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					Bavarian News
 Vol 4. Nr. 2

                            U.S. Army Garrisons Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels, Ansbach, Bamberg, Schweinfurt, and Garmisch

                           Army to finally retire BDUs
                                                                                                                                                                         January 30, 2008

  PAGE 12
                           Active and Reserve wear-out date set for April 30
                           by ELIZABETH M. LORGE                         constantly improve on everything we
                           Army News Service                             do, both on and off the battlefield,”                                             The Battle Dress Uniform in
GARMISCH                      The Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for
                                                                         said Sgt. Maj. Katrina L. Easley,
                                                                         uniform policy sergeant major at G-1.
                                                                                                                                                           woodland camouflage was
                                                                                                                                                           first issued in 1981 and has a
COMMISSARY GOES            G-1 (Personnel) announced this month
                           that the final wear-out date for the Army
                                                                         “We took a look at the combat                                                     wear-out date of April 30. The
                                                                         usability of what was once a good
HI-TECH WITH SELF-         Battle Dress Uniform and Desert Battle        uniform, and based upon feedback
                                                                                                                                                           Desert Battle Dress Uniform
                                                                                                                                                           and many of the uniforms’
                           Dress Uniform will be April 30 for both
CHECKOUTS                  active-duty and reserve-component
                                                                         from the field, decided to improve it
                                                                         and fix the many problems reported.                                               matching accessories are also
   PAGE 6                  Soldiers.
                              The Army began phasing out the
                                                                         There were at least 20 changes made                                               being retired. They have been
                                                                         and the result is the current ACU.                                                replaced by the digital Army
                           woodland and desert-patterned uniforms           “Response has been fantastic.                                                  Combat Uniform.
ANSBACH                    on June 14, 2004, with the debut of the
                           digital-patterned Army Combat Uniform.
                                                                         Soldiers have adapted well to the new
                                                                         uniform and they tell us they truly                                               Photo by USAMHI
GARRISON ‘SPOTLIGHTS’         “Our Army is always looking to                                  See BDU Page 28
  PAGE 19
BAMBERG                                                                                                                                                    mTBI key to
DISCUSSES COMMUNITY                                                                                                                                        dealing with
  PAGE 22                                                                                                                                                   condition
                                                                                                                                                           by KIMBERLYGEARHART
SCHWEINFURT                                                                                                                                                USAREUR Public Affairs

TOWN HALL OFFERS                                                                                                                                               This is the second article in a series
                                                                                                                                                           on mild traumatic brain injury.
DAGGER BRIGADE MORE                                                                                                                                            After 15 long months, your spouse
                                                                                                                                                           is finally home, safe and sound.
DETAILS ON MOVE TO                                                                                                                                             A few days later, you notice that
GRAFENWOEHR                                                                                                                                                your Soldier is irritable, sleepless,
                                                                                                                                                           suffers from chronic headaches, trips
  PAGE 25                                                                                                                                                  over his own feet (loss of balance),
                                                                                                                                                           and seems to be
                                                                                                                                                           suffering          from
HOHENFELS                                                                                                                                                  memory problems.
                                                                                                                                                                                        The first
                                                                                                                                                                                     article in the
FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN                                                                                                                                           This five-symptom mTBI series is
                                                                                                                                                           cluster, as it’s called, archived in
MAKE A POSITIVE                                                                                                                                            may indicate that your the Jan. 16
                                                                                                                                                           Soldier is suffering issue of the
IMPACT ON KIDS WITH           Yvonne Spiller shops at Grafenwoehr PX with her children, Tyrell, 8, and Kenny, 9, during a tour                             from mild traumatic         Bavarian

YOUTH SPORTS                                                                                                                                               brain injury, or mTBI.       News at
                              of the post Jan. 12. The Spillers were among approximately 300 Dagger Brigade Soldiers and                                       Many Soldiers
   PAGE 10                    family members who visited Grafenwoehr, where the brigade will begin relocating this summer.                                 returning from war in Read it today!
                                                                                                                                                           Iraq and Afghanistan

                               Dagger Soldiers, families check                                                                                             may exhibit signs of mTBI, which
                                                                                                                                                           develops as the result of a concussive
                                                                                                                                                           injury and disturbance of
                                                                                                                                                           consciousness. Mortar attacks,

   Sports: Pass your
keys to a designated
                              out what Grafenwoehr has to offer
                             Story and photo by                          Schweinfurt Soldiers and families for   Yvonne Spiller as she, her husband
                                                                                                                                                           vehicle accidents, and even falls can
                                                                                                                                                           cause this sort of injury, according to
                                                                                                                                                           Col. Mary Lopez, who heads up a team
                                                                                                                                                           conducting screenings for mTBI.
                             Pfc. MICHAEL SYNER                          the roughly two-hour drive to           Sgt. Artis R. Spiller, and the couple’s       Families are often the first to notice
driver this Super Bowl       USAREUR Public Affairs                      Grafenwoehr.                            two children browsed the aisles.          such changes in their Soldier, Lopez
Sunday                                                                      The first stop at “Graf” was the        Sgt. Spiller, who is assigned to the   noted.
                                 Approximately 300 Soldiers and          base’s recently opened Army and         57th Signal Company, believes the
PAGE 29                      family members from the Dagger              Air Force Exchange Service              exchange will serve his family’s needs
                                                                                                                                                               “The family is the most important
                                                                                                                                                           element in any kind of rehab. We see
                             Brigade toured Grafenwoehr Jan. 12 to       shopping center. Eyes widened           well.
   Features: The 80th                                                                                                                                      the Soldier for an hour or two; you are
                             get familiar with the military community    when the Schweinfurt visitors saw          The spacious facility, opened in       with him every day. It is important for
Academy Award                the brigade will soon call home.            the post exchange, many for the first   September 2007, boasts more square        families to understand what the
                                 The daylong excursion began at          time.
nominations have been                                                                                                                                      recovery process is and what they can
                             noon, when buses picked up                     “This is a beautiful PX,” said                      See DAGGER Page 28
announced. What are                                                                                                                                                  See KNOWLEDGE Page 28
your 2008 Oscar picks?
Also, don’t miss Italy’s
Carnevale in February
                           USAREUR sergeant chooses ‘Soldier life’ over law career
                           Story and photo by Sgt. BRANDON LITTLE                            that said the military would pay up to $65,000 of your
PAGE 17                    12th Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs                       college loans,” he said. “So I talked to a recruiter, and
                                                                                             he told me that the Army could pay that amount of
                              Sgt. David Williams says he joined the Army more than          money and could also send me to Europe.”
                           four and a half years ago because he owed a lot of money.            The prospect of Europe played a vital role in his
                              Williams had racked up more than $100,000 in debt on           decision, he said.
                           student loans.                                                       “I spent my junior year of college in Toledo, Spain,
                              “After I graduated from the University of Notre Dame           and I just fell in love with Europe,” said Williams. “It
                           with a degree in political science, I went to the University of   gave me a taste for foreign cultures and made me
                           Southern California School of Law and earned a Juris              appreciate how much there is outside of the U.S.”
                           Doctorate,” said Williams, a production control manager for          The guarantee to help pay his student loans and
                           unmanned aerial vehicles in Company G, Task Force XII, the        the opportunity to return to Europe, he said, would
                           aviation task force led by U.S. Army Europe’s 12th Combat         not have been available if he had decided to join the
                           Aviation Brigade.                                                 Army as a commissioned officer.
                              “My friends from college went on to become lawyers,               “It’s not a big deal to me, because I love my job,”
                           and I have cousins who followed in my footsteps to law
                           school, who are lawyers,” he said.                                                              See ENLISTED Page 28
                              Williams said he passed the California bar exam, and while
                           his family felt he should practice law, the Army offered
                           something law firms in his area could not.                        After earning a law degree, Sgt. David
                              “I lived near a naval base, and I saw all of these signs       Williams joined the Army’s enlisted ranks.
2 Bavarian News                                                                          Opinion & Editorial                                                                                              January 30, 2008

