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The Llewellyn Tarot Companion by Anna Marie Fergus - Wonderful Welsh Deck


									   The Llewellyn Tarot Companion by
         Anna-Marie Ferguson


Over a century ago, a young boy left Wales and journeyed to America,
where he started a small press, now known as Llewellyn Publications.
Llewellyn Georges adventurous spirit and W elsh heritage embodies The
Llewellyn Tarot, which also celebrates the publishers enduring legacy.

From the creator of the popular Legend: The Arthurian Tarot Kit, this
lavishly illustrated deck offers universal appeal (based on Rider -Waite)
with a Welsh twist. A compelling story unfolds starring Rhiannon as The
Empress, Bran the Blessed as The Emperor, The Wild Herdsman as The
Horned God (the Devil), Gwydion as The Magician, Llew Llaw Gyffes as
the Bringer of Light, and other figures from Welsh mythology. Watercolor
imagery beckons us forth into a mystic world of ancient forests, sensuous
seascapes, and wondrous waterfalls-gorgeous landscapes brimming with
mystery, meaning, and magic. Also included is The Llewellyn Tarot
Companion, which features an introduction to the craft and history of tarot,
along with Welsh legends infused in this deck.

Personal Review: The Llewellyn Tarot Companion by Anna-
Marie Ferguson
This set inspired me to make my own personal images on
some 4x6 index cards. I'm tired of being bombarded with
the same old violent and distressing images day after day.
I know some other decks have used differ ent ways to say the
same thing.

Just because
RW did it this way or the Marselles (sp) did it that way
doesn't mean we can't find other ways to make the same

I do love love love the book. The meanings are
traditional but more up to date and not so much black and
white thinking. I think that the people who wrote the
first meanings did not think a lot in terms of grey. The
reality is sometimes things "are" black and white, but for
the most part our days go along without having to think of
10 swords in our backs to make the point that we are at the end of
something and need to let go and move on.

So, anyway, I just finished my first rough draft of my own personal cards
which show no violence and I'm using mostly the book that came with thi s
deck for meanings.

My favorite card with this deck is the what is usually the Devil card. They
call this card "The Wild Herdsman." The picture on the card is the first one
I've seen of this card that I can stand to look at. And the meaning is
different. The Wild Herdsman of myth was the caretaker of nature and he
watched over the animals.

I have created a meaning with this card that it is time to take care of my
body and my being in general and my environment. They go on to the
more traditional meaning if one doesn't take care of the things we are
supposed to.

This is a good addition to their products and for me, especially the
book and thank you so much, people, for creating that wonderful
Wild Herdman card. It really jarred my way of thinking about
how we just go along with so many of the old stuff and it's centurys
later. My life is hard enough. When I pull out my cards, which I do
daily I don't need to be bombarded with such distressing energy.

One other interesting thing. On the day of Obama's taking the oath of
office I did one of my first readings using this deck. The Wild Herdsman
came up as the result card. The deck and book were still new to me so at
first I felt very distressed. Then I looked at the meaning in the book and
smiled as I remembered how important nature and taking care of it was to
Obama. It felt so good and I thought that maybe someone will actually do
something about the environmental mess we've gotten ourselves into. I
pray so. I would definitely recommend this kit
for folks who mostly want the traditional RW card look and a wonderful
book of meanings.

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