of the passenger tire dealers and
     now riding on bald tires and need to                                  57% of the truck tire dealers described pricing as normal. In
     get new ones. That also explains why By Saul Ludwig                   addition, 22% of passenger tire dealers and 14% of truck tire
     your business should be improving. I                                  dealers described pricing as firm, suggesting dealers are see-
     expect tire prices to increase, so now is a good time to rebuild      ing fewer discounts. The remaining 29% of truck tire dealers
     your inventories.                                                     described pricing as aggressive. We continue to expect dealers
                                                                           will likely see less discounting as manufacturers pass through
     Monthly survey                                                        further price increases.
        A number of independent tire dealers were surveyed concern-
     ing current business trends. Except for tire prices and costs, the    Inventories were in line with business
     results of the February 2010 survey are compared with those              Eighty percent of the passenger tire dealers and 71% of the
     of February 2009.                                                     truck tire dealers indicated their current inventories were in
                                                                           line with business. Ten percent of the passenger tire dealers
     Majority of passenger and truck tire dealers were positive            and 29% of the truck tire dealers felt their inventories were
        According to our dealer survey, the majority of passenger          too low while the remaining 10% of passenger tire dealers felt
     and truck tire dealers sense that in the next six
     months, business will improve. Seventy percent
     of passenger tire dealers and 86% of truck tire
                                                            How dealers view their near-term business
     dealers suspect business will improve. Thirty      Dealers                  OCT      NOV        DEC     JAN(R)      FEB(P)     FEB(09)
     percent of the passenger tire dealers and 14%      Passenger tire
     of truck tire dealers sense that in the next six   Will improve             67%      58%        38%        70%         70%         9%
     months business will remain about level. Similar   Will worsen              11%      25%         8%         0%          0%        27%
     to our January survey, none of the passenger or    Will stay level          22%      17%        54%        30%         30%        64%
     truck tire dealers suspect business will worsen in Truck tire
     the coming months. It continues to appear that     Will improve             14%      37%        11%        83%         86%         0%
     business has bottomed out and will continue        Will worsen              43%      25%         0%         0%          0%        29%
     to improve!                                        Will stay level          43%      38%        89%        17%         14%        71%
                                                          R-Revised   P-Preliminary
     Truck tire sales under slight pressure
        According to dealer reports, on average, retail sales of new       inventories were too high. Following the recent recession, we
     replacement passenger tires were up 2.3% in February 2010             expect many dealers are operating with a new lower, lean level
     vs. February 2009. Several dealers we surveyed said they are          of inventory on hand.
     seeing slow and steady improvement in their retail business
     and expect positive trends to continue into the spring and sum-       Service revenues showed strong growth in February
     mer. Truck tire sales remained down, falling 3.5% in February           Dealers who provide automotive service reported that 37% of
     year-over-year.                                                       revenues, on average, were generated by service during Febru-
                                                                           ary. On average, service business increased 4.2% in February
     Retreaded truck tire sales decreased 2.4% in February                 compared with results of the February 2009 survey. ■
       Retreaded truck tire sales were down 2.4% in February 2010
     compared with the same month last year.                                 Analyst Saul Ludwig is a managing director with KeyBanc
                                                                           Capital Markets Inc. based in Cleveland, Ohio. He concentrates on
     Tire costs and selling prices were on the rise                        the tire and chemical industries. He has been writing for Modern
        In comparing the month of February 2010 with January               Tire Dealer since April 1975.

16                                                                                                                            MTD April 2010
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     Wheel weights

                         Wheel weight debate?
     Not really. With the handwriting on the wall,
     manufacturers are moving away from lead
                                  By Bob Ulrich                             New wheel weight alternatives
                                                                             Wheel weights made of steel, zinc and polymer composite

            E       uropean wheel weights have been lead-free since materials are more environmentally friendly than lead
                    2005. Japan and South Korea are trying to follow weights. They are readily available, especially for passenger
                    suit. The United States is phasing out lead weights and light truck tires.
           state by state.                                                   Aside from California, where the non-lead legislation has
              The Environmental Protection Agency has started a already come into effect, the bulk of the transition to lead
           National Lead Free Wheel Weight initiative
           that it hopes will encourage “the transition from
           the use of lead for wheel weights to lead-free
              Lead wheel weight manufacturers are aware
           of the trend, and are preparing for what they
           believe is inevitable, at least in the U.S. and
           Canada. Even J.M. Nault Inc., which does busi-
           ness as J.M. Nault Wheel Weights Manufactur-
           ing (www.jmnault.com), is on board, though
              “I’m not convinced it’s the best way to go,
           but we’re doing what the industry does,” says
           Steve Godbout, co-owner, vice president and
           general manager. “By the fall, I will have steel
           wheel weights.”
              Lead is denser than steel, and more pliable, Hennessy’s new line of truck weights features a special
           which makes it almost the perfect material for metallic coating that enhances corrosion resistance.
           wheel weights. However, lead is toxic.
              “You have to look at the environmental issues,” says alternatives has been in consumer tires, according to Kevin
           Godbout. “All we needed to do was make sure all the (lead) Keefe, vice president of marketing for Hennessy Industries
           wheel weights were coated.” J.M. Nault powder coats 70% Inc. (www.greenwheelbalance.com).
           of its lead wheel weights.                                        “Now that there are economically viable, environmentally
                                                       “Lead was a much friendly lead-free weights for truck applications, we expect
                                                   bigger deal in Europe,” that we will see an acceleration in the movement to lead
                                                   says Robert Fogal Jr., free weights among fleets and commercial tire dealers,”
                                                   CEO and president he says.
                                                   of International Mar-     Hennessy recently launched a line of Bada steel wheel
                                                   keting Inc. (IMI). “In weights for truck tires.
                                                   the U.S., we found the    The medium- and heavy-duty truck steel wheel weights
                                                   lead-free message did are designed for trucks weighing more than three-quarters
                                                   not resonate with the of a ton.
                                                   U.S. audiences until      Like all Bada steel wheel weights, the new line of truck
                                                   late ‘08 and ‘09.”      weights features the following:
                                                       IMI (www.imiprod-
                                                   ucts.com) introduced      • a special metallic coating that the company says enhances
                                                   its XACTBalance lead- corrosion resistance;
                                                   free adhesive wheel       • a patented clip-in-mass design “which puts the clip in
                                                   weights in 2005. They the mass of the weight for superior fit.”
                                                   feature steel particles
     3M’s adhesive wheel weight is                 that move freely inside   Hennessy also recently introduced several new styles of
     more charcoal colored than before. a thermoplastic shell. Bada steel Tape-A-Weights designed “to fit the needs of soft-

18                                                                                                                        MTD April 2010
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     Wheel weights

     line wheels that do not accept traditional                                          the wheel. “The lighter migration of color
     clip-on weights” says the company.                                                  is going to allow it to be more aesthetically
        Plombco Inc. (www.plombco.com)                                                   pleasing for the vehicle owner,” says Jeff
     recently completed its full range of steel                                          Varjabedian, sales operation manager for
     wheel weights with the addition of the                                              the 3M Automotive Market Center.
     LHFe weight, a style specific to Chrysler                                              The second generation weight is made
     LLC vehicles. “It’s a specific contour for                                          of a highly flexible, conformable polymer
     a rim flange Chrysler makes,” says Mark                                             composite material.
     Aiken, vice president of sales.                                                        Earlier this year, Perfect Equipment Inc.
        Plombco began manufacturing steel                                                (www.perfectequipment.com) began selling
     weights nearly two years ago, and now                                               an uncoated zinc version of its P-series steel
     has a full range of both steel and zinc al-                                         wheel weights. It has been very success-
     loy wheel weights.                                                                  ful, says Scott Flynn, sales and marketing
        The company also is selling a new steel      Perfect Equip-                      manager.
     adhesive weight at the same price as a lead     ment’s new steel                       “All other non-lead wheel weights are
     weight “in order to promote a lead-free         adhesive “Steel                     coated. This series is very cost effective,
     alternative in the marketplace,” says Aiken.    QuikStik” stand                     making it an easier transition from lead to
     “We’ve also developed a full series of lead-    holds two Steel                     non-lead products.”
                                                     QuikStik rolls.
     free, heavy-duty truck weights.” (Plombco                                              A one-half-ounce incremental adhesive
                                                     The stand is also
     supplies the zinc alloy weights to Navistar     part of a starter                   steel weight will be introduced later this
     Inc. for its International trucks.)             kit.                                year.
        The 3M W heel Weight System                                                         Perfect Equipment sells steel, zinc and
     (solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/                                                    lead wheel weights.
     en_US/Automotive/OEM/Prod_Info/                                                        Currently lead wheel weights make up
     Catalog/Wheel_Weight) has a new look.                                               the majority of the company’s sales, but
     The surface color of the adhesive weight has                                        Flynn says it will “adjust accordingly” over
     been changed to make it less noticeable on                                          time. ■

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20                                                                                                                      MTD April 2010
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     Specialty tires

       Eco-friendly forklift tires?
               They’re here, says ITS — and they’re in high demand
                                       By Mike Manges

                  W             ith the excitement surrounding environmental-
                                ly friendly passenger and medium truck tires,
                                it’s easy to forget that low rolling resistance
                  and energy efficiency have become sought-after qualities
                  in other products, such as industrial tires.
                     One dealership, Bensenville, Ill.-based Industrial Tire So-
                  lutions (ITS), has carved out a profitable niche selling energy
                  efficient forklift tires to clients in the Chicago area.
                     Warehouses and material handling firms are going green,
                  according to Charlie Cohen, who owns ITS along with
                  partner Mike Pollini. Over the last several years, there
                                                         has been a concentrated       ITS owners Mike Pollini (left) and Charlie Cohen
                                                         movement in the mate-         say more warehouses are switching to energy-
         Radialization is                                rial handling industry
                                                         to switch over to more
                                                                                       efficient, electric-powered forklifts.
                                                                                       other Chicago-area dealerships before joining forces.)
           on the rise                                   energy-efficient forklifts,   Another bonus: new AC lifts contain fewer moving parts
     There are many trends taking place in               he explains.                  than gas-powered units. For instance, Toyota Material
     the lawn and garden and recreational                   Electric — or in ma-       Handling U.S.A. Inc.’s new 8-series line, introduced last
     trailer tire segments.                              terial handling industry      month, contains no motor brushes or springs.
        One of the most important is radializa-          parlance, AC — trucks           Outfitting AC trucks with low rolling resistance tires “is
     tion, according to Greenball Corp. “A               “are starting to dominate     big-time business and it translates into big savings, especially
     lot of original equipment manufactur-               the market,” putting          for big box retailers and large distribution centers.”
     ers are pulling away from bias,” says               older, gas-powered ma-
     Tim Landis, vice president, replace-                chines out to pasture.        Hanging tough
     ment/aftermarket, Greenball. “You get                  AC trucks deliver             “The Windy City’s” industrial tire market has not been im-
     more mileage out of a radial,” as well              longer runtimes and           mune to the ravages of the recession, says Cohen. “Chicago
     as a smoother ride — important con-                 faster acceleration, says     has lost a lot of meat-and-potato factory jobs. We’ve lost
     siderations when hauling livestock or               Cohen, who formed             some accounts. But we’ve weathered the storm well.”
     expensive recreational vehicles like                ITS with Pollini four            Keeping up with changes in tire design and construction is
     boats and motorcycles.                              years ago. (Combined,         a full-time job, he says. Stronger, more durable construction
        Greenball’s trailer tire business is up          the men boast more            has become the norm with forklift tires. “There are some
     considerably, says Landis. “Right now ev-           than 60 years of experi-      fiberglass and Kevlar-reinforced tires that offer more value.”
     erything that’s coming in is going out.”            ence selling industrial       (ITS sells several industrial tire brands, including Maine,
                                                         tires, having worked for      Superior, Thombert, Vulko Tread, and others.)
                                                                                                   Even non-marking industrial tires have become
                                                                                                more robust and last much longer than their prede-
                                                                                                cessors. “Right now, non-marking tires last up to 90%
                                                                                                of (the average life of a) regular black tire. In the old
                                                                                                days, you were maybe talking 60% to 70%.”
                                                                                                   Silica compounding is key to this increased lon-
                                                                                                gevity, he notes. “It makes for a longer lasting tire.
                                                                                                We’re also seeing big strides in the compounding
                                                                                                of solid pneumatic tires.”
                                                                                                   In addition, Cohen is seeing more industrial tires
                                                                                                from China, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.
                                                                                                Due to tight budgets, he and Pollini’s customers are
                                                                                                scrutinizing the service hours they’re squeezing out
                                                                                                of their tires like never before.
                                                                                                   “The market is definitely in a price-driven mode
                                                                                                because of the recession.” ■

22                                                                                                                                        MTD April 2010
                                                                                       Commercial Tire Dealer™

