Castle Hedingham Parish Council and Burial Board

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					                      Castle Hedingham Parish Council and Burial Board

Mrs. J. Caulfield                                                                                       30 Sloe Hill
Clerk to the Parish Council                                                                             Halstead
Telephone 07813793322                                                                                   Essex CO9 1JT

                                 Halstead Rural Parish Cluster Meeting
         Date:              Wednesday 8th October 2008

         Time:              7.30 p.m.

         Venue:             Memorial Hall, Church Lane, Castle Hedingham

         Apologies to:      Jan Caulfield, 01787 477537


               1.    Apologies for Absence
               2.    Minutes of previous meeting
               3.    Matters Arising from the last meeting
               4.    Braintree District Council report
               5.    Essex County Council report
               6.    Police report
               7.    BDC to speak regarding making constituents aware of help in respect of rent or/and
                     council tax payments which may be available.
               8.    Castle Hedingham
                     • Speeding within village boundaries
                     • Litter and any other youth problems
               9.    Gestingthorpe:
                     • VDS change of funding and costs - is it worth it?
                     • Grants - are they just providing salaries for jobsworths?
               10.   Great Maplestead
                     • Overhanging hedges and planting on verges – The old coal yard
                     • General enquiry re sat.nav – any issues in other parishes
                     • Update of the situation in respect of PO in Castle Hedingham
               11.   Little Maplestead
                     • Litter (especially that thrown from vehicles + ways to tackle this)
               12.   Wickham St. Paul
               13.   Venue of next meeting


         Gestingthorpe Parish Council
         Great Maplestead Parish Council (Cll David Oakes, Cll Peter Haylock, Karin Richards (Clerk))
         Little Maplestead Parish Council (Cll Jolley, Cll Sunnucks)
         Wickham St. Paul Parish Council
         Fred Swallow
         Wendy Scattergood
         Jo Beavis
         Linda Hadley,
         PCSO Mark Ling
         PC Duncan McMasters
         Olive Cowell (rep by Ian Hurford)
         David Finch
Bob Wiltshire
Mark Pitcher    apologies: Olive Cowell

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