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					                              Total Resource Campaign 2006:
                                     Mission Possible

                                        Campaign Overview
Purpose -            To finance new and existing programs of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce in
                     support of the Chamber’s mission: The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
                     serves as the catalyst to maximize the power of business, improve our quality of life,
                     advance the region’s economy and make our members successful.

Timeframe -          March 2 – June 7, 2006
                     Reward sessions every Thursday
                     Campaign Wrap-Up/Victory Celebration – June 7, 2006
                     Trip for Top Producers – 2006 Dates to be determined

How it Happens -     80+ Corporate Teams and 300+ volunteers
                             - Sell Chamber products
                             - Submit their results every Monday by 12:00 p.m.
                             - Attend report sessions every Thursday
Who Makes it Happen -
                     Total Resource Campaign Volunteer Chairman: Len Hutchison, Wachovia Bank
                    Campaign Vice Chairmen:
                              Thomas Anderson, Wachovia Bank
                              Larry Collett, The Post and Courier
                              Jane Comfort, The Post and Courier
                              Craig Dellinger, Regions Bank
                              Kent Floyd, Total Comfort
                              Amy Jenkins, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
                              Dennis Kirwin, Wachovia Insurance Services
                              John McElwaine, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
                              Brantley Moody, Bank of America
                              Mary Porter, Porter Consulting Group
                              Tim Walter, The Beach Company
                     Membership Development Division Vice Chairman– Bobby Collins, Wachovia Insurance
                      Power of Partnership Chairman – Len Howell, National Bank of South Carolina
                      Chamber Chairman of the Board – Brian Moody, Gamble Givens & Moody
                      Team Captains – one representing each team
                      Team Members (from one to 30 per team) – 300+ volunteers
                      Chamber Chairman-Elect and Board of Directors
                      Chamber staff members

Then What Happens    Team Members and Team Captains:
                           - receive INCENTIVES based on production
                           - are recognized and acknowledged at reward sessions each week
                           - meet other business people from 80+ companies
                           - HAVE FUN!!                                                                    2
                     Why Participate in the Total Resource Campaign?
            If you are asking yourself why? . . . Remember three key letters: C.B.S.
                                Community, Business and Self

Community - You are raising money which benefits your community. The Chamber’s program of work is
committed to sustaining our excellent community and to increasing the strength of our local economy.

Business - When the community prospers, your business prospers.

Self - What’s in it for YOU?

        -       Corporate Pride – You want your company to look good!

        -       Corporate Visibility – Your company selected YOU to get the job done.
                YOU want to show them they made the best choice!

        -       Learn a New Skill – Maybe YOU have never been in sales before or just
                want to sharpen your sales skills.

        -       Add to Your Resume – YOU are a participant in the largest Chamber campaign in the region!

        -       Expand your business contacts and meet new people – There are many other companies
                and hundreds of volunteers who are also part of this effort!

        -       Learn about the Chamber and your community.

        -       Have FUN! – YOU will never have an opportunity for this much fun while you are
                “doing your job!” We guarantee it!

        -       Great Incentives – The awards are divided into three categories:

                   Cash Sales – for new memberships, renewals, sponsorships & advertising
                   Budget Reduction Donations & Trades
                   Non-Budget Reduction Donations & Trades

Our Promise to You -
                         We will recognize you, your company & your team for your efforts.
                         We will provide incentives to you and your team for their production.
                         We will help you and your team develop community leadership skills.
                         We will involve our leading CEOs in the campaign.
                         We will have fun while doing something meaningful for the business community!                                                                         3
                          Your Part in Achieving the Campaign Goal
   Team Captains                                               Team Members

