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                                                  North Carolina A&T State University

                                     RECOMMENDATION FOR STUDENT EMPLOYMENT

Directions: Complete and submit to the Office of Budget and Planning or Contracts and Grants. An approved
            copy will be returned to the requesting supervisor and one copy to Director of Student Financial Aid.

                                       SECTION I. To be completed by Requesting Department

Date:                          Department Name:                                                               Program:

Fund:                          Account:                     61450                                         Organization:

Recommended Classification or Title:

Recommended Hourly Rate:                                                                  Total Amount Requested:          $
                                     (Should be consistent with existing positions)

Desired Starting Date:                                                                    Hours of Work:

Duration: (Beginning Date)                                                            (Ending Date)
                                                                                                          (Last date employee can work on this form)

Special Skills Desired:

General Description of Duties:

Recommended Employee (if known):                                                                       SSN:

Requested by:


             Vice Chancellor or Director                                                              Director of Student Financial Aid

                  Department Head                                                                Principal Investigator/Project Director

                   SECTION II. To be completed by Office of Budget and Planning or Contracts and Grants Office

Request Approved:                                           Amount Approved               $                   Subhead:

Request Denied:                                Reason:

                                 Budget Officer                                                                                Date

                          Director, Contract and Grants                                                                        Date

                                                     An Equal Opportunity Employer

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