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					                       Sundance Dance Festival Results
                             April 14-18th, 2010

      It’s A Small World      Gold

      Don’t Let Me Go         High Gold
      Fireflies               High Gold
      FX                      Silver

      Hip Hop
      Body Rockers            Gold
      Evolution               Gold
      Hip Hop Police          Gold
      Sneakers                Gold
      Witch Doctor            Gold
      Bodyworks               Silver
      Replay                  Silver
      Transform               Silver
      Up High                 Silver

      Viva La Vida           High Gold
      Rock That Body         High Gold
      Doll House             Gold
      Love & Peace or Else   Gold
      Material Girls         Gold
      Old Black Magic        Gold
      On My Way              Gold
      Stir It Up             Gold
      Miss Celie’s Blues     Silver
      Get Up & Dance         Bronze
      Gotta Work             Bronze
      Somebody Call 911      Bronze
      Where Does the Good Go Bronze
Happy Ending              High Gold
No Bravery                High Gold
If I Were a Boy           Gold
Raise It Up               Gold
Keep Breathing            Silver
Mad World                 Silver
Mom’s With Halos          Silver
White Trash Beautiful     Silver
Back to Black             Bronze
Home                      Bronze
Use Somebody              Bronze

Jump in the Line          Gold
Moses Supposes            Gold
Secretive Life            Gold
Walking On the Sunshine   Gold
Elvis Rocks               Silver
I’m My Own Walkman        Silver
Once a Year Day           Silver

Theatre Jazz
Heroes                    High Gold
I Want to be a Rockette   Gold
Ease on Down the Road     Silver
I Am Adolpho              Silver
Little Known Facts        Silver
There Right There         Silver
     Ballet & Pointe
     Jerica Sturm          High Gold
     Emily Zapisocki       Gold
     Krissy Kormos         Gold
     Tessa Cornelsen       Gold
     Sabrina Hendricks     Silver
     Sydney Dahrouge       Silver

     Channing Gibbins      High Gold
     Jordan Gibbins        High Gold
     Brianna Holick        Gold
     Jerica & Krissy       Gold
     Bailey Busslinger     Silver

     Hip Hop
     Becki Monaghan        Gold
     Kiara Moore           Gold
     Emily Swan            Silver

     Jordan Gibbins        High Gold
     Briggs Gibbins        Gold
     Jerica Sturm          Gold
     Abbey Tyrrell         Gold
     Abbey & Channing      Gold
     Channing Gibbins      Gold
     Danielle Joly         Gold
     Jordan Gibbins        Gold
     Katelynn Boucher      Gold
     Krissy Kormos         Gold
     Teressa Fonstad       Gold
     Bailey Busslinger     Silver
     Brooklyn Anderson     Silver
     Cheyanne Shanmugam    Silver
     Kendal Goebel         Silver
     Kira Wolf             Silver
     Teressa Fonstad       Silver
     Tessa & Natalia       Silver
     Ashley Stevens        Bronze
     Darci Heisz           Bronze
     Emily Swan            Bronze
     Hannah & Sarah        Bronze
Lindsey & Tennille   Bronze
Paige Meyers         Bronze
Taejah Olsen         Bronze

Jordan Gibbins       High Gold
Jerica Sturm         Gold
Katelynn Boucher     Gold
Krissy Kormos        Gold
Bailey Busslinger    Silver
Becki Monaghan       Silver
Brianna Holick       Silver
Jacklin Pletcher     Silver
Janina Kuczkowksi    Silver
Kira Wolf            Silver
Paige Gregg          Silver
Shannon Grabinsky    Silver
Sydney & Taejah      Silver
Darci Heisz          Bronze
Emily Swan           Bronze
Lindsey Matwichuk    Bronze

Abbey Tyrrell        Gold
Briggs Gibbins       Gold
Jerica Sturm         Gold
Kendal Goebel        Gold
Lindsey Matwichuk    Gold
Gabrielle & Alyssa   Silver
Janina Kuczkowksi    Silver
Paige Gregg          Silver
Sydney Dahrouge      Silver
Sydney & Becki       Silver

Theatre Jazz
Jerica & Krissy      High Gold
Peytan Green         High Gold
Shannon & Darci      High Gold
Sydney Dahrouge      High Gold
Madison Sturm        Gold
Madison & Summer     Gold
Taejah Olsen         Gold

