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Knife Fighting A Practical Course by Michael Janic - Practical Is Absolutely Correct

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					Knife Fighting: A Practical Course by
           Michael Janich

                                Excellent Work

Michael Janich has trained SF vets, police and street fighters in the
techniques of knife fighting for years. Now this highly successful,
comprehensive instruction is available to the average soldier, martial artist
or defense-minded citizen who is interested in developing the practical
skills required for todays combative streets.

I dont see how anybody could read this book without getting a big smile on
his/her face. It gives that much pleasure!

I have a confession. I love Michael Janich. I dont mean in a gay way,
since Im basically a neuter and not interested in any of that stuff. But
Michael has made a DVD about cutting people with knives, and he has
brought me immense joy swinging my knife around trying to follow his
moves. Okay, hes way too fast for me; I cant keep up. What troubles me
is he doesnt seem to realize few of us can match his speed. I think he
should have written in his book that his techniques are most effective when
used against slower, perhaps handicapped, victims.

So I would fully recommend buying this book along with his DVD! I know
its more money, but, hey, you never know what youll find in the pockets of
your opponents, the same opponents who would likely have cut you to
ribbons before you learned Michaels stuff. I wou ld also suggest you
purchase a knife. As Denny Walters, our local golf pro, told me when I
was a teenager,You cant play the game without the equipment. Best
advice I ever got.

Okay, now youre set to go ... except Michael made one omission, which is
serious enough for me to mention. He did not tell us how effective a saw
can be in defense of ourselves. In fact, I have never read any knife
fighting book which mentioned the lowly saw. But, folks, saws can cut too!
If you want to get through bone, look how much easier it is with a saw. Not
only that but frankly I dont always have a knife on me, but who doesnt
carry a saw even on short trips? I can only hope Michael rectifies his lapse
in future editions.

I cant end this without telling you Michael will come to you and give a
seminar. I know most of us can only dream, but listen up, you billionaires
out there, Michael can be had!

One caveat: this book is not intended for cutters.

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