    ‘We were able to
    maintain our position’
                     Retread execs sound off on difficult market
                         By Mike Manges                              commercial tire sector. What was BBTS’ retread business
                                                                     like in 2009? What challenges did you face?
       Prevailing thought has always been when fleet budgets are        Damon: 2009 was a challenging year for the tire indus-
    stretched thin, retreads — and the cost savings they represent   try. I think we were in a good position. But we’re part of a
    — become that much more attractive.                              chain of what happens out there, and it all starts with the
       That’s still true, but conditions in the commercial tire market
                                                                     consumer. On the tail end of it, truckers and fleets are fac-
    are much tougher than they’ve been in many years. Freight move-  ing difficult times and are running things more tightly. That
    ment, while showing tiny month-over-month increases, remains     affects us. Our challenge is, “How do we help them reduce
    below healthy levels. Many trucks continue to                                        costs?” I think we’ve been pretty successful
    sit, unused. And fleets continue to cannibal-                                        at doing that. We’re seeing fleets that are
    ize their own equipment, pulling tires off idle                                      looking to retread more than they have
    trucks and putting them on the trucks they’re                                        in the past. We’re seeing some fleets that
    still running. It’s a challenging situation by                                       have started retreading. Those are positive
    anyone’s standards.                                                                  things for us.
       In this edition of Commercial Tire Dealer,
    executives from the four largest truck tire retread                                       CTD: It appears to be a very competi-
    companies in the United States — Bridgestone                                           tive time in the retread industry with a
    Bandag Tire Solutions, Goodyear Tire & Rub-                                            lot of retreaders changing their supplier
    ber Co., Michelin Retread Technologies Inc. and                                        allegiances.
    Marangoni Tread North America — discuss                                                   Damon: Bridgestone, Michelin and
    how their respective firms are trying to meet                                          Goodyear represent more than 90% of
    the many challenges facing the U.S. retread                                            the retread industry, so it’s a very, very
    market. (Together, these companies hold 96.5%                                          competitive environment. But that’s been
    of the U.S. truck tire retread market, according                                       the nature of our business for quite a while
    to Modern Tire Dealer research.)                                                       now.
       Executives also discuss what 2010 will bring,
    as well as the development of new technologies, “We’re seeing fleets that are             CTD: Is it a case of the major players
                                                        looking to retread more than
    the viability of environmentally friendly retread                                      fighting over a smaller pie?
                                                        they have in the past,” says
    products, and other hot topics.                     Scott Damon, vice president           Damon: I don’t look at it that way. With
       The series begins with an interview with of marketing, Bridgestone                  the three major players offering both re-
    Scott Damon, vice president of marketing Bandag Tire Solutions.                        treads and new tires, you have an overall
    for Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions, the                                             market for tire products that’s going to grow
    country’s biggest retread company.                                  over time. It’s mature, so we may not have hyper growth, but
                                                                        it will grow.

   N            early three years after Bridgestone Americas Inc.’s        And the mix between new truck tires and retreads is going
                billion-dollar acquisition of Bandag Inc. and two to fluctuate within that overall growth. It’s a function of the
                years after the merger of Bandag’s North American economy and what fleets
    retread operations with Bridgestone’s North American truck are doing.
    tire sales and marketing group to form a new entity, Bridge-                                          ALSO IN CTD
    stone Bandag Tire Solutions (BBTS), Bandag remains the                 CTD: Do you see a            Retread interview: Goodyear . . . 26
    U.S. truck tire retread leader with 42% market share, Modern rebound on the retread                 Retread interview: Michelin . . . 28
    Tire Dealer research shows.                                         side this year?                 Retread interview: Marangoni . . . 29
       Despite its size, BBTS was not immune to the problems               Damon: I don’t have
                                                                                                        Top 100 list introduction . . . 32
    that plagued the commercial tire market in 2009. “We were a crystal ball, so when
    able to maintain our position in the industry,” says Scott the market rebounds is                   Top 100 U.S. Retreaders List . . . 34
    Damon, vice president of marketing for BBTS, “but since really anyone’s guess. The                  What’s new in ag tires . . . 38
    the overall industry was down, we were also down to the indications are that the                    OTR market to rebound . . . 40
    same degree.”                                                       economy is going to start       What’s new in truck tires . . . 41
       CTD: Last year was a particularly difficult one for the turning around if it hasn’t              Commercially Viable . . . 43

www.moderntiredealer.com                                                                                                                        23
     Retread executives

     started already, but it’s going to happen very slowly.
     If people have some degree of confidence and start
     spending money again, trucks will start moving more,
     and when they start moving more, our business will
     follow suit.

        CTD: It looks like freight movement is increasing
     month-over-month, albeit slightly.
        Damon: We track that. The thing we also watch is the
     capacity situation in the trucking industry. If there’s still
     over-capacity, which there is, you have a lot of trucks sitting
     idle, and that will offset tonnage increases.

       CTD: Bandag remains the market share leader in
     truck tire retreading. How many Bandag shops are
     there in the U.S. and Canada?                    “I think we were in a good position,” says Bridgestone
       Damon: About 300 (157 franchise owners).       Bandag’s Damon. “But we’re part of a chain of what hap-
                                                                       pens out there, and it all starts with the consumer. “
       CTD: How many franchisees do you plan to sign
     this year? Do you have an objective?                                    their own best decisions as to who they are aligned with. It’s
       Damon: No objective. Those decisions, in my mind, are                 incumbent on BBTS to make their decision easier.
     driven from the customer back to us.
                                                                                CTD: Going green has become a hot trend in the commer-
        CTD: What are trucking fleets looking for these days?                cial tire market. Does BBTS see a viable, long-term market
        Damon: They’re looking for ways to lower their overall               for eco-friendly retreads? Is “green” a fad or something that
     cost. They want to partner with the right distributors who can          will be a long-term part of the industry?
     provide not only quality products, but the right services and              Damon: It’s certainly a hot topic. There’s a part of me that
     management programs.                                                    looks at that and is a little amused because retreading has always
        It has to be delivered efficiently when they need it and where       been environmentally friendly. With all the focus on making
     they need it.                                                           fuel efficient products or reducing rolling resistance, the biggest
        There’s been consolidation for years in the trucking indus-          thing a fleet can do environmentally is still to retread. If some-
     try. Fleets want to work with dealers and manufacturers who             one is interested in going green, either retreading or retreading
     work together and can provide (products and services) with              more can be the first step regardless of the other things that are
     consistency.                                                            incremental to that.
        We recognize that the independent dealer is a critical piece            Going green is a good thing, but fleets and customers still
     in delivering whatever it is we want to offer a fleet.                  expect it to make financial sense. What trade-offs are they going
        Independent dealers, being independent, will certainly make          to accept to go green? ■

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24                                                                                                                               MTD April 2010
Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14113
     Retread executives

      Full speed ahead
               Goodyear builds on ‘stability’ of its retreader network
                                 By Mike Manges                              CTD: Eco-friendly, energy-efficient truck tires are
                                                                          very popular right now. Is the market ready for envi-

              T      he last 12 months have been eventful for Good-
                     year Tire & Rubber Co.’s retread business. The
                     company signed some big-name retreaders —
            Texarkana, Texas-based Heintschel Tire & Service Inc.
            and Greensboro, N.C.-based Piedmont Truck Tires Inc.
                                                                          ronmentally friendly, low rolling resistance retreads?
                                                                          What is Goodyear developing on this front?
                                                                             Copeland: The trucking industry is ready for low roll-
                                                                          ing resistance (retread) products because these products
                                                                          can help save fuel. Goodyear led the industry with the
            — and sold its Wingfoot OTR Retread Business to Purcell       introduction of the Fuel Max line of commercial truck
            Tire & Rubber Co. (The Purcell transaction included two       tires in 2006, offering improved economy for fleets. This
            plants, one in North Carolina and one in Minnesota, both      year, we’re bringing in new Goodyear Fuel Max tires — the
            of which were shut down by Purcell Tire, which transferred    G399 LHS Fuel Max, the G305AT LHD Fuel Max and the
                                         production to its home plant     G316 LHT DuraSeal with Fuel Max — all qualifying as
                                         in Potosi, Mo.)                  EPA SmartWay-verified products. We offer the matching
                                            Goodyear, which enjoys        retreads to go with them with the G316 Fuel Max and
                                         28% of the U.S. truck tire       G305 Fuel Max in Unicircle and precure.
                                         retread market, according to
                                         Modern Tire Dealer research,        CTD: How long do you think it will take to get back to
                                         also ramped up its fleetHQ       where the retread market was four or five years ago?
                                         program and introduced              Copeland: For more than a year, the transportation
                                         tread rubber for some of its     industry has been negatively affected by the economy.
                                         new Fuel Max truck tires.        While we wish conditions had been different, we are
                                            In this interview, Joe        confident knowing that our commercial business is built
                                         Copeland, vice president of      on more than product transactions.
                                         Goodyear Commercial Tire            We all agree that our industry is about more than truck
                                         Systems, discusses Good-         tires. It’s about providing service in various conditions,
                                         year’s retread activities and    economic or otherwise.
                                         other topics.                       When fleets look at their businesses, they look at more
                                             Last year, he says, was a
     Joe Copeland, vice president         “great one for the Goodyear
     of Goodyear Commercial Tire
     Systems, says fleets have
                                                                              ‘The trucking industry
     responded enthusiastically to
     Goodyear’s fleetHQ program.
                                              CTD: Goodyear made
                                            a major move in 2009
                                                                                  is ready for low
                                            when it sold its Wingfoot
              OTR tire retread business to Purcell Tire & Rubber
                                                                                 rolling resistance
              Co. What was behind your decision to exit OTR tire
                                                                                (retread) products.’
                Copeland: We decided to focus our attention on offering
              the best line-up of truck products that we can.             than tires. In 2008, we introduced fleetHQ, (which is)
                                                                          designed to deliver business solutions to fleets and dealers.
                 CTD: There appears to be massive realignments tak-       Under that umbrella, we have built the capability of our
              ing place in the retread industry. How do these shifts/     commercial dealers to provide nationwide pricing and
              changes affect your business? Are we seeing another         service for their local customers.
              “shake-out” in the retread market?                             We also opened the fleetHQ Solutions Center, we
                 Copeland: We do not comment on the business opera-       launched new tires and retreads, and we added new services.
              tions or business decisions of our competitors.             We ramped up our promotion of fleetHQ to the industry
                 We are proud of the stability in our servicing network   and fleets responded.
              and we think our network of dealers/retreaders does an         The results speak for themselves: a 72% increase in
              excellent job for their customers.                          enrolled fleets, new tire sales through fleetHQ up by 33%,
                 Our focus is on offering real solutions to fleets and    retreaded tire sales up by nearly 200%, and service revenue
              other end users.                                            up nearly 50%. ■

26                                                                                                                       MTD April 2010
Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14114
     Retread executives

     Saturation point
                 MRTI ‘will not expand forever,’ says Laferriere
                                By Mike Manges                                model between MRTI and Oliver (MRTI acquired Oliver
                                                                              Rubber Co. from Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. in 2007. - Ed.) A

           I    f I had to break it down, I’d say we’re pursuing two
                key objectives, which is to serve the end user and also
                serve the dealer,” says Marc Laferriere, vice president
           of marketing for Michelin Americas Truck Tires, whose
           Michelin Retread Technologies Inc. (MRTI) arm signed
                                                                              smaller plant that’s in a more rural area is going to be a better
                                                                              fit for the Oliver license and a larger plant that’s in a bigger
                                                                              metropolitan area will be a better fit for MRTI.

                                                                                 CTD: If you’re an MRTI retreader, can you also use the
           several big retreaders last year.                                  Oliver process, or are the systems mutually exclusive?
              Greensboro, N.C.-based Snider Tire Inc., one of the                Laferriere: There are certain treads at Oliver that are
           country’s largest retreaders, joined MRTI last spring. Snider,     made available to the MRTI franchises, but it’s limited in
           which had been a long-time Bandag retreader, opened a new          terms of volume.
           MRTI plant in Houston this past September.
              MRTI also signed Edenton, N.C.-based Colony Tire                   CTD: Does Michelin require MRTI retreaders to sell
           Corp., which converted four Bandag shops to the Michelin           new Michelin or BFGoodrich brand truck tires?
           process.                                                              Laferriere: We don’t have an exclusivity requirement on
              Will there be more converts to MRTI this year? Maybe.           new tires. What I can tell you is our product plan is going
              “Our goal is not to expand forever and ever in terms of         to be very active, and the retread plan is in lock-step with
           numbers of clients,” says Laferriere. “We’re very close to the     our new truck tire plan. What you’re going to see from
           total number of plants that we were targeting for Mexico,          Michelin in the next couple of years is parallel or almost
                                                                              simultaneous introductions of new tire technologies and
                                                                              the retread technologies to go along with it.
                                                                                 What we’ve found is that there is a tremendous buzz
                                                                              associated with the introduction of a new product. But
                                                                              the customer wants to know, “What am I going to do on
                                                                              the retread side?”
                                                                                 Right now, if we give them sort of a one-generation-behind
                                                                              solution on retreads, they find that they kind of sacrifice
                                                                              some technology. What we want to do is capitalize on the
                                                                              new technology (in Michelin truck tires) and do it very
     Michelin has proven                                                      quickly on the retread side.
     it can “put in, on the                                                      We’re going to work on more introductions of new prod-
     retread side, similar                                                    ucts. You’ll see some additional dimensions, (such as) wider
     technologies we             MRTI has 80 retread plants in                treads in some of our more popular designs.
     build into new tires,”      the U.S. “You’re not going to
     says Marc Laferriere,       see a lot of announcements of
                                 new plants,” says Laferriere.                   CTD: What’s your take on the general state of the
     vice president of
     marketing, Michelin                                                      U.S. retread market?
     Americas Truck Tires.       Canada and the U.S.” MRTI currently             Laferriere: We’re planning for the market to have a bit of
                                 has 80 plants in the U.S.                    a bounce-back on the new tire side. The retread business has
              “Our business model is still based on relatively large plants   been a lot more stable. However, we’re bracing ourselves for
           that are very efficient in terms of process, turnaround time       the fact that we’re now entering a third year of record low
           and production costs. We also need to be efficient in terms        influx of new tires at OE and a slow replacement market.
           of logistics. We need to have those large plants strategically        If the market picks up during the second half of the year,
           located so we can serve key markets.”                              I think we’re going to see a lot of customers re-equip some
              In this interview, Laferriere discusses MRTI’s business         trucks they’ve parked over the last 12 months.
           model, Michelin’s efforts to ensure that its retread technology
           mirrors its new truck tire technology, and more.                      Laferriere believes it will take a couple of years for the
                                                                              retread market to rebound to 2005-06 levels. “For one thing,
             CTD: You said MRTI’s business model is based on                  we need OE to go back up and inject some casings” into the
           large plants. What’s your definition of a large plant?             market. “And we need replacement to go back up and inject
             Laferriere: It has to (process) more than 20,000 or              some casings. Then I think we’ll be back to the 14-million
           30,000 tires a year. We have a complementary business              unit range. We’re not close to it now.” ■