     Body Rockers              Outstanding Beginner Hip Hop Small/Medium Group
     Don’t Let Me Go           Outstanding Inter II/III/Adv Contemporary Group
     I Want to be a Rockette   Outstanding Beg/Jr Variety Small Group
     Love & Peace or Else      Outstanding Inter III Small/Medium Group
     No Bravery                Outstanding Inter II Lyrical Medium/Large/Line
     Old Black Magic           Outstanding Jr Jazz Small/Medium Group
     Raise It Up               Outstanding Beg/Jr Lyrical Group
     Secretive Life            Outstanding Beg Tap Group 7-12 yrs
     Viva La Vida              Outstanding Inter II Jazz Small Group
     If I Were A Boy           Most Promising Inter III/Advanced Lyrical Small/Medium Group
     I’m My Own Walkman        Most Promising Intermediate 1 Tap Small Group
     It’s A Small World        Most Promising Jr Character Ballet Small/Med Group
     Moses Supposes            Most Promising Intermediate I Tap Small Group
     Once A Year Day           Most Promising Junior Tap Small Group
     On My Way                 Most Promising Beginner Jazz Small/Medium Group
     Walking on the Sunshine   Most Promising Beginner Tap Small/Med Group 6-7 yrs
     Bodyworks                 Choreography Award-Mr. Tyler
     Don’t Let Me Go           Choreography Award-Miss Dixie
     Happy Ending              Choreography Award Miss Priscilla
     Heroes                    Choreography Award Miss Priscilla
     If I Were A Boy           Choreography Award-Miss Priscilla
     Jump in the Line          Choreography Award-Miss Selesta
     Keep Breathing            Choreography Award-Miss Erin
     Love & Peace or Else      Choreography Award-Miss Priscilla
     Miss Celie’s Blues        Choreography Award-Miss Erin
     No Bravery                Choreography Award-Miss Priscilla
     Transform                 Choreography Award-Mr. Tyler
     Viva La Vida              Choreography Award-Miss Priscilla
     Becki Monaghan-Outstanding Inter I Hip Hop Solo & $50 scholarship
     Brianna Holick- Most Promising Inter III/Advanced Contemporary Solo & $25 scholarship
     Briggs Gibbins-Outstanding Inter I Jazz Solo 10-11 yrs & $50 scholarship
     Channing Gibbins-Outstanding Jr/Inter I/II Contemporary Solo & $50 scholarship
     Danielle Joly-Outstanding Beg/Jr Lyrical Solo & $50 scholarship
     Danielle Joly-Outstanding Jr Jazz Solo 12-17 yrs & $50 scholarship
     Darci & Shannon-Most Promising Inter/Advanced Variety Duet & $30 scholarship
     Jacklin Pletcher-Most Promising Beg/Jr Lyrical Solo & $25 scholarship
     Jerica Sturm-Most Promising Advanced Jazz Solo 15-16 yrs & $25 scholarship
     Jerica Sturm-Most Promising Inter III/Adv Character Ballet Solo & $25 scholarship
     Jerica Sturm-For the Love of Dance Adv Lyrical Solo 15-18 yrs & $25 scholarship
     Jerica & Krissy-Outstanding Inter/Advanced Variety Duet & $50 scholarship
     Jerica & Krissy-For the Love of Dance Modern/Contemporary Duet & $30 scholarship
     Jordan Gibbins-Outstanding Inter III/Advanced Contemporary Solo & $50 scholarship
     Jordan Gibbins-Outstanding Inter III Jazz Solo 15-17 yrs & $50 scholarship
     Jordan Gibbins-Outstanding Inter III Lyrical Solo 17-19 yrs & $50 scholarship
     Katelynn Boucher-Outstanding Inter III Lyrical Solo & $50 scholarship
     Kiara Moore-Most Promising Jr Hip Hop solo & $25 scholarship
     Krissy Kormos-Outstanding Advanced Jazz Solo 17-18 yrs & $50 scholarship
     Krissy Kormos-For the Love of Dance Pointe Solo & $25 scholarship
     Lindsey Matwichuk-Outstanding Inter II Tap Solo & $50 Scholarship
     Madison & Summer-Outstanding Beg/Jr Variety Duet & $50 scholarship
     Sydney Dahrouge-Outstanding Jr/Int I/II Variety Solo & $50 scholarship
     Sydney & Taejah-Most Promising Jr/Int Lyrical Duet & $30 scholarship
     Taejah Olsen-Most Promising Jr/Int I/II Variety Solo & $25 scholarship

     Briggs Gibbins-Rising Star Award $100 plus Shy Ann merchandise
     Jordan Gibbins-Choreographer of the Day-Jazz Solo
     Jordan Gibbins-10 classes at The Edge Performing Arts Studio in Los Angeles
     Miss Dixie-Choreographer of the Day-Jordan Gibbins’ Contemporary Solo
     Miss Priscilla-Choreographer of the Day-No Bravery
     Miss Priscilla-Most Entertaining Routine $100 scholarship for Sydney Dahrouge’s
     Variety Solo

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