   A.   Assist with team recruitment                           A. Commit to team sales goals
   B.   Commit to corporate team sales goals                   B. Attend one of the Team Member sales
   C.   Ensure team commitment to team goal                       training sessions
   D.   Ensure 100% attendance at Team Member                  C. Prospect and sell Chamber products
        Sales Training                                         D. Work with Team Members to meet sales
   E.   Ensure high Team Member attendance at                     goals
        Campaign Kick-off and weekly Reward                    E. Attend Campaign Kick-off and weekly Reward
        Sessions                                                  Sessions
   F.   Attend Team Captain meetings                           F. Turn in production envelopes every Monday
   G.   Ensure that production envelopes are turned               by 12:00 p.m.
        in every Monday by 12:00 p.m.                          G. Accept individual achievement awards and
   H.   Accept achievement awards and publicity for               publicity for production
        team’s production                                      H. Achieve the team’s product goals
   I.   Achieve the team’s product goals                       I. Support the overall campaign
   J.   Support the overall campaign

   Vice Chairmen

   A. Manage teams to meet corporate goals
   B. Manage team production by:
      - Contacting and working on a weekly basis with Team Captains in your division
      - Attending Report Sessions
      - Attending Team Captain meetings
      - Attending Vice Chairmen meetings
   C. Achieve the campaign goal
   D. Achieve the product goals
   E. Assist Campaign Chairman with team recruitment

                                  Building Equity in the Campaign
   Sponsorship Renewals - Once you have sold a sponsorship in the campaign you can renew that
   sponsorship for future years for full credit in the campaign. That's how returning teams build equity (some call
   it "legacy") in the campaign.

   Once you have sold a new member during the campaign you can renew that Chamber membership for four
   successive years for full credit under Category 1 in future campaigns.                                                                              4
                                       Total Resource Campaign
                                 Top Teams and Producers Hall of Fame
             Top Teams                                          Top Producers

  2005                                              2005
         The Beach Company - $216,768                    Al Parish, Parish Economics - $127,765
         Parish Economics - $127,766                     Kristen Reeves, The Beach Company - $60,079
         The Post and Courier - $85,647                  Keith Waring, Charlestowne Associates - $53,248
         Nelson Mullins - $65,683                        Robert Clement, Clement Crawford & Thornhill -
         Palmer & Cay - $57,922                           $52,308
                                                          Jane Comfort, The Post and Courier - $51,109

         The Beach Company - $230,996              2004
         Parish Economics - $107,964                     Al Parish, Parish Economics - $107,964
         The Post & Courier - $85,874                    Dana Mager, The Beach Company - $72,240
         Wachovia Bank - $53,788                         Jane Comfort, The Post and Courier - $64,047
         Nelson Mullins - $48,162                        Keith Waring, Charlestowne Associates - $47,825
                                                          Naomi Simpson, The Beach Company - $43,418

         Chamber Board Team- $208,999              2003
         The Beach Company - $128,612                    Kent Floyd, Total Comfort
         The Post & Courier - $76,801                    Joe Hauhn, Charleston RiverDogs
         Palmer & Cay - $41,145                          Dana Mager, The Beach Company
         Wachovia - $40,168                              Alicia Ward, Gamble Givens & Moody
                                                          Keith Waring, Charlestowne Associates

         The Beach Company                         2002
         Parish Economics                                Bev Williams, Alcoa Mt. Holly
         Chamber Board Team                              Tim Walter, The Beach Company
         Alcoa Mt. Holly                                 Dana Mager, The Beach Company
                                                          Jennifer Kliner, Morgan Stanley

         Chamber Board Team                        2001
         Gamble Givens & Moody                           Henry Blackford, Bank of America
         EXPO Task Force Team                            Al Parish, Parish Economics
                                                          Jane Comfort, The Post and Courier
                                                          Dana Mager, The Beach Company
         Chamber Board Team- $69,110
         The Beach Company - $36,270               2000
         Wachovia - $20,100                              Glen Brown, The Board Team
         First Federal of Charleston - $17,087           Bobby Collins, Palmer & Cay
         Bank of America - $15,510                       Dana Mager, The Beach Company
                                                          Brantley Moody, Bank of America
                                                          Al Parish, Parish Economics                                                      5
                                   Total Resource Campaign
                                     Traveler Hall of Fame
                   These individuals qualified for the victory trip during past campaigns

