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BankAccess CheckCard
Make a purchase at any VISA®
merchant location with the BankAccess
CheckCard. Payment is automatically
deducted from your checking account.
Saves time, for you no longer have
to write checks, show ID or wait for
an approval. Access your checking
account through any ATM location.
The BankAccess CheckCard is free.
Ask a customer service representative
for details.

                                   Average Daily                    Average Daily
                     Minimum        Balance For       Service      Balance Needed                     Main Office:
 Plan Name            to Open       No Charge         Charge       To Earn Interest                   200 Middle Neck Road
                                                                                                      Great Neck, NY 11021
 Totally Free           $100             N/A           N/A               N/A
                                                                                                      516-498-8222 – Fax
 Advantage              $100             $100      $8 Per Month         $100
 Checking                                                                                             24-Hour Plus®
                                                                                                      and VISA® CheckCard
 Money Market          $1,000           $1,000     $8 Per Month        $1,000         Get the edge.

 Tiered                $2,500           $2,500     $10 Per Month       $2,500
 Money Market

 Power-Plus           $10,000           $10,000    $15 Per Month        $100
 Checking                                                                                                                              Get the edge.
                                                                                                           Equal Housing Lender
                                                                                                           Equal Opportunity Lender

                                                                                                      Member FDIC
Personal Checking and                      First Order of Personalized Checks              Power-Plus Checking                            Automatic Loan Payments
Money Market Accounts                      Your first order of 50 special member           Combines the convenience of a great            “AutoPay” saves time, postage and
Community National Bank offers a variety   checks will be imprinted with your name         checking account with the higher earnings      possible late charges by automatically
of account options for your checking       and address at no extra cost.                   of a tiered money market account.              transferring payments to auto, home
needs. You can choose from our regular                                                     Enjoy free unlimited check writing with        improvement and mortgage loans,
                                           Interest on Checking
checking accounts for your basic needs,                                                    free personalized checks, and earn a           without cost.
our Power-Plus Checking for added          Earn interest on your checking account          competitive rate of interest on balances
value and benefits or our money market     when you maintain a $100 average daily          of $10,000 or more, and a superior rate
                                           balance. If your average daily balance          of interest on balances of $50,000 or
                                                                                                                                          One Statement Banking
account for greater earning power.
                                           drops below $100, an $8 monthly fee will        more. If balance falls below $10,000 at        Link accounts to receive one easy-to-
                                           be charged.                                     any time during the month, a $15               read monthly statement. Complete
Totally Free Checking                                                                      monthly maintenance fee will apply until       transaction information on checking,
                                                                                           the minimum balance is restored.               Statement Savings and ReadyAccess
Free                                       Money Market                                                                                   accounts can be included together with
No minimum balance. No monthly             Earn Money Market rates when you                                                               summary information on your CDs,
service charges. Open an account
                                           maintain a balance of $1,000; below that                                                       auto, personal and mortgage loans.
with $100.                                 level, you incur an $8 monthly fee. You         Apply for ReadyAccess overdraft
                                           can make up to six withdrawals within a         protection for “bounce proof” protection,
First Order of
                                           monthly cycle, of which three can be            uninterrupted checking services and a
                                                                                                                                          Automatic Transfer
Personalized Checks                        written to a third party. A per transaction     built-in credit reserve you can use for        Transfer funds automatically from one
Your first order of 50 checks will be      charge will apply if you exceed these limits.   any reason you name. Available with any        account to another. Saves time and
imprinted with your name and address                                                       checking account.                              gives you confidence in knowing your
at no extra cost.                                                                                                                         money will be there when you need it.
                                           Tiered Money Market
Unlimited Checking                                                                         BankAccess - 24-Hour
                                           Earn additional interest in a high yielding,
                                           tiered money market account with a              ATM Banking                                    Access to Your Image
Use all the checks you like with no
per-check charges.                         minimum balance of $2,500. The interest         Get cash, make deposits and transfer funds,
                                                                                                                                          Checks for Your Protection
                                           rate and annual percentage yield depend         day or night, seven days a week including      Community National Bank will provide
                                           upon the applicable rate tier. A $10            holidays, at virtually any ATM in the world.   convenient access to your image checks
Advantage Checking                         monthly fee will apply if your average                                                         through our website. Available 24 hours
                                           balance falls below $2,500. You can make                                                       a day / 7 days a week for easier account
Just a $100 Average Daily                                                                  Direct Deposits
                                           up to six withdrawals within a monthly                                                         balancing and positive proof of payment
Balance Required
                                           cycle, of which three can be written to a       Reduce unnecessary trips to the bank.          should you ever need it.
Keep a $100 average daily balance and      third party. A per transaction charge of        Arrange for free direct deposit of salary
we will waive the monthly fee. If your     $15 will apply if you exceed these limits.      payments, Social Security or other regular
average daily balance drops below $100,                                                    income payments to your checking account.
an $8 monthly fee will be charged.

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