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									Bonnie Culverhouse, for the last 13                 COACHING AND BEYOND
years has been bringing her eclectic
coaching style to her business. In her
                                              Ð Uncovering passions
                                              Ð Creating life balance
                                                                                             DARE TO BE
Life   Coaching       practice,   Bonnie’s
                                              Ð Recognizing energizers
intuition, passion and strong listening
                                              Ð Exploring perspectives
skills contribute to creating a safe, and
                                              Ð Identifying barriers
supportive environment. A sense of
                                              Ð Challenging fears
humour is also very present…after all,
                                              Ð Developing action plans
the shortest connection between two
                                              Ð Celebrating successes and
people is laughter.
By including coaching in the other facet      Ð Breaking a repeating life pattern
of her business - Process Consulting -        Ð Sharing experiences
Bonnie    assists     entrepreneurs      in
clarifying what their needs and desires         COMPLIMENTARY SESSION
are    from   both     a   personal   and
                                              For information on these and other services,
professional standpoint. The same holds
                                                             please contact:
true in her work with residential
clients seeking balance and grace in
their homes.

Bonnie is in the business of relating –
helping clients build a relationship
with themselves by making the quality
of THEIR life a priority. Building a strong            Bonnie Culverhouse
relationship with oneself results in a                tele: (705) 946-8548
                                                      email: bonnie@procys.ca
connection to inner wisdom where                            www.procys.ca                      COACHING
life’s true desires reside.

Being authentic, curiously questioning,
                                                         All inquiries regarding
                                                      Process Consulting for both                AND
                                                       business and residential are
and fearlessly going beyond are the                             welcome.                        BEYOND
cornerstones of Bonnie’s mission as
a coach and as an individual.                   Images courtesy of www.contentshop.tv
Coaching is an alliance between two
equals – coach and client -based on
the belief that the client is resourceful,
creative, and whole.
                                                                                                                   THE “BEING” AND
            WHY COACHING?                                         HOW DOES COACHING                                 “DOING” OF LIFE
A coach is objective and may be the                                    WORK?                                We     are   a    society    of   people
                                                                                                            “doing.“     In the midst of all this
only person without an agenda for what
                                                            A coach        assists in clarifying the        motion our authentic and true
is     best     for    you.     Rooted       in      this
                                                            client’s vision of what in their lives they     “being“      is     abandoned         and
framework, a powerful and supportive
                                                            want to be different. In this safe space        unheard.          This is our voice of
connection manifests between coach
                                                            a client freely explores, exposes, and          wisdom, our inner knowing.             This
and client.
                                                            experiences their inner self.                   voice of the soul, like a muscle,
     With the help of a “personal coach,” you can                                                           has been unused and ignored for so
     shape up your life and overcome the obstacles          A coach uses a variety of tools
     that get in the way of living a life that you                                                          long that it has atrophied.
     love. In a sense, you can hire a “personal
     trainer for your soul.”                                                                                Listening to and heeding this
                                                            Ð Asking provocative questions
                               - Cheryl Richardson                                                          voice within us connects us to who
                                                            Ð Listening with intuition and focus
                                                                                                            we are…authentically.             “Being”
                                                            Ð Deepening the learning
         WHO WILL BENEFIT?                                                                                  and “doing” from this authentic
                                                            Ð Forwarding the action
Everyone! Coaching is a positive,                                                                           place creates the life we’ve only yet
                                                            Ð Challenging “how one sees it”
fresh-air approach to finding balance                                                                       dreamed of.
within and connection to one‘s true                         Each    client     is   unique   and      the   We have it in us! Let’s tap into our
desires.                                                    relationship       with    the   coach     is   true   selves     and   discover      how
                                                            personalized. All in all, the connection        deliriously fulfilling life can “be“.
                                                            and    space     enables   the   client    to
                                                                                                            Our deepest wishes are whispers from our
                                                            discover and then create the life that          authentic selves. We must learn to respect
                                                            is truly theirs.
                                                                                                                              - Sarah Ban Breathnach

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