Kin Britton, Bank of America                               Jarred Overcash, The Commonwealth
David Burt, LS3P                                           Alison Mullen, Palmer & Cay
Elton Carrier, First Federal                               Bobby Pearce, Nelson, Mullins
Julie Chave, Cullum Mechanical                             Julie Rice, APEX Broadcasting
Mark Clancy, LS3P                                          Larry Tarleton, The Post and Courier
Bobby Collins, Palmer & Cay                                Anita Zucker, The InterTech Group
Jane Comfort, The Post and Courier                         Thomas Anderson, Wachovia
Dean Ellis, Cote – Firestone                               Thomas Clymer, Wachovia
Larry Fulton, Pre-Paid Legal                               Skip Godow, College of Charleston
Cregg Glover, CIGNA                                        Len Howell, National Bank of South Carolina
Merri Griffin, Cullum Mechanical                           Len Hutchison, Wachovia
Jennifer Kliner, Morgan Stanley                            Tom Hood, First Federal
Dana Mager, The Beach Company                              Wilbur Johnson, Young Clement Rivers, LLC
Brantley Moody, Bank of America                            Kevin Kliner, Schindler Elevator
Brian Moody, Gamble Givens & Moody                         Mike McGinty, BlueCross BlueShield
Al Parish, Parish Economics                                Bill Moody, Gamble Givens & Moody
John Settle, Community FirstBank                           Kristen Reeves, The Beach Company
Nancy Shennessey, First Union                              Naomi Simpson, The Beach Company
Kim Snyder, The Beach Company                              Lucy Chapman, The Post and Courier
Ann Soffin, The Post and Courier                           Alicia Ward, Motley Rice LLC
Jeff Spicer, Wachovia                                      Stuart Whiteside, Seamon Whiteside & Assoc.
Jeff Vinzani, Nexsen Pruet                                 Jeff Carron, Clement Crawford & Thornhill
Tim Walter, The Beach Company                              Cherie Blackburn, Nelson Mullins
Bev Williams, Alcoa Mt. Holly                              Larry Collett, The Post and Courier
Bill Youngblood, McNair Law Firm                           Mandy Denaux, Advertising Service Agency
Keith Waring, Charlestowne Associates                      Catherine Griffin, Apex Broadcasting
Peter Wertimer, Advertising Service Agency                 David Hay, Hay Tire Company
Daniel Atwill, Clement, Crawford & Thornhill               Michelle Kelly, Clear Channel
Deborah J. Boone, Palmer & Cay                             David Maybank III, Maybank Properties
Kim Butler, The Beach Company                              Doug Lineberry, Nelson Mullins
Steven Wade Chapman, SCANA                                 Corbin Miller, Palmer & Cay
Craig Dellinger, First Citizens Bank                       Mary Porter, Porter Consulting Group
Kent Floyd, Total Comfort                                  Beth Savage, American Express Financial
Joe Hauhn, Charleston Riverdogs                            Molly Thomas, First Federal
Dennis Kirwin, Palmer & Cay                                Alan Uram, National Bank of South Carolina

                         Past Campaign Chairman’s Cabinet
                         2005     Bobby Collins, Palmer & Cay
                         2004     Keith Waring, Charlestowne Associates
                         2003     Anita Zucker, The InterTech Group
                         2002     Bill Scarborough, Atlantic Coast Life Insurance
                         2001     John Settle, Community FirstBank
                         2000     Dick Elliott, Maverick Southern Kitchens
                         1999     John Darby, The Beach Company

                                      Past Campaigns
                                  Goal                     Actual
                         2005     $1,400,000               $1,551,001
                         2004     $1,000,000               $1,308,072
                         2003      $875,000                $883,367
                         2002      $500,000                $625,805
                         2001      $425,000                $582,915
                         2000      $350,000                $378,552
                         1999      $300,000                $347,687                                                                        6
                                       Chamber Overview
Our Mission
The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce serves as the catalyst to maximize the power of business,
improve our quality of life, advance the region’s economy and make our members successful.

