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Christmas Markets in Belgium (PDF)


									Christmas Market Guide
    (In Belgium, France, Netherlands & Germany)

             Produced by
             SHAPE HIVE

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                next to the UKJSU Mess (Bldg 308).

             CHRISTMAS MARKETS 2009

              Please note that some of the dedicated web sites for the Christmas
              markets do not go live until mid November.
              Check before travelling that the timings are correct.

              In some parts of Germany Sunday 22nd November is Totensonntag
(Day of the Dead) and treated as a bank holiday. Therefore, some markets will
have limited opening times on this day.

Please let us know about any experiences you have when visiting Christmas
Markets. We are unable to personally visit all the markets listed, so any feedback
is greatly appreciated.

However, you do not need to leave SHAPE to get into the festive mood as several
nations host a Christmas market on SHAPE. The Canadians offer moose milk and
the chance to shop for presents from a variety of international
vendors, the Italians offer homemade Italian treats such as lasagne
and limoncello and the Germans host a traditional Kristkindlmarkt
complete with glühwein and bratties.

This year the SHAPE Christmas Markets will be held on the following dates
and locations:

14th November
Canadian Christmas Market in the International School Cafeteria

19th November
Homestart Christmas Market – International Chapel Centre

28th November
Italian Christmas Market - location to be confirmed

28th November
German Kristkindlmarkt in the International School Cafeteria

                    CHRISTMAS MARKETS
                       IN BELGIUM
Antwerp Christmas Market (Groenplaats)
The Groenplaats and Market Square are transformed by the arrival of Christmas Markets
each year. You will find stalls selling local products and unusual gifts.
Open: 09th Dec to 27th Dec 09
Monday – Thursday           1100 – 1900 hours
Friday                       1100 – 2200 hours
Saturday                    1000 – 2200 hours
Sunday                      1000 – 2100 hours

Antwerp Christmas Village & Ice Rink (Steenplein)
Warm yourself with a glass of mulled wine and treat yourself to some festive decorations
while listening to carols on the Grote Markt.
Open: 09th Dec to 27th Dec 09

Visit medieval Bruges, with cobbled streets, historic buildings and horses and carts
trotting by. The Christmas market forms a ring around an open-air ice rink on the main
square. Amongst the many stalls you will find hand-made gifts, decorations, sweets and
For more information see
Open: 20th Nov 09 to 03rd Jan 10
Daily 11:00 – 18:00

Bruges Snow and Ice Sculptures
Lorry loads of snow and ice is shipped in and transformed into wonderful sculptures. Be
sure to wrap up warm as temperatures need to be kept below zero to ensure the
masterpieces do not melt.
For more information visit
Open: Nov 2009 to Jan 2010         10.00 - 19.00

Brussels Winter Wonderland
Decorated with delicate lights, delicious smells and many varieties of stalls Brussels
Christmas market gives off a true festive feeling. Complete with ice skating rinks for
young and young at heart fun can be enjoyed by all ages. Don’t forget to visit the town
too where many shops are decorated for the festive season too and a sound and light
show on Grand Place.
For full details visit
Open: 27th Nov 09 to 03rd Jan10
Monday – Friday           1100 – 2000 hours
Saturday – Sunday         1100 – 2200 hours

Set on the cobbled streets of this beautiful little town you will find many twinkling lighted
chalets selling gifts, delicious food and hot drinks to keep you warm. To the centre of the
Christmas Market you will find the outdoor ice-skating rink. In the main square special
illuminations take place along with a lovely decorated Christmas tree. For more
information contact the Durbuy Tourist Information office on 0032 (0) 86 21 98 68 or see
Open: end Nov 09 to Jan 10
Weekends only

Ghent Christmas Market
Will take place on St. Baafsplein where visitors can browse amongst a variety of wooden
huts offering Christmas treats to the sounds of carol singers.
Open: 11th Dec to 30th Dec 09
Monday – Thursday           1300 – 2100 hours
Friday – Sunday             1100 – 2100 hours