28                                                                                                                              MTD April 2010
                                     ‘The worst is behind us’
                   Marangoni’s Sweatman predicts market rebound
                         By Mike Manges                                  We’re working with them on two major fronts. One, in
                                                                      Mexico, we’re helping to establish a countrywide network

   T           here wasn’t a need for more capacity in a declining
               market” during 2009, says Bill Sweatman, CEO of
               Marangoni Tread North America (MTNA), “but
    there was demand for our product in other places.”
       The result? MTNA enjoyed its all-time best year in 2009,
                                                                      of ContiTread retread plants. The first one opened in Janu-
                                                                      ary and we’re expecting several more to open during the
                                                                      remainder of the year.
                                                                         The second initiative is that we’ve introduced (treads for)
                                                                      the Continental HTL Eco Plus and Continental HDL Eco
    Sweatman reports. “Our dealers were able to expand their          Plus tires. They’re designed with advanced compounding for
    business by selling to other servicing dealers in other           long mileage and fuel economy and they complement our
    markets.”                                                         product line. We’re
       MTNA has 26 manufacturing RINGtread franchisees in             seeing a steady in-
    the United States and Canada, but also sells precure treads       crease in fleets buying
    to more than 40 other dealers. “That aspect of the business       for fuel efficiency.
    is growing.”
       In this interview , Sweatman discusses the state of MTNA’s        CTD: The green
    franchise network, its manufacturing alliance with Conti-         movement seems to
    nental Tire the Americas LLC, whether there is a viable           have taken the com-
    market for “green” retreads, and more.                            mercial truck tire
                                                                      market by storm. Do
      CTD: Did MTNA sign any new franchisees in North                 you see a viable mar-
    America last year?                                                ket for eco-friendly
      Sweatman: No. At the end of 2009, we didn’t have any            retreads? Are you
    more than the year before. What we did have was a lot more        developing anything
    associate dealers. 2009 was our biggest year ever. We sold        along these lines?
    more products to more customers than ever before.                    Sweatman: The
                                                                      very nature of our busi-
       CTD: At what capacity is your tread rubber plant in            ness is green. We’re “We sold more products to
    Madison, Tenn., running?                                          relentless in trying to more customers than ever
       Sweatman: Very high. We’ve expanded our production             reduce waste, whether before” in 2009, says Bill
    by more than 20% and have increased our number of manu-           in our manufacturing Sweatman, CEO of Maran-
    facturing employees by 20%. We are producing a higher             process or our dealers’ goni Tread North America.
    percentage of our needs for North America right here. Part        process. Our fuel ef-
    of what dealers want to do is reduce their inventories. By        ficient compounds are increasing as a percentage of our
    bringing more molds from Europe to here, we can shorten           overall business. We’re doing things to take processing oil
    the supply chain.                                                 out of the materials. It’s a continual process of improving
                                                                      rolling resistance.
       CTD: Is MTNA planning any capital improvements
    at the plant?                                                        CTD: What’s your analysis of the North American
       Sweatman: We happen to be in a planning cycle right            retread market?
    now. We expect to add considerably to our manufacturing              Sweatman: The worst is behind us. The transportation
    capacity later this year so it will be available in early 2011.   industry is a leading indicator of the economy, which is in
    We’re very committed to this market and to developing             early recovery mode. We’re seeing some promising signs
    new products.                                                     that we’re going to see increases in volume. We’re cautiously
      CTD: Last year, MTNA began producing Continental’s                 It’s certainly going to take awhile, but there is pent-up
    new ContiTread product in the U.S. and Mexico. Can                demand.
    you bring us up-to-date on that program? How many                    A lot of maintenance has been deferred and a lot of ve-
    RINGtread dealers are making ContiTread products?                 hicles have been cannibalized as far as tires and parts. We
      Sweatman: More than half of our dealers are participat-         also have not had a healthy influx of new tires. But as all of
    ing in manufacturing ContiTread. It’s part of a worldwide         those things start showing signs of recovery, I think we’re
    agreement we have with Continental.                               going to see some very good improvements. ■

www.moderntiredealer.com                                                                                                               29
Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14115
     Top retreaders

                                            Tip-top shape
                 America’s largest retreaders continue to expand.
                              Just look at Snider Tire
                  By Bob Ulrich and Mike Manges                              and repair facility in Pickton, Texas, with Trey Whiteman. The
                                                                             joint venture facility is named H&W Retread and Repair.

     D           omestic retreaders produced more than 13 million               Whiteman, who owned and operated an OTR repair facility
                 truck tire retreads last year, down 10% from the year in Pickton for several years, will operate H&W.
                 before. By comparison, new replacement truck tire
     shipments totaled 12.5 million units, down 19.3%.
                                                                                “H&W was formed as a sister company to H&H to expand
                                                                             our national coverage area, increase our market share in the
        That didn’t keep some of the largest retreaders in the United western territories, and to be utilized as a staging point for our
     States from mak-                                                                    business in Mexico,” says H&H President Noah
     ing major moves in
     2009. None of them
                                   The keys to the key                                   Hickman. H&H is based in Oak Hill, Ohio.
                                                                                            H&W will retread OTR tires using the Bridgestone
     were busier than Each April, Commercial Tire Dealer ™ lists the top Continuum precure retread process and cut tread
     Snider Tire Corp., 100 retreaders in the United States. Rankings are process, supplemented by H&H’s mold retread pro-
                                based on the average amount of tread rubber used
     the seventh largest                                                                 cess, which will allow H&W “to have the most diverse
                                to retread different types of tires.
     retreader on Modern          One point is awarded for every seven pounds retread capabilities possible,” says Hickman.
     Tire Dealer’s “Top of rubber used per retread. Here’s how the points
     100 retreaders in and tire types match up:                                          Look out for Continental
     2009” list. Last April,                                                                “Others” account for 3.5% of domestic retreaded
                                  • 1.7 points per light truck tire retread.
     the longtime Bandag          • 3.5 points per medium truck tire retread.            truck tire market share, behind Bridgestone Bandag
     retreader joined the         • 46 points per OTR tire retread.                      Tire Solutions (42%), Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
     Michelin Retread                                                                    (28%), Michelin
                                  How did we determine the points per tire? An
     Technologies Inc.                                                                   Retread Technol-
                                average of 12 pounds of rubber is used to retread
     (MRTI) network. one light truck tire, while 24 pounds are used to ogies Inc. (23%)
     To date, it has con- produce one medium/heavy truck tire retread. An and Marangoni                           Mold cure
     verted three of its average of 325 pounds is used to build one OTR North America
     eight Bandag plants tire retread.                                                   Inc. (3.5%).            market share
     to MRTI facilities.                                                                    One of those         Among Modern Tire Dealer‘sTop
        The Greensboro, N.C.-based retreader also purchased Con- “others” is Continental Tire                    100 Retreaders (see chart on
     solidated Tires Inc., 34th on MTD’s list in 2009, and its Pelzer, the Americas LLC, which                   pages 34-37), Goodyear Tire &
     S.C., MRTI retread plant — one of the largest in the country. introduced its ContiTread                     Rubber Co. is the largest pro-
     Snider Tire enters 2010 with five Michelin Pre-Mold plants, tread designs in the United                     ducer of mold cure truck tire
     which includes its latest in Bluffton, Ind.                             States last year. Continental       retreads.
        Michelin has 46 franchise members with 80 plants throughout retreads are produced by                        Of the close to 500,000 mold
     North America. Its largest is Tire Centers LLC (sixth), which Marangoni licensees under                     cure retreads produced by the
     sold one of its 14 plants to Service Tire Truck Centers (17th) a manufacturing alliance be-                 top retreaders, Goodyear ac-
     earlier this year. The Millbury, Mass., facility has the capacity to tween the two companies.               counts for 37% of them, followed
     produce between 400 and 500 Michelin Pre-mold and Custom                   ContiTread is available          by Acutread Alliance Group Inc.
     Mold retreads per day.                                                  both as a spliceless product        and its Acutread precision re-
                                                                             (like Marangoni’s Ringtread)        manufactured tires.
     Hustle and bustle in 2010                                               and premium, cut-to-length
        In January, Belle Tire Distributors (19th) in Allen Park, Mich., tread, depending on size and              Top 100 mold cure retreading
     and Tredroc Tire Service (12th) in Antioch, Ill., formed a joint other criteria.                                      market share
     venture in Michigan.                                                       ContiTread retreads are            Goodyear 37% Acutread 24%
        The joint venture, Belleroc Tire Services, encompasses one available in both the U.S. and                  Michelin 16% Others 23%
     Bandag retread plant and three commercial tire locations. Tom Mexico.
     Bowman, vice president of Belle Tire’s Commercial Division,                Continental says it plans           Mold cure retreading ac-
     says Belle Tire will lend its medium truck tire expertise to to set up 15 self-contained                    counts for approximately 4% of
     Tredroc, while “we’re hoping, in return, that they can help us ContiTread plants through-                   the truck tire retreads produced
                                                                                                                 by the Top 100 Retreaders in
     with the OTR tire business.”                                            out Mexico within the next
                                                                                                                 the U.S.
        H&H Industries Inc. (27th) recently opened an OTR retread two years. ■

32                                                                                                                              MTD April 2010
Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14116
                                                  NUM- RUBBER
                                   HEAD-          BER OF USED (lbs.      LT  TRUCK OTR                                      TOTAL
     RANK COMPANY                  QUARTERS       SHOPS in millions)   TIRES TIRES TIRES PROCESSES                         POINTS
      1    Wingfoot Commer-      Fort Smith,        50       39.2      430   6,090   0     Goodyear (Unicircle, precure,   22,046
           cial Tire Systems LLC Ark.                                                      mold cure)
      2    Purcell Tire & Rubber Potosi, Mo.        5         20       150   1,300   160   Goodyear (Unicircle, precure,   12,165
           Co.                                                                             mold cure, Flexcure), other
      3    Southern Tire Mart      Columbia,        18       19.1       0    3,290    0    Bandag (precure)                11,515
      4    Bridgestone Bandag      Muscatine,       37       20.2       18   2,816    6    Bandag (precure)                10,162.6
           Tire Solutions          Iowa
      5    Best-One Group          Monroe,          16       12.6       0    2,020    0    Bandag (precure)                 7,070
      6    TCI Tire Centers        Duncan,          10        13        0    1,900    0    Michelin (Pre-mold, Custom       6,650
                                   S.C.                                                    Mold)
      7    Snider Tire Inc.        Greens-          5         10       200   1,600    0    Michelin (Pre-mold), Bandag      5,940
                                   boro, N.C.                                              (precure)
      8    Northwest Retread-      Portland,        1         N/A       25    210    105   Precure, mold, sculpture        5,607.5
           ers Inc./Hudson-        Ore.
      9    McCarthy Tire           Wilkes-          5          6       132    800    40    Bandag (precure, Continuum)     4,864.4
           Service Co. Inc.        Barre, Pa.
      10   Pomp’s Tire Service     Green Bay,       11        N/A      103   1,259    0    Bandag (precure)                4,581.6
      11   Les Schwab Tire         Bend, Ore.       3         9.5       0    1,110   10    Oliver (precure), Marangoni      4,345
           Centers                                                                         (Ringtread), Galgo
      12   Tredroc Tire Services Antioch, Ill.      6         N/A       50   1,200    0    Bandag (precure)                 4,285
      13   B.R. Retreading         Glasgow,         1         4.6       0      8     89    Segmented radial molds,          4,122
                                   Ky.                                                     Marangoni (cut tread)
      14   Bauer Built Inc., dba   Durand,          7         6.5       10    900     0    Michelin (Pre-mold, Custom       3,167
           Bauer Built Tire        Wis.                                                    Mold)
      15   C & M Tire (Cross-      Kansas           4          5        50    800     6    Bandag (precure, Continuum)      3,161
           Midwest Tire Inc.)      City, Mo.
      16   Bob Sumerel Tire Co.    Erlanger,        6          5        0     800     0    Bandag (precure)                 2,800
      17   Service Tire Truck      Bethlehem,       3         5.7       28    770     0    Michelin (Pre-mold), Vipal      2,742.6
           Centers                 Pa.                                                     (precure)
      18   New Pride Corp.         Oakland,         3         4.3       0     740     0    Nexen (precure and mold          2,590
                                   Calif.                                                  cure)
      19   Belle Tire              Allen Park,      2         2.8       20    660     0    Bandag (precure)                 2,344
           Distributors            Mich.
      20   Parkhouse Tire Inc.     Bell             3         3.8       10    650     0    Bandag (precure)                 2,292
      21   Valley Tire Co. Inc.    Charleroi,       2         3.2       40    550     2    Michelin (Pre-mold)              2,085
      22   Jack’s Tire and Oil Logan, Utah          4         3.9       8     550     0    Michelin (Pre-mold)             1,938.6
           Management Co. Inc.
      23   Community Tire Co.      St. Louis,       1         N/A      120    80     30    Mold cure, Goodyear              1,864
                                   Mo.                                                     (Unicircle), segmented mold
      24   Custom Bandag Inc.      Linden, N.J.     3         3.3       66    500     0    Bandag (precure)                1,862.2
      25   New Holland Tire        Terre Hill,      2         2.9       5     500     2    Daeho/Elgi (precure)            1,850.5
           Inc.                    Pa.
      26   Ziegler Tire & Supply   Massillon,       2          4        5     525     0    Michelin (Pre-mold, Custom       1,846
           Co.                     Ohio                                                    Mold)

