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Companies in Asia that have partnered CELSIM to build their leadership and coaching
capabilities using simulations and experiential learning include:

                                    Recruitment Assessment Centre

                                    Leadership Coaching Advantage
                                    Management Development
                                    Negotiations Advantage

                                    Asian Management Development

                                    Essence of Leadership

                                    Asia Pacific Team Leadership
                                    GAPPS Recruitment Assessment

                                    Leading Strategy in Action
                                    Management Development
                                    Managing Telecommunications

                                    Executive Coaching

                                    Asia Pacific Leadership Summit for Country Heads
                                     and Account Directors

                                    Singapore Team Leadership Challenge

                                    Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Team Leadership

                                    Leading Strategic Transformation (Senior
                                     Management Development Programme)

                                    Leadership Coaching Advantage

                                    Executive Coaching

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John Kenworthy John Kenworthy Leadership Caddy
About I design effective experiential learning interventions using sports and advanced learning technologies. I am passionate about developing people and making a difference in their lives. I have the pleasure to be CCO at CELSIM, and our businesses GAINMORE™ Golf and The GAINMORE™ Leadership Advantage Handbook which, after just 15 years research and 5 years of testing we have launched including GAPPS3 - the GAINMORE™ Advantage Potential to Performance System Version 3. GAPPS3 is a new way of assessing leadership and management potential and actual performance linking users to a personal development plan.