Hasselt Winterland
Central to the skating rink is a large Christmas tree, decorated with many lights. Next to
the skating rink is a café which is surrounded by a selection of Christmas markets. You
will also find a nativity scene and a Venetian carousel.
Open: 21st Nov 09 to 03rd Jan 10

Leuven Christmas Market
Leuven’s Christmas Market has existed since 1988. The location is ideal. Monseigneur
Ladeuzesquare and Herbert Hooversquare are two large squares in the historic town-
Open: 11th Dec to 20th Dec 09

Is the largest Christmas Market in Belgium, the many stalls are located in the heart of
Liège with it’s twinkling lights to guide you around the wooden chalets full of tempting
goodies, sweets, glühwein and gifts. Near the cathedral is where you will find the ice-skating
rink.. there is also a sledge run big wheel to enjoy.
Please visit for more information
Open: 27th Nov to 30th Dec 09

Take a visit to Mons where you will find a variety of wooden chalets selling things to eat
and drink and gifts to give as presents along with an ice-skating rink. Also expect a visit
from Santa Claus and music performances every day. Full details can be found at
Open: 11th Dec 09 to 3rd Jan 10
Monday – Thursday                  1100 – 2000 hours
Friday & Saturday                  1100 – 2200 hours
Sunday                             1100 – 2000 hours

Rochefort Christmas Village

Try out the craftsmen’s delicacies such as grilled sardines, jams, meats and homemade
sausages. Also on offer are wooden toys, crystals, jewellery & hats. Look out for Santa
Claus taking a tour of the city in a carriage.
Open: 12th & 13th Dec 09 and 19th & 20th Dec 09
Thuin - Christmas Market on the water
Try something different with the floating Christmas Markets on barges. With the large
selection of goodies on sale you will be spoilt for choice. If you are unsure of what foods
to buy, try out the samples on offer. Don’t forget to make a visit to the real life nativity
For further information visit
Open: 04th to 20th Dec 09
Fri, Sat & Sun only – 15:00 till 20:00 hrs

Ostend Christmas Market
With it’s colourfully decorated markets stalls and outdoor ice-skating rink Ostend offers a
wide variety of choice to do your Christmas shopping.
Open: 27th Nov 09 to 03rd Jan 10

Ypres' Christmas market can be found in the centre of town on the Grote Markt. As well
as having an ice-skating rink, the Swiss chalets offer food and gifts.
Open: 5th Dec 09 to 03rd Jan 10
Tues, Wed, Thurs                    1400 – 2000
Fri & Sat                           1400 – 2200
Sun                                  1400 - 2200
Visit for more information.

There are many other markets and lots of smaller markets that last from one to three
days. For timings and addresses for these markets visit and
search under the agenda for events by region between November 09 and January 10.
Full details are displayed as you hold your cursor over each entry.

                    CHRISTMAS MARKETS
                       IN HOLLAND

Maastricht Winterland
If you are looking for somewhere to spend the day Christmas shopping for
gifts, eating a wide variety of foods, drinking hot drinks in a cozy atmosphere,
visiting animals in the zoo and a life size nativity scene. Then trying out the
Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Ice-skating rink, Carousel and maybe finishing
off with a leisurely ride on a train, then this is the place to come. And if you
still have some time left lookout for the musical performances that take place
to help celebrate this wonderful time of the year.
For more information:
Open: 28th Nov 09 to 03rd Jan 10

This Christmas market is held in caves dug out of the old quarry tunnels below
the town. Visit the many stalls laid out selling food, drink and gifts. You can
also see some demonstrations of old Dutch trades. You are guided through
the caves by the twinkling of lights and gentle music.
To avoid queues in December try to visit on a weekday or in the evenings.
For more information: Tel. NL 043 06090110
Open: 28th Nov to 14th Dec 09
Monday – Thursday                   1000 – 2000
Friday                              1000 – 2100
Saturday                            1000 – 2100
Sunday                              1000 – 2000