34                                                                                                                MTD April 2010
                                               NUM- RUBBER
                               HEAD-           BER OF USED (lbs.      LT  TRUCK OTR                                    TOTAL
RANK COMPANY                   QUARTERS        SHOPS in millions)   TIRES TIRES TIRES PROCESSES                       POINTS
 27   H & H Industries Inc.    Oak Hill,         1         5.1       0     0     40   Mold cure, sculpture, precure    1,840
 28   Atlanta Commercial       Forest Park,      3        N/A        15    510    0   Bandag (precure)                1,810.5
      Tire Inc.                Ga.
 29   McGriff Treading Co.     Cullman,          3          3        26    503    0   Bandag (precure)                1,804.7
 30   Boulevard Tire           Deland, Fla.      4         3.2       0     510    0   Bandag (precure)                 1785
 31   Parrish Tire Co.         Winston-          2        N/A        50    450    0   Bandag (precure)                 1,660
                               Salem, N.C.
 32   Consolidated Tires       Greenville,       1        N/A        0     460    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              1,610
      Inc.                     S.C.
 33   White’s Tire Service     Wilson,           1         2.7       35    318    8   Oliver Megamile (precure),      1,540.5
                               N.C.                                                   Marangoni (Ringtread),
                                                                                      White’s Bead-to-Bead
                                                                                      (mold cure), Bandamatic
 34   Allied Tire Co.          Omaha,            1         N/A       0     405    0   Michelin (Pre-mold, Custom      1,417.5
                               Neb.                                                   Mold)
 35   RDH Tire & Retread       Cleveland,        1          5        0      0    30   Compuerized strip and tread      1,380
      Co.                      N.C.                                                   grooving, Bandag (Continuum)
 36   Raben Tire Co. Inc.      Evansville,       3         2.1       0     384    0   Michelin (Pre-mold), Good-       1,344
                               Ind.                                                   year (Unicircle)
 37   Craft Tire Inc.          Uniontown,        2         2.5       0      0    28   Marangoni (Mammoth,              1,288
                               Penn.                                                  computer cut tread)
 38   Sullivan Tire Co. Inc.   Norwell,          3         2.9       30    350    0   Bandag (precure)                 1,276
 38   T & W Tire               Oklahoma          2         N/A       30    350    0   Goodyear (precure)               1,276
      and Retread Inc.         City, Okla.
 40   Callaghan Tire           Bradenton,        2         N/A       10    340    0   Bandag (precure)                 1,207
 41   Redburn Tire Co.         Phoenix,          5         2.3       20    325    0   Bandag (precure)                1,171.5
 42   Royal Tire Inc.          St. Cloud,        2          2        2     280    3   Bandag (precure, Continuum)     1,121.4
 43   Strouhal Tire            Hungerford,       1         N/A       0     300    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              1,050
      Recapping Plant Inc.     Texas
 44   California Retreaders Fresno,              1          2        0     280    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              980
      Inc.                  Calif.
 45   Eastern Iowa Tire        Davenport,        2         1.7       0     270    0   Bandag (precure)                 945
      Inc.                     Iowa
 46   Darrington               Rosharon,         1         N/A       0      2    20   Precure                          927
      Retreading Facility      Texas
 47   Brahler’s Truckers       Jackson-          1          2        6     250    0   Marangoni (Ringtread),           885.2
      Supply Inc.              ville, Ill.                                            Brahler (precure)
 48   Highlands’ Tire          Carlisle, Pa.     1         N/A       5     250    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              883.5
      & Retreading
 49   Bergey’s Retread         Franconia,        1         1.5       1     250    0   Marangoni (Ringtread), other     876.7
      Technologies             Pa.
 50   Mountain Tire Corp.      Gorham,           2         N/A       10    240    0   Oliver (precure)                 857
 51   Graham Retread Co.       Spencer,          2         N/A       2     240    0   Goodyear (precure)               843.4

www.moderntiredealer.com                                                                                                        35
                                                   NUM- RUBBER
                                   HEAD-           BER OF USED (lbs.      LT  TRUCK OTR                                    TOTAL
     RANK COMPANY                  QUARTERS        SHOPS in millions)   TIRES TIRES TIRES PROCESSES                       POINTS
      52   Pete’s Tire Barns Inc. Orange,            1        N/A        30    200    2   Bandag (precure)                 843
      53   A to Z Tire & Battery   Amarillo,         2        N/A        0     240    0   Marangoni (Ringtread)            840
           Inc.                    Texas
      54   Looney’s Tire Service Little Rock,        1         1.3       0     239    0   Marangoni (precure), Pre-Q       836.5
                                 Ark.                                                     (precure), Daeho (precure)
      55   Southside Tire Co.      Schofield,        2        N/A        8     220    1   Bandag (precure)                 829.6
           Inc.                    Wis.
      56   Superior Tire Service Salem, Ore.         2          3        10    225    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              804.5
      57   Day & Night Tire        Lakeland,         1         1.9      160    150    0   Acutread (mold cure), Oliver     797
           Service                 Fla.                                                   (precure)
      58   Moore’s Retread         Springdale,       2        N/A        10    220    0   Goodyear (precure), CIMA         787
           & Tire Co.              Ark.                                                   (mold cure)
      59   Piedmont Truck Tires    Greens-           1         1.2       8     220    0   Goodyear (precure)               783.6
           Inc.                    boro, N.C.
      60   Gem City Tire           Dayton,           1         N/A       24    210    0   Goodyear (Unicircle, precure)    775.8
      61   Morton Supplies Inc.    Morton, Ill.      1         0.9       2     138    6   Daeho (precure), Bandamatic      762.4
                                                                                          (precure), Oliver SureCure
      62   Commercial Tire Inc.    Meridian,         3         1.5       9     213    0   Bandag (precure)                 760.8
      63   MTI Retreading Inc.     Grand             1         N/A       30    195    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              733.5
      64   Tarulli Tire Inc.       Santa Ana,        1         1.3       12    200    0   Bandag (precure)                 720.4
      65   Ozarko Tire Centers     West              2         N/A       0     203    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              710.5
           Inc.                    Plains, Mo.
      66   Ranger Tire/J.A.R.      Bayshore,         1         1.8       2     202    0   Marangoni (precure),             710.4
           Rubber Corp.            N.Y.                                                   Vipal/Elgi (precure)
      67   Daniels Tire Service    Santa Fe          1         N/A       20    190    0   Goodyear (precure)               699
      68   Moore’s Retread and     Shreveport,       1         1.3       6     184    0   Goodyear (Unicircle, precure)    654.2
           Tire of the Ark-La-     La.
           Tex Inc.
      69   Tire Grading Co. Inc.   Chicago, Ill.     1         N/A      200    88     0   Marangoni (Ringtread)            648
      70   Stratham Tire Inc.      Stratham,         3         0.8       10    180    0   Bandag (precure)                 647
      71   Overnite CTS            Charlotte,        1         N/A       0     179    0   Mold cure                        626.5
      72   Appalachian Tire        Charleston,       2         N/A       30    150    0   Goodyear (precure, mold          576
           Products Inc.           W.V.                                                   cure)
      73   Dale’s Tire &           Rapid City,       1         0.8       4     120    3   Bandag (precure)                 564.8
           Retreading Inc.         S.D.
      74   Wonderland Tire Co.     Byron Cen-        1         N/A       0     160    0   Acutread (mold cure)             560
           Inc.                    ter, Mich.
      75   Sumerel Tire Service    Newport,          1         1.2       6     156    0   Acutread (mold cure)             556.2
           Inc.                    Ky.
      76   Wentworth Bandag        Chicago, Ill.     1         N/A       0     156    0   Bandag (precure)                 546

36                                                                                                               MTD April 2010
                                            NUM- RUBBER
                             HEAD-          BER OF USED (lbs.      LT  TRUCK OTR                                    TOTAL
RANK COMPANY                 QUARTERS       SHOPS in millions)   TIRES TIRES TIRES PROCESSES                       POINTS
 77   Maine Commercial       Hermon,          1        N/A        12    150    0   Bandag (precure)                 545.4
      Tire                   Maine
 78   Black’s Tire & Auto    Whiteville,      1        N/A        5     150    0   Goodyear (Unicircle, precure)    533.5
      Service                N.C.
 79   Wood County            Bowling          1         0.9       4     150    0   Bandag (precure)                 531.8
      Bandag LLC             Green,
 80   Colony Tire Corp.      Edenton,         1        N/A        0     150    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              525
 80   Good Tire Service      Kittanning,      1        N/A        0     150    0   Bandag (precure)                 525
 82   Becker Tire            Great Bend,      1          1        4     120    2   Bandag (precure)                 518.8
      & Treading Inc.        Kan.
 83   Central Tire Corp.     Verona, Va.      1         0.8       4     137    0   Goodyear (precure), Horizon      486.3
                                                                                   (precure), AcuTread (mold
 84   Pete’s Road Service    Fullerton,       1         1.1       25    125    0   Oliver (precure)                 480
      Inc.                   Calif.
 85   Suburban Tire Co.      Dayton,          1         N/A       35    120    0   Gooydear (precure)               479.5
 86   K-S Bandag, a          Wooster,         1         N/A       8     132    0   Bandag (precure)                 475.6
      division of Kaufmann   Ohio
 87   McGee Tire Stores      Lakeland,        1         0.6       12    125    0   Goodyear (Unicircle)             457.9
      Inc.                   Fla.
 88   Holyoke Tire & Auto    West             1         0.6       12    96     2   Bandag (precure)                 448.4
      Service Inc.           Springfield,
 89   Alma Tire Service      Alma, Mich.      1         N/A       10    110    1   Bandag (precure)                 448
 90   A & E Tire Inc.        Denver,          1         N/A       5     125    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              446
 91   Main Tire Exchange     Dansville,       1         0.9       15    120    0   Bandag (precure)                 445.5
      Inc.                   N.Y.
 92   Terry-Haggerty Tire    Albany, N.Y.     1         0.7       10    120    0   Bandag (precure)                 437
      Co. Inc.
 93   McCoy Truck Tire       Modesto,         2         0.7       4     121    0   Bandag (precure)                 430.3
      Service Center Inc.    Calif.
 94   Heintschel Tire        Texarkana,       1         0.8       4     120    0   Marangoni (Ringtread),           426.8
      & Service Inc.         Texas                                                 Bandamatic (precure)
 95   Doyle Hayes Tire       Dalton, Ga.      1         N/A       3     120    0   Bandag (precure)                 425.1
      Service Inc.
 96   Jewell Tire            South Paris,     1         N/A       12    115    0   Marangoni (precure)              422.9
      Retreading Inc.        Maine
 97   Salem Tire Center      Salem, Ill.      1         N/A       0     120    0   Oliver (precure)                 420
 98   Phelps Tire Co.        Seattle,         1         N/A       0     115    0   Michelin (Pre-mold)              402.5
 99   Action Tire Co.        Forest Park,     1         N/A       1     114    0   Oliver (precure)                 400.7
100   Mount Morris Tire      Mount            1         1.4      150    40     0   Mold cure                        395
      Service                Morris, Pa.

www.moderntiredealer.com                                                                                                    37
     Farm tires

          ‘Bigger, badder’ ag machinery calls
               for innovative products
      Manufacturers offer new tires, sizes for increased crop yield
                      By Lori L. Mavrigian

     T         he trend in ag machinery is “bigger and badder,”
               according to Michael Burroughes, director
               of marketing, agricultural tires for Michelin
     North America Inc. At the same time the equipment
     is bulking up, it also is getting more efficient, thanks in
     part to increasingly larger tires.
        “We have a strong mantra: large volume tires,” says
     Burroughes. “There are a number of benefits associated
     with them, although less soil compaction is key. By virtue
     of the fact that you have a larger area of contact on the
     ground, you’re able to transfer the power generated by
                                                                   In a recent test conducted at Purdue University, Michelin
     the engine better into the ground and improve mobility        demonstrated to farmers how large-volume tires with
     in the field — and improve fuel mileage.                      low air pressure can deliver optimal fuel efficiency and
        “For highway vehicles, the issue is one of rolling re-     traction and reduce slip and soil compaction. This tractor
     sistance, the amount of energy required to make the           was equipped with Michelin Multibib radials on the front
     machine roll,” Burroughes says. “In the agricultural          wheels and Axiobib radials on the rear.

