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					                                                        From The Principal– Debe Crotty
                                                                  For those of you who read the
BUDDINA STATE                                                     Sunshine Coast Daily on Tues-
SCHOOL                                                            day 27,or listened to the local
                                                                  radio stations you will be aware
Address: PO Box 50 Buddina QLD 4575                               that the issues around not being
Administration: 5477 8888                                         able to use our new hall has
Absentee Line: 5477 8860                                          drawn the attention of the media.
Information Line: 5477 8889                                       I want to assure you that I have
Fax: 5477 8800                                 Debe Crotty
                                                                 already been proactive in getting
Support Centre: 5477 8809                        Principal
                                                                 the water pressure problem fixed          Marlins boys prepare for tug-o-war
Outside School Care & Vacation Care:                             and the hall opened, and that I
0400 462 141 or 5477 8857                   see permanent access and use of the hall as being         Fiona McFadzean commenced work with the
Email: info@buddinass.eq.edu.au             a top priority. Last week I prompted a meeting at-        Year 1 teachers yesterday on mapping the
Website: www.buddinass.eq.edu.au            tended by Dave Latemore, the P&C President, sen-          Buddina Maths curriculum against the National
                                            ior EQ facilities officers, and the project manager to    Curriculum. With students now being 6 months
Student Parade Times                        progress the issue. On Sunday morning I was at the        older on commencement of school, the content
Junior Parade - Tuesdays 2:10pm             school when the project manager was on site to            of the curriculum needs to reflect this. Over the
Senior Parade - Wednesdays 2:10pm           supervise further testing of the water pressure. Prior    coming weeks the administration will meet with
                                            to being made aware that the media had been in-           a senior Maths Project Officer to consider the
IMPORTANT DATES                             formed, the school staff had made a decision to           best ways of supporting Buddina teachers to
                                            postpone the musical so it could be in the new hall. I    increase the complexity of the Maths curricu-
Friday 30 July                              know how special the musical is to the students and       lum.
         Junior Pentathlon                  community and the opening of the hall will be a
         Schools Tree Day                   milestone event in the school's history so it is highly   On Tuesday members of the Gifted Education
                                            desirable that both happen at the same time. What a       team were at Buddina planning on how to
Monday 2 August                                                                                       support teachers with attending to the needs of
         Sibling Photograph Day             wonderful evening it will be! Mr Vallance the music
                                            teacher is organising new dates for the musical           our more able students. For many years it has
Wednesday 4 August                                                                                    been recognised that lower achieving students
         Yr 5 to Botanical Gardens          which will be announced to the community as soon
                                            as they are available.                                    face difficulties in accessing the curriculum,
Friday 6 August                                                                                       and it is refreshing to see that Education
         Photograph Catch-Up Day            What wonderful Senior Pentathlon days we all              Queensland is now recognising that brighter
Tuesday 17 August &                         enjoyed last Thursday and Friday. Mr Swan is a            students also have special needs. This is a
Thursday 19 August                          great organiser and as a consequence the days ran         special interest of mine and I have led the
         District Athletics                 extremely smoothly. I felt the behaviour of the           Sunshine Coast Gifted Education Governance
                                            students was excellent and even more so when one          team for several years. I am looking forward to
Thursday 19 August
                                            considers they were operating in a less structured        promoting differentiation within the curriculum
         Parent Forum & P & C Meeting
                                            than usual environment for two full days. Congratu-       to meet the needs of the students at Buddina
         in the staffroom at 8:45am
                                            lations to all the students. I enjoyed the time I spent   State School.
Tuesday 31 August                           getting to know students and chatting with parents.
         Brekky Club 7:45 in the tuckshop                                                             Kind regards
                                            The pride everybody has in Buddina State School           Debe Crotty
                                            was very evident.

  Buddina State School Issue 12
  July 28, 2010
FROM THE CHAPLAIN                                       Thank you to all the friendly students and parents who have made my first
I WILL BE AWAY FROM                                     few weeks at Buddina such a pleasure.
SCHOOL for 3 and half weeks                             The pace of activity at school is moving quickly and many events have
after next Monday. The annual                           already happened with many more on the horizon. The music performance
Scripture Union State Confer-                           of Marmalade Jam was well received with students (and some teachers)
ence for all Chaplains is on 2nd-                       tapping their feet and singing along!