Who we are
 The largest business organization in the region, uniting professionals throughout the Charleston area
  to work together to accomplish collectively what cannot be done individually.
 An organization that recognizes all the factors that affect a community and establishes programs
 A non-profit, business organization whose budget comes from membership dues and investments.
 Operated by a staff of over 30 and a team of more than 900 volunteers.
 Representing more than 2,500 member businesses in the tri-country region.
 Managed by a Board of Directors and Executive Committee, comprised of business leaders from the

Who we aren’t
 A department of the city or state government; a social, service or charitable institution.
 A private advertising, publicity or public relations agency.

What we do
The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce provides the business community with the leadership
needed to foster an economic and political climate favorable to all business, in order to create a higher
quality of life for all residents of the metropolitan area.
     Optimize the area’s business climate by educating membership about issues affecting the region.
     Serve as an advocate to balance quality growth with quality of life.
     Support the enhancement of a quality workforce and the development of future community
     Expand and diversify the region’s economy by focusing on the implementation of a strategy that
         concentrates on job creation and investment.

How we do it
 Providing networking opportunities: Annual Meeting & Gala, Area Business Councils, Winter Golf
   Classic, Business After Hours, Oyster Roast, Chamber Night at the Beach, Chamber forums and
 Giving you a voice in political issues: Chamber lobbying efforts, Member surveys, Legislative
   Agenda, Public Policy Committee and more.
 Strengthening your future workforce: The Education Foundation, College & Career Pathways,
   WISE and more.
 Supporting the hospitality, manufacturing and all other regional business industries.
 Helping you develop professionally: Leadership Charleston, CEO Roundtables, WISE and more.
 Helping build the local economy: Business Development Division, Existing Industry Expansion and
   Retention, Lowcountry Manufacturers Council, new business recruitment and more.
 Providing the most up-to-date economic information:, Center of
   Business Research and Annual Economic Forecast and other publications.
 Boosting your name recognition and credibility: in Business Advocate, online membership listing,
   Member-to-Member Discount Program, networking events, President’s Receptions, as Lead Investors
   and more.                                                                       7
                           FY06 Executive Committee
                     Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Board - Brian Moody, Gamble Givens & Moody

BACPAC Chairman - Stacey Lindbergh, MUSC

Business Development Vice Chairman - Danny Kassis, SCANA

Chair-elect - Tom Hood, First Federal

Communications & Marketing Vice Chairman - Bruce Murdy, Rawle Murdy

Education Foundation Chairman - Rob Kerr, Hagood & Kerr

Finance Vice Chairman - Bonnie Lester, ICF Consulting

Hospitality Development Vice Chairman - Mary Thornley, Trident Technical College

Immediate Past Chairman - Wilbur Johnson, Young Clement Rivers

Member Programs Vice Chairman - Suzanne Teagle, WCIV TV, Channel 4

Membership Development Vice Chairman – Robert Collins, Wachovia Insurances Services

President and CEO - Charles Van Rysselberge

Public Policy Vice Chairman - David Maybank III, Maybank Properties

Quarters Task Force Chairman and First Vice Chairman - Thom Penney, LS3P Associates Ltd.

Regional Advancement Vice Chairman - Ted Creech, BellSouth                                                                  8
                             FY06 Board of Directors
                     Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
Brian Moody
Gamble, Givens & Moody LLC       Dick Elliott                 Rob Kerr
Chairman of the Board            Maverick Southern Kitchens   Hagood & Kerr, P.A.

