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          NEWSLETTER SIX | MAY 2008 |                       k .

Congratulations to Gail and                                        Socials as well as the regular
Simon on their marriage in
January, it was a lovely day,
                                     EDITORIAL                     ringing meetings. It was good to
                                                                   see lots of people at the striking
and belated happy 80th                                             competition and it was a lovely
birthday to Peter Staniforth.                       Jennie Paul    day for standing outside and
                             listening, I’m sure those who
We have had a busy start to                       01509 260234     went will agree it was a very
the year with the Dinner, Bell                                     pleasant way to spend an
Maintenance Course, Young        that rang as the Bishop passed    afternoon!
Ringers activities and Ringing   through.
for the Bishop’s Lent                                              Don’t forget to let me know
Pilgrimage. Well done to         We also have a great deal to      about any special ringing or
Measham, Evington and            look forward to over the          special events at your tower.
Loughborough and any others      summer with District and Guild


2 Bell Maintenance Course        6 Successful Guild Dinner
  Striking Competition ‘08         risingringers Latest News
3 Shawell’s Open Day             7 BRF Quiz answers with cash
4 Peter’s Birthday Peal          9 One Final Question…
  Make A Difference!             8 Your Going Out Guide!              Leicester Diocesan Guild
5 Mr & Mrs Harrison                                                     of Church Bell Ringers

                          Friday 5th & Saturday 6th September 2008
                                         Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire
                             See, Hear, Touch & Taste at the world’s biggest and best
                                                 ringing event!
3Rs Tip: Make sure your ringing chamber looks welcoming to visitors                                1
So you know your gudgeon           Andrew Higson sat us down
from your split pin? Your          and took us through all the            GUILD COMMITTEES
pulley block from your garter
hole? No? Ah, well in that at
                                   theory, starting with the all
                                   important Health and Safety
least you are not alone.           aspects of Maintenance. He
                                   then went on to talk about what                           John Cook
I suspect that there are many      maintenance needed to be
ringers like me scattered          done when, and what to look           morning we had all learned a
around the county who one day      out for on the different bits of      good deal about what we
found themselves holding the       equipment you’ll find in the          needed to do in our own
belfry key thinking “what do I     belfry. Finally he pointed out        belfries to keep them in good
know about looking after           where we should stop trying to        nick.
bells?” And it’s not something     do work ourselves and call in
you’re likely to pick up in the    the professionals.                    Thank you to Andrew and
pub after practice either.                                               Taylors Eayre & Smith for
                                   We were then taken on a mini          providing the venue and the
So this is the problem that the    tour of the works – which             expert knowledge and for
Education Committee’s Bell         included seeing all the               answering our questions so
Maintenance Course was             individual components that            well. If you would like to know
designed to help solve. We are     make up the more complicated          more about the next Bell
fortunate in Leicester to have a   pieces such as the bearings           Maintenance course or any of
resource that most guilds do       and clapper assembly.                 the other courses available
not have – a Bell Foundry –        Questions were ably fielded by        through the Education
and so on a Saturday in late       Andrew throughout the morning         Committee, you can contact
February, 10 not-so-               and we finished off back in the       education
knowledgeable ringers found        Belfry with a short discussion        or Sue Mason.
themselves sitting in the Belfry   about any issues we had back
at Taylor’s in Loughborough.       in our home towers. I think it's
                                   fair to say that by the end of the

The Guild half yearly meeting      were both at the meeting, but
and striking competition took      couldn’t be persuaded to get the     1st   Loughborough Red: 91%.
place at Oaks in Charnwood in      beers in! Five teams entered the     2nd   Hinckley: 90%.
the Loughborough District.         striking competition,                3rd   Leicester: 83%.
                                   Loughborough Blue,                   4th   Market Harborough: 78.5%
At the meeting two new members     Loughborough Red, Hinckley,          5th   Loughborough Blue: 72%
were welcomed and three more       Market Harborough and Leicester
were elected on the day. We also   and their striking was judged by     Congratulations to Loughborough
had the 100CLUB draw and the       John and Hazel Adcock who            Red and well done to everyone
winner and second place winner     marked the teams as follows:         who took part.