5th August. Following that, I am         Glen Yarnold
going on a Missions trip to Cam-                        Report cards came out last week. This is an exciting time in most house-
bodia and Thailand to assist in orphanages and          holds and is an excellent time to reevaluate how our children are going,
children living in poverty. This has been a desire      and how as parents, we can assist.                                                    Peter Lloyd
for over 8 years, so I am really looking forward to     Congratulations to Anthony Swan and the grounds staff for the great setup           Deputy Principal
this trip. I will be back at school on Thursday 26th    and running of the Senior Pentathalon last Thursday and Friday. It was
August.                                                 wonderful to see all the parents and grandparents along to offer their support and I was most
JUNIOR GENERATE YOUTH GROUP is on for                   impressed at the enthusiasm of all the students. I'm sure a few children needed an early night on
Grades 6, 7 & 8 this Friday night at 3 Premier Cir-     Friday to rest tired bodies and particularly, tired voices. Well done to all participants - every stu-
cuit, Warana, from 6.00 pm – 7.30pm. It will be a       dent contributed to their team's score and the closeness of the result reflected the effort put in by
mega games night. All welcome for a wholesome           all. We are looking forward to another successful day on Friday for the Junior pentathalon.
night of fun.
GUITAR LESSONS after school are available with                                                      Chocolate Drive Fundraiser
Lee McRae from the band which comes to Bud-                                    We will be having a Chocolate Drive fundraiser for the month of August,
dina for lunch time concerts. $25 for hr, or $15 for                           all chocolate's sold will not only bring a profit to the school, but there will
½ hr. He can be contacted on 0420 231993.                                      be a chance to win some great prizes. Every box sold will go into the
                                                                               draw to win one of three fabulous prizes. We will only be giving one box
SUPA CLUB continues each week during term.
                                                                               per family to be sold, with of course the option to sell more if you wish, the
Permission forms available from office for the Wed
                                                                               more you sell the more chances to go into the prize draw. If you do not
lunch time Christian program.
                                                                               wish to participate in the Chocolate Drive please fill in the flyer that is with
KIDZ CLINIC is an after school FREE Creative                                   today's newsletter otherwise your eldest child will receive a box to
Arts and Fun program for 8 – 12 yr olds, held on        sell. We will have an accurate record of who has received these boxes and expect correct
Tuesdays at 3 Premier Circuit, Warana. Bus pick         money or chocolates to be returned to your classroom. We thank you in advance for all the
up available from school for $2. Enquiries call         money you are going to help raise.
5493 1243.                                                                                                   Trish Squire Fundraising Co-ordinator
                                                                                                    School Photographs
                       Uniform Shop                                           Sibling photographs will be taken on Monday 2nd August
               Opening hours have changed.                                             Catch up Day will be Friday 6th August
               The new hours in Term 3.                                               Enquiries phone Steve Field on 5492 7284
               Tuesday 8:00am-9:00am
               Wednesday 8:00am– 9:00am
               Thursday 8:00am—9:00am
Prices in the Uniform Shop have changed
due to a new supplier. This change in sup-
plier means that we have to clear out all the
current polos to make way for the new ones.
The Polos are the same style and colour just
a better quality fabric. The current Polo's will
be selling at $20. (limited sizes are available)
After a recent poll taken in the Newslet-
ter, the current Prep Polo Shirt will
no longer be available in 2011.
The Prep classes will wear the same Polo as
the rest of the school.
The Senior Pentathlon was a great success last week
with all children striving to do their best. It was a hard                                            JUNIOR PENTATHLON ROTATION
fought and effort for all teams with only 3 points separat-                                                           Friday 30th of July
ing all 4 teams. All of the children should be congratu-                                          8:50 – 9:50-   Prep:     Running (Sack Races)
lated for the efforts they made. Their were three main                                                           Yr One: Long jump (Tug - a - war)
trophies won on the day.                                                                                         Yr Two: Distance Throws (Rob the nest)
The Ball Games Trophy : This was a contest in team                                                               Yr Three: Target Throws (Tunnel Ball)
work and ball skills. The winning team for this was the
Marlins.                                                                                          9:55 – 10:45- Prep:       Long jump (Tug - a - war)
                                                                                                                Yr One:     Distance Throws (Rob the nest)
The War Cry Shield: This was a contest in sportsman-                                                            Yr Two:     Target Throws (Tunnel Ball)
ship, support and team behaviour. The winning team this
                                                          Stingrays Captains, Ellie Brooks                      Yr Three:   Running (Sack Races)
year was the Sharks.
                                                          and Tasman Coombes hold the
The Pentathlon Cup: This was the prize for the winning             Cumner Cup.
                                                                                                  Lunch Break :     As normal with normal duty.
team that had scored the highest points per competitor in                                         Children to meet back in house area at the end of lunch.
the two day event. The winning team this year was the Stingrays.
                                                                                                  11:30 – 12:20 Prep:      Distance Throws (Rob the nest)
To highlight the effort that was made by the children, a number of long standing school records                  Yr One: Target Throws (Tunnel Ball)
were broken.
