Employee Warning Letter for Not Wearing Proper Uniform

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					Office or Department here


TO:             Mr. Mike Faires
                Associate Vice President for Operations

THROUGH:        Mr. Julio Llanas
                Director for Affirmative Action and
                Personnel Relations

                Mr. James A. Brown
                Director of Personnel

FROM:           Director’s Name
                Director for Your Department

DATE:           Current Date

SUBJECT:        Disciplinary Action

Documentation, with dates of incidents and actions taken leading up to reason of action.


                List of Recorded Disciplinary Actions

                          (Employee’s Name)

       Verbal Warning      refusal to perform assigned     After discussion with
                           tasks                           superintendent, Mr. (NAME)
                                                           agreed to do the job.
       Annual Evaluation “Needs Improvement” in            Recommend he remain on the
                         “Cleans…construction sites”,      job and refrain from “joyriding”
                         and “…other tasks assigned
       Written Warning Not on the job as assigned          Closer supervision
       Oral Counseling   Insubordination during            Instruction that this type of
       Record            counseling on DATE                behavior will not be tolerated.
       Counseling Record 1. Attendance - occasions that    You must make an effort to
                            were leave without pay         properly use your leave
                            because of insufficient        You will be responsible for
                            available leave.               getting your uniforms to the shop
                         2. Not turning in uniforms as     every Friday, and must come to
                            scheduled for cleaning.        work daily wearing a clean
                         3. Not following procedures       uniform.
                            when requesting leave.         You must follow the proper
                                                           procedures when requesting
       Counseling Record Loafing on the job                Instructions to perform his jobs
                                                           in a timely manner
       Written Reprimand Leaving job site                  Instructions to perform his jobs
                                                           as assigned and to stay on the
       Oral Warning      for insufficient quantity of work Instructions to perform his jobs
                                                           in a timely manner
Office of Your Department Here


TO:               Employee

FROM:             Supervisor

DATE:             Date

SUBJECT:          Action taken

It is important to Texas Tech University, as well as the Department of employees, that
employees be trustworthy to perform their assigned duties in good faith. They are
expected to complete their assigned tasks in an efficient manner in exchange for their

Mr. Employee, you have violated that trust repeatedly by absenting yourself from and
refusing to perform your assigned tasks, thereby significantly reducing the effective
performance of yourself and (department). All corrective actions taken to modify your
behavior and ensure your proper performance have failed to obtain the desired results.
The final incident leading to this action occurred on DATE, when you (infraction). This
last incident was but a final point in an extensive history of misconduct and violation of
the trust placed in you as an employee of Texas Tech University.

Because of the circumstances described above you are hereby notified that you are being
placed on disciplinary action effective Date through Date. You are expected to return to
work at Time, Date. S/He will be required to return to work on Date and Time and
failure to do so will be considered his/her resignation from employment effective

___________________________                          ___________________________
Name                                                 Name
Title                                                Title

___________________________                       ___________________________
Name                                              Title
I have been informed of and acknowledge the above.
Signing this document does not indicate my agreement.


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