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					                                   DUNLACE VOICES
                                    April 2010                                                           Volume 11, No. 8

                                             DUNLACE PUBLIC SCHOOL, 20 DUNLACE DRIVE, NORTH YORK, M2L 2S1
                                               PHONE: 416-395-2370 BARS: 416-395-2373 FAX: 416-395-2370
      Please visit our web site at: http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/dunlace/
      Principal: Maria Schiavone – Maria.Schiavone@tdsb.on.ca                 Superintendent: Johanne Messner – Phone: 416- 396-9182
      School Council Chair: Kati Bradshaw – kati.bradshaw@gmail.com           Trustee: Gerri Gershon – Phone: 416-395-8408

Upcoming Events
 Apr. 1         PM - Recognition Assembly                                Three students proudly represented Dunlace in the city
 Apr. 2         Good Friday (no school)                                  wide competition, Darya E., Livia U. and Stefania R. and
 Apr. 5         Easter Monday (no school)                                Stefania will go on to the provincial level in her category.
 Apr. 6         Jr. Choir at TDSB Music Festival                         Thank you to Mme El-Jammal for organizing this event.
 Apr. 7         AM – Performance by Duffle Bag Theatre                   Our Girls volleyball team, expertly coached by Mme Kopf-
                6:30 PM – School Council Meeting                         Johnson and Mr. Young, played very well and placed
 Apr. 9         Pizza Lunch                                              second in the Conference Finals. Our Boys Basketball team
 April 12       Grade 5 trip - Tafelmusik                                enjoyed their season tremendously, thanks to their coach
 Apr. 16        Pizza Lunch                                              Mr. Kellesis. We have already started preparation for our
 April 20       Primary Trip to see Lois and Bram                        spring season and you will hear shortly about our
 Apr. 21        AM - Gr. 6 Orientation @Windfields                       Badminton, Track and Field and Soccer teams.
 Apr. 22        Earth Day – Community Clean-up                           Congratulations to all of our students for a job well done
 Apr. 23        Heart & Stroke Kick-Off Assembly                         and best wishes to Stefania on May 8 .
                Pizza Lunch
 Apr. 27        PM Visiting Author - Grades 3 to 6                       Please see our school calendar for the many activities and
 Apr. 29        7:00PM - Daycare Meeting                                 special events taking place at Dunlace during the month of
                        - Ward Forum                                     April. Please note that our School Council Meeting in
 Apr. 30        Pizza Lunch                                              March was cancelled and has been rescheduled for
                                                                         Wednesday April 7 at 6:30 p.m. and we hope that you can
                                                                         attend. Our Funfair plans are currently underway and we
Message from the Office                                                  need as many volunteers as possible. Please contact Kati
Happy Spring everyone! I do hope                                         Bradshaw if you wish to volunteer your time, services or an
everyone had a relaxing March                                            item for our silent auction. The Funfair will take place on
break. It has been wonderful to                                          Saturday May 15 so please make sure to mark this date on
feel the warmth of the sunshine                                          your calendar so that you can attend this annual event with
well into evening recently -- a sure                                     your entire family. It is always a wonderful time and there
sign that spring is finally here!                                        will be activities to appeal to all age groups.
Please be aware that with the
warmer temperatures we need to                                           Attached to this newsletter you will find a letter from our
be mindful of rising water levels in the ravines and creeks.             director, Dr. Chris Spence regarding a parent Satisfaction
Please ensure that your children are well aware of the                   Survey that he would like our parent community to
dangers when playing or walking near water at this time.                 complete. It will be available in 22 languages and will only
                                                                         be       available      on-line.      Please     go       to
We have been very active during the month of March. The                  www.tdsb.on.ca/parentsurvey to complete the survey.
reporting period has come and gone and I’d like to thank all
of the parents who came to the second term parent-teacher                Please email me at maria.schiavone@tdsb.on.ca if you
interview session. It is so important for your children to know          wish to receive the Dunlace Voices electronically. You can
that you are interested and concerned about their school life.           also access the newsletter on-line in our newly updated
                                                                         Dunlace website at http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/dunlace/
During this term our junior students and teachers have been
involved in many activities and have represented Dunlace                 I would like to wish all of our families a wonderful, warm,
exceptionally well. Students and teachers worked very hard               long weekend!
on writing their speeches for our Concours d’art oratoire.