3Rs Tip: Be proactive not just reactive. How about appointing a tower recruitment officer?               2
                Daphne Hinton
     Shawell, Harborough District

Shawell – 6 bells & 5 ringers
Misterton – 6 bells & no ringers
Catthorpe – 3 bells & no ringers,
I could go on…..

About 3 months ago, I pondered
about whether to arrange another
Shawell bell ringing outing or
whether it would be better to hold    Some visitors to the Open Day along with local ringers, with 3Rs
an open day to try and entice         Displays up and people having a go at ringing in the background.
some new ringers. The consensus
of opinion was to hold an open        email addresses for the Principles     towards the refreshment table
day, sometime before the summer       at our local Upper school and high     (with lots of lovely cakes) and
holidays!                             school and so I emailed a plea for     making sure that the first-time
                                      help, along with a copy of our         ringers each got a sticker and
                                      leaflet. We were then fortunate        leaflet about practice nights,
                                      that the local paper was interested    along with contact details. A
                                      in taking photos and running a         mention must also be made here
                                      piece on the event, which reached      to my younger son Chris Hinton,
                                      far more people then we could          who set up the equipment and
                                      ever have hoped.                       also a second computer,
                                                                             projector and screen to show
                                      The last week was probably the         photos and movies of past
                                      most nerve-racking! The                ringing trips, plus being a willing
Chatting with visitors                equipment was picked up and then       camera-man to take photos of
                                      set-up as a practice for the big       the occasion – as shown.
A date was organised and the          day. Last minute phone calls were
Church was booked (so as not to       made, leaflets written to advertise
clash with any weddings etc), plus    practice nights for those interested
a refreshment team was arranged       and stickers/labels created saying
and the display equipment,            “I rang the bells at Shawell” (which
models, camera, projector etc         included the ldg logo, so as to look
were booked with Kathy Rudge          more official). Signs were erected
(tel: 0116 240 4208). The next        to ensure that everyone could find
task was to decide how to             the Church and fingers were
publicise the event and enlist the    crossed for fine weather!
help of ringers in neighbouring                                              Visitors trying their hand
Churches. Thankfully the vicar put    Thankfully the sun shone and the
an advert in our local parish news    lovely spring morning brought          Thanks to everyone who helped
and we managed to print about         about 50 – 60 people to our            to make it a successful day.
700 leaflets - 350 A4 size and        Church, with 25 having a go at
guillotined into A5 (this is where    ringing (hard work for Tony Parker     PS. We have just had our first
help is needed to put the leaflets    and Andy Hinton who were               normal practice night after the
through as many doors as              teaching). The rest of us were         event and 5 people who came to
possible)! Some leaflets were left    engaged with meeting and               the open day turned up to have
in local shops and pubs, for people   greeting people, answering             another go and hopefully will be
to pick up. I managed to find the     questions, directing people            coming on a regular basis.

3Rs Tip: The 3Rs Committee has loads resources & advice for recruitment – just get in touch!                   3
EIGHTY NOT OUT!                                                                           Rupert A Clarke

A peal was due to be rung in            examining JP's special              Leicester Diocesan Guild
December to mark Peter                  composition and expressed his       Cathedral Church of St Martin
Staniforth’s 80th birthday,             appreciation.                       Sunday 2nd March 2008
unfortunately a broken clapper                                              3 hours 32 minutes
meant this was not successful.          For a variety of reasons some of    5080 Stedman Cinques
                                        the original band members were      Composed by: John Pladdys
The peal was rearranged for             unable to take part in the peal
Sunday the 2nd of March. With the       and we would like the names of       1 D Robert Pettifor
determination to succeed this time      Bob Smith, Jim Hedgecock,
                                                                             2 Murray A Coleman
it was perhaps not surprising that      Judith Rodgers and George Pipe
nerves appeared to get the better       to be associated with the peal.      3 Nicola Mason
of the band and we had a false                                               4 Christopher O'Mahony
start but thereafter a very
                                                                             5 Graham M Bradshaw
enjoyable peal was rung.
Thankfully this time all clappers                                            6 David G Carling
remained intact.                                                             7 Rupert A Clarke
                                                                             8 Christopher M Rudge
Although the original birthday cake
had long since been consumed                                                 9 Roland H Cook
Jill, Peter and Brother Michael                                             10 John Pladdys (C)
provided refreshments for the                                               11 R Kingsley Mason
band in the Cathedral centre and
Peter took the opportunity of           The band with Peter (centre)
                                                                            12 Andrew W R Wilby