  Who will win their party’s
                                                            Proper use of snow tires, trash cans crucial
                                                                          elcome to 2008!! The garrison will
                                                                          continue to fight through budget
                                                                          concerns, prepare the community
                                                                                                                          dependent on the type of tire on the road.
                                                                                                                              Winter tires give you extra traction,
                                                                                                                          braking, and handling and even at 15 mph
                                                                                                                                                                               Exchange/ Commissary at Grafenwoehr. We
                                                                                                                                                                               will do that once the weather changes in the
                                                            for a larger than expected influx of personnel                allow you to stop one-half to a full car length          Having spent almost the entire weekend in
    nomination for the                                      this year and continue to provide base                        shorter than identical vehicles with all season
                                                                                                                                                                               the parking lot of the AAFES/ DECA complex, I
                                                                                                                                                                               also noticed that people simply throw their
                                                            operations support to the largest growing
   presidential election?                                   community in Europe.                                              In short, you need to consider what your         trash on the ground. I guess I don’t
                                                                And congrats to LSU for winning the                       needs are when using tires. If it is particularly    understand this mentality.
                                                            National Championship. Off to the column...                   wet or we only get a small amount of snow, all           While I would acknowledge that we need
                            Kenneth Aungst                                                                                season tires are probably sufficient. If there is    more trash containers in the parking lot
                                                             Snow Tires                                                   moderate to severe snow, you probably                (another thing we will fix in the spring), why
                            “I think Clinton will
                                                                Many of you                                               should invest in snow tires.                         don’t members of the community take the trash
                                                            probably remember                                                 For more information on snow tire use and        home and dispose of it in appropriate
                            win the Democratic
                                                            about a year ago the                                          other winter driving safety tips, refer to the       containers?
                            nomination. On the              rather confusing
                            Republican side—                                                                              archived Nov. 14 issue of the Bavarian News              In the end we are literally trashing a brand
                                                            guidance we received                                          (Issue No. 22) at and to pages         new facility. I encourage all of you to stop and
                            John McCain be-                 from the German
                            cause he is the man!”                                                                         26-27 of the Bavarian American magazine              think before you throw your trash on the
                                                            government concerning                                         (December issue).                                    ground and take it with you.
                                                            snow tires.                                                                                                            Most of you heard the announcement that
                                                                Originally we were                                        Deicing of Sidewalks
                                                                                                                               As a reminder, Bavarian street and road         the Dagger Brigade from Schweinfurt will move
      Charles Braxton                                       told that everyone had                                                                                             to our community starting now and extending
                                                            to have snow tires and                                        laws DO NOT ALLOW the use of salt for
               (Ansbach)                                                                                                  deicing. The DPW self help store has a               through the summer.
       “I believe Barack
                                                            you could be held liable in a winter accident if                                                                       We are excited they are coming and will
                                                            you did not have snow tires.                                  product called “Tiefen-Eisfrei” for use by
      Obama will win. I                                                                                                   personnel who live on post and in built-to-          bring approximately 40 percent of the brigade
                                                                Later this guidance was modified and it was                                                                    this year, and the remainder will move as
 think the person who                                       “okay” to have M+S tires or tires with a                      lease quarters.
  has the best chance                                                                                                         Those who live in private rental homes           facilities are completed.
                                                            snowflake on them.                                                                                                     The garrison staff recognizes that we are
   for the Republicans                                                                                                    must purchase this or similar product for their
                                                                The purpose of this part of this week’s                                                                        two areas separated by training and ranges
              is McCain.”                                                                                                 own use. This product is actually better than
                                                            column is to debunk some myths about                                                                               and will continue to upgrade both sides with
                                                            vehicles and provide some rationale for snow                  salt as it lasts longer and thaws better.
                                                                                                                              During times of snow and ice, the garrison       resources and people to make this the best
                                                            tire usage. Drivers of SUVs and other four-                                                                        place to live and serve in Europe.
                            Spc.                            wheel-drive vehicles are under the                            will use fine gravel or sand in and around
                            Edward Dominique                misconception that they can drive safely on                   community support centers and on sidewalks.
                            (Ansbach)                       snow and ice. This is really not true.                        You will also see “Tiefen-Eisfrei” used
                            “For the Democrats, it              About the only thing a 4WD vehicle does                   particularly after very icy days. Please do not                     Col. Brian T. Boyle
                            will be Clinton. I am           is get you started from a full stop and corner                use salt as a deicing tool.
                            not even following the          better. It certainly won’t help you slow down.                Post Exchange Parking Area                                          Commander, U.S. Army
                            Republican side and             Likewise anti-lock brake systems are useful                     Bottom Line up Front: we acknowledge that
                            do not even know                and can help you in the winter but are still                  we need to install crosswalks at the new Post                       Garrison Grafenwoehr
                            who is running.”

            James Gatan
       “Clinton—she will
                                                                          His lovely wife. A military wife
    bring change to this                                                                                  with whom he has served.              shared experience and if we were                  Who is she? She is the one
     world. As far as the
                                                                     Commentary by                        Speeches are given and his            lucky – her friendship. We were               whose name follows after the
   Republican side, not                                             REGINA GALVIN                         sacrifices, his challenges, his       mentored by her. She was the one              phrase, “…and his lovely wife…”
Giuliani, that is for sure!                                               Editor in Chief,
                                                                                                          career, his service to country are    we admired. She was the one who               She is the one who spends
      I say John McCain                                                                                   extolled.                             set the example for others to                 endless hours “hurrying up to
 because of the military
                                                                                                             But what about her?                follow.                                       wait.” She is the fulcrum on which
                                                                                                             She wears no uniform, yet she          But this is his retirement – his          both the family’s and the

      situation we’re in.”                                            here is a woman in our

                                                                      midst who is moving on              carries                                                          moment.            mission’s needs balance.
                                                                      – on from her current               herself with                                                     At his                 She is the commander-in-chief
                                                            place in life – on to a new locale            equal                 She is the commander-in- ceremony,                            of the house. She is the advance
                            Detlev Johnston                                                               distinction.                                                     a few              scout. She is the logistics
                            (Ansbach)                       and on from the military.
                                                                She is the lady we see                    Whom did              chief of the house. She is words will                         support. She is the rear
                            “I’m with Senator                                                             she serve?
                            John McCain. On
                                                            standing next to the military
                                                                                                          How did               the advance scout. She is be spoken        about her
                                                                                                                                                                                              detachment. She is all things to all
                                                                                                                                                                                              people. But most of all, she is
                                                            fellow, dutifully by his side at his
                            the Democratic                                                                she help?             the logistics support. She role as                            whatever she needs to be.
                                                            retirement ceremony. However, at
                            side, ... if I had to
                            pick one, it would
                            be Obama.”
                                                            other times she has been invisible
                                                            to us. We see him, but her
                                                            presence is transparent. Don’t be
                                                                                                          may not be
                                                                                                          found in a
                                                                                                                                  is the rear detachment. Perhaps
                                                                                                                                     She is all things to
                                                                                                                                                                     ‘     partner.

                                                                                                                                                                           she’ll be
                                                                                                                                                                           given a
                                                                                                                                                                                                  So when the moment comes to
                                                                                                                                                                                              acknowledge her at his retirement,
                                                                                                                                                                                              please refrain from polite
                                                                                                                                                                                              applause. Instead, jump to your
                                                            fooled, however. She is always
                                                            there in a place of honor.                    speech or in                     all people..                    certificate        feet. Give the woman a sincere,
                                                                But who is she?                           a                                                                suitable           thunderous standing ovation.
         Georg Simonis                                                                                    proclamation signed by                for framing or a trinket to hang              Show her you mean it. Show her
              (Ansbach)                                         We hear the accolades for the
                                                            one in uniform and his impressive             dignitaries. Yet somehow, we know around her neck. Items that, not                  she meant something to you, to
  “ ... I believe Clinton                                                                                 her. We know of her service. We       unlike her, are an understatement             the military and to the service of
                                                            collection of professional
   will win the Demo-                                                                                     know of her sacrifices.               of the lives she touched, of the              her country.
                                                            accomplishments. We may not
 cratic race .... On the                                    know him personally, but his                     We are the ones she served.        difference she made. Items that                   Who is she, you ask?
    Republican side, I                                      uniform tells the tales of where                 We are the ones she                won’t show up on an “I love me”                   She is his wife. A “lovely
    am not as familiar                                      he’s been, what he’s done and                 comforted. We benefited from her      wall but will be stored away,                 wife.” A military wife.
 with the candidates.”                                                                                    leadership, her guidance, her         appreciated but not flaunted.

                            Staff Sgt. Nicholas
                            “Hillary for the Demo-
                            crats because she is
                            strong, stable, and ...
                            cutthroat. For Republi-
                            cans – John McCain
                            because he has been
                            there, done that.”

         Robert Agard
         “I think Hillary
 Clinton will pull it out
       because of her
  experience. For the
 don’t care! If I had to
      pick one I would
  pick Rudy Giuliani.”                                                                                                                                                                   Cartoon by Bryan Riviera
                                                                                                                                                                                         Grafenwoehr Elementary School

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January 30, 2008
                                                                                                     News                                                                                        Bavarian News       3
    “The brave men we honor here today will forever be remembered for
their incredible accomplishments toward making this world a better, safer                                                                                                                   on
place for our families.”                                                                                                                                                                 Education
                                                                                        -- Lt. Col. Tom Rickard, 2 SCR Rear D Commander

 Community mourns loss of
2SCR’s 3rd Squadron Soldiers
JMTC news release                          today will forever be remembered for            Pionk rose to the rank of Sgt. 1st.        mother Vicky, brother Jeremy Davis,
                                           their incredible accomplishments             Class after only eight years in service       stepbrother Steven Shewmaker and
   Members of the Vilseck and              toward making                                and was remembered by Rickard as an           aunt, Dorthy
Grafenwohr communities gathered at         this world a                                 outstanding platoon sergeant.                 Oschsner.
the Rose Barracks Chapel Jan. 16 to        better, safer                                   Dozier was remembered by Rickard              Staff Sgt.
honor six Soldiers from the 3rd                                                                                                                                                     Name:
                                           place for our                                as a born leader and a gifted sniper          Dozier         is
Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry              families,” said                              squad leader.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mark Benstein
                                                                                                                                      survived by his
Regiment, 1st Armored Division, who        Lt. Col. Tom                                    Gaul was remembered as a                   wife, Amy and
were killed while                          Rickard, the 2                               consummate                                    daughter                                      What grade / subject
on a mission in                            SCR regimental                               professional                                  Emma.                                         do you teach?
support       of                           rear detachment                              and           an                                 Staff. Sgt.                                Music at Vilseck
Operation Iraqi                            commander                                    incredibly fit                                Gaul           is                             Elementary School
Freedom.                                   said.       “We                              Soldier both                                  survived by his
   Cpl. Todd                               mourn their                     Dozier       physically and                                wife Jessica                  Pionk
Davis, 22, of                              deaths        as                             mentally.                                     and daughter         “An outstanding          Hometown:
                                                                  “A born leader”
Raymore, Mo.;                              f a m i l y                                     Sanders                                    Alana.             platoon sergeant”          Salem, Ore.
Staff       Sgt.                           members, as brothers in arms, and as a       was a graduate                                   S g t .
Jonathan                                   community.”                                  of the New                                    McBride         is                            How long have you
Dozier, 30, of                                 “ T h e s e                              Mexico Military                               survived by his                               been a teacher?
Rutherford,                  Davis         leaders were the                             Institute.                   McBride          father Marshall
Tenn.; Staff Sgt.                                                                                                                                                                   43 years
                  “An outstanding          core of the scout                            According to                “A man of         and      mother
Sean Gaul, 29, of                          platoon,”                                    R i c k a r d ,                               Laura.
Reno, Nev.; Sgt            Soldier”                                                                            incredible faith”                                                    What do you like best
                                           Rickard said,                                Sanders opted                                    Sgt. 1st. Class
Z a c h a r y                              “and          set                            not to accept a                               Pionk           is                            about teaching?
McBride, 20, of Bend, Ore.; Sgt. 1st       outstanding                                  commission and became an                      survived by his                               Seeing kids light up
Class Matthew Pionk, 30, of Superior,      examples for                                 outstanding NCO.                              wife Melanie, his                             when it finally makes
Wis., and Sgt. Christopher Sanders, 22,    others         to                               McBride was referred to as a man           two sons, Dillon                              sense.
of Roswell, N.M., died when a building     follow.”                                     of incredible faith with a leadership         and Brandon
exploded during an offensive to clear          According                                ability and intellect beyond his years.       and daughter
Sunni insurgents from the northern         to Rickard each                                 Davis was an outstanding Soldier           Ashley.
                                                                                                                                                                  Sanders           What advice can you
Diyala River Valley, near Baghdad.         of these NCOs                                according to Rickard. Davis was                  Sgt. Sanders      “An outstanding          give students to help
                                                                   “A consumate
   The unit was clearing the building      were        hand                             selected for the All-Army wrestling           is survived by                 NCO”           them succeed in
when an improvised explosive device                                  professional”
                                           selected by Lt.                              team but turned it down to deploy with        his wife Dara,                                school?
was detonated.                             Col. Coffey and Command Sgt. Maj.            his unit.                                     son Christopher and daughter                  Focus!!!
   “The brave men we honor here            Clark to be part of this scout team.            Cpl. Davis is survived by his              Jacquelyn.