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Celebrations                                                   instituted on the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto
                                                               uprising to memorialize the tragedy that befell the
Passover (Judaism) – March 30 – April 6 (in full)              Jewish people during the Second World War.
Passover, or Pesach, commemorates the departure of
the Israelites from Egypt. It is celebrated for eight days     Holocaust Memorial Day provides an opportunity to
with special prayers and symbolic foods at home. It is a       ensure that the crimes against humanity committed
“festival of freedom” to remind Jews of how God                during the Nazi period are never forgotten and that the
released their ancestors from slavery and brought them         relevance of the Holocaust for each new generation is
to freedom in a Promised Land.                                 understood.
Passover is celebrated by more Jews than any other                                              th
holiday on the Jewish calendar, perhaps because it is so       Baisakhi (Sikhism) – April 14
essentially and uniquely a family holiday. The Seder –         Baisakhi, the Sikh New Year, is celebrated in April
the traditional meal held on the first night of this holiday   every year. Baisakhi marks the time for harvest of the
– is often attended by extended families.                      rabi crop and is celebrated by performing bhangra and
                                                               gidda dances in Punjab.
                        ۞۞۞۞۞۞                                 Some of the ways that this day is traditionally honoured
                                                               include visiting a place of worship, participating in a
Good Friday / Easter Sunday / Easter Monday                    mela (fair) indulging in mithai (sweets) and fruits and
(Christian) – April 2 - 5                                      taking a ritual bath of renewal.
On Good Friday, Christians remember Jesus’ death by
crucifixion, Easter Sunday celebrates his Resurrection                               ۞۞۞۞۞۞
and Easter Monday is celebrated as a holiday by some                                                               th
Christian cultures.                                            National Day of Mourning (Canada) – April 28
                                                               In 2003, more than 900 people died in Canada as a
Easter is considered to be the oldest and most important       result of work-related accidents or illnesses. This
festival in the Christian year, as the story of the death      means that, on average, almost four workers are killed
and resurrection of Jesus is meant to renew a Christian’s      every working day.
commitment to living a life of truth, justice and love.
Many Christians mark Easter by attending church                The National Day of Mourning is an annual day of
services over the weekend. Families often gather               remembrance for workers who have been killed or
together for a meal to celebrate. Cultural elements, such      injured on the job in Canada. The aim of this day is to
as the Easter Bunny, have become part of the holiday’s         publicly renew the commitment to fight for the safety of
modern celebrations, and those aspects are often               the living, as well as mourn for those workers who have
celebrated by many Christians and non-Christians alike.        died.

                                                               CONCOURS D’ART ORATOIRE 2010
Holy Friday/Easter (Orthodox Christian)
April 2 - 4                                                    Once again this year, Dunlace participated in the
Holy Friday, on April 2 remembers his submission to            annual French public speaking contest called the
death by crucifixion, Easter Sunday, on April 4                Concours D’Art Oratoire. We were lucky to have 3
celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus.                          Dunlace students represented this year at the Pekham
                                                               Centre. In the French Immersion program we had
Many of the traditions that bond generations together in       Darya E.; Livia U. represented the Extended French
the Orthodox tradition occur during the celebration of         program and Stefania R. represented FSL. All 3
Easter. One of the most prominent rituals of the               students did a great job and said that they really
Orthodox Easter is the 40-day Lenten fast, where no            enjoyed themselves.
meat or dairy is eaten.
                                                               It is with great pride that we would like to thank all of the
                        ۞۞۞۞۞۞                                       participants for this event and send out special
                                         st                    congratulations to Stefania R. who won in her category.
Yom HaShoah (Judaism) – April 11th
Jewish holidays characteristically celebrate historical            Congratulations Stefania and have fun at the
events of importance. The major traditional festivals and         Provincial public speaking event that is taking
fasts originated in biblical times, but holidays can arise                         place in May!
whenever a momentous event requires such a response.
Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Memorial Day - was

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                    Music Monday                           PIZZA LUNCH