                     + YOU =☺
Bell Restoration                        Loughborough District               Guild Secretary:
Committee Members:                      Secretary:
The BRF Committee meets a               Ideally a member of the             ● Planning Guild calendar
couple of times a year (usually         Loughborough district, who enjoys   ● Forming agendas & writing
with tea and biscuits!), so it is not   chatting to people and organising   minutes for our Guild meetings
a very time consuming post. If you      things.                             ● Working with secretaries,
have recently been involved with a      Plenty of help is available from    officers and other organisations
bell project and feel you may have      other committee members so you      to keep everyone ‘in-the-know’!
some new ideas or if you just want      won’t be dropped in at the deep     ● Guild report editing
to support others with their ideas      end!
to raise money, please join us.         Start date: November 2008           It’s a key role & perfect job for
Start date: ASAP!                       Contact: John Chantry               an organiser or the socialiser!
Contact: Pam Fisher                     loughborough@
brf                                                     Start date: October 2008
                                                                            Contact: Gail Wade

3Rs Tip: The Oadby Ringing Centre is available as a very useful resource, use it!                               4

                     Malcolm Wade

The wedding of LDG General
Secretary, Gail Wade and Simon
Harrison took place at Gail’s
home tower, St Margaret’s,
Leicester, on Saturday 19th

Ringers, family and friends from all
over the country arrived to help
them celebrate their special day.

The bride, under orders from the
family that she was not allowed to
ring in the peal arranged for their
wedding, arrived over 20 minutes
early (panicking Canon Barry
Naylor), so she could at least listen
to some of the ringing arranged for
their special day.
                                            The Happy Couple outside St Margarets
A well struck peal of Yorkshire             This was also the first time I had      wedding for a 14 day safari and
Maximus was completed earlier that          been back to St Margaret’s since        beach honeymoon, but with the
morning on the glorious twelve              my last peal and Gail’s first, back     situation in Kenya this had been
(Ringing World page reference:              in 1985.                                cancelled on the day before
5051.0190), followed by service                                                     Christmas Eve, leaving the couple
ringing in which Simon rang some            After the formalities of the service,   with an anxious wait over Christmas
call changes and looked relatively          Simon and Gail made their way           to book something else. After I
calm, although Richard, father of the       back up the aisle to Widor’s            returned from my Christmas/New
groom and Best Man didn’t look              Toccata and made the most of the        Year Cruise to the Caribbean, I
quite so calm, being his first time in      rain holding off with photos in the     planted a seed in their minds and
a belfry.                                   church grounds. The wedding             they eventually headed off for a
                                            party then left to go to the            fabulous 16 day cruise to 7
With it being January, hopes were           reception at Birstall Golf Club. A      Caribbean Islands and Miami. So
not pinned on the weather, but to           selection of family enjoyed a           daughters do take their father’s
add to the special day the rain             fantastic meal, speeches followed       advice!
stayed away until early evening.            and the cake was cut.