                      CHRISTMAS MARKETS
                         IN GERMANY
Aachen Christmas Market
Set around the cathedral is where you will find the Christmas market, with it’s colourful
lights and festive decorations you will be able to buy food, drinks and gifts for all. Don’t
forget to try out the local gingerbread, known as Aachen Printe. For more information visit
Open: 20th Nov to 23rd Dec 09
Daily                            1100 – 2100
Please note that the market is only open from 1800 –2100 on 23rd November

Augsburg Christmas Market
One of Germany’s oldest markets, keeping the tradition of the appearance of angels and
the town hall being transformed into an Advent calendar. Many stalls are available to
purchase food, drink and gifts.
For more information visit
Open: 23rd Nov – 24th Dec 09
Monday - Thursday               1000 – 2000
Friday & Saturday               1000 – 2100
Sunday                          1000 – 2000

Bernkastel Christmas Market
Join in with the St. Nicolas Walk through the forest and vines (usually 6th Dec but check
webpage for date) when St. Nicolas hands chocolate gifts to the children. A selection of
pretty chalets to purchase food, drinks and gifts can be found lining the streets.
For more information visit
Open: 21st Nov to 20th Dec 09
Mon – Fri                        1100 - 1900
Sat                              1100 - 2100
Sun                              1100 - 2000
*Please note that the market is closed on 22nd November

Celle Christmas Market
Visit the wonderful nativity scene and Christmas tree on display. Have a browse at the toys,
decorations and crafts on sale at the market stalls which can’t be missed by the many
decorative illuminations.
For more information visit
Open: 26th Nov to 28th Dec 09
Monday - Friday                  1100 – 2000
Saturday                         1030 – 2100
Sunday                           1100 – 2000
*Please note that the market is closed on 24th & 25th December

Cologne's Christmas Markets
With six markets to choose from there is something for everyone to enjoy. The four main
ones are situated at the Cologne Cathedral, Alter Markt, Neumarkt and on the Rudolfplatz
all offering wonderful goods to buy.
Outside the Chocolate Museum you will find the medieval Christmas market, while on
board the MS Wappen von Mainz (KD Riverboats) is the famous floating market.
Entertainment on offer includes concerts, a Nativity scene and an ice rink on Heumarkt.

For more information visit
Open: 23rd Nov to 23rd Dec 09
Daily                       1100 – 2100 hours
Most Christmas Markets in Cologne will start on the 23.11.09.
The Floating Christmas Market and the Christmas Market am Stadtgarten starts on the 26.11.09
Cologne Medieval Christmas Market will open a day later on the 27.11.09. 11am-9pm daily

Dortmund Christmas Market
One of Germany’s largest markets with over 300 stalls and is famous for it’s enormous
Christmas tree standing 45 meters tall. A daily show is produced by the Alter Markt
Theatre Company giving entertainment to children. Amongst the stalls; seasonal wood
carvings, decorations and toys can be purchased as well as a selection of delicious foods
and drinks on offer. For more information visit
Open: 19th Nov to 23rd Dec 09
Monday - Saturday                1000 – 2100
Sunday                           1200 – 2100
*Please note that the market is closed on 22nd November

Düsseldorf Christmas Market
Well known for it’s "gingerbread houses" Dusseldorf market is situated close to
Königsallee. Along the illuminated, tree lined streets you will find several different markets
each with their own theme. The outdoor ice-rink is open until 5 January.
For more information visit
Open: 19th Nov to 23rd Dec 09
Sun – Thurs                      1100 – 2000
Fri – Sat                        1100 - 2100
*Please note that the market is closed on 22nd Nov

Frankfurt Christmas Market
With over 600 years of experience this is one of the oldest and traditional markets in
Germany. Enjoy the delicious aromas of gingerbread, mulled wine, roasted nuts and baked
apples escaping the from the beautifully decorated stalls .
For more information visit
Open: 25th Nov to 22nd Dec 09
Mon – Sat                       1000 – 2100
Sunday                          1100 – 2100