Music Monday, a celebration and promotion of               New pizza lunch order forms were sent home last
the Arts programme in all Canadian schools, is             week. If your child did not receive a form and he/she
                                                           wishes to participate, kindly drop by the office to fill one
  fast approaching. This year, Music Monday
will be held on Monday May 3rd and weather
 permitting, will be held outside at the front of
 the school at 1:00 p.m. This year's theme song
  is Sing Sing, by Canadian singer/songwriter
                                                           Club and Activity Update
  Serena Ryder. To help students prepare for
                                                           Mondays:         -Hip-Hop Groove – Gr. 1-6
 Music Monday, please keep this page with the
                                                                            (beginning 4/12)
             lyrics published below.                                        -Junior Eco-Club – Gr. 4-6
                                                                            -Silver Birch Express – Gr. 3-4
                          Sing Sing                                         -Kathleen Chin Art – Gr. 3-6
                           S. Ryder                                          (beginning 4/19)
                                                                            -Green Club – Gr. 4 - 6
        You gotta sing sing sing sing sing out loud
            Don’t matter if you stay on track              Tuesdays:        -Silver Birch – Gr. 5/6
        You gotta sing sing sing sing sing out loud
            Don’t you dare hold nothing back               Wednesdays: -Dinosaur Club Part II
                                                                       (beginning 4/14)
      I’ve been around for long enough to know that
                 Everybody needs to sing                   Thursdays:       -Junior Choir – until May 6
         No matter if you’re all alone or surrounded
       By a thousand people with a thousand things         Fridays:         -Pizza Lunch

        You gotta sing sing sing sing sing out loud
            Don’t matter if you stay on track
        You gotta sing sing sing sing sing out loud
            Don’t you dare hold nothing back

     It’s not about the way you look or what you do
               As long as you are having fun
   Because you know we’re here together in the world
                You’ll never be the only one
        You gotta sing sing sing sing sing out loud
              Don’t matter if you stay on track
        You gotta sing sing sing sing sing out loud
             Don’t you dare hold nothing back

     J’suis bien placé pour savoir ça, c’est évident
                                                           O        ur 2010 Blue Spruce lunchtime reading
                                                                   program was a huge success due to
                                                                   enthusiasm and dedication displayed by our
                                                                   junior reading experts. Mme Petry is very
                                                           proud of their desire and determination to motivate
            Tout l’monde a besoin d’chanter                young children to read.
  Que tu sois seul sur terre ou entouré par des milliers
                Fauché ou bien comblé                      Around 60 students in grade 1 and 2 eagerly came to
                                                           the library to listen to picture books read by enthusiastic
    Tu dois chanter chanter chanter chanter bien fort      junior experts. Every team of experts also prepared
             Qu’importe si t’es pas sûr de toi             interesting activities for the primary students. Some of
    Tu dois chanter chanter chanter chanter bien fort      the activities included making dream catchers, learning
           Tu dois me donner tout ce que t’as              how to draw dog heads, creating crocodiles, animal
                                                           masks and plasticine characters to name but a few.
               Don’t you dare hold nothing
               Don’t you dare hold nothing                 This year my partner and I read “Farley Follows His
             Don’t you dare hold nothing back              Nose.” Most of the children listened attentively to this
               Don’t you dare hold nothing                 funny story and enjoyed discussing their ideas about
               Don’t you dare hold nothing                 this story with their friends. After recording their opinion
             Don’t you dare hold nothing back              about this story in their passport, the children in our

P04 (Voices-2009-2010) ms.104                         3
group played a game. The children had to pretend that
they were Farley in search of food. So they looked for
food pictures were hidden in the library. The children all
loved this game and were sad when it was time to go
back to the classroom. Several of the crafts are on
display in the front foyer.
By: Maggie Chang, Blue Spruce Expert