It had been decided by the couple to        While the room was prepared for
follow some traditions, but not all. It     the evening celebrations the
wouldn’t do to break the main               wedding party adjourned to
tradition of the bride wearing a            another bar to await their evening
wedding dress; Gail wore a                  guests. After a first dance, further
traditional skirt and bodice. Yes           photos of the cake cutting and
Gail was wearing a dress! As                thank you speeches, an evening
mentioned previously, Gail broke            of dancing was then ahead of
with tradition and arrived early, but       everybody.
on the dot of 2.00pm she walked
down the aisle on my arm to ‘She’           Simon and Gail should have been
from their favourite film ‘Notting Hill’.   flying out to Kenya a day after the
                                                                                    Simon ringing at his wedding

3Rs Tip: Make sure the belfry is welcoming - keep it clean & decorate if necessary                                    5
                                                                      tunes. The guest speaker,
 THE GUILD                                                            Andrew Wilby, a former
 NEWS                                                                 resident member of the guild,
                                                                      gave an interesting and
                                                                      informative speech about the
                  Jennie Paul                                         past activities of the Guild and
                Guild President                                       how it was seen as a leader in
                                                                      many areas of bellringing;
                                                                      hosting the first ever National
The first Guild Dinner for                                            12 bell Striking Competition
over 10 years was held on         Guild members enjoying the Dinner
                                  – with lots of empty glasses!       and the first peal of Bristol
Saturday February 2nd at                                              Surprise Maximus which was
The Holiday Inn, St Nicholas      which she informed us the            rung at the Cathedral, to name
Circle, Leicester.                Guild Trustees were absent due       but two.
                                  to being on another of their
Forty members, spouses and        fishing trips?!                     Everyone enjoyed the night
friends enjoyed a fine five                                           and all were in favour of
course meal interspersed with     Sabbath Sounds handbell team        repeating the Dinner next
toasts and followed by a          then entertained the guests         year.
speech from the President, in     with a couple of well known

On Saturday 29th March, risingringers
                                                THE GUILD
from roughly ‘south-Leicestershire’
met up at Countesthorpe church, for             risingringers
a morning of rope splicing.

We had 6 ‘trainees’, instructed through the rather challenging task by
John Kinchin. Everyone managed to get their ropes connected (in the
end!), though how many would hold up to a peal is probably rather fewer!

Thanks to everyone for coming, to John Kinchin for teaching and to John
and Katherine for letting us have the church for the morning.

Hopefully, there should be another similar event for our more
‘northern’ risingringers, plus a special summer event soon!           risingringers

3Rs Tip: Try having an outing or social event at least once a year                                    6
On Saturday 5 April, 50 ringers,
family and friends took part in a                          Pam Fisher
quiz evening held at Stoney                       Chair, BRF Committee
Stanton Village Community Hall,
arranged to raise funds for the         At the half-way point there was a
Guild Bell Restoration Fund. For        break in the proceedings for a
                                                                                 serving the food, and to everyone
those who wanted physical as            hot supper, prepared by Carol
                                                                                 else who helped in any way,
well as cerebral exercise, the          Franklin and her helpers to their
                                                                                 including those who supported the
evening began with ringing at           usual high standard, and enjoyed
                                                                                 event by buying a ticket.
Stoney Stanton.                         by all.
                                                                                 If you have an idea for a fund-
On repairing to the hall, teams         The evening concluded at about
                                                                                 raising event, contact the BRF
were formed, named, and brains          10.30, with the winning team of
                                                                                 committee and let us know. New
put in gear for the first of eight      Dave Carling, Nicky Mason, Simon
                                                                                 committee members would also be
rounds of questions, ably posed         and Gail Harrison and Anthony
                                                                                 very welcome – it is not an
by the Guild President. During          Haywood collecting a cash prize.
                                                                                 onerous commitment, as we have
the course of the evening, there        In total, a profit of £283 was raised
                                                                                 just 2-3 meetings each year, and
was something for everyone in           for the BRF, including raffle
                                                                                 you would be helping to raise
the questions, from science,            proceeds: an excellent result.
                                                                                 money for a cause which benefits
geography and politics, to                                                       ringers generally, as well as the
celebrities, television                 Thanks are due to Jennie Paul for
                                                                                 wider community. Speak to Pam
programmes and popular culture;         obtaining and posing the
                                                                                 Fisher, Jennie Paul, Carol or
sport was not forgotten, and            questions, Andrew Higson for
                                                                                 Steven Franklin or Tony Parker, or
there was even a question for           marking the answers, to Carol,
                                                                                 drop an email to
the train- spotters among our           Steven and Angela Franklin and
                                                                                 brf if you would
number.                                 Chris Newman for preparing and
                                                                                 like to be involved.