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38                                                                                                                  MTD April 2010
    environment, the concern is a productivity issue — how efficient      rear farm irrigation, front tractor, implement, and forklift tires
    the tire is and how much it can reduce the time spent in the field.   — the list goes on and on — with older sizes that are getting
    And, of course, that turns into dollars for the farmer.”              hard to find.”
      In the February issue we covered new ag products. Here
    are more.                                                                East Bay Tire Co. has expanded its Dawg Pound tire program
                                                                          to include a new wider variety of Farm Dawg R-1 bias rear farm
       Farm tires with Michelin’s new Ultraflex Technology can            tires. These tires join the already present smaller sizes (from 5x12
    operate at inflation pressures as much as 20% lower than stan-        to 9.5x16) to provide a larger and more complete selection to
    dard radials, or carry up to 20% more load at the same inflation      include 9.5x18 (available in July) up to 16.9x28 and 13.6x38,
    pressures as standard radials. The first tire to feature Ultraflex    the company reports. ■
    Technology is the Michelin Axiobib ra-
    dial. Key Ultraflex design features include
    a flat crown profile and a special rubber
    compound that helps deliver long service
    life and soil protection; reinforced shoul-
    ders that reduce casing distortion; and
    a new carcass profile that increases the
    deflection zone and enhances the tire’s
    capacity to absorb deformations.
       The new Michelin Multibib radial,
    which replaces the XM108 tire, is a large-
    volume replacement tire for four-wheel-
    drive and mechanical-front-wheel-assist
    tractors and is a dual option for combines.
    It is engineered to deliver a larger foot-
    print without the additional expense of
    larger wheel rims. The bigger footprint
    provides better flotation and traction
    while reducing wheel slip, the company
    reports. The tire also enables growers to
    capitalize on lower inflation pressures,
    which helps reduce soil compaction for
    better yields and greater profits.

        Now available from Greenball Corp.
    is the Petlas R1Radial TA-110 (in photo).
    A Greenball official reports, “All our cus-
    tomers have had great success with the
    product. And size 380/85R34 will soon be
    added to the current 34-inch radial line.”
                           By mid-summer
                           sizes 480/80R42,
                           480/80R46 and
                           480/80R50 also
                           will be available.
                              The company
                           also offers Speed-
                           way tires from
                           India. “We will be
                           adding the Speed-
                           way tire line to
                           our inventory at
                           our new Fontana,
                           Calif., location.
                           Speedway has a
                           complete line of
                           bias rear farm, bias

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     OTR tires

                              Nowhere to go but up
      OTR tire execs predict gradual recovery
                            By Mike Manges                                 be seeing something
                                                                           more like that. Last

       J    ust when you thought the state of the OTR tire market
            couldn’t get any worse, you’re right — it probably won’t.
            In terms of volume, the North American OTR tire segment
      has reached its lowest point in 10 years, a Bridgestone Americas
                                                                           year was certainly
                                                                           a year of inventory
                                                                           adjustments, not
                                                                           only for dealers but
      Tire Operations LLC (BATO) executive told attendees at the           for the manufactur-
      2010 Tire Industry Association OTR Tire Conference, held             ers, as well. I can tell
      late February in Tucson, Ariz.                                       you that in certain
         However, the segment will bounce back, said Angie Jones,          segments, we’re start-
      general manager, marketing, BATO, Off-Road Division.                 ing to see some back
         “In general, things are improving, but recovery will be           orders building.
      gradual. There’s a clear correlation between gross domestic             Hawkins: We see
      product (GDP) and market demand for OTR tires. For 2010,             some growth in the
      the GDP forecast calls for consistent, stable growth quarter         mining business and
      by quarter.”                                                         the steel business is
         A rebound in the housing market will be critical to the           coming back. With
      OTR tire market’s recovery, she said. Meanwhile, demand              the housing market,
      for coal and oil “is projected to be stable, and the demand          I think the best you
      for steel is expected to rebound in 2010, all the way back to        can say is it looks The North American OTR tire
      2008 levels.”                                                        like it has bottomed market has hit its low point, but
                                                                                                    will rebound, says Angie Jones,
         In addition, prices for gold, copper and nickel remain up,        out. In 2010, we’ll general manager, marketing,
      which will stimulate mine activity.                                  see some modest BATO, Off-Road Division.
      Tough questions, straight answers                                       Sheng: I think the worst is behind us. At a global level, I
        Jones’ speech was one of several presentations at this year’s      see the market growing moderately. If you look at 2009 in
      conference. A tire manufacturer panel discussion also was held.      China, the situation was difficult, but we still realized high
      Participants included Roger Lucas, vice president, Earthmover        GDP growth.
      Division, Michelin North America Inc.; Nelson Richards,
      national sales manager, Yokohama Tire Corp.; Shawn Rasey,               Is there a chance we’re going to face shortages of raw
      president, BATO, Off-Road Tires; Paul Hawkins, vice president,       materials in the next few years?
      OTR tire sales, Titan Tire Corp.; and Rongsheng Sheng, general          Sheng: Generally speaking, I don’t think it will be a
      manager, Techking Tires Ltd. Questions were submitted by             problem.
      conference attendees.                                                   Hawkins: I don’t really foresee any shortages. What I do
                                                                           foresee is raw material costs escalating.
         Will we see strong growth in OTR tire sales in 2010                  Rasey: I think we are going to see some pricing fluctuations
      and 2011, and will we be faced with any shortages if the             based on the ramp-up of volume again. From a shortage stand-
      economy starts to pick up?                                           point, I think there’s probably plenty of capacity globally, but as
         Lucas: It’s challenging to gauge where this market’s going to     the global economy recovers — particularly a lot of emerging
      head. We track a lot of indicators and there’s not a consensus       economies that are growing very robustly — there could be
      as to when (the economy) is going to rebound. Each month             some pressure on that infrastructure for supply.
      we look at (the market) and ask, “Where’s the bottom?” What             Richards: Escalating cost is going to be the big problem over
      we think is that we are there. The rebound is going to be a little   the next few years. Costs from last year to this year dramati-
      slower than what we initially anticipated, but we think there’s      cally increased. Everyone has pretty much announced price
      going to be a rebound regardless.                                    increases on passenger, light truck and medium truck tires,
         Richards: One of the things I see that’s had a dramatic impact    and that’s bound to migrate to the OTR segment.
      on all of our sales has been the construction industry. Until you       Lucas: When you look at shortages of raw materials, I think
      see a spike in the housing industry, it’s pretty much going to       a lot will depend on how the economy comes back.
      remain the way it is. I think we’ll see a modest increase — 2%
      to 3% — this year, but I think it’s going to be a slow-go.              Panelists also were asked if they believe giant OTR tire sizes
         Rasey: There is hope for recovery. I think we’re also (looking    will exceed 63 inches someday. BATO’s Rasey said 63-inch tires,
      at) a longer term, more sustainable recovery. It appears we may      as a category and a product, are still developing. ■

40                                                                                                                             MTD April 2010
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     Truck tires

                                                      Let it roll
     From wide-base to SmartWay, here’s what’s new in truck tires
                                   By Mike Manges

     T         he truck tire market might still be struggling, but you wouldn’t
               know it judging by the many new truck tires that were introduced
               during the first quarter.
        Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions (BBTS), Continental Tire the Americas
     LLC, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Hankook Tire America Corp., Kumho
     Tire U.S.A. Inc. and Yokohama Tire Corp. all rolled out new medium truck
     tires during the first three months of the year.
        The Firestone FT455 PLUS is available in size 295/75R22.5 in a G Load
     Rating. The tire has been designed for free-rolling wheel positions such as
     trailer axles, tag axles and converter dollies. It also contains “innovative cap,
     base and sidewall compounding for exceptionally low rolling resistance,”
     according to Chris Hoffman, manager, TBR and Retread Product Market-
     ing, BBTS.
        “With traditional tandem drive tractors pulling single trailers, our research
     has found that about 43% of tire fuel economy was attributable to trailer
        Other features of the FT455 PLUS include a shallow 12/32-inch tread
     depth, solid shoulder ribs, “straight flow-through tread grooves,” and extensive
     rib siping.
        The tire also meets California Air Resources Board requirements. “Starting       The new Firestone FT455 PLUS is in-
     this year, all 2011 model year trailers must use low rolling resistance tires       tended for free-rolling wheel positions,
     verified by SmartWay in order to run in California.”                                including trailer axles and tag axles. It’s
        Continental Tire the Americas LLC unveiled the HSL1 Coach, a premium             available in size 295/75R22.5.
     steer and all-position tire for long-distance motor coach use. “Not only does
     the HSL1 Coach offer a quiet ride, (it also offers) a low rolling resistance
     compound and a special tread design” in order to provide “excellent fuel
     economy,” according to Continental officials.
        Goodyear introduced several medium truck tires for a wide range of
     applications, including a line of SmartWay-approved Dunlop tires: the SP
     384 FM steer tire, the SP 456 FM drive tire and the SP 193 FM trailer tire.
     All three are available in standard (11R22.5) and low-profile (295/75R22.5
     and 285/75R24.5) sizes.
        The Akron, Ohio-based tiremaker also rolled out the Goodyear G296
     MSA and Goodyear G296 WHA tires. The G296 MSA is a super single tire
     for mixed service applications like mixers and dump trucks. It is available
     with Goodyear’s DuraSeal Technology in size 425/65R22.5, making it the
     only wide-base truck tire available with “built-in puncture sealing,” according
     to Donn Kramer, Goodyear’s director of commercial tire marketing. The
     G296 WHA is a super single waste haul tire available in size 425/65R22.5
     in Load Range L.
        Also new from Goodyear is the Kelly Armorsteel KLS, a steer axle tire
     that features 18/32-inch tread depth in a five-rib design. The KLS comes in
     four sizes: 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5. It’s “highly
     retreadable thanks to a four belt package which helps lower overall life cycle
        Hankook unveiled five new truck tires. One, the DL07 long-haul drive tire,       The Goodyear G296 MSA has been en-
     is available now. The rest will be available in the third quarter and will be       gineered for heavy-duty, mixed service
                                                                                         vehicles like mixers and dump trucks.
     offered in four sizes: 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5.

42                                                                                                                       MTD April 2010
                                                       They include the DL11, a long-haul drive tire that features a new
                                                    fuel efficient tread compound, and the AL11, a long-haul steer tire that
                                                    comes with an enhanced decoupling groove and a new sidewall design.
                                                    Both the DL11 and the AL11 have earned SmartWay certification.
                                                       Also new from Hankook are the DH06, a regional drive tire that
                                                    offers 28/32-inch tread depth and wide tread grooves, among other
                                                    features, and the AH24, a regional all-position tire designed for long
                                                    service life thanks to new compounding and an extra-wide and deep
                                                    tread pattern. The tire will compete against the Michelin XZE2, the
                                                    Goodyear G661HSA and the Bridgestone R260F truck tires.
                                                       Not to be outdone, Kumho Tire U.S.A. Inc. unveiled four medium
                                                    truck tires. They include the KMA01, an on/off-highway steer and
                                                    trailer tire with a four-rib design engineered for “good tread wear and
                                                    cut-and-chip resistance,” according to Kumho officials; and the KMA02,
                                                    a wide-base mixed service tire for enhanced traction.
                                                       The KMA01 is available in five sizes: 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 12R22.5,
                                                    225/70R19.5 and 315/80R22.5. The KMA02 is available in three sizes:
                                                    385/65R22.5, 425/65R22.5 and 445/65R22.5.
                                                       Kumho also introduced the KLS02, a premium line-haul steer tire
                                                    that comes with a five-rib design. It features a decoupler groove for
                                                    steering stability and extra resistance to irregular wear. The KLD02 is
                                                    Kumho’s next-generation, premium line-haul tire. It boasts a 30/32-inch
                                                    tread depth and is available in 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75R22.5 and
                                                    285/75R24.5. The KLS02 is available in the same sizes, according to
                                                    company officials. Kumho says it will submit the KLS02 for SmartWay
    Hankook Tire America Corp.’s DL07 long-haul
                                                    program approval by mid-2010.
    drive tire will be available during the third
    quarter of 2010 in four popular sizes.             Yokohama Tire Corp. rolled out the 101ZL, the latest addition to
                                                    its Zenvironment line of environmentally friendly truck tires. It will
                                                    come in four sizes: 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/77R22.5 and 285/75R24.5.
                                                    Features include Yokohama’s patented Zenvironment construction,
                                                    which controls casing growth and reduces strain in the tire’s shoulder,
                                                    as well as “contact pressure equalizer sipes” that optimize rib contact
                                                    pressure to resist uneven wear.
                                                       The tire also contains stress equalizer ribs to boost road contact at
                                                    the shoulder’s edge, as well as serpentine grooves for extra rigidity
                                                    and multiple sipes “that create
                                                    an ideal footprint for optimal rib
                                                    edge contact pressure,” according       Cosmo-politan
                                                    to Yokohama officials.
                                                       The 101ZL has received Smart-           debut
                                                    Way approval, they note.                       Private brander
                                                       Also new from Yokohama is            launches truck tire line
                                                    the MY627W, which made its              Private brand companies are
                                                    official debut at last month’s          even getting in on the new truck
                                                    Mid-America Trucking Show. It           tire introduction game. Miami,
                                                    will replace the Yokohama Y773          Fla.-based Tire Group Interna-
                                                    and boasts such features as a wide      tional Inc. (TGI) has rolled out
                                                    outside rib for improved traction,      a premium radial truck tire line
                                                    sidewall indentations designed to       under its Cosmo brand name.
                                                    dissipate heat during stop-and-go          The tires are available in the
                                                    driving, an angled double wave          following sizes: 11R22.5-16PR
                                                    outside groove to sustain rib rigid-    (highway, lug and semi lug),
                                                    ity, and more.                          11R24.5-16PR, 12R22.5-16PR
                                                       Designed for vehicles that re-       and 295/80R22.5-18PR. The
                                                    quire high load carrying capacity,      last three sizes are available
    Yokohama Tire Corp.’s MY627W will hit           the MY627W will be available this       in both highway and lug, say
    the market in June in size 315/80R22.5. It      June in size 315/80R22.5 in Load        TGI officials.
    replaces the Yokohama Y773.                     Range L. ■

www.moderntiredealer.com                                                                                                        43
     Commercially Viable