Charles Van Rysselberge          Karen Elsey                  Jeremiah Knight
Charleston Metro Chamber of      Laura Alberts, Tasteful      Verizon Wireless Customer
Commerce                         Options                      Contact Center
President and CEO
                                 Manny Gonzales               Bonnie Lester
Tom Anderson                     Tiger Lily Florist           ICF Consulting
Health Sciences Foundation
MUSC                             Bill Goodwin                 Stacey Lindbergh
                                 The Goodwin Group            MUSC
Fred Anthony
Broadband Wireless Services      Vince Graham                 Vince Marino
                                 Civitas                      Container Maintenance Corp.
Al Baciocco
Defense Issues Chairman          David Hay                    Montez Martin
                                 Hay Tire Company, Inc.       Charleston County Housing
Rob Black                                                     Authority
Chastain Construction            Tripp Hays
                                 Mills House Hotel            David Maybank III
Bryan Blalock                                                 Maybank Properties, LLC
Universal Maritime Service       Steve Hilton
APM Terminals                    Embassy Suites               Mike McGinty
                                 Convention Center            BlueCross BlueShield of SC
Mitch Bohannon
Thomas & Hutton                  Hank Holliday                Bruce Murdy
Engineering Co.                  Doubletree Guest Suites      Rawle Murdy
                                 Historic District
Charlie Carmody                                               Robert New
CB Richard Ellis Carmody         Tom Hood, Jr.                Charleston Port Services
                                 First Federal
Robert Clement, III                                           Jim O'Connor
Clement, Crawford & Thornhill,   Len Hutchison                Collins Engineers Inc.
Inc.                             Wachovia
                                                              Susan O’Rourke
Robert Collins                   Wilbur Johnson               Belk Department Stores
Wachovia Insurance Services      Young Clement Rivers,
                                 LLP                          Al Parish
Ted Creech                                                    Charleston Southern University
BellSouth                        Brent Jonas
                                 Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Co.      Bobby Pearce
Jack Daniel                                                   Nelson, Mullins, Riley &
International Forwarders         Gordon Jones                 Scarborough
                                 Horne Guest Insurance
Brad Davis                       Agency                       Thom Penney
Rick Hendrick Imports                                         LS3P Associates Ltd.

David Dunlap                     Danny Kassis                 Darryl Reyna
Roper St. Francis Healthcare     SCANA                        The Beach Company                                                            9
Ed Riggs                     Mary Thornley               Stuart Whiteside
N.C. Coliseum                Trident Technical College   Seamon Whiteside
                                                         & Associates
Whit Smith                   Tom Tichenor
Charleston Harbor Pilots     Bank of America             Scott Woods
                                                         SC Federal Credit Union
Ric Tapp                     Ben Ward
Nexsen Pruet                 MeadWestvaco                Andrea Wozniak
                                                         East Cooper Regional
Larry Tarleton               Keith Waring                Medical Center
The Post and Courier         Charlestowne Associates
                                                         Jerry Zucker
Suzanne Teagle               Peter Wertimer              The InterTech Group
WCIV TV, Channel 4           ASA


Ron Anderson                Hon. Chris Murphy             Hon. Leon Stavrinakis
Berkeley Chamber of         Dorchester County Council     Charleston County Council
                            David Ramey                   Hon. R. Keith Summey
Col. Glen Joerger           Greater Summerville/          City of North Charleston
Charleston Air Force Base   Dorcehster County Chamber
                            of Commerce                   James Ward
Capt. Gary Edwards                                        SPAWAR Systems Center
Naval Weapons Station       Hon. Joseph P. Riley, Jr.     Charleston
Charleston                  City of Charleston

Hon. Harry Hallman          Hon. Jim Rozier
Town of Mt. Pleasant        Berkeley County                                                    10
                      Chamber Metro Chamber of Commerce
                                   Staff List
Executive Department
Charles Van Rysselberge, President & CEO       805-3070

Business Development
Philip Owens    Vice President                 805-3116
Kristin Badger  FastTrac Coordinator           805-3042
Pennie Bingham  ThinkTEC Director              805-3073
Jennifer DeWitt Business Dev Manager           805-3010
Jill Galmarini  ThinkTEC Coordinator           805-3015

Communications & Marketing
Jonna Palmer    Vice President                 805-3031
Aimee DuRant    Manager                        805-3053
Chris Endres    Graphic Designer               805-3097