This term at Dunlace, several junior students helped to
                                                st      nd
run the Blue Spruce reading program for our 1 and 2
graders. The Blue Spruce program involved junior
students reading different books in an exciting manner.
The junior students engaged the younger kids by asking
them questions and preparing fun activities for them.
After listening to each story the participants recorded
their opinion about the book on a passport. Sometime in
April the participants will ultimately cast their vote to
indicate their favourite book. Blue Spruce was so much       Mrs. Cole’s Extended French Grade 4 students have
fun!” Here are some of the comments made by the Blue         greatly improved their ability to generate meaningful
Spruce participants: “All the stories were great.” “The      discussions about “Arams’ Choice” and “Among the
books were so interesting! “ “I really enjoyed the           Hidden.” The themes of courage and individual rights
activities that we did after each story!” “The activities    connected both novels.        Their group talks have
were soooo much fun!” “Since I’m in grade one, I’ll          motivated many students to read additional books by
absolutely come back next year!” “I’m really looking         the same authors.
forward to joining next year!”        The junior experts
thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the younger
students. This was a great leadership opportunity for all
of the experts. In fact, several were experts last year      Student Recognition Awards
and volunteered again this year because it was so
exciting. By: Maggie Wang, Blue Spruce Expert                At the end of each month, students are
                                                             recognized for demonstrating one of the
The grade 3-4 students who have been participating in        following character attributes: respect,
the Silver Birch Express lunchtime reading program           responsibility, empathy, kindness and caring,
have thoroughly enjoyed getting together every Monday        teamwork, fairness, honesty, co-operation, integrity and
over lunch to talk about their latest book. Many students    perseverance. The character attribute being recognized
have also begun creating interesting scenes from their       for the month of March was Honesty. We wish to
favourite book using plasticine. These will be on display    congratulate the following students:
in the front foyer in mid-April.
                                                             Ms. Haye – Shevan S., Estelle W., Layla B.
Both Mme El-Jammal and Mrs. Valkanas’ students have          Mrs. Cutler – Robert H. Eugene U.
been using books and the internet to learn more about        Mrs. Jonsohn – due to an extended absence by Mrs.
different communities around the world. Working with         Jonsohn, March and April recipients will all be honoured
a partner, students had to create posters to depict key      in April.
elements of their research. They used this visual            Mr. Valkanas – Jennifer Y., Eric Y., Dominque M.
representation to share information with their peers. The    Mr. Young – Michael W., Pedram R., Aisia H.
students have also learned how to use the computer           Ms. Tice – Julie K., J.R. Yao, Varun Y.
program, “Smart Ideas”, to organize their research in a      Mr. Rotstein – Arvin G., Sharon T., Adam T.
concise manner. Soon they will be sharing their findings     Mme Wexler – Stanley D., Hasnaa M.
with their class.                                            Mme Gordon – Britney W., Joyce L., Valeryia D.
                                                             Mme Lachance – Rutaba S., Ali U., Deborah Y.
The grade 5/ 6 French Immersion students in Mme              Mme Petry – Karim B., Titan Y., Yaromir G.
Saliba’s class have been watching a French film entitled     Mme Rosenfeld – Owen B., Zachary R., Zoe V.
“Bye, Bye Chaperon Rouge.” Many of the students              Mme El-Jammal – Rhea P., Alexander B., Joy Y.
become passionate about sharing their views and asking       Mme Dunia – Rosha R., Thomas V., Cyril T.
open-ended questions in their small groups. The film         Mme Kopf-Johnson – Lauren S., Jordan B.
lends itself to discussing the impact of background          Mme Saliba – Matthew C., Milena I., Katarina K.
effects such as music and imagery on the development
of the key themes.                                           Organized by Mr. Rotstein, Mme Lachance
                                                             and Ms. Berman

P04 (Voices-2009-2010) ms.104                       4
                                    This month’s character
                                attribute is Honesty. Below is
                                an acrostic poem created by
                                  Mme El-Jammal’s and her
                                  Grade 1/2 class and some
                                ideas from Mme Rosenfeld’s       This month, Mme Rosenfeld's Grade 1 class
                                 class grade one class about
                                            honesty.             has been talking about Honesty. Here are
                                                                 some of the ideas they came up with:

                                                                 When you do something bad at school or at
               Honnêteté                                         home, it's best to talk about it to an adult.
                                                                 When you push someone, you should admit
  Honnêteté c’est dire la vérité.                                what you have done.
  Oh ! S’il vous plaît ne mens jamais.                           When you do something, even by accident,
  N’oublie pas de dire toujours la vérité.                       you should say you're sorry.
  Ne raconte les mensonges jamais.                               When you're writing a test, look at your
  Etre honnête c’est être sincère.                               own paper. Don't copy someone else's work.
  Toujours avec tes amis, ton père et ta
                                                                 If you find some money, turn it in to the
  Et surtout avec toi-même.
  Tu dis toujours la vérité.
  Et loyal et juste tu serais.
                                                                 Other people trust you when you're honest.
La classe de Mme El-Jammal
                                                                 Never copy a friend's work.
                                                                 Everybody makes mistakes.
                                                                 Say you're sorry.
                                                                 Talk to an adult.
                                                                 You should always try and tell the truth!

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