                                 CTD Editorial                                BANDAG TREAD

         Truck tire market                                                       Bridgestone Bandag Tire
                                                                              Solutions has introduced the
                                                                              Bandag BDR-HT3 tread for
       prepares for recovery                                                  customers operating single-
                                                                              axle tractors. “Used in the drive

                                                                              axle position, the BDR-HT3
           ’m going to go out on a limb and pre-
                                                                              incorporates an innovative
           dict that by year end, the commer-
                                                                              tread compound and tread
           cial truck tire market will be much
                                                                              pattern that resists tears and
     healthier than it is right now. (Alright,
                                                                              delivers outstanding mileage
     so I’m not the first person to make that                                                                   The Bandag BDR-
                                                                              and exceptional wear,” say HT3 is for drive axle
        The general consensus is that the me-                                 Bridgestone officials. The use, say Bridgestone
     dium truck tire market will show a decent                                tread also contains a “bow tie- Bandag officials.
     rebound in 2010.                                                         shaped tread block” for even
        For one thing, medium/heavy truck                                     torque force distribution. “Tie bars link tread blocks to
     tire shipments are expected to increase                                  neighboring blocks, reducing the effects of tearing and
     by an additional 180,000 units at the By Mike Manges                     cracking.”
     original equipment level and approxi-                                    BRIDGESTONE BANDAG TIRE SOLUTIONS
     mately 600,000 replacement units, according to the latest Rubber         Quik-Link: 800-687-1557, ext. 12160
     Manufacturers Association projections.                                   www.mtdquiklink.com/12160
        We’re already seeing more orders for new trucks and trailers.
     Commercial trailer net orders for February 2010 were up 168%             TECHKING TRUCK TIRES
     versus February 2009 levels, according to ACT Research, a Colum-           Techking Tires Ltd. has upgraded its truck tire line with
     bus, Ind.-based company that tracks North American commercial            new features, including the company’s 15 Degree ETL
     vehicle trends.                                                                                    (Enhanced Tread Life) shoul-
        Meanwhile, truck tonnage continues to show improvement. The                                     der design and more. The new
     American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) For-Hire Truck Tonnage                                       generation of tires contains five
     Index increased by 3.1% in January, following a 1.3% increase                                      products: TKST II, TKDH II,
     during the previous month.                                                                         TKAM II, TKTM II and the
        Yes, those percentage increases aren’t massive, but before we                                   TKDM III. Available sizes
     dismiss them as insignificant, look at where things stood approxi-                                 include 11R22.5, 12.00R20,
     mately 12 months ago.                                                                              295/80R22.5, 315/80R22.5,
        “The freight market was so bad in the first half of 2009, truck-                                385/65R22.5 and others, ac-
     ers weren’t even buying aftermarket parts,” says ACT Research                                      cording to Techking officials.
     spokesman Kenny Vieth.                                                                                       TECHKING TIRES LTD.
        “They were parking vehicles, putting them on blocks and swapping                                        Quik-Link: 800-687-1557,
     out tires — cannibalizing their own stock. And it wasn’t just tires.     One of Techking’s                               ext. 12161
     It was engine components, seats, even steering wheels!”                  next generation of                     www.mtdquiklink.
        Sure, a lot of trucks are still idle. But some are starting to move   medium truck tires.                            com/12161
     again. Consider your own drive into work each day: Are you seeing
     more tractor-trailers on the highway? I’m seeing more of them.           TRIB UPDATES PRACTICES GUIDE
        It’s also very telling that so many new medium truck tires have         The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB)
     been introduced over the last four months. (For a full run-down,         has updated its “Industry Recommended Practices for Tire
     see my two-page feature article on new truck tires that appeared         Retreading & Tire Repairing” guide, which represents “a
     earlier in this edition of CTD.)                                         consensus of substantially all segments of the tire retread-
        Obviously, this shows a high degree of confidence on the part         ing and tire repairing industry,” according to TRIB officials.
     of tire manufacturers.                                                   The guide is available in three formats: digital download,
        The foundation of any rebound in the truck tire segment will be       CD and hard copy. For more information, contact TRIB
     a return to a consistent supply-demand balance. Right now, there         by e-mail at info@retread.org.
     are still too many trucks chasing too little freight.
        But if the economy stabilizes and people start spending money
                                                                              73-INCH OTR TIRE IN THE WORKS
     again, that equation will, of course, change.
                                                                                Titan International Inc. says it is developing a 73.5-
        In an interview earlier in this section, Bill Sweatman, CEO of
                                                                              inch “super giant” OTR tire that it will test this spring. If
     Marangoni Tread North America, proclaimed, “The worst is over.”
                                                                              successful, Titan will put the tire in the field during the
     He was referring to the state of the retread market.
        I think we can safely say the same thing about the North American     third quarter of 2010, says Titan Chairman and CEO
     medium truck tire market. Let’s hope we’re right! ■                      Morry Taylor. “We’re on goal for what we think will be a
                                                                              much better year in 2010,” he says.

44                                                                                                                           MTD April 2010

    Special Envoy
    TPMS contains many electronic components
          SUBJECT VEHICLE: 2009 GMC Envoy.                                 ary mode. Here they transmit data once every 60 minutes. As
          SENSOR IN TIRE? Yes (in each tire and wheel                      the vehicle begins moving and its speed increases, the sensors
          assembly).                                                       enter drive mode and transmit once every 60 seconds.
          RESET PROCEDURE? Yes (whenever a new sensor has                     The EGM/LGM receives and translates the data con-
          been installed, the vehicle’s tires have been rotated or the     tained in each sensor transmission, then sends the tire
          tire pressure monitoring system’s Endgate Module/Liftgate        pressure information to the DIC. When the TPMS detects
          Module has been replaced).                                       a significantly underinflated tire, a “CHECK PRESSURE
          SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED? Yes (TPM Sensor Activa-                    MESSAGE” appears on the DIC and a low tire pressure
          tion Tool J-46079).                                              indicator is displayed on the IPC.
                                                                              How do you remove an old tire pressure sensor and
            The 2009 Envoy’s tire pressure monitoring system               replace it with a new one? Follow these steps:
          (TPMS) lets the driver view individual tire pressures and
          their locations while the vehicle is being driven.                 1. Remove the tire and wheel assembly from the
            The system contains several components: the Powertrain         Envoy.
          Control Module (PCM), the Body Control Module (BCM),               2. Demount the tire from the rim following the tire changer
          the Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC), the Driver Information       manufacturer’s specifications.
          Center (DIC), and a Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter in            3. Remove the tire pressure sensor nut (see Figure 1).
          each tire and wheel assembly. Models with a power sliding          4. Remove the sensor from the wheel hole.
          rear roof also come with an Endgate Module (EGM). All              5. Remove the sensor grommet from the wheel stem.
          other models contain the Liftgate Module (LGM).
            When the vehicle is stationary, the sensors go into station-     After removal, place the sensor’s cap and valve on a dry,

www.moderntiredealer.com                                                                                                                    45

     clean surface. The cap is made of aluminum and the valve is           chirp. This verifies that the sensor has transmitted its ID and
     nickel-plated. Do not substitute a cap or valve made of any           the EGM/LGM has received and learned it.
     other material.                                                          The EGM/LGM must learn the sensor IDs in the proper order
        Now you’re ready to install the new sensor. Follow these           to determine the correct sensor location. The first learned ID is
     steps:                                                                assigned to the left front location, the second to the right front,
                                                                           the third to the right rear and the fourth to the left rear.
        1. Clean any dirt or debris from the grommet sealing areas.           The TPMS will cancel the learn mode if more than two minutes
     Install the grommet on the sensor valve stem.                         have passed and no sensors have been learned or if the system
        2. Insert the sensor in the wheel hole with the air passage        has been in learn mode for more than five minutes.
     facing away from the wheel.                                              If the learn mode is canceled before any sensor has been
        3. Install the sensor nut and position the sensor body parallel    learned, the EGM/LGM will remember all current sensor
                                                  to the inside wheel      IDs and their locations. As soon as the first sensor ID code is
                                                  surface while tight-     learned, all of the other IDs are erased from the EGM/LGM’s
                                                  ening the nut to 62      memory.
                                                  in.-lb.                     Before proceeding with the following steps, make sure no
                                                     4. Install the tire   other sensor learn procedure is being performed at the same
                                                  on the wheel follow-     time or that tire pressure levels are not being adjusted on a
                                                  ing the tire changer     TPMS-equipped vehicle in close proximity.
                                                  manufacturers’              Also, you may use TPM Sensor Activation Tool ( J-46079)
                                                  instructions.            in place of increasing or decreasing pressure levels to enable
                                                     5. Install the tire   the sensor. To use this tool, place the activator antenna against
                                                  and wheel assembly       the tire sidewall close to the wheel at the valve stem location,
                                                  on the Envoy.            then press and release the ACTIVATE button.
                                                                              If the TPM Sensor Activation Tool is used and the vehicle is
                                                  Keep in mind that        having trouble entering relearn mode, check the tool’s batteries.
                                                replacement sensors        When the internal battery is charged, the indicator is “full” or
     Figure 1                                   are shipped in OFF         all dark. When the battery is depleted, the indicator shows
                                                mode. In this mode,        “empty” or all light. Here are the relearn steps:
     the sensor’s unique identification code cannot be learned into
     the EGM/LGM’s memory. The sensor must be taken out of                    1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position with the engine
     OFF mode by spinning the tire/wheel assembly above 20 mph             off. Apply the parking brake.
     for at least 10 seconds in order to close the sensor’s internal          2. Turn the headlight switch from OFF to parking lights four
     roll switch.                                                          times within four seconds. A double horn chirp will sound and
                                                                           the low tire pressure indicator will start to flash. This indicates
     Sensor relearn process                                                that learn mode has been enabled.
       The sensor relearn process must be performed after ev-                 3. Starting with the left front tire, increase or decrease the
     ery sensor replacement, tire rotation and/or EGM/LGM                  pressure for eight to 10 seconds or until a horn chirp sounds.
     replacement.                                                             4. After the chirp has sounded, proceed as in step three for
       Once the TPMS learn mode has been enabled, each unique              the next three sensors in this order: right front, right rear and
     sensor identification code can be learned into the EGM/LGM            left rear. Do not deviate from this order.
     memory. When a sensor’s ID has been learned, the EGM/LGM                 5. After the final sensor has been learned, turn the ignition
     sends a serial data message to the BCM, which sounds a horn           switch OFF.
                                                                                                      6. Adjust all tire pressures to

                                                                                                     One final note: After performing the
                                                                                                   above procedure, always test drive the
                                                                                                   Envoy above 25 mph for at least two
                                                                                                   minutes before viewing the tire pressure
                                                                                                   readings on the DIC. ■

                                                                                                   Information for this column comes from Mitch-
                                                                                                   ell 1’s ”Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
                                                                                                   Guide” for domestic and import vehicles
                                                                                                   through 2009. Headquartered in Poway, Calif.,
                                                                                                   Mitchell 1 has provided quality repair informa-
                                                                                                   tion solutions to the automotive industry for
                                                                                                   more than 80 years. For more information, visit

                           Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14120
46                                                                                                                                MTD April 2010
                                                                                                           Business insight

                                                                                    No excuses!
                                 Make the right training a priority
                           By Paul Chizeck

   T          here is a strong parallel between making sure your
              children get a college degree and providing an on-going
              training program for your employees.
       Once the college graduate gets that piece of paper, the foun-
    dation has been laid for landing a better job, earning a higher
    salary and achieving greater overall happiness. The same things
    can be said about training — except the return on investment
    is more direct!
       Earning a reputation for having employees who really know
    their stuff does so many things for your business. High caliber
    people will want to work for you because everyone wants to be
    associated with the best. The training you make available will
    help build a strong team that is self motivated, fresh and excited
    about their jobs. There’s not much doubt that if you have an
    average crew, they will get you average results. But if you have     Training in customer relations pays off every day.
    a great crew, you’ll get fantastic results.                          marketing your business and collecting your receivables. All
       Providing training isn’t all that different from many of your     of these are critical to a healthy bottom line, in the short term
    other business activities, such as buying the right equipment,       or the long term.
    having the appropriate insurance, hiring a good accountant,             Stop making excuses. Two of the most common are, “I’m

                                                 Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14121
www.moderntiredealer.com                                                                                                                     47
     No excuses!

     short-handed and I just can’t spare the guy today,” and, “If I
     train them, then they’ll just leave me anyway.”
        I say you need to make training a priority. Plan ahead to make
                                                                                        Moves to improve
     sure you have coverage while you are down a person.                                    Find out how your
        You can’t predict the future. Sure, they may leave you after                     employees treat customers
     you’ve trained them. But they may not. You can’t use that as an        How well do your counter people treat customers? Here are
     excuse for not continuing their education.                             three ways to identify what training your people need.