Koblenz Christmas Market
With its traditional feeling and being one of the largest markets in Rhineland Palatinate you
can be sure to find a range of arts and crafts to choose from, from over a hundred different
stalls. Along with the various food and drink stalls to choose from there is also a visit from
St. Nicolas bearing a small gift for the children. To help you enjoy your visit there is music,
concerts, an ice-skating rink and a nativity scene to entertain the family.
For more information visit
Open: 20th Nov to 22nd Dec 09
Mon - Thurs                      1000 – 2000
Fri & Sat                        1000 – 2100
Sun                              1100 – 2000
*Please note that the market is closed on 22nd Nov

Monschau Christmas Market
Take a walk along the romantic cobbled streets, lined with well kept buildings of old and
you will find an array of stalls decorated in festive colours. Along with the many varieties of

food, drink and gift stalls the surrounding scenery is a must to be seen. For entertainment
there are brass bands, a real-life nativity area and a visit from Santa.
For more information visit
Open: 27th Nov to 20th Dec 09
Friday - Sunday               1100 – 2000

Stuttgart Christmas Market
With over 200 delightfully decorated stalls with angelic figures and aromas of Christmas
filling the air, Stuttgart invites you to its beautiful market. It has a large selection of stalls
selling food, drink and gifts to cater for all the family. It also hosts an outdoor ice-skating
rink which is open during New Year’s Eve and has a fairy-tale feel to it with the help of
hundreds of decorative lights.
For more information visit
Open: 25th Nov to 23rd Dec 09
Mon-Sat                       1000 - 2100
Sun                           1100 - 2000

Trier Christmas Market
One of the smaller markets in Germany but still has plenty of stalls to browse through. You
will find Christmas decorations, toys, candles, glassware, a wide choice of foods and drinks
are on offer while watching performances and concerts. Don’t forget to look out for St.
Nicolas on your visit. For more information visit
Open: 23rd Nov to 22nd Dec 09
Mon – Sat                     1000 – 2030
Sun                           1100 – 2030

Wiesbaden Christmas Market
Based on the theme of Shooting Stars the market is decorated with the colours of the
town’s coat of arms throughout. Wiesbaden offers nativity plays, story time and ice skating
for entertainment set in a fairytale scene, as well as food and gift stalls.
Open: 24th Nov to 23rd Dec 09
Mon-Thu                       1030 - 2100
Fri-Sat                       1030 - 2130
Sun                           1200 - 2100

                  Information for many other German markets can be found at

                      CHRISTMAS MARKETS
                          IN FRANCE

A large Christmas Market with a variety of stalls selling local products from
Picardy. Take a walk through the Christmas tree lined streets to the sounds
of carol singers and activities provided for children. During the evenings a
light display takes place around the Cathedral.
Open: 28th Nov to 27th Dec 09

On the Saturday before Christmas, Father Christmas can be seen descending
from the Belfry – some 80m above ground. You will also spot him around the
market to allow your child to have their photo taken with him. As well as the
many market stalls to purchase food, drink and gifts there is a funfair and
exhibitions taking place.
Open: 18th Nov to 30th Dec 09

Mulhouse Christmas Market
Wooden chalets decorated in festive colours offer you the opportunity to
purchase local cheeses, wine, gingerbread, etc. Also known for it’s fine
fabrics such as, tablecloths and napkins, aprons, scarf’s, ties and
handkerchiefs can be bought as ideal Christmas gifts.
Visit Father Christmas in his own chalet complete with a letterbox for his
Open: 24th Nov to 27th Dec 09

For a comprehensive list of French Christmas Markets please see click on France holiday guide, in the What to
visit box, click on Christmas Markets in France.


   The following websites contain useful information of the many
            Christmas Markets destinations and timings





This guide has been produced by SHAPE HIVE


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