SHALE GAS EVALUATION ‘OPEN HOUSE’ IN CALGARY


More than 400 E&P delegates will converge on the Shale Gas Evaluation ‘Open House’ conference
on June 1st, 2010. The conference, free to attend for pre-registered delegates, is being staged at the
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Calgary. Delegates are reservoir engineers and senior decision makers with a
focus on the shale gas sector.

The reason the event is being staged is the reason Palantir and Fekete have formed an alliance. The
unconventional elements of companies’ portfolios cannot be accurately forecasted on in the same
way as conventional elements. As the industry matures and scales escalate, the requirement for real
time analysis of production and reserves linked to their financial impacts becomes more critical.

Jason Ambrose, CEO, Palantir Solutions commented: “Decision makers are only as effective as the
data they are working with and the evaluation tools they have to hand which is why there is a
growing hunger for more accurate and insightful data analysis. ”

The event is hosted by Palantir Solutions, which provides economic / planning consultancy and
software to the oil and gas community and Fekete Associates Inc., which provides reservoir
engineering software and services to producing companies worldwide.

Registration is at 11.15am followed by a networking lunch prior to the main presentations and panel

       Performance Analysis and Modeling of Shale Gas Reservoirs presented by Dave Anderson,
        Vice-President, Software Fekete
        When talking about unconventional gas, the methods for collecting, interpreting and
        modeling well performance data require an “unconventional” approach. We will
        demonstrate state-of-the-art of well performance analysis technology for unconventional
        gas, including analysis of continuous rate and flowing pressure data (RTA), integrated
        drawdown / buildup analysis (RTA and Welltest) and perforation inflow / fall-off tests
        (Welltest). We will present a systematic workflow for analyzing shale gas wells that uses
        suitable assumptions and addresses inherent uncertainties resulting from the complexity of
        shale gas completions and reservoirs. In addition, we will provide an overview of some
        cutting-edge reservoir modeling technology including horizontal well with multiple fractures,
        desorption and stress dependent rock properties.
       Managing Uncertainty in Reserve Valuations presented by Jason Ambrose, CEO & founder
        of Palantir Solutions
        Reserves management requires companies to model uncertainties that are geological,
        technical, economic and political. The oil and gas industry has a long history of applying
        advanced risking techniques in order to manage geological or subsurface uncertainty.
        However, things are somewhat different in the surface world. Wide swings have occurred
        in commodity prices, currency credit, credit markets and fiscal policy. And yet, most
        regulating bodies and companies overlook risk theory and tend towards deterministic
        methods for the "surface world" components of their reserve determinations. We will
        investigate techniques that allow reserve managers and planners to incorporate economic
        and fiscal uncertainty in reserves determinations. We will demonstrate how the
        unconventional gas workflows developed by Fekete integrate smoothly into the economic
        tools developed by Palantir Solutions. One key area of discussion will be the impact of
        royalty and tax regimes on the reserves determinations. Progressive fiscal policy, both at a
        provincial and federal level, could extend the reserve life of existing, conventional
        developments. Reducing the uncertainty of conventional reserves, may help bridge the
        transition from a conventional past to the unconventional future.

The event, which is free of charge to attend for pre-registered delegates, takes place on Tuesday
June 1st 2010 between 11.15am and 1.00pm at the Calgary Hyatt Regency Hotel, 700 Centre Street
SE (Imperial Ballroom, Level 3). For more information and to book a place

Palantir Solutions ( provides economic and planning consultancy and
software to the oil and gas community to provide improved transparency and rapid asset evaluation.

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Further Information: George Frost (Ink PR) +44 (0) 7714 206006

About Palantir Solutions

Palantir Solutions ( is a provider of integrated consulting and software,
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through its internal and external advisors across the upstream lifecycle incorporating, for example,
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Palantir Solutions is the only truly integrated player in the field.

About Fekete

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oil and gas industry since 1973 with a reputation of technical excellence. Fekete’s applications have
become known through the industry as the most practical and easy to use software available.
Focusing on the analysis and interpretation of production and shut in well data, engineers rely on
Fekete’s applications to characterize reservoirs, optimize production, and uncover opportunities to
add to a company’s bottom line. Fekete’s team of more than 150 engineers, geologists, and
software developers service a client base that includes more than 1000 companies around the

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