‘Big Dawg’ Soldiers certify for deployment to Iraq
Story and photo by Sgt. Keith M. Anderson             Geishaker, commander, HHC, 391st CSSB.
16 SB Public Affairs
  th                                                      “It highlights that it’s not just infantry Soldiers
                                                      that are being attacked,” Geishaker said. “It shows
    With only five-and-a-half months from ‘re-        that the enemy is smart enough to attack the
designation’ to their deployment ceremony, the        logistics chain that is supporting the effort in
logistics Soldiers of Headquarters and                Iraq.”
Headquarters Company, 391 st Combat                       The seasoned officer, whose last deployment
Sustainment Support Battalion, 16th Sustainment       was as an officer-in-charge of convoys from
Brigade, Bamberg, Germany, had a short ramp           Kuwait to various sites in Iraq with the 37th
from notification to prepare for Iraq.                Transportation Group, said logistics convoys are
    From Jan. 14 to Jan. 27, while many Army          exposed to constant danger from small-arms fire,
Soldiers were getting back into the groove of         IED attacks, mortar and rocket-propelled
Army life after a two-week holiday vacation, “Big     grenades and even, occasionally, from friendly
Dawg” Soldiers were training and certifying for       fire.
deployment at the Joint Multinational Readiness           “The training done here will enable our
Center, Hohenfels.                                    Soldiers to experience the realities of
    And more uniquely, the logistics Soldiers         engagements, different types of escalation of
were certifying independently of a larger unit, a     force, improve our battle drills, and will enable
first for a logistics unit in Europe. Usually,        battalion staff to better support missions,”
logistics units certify as a subordinate unit         Geishaker said.
within a combat brigade or division.                      For the certification process, which all Army
    The independent certification was                 units have to undergo within 120 days of
appropriate, because the headquarters company         deploying, “Big Dog” Soldiers ran a forward
will be deploying to a location separate from         operating base, conducted convoy logistics
many of the units of the 16th SB, and will work       patrols, reacted to improvised explosive devices,
with different organizations and units in theater,    set up landing zones, evacuated casualties and
said Maj. Eduardo Santiago, executive officer,        went through a cavalry-style convoy live fire.
391st CSSB.                                               Leaders were also tested.
    The training and certification process at             In the battalion tactical operations center,
JMRC demonstrates that the Army realizes              leaders were challenged with managing 24-hour             Capt. Gregory Jackson, chaplain (left), Pfc. Daniel Weber, analyst, Sgt. Michael
logistics units are no longer tag-along groups        battlefield operations, including providing               Wyderka, battalion training non-commissioned officer in charge, and Staff Sgt. Eric
but front-line warriors.                              sustainment to forces in the battalion’s area of          Simmons, water purification non-commissioned officer, evacuate Spc. Kevin Ratliff,
    “In the contemporary operating environment        operations, conducting distribution operations,
that we all live in today, particularly when you’re                                                             chemical biological radiological and nuclear non-commissioned officer in charge,
                                                      and working with Iraqi security forces, with
deploying to places like Iraq and Afghanistan,        constant scenarios coming at them from a higher           all from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 391st Combat Sustainment
there are no rear areas,” said Brig. Gen. Scott       command and subordinate units.                            Support Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade, during a convoy live fire exercise
West, commander, 21st Theater Sustainment                 The scenarios, called “SIGACTs” (significant          Jan. 26 at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, Hohenfels.
Command. “It’s a 360-degree fight. The threat is      activities) in military parlance, included mortar
equal to everybody on that battlefield.”              attacks on the forward operating base, IED attacks            Staff Sgt. Eric Simmons, water purification            Simmons said he plans to make the Army a
    The general spoke with Soldiers and leaders       on the main supply route, the possible capture            non-commissioned officer, has deployed twice           career.
of the 391st CSSB during the unit’s convoy live       of an American Soldier by Al Qaeda, inappropriate         already.                                                   For newer Soldiers in the company, the
fire Jan. 26, and even rode with the first team       comments by a Soldier made to a reporter, injuries,           “I’m prepared mentally,” Simmons said. “With       deployment was an opportunity to do their duty.
through their exercise.                               deaths and even a disruption of the mail service.         the deployments going back-to-back, I know it’s            “I’m a Soldier,” said Pfc. Daniel Weber,
    “A Soldier who may be a truck driver, a               “Our job is (to be) the reactive people,” said        something I have to do. I raised my right hand to      analyst, 391st CSSB. “I’m doing my job to serve
mechanic, a cook, a signaler, a MP (military          Sgt. 1 st Class Eric Helmer, battle non-                  join, like everybody else.”                            my country, my family and my friends. I’m doing
police) — it makes no difference — they have to       commissioned officer in charge, 391st CSSB.                   The married father of one said his family          what previous generations have done to make
be trained in warrior tasks and battle drills and     “Managing chaos would be the closest                      understood the deployments.                            our country the greatest country in the world.”
the full range of their MOS (military occupational    description. My job is what’s happening right                 “They’re OK with it, they support it, but still,       The 20-year-old from Laurel, Md., said his
skill) to be successful on the battlefield,” West     this second.”                                             I get those questions from my daughter, ‘Daddy         fiancé, Stephanie Travitz, of Columbia, Md., was
said.                                                     For many Soldiers in the company, most of             when are you going to be able to come back?’”          proud of him, and believed in the reconstruction
    The JMRC rotation was tailored specifically       who have deployed at least once, the operations           Simmons said. “It’s kind of heartbreaking to hear      of Iraq.
to logistics units, based on what they’re             tempo is difficult, but they were prepared for the        that, but she knows Daddy’s going out there                “I’d rather be in Iraq for 15-months than have
experiencing downrange, said Capt. James              deployment.                                               doing a bigger job.”                                   the terrorists in the US,” Weber said.
     Bavarian News                                                                                                                                                                             January 30, 2008