The Education Foundation
Allen Wutzdorff  Executive Director            805-3058
Anne Layel       Executive Asst.               805-3032

Finance Department
Beth Franklin    Vice President                805-3038
Vance Livingston Staff Accountant              805-3069
Ansley Lucas     AR/AP Coordinator             805-3056

Membership Development
Janet Newham     Vice President                805-3025
Lauren Cox       Membership Dev. Coord.        805-3086
Chanler Fortiere Sr. Mbr Relations Exec        805-3036
Susan Harris     Sr. Mbr Relations Exec        805-3059
Jennifer Kliner  Sr. Mbr Relations Exec        805-3028
Jennifer McGee   Membership Dev. Asst.         805-3091
Jennifer Messina Member Relations Exec         805-3012

Member Programs
Diane Owens     Vice President                 805-3094
Erin Kelly      Programs Manager               805-3077
Lindsay Stucker Programs Coor                  805-3039

Organization Development
Marge Grob        Senior VP                    805-3022
Steve Churchill   IT Director                  805-3035
Shawn Edwards     Org. Dev. Director           805-3078
Peggy Inabinet    Bus Info Associate           805-3003
Andrea Lawrence Bus Info Associate             805-3001

Public Policy / Regional Advancement
Mary Graham        Vice President              805-3043
Chris Hayes        CBR Coordinator             805-3065
Honey Hopkins      Public Policy Manager       805-3089
Joel McManus       Reg. Adv. Director          805-3034
Scott Moore        CBR Manager                 805-3064
Erin Pabst         Reg. Adv./Pub. Pol. Asst.   805-3040                                                            11
                          Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
                              Total Resource Campaign 2006
                                   Campaign Leadership

Total Resource Campaign
Len Hutchison                          Larry Collett                           Dennis Kirwin
Wachovia Bank                          The Post & Courier                      Wachovia Insurance Services
177 Meeting St., Ste. 240              134 Columbus Street                     176 Croghan Spur Rd.
Charleston, SC 29401                   Charleston, SC 29401                    Charleston, SC 29402
727-1067 fax: 727-1061                 843-937-5450 Fax: 937-5478              573-3557 Fax: 556-4009      

Power of Partnerships                  Jane Comfort                            John McElwaine
Campaign Chair                         The Post & Courier                      Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Len Howell                             134 Columbus Street                     151 Meeting St., Ste. 600
NBSC                                   Charleston, SC 29401                    Charleston, SC 29401
P.O. Box 1299                          937-4808 Fax: 937-5478                  720-4302 Fax: 722-8700
Charleston, SC 29402              
724-7016 Fax: 724-7000           Craig Dellinger                         Brantley Moody
                                       Regions Bank                            Bank of America
                                       170 Meeting St.                         200 Meeting St., Ste. 102
Membership Development Vice
                                       Charleston, SC 29401                    Charleston, SC 29401
Chair                                  937-8978 Fax: 937-4147                  888-852-5000 x 1652 Fax: 720-2272
Robert Collins, Jr.             
Wachovia Insurance Services
P.O. Box 897                           Kent Floyd                              Mary Porter
Charleston, SC 29402                   Total Comfort                           Porter Consulting Group
573-3500 Fax: 556-3036                 4760 Goer Dr., Ste. E                   12 Sothel Ave.           N.Charleston, SC 29406                  Charleston, SC 29407
                                       767-8801 Fax: 767-8802                  709-9121
Campaign Vice Chairman               
Thomas Anderson
Wachovia Bank                          Amy Jenkins                             Tim Walter
177 Meeting St., Ste. 240              Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough      The Beach Company
Charleston, SC 29401                   151 Meeting St., Ste. 600               P.O. Box 242
727-1085 Fax: 727-1061                 Charleston, SC 29401                    Charleston, SC 29407           720-4365 Fax: 720-4302                  277-3035 Fax: 722-6449

                                              Chamber Staff

       Janet Newham                     Lauren Cox                     Jennifer McGee
       805-3025                         805-3086                       805-3091


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