My Dog Skip by Willie Morris - A Beautiful Book_ Written Thru The Eyes And Innocence Of Youth by karenw3409


									         My Dog Skip by Willie Morris

                   A Wonderful Book By The Late Willie Morris

This classic story of a boy and a dog growing up in small-town America by
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Willie Morris is written with the gentle wisdom
of an E.B. White and the eternal youth of a Huck Finn (Atlanta Journal-
Constitution). Author reading tour.

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I lived through this book, more than I read it.

It was a beautiful experience, a walk back in time, to a slow sweet
Southern boyhood with a favorite dog. A dog that was a best friend, as well
as a companion.
Willie Morris opened his heart and soul to Skip -- teaching him great tricks
and how to play football (and understand the play calls too!).

Skips driving abilities were top notch too -- causing more than one old
timer to fall off a rocking chair when Skip drove by!!

Then there was Willies first love, Rivers APplewhite, who tried to nurse a
little emaciated kitten back to health, with Skips adoring attention. And
Willies buddies, Pee Wee, Muttonhead and the unforgettable Ben, who
helped Willie make some totally unforgettable (LOL) Chocolate chip

In a way, this book reminded me a little of Truman Capotes A Christmas
Story, with its centralized and very special characters inhabiting the pages,
and the slow sypury sweet Southern days when kids had fun just be being
kids and using their imaginations, and had no end of places to explore.

My heart broke when I read about Willie driving away to attend school
overseas and looking back to see his forever-faithful friend lying under a
tree watching him, and receding into the distance -- but remaining forever
in his heart.

Very well written. Very nostalgic. Written with the kind of love that does not
diminish with the passage of time.

Made me go home and gently hug my cats (who dont play football but still
love to chase and tackle)

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