                                                                                                                  Yr Two: Running (Sack Races)
Tiffany Dale broke the 10 year old girls 800m record that was previously held by Amber Fresle                     Yr Three: Long jump (Tug - a - war)
in 2004 by almost 3 seconds setting the new record at 3.03.72. She also broke the 10 year old     Drink break for 10 minutes
girls 100m record that was set by Belinda Wauge in 1992 by almost half a second setting the
new record at 14.88 seconds.                                                                      12:30 – 1:30   Prep:     Target Throws (Tunnel Ball)
Coco Bishop-Hewitt broke the 11 year old girls 800m record that was set by Lau Poppleton in                      Yr One: Running (Sack Races)
2008 by almost 2 seconds setting the new record at 2.59.99.                                                      Yr Two: Long jump (Tug - a - war)
Lilly Palasia broke the 9 years girls set by Petra Castedo in 2008 by more then 1 second set-                    Yr Three: Distance Throws (Rob the nest)
ting the new record at 1.23.50.
Max Jacobsen also broke the 11 year boys high jump record that was set by Ty Oakhill in           1:30 – 1:55-      Afternoon tea with normal duty.
2005 by 7cm by setting a new record of 1.34m.                                                     Children to meet back at their class to have the roll
The Age Champions were the children who scored the most points for their year of birth.           marked then go back to their house area.
                                                                                                  2:00 – 2:45- Sprint finals, presentations
                                                                                                                                        and Emu parade.
                                                                                                             Children compete in their class groups
                                                                                                                    in their school year level
                                                                                                  In the event of wet weather the Junior Pentathlon will be
                                                                                                  postponed until Wednesday 4th August.

                                                                                           Stingrays Win the 2010 Senior Pentathlon

Age Champions:Front Row: 10 Years Boys:Baylin
Visona, 13 Years Boys: Hayden Sherwill and Daniel
McLellan (absent from photo) 9 Years Girls: Olivia
Cole 13 Years Girls: Amy Beasley, 9 Years Boys:
Jake Notely. Back Row: 10 Years Girls:Tiffany Dale,
11 Years Girls: Bella Palasia, 12 Years Boys: Troy
Minogue and Tasman Coombes, 12 Years Girls:
Eilish Short, 11 Years Boys: Max Jacobsen
Last week               Students of the Week         This Week                                                   Regional Tennis
PA   Jayden Robinson                PA   Kitana McMahon                                                             Champs
PB   Zane Watkins                   PB   Imogen Doughty                                                       Max Jacobsen, 6A and
PC   Ella Minne                                                                                               Teale Bennetts, 6C
                                    PC   James Ridley
                                                                                                              recently competed in the
1A   Nicole Sainsbury               1A   Janaya Spencer-Wilson                                                Regional tennis School
1B   Sammie Sparks                  1B   Takumi Nakagawa                                                      competition, representing
1C   Matthew Bardsley                                                                                         the Sunshine Coastal
                                    1C   Emily Davis
                                                                                                              District team of 4 boys and
1D   Kirra Turnbull                 1D   Maya Symonds                                                         4 girls. They both
1E   Lenny Harrison                 1E   Kai Brett                                                            performed very well
2A   Hunter McBurnie
                                                                                                              displaying excellent sports-
                                    2A   Jessica Milburn
                                                                                                              manship. Max achieved a
2B   Shyla Cooke                    2B   Lauren Van De Vorst         place in the Regional team of 4 boys who will play in the State cham-
2C   Ashleigh Trussler              2C   Noah Kubler                 pionships in August. Congratulations, Max and well done to both of
2D   Myia Gray
                                    2D   Zacariah Minhinnick Berry
3A   Eden Fraser                    3A   Lara Connolly
3B   Alorah Puritau                 3B   Aailyah Lloyd Roma                Junior Sports Packs including juice or water, apple,
3/4A Samara Van Veenendaal
                                                                           large choc-chip cookie and sausage on bread with sauce
                                    3/4A Seamus Burkett
                                                                                    will be available from the oval for $5.00
4A   Jacob Brett                    4A   Jonte Twidale                 Also available from the oval: Sausage sizzle, pies, sausage rolls,
4B   Jessie Chamberlin              4B   Greer Gibbs                       cakes, assorted sandwiches, fruit. drinks, tea and coffee.
4C   Dylan Purdy-Thompson           4C   Lucy Paterson                 Please note: No other ordering for junior school on this day.
5A   Jimmy Evans                    5A   Amy Donney
5B   Danika Smith                   5B   Joshua Heath
5C   Gabe Simpson                   5C   Dan Clegg                       Junior Sports Day Lunch Pack Order Form
5D   Shayley Andrews                5D   Steven Cuthbert-Rae
6A   Lorrin Richter                 6A   Corey Vaughan
                                                                     Name: _____________________ Class:______
6B   Matthew Thorne                 6B   Adam Wilson
                                                                                          Includes: Sausage on Bread with Sauce,
                                                                                               Apple, Large Choc-Chip Cookie
6C   Katherine Ware                 6C   Ben Jenkins-Connor
6/7A Jordyn Thompson                                                                                  Juice        or       Water
                                    6/7A Jeremy Congerton
7A   Natasha Burkett                7A   Jack Donney                                            Please Circle and Pay at the Tuckshop
7B   Trent Ferry                    7B   Andrew Ahearn

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