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									                             CLINICAL TRIAL AGREEMENT

                                                                      (the “Institution”) and
                                      , (“Sponsor”), agree that Institution will perform for
Sponsor a clinical study (hereinafter the "Study") in accordance with Protocol No.
entitled “___________________________________” (attached as Exhibit A solely for the
purpose of describing the scope of work to be performed under this Agreement) on the following
terms and conditions:


                       (“Principal Investigator”), an employee of Institution, will be responsible
       for conducting the Study.

2.     TERM

       This Agreement begins               and ends               , unless extended by written
       agreement of the parties or terminated as set forth in section 4.

3.     PAYMENT

       A.     Payment will be made according to the payment schedule attached hereto as
              Exhibit B and incorporated herein by reference. The fixed cost to Sponsor for the
              performance hereunder will not exceed a total cost of $      , or $      per

              If, after conclusion of study, there are unexpended funds remaining from the
              above Agreement, this Agreement authorizes the Principal Investigator to apply
              such funds to related expenses and research activities in accordance with
              Institution of California policies and procedures.

       B.     Checks will be made payable to                    . The Institution's tax
              identification number is            . Checks should reference the Principal
              Investigator's name and protocol number.

              Payments should be sent to the following address:

            If payment will be sent via wire transfer, please use the following address:


     Either party may terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) days written notice.
     Institution will retain payment for uncancellable obligations incurred through the
     termination date. The parties will safely withdraw subjects from the Study over a
     mutually agreeable period if thirty days notice is insufficient, based upon
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