Campion Cafe

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					Week 3

            Campion Cafe
           Monday                                             Tuesday
     Turkey Meatballs                                        Lasagne
      Quorn Meatballs                                     Quorn Lasagne
       Mash / Swede                                         Garlic Bread
     Strawberry Crunch                                   Peas & Sweetcorn
                                                      Apple Lattice & Custard
         Wednesday                                           Thursday
        Pork in Gravy                                  Spaghetti Bolognese
      Macaroni Cheese                                 Cheese & Tomato Flan
       Roast Potatoes                                     New Potatoes
          Broccoli                                         Garlic Bread
  Sultana Sponge& Custard                            Cornflake Tart & Custard

                                Fish & Chips
                             Cheese & Onion Pie
                             Crumble & Custard
   Jacket potatoes     & Baguettes        are served everyday with a variety of fillings.
   Pasta King      is also available daily.
   Healthy Heart Colour Code:
   = Very Healthy & Nutritious   = Healthy & Nutritious   = Not as Healthy but still Nutritious