Petraeus: Troop reduction plans on track    service members, many of whom have            Earlier this month, more than 2                                                      Commander of Multi-National
American Forces Press Service               engaged in multiple and extended          million religious pilgrims gathered in                                                   Force - Iraq Gen. David H.
                                            deployments to support U.S                Iraq to celebrate the Islamic holiday                                                    Petraeus (right), U.S. Army,
   Plans to withdraw four Army              operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.       Ashura. In a ceremony that has been
brigade combat teams and two Marine             Force level reductions also would     marked in recent years by “terrible                                                      and Secretary of Defense
battalions by July are “on track” as        save money and cut back the flow of       bloodshed,” the Jan. 18 holiday                                                          Robert Gates listen to a
the military seeks to draw down the         resources, he said.                       occurred with minimal violence, the                                                      briefing by Iraqi commanders
number of troops in Iraq as quickly             The Army strives to provide           general said.                                                                            during a visit by Gates to
as ground conditions allow, the top         soldiers the highest possible amount of       “The Iraqi security forces planned                                                   Baghdad on June 16, 2007.
U.S. commander in Iraq said Sunday.         “dwell time” — the period at home         this year the security for that, … and
   Appearing today on CNN’s “Late           stations between deployments — and        in fact, in Najaf, Karbala, and Baghdad
Edition with Wolf Blitzer,” Army Gen.       reduce deployments from 15 months         the celebrations went off virtually                                                      DoD file photo by
David H. Petraeus said the scheduled        to 12, the general added.                 without incident,” he said, conceding                                                    Staff Sgt. Lorie Jewell
withdrawal will reduce the number of            “But we want to do it, again, in a    that violence occurred in Basra and
troops at the height of the surge by        way that will allow these gains to be     Nasiriya. “But Iraqi security forces
one quarter, or roughly 42,500.             maintained. We don’t want to              responded in each of those cases and                                                         The Multinational Force Iraq
   Further reductions after July will       jeopardize what we have fought so         dealt with the situation.”                                                               commander said he does not foresee
be based on the state of Iraq’s security,   hard for,” he said. “The key is to make       Officials have stated that reductions                                                the U.S. maintaining a permanent
he added.                                   the timing of that right and to figure    of U.S. forces in Iraq depend largely                                                    military presence in Iraq, but rather a
   “The guidance that (Defense              out when that will make sense.”           on an Iraqi security force that is capable                                               smaller number of U.S. troops
Secretary Robert Gates) in fact has             Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador to       of tamping down violence in the                                                          remaining in Iraq “for some period of
given me — and the president and my         Iraq Ryan C. Crocker are expected in      country. Petraeus Sunday noted that                                                      years.” Citing key pieces of legislation
chain of command, what all of them          coming months to give Congress a          half of Iraq’s 18 provinces currently are                                                passed by the Iraqi parliament
have said — is that reductions after        follow-up to the military and             under provincial control, but pointed            “It is easy, relatively speaking, to    recently, Petraeus said in the future he
July should be conditions-based,” he        diplomatic progress update they           out that Iraq’s security institutions face   develop infantry battalions; it is very     envisions troops performing a mission
said.                                       delivered in September.                   challenges in breeding military leaders      difficult to develop the institutional      that places greater emphasis on
   The general said after the                   Asked today about Iraqi security      and in equipping and maintaining the         underpinnings that support those            empowering Iraq’s “reconcilables,”
upcoming drawdown, Defense                  forces’ capability, Petraeus said the     current forces.                              forces, maintain their vehicles, get        those who embrace cooperation over
Department and military officials will      roughly 550,000-strong force is               “(Leadership) is the area that is        them paid on time, feed them, and all       divisiveness.
need time to “let things settle a bit”      assuming an increasingly larger role in   probably the most difficult, because         of the rest of that,” he added.                 “I think our soldiers were prepared
before making further reduction             maintaining the country’s security.       you just can’t find captains, colonels,          “Petraeus said Iraqi security forces    intellectually for the concept that there
assessments. Their focus, he said, will         The overall forces — composed of      and generals out there in the numbers        are handling the challenges. The            were reconcilables whom we needed
be on removing forces expeditiously,        some 343,000 police members,              that they need by just going back to         handover of responsibility from U.S.        to reach out to and try to become part
but without undercutting progress           208,000 defense ministry soldiers and     those who are willing to serve from          to Iraqi forces is occurring not like a     of the solution over time, rather than
made during the troop surge that            4,000 special operations forces —         the old army — not all of whom,              light switch, he said, but more like a      part of the problem,” he said. “And
launched this time last year.               suffer nearly three times the number      perhaps, have the qualities that one         rheostat, referring to the type of          you try to minimize the number of
   Petraeus,       commander          of    of U.S military casualties, which         would want in the leadership of the          electrical resistor that adjusts to allow   irreconcilables, because at the end of
Multinational Force Iraq, said              Petraeus said indicated the Iraqis’       new Iraq army anyway,” Petraeus              the flow of a current to grow in            the day, they have to be killed,
drawdowns aim to relieve strains on         devotion to stability in their country.   said.                                        increments.                                 captured, or run out of the country.”

                                                                                      Garmisch Pond officers best in company
                                                                                                                                                                                 Place your free
                                                                                      Pond Senior Security Officer Klaus Guetter and Security Officer
                                                                                      Skultety were rated Pond Security’s best marksmen during a                                 classified ad in
                                                                                      November competition.
                                                                                                                                                                                  the Bavarian
                                                                                      Two employees were selected from each installation where Pond
                                                                                      Security has a presence to compete in the annual competition.                               News today!
                                                                                      This year was the first time Pond-Garmisch was represented.

                                                                                      Along with their competitors from throughout Germany, Guetter                                  Call DSN
                                                                                      and Lubomir went through a real-time, computer-generated
                                                                                      interactive course of physically demanding and mentally stressful                          475-7113 or CIV
                                                                                      law enforcement scenarios, and were tested on their shooting
                                                                                      abilities.                                                                                  09641-83-7113
                                                                                      Photo by John Reese                                                                        for information.

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6    Bavarian News
                                                                                          Garmisch                                                                                        January 30, 2008

High-tech shopping arrives at commissary
Story and photo by JOHN REESE             the SCOs while a half dozen IBM and       way to tell the SCO what was being            “It’s a trusting system, obviously,”     that. Now they will,” said DeJesus.
Bavarian News                             DECA employees helped the more            weighed.                                  said McClain, pocketing his change.              Products available stateside are not
                                          adventurous ones get through their            “Touch the item to purchase,” said    “Take your bags and thank you for            necessarily offered in Germany, and
    After an intense cleaning and         first use.                                the computer in a friendly, robotic       playing!”                                    being a small garrison, Garmisch
remodeling before the holidays, the           “This is for when you want to get     female voice. McClain obliged,                The initial reaction to the machines     simply doesn’t have the space to carry
local Defense Commissary Agency           in and get out,” explained Cheryl         touching a picture of bananas on the      has been good, said Wood.                    the vast array of products found at a
implemented a few new twists that         Wood of IBM between customers.            screen.                                       “Most people like the machine and        big commissary like Grafenwoehr, but
may seem common to customers              “At first glance it seems confusing,          “One-eighty.         Move your        most will try it. Some of them aren’t        if a product is in the regional system,
stateside and at the bigger kasernes      but once you’ve used the system, it       bananas,” instructed the computer.        going to try it. You know how people         the Garmisch commissary can get it.
but are new and unusual to the Alpine     isn’t intimidating.”                      McClain repeated the process with his     stand there—they’re looking over             DECA has a product book with
community.                                    Terry McClain, a teacher at the       next item and was told “move his          here, they’re looking away— and then         everything a region like Germany
    The first and most obvious change     Garmisch American School, was             green beans.” After a few tries he had    their curiosity gets them to try it,” said   offers.
for shoppers entering the store on        coaxed from the sidelines to give the     the drill down.                           Wood.                                            “If a customer saw an item at the
January 8 was the two big IBM self-       machine a try. With Wood’s help, he           “I think it took me longer right          McClain admitted he was one of           Grafenwoehr or another big
checkouts replacing one of the normal     stepped up and the SCO walked him         now, but I think probably it will be      those unsure whether or not to try it        commissary and can’t find it in
checkers.                                 through his purchase. Items with a        alright,” said McClain, feeding dollars   before Wood encouraged him to take           Garmisch, we will order that product
    The machines are intended to help     bar code were easy. He scanned the        into a bill slot. A handful of change     it for a test drive.                         from the Commissary Distribution
speed the customers through the           item, saw the price, and then the         rattled into the coin dish below.             Unlike using the checkers and            Center,” said DeJesus. “If we have
checkout process when the store is        machine directed him to put the               “Please remember to take your         baggers, you can’t use your own              it, and we do not carry it in my store
busy and they have only a few items,      scanned item in the shopping bag.         change and your receipt. Thank you        shopping bag and you can’t choose            because this is a small store, no
allowing them to do it themselves. A          He placed some produce on the         for shopping at the commissary,” said     paper or plastic bags, just plastic.         problem. If it is not in that book, then
gaggle of customers clustered around      scale and Wood showed him the short       the computer politely.                    Once you scan an item, the computer          we cannot get it.”
                                                                                                                              waits until it senses you’ve put it into         Every month an amended list of
                                                                                                                              a bag before continuing.                     products comes with some items
     Teacher Terry                                                                                                                “We have the regular register if         deleted and new items added, and
                                                                                                                              anybody would like a cashier to help         customers are welcomed to see it, said
McClain is guided                                                                                                             them out,” said Teresa DeJesus, the          DeJesus.
  through his first                                                                                                           new store director. “We also have                Customers can look online to find
  experience with                                                                                                             price verification machines so the           what products are available for local
            the new                                                                                                           customers can scan their own products        purchase.
     computerized                                                                                                             for prices.”                                     “It’s on the Web site
                                                                                                                                  Another cashier will be added with”               said
       checkout by
                                                                                                                              a long belt for people who have a big        DeJesus. “For example, if you’re in
  Cheryl Wood. A                                                                                                              shopping cart full of groceries, said        Garmisch and want to see if we carry
    staple in larger                                                                                                          DeJesus.                                     the potato chips you like, you can look
   stores, the self-                                                                                                              Another change in Garmisch               to see if we have it.”
  checkout is new                                                                                                             regards the baggers.                             As DeJesus phased in as the new
to Garmisch, one                                                                                                                  “The new policy is for the baggers       director, Garmisch said good-bye to
                                                                                                                              to carry the groceries out for the           acting store administrator Joe Moore,
         of the first                                                                                                         customers. I feel that it’s important        who was honored by his colleagues
     commissaries                                                                                                             here because we have quite a few             and garrison manager Karin H. Santos
 from Germany to                                                                                                              retirees, older ladies and gentlemen,        a day after the new IBMs began
      Saudi Arabia                                                                                                            and we need to help them if it’s raining     service.
          receiving                                                                                                           or snowing,” said DeJesus.                       Moore oversaw the extensive
upgrades in 2008.                                                                                                                  “In every other commissary, the         cleaning and reorganization of the
                                                                                                                              baggers take the groceries out for the       entire store just in time for the
                                                                                                                              customer, and here they weren’t doing        holidays.

