Emerging from the Dark Ages – Shining a Light on Reservoir

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Beer and Chat – Drilling and Completions                                      Calgary Petroleum Club
Tuesday November 30, 2010                                                    319 - 5 Avenue SW - 2 Floor
                                                                              3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

                   Emerging from the Dark Ages – Shining a Light on
                   Reservoir Response with Wellbore Instrumentation
Review and discuss technical advancements in the downhole use of optic fiber, thermocouples, and
other technology for monitoring reservoir and well response in thermal projects. The panel members will
represent different thermal operators, and will discuss their use of this technology and associated learning’s.

   Harris Naseer, Husky Energy
    Mr. Naseer is currently a Senior Reservoir Engineer with Husky Energy, working on the Tucker Lake SAGD Project in
    development of reservoir operations strategy, thermal simulations & forecasting, and reserves reporting. Mr. Naseer
    started his oilfield career with Schlumberger in 1996, and subsequently moved to E&P companies in varying Production,
    Operations, and Project roles before moving to Calgary in 2007 and choosing Thermal Reservoir Engineering as the field
    of choice. He has significant experience in running a CSS project in a Middle East Carbonate field, and SAGD operations
    in Alberta.

    Gina Wozney, Nexen Inc.
    Ms. Wozney is a Senior Staff Production Engineer, Synthetic Oils, with Nexen Energy. She has worked in thermal oil
    sands operations for her entire career, including ConocoPhillips' Kerrobert and Surmont projects, Crestar's Saleski
    project, and Shell Canada's Peace River project. Ms. Wozney is currently supporting the Long Lake project, both in
    current operations, and also in well and pad design for sustaining pads and future phases.

    Michelle DeJeu, Suncor Energy
    Ms. DeJeu is a Reservoir Optimization Lead for the Mackay River project. She was working with the Firebag Project as
    an exploration drilling EIT, reliability and reservoir/production engineer for seven years. Michelle graduated from the
    University of Victoria with a BME.

    Mirko Zatka, Shell Canada Energy
    Mr. Zatka is a Senior Thermal Production Engineer with Shell Canada Energy, currently supporting thermal well
    development and design, well and operations surveillance, new technology evaluation and field testing, and several
    international thermal projects. He is in his 28 year with Shell, and has over 20 years of experience in the thermal
    recovery area, including operations in California. His prior experience also includes Joint Venture work, Technology
    Transfer, and conventional oil and gas production engineering. Over the past 6 years Mr. Zatka has also been Shell
    Canada’s focal point for the application of optic fiber in downhole thermal wells.

    Lazer Valev, Cenovus Energy
    Mr. Velev graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Lakehead University in 2008, and has been working as
    a Production Engineer for Cenovus’ Foster Creek SAGD facility since that time. His areas of focus are production
    optimization, ESP root cause failure analysis, and downhole measurement primarily for single point pressure and
    temperature monitoring.

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