     The right training                                                       1. Observe them in action. You need to step back a bit
       Sometimes finding the right training can be a challenge. No          and be the critic here. For example, listen to your people
     one wants to send their people to a seminar where vendors take         when they’re on the phone. If you were the customer
     valuable time to do their own commercials rather than teach.           calling, would you come to your store to buy? (Tip: Record
     So here’s what you do.                                                 incoming calls, then play them back and ask your staff to
                                                                            critique the conversations. Call your competitors to see
        1. Before you send an employee to a training seminar, con-          how well they handle phone calls, too!)
     firm ahead of time what the agenda is and make sure the time             2. Review customer comment cards. If you don’t have
     dedicated is for training and not solicitation.                        a program in place, you should create one.
        There actually are people out there who care about your suc-          3. Ask your customers. Don’t be afraid of what they’ll
     cess first and your purchases second — they know that if you           say. You can tell them you are always trying to improve
     are successful, your purchases will come over time.                    your service to the customer and ask for some candid
        2. Talk to your peers, your suppliers and even local business       feedback about your people and your operation.
     associates about where they source their training. Look to
     industry organizations like the Tire Industry Association (TIA)          The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money
     and M.A.P. (Motorist Assurance Program) for their programs,            marketing your business and then not be adequately
     standards and recommendations.                                         prepared to satisfy your customers and bring them back
        3. Build a culture within your business which fosters the           again and again. — Paul Chizeck
     importance of training. Start with new employees. Have a plan
     to manage their orientation and then continue with on-going          Train everyone
     classes so they will stay updated.                                     Training includes your sales and counter people, too. They
        This will show your people that you value them and that you       should know about new products, new technology and every-
     are willing to make an investment to help them keep current.         thing your business provides to the customer. They also should
                                                                          be experts in how to effectively manage their time and your shop
        You should require your technicians to be certified by re-        time to maximize every opportunity you get through the day.
     spected organizations like the National Institute for Automotive       And don’t forget to provide training on customer relations
     Service Excellence (ASE), the Specialty Equipment Market             so they know how to handle even the most difficult customers
     Association or TIA, and you should encourage them to con-            (see sidebar). You want a reputation as being the very best at
     tinually increase their number of certifications. Sure, there is a   every aspect of the business, from write-up to checkout.
     personal responsibility for individuals to grow their knowledge,       Here are some simple steps that will help you build a training
     but stressing the importance of training is a win-win-win op-        mentality among you and your employees.
     portunity. Consumers receive professional service, employees
     become more proficient and you benefit from increased customer         • Identify an area that needs to be improved.
     satisfaction, employee loyalty and more sales.                         • Engage your people for input and commitment to
                                                                                           • Put a plan together to make it happen.

                                                                                          It’s OK to start slowly, but once you have that
                                                                                        plan in place, follow through. Think long term,
                                                                                        think reputation, think sales and profits. Make a
                                                                                        commitment to training once and for all. ■

                                                                                        Paul Chizeck recently joined Dealer Strategic Planning
                                                                                        Inc. (DSP) as vice president of operations following his
                                                                                        retirement from Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations
                                                                                        LLC Inc. as director of consumer tire training. He will
                                                                                        provide training and education expertise to the grow-
                                                                                        ing number of successful tire dealers who belong to
                                                                                        DSP 20 groups.
                                                                                           For more information on how to join a tire and service
                                                                                        20 group, contact Chizeck at (910) 409-7291 or paul@

48                                                                                                                               MTD April 2010
                                                                                                              Business insight

    Web site traffic breakdown
                            It’s time to review your online tire store strategy
                          By Mike Bruce                                  It is very important here to understand what has changed
                                                                      regarding this group’s behavior. They want more. They wish

    Y         ou have worked hard and spent good money getting
              that online tire shopper to visit your Web site. But
              what does that Web traffic really look like? And what
    is your return on investment on that traffic?
       At my previous job, I had the opportunity to work with a
                                                                      to have their shopping experience online now rather than
                                                                      wait to visit your location.
                                                                         You will need a fully functional online tire store application
                                                                      to meet this group’s online expectations.

    software program that analyzed Web traffic within our Web         Estimate: 30% of this group will show up at your store.
    site. We could follow the Web visitors around, one customer       Sales projection: $76,800.
    at a time, and “watch” their actions.
       These numbers, overall, were consistent, as we were really     128 VISITS (subset of 640 VISITS)
    looking at consumer shopping behavior patterns.                     Out of those 640 visitors mentioned above, 128 will
       The numbers below are approximate and based on a fully         continue beyond just viewing your products and prices or
    functional tire shopping Web site. Our example represents a       reading product reviews and will either view or print a total
    single store location, and we used                                                         out-the-door price for tires and
    $400 for the average invoice.                                                              services and then visit your store
       Our research shows that large                                                           location.
    tire retailers with fully functional
    Web sites and online advertising                                                             Estimate: 50% will show up at
    programs are averaging just over                                                            your store.
    1,200 visitors per month per store. We                                                     Sales projection: $25,600.
    used 1,000 visitors for our example.
                                                                                           13 VISITS (subset of 640 VISITS)
    Web site visitor breakdown:                                                             Again, out of those 640 visits, 13 con-
                                                                                         sumers will actually purchase online and
    200 VISITS                                                                          make arrangements for installation. As you
       Some 200 of your 1,000 visits are not real                                     can see, most consumers wait and pay at the
    people, but software programs (like search                                       store at the time of installation. We expect
    engines) that comb Web sites looking for                                        this number to grow over time, but it really
    information.                                                                   does not matter as long as they make it to your
       These are commonly referred to as single-access                           store location.
    visits, spiders or robots (bots).                                              Consider just letting consumers make arrange-
       There’s nothing here for you with these 200.                            ments online for installation and pay for them at
                                                                              the store.
    Estimate: Programs, not people.
    Sales projection: No sales.                                            Estimate: 100% will show up at your store.
                                                                          Sales projection: $5,200.
    160 VISITS
       Think of the behavior of these 160 visitors the same as         Total sales estimate for online Web site users for the
    Yellow Page users from the past.                                  month: $120,400.
       These are visitors who come to your Web site looking for
    store location/phone number information and then call or            The business of selling is moving online. It is clear that it’s
    drive to your store.                                              time for you to review your online tire store strategy. ■

    Estimate: 20% of this group will show up at your store.           Mike Bruce, president of VTS solutions LLC (www.vtssolutions.net),
                                                                      enjoyed a long career with Discount Tire Co. going back to 1967. He
    Sales projection: $12,800.                                        was a store manager in the 1970s, and started and managed Dis-
                                                                      count Tire’s Dallas/Fort Worth region in the 1980s. He was promoted
    640 VISITS                                                        to senior vice president in 1990 and moved to the Scottsdale, Ariz.,
      This consumer group’s behavior is molded from its mem-          corporate office to work in purchasing. Bruce started the Discount
                                                                      Tire Direct program in 1994, and created the www.tires.com Web
    bers’ experiences reading newspapers, magazines and direct        site for the company in 1996. He was responsible for e-commerce
    mail, etc. These Web visitors will view your products and         and online advertising for Discount Tire through 2007. He can be
    prices online and then call or drive to your store location.      reached at (866) 798-3523.

www.moderntiredealer.com                                                                                                                     49

     Calm the clunk in a Nissan caliper
     Replacement spring retainer kit is available
                    By Ed Dorowski and Jeff Webster                          If application of the parking brake reduces or elimi-
                                                                         nates the noise, proceed to step 2 below.
             SUBJECT VEHICLE: 2001-2002 Nissan Maxima                       2. Remove the rear wheels, starting with the left.
             (built between Nov. 27, 2000, and Sept. 20, 2001),             3. Remove the brake caliper assembly pin bolts
             Sentra, Sentra SE (with rear disc brakes built after        (Figure 1).
             March 1, 2001) and Sentra SE/R and SPEC V (built               4. Loosen the parking brake cable by removing the
                            before Dec. 3, 2001).                        parking brake cable bolt (Figure 2).
                            COMPLAINT: A clunk, knock or                    5. Remove the brake caliper assembly to gain access
                            rattle may be heard from the rear of         to the brake pad, shim and pad retainer. Don’t allow the
                            the vehicle while driving on rough road      brake caliper assembly to hang from the brake hose.
                            surfaces or over harsh bumps.                Using wire, hang it from the rear coil spring.
                            CAUSE/SOLUTION: The condi-                      6. Remove the left brake pad, shim and pad retainer.
                            tion may be caused by the brake pads         Use a suitable brake cleaner to remove old disc brake
                            moving in the brake caliper housing.         grease residue and/or brake dust from the “torque
                            A replacement spring retainer kit is         member” (Figure 3).
                            available to correct the condition.             7. Install a replacement pad retainer. Remove the red
                                                                         plastic tabs from one of the replacement pad retainers
                                                     The owner of a      in the SPR-RET kit mentioned earlier (Figure 4).
                                                  Nissan Maxima or          8. Repeat step 7 for the other replacement pad
                                                  Sentra may com-        retainer.
                                                  plain of a clunk,         9. Install inner and outer brake pads, outer shim and
                                                  knock or rattle        new inner shim from the SPR-RET Kit.
                                                  noise from the rear       NOTE: Apply a suitable high temperature disc brake
                                                  of the vehicle while   grease between the brake pad and shim, and between
                             driving on rough road surfaces or over      the shim and piston, to reduce potential noise. Use
                             harsh bumps. The condition may be           it sparingly. Do not get any grease on the brake pad
                             caused by the brake pads moving in          “friction” surfaces. Be sure to put the inner and outer
                             the brake caliper housing.                  shims in the correct location (Figure 5).
                               A replacement Spring Retainer                10. Carefully push the piston back into the brake cali-
                             (SPR-RET) Kit (PN 44080-4U027),             per body while gently turning the piston clockwise.
                             consisting of replacement pad retainers,       WARNING: Do not try to force the piston back into
                             inner and outer shims and brake pads is     the brake caliper. Caliper damage may result.
                             available to address this condition.           11. Reinstall the brake caliper assembly to its original
                             Repair procedure                               12. Reattach the left upper and lower caliper assembly
                                1. Test drive the vehicle under the      pin bolts. Torque the bolts to proper torque specifica-
                             conditions described above to confirm       tions: 16-23 ft.-lb. (22-31 N-m, 2.2-3.2 kg-m).
                             the symptoms exist.                            13. Reinstall the parking brake cable bolt.
                                NOTE: Lightly apply the parking             14. Repeat steps 3 through 13 for the right rear
                             brake while the incident is occurring       brake.
                             to verify if the noise is reduced or           15. Reinstall the rear wheels. Evenly torque the wheel
                             eliminated.                                 lug nuts to the proper torque specification.
                                If application of the parking brake         16. Test drive the vehicle and verify the noise is no
                             does not reduce or eliminate the noise,     longer present. ■
                                              this information does
                                              not apply. Use other       Writer Jeff Webster. Dorowski has 19 years of domestic and
                                              appropriate diagnos-       import dealership and independent shop experience as a
                                              tic procedures and         service consultant, ASE Certified Master Technician, Nissan
                                              service information to     Certified Master Technician, and California Smog Test and Re-
                                                                         pair Technician. Webster has 20 years of experience as a writer/
                                              further investigate and    editor. The database is provided by ALLDATA, a registered
                                              diagnose the source of     trademark of ALLDATA LLC, a corporate division of AutoZone
                                              the noise.                 Inc. The company’s Web site is www.alldata.com.

