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					                                              Dart Throw

                The Object of this Game is Simple as Its Name Sounds or Maybe Not!

                  So here are a few Suggested guide lines with a bit of a Twist.
                     And the Twist is you throw the Darts from a Moving Bike
          This Game can be done either Solo (Rider only) or by a Team Rider & Passenger

Also let us not forget the Brothers and Sisters who are not Riding and of course the Kids. Their Game
 can be Like the one that you see at the Fair where the Contestants stand behind a Line or counter,
                  where you throw a Dart at A Balloon and try to pop it to win a Prize.

  •   First Instead of using Balloons you use Envelopes. (Don’t have to blow up envelopes)
  •   This Game can be used as a fund Raiser with a Buy in cost for Each Dart to be thrown.

  •    The cost that you would sell each Dart would Depend on what Prizes you have Available (Cash
      Gift Certificates or Hard Gifts.) What is a Hard Gift? you asked, Well that is pretty much anything
      that isn’t Cash or a Gift certificate, a few examples "Motor oil, Hats ,Gloves, Prints " you get the
  •    In the cases where you have a Hard Prize, that is not Cash or a Gift certificate, you would place
      a numbered piece of paper that would match with a corresponding number attached to the Hard
      Prize to identify what the contestant won.

                                  How to Play Dart Throw Bike Game

  •   Contestants can buy as many Darts as they want. But can only throw 1 Dart per Pass.

  •   The Bike can not stop During Pass and Throw.

  •   Rider and Passenger Team (The Passenger) throws The Dart

  •   Solo Rider. Well let me think who would throw the Dart! … that’s Right the Rider

  •   The Game Board which can vary in size. Though a 4x8 sheet of plywood works great Stood up
      Vertical and then has a Number of Envelopes Secured to it.
  •   You should set the Game Board up so the Rider can pass by it on the left or right Side with a
      Buffer Zone of about 6 to 8 Feet around the Game board Using Cones, so the contestants are
      not to close. When they throw the Dart.
      You can always adjust the Distance of the buffer Zone more or less.
  •   One last suggestion when a contestant Hits an Envelope, rather then giving the envelope to him
      or her at the time. You Mark there Bike enter Number or Name on the Envelope and then when
      all the Prizes (envelopes) have been hit and removed from the Board. Then you would present
      each envelope to the winning contestant. This Does takes bit more time but makes the
      anticipation of who won what more interesting .Or just give them there envelope during the
      event that works to.

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