Marshall Center meets security challenges, needs     able to meet the standards for NATO admission
Marshall Center Public Affairs
                                                     will be in part attributable to the work of the
    The NATO Assistant Secretary General for         Marshall Center in training members of their
Defence Investment visited the George C.             national security elites.
Marshall European Center for Security Studies            “The Marshall Center is a very important and
Monday, during a trip to the NATO school in          valuable means in helping to develop the people
Oberammergrau, Germany.                              who will be the NATO staff of today, tomorrow
    Peter Flory, who previously worked as            or the day after tomorrow – in particular, those
assistant secretary of defense for international     coming from many of the new members,” Flory
security policy from Aug. 2005 – Dec. 2006,          said.
met with Dr. John P. Rose, Marshall Center               The Marshall Center is a renowned German-
Director, staff and students of the center’s         American defense and security studies institute
Program in Advanced Security Studies.                located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
    “In my view the Marshall Center is doing a           Since its dedication in 1993, its mission has
lot of things to address the security challenges     been to create a more stable security
of today and in the future rather than being         environment by advancing democratic
focused on the past, both in terms of the regional   institutions and relationships, especially in the
aspects of security as well as the increasingly      field of defense; promoting active, peaceful
important trans regional or globalized threats       security cooperation; and enhancing enduring
such as terrorism and weapons of mass                partnerships among the nations of Europe,
destruction,” Flory said.                            Eurasia and North America.
    “The impression that I have is that the              Supported by the U.S. Department of
Marshall Center is very well sighted on current      Defense and the German Ministry of Defense,
and future challenges,” he said.                     the Marshall Center offers postgraduate-level
    As ASG/DI, Flory is responsible for the          resident programs as well as conferences,
promotion of NATO armaments cooperation              seminars and workshops to military and civilian
policies and programs, and for military common       officials from Europe, Eurasia, North America,
funding.                                             and beyond.
    Flory said that one of the ways the Marshall         The Marshall Center boasts an international
Center contributes to the NATO mission is by         faculty and staff with representatives from 10
training – both new and longstanding NATO            partner nations.
members.                                                 Since 1993, more than 6,000 military and                                                                                                 Courtesy photo
    “Many of our newer NATO members have             civilian leaders from more than 100 nations have    Pictured are (from left) Ambassador David Litt, Associate Director for International
sent hundreds of people through the Marshall         graduated from resident courses and
Center,” Flory said. “(for prospective NATO                                                              Liaison; Major General (ret.) Justus Graebner, German Deputy Director; Peter Flory,
                                                     approximately 15,000 have attended more than
members) if they get the opportunity to join         260 conferences on European and Central Asian       Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, NATO; Dr. John P. Rose,
NATO, one of the reasons they will have been         security issues.                                    Marshall Center Director; and Mr. JQ Roberts, United States Deputy Director.

Service Credit Union giving back to military community
Story and photo by JOHN REESE             our community support services are        and Airman present. “I think it’s a       of us are former military. We know           families first. Most of the card
Bavarian News                             paying back and recognizing the           wonderful gesture, and you all are the    what you go through every day, and           recipients on hand for the presentation
                                          contributions that our men and women      lucky recipients of their generosity.”    we just want to say thank you for            were USAG-Garmisch military
   In a generous post-holiday gesture     who are in uniform are making to our          The cards for Garmisch,               everything that you do.”                     police.
that surprised local leadership, the      country, our services, and the            representing a total of $2,000, were         As part of the ceremony, Johnson             “For January bills it’s a good thing
Garmisch branch of Service Credit         sacrifices they’re making every day,”     part of about $30,000 in gift cards       presented an oversized “gift card” to        to have a little extra cash. I’ve been
Union issued 25 cash gift cards to        said Rose. “I’ll tell you what, I’ve      issued in Europe by the SCU holiday       the topkick of the Marshall Center,          in about 17 years serving but I’ve
local military personnel E-6 and          been around for a while and it’s the      gift card program, said Rose, adding      First Sgt. Taher Almosadder.                 never heard of this,” said Capt. (P)
below Jan. 16 at the George C.            first time I’ve heard of one of our       that the money came from the credit          “This program is a great thing to         VickyLynne Peters, garrison provost
Marshall Center on Sheridan Kaserne.      corporate sponsors doing something        union employees.                          support the Soldier E-6 and below and        marshal.
   Retired Army Brig. Gen. (Dr.)          like that.”                                   “We love our military, and we just    their family. We appreciate what the            “This is a beautiful duty station,”
John P. Rose, director of the Marshall        Santos couldn’t recall anything       want to give back, saying thank you       credit union does,” said Almosadder,         she said. “Sometimes it’s a little
Center, hosted the brief presentation     similar happening in her many years       for the sacrifices you make as well as    also accepting cards on behalf of            expensive, so this gives the younger
for the assembled warriors in his         of service.                               the sacrifices your families make,”       personnel who couldn’t be present.           soldiers an opportunity to go out,
office along with Karin H. Santos,            “I have to follow, I have not heard   said SCU Garmisch branch manager             The cards came in increments of           maybe take a ride up the ski lift, or to
Manager, USAG-Garmisch.                   of any credit union doing this before,”   Lori Johnson, herself a retired Air       $50 and $100, with the larger amounts        buy that memento that they wouldn’t
   “Here is a great example of where      said Santos, addressing the Soldiers      Force chief master sergeant. “A lot       going to the junior enlisted with            have had from this area.”
8    Bavarian News
                                                                       Hohenfels Box Bulletin                                                                                             January 30, 2008

 1st Bn., 4th Infantry’s Team Dragon
prepping for Afghanistan deployment
by Capt. JUNEL JEFFREY                                                                                                                                                        Fisher said that Delta Company
JMRC Public Affairs Officer                                                                                                                                                must be flexible and ready to execute
                                                                                                                                                A Soldier from             both kinetic and non-kinetic
   As the Hohenfels community                                                                                                                   Company D, 1st             operations in Afghanistan’s most
begins a new year, Soldiers from 1st                                                                                                            Battalion, 4th             severe terrain and weather conditions.
Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, will                                                                                                                                        “They should expect nothing to
once again rise to the challenge as yet                                                                                                         Infantry                   come easy,” Fisher said. “I know with
another company deploys to                                                                                                                      Regiment, serving          the great training and preparation
Afghanistan in support of the                                                                                                                   as a member of             they’ve had in Germany, they will be
International Security Assistance                                                                                                               the opposing               successful in developing upon the
Force.                                                                                                                                          forces during an           successful efforts of their fellow
   Company D, 1-4 Infantry Battalion                                                                                                                                       Warriors.”
will replace Company A, which is                                                                                                                exercise at the
                                                                                                                                                                              As Delta Company sets its sights
currently at the helm of the Zabul                                                                                                              Hohenfels                  on continuing to provide the people
mission. Led by Capt. Wayne Keeler                                                                                                              Training Area,             of Zabul Province with a secure and
and Sergeant 1st Class Philip Eville,                                                                                                           takes aim at a             prosperous environment, they will not
Team Dragon is no stranger to hard                                                                                                              target. Delta              go alone. They take with them the
work.                                                                                                                                           Company is                 support and confidence of the Soldiers
   “Nearly half of the men in Team                                                                                                                                         and families of the Hohenfels
Dragon are from other companies in                                                                                                              preparing to               community.
1-4 Infantry,” said Keelar. “Most of                                                                                                            deploy to                     “I am eager and anxious to see how
those men bring experience from                                                                                                                 Afghanistan in             my Soldiers will do when they face
previous deployments on this very                                                                                                               early 2008.                combat for the first time,” said Sgt.
mission.”                                                                                                                                                                  Bryan Fenn, a Delta Company
   Unlike Alpha Company, which is                                                                                                                                          mortarman. “I have no doubt in my
an infantry unit, Team Dragon is a        training regiment to ensure readiness.   and live fire, we certified our squads,”     road ahead in taking over this mission.    mind we will be able to accomplish
tank company that brings to the fight         “Team Dragon has been preparing      Keelar said. “The training was                   “Team Apache did extremely well        any task that lies ahead.”
knowledge and experience about            for their deployment since June          challenging and the Dragons did              in the execution of their mission,” said      “This is the reality of Army life,”
mounted operations.                       2007,” Simmons said. “They               exceptionally well.”                         Maj. Sean Fisher, Task Force Zabul         Keeler said. “Our Soldiers and
   Preparing for deployment is not an     qualified at the individual, team,          Company D last set out for                deputy commander. “The main                families embrace the situation with the
easy task. According to Capt. Warren      squad, and platoon. Team Dragon is       Afghanistan in late 2006. Working in         expectation I have for Team Dragon         spirit of family and community we
Simmons, 1-4 Infantry Battalion           ready to go.”                            austere conditions and against defiant       is to take the progress made by the        have grown in Team Dragon.”
assistant operations officer, the tank        “From fire team situational          enemy forces, the light infantry             Soldiers, sailors, and airmen of Team         Delta Company is scheduled to
company took part in a challenging        training to squad training exercises     company faces another long, tough            Apache and improve upon it.”               deploy to Afghanistan in early 2008.

Students take top prize in spelling, geography bees
Special to the Bavarian News
    The Department of Defense Dependents
Schools in Hohenfels hosted a spelling bee and
geography bee in January.
    The winner of the 2008 Hohenfels Spelling
Bee was Josh Petery, a fourth grader in Kathryn
Iacampo’s class. The runner up was Julian
Morales, a sixth grader in Jennifer Remoy’s
room. Petery will advance to the European
Spelling Bee, which will be held at Ramstein
Elementary School March 15.
    The Scripps Spelling Bee is sponsored by the
Parent Teachers Association.
    The winner of the 2008 Hohenfels
Geography Bee was Andrew Whittingham, a
fifth grader in Lisa Zimmermann’s class.
    Whittingham will advance to the next level
of competition, a written examination to
determine state competitors.
    Second place went to fourth grader Jared
Bernal, and sixth grader Robert Ryan took home
third place.
    Spelling Bee school winners are eligible to                                                                                        Photos by Troy Darr
win the national championship and the first prize,                                                                                                              Josh Petery sits down with confidence
a $25,000 college scholarship, at the national       Andrew Whittingham and Jared Bernal compete in the final round of the 2008                                 after correctly spelling the last word in
competition May 20-21 in Washington, D.C.            Hohenfels Geography Bee.                                                                                   the 2008 Hohenfels Spelling Bee.