50                                                                                                                       MTD April 2010
     Focus on industry

        A stud-y in winter tire technology
        Nokian unveils next-generation Hakkapeliitta
                                         By Mike Manges                     that absorb the stud’s impact in order to minimize road
                                                                            damage and reduce noise levels. A size 205/55R15

                     C      oming off a year in which its North American Hakkapeliitta 7 boasts 124 studs and 368 air chambers,
                            business grew by 6%, Nokian Tyres plc has according to Nokian officials.
                            expanded its studded winter tire line-up with      Other features include the company’s Driving Safety
                   its next-generation Hakkapeliitta passenger tire, the Indicator System, a series of numbers molded into the
                   Hakkapeliitta 7.                                         tire’s tread area that lets vehicle owners know when the
                                          The tire was unveiled to North tread has worn down to unsafe levels, plus a special
                                       American-based tire dealers dur- full-silica compound, which is a first for a Nokian stud-
                                       ing a ride-and-drive event in Ivalo, ded tire.
                                       Finland, last month.                    In internal testing, Nokian reports that the Hakkapeliit-
                                                                            ta 7 outperformed its predecessor, the Hakkapeliitta 5,
                                                                            in several categories, including wet and dry handling,
                                                                            noise level, acceleration, braking and more. The new tire
                                                                            also offers improved rolling resistance.
                                                                               The Hakkapeliitta 5, a top seller for Nokian, will remain
                                                                            on the market, notes Lepisto.
                                                                               Dealers who attended the ride-and-drive in Finland were
                                                                            impressed with the Hakkapeliitta 7’s performance.
                                                                               “Never once did I question whether I was going to
                                                                            stop when I applied the brakes,” says Rich LaMar, general
                                                                            manager of Johnson’s Tire Service in Anchorage, Alaska.
                                        Rich LaMar, general manag-          “The traction was unbelievable.”
     The new Hakkapeliitta 7            er of Johnson’s Tire Service           Johnson’s Tire Service, which has five locations
     contains Nokian’s Bear Claw        in Anchorage, Alaska, says          throughout southern Alaska, started selling Nokian
     Stud System, which incorpo-        his customers will ask for          brand tires 16 years ago. “When our customers know
     rates air chambers in front of     the Hakkapeliitta 7 as soon         we have the Hakkapeliitta 7, they will ask for it.”
     each stud to minimize road         as they know it’s available.
     damage and reduce noise.                                                          Kirk Johnson, owner of Capital City Tire Factory
                                                                                    in Helena, Mont., says he was “totally impressed”
                                                                                    by the tire. “Montana has one of the longest stud
                                                                                    seasons in the country — from October 1 to May
                                                                                    31 — so I drive on studs all the time, but I’ve never
                                                                                    driven on a studded tire that was so quiet and had
                                                                                    such great traction.”
                                                                                       Johnson, who is a member of Portland, Ore.-
                                                                                    based Northwest Tire Factory LLC, expects to
                                                                                    have access to the Hakkapeliitta 7 by this summer.
                                                                                    “We’ll market it as a premium winter tire because
                                        Dealers from North America put              that’s what it is.”
                                            the tire through its paces at a
                                            ride-and-drive in northern Finland.
                                                                                        eNTYREly new markets
                                            Currently available to select           North America was a bright spot for Nokian in 2009,
                                         Nokian dealers, the Hakkapeliitta        says Lepisto. While the Finland-based company suffered
     “Nokian has a loyal follow-         7 will be available to all of the com-   losses in other markets such as Russia, where sales fell
     ing among my customers,”
                                         pany’s dealers in 49 sizes, includ-      55%, “we had a good year in Canada.”
     says Kirk Johnson, owner of
     Capital City Tire Factory in        ing several run-flat options, next         Nokian also broke into new markets in the United
     Helena, Mont.                       year, says Jari Lepisto, president of    States thanks to its all-season eNTYRE passenger tire,
                                         Nokian Tyres U.S. Holdings Inc.,         which began shipping in December 2009.
                     the firm’s North American subsidiary.                          The tire is exclusive to the U.S. and Canada and is
                       The tire contains a variety of proprietary technolo-       available in 26 sizes. It was developed in response to
                    gies, including Nokian’s Bear Claw Stud System, which         Nokian dealers in warm weather regions who wanted a
                    incorporates tiny air chambers in front of each stud          non-winter product to sell. ■

52                                                                                                                          MTD April 2010
    ReadyLift lift kit system                                               AirSept filter plates
    ReadyLift has introduced a new SST Lift Kit system for 2007-            New Compressor Guard Suction Filter
    2010 1500-series Silverado/Sierra six-lug 2WD and 4WD trucks.           Plates from AirSept prevent leftover de-
    The bolt-on lift kit requires no drilling, cutting or welding and       bris from entering the new compressor
    significantly increases ground clearance while allowing for tire        and causing performance problems and
    sizes up to 34 inches. The lift kit will raise the 4WD trucks four      comebacks. When a compressor fails,
    inches in the front thanks to four-inch powder-coated steel strut       debris particles flow in both directions.
    extensions that bolt directly to the top of the factory strut. At the   Although most debris travels down the
    heart of the system is a 100% DOM tubular upper control arm. The        high side, some flows upstream toward
    heavy-duty control arm features OEM-style ball joints pre-pressed       the suction muffler, hose, accumulator or
    into a strong crown that retains OEM geometry throughout the            receiver/drier and evaporator. OE-approved Compressor Guard
    suspension cycle and doesn’t require any modifications to the           Suction Filter Plates sit at the suction port and trap any large
    spindle. The kit also features CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet              debris heading toward the replacement compressor. Suction
    aluminum differential drop brackets and a thick powder-coated           filter plates install in under five minutes with no line cutting.
    steel skid plate that utilizes the factory attachment locations for     The tapered filter forces debris away from its top, and down
    ease of installation while providing tough differential protection      around the sides. The center of the suction line stays open
    when off-roading. To lift the rear of the Silverado/Sierra pickups,     to maintain refrigerant and lubricant flow. Compressor Guard
    this lift system includes three-inch OEM-style cast iron rear           Suction Filter Plates are application-specific for simplified
    lift blocks and U-bolts. The rear lift blocks include the correct       installation. They are available for the Ford Scroll compressor,
    pinion angle correction and axle locating ears for perfect fit and      Honda TRS090 and HS-110, Denso 10PA15, 10PA17 and 10PA20,
    performance. This block replaces the factory 1.25-inch rear block       Sanden SD7V16, Sanden TM15, Ford FS10 and FX15 and other
    for an increase of 1.75 inches which will provide approximately         high-volume compressors.
    .5 inch of rear to front rake. Completing the lift system is a set      AIRSEPT INC.
    of steel rear shock extensions that keep the rear shocks in the         Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14172
    factory mounting position.                                              www.mtdquiklink.com/14172
    Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14170                                      Eagle One wheel/tire cleaners
    www.mtdquiklink.com/14170                                               Eagle One takes the guesswork out of selecting the right wheel
                                                                            cleaner with a line-up of products specially formulated for
    Cooper Weather-Master WSC                                               mag, chrome and aluminum wheels. It also offers its one-step
    Cooper Tire & Rubber’s Weather-Master WSC is a premium                  A2Z wheel and tire cleaner. These unique formulas make it
    studdable winter tire for crossover vehicles and SUVs. The              faster and easier to clean
                          new tire offers optimum snow handling, ice        and put a lasting shine
                              acceleration and braking, wet braking         on wheels, the company
                                 and handling, and dry braking, the         says. Chrome Wheel is
                                   company says. Features for the           a one-step cleaner that
                                     WSC (which stands for “Winter,         removes brake dust, grime
                                      Snow Confidence and Control”)         and rust and will not harm
                                       include the following: a “premium    the delicate surface. Mag
                                        appearance” via ventless tech-      Wheel is specifically for-
                                        nology in the tread and enhanced    mulated to clean as-cast,
                                        sidewall aesthetics; multi-angled   older-style alloy wheels
                                        siping; “Micro-gauge” sipe          and chrome-plated sur-
                                      technology which results in           faces. Aluminum Wheel
                                     both stable tread elements (for        is an acid-free cleaner
                                    handling performance) and a lot of      ideal for polished aluminum. A2Z All-Wheel & Tire Cleaner is
                                  biting edges for traction; a snow flake   highlighted by its clinging suds formula that cleans both the tire
                               indicator in the outer grooves that gives    and the wheel in one easy step.
                         the vehicle owner a “quick and easy view of        EAGLE ONE
    tire wear; patented, circumferential snow-groove technology             Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14173
    that integrates snow-grooves into the tread elements; a fortified,      www.mtdquiklink.com/14173
    high-modulus base for tread stability; high silica compounding for
    grip in the wet, slush and ice; a low modulus tread that remains        New sizes for Nexen Roadian HT
    more flexible and retains grip capabilities even in extreme cold;       Nexen Tire America has added six sizes to its Roadian HT
    a directional tread design for improved forward bite, snow grip         light truck tire line, including four 18-inch configurations. Sizes
    and the evacuation of water from the tread; and 12 rows of stud         include P225/75R15 102S, P225/65R17 100H, P235/65R18 104H,
    holes — 132 in all. The new winter tire initially will be available     P255/70R18 112S, P265/65R18 112S and P275/65R18 114S. The
    in 10 T-rated metric sizes beginning in August. Four are XL sizes:      Roadian HT “fits an extensive population of vehicles, ranging
    265/65R17, 205/50R17, 235/55R17 and 235/60R18. The other six            from the Chevrolet Colorado, Honda CR-V, Ford Explorer and
    are 18-inch sizes: 235/55R18, 245/60R18, 265/60R18, 215/55R18,          Toyota Tundra,” says the company. Nexen plans to extend the
    235/65R18 and 235/50R18.                                                tire’s size range by the end of 2010.
    COOPER TIRE & RUBBER CO.                                                NEXEN TIRE AMERICA INC.
    Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14171                                      Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14174
    www.mtdquiklink.com/14171                                               www.mtdquiklink.com/14174

www.moderntiredealer.com                                                                                                                          53
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      Your turn

                        ‘Now I have steps in writing!’
        Dear Editor:                                                             monly used sockets, hubcap removal tool, four-way wrench and
           I have run a tire store in eastern Pennsylvania for 35-plus years.    a five-pound hammer (as most alloy wheels have to be “tapped”
        I had to let out a laugh when I read Mike Manges’ article titled         after you remove the lugs or they will not come off).
        “Follow the 5 S’s “ in the February 2010 issue of MTD.                      Because of the placement of this toolbox, there is no walking
           I have been doing these steps he mentioned for years! But             back to the main bench day after day for these items.
        I can’t seem to get my helpers to follow them. I have to keep               We have another shop a block away that does auto repairs, so
        drilling it into them. I even tell new hires that these steps are        our shop only has the tire-related tools. People look at me funny
        part of their jobs. They start out good, and then                                             when I tell them that the tools on the work-
        slack off. Now I have it in writing from you to                                               bench are all we have — no big 20-drawer
        show them that I am not crazy!                                                                Snap-on roll cabinets at this shop!
           Here is a list of steps I do almost every day.                                                We have a low ceiling and do not use a lift,
                                                                                                      so we jack up all the cars with full-size two- to
           1. Restock the valve stems on the tire chang-                                              three-ton floor jacks. We work on one side
        ers and the main workbench (we have a central                                                 at a time — take two tires off, break them
        bench for all the tire changing tools).                                                       down, get one changed, and while one tech
           2. Refill the wheel weight cabinet and reorder                                             balances it, another one changes the second
        any that are running low. I hate to run out of the                                            tire. We usually have two guys jump on one
        proper type weights.                                                                          car at a time. Get it in, get it out.
           3. Wipe down the tire changers, balancer and                                                  We refer a lot of work to our other shop.
        jacks, lube the tools, and fix anything that was                                              We glance at the brake pads/linings when
        broken.                                                                                       we have the tires off, look at the inspection
           4. Clean up any trash out in front of our build-                                           sticker due date, look at the shocks and
        ing, on the sidewalk or in the gutter.                                                        struts, and recommend wheel alignments
           5. Make sure the restroom is clean, (we get                                                with all new tire purchases. Alignment is
        a lot of female customers and they notice this                                                half-price if you buy four new tires from
        and comment).                                                            us. We check the air pressure on all cars that come in on the
           6. Sweep/mop the office/waiting area. (It is hard to keep it          tires we do not change. We wash whitewall/white letter tires.
        clean, especially in the winter with all the snow we get!)               (I hate to see a car go down the road with the blue still on the
           7. Sweep the work area every day.                                     new tire. That says to me, “We had time to make the sale and
           8. The junk tires go right into the back of a pickup truck, which     take your money, but you can wash your own whitewalls.” That’s
        goes to our other shop every other day and gets loaded into a            a bad message to send.)
        box van that goes to the recycling center once a month. Our                 The customers can watch us work on their cars from a distance.
        junk tires never go outside and never get water in them.                 Most have never seen a tire changed before, and they usually
                                                                                 ask us, “How long have you been doing this job?” as my hands
           We have a small, 3,000-square-foot shop, and there is no              are always moving and I don’t waste steps!
        room for clutter. We stock 500 to 600 new/used tires and work               If you or anyone from MTD are ever in eastern Pennsylvania,
        out of two bays. I get rid of any “odds and ends” quickly before         you are welcome to stop by and see us in action.
        they get kicked to the corners.                                                                                        John Smith, Manager
           Along with the main workbench for tools, we have a tool box                                                          Coatesville Tire LLC
        close to the work area containing impact guns and the most com-                                                               Coatesville, Pa.

        “People are not purchasing unless it is          improve for several months. On the               “Currently business conditions have
        an absolute necessity.”                          automotive service side, we are see-             been poor, but we see signs of busi-
                         Steve Carter, Owner             ing lots of needed repairs being put off,        nesses preparing for improvement,
                                The Carter Co.           or the customer going to a shop that is          such as customers getting quotes and
                            Newcastle, Wyo.              less expensive.”                                 scheduling orders.”
                                                                            Bill Anders, President                       Dave Richards, Owner
        “We are seeing some improvement in                            Burlington Tire Service Inc.                          Canton Bandag Co.
        our retail business. However, I don’t                                      Burlington, N.C.                               Canton, Ohio
        expect the commercial business to

                                        Join Modern Tire Dealer’s National Advisory Council
     Each month, Modern Tire Dealer is guided and influenced by a select group of readers — members of our National Advisory Council. These mem-
     bers’ opinions are the heart of the monthly Ludwig Report, compiled by well-known industry analyst Saul Ludwig. If you’d like to join this prestigious
     group, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you. Contact Editor Bob Ulrich at Bob.Ulrich@bobit.com or call (330) 899-2200, ext. 11.

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