Name: Mick Angrave                      What are your bellringing                What are your other hobbies?: I
                                        ambitions?:                              have done a lot of hill walking during
Home tower: Sapcote                     I have fulfilled many of my ambitions    my lifetime having been on all the
                                        but still enjoy good ringing. One        3000’ peaks in England and Wales.
Where did you learn to ring?:           aspiration is to ring at Exeter          I have also been a Scouter for the
Stoney Stanton.                         Cathedral. I am told how good they       past 20yrs and am currently the
                                        are but as yet all opportunities I       Group Scout Leader at Sapcote and
Why did you learn to ring?:             have had have clashed with more          the Hinckley Nights Away Advisor.
I was already a member of the           pressing engagements.
church and had been a chorister                                                  What is your favourite food?:
since I was eight years old. I was      What are you most proud of in            Good wholesome home cooking.
invited to learn to ring the bells by   your ringing career?: Helping
the then ringing master.                teach others to ring, especially         What is your favourite drink?:
                                        teaching the band from scratch at        Real Ale
Who taught you to ring?: The            Sibson and Orton-on-the-Hill.
ringing master, Nun Walker.                                                      What is your day job?: I began in
                                        What is your favourite Guild             1972 as a Design/Craft teacher and
How long have you been a                event?: I enjoy most Guild events,       after 14 years set up the carpentry
ringer?: I was taught to ring in        especially the social side. This is an   and joinery business which I still run
October 1962, some 46 years ago         important part of the Guild.             along with Phil Bradley.

3Rs Tip: Use the media — parish news / village magazines, local press, noticeboards etc                              7
             The latest, full info is always online!
. JUNE .
Fri 6        District Meeting at Willoughby Waterleys, 7pm         Leicester
Tue 10       Out of District Practice: Allexton and Skeffington    Syston
Sat 14       District Outing to Derbyshire                         Hinckley
Sat 14       Mini Outing to the Ticknall Area                      Loughborough
Wed 18       Surprise Major Practice at Anstey, 7.30pm             Leicester
Sat 21       District Outing                                       Harborough

. JULY .
Thu 3        District practice at Wanlip, 7.30pm to 9.00pm         Syston
Sat 5        GUILD SOCIAL
             ‘Skittles at Barrow’ - More details to be announced soon!
Mon 7        District Meeting at Knighton starting at 7.30pm  Leicester
Mon 14       Meeting and Practice at Enderby                  Hinckley
Wed 16       District 8-Bell practice at Aylestone, 7.30pm    Leicester
Sat 19       Bi-monthly meeting at Twyford, 7pm - 8:30pm      Melton
Sat 19       Meeting & tea Peatling Parva, evening at Kimcote Harborough
Fri 25       District Practice at Prestwold                   Loughborough

Wed 6        District Meeting at Anstey starting at 7.30pm         Leicester
Fri 8        Out of District Practice at St Margarets, Leicester   Hinckley
Sat 16       Meeting & picnic at Wistow, evening at Saddington     Harborough
Mon 18       District Practice at Grace Dieu                       Loughborough
Wed 20       Surprise Major Practice at Anstey, 7.30pm             Leicester


Fri 5                                        …RINGING ROADSHOW 2008! …
Sat 6                                        at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire


The Ringing Roadshow is the primary opportunity for the whole of the bellringing community to meet
together. It encompasses a trade show, a range of learning opportunities, ringing-related
entertainment, hands-on activities, shopping and the chance to meet hundreds of other ringers.

NEW for 2008                          PLUS…
The Advice Centre                     •   Mini-rings       •   Real Ale bar         …and
                                      •   Seminars         •   On-site catering     all so
Personal Development
                                      •   Concerts         •   Ringing World
Roadshow Trails
                                      •   Workshops        •   CCCBR              close by!
                                      •   Bell firms       •   Local ringing

3Rs Tip: Encourage your recruits to come along to Guild and District events                      8

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