Community honors MLK’s lasting legacy Participants drop pounds,
Special to the Bavarian News              presented by Master Sgt. Christopher     earth, he devoted his life to
    Soldiers, their families, and
civilian employees in U.S. Army
Garrison Hohenfels honored the
                                       body fat percentages in
                                          Mulvihill, Sgt. 1st Class Paul Nwoga
                                          and Aundra Fryer.
                                             Courtney Borg was the winner of
                                                                                   strengthening the content of the
                                                                                   American character and called on our
                                                                                   Nation to live up to its founding
lasting legacy of Martin Luther King      an essay contest organized by            principles of life, liberty, and the
Jr. at a luncheon in the Garrison
Dining Facility Jan. 22.
    Highlights of the event included a
                                       Lose 2 Win competition
                                          Mulvihill, the Joint Multinational
                                          Readiness Center Equal Opportunity
                                                                                   pursuit of happiness for all its citizens.
                                                                                      “Dr. King’s faith in the Almighty
                                                                                   gave him the courage to confront
series of musical performances by            In a presidential proclamation        discrimination and segregation, and          by MALI HOEH                            whose members were Lisa Godoy,
Carla Nwoga and vignettes                 President George Bush wrote, “In the     he preached that all the powers of evil      Special to the Bavarian News            Adriana Orozo, and Lourdes Astello.
highlighting King’s life and vision       brief time Dr. King walked upon this     are ultimately no match for even one                                                 Together they lost 49.5 pounds and 19
                                                                                   individual armed with eternal truths,”           Team FBI or Fabulous, Beautiful, percent body fat.
                                                                                   noted Bush.                                  and Intelligent took home first place       Third place was secured by Lion’s
                                                                                      “Through his determination, spirit,       honors in the U.S.                                      Heart     teammates
                                                                                   and resolve, Dr. King helped lift souls      Army         Garrison                                   Evelyn Rivera, Jose
                                                                                   and lead one of the greatest                 Hohenfels Sports and           Thinking                 Rivera, and Alex
                                                                                   movements for equality and freedom           Fitness program—its               about                 LeMasters who as a
                                                                                   in history,” he said. “Our nation has        fourth semi-annual
                                                                                   made progress toward realizing Dr.           Lose 2 Win Program.            joining?                 team lost 45 pounds
                                                                                                                                                                                        and 11 percent body
                                                                                   King’s dream, yet the work to achieve            The Lose 2 Win                                      fat.
                                                                                   liberty and justice for all is never-        Competition was a 10-        The next Lose 2 Win            The program was
                                                                                   ending.”                                     week event in which          competition kicks off      open to Soldiers,
                                                                                                                                25 teams, each with               March 18.             family members, and
                                                                                                                                three       members,                                    civilians.    Teams
                                                                                                      Photo by Troy Darr        competed to lose the most weight.       earned points based on body fat loss,
                                                                                   Carla Nwoga sings while                          FBI members included Angela weight loss, and hours of physical
                                                                                                                                Hutchison, Jennifer Curry, and Sabine exercise completed at one of the local
                                                                                   husband Sgt. 1st Class Paul                  Smith, who lost a total of 63 pounds physical fitness facilities or through
                                                                                   Nwoga plays the bongo drums                  and 16 percent body fat while going one of the Morale, Welfare and
                                                                                   at the Martin Luther King Jr.                to the gym two times a day, seven days Recreation fitness classes.
                                                                                   celebration in the Garrison                  a week and attending several classes.       The next Lose 2 Win Competition
                                                                                   Dining Facility Jan. 22.                         Second place went to Las Latinas in Hohenfels kicks off on March 18.
10 Bavarian News                                                          Hohenfels Box Bulletin                                                                                            January 30, 2008

 Hohenfels military police working
  closely with German authorities
by GARRY BARROWS                                      responsibilities to check road conditions,                 Zacharda said even though the 60-year-old        he said.
Special to the Bavarian News                          respond to traffic situations, housing area             Status of Forces Agreement is the formal basis          As an example, Zacharda credits Wilson for
                                                      patrols, and more,” Wilson said.                        for working together, common sense and good         making the effort to learn the German language
    Team work is generally described as a                 Viktor Zacharda, director of the Parsberg           judgment are also important.                        and he now “speaks very good German,” he said.
cooperative effort by a group or team.                detachment of the Polizei, has had the                     “There are really two problems we have to            The second issue is the language barrier.
    It also describes the relationship that exists    opportunity during his 18 years of service to           work through to have a good relationship,” said         “Thank God we have the interpreters,
between the Hohenfels Military Police and the         understand the complexities of the kind of law          Zacharda. “One is the constant change of the        otherwise we would drown,” said Zacharda.
local German law enforcement officials.               enforcement that is needed in a mixed                   military police personnel. Two or three years and
    “We enjoy a very good, friendly working                                                                                                                           Long-term German speaking employees/
                                                      community where 16 percent of his jurisdiction          they’re gone.”                                      interpreters are on call around the clock and
relationship with the local Polizei,” said Provost    is affiliated in some way with the United States           Fortunately, a long line of very good military
Marshall Capt. Derek Wilson who is also the                                                                                                                       have provided a continuity and consistency to
                                                      government.                                             police personnel have been stationed in             everything that has evolved in making the
garrison’s chief of the Emergency Services                “I see our primary duty is to assist, to clarify,   Hohenfels who have sincerely tried to
Directorate.                                                                                                                                                      working relationship so effective and
                                                      and to help anyone, regardless of nationality.”         understand the German laws and how they work,       satisfying.
    Most U.S. Army posts have good working
relationships with local law enforcement                                                                                                                              It has also given him and his staff a
agencies, but in Hohenfels the relationship                                                                                                                       confidence that, with the influence of the
seems to go beyond the typical.                                                                                                                                   interpreters, a basic level of cooperation and
    “We have joint responsibilities and work                                                                                                                      understanding is always in place.
together accordingly,” Wilson said, “and not just                                                                                                                     “They (the interpreters) have been here a long
outside the installation.                                                                                                                                         time and they know what the polizei and what
    “The local Polizei will come here, and                                                                                                                        the MPs need to begin with,” Zacharda said.
together we will do things like winter tire checks                                                                                                                    Another example of a joint assignment is to
and even customs and security inspections of                                                                                                                      have a combined group of MPs and polizei visit
local national workers.”                                                                                                                                          German night clubs frequented by U.S. Soldiers
    Wilson said that because of the long history                                                                                                                  in the surrounding communities.
of the training area, the local communities have                                                                                                                      The German and American police also
become accustomed to Army personnel being                                                                                                                         conduct random traffic stops on Friday and
here, and the local law enforcement inspectorate                                                                                                                  Saturday nights.
in Parsberg has developed a special trust with                                                                                                                        While cooperation between law enforcement
the post.                                                                                                                                                         agencies is important, the diligence of the
    “If there is any kind of issue with a civilian,                                                                                                               citizens, both German and American, is even
family member or contractor, and an                                                                                                                               more important.
investigation is necessary, it is their case, but                                                                                                                     Zacharda said many Americans have told
we do the legwork,” Wilson said. “We have a                                                                                                                       him, ‘Viktor, I feel so safe here.’
coordinated and respectful partnership.”                                                                                                                              “But that can be a double edged sword,”
    Army families live in 16 off-base housing                                                                                                                     Zacharda warns explaining that all citizens must
areas. In addition, hundreds of others live in                                                                                     Photo by Christina Wilson      stay alert and conscious of security in locking
private rentals in apartment complexes and            Pfc. Jarrod Addison and a German policeman conduct a joint traffic stop at Gate 1                           cars, garages and homes.
houses.                                               in Hohenfels. U.S. military police and German police have developed a close working                             “You can not let your guard down,” he
    “Every day, MPs have off-post                     relationship over the past decades.                                                                         advised.

                  by HEATHER MASTERPOOL
                     CYS Youth Sports Assistant

 Youth coaches making
 positive impact on kids,
sought for local programs
           ommunity Youth Sports        effort.
           coaches are preparing            Young athletes are providing a
           children for the futre one   safe environment to interact with
season at a time.                       each other and learn new skills

                                                                                                          Hurrah Hurricanes!
    Team sports available to the        under the supervision of caring and
youth in Hohenfels build numerous, knowledgeable coaches.
positive life skills that help young        The coaches also serve as
athletes succeed in                                         positive role

the future.                                                 models for their
    Cooperation,               In today’s high              players.
planning ahead,                                                 The
dedication, and               calorie society,              commitment,
determination are              developing an                selfless service,
all developed by                                            and positive                                                                                                                           Courtesy photo
children, and all            enjoyable way to               attitude of
while having fun                                            volunteers                 Hohenfels Hurricane Stephanie Davis competes in a European Forces Swim League swim meet
                              stay fit and eat
and getting
    In today’s high
calorie society,
                            healthy early on is
                                a good thing.
                                                      ‘     coaches are
                                                            absorbed and
                                                            emulated by their
                                                            young charges
                                                                                       against the Stuttgart Piranhas and the Bamberg Aqua Barons in Neumarkt.

