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									               Consequences by Skyy

                                    Part 2 ...

Schools back in session and theres a lot of unfinished business to handle.
As Lena prepares for her wedding day, she cant help but think about
Denise, her sexy b-ball roommate who almost stole her away. A summer
isnt enough time to get over a true love. Denise just cant shake the
feelings she developed for soon-to-be-married Lena. Should she go for
what she wants or leave well enough alone? Cooley let Misha walk away,
but she cant take no for an answer. Will her determination to win back her
first love bring Misha back or push her further away? Carmen worked hard
to get her life back on track...but will fears of the past wreck her future with
new love Nic? This fast-paced sequel to Choices will leave you on an
emotional roller coaster you wont want to get off.

Personal Review: Consequences by Skyy
Ok after reading these two installements all I want to know is when does
the next book come out so I can purchase mine in advance. This was a
great read she has opened up so many doors of understanding for the
lesbien community with these books SKYY your great I loved the story line
the charaters where great I started this book around 9am on a staurday
morning and didnt put it down until i was done that evening around 7pm
My partener was pissed but I was so into this story you would have thought
that I was a charater in this book all in all a great read cant wait till your
next book drops I am for sure a long time Fan.

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