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Wish List - PDF


									                                        Wish List
          Silent Auction at Convo 2011, KDP Educational Foundation
Here is our wish list, but please feel free to donate other items or gift certificates
of your choice that can easily be transported or shipped. We welcome any idea that
provides for a different or unique opportunity!
      Vacation home stays—cabins, condos, or time share donations
      Jewelry—always a popular item! If you’re going on a trip abroad, consider picking up an
      extra item and donating it to the auction.
      Electronics—laptops, iPods, speakers for iPods, DVD players, DVDs, printers, flash
      drives, cell phone accessories, digital cameras, and gift certificates for any larger items.
      Name brand gift certificates—Borders, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Target, Old
      Navy, Gap, national restaurants, iTunes, Walmart, Victoria Secret, Office Max, Office
      Depot, Staples, Bath and Body Works, Best Buy, Sears, Macy’s, Forever 21, Toys R Us,
      Sam’s Club
      Perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, bed and bath items—gift sets from Macy’s, Victoria
      Secret, Bath and Body Works, Walgreens
      Cosmetics—items donated by your local representative for Avon, Mark, or Beauti
      Kitchen gadgets—can openers, ice cream makers, George Foreman grills, woks, waffle
      makers, food processors, toaster ovens, rotisserie ovens, crock pot
      Dorm essentials—comforters, sheet sets, trash cans, mirrors, rugs, shoe and clothing
      racks, shower caddies
      Travel vouchers—frequent flyer miles, airline tickets, hotels, rental cars
      Event tickets—football, baseball, basketball, theatre, opera
      Books—professional development books, college textbooks, new teacher classroom
      Teacher gift sets—pens, pencils, planners, sticky note pads, stickers, staples, staplers,
      tape dispensers, paper clips, new teacher mugs, folders, highlighters
      Autographed items—baseballs, footballs, soccer balls
      Anything KDP—handmade quilts, wall hangings, rugs, jewelry
      Cash—if you prefer to let the Foundation do the shopping

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