                                                                                       Hohenfels take second at swim meet
developing an                                               and are eventually         by DAN HOEH                                    Stephanie Davis won top honors        arm.
enjoyable way to                                            fully adopted into         Special to the Bavarian News               in the 200-meter Freestyle and 100-          The final meet of the year takes
stay fit and eat healthy early on is    the children’s developing characters.                                                     meter Backstroke, and Grant Gamble        place in Berlin where the Hurricanes
always a good thing.                        Youth sports volunteer coaches                 The Hohenfels Hurricanes Swim          earned first in the 50- and 100-meter     will compete against individuals from
    However, all of these benefits      are without a doubt a necessary                Team captured second place team            Freestyle.                                the 17 other swim teams from
would not be possible without the       asset to any post.                             honors and three swimmers earned               Katelyn Bronell was the team’s        throughout Europe in the European
positive impact of the community’s          Without the time, care, and effort         seven gold medals in a swim meet           most improved swimmer, chopping a         Forces Swim League.
volunteer coaches.                      of these men and women, the future,            against the Stuttgart Piranhas and the     whopping 21 seconds off her 200-             For more information on the
    Simply holding a practice           as well as the present, would not be           Bamberg Aqua Barons in Neumarkt            meter Freestyle.                          Hohenfels Hurricanes or to see how
requires a great deal of time and       quite as bright for our future leaders.        Jan. 13.                                       Amy Hoeh’s performance was            the swimmers compare to others
energy from these coaches in                For information about becoming                 Karl Hoeh took home first place        equally great by reducing her best        throughout the league visit their Web
planning and execution, but the         a Youth Sports Coach call DSN 466-             in the 50- and 100-meter Freestyle and     time before she found out she was         site     at    www.hohenfels-hur
benefits are reward enough for the      2558.                                          the 100-meter Butterfly.                   swimming with a broken bone in her

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   Write a letter to the editor! Send an e-mail to usaggnews with “letter to the editor” in the subject line.
12 Bavarian News                                                                                                                                                                             January 30, 2008

Marines hit JMRC hard, ‘FAST’
JMTC Public Affairs                       commander.”                                realistic training exercises.                  Marines also conducted a                     “The nighttime scenarios were
                                     nd       “If a naval installation or American       “We have three different types of       dismounted patrol, during which they        amazing.” said Cpl. Rick Geslan, 2F5
   More than 50 Marines from the 2        Embassy is compromised,” he said,          training lanes set up for the Marines,”     were tasked with clearing several           fire team leader “We actually had to
Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team         “We have the ability to go in and take     said Capt Dan Enslen the senior O/C         buildings.                                  forge through buildings with furniture
Company 5th Platoon from Rota Spain       it back over.”                             for the rotation.                              “During this lane they will be           in them and we had aggressors who
spent a week recently at the Joint                                                       “We have a mounted combat lane,         identifying materials that could be         were not Marines, playing the
Multinational Readiness Center in         The selection
                                              According to Salcido each Marine       where they have to conduct a patrol         used for manufacturing IED,” Enslen         aggressors.”
Hohenfels to hone their skills during                                                on up-armored HMWVS,” he said.              explained.
sustainment training in advanced          is selected for FAST platoon on a 7-                                                                                               A different experience
                                          month rotation basis. Midway through       “During this patrol they have to               “We also have a torture victim at           According to Geslan this training
urban combat.                                                                        identify an IED cache that has been         the electrical sub station they will have
Vital security assets                     the deployment team members are                                                                                                    was a different experience for the unit.
                                          provided the opportunity to undergo        laid in by the enemy.”                      to deal with and an IED ambush,”               “We had to deal with interpreters
   FAST Company is a quick                this sustainment training.                 IED and ambush training                     Enslen added.                               and civilians on the battlefield,” he
response team protecting vital security       Observer/Controllers from the             According to Enslen the lane also           According to Enslen the final lane       said.
assets in the European theater.           Grizzlies at JMRC have gone to great       included reacting to contact with an        will involve a limited recapture.              Another aspect of this training was
   “What we focus on is limited           lengths to provide their brothers-in-      improvised explosive device as well            “They will have two police officers      the use of Soldiers instead of other
recapture in a secure environment,”       arms with a variety of critical and        as an ambush.                               who have been taken to be tortured,”        Marines as aggressors.
explained Capt. Rudy Salcido the 2F5                                                                                             he said. “They will have to go in and          “Back home in York town Virginia
                                                                                                                                 rescue these men with very little           we use other Marines as the
                                                                                                                                 notice.”                                    aggressors,” he said. “They have a
                                                                                                                                 Day and night                               tendency not to take their role as
                                                                                                                                     The Marines finished their training     seriously.”
                                                                                                                                 at JMRC with a live-fire exercise at           The size and quality of the military
                                                                                                                                 the shoot-house. Teams would enter          operations on urban terrain sites at
                                                                                                                                 the structure clearing rooms one at a       JMRC is what stuck in the minds of
                                                                                                                                 time using live ammunition.                 some of the visiting Marines.
                                                                                                                                     The platoon practiced their urban       The bare minimum
                                                                                                                                 combat skills in both day and night            “Back home we have the bare
                                                                                                                                 time scenarios.                             minimum in our MOUT sites,” said
                                                                                                                                      In addition to providing a very        Lance Cpl. Michael Silver. “Here you
                                                                                                                                 realistic training environment, JMRC        have cities, buildings, people
                                                                                                                                 provided observer/controllers,              occupying it so it gives you the actual
                                                                                                                                 opposing forces and civilians on the        feeling that you are there.”
                                                                                                                                 battlefield to add to the experience.          “It wasn’t just one thing that stuck
                                                                                                                                 A lasting impression                        in my head, it was everything,” he
                                                               Courtesy photos       The Marines’ live-fire exercise                It was this attention to detail that     said. “ You had to really be on point
A Marine FAST unit prepares to enter a building during a live-fire                   at JMRC helped them hone                    made a lasting impression on some of        with everything you do or it will come
exercise at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center.                                their urban combat skills.                  the men.                                    back to haunt you later.”

Czech soldiers receive driver training from CATC
JMTC Public Affairs                                                                                                                                               your ground guide.”
                                                                                                                                                                      At the final station students also learn the
   Instructors from the Combined Arms                                                                                                                             appropriate hand signals to guide a driver into
Training Center in Vilseck were at the Joint                                                                                               A Czech                position.
Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels                                                                                                soldier directs            “This training is very important to us,” said
recently teaching Soldiers from the Czech                                                                                                  a fellow               Lt. Zdenek Soural, platoon commander of the
Republic how to maintain and operate U.S.                                                                                                                         Czech Army Reconnaissance battalion. “We are
military armored HMMWV.                                                                                                                    student
                                                                                                                                           through the            used to driving smaller vehicles with no armor.
   A total of 21 Czech Soldiers from the Czech                                                                                                                    It is really different driving these larger U.S.
Army Reconnaissance Battalion participated in                                                                                              sepentine
                                                                                                                                                                  vehicles with the armor.”
the week-long course. The unit is preparing for                                                                                            station of the             “This has been really good training for my
their deployment to the Logar Province of                                                                                                  driver's               troops,” Soural said. “It was a little difficult for
Afghanistan in February.                                                                                                                   training               us at first, but my men have really gained a lot
   “The importance of this training is                                                                                                                            of confidence.”
familiarizing these Soldiers with vehicles they                                                                                            course.
                                                                                                                                                                      Soural attributes this confidence to the hard
have never driven before,” said Sgt. 1st Class                                                                                             Courtesy photo         work and dedication of the CATC instructors.
Darryl Harris, the noncommissioned officer in                                                                                                                         “The instructors have been of great,” he said.
charge of the sustainment training branch of                                                                                                                      “Their positive attitude towards us has been
CATC.                                                                                                                                                             great during this training.”
   “Most of these students have never seen these     maintenance,” Harris said. “They came out and         cones. This maneuver lets the driver to feel how
                                                     set up the course then put it through a dry run.”     the vehicle will respond traveling around                  Soural said the hardest thing to get used to
vehicles before and they will be using them                                                                                                                       was driving a car with an automatic
when they deploy to Afghanistan,” said Harris.           The course is divided into three separate         barriers similar to what they may encounter in
                                                     stations. Station one tests the driver’s ability to   the field.                                             transmission.
   According to Harris, instructors went to great                                                                                                                     “We have manual transmissions in our
lengths to insure this training was beneficial to    stop the vehicle. Each student accelerates the           Parallel parking was the object of station
                                                     HMMWV to 20 miles-per-hour. Once this speed           three. Upon completion of the serpentine track         vehicles,” he said. “Getting used to R and D on
our coalition counterparts.                                                                                                                                       the stick has been interesting.”
         “We didn’t just throw this course           is achieved, the driver applies the brakes,           the driver proceeds to a cordoned off area where
                                                     learning how to compensate for the weight shift       they are required to park the vehicle.                     According to Soural, the facilties and
together,” Harris said. “We planned it for about                                                                                                                  equipment at JMRC is better than anything they
a month.”                                            caused by the additional armor.                          “You can’t really see around this vehicle,”
                                                         Station two is known as the serpentine track.     Harris said, “That’s why it’s important to learn       have used in the past and they look forward to
   “We have some experienced civilians who                                                                                                                        training there again.
have backgrounds in transportation and               Each driver winds the vehicle in and out of           how to use your mirrors and pay attention to

Soldiers learn short-range marksmanship training tactics at JMTC
JMTC Public Affairs                        go back to their unit they can train      quickest and most effective way to
                                           their Soldiers that they broaden their    change magazines during an
    Following closely with the idea horizons.”                                       engagement.
that every Soldier is a rifleman, a           Borr explained that the goal of the        According to Borr the main focus
mobile training team from the 192nd course was to teach students to be able          of this course is to help the Soldier
Brigade, 29 Infantry Charlie to engage targets quickly and actively                  develop muscle memory in order to
Company of Ft.

                                                                  at close range.    make their reactions to hostile fire
B e n n i n g                                                         “ W e          reflexive in nature.
Georgia came to          We want the Soldier to e x p l a i n
Grafenwohr                                                                               “We want the Soldier to practice
recently to train       practice the techniques d i f f e r e n t techniques,”
                                                                                     the techniques enough that when the
Soldiers from                                                                        time comes he just snaps into it instead
different units in       enough that when the he                            said.    of having to stop and think about what
                                                                  “Students then     to do,” he said.
the art of short-     time comes he just snaps practice them
r a n g e                                                                                Borr explained that this course was
    During the
week-long               to stop and think about
                        into it instead of having during a dry-   fire exercise.”

                                                                                     to train NCOs to take techniques back
                                                                                     to Soldiers in their units that don’t
                                                                                     ordinarily get to shoot.
c o u r s e                       what to do.                     students               “We like to focus on the Soldiers
noncommissioned                                                   practice until     who weren’t out doing patrols prior
officers were                                                     they        are    to the war like service support,” Borr
taught a variety                Staff
                                Staf f Sgt. Michael Borr                             said.
                        NCOIC, Short Range Marksmanship Course
of techniques to                                                  with        the        “I feel this course is vital to those
help       better                          techniques.                               Soldiers who don’t ordinarily get to
prepare their Soldiers to engage the          “We let them figure out which ones     shoot,” he said. ‘These techniques will
enemy.                                     work best for them, and then we           help better prepare them to complete
    “The purpose of this course is to incorporate it all at the end into a           their mission.”
allow students to pick up different transition scenario with different                   Units interested in this type of
                                                                                     training are encouraged to contact the                                                             Photo by Pfc. Jerry Wilson
techniques,” said Staff Sgt. Michael barricades.” Borr said.
Borr, the noncommissioned officer in          Techniques taught include              Training and Doctrine Command or            Staff Sgt. Mario Rios makes a dry run through the barricade course
charge of the short range shooting while in motion and around                        visit the 192nd Brigade Web site at         during the short-range marksmanship training class at the Joint
marksmanship course, “so when they barricades. Students also learn the                                 Multinational Training Command.
14 Bavarian News                                                                                                                                                                                         January 30, 2008
                                                                                   Community Spotlight

                                              What’s Happening
                                              Air Travel Update                             Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration,          FitzGerald by calling DSN 466-1570 or              * Referrals are available to anyone
    Grafenwoehr/                                  The U.S. Department of Transporta-
                                              tion has announced new safety rules
                                                                                            and Skills) is seeking certified profes-
                                                                                            sionals who would like to put their skills
                                                                                                                                          DSN 466-4795.
                                                                                                                                              All counseling is confidential and is
                                                                                                                                                                                         requiring babysitter services.
                                                                                                                                                                                             * Visit the CLEOS office for referral
                                                                                            to work and dedicate their time and           available for Soldiers, spouses, civilians     services, or contact us for additional
    Vilseck Briefs                            relating to the storage of rechargeable
                                              Lithium batteries when flying to, from
                                              and within the USA.
                                                                                            knowledge to making a difference in a
                                                                                            child’s life.
                                                                                                                                          and family members.                            information.

General officer assignment                        The new restrictions, effective from          Instructors are needed for Music          ASC seeks volunteers with                      Kansas City Chiefs
   Secretary of Defense Robert M.             Jan. 1, 2008, dictate that loose lithium      (Piano, Vocal, and Guitar), Foreign           foreign language skills                        cheerleaders perform
Gates announced that the President has        cells may not be packed in checked            Language (German and Spanish),                    The Army Community Services is                 Armed Forces Entertainment and
nominated Army Gen. David D.                  baggage under any circumstances -             Gymnastics, Tennis, Swimming, and             looking to build a pool of volunteers          Hohenfels MWR Entertainment Office
McKiernan for re-appointment to the           batteries installed in equipment are          Academic Tutoring. Please call DSN            with foreign language skills to assist         presents the Kansas City Chiefs
rank of general and assignment as the         unaffected.                                   476-3376 or CIV 09662-83-3376 for             with the Warrior Transition Unit Soldiers      Cheerleaders Friday at 7 p.m. in the post
commander, International Security                 Carry-on baggage may contain up to        more information.                             and family members.                            gym. Sideline excitement takes center
Assistance Force. McKiernan is                two loose batteries but only if there is no                                                     They are looking for people with           stage as the cheerleaders join us for a
currently serving as the commanding           possibility of short-circuit; containing      New Customs office                            skills in any language, not just German.       night of fun and good cheer.
general, U.S. Army Europe and Seventh         them individually within simple plastic           There is a new Customs customer           If you possess this skilll, and are willing        Famous for their highly-choreo-
Army/commanding general, U.S.Army,            bags or their original packaging is           service office in Grafenwoehr located in      to volunteer, contact Eva Garrett at the       graphed shows that feature music, dance,
North Atlantic Treaty Organization,           sufficient to prevent this and will satisfy   Bldg. 244, Room 240. Operation Hours          Army Community Services at DSN 466-            acting, and 41 costume changes, this
Germany.                                      inspectors.                                   will be as follows:                           2081.                                          highly-talented group has been recog-
                                                                                               Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m. - noon / 1 -                                                      nized as one of the best NFL squads to
Estates Claims                                Graf Thrift Store accepting                   4 p.m                                         Checking German mailboxes                      entertain the troops.
    Anyone having claims on or                consignment furniture                            Friday, 8 a.m. - noon and 1 - 3 p.m.           All residents at Leased Family Housing         Admission is free and the show is
obligations to the estate of Sgt. 1st Class       The Grafenwoehr Community &                   For more information, call DSN 475-       Units are requested to check their German      suitable for all ages. Check out the
Matthew Pionk of 3rd Squadron, 2d             Spouses Club Thrift Store in Grafenwohr       7249 or CIV 09641-837249 at                   mailboxes on a daily basis.                    Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Web
SCR should contact the following              is now accepting furniture and/or any         Grafenwoehr, or call the Vilseck Office           The Housing Facilities Office is sending   site at
summary court martial officer, 1st Lt.        individual item valued over $25 for           at DSN 475-2105 or CIV 09662-832105.          important and recurrent information, such as
John Paul Rebello at DSN 475-7776.            consignment.                                                                                appointments from contractors for oil          Super Bowl party
    Anyone having claims on or                    Call CIV 09641 454 085 to set up an       AWAG announces this year’s                    deliveries, annual heater maintenance,             Sunday, starting at 7 p.m., enjoy
obligations to the estate of Staff Sgt.       appointment to start an account and to        conference dates, location                    chimney sweeping and other contractor          contests and activities up until kickoff
Jonathan K. Dozier of 3rd Squadron,           deliver your large items to the Thrift                                                      maintenance.                                   including the 8 Pin/9 Pin No-Tap
                                                                                                American Women’s Activities,
2d SCR should contact the following           Store.                                        Germany is hosting their annual                                                              Tournament and lane rental at $9 per
summary court martial officer, Capt.                                                        conference at Edelweiss Lodge and             Club Beyond Update                             hour per lane. AFN will also be
Glenn Anderson at DSN 475-8591.               Vilseck Sort sets new hours                   Resort in Garmisch April 27-May 1. This          Club Beyond is free. All youth (7th-        broadcasting live from 7-9 p.m.
    Anyone having claims on or                    Effective Friday, the Vilseck                                                           12th grade) are welcome anytime.
                                                                                            years theme, “AWAG - The Tie That
obligations to the estate of Spc. Todd        Recycling Center will be open Monday-                                                          If you have any questions about these       Library hosts craft party
                                                                                            Binds”, emphasizes the organizations
Davis of 3rd Squadron, 2d SCR should          Friday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday 10                                                       upcoming events or Club Beyond                     On Feb. 14, the library will host a
                                                                                            mission to strengthen, train, and connect
contact the following summary court           a.m.-3 p.m. It will be closed on Sunday.      volunteers within the European theater.       Hohenfels call Chris Howard at DSN             free event open to children of all ages to
martial officer, 1st Lt. John H Stanczak      For more information call DSN 476-                Interested participants must register     466-4793 or CIV 0151-1494-3311 or e-           create a Valentine’s craft for their loved
at DSN 475-6735.                              2600.                                         by Feb. 15. To register, log on to            mail mil.       ones, from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. For more
    Anyone having claims on or                                                                                                                                                           information call the library at DSN 466-
                                                                                   or e-mail the AWAG                CYS Babysitter Referral
obligations to the estate of Sgt. Christo-    Girl Scout cookies on sale                                                                                                                 1740.
                                                                                            registration chair at
pher Sanders of 3rd Squadron, 2d SCR              Girl Scout cookie season will run                                                       Services
should contact the following summary                                                                                                                                                     CYS registration free
court martial officer, Capt. Eugene
                                              through Feb. 16. Scouts will be conduct-      Embassy hosts literature,                        Babysitters are Red Cross trained
                                              ing cookie booths in various community        lecture series at Pariser Platz               teens willing to provide childcare                 Registration for Middle School/Teen
Williams at DSN 474-2300.                     locations Saturday-Feb.16.                                                                  services during non-school days and            Services is free. Pick up registration
    Anyone having claims on or                                                                 U.S. Embassy announcesliterature           weekends.
                                                                                            and lecture series to celebrate return to                                                    forms at the MS/Teen facility, tempo-
obligations to the estate of Staff Sgt.       EFMP screening set at                                                                          Child care services and rates are
                                                                                            Pariser Platz. Please visit http://                                                          rarily located in the Community
Sean Michael Gaul of 3rd Squadron, 2d                                                                                                     negotiable with provider and include at
                                              Grafenwoehr Health Clinic                                                                          Activities Center, Bldg. 40, or register at
SCR should contact the following                                                                                                          home or in-quarters care.                      CLEOS.
summary court martial officer, 1st Lt.           Starting Jan. 8, the Grafenwoehr           embassy_series.html for full details of
Daniel Crystal at DSN 474-2166.               Health Clinic will offer EMFP screen-         scheduled events.
                                              ings with a registered nurse on Tuesdays
Vilseck Clinic has new hours                  from 1-4 p.m. and Wednesdays from 9           Lost your bike? Look here!
   The Vilseck Health Clinic’s new
operating hours are as follows:
                                              a.m. to noon. Call DSN 475-7152 or CIV
                                              09641-83-1750 to make your appoint-
                                                                                                The Vilseck City Hall and Vilseck MP
                                                                                            Station have an abundance of unclaimed
                                                                                                                                              VOTING ASSISTANCE OFFICERS
                                              ment.                                                                                                                       (as of 4 Jan 08)
  Monday-Wednesday: 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m.                                                        found property that is believed to belong
                                                                                            to American personnel.                           GRAFENWOEHR:
  Thursday: 1-6 p.m.
  Friday: 6:30 a.m.-3 p.m.                    Graf Optometry Clinic                             The found property consists of               Sieglinde Schedl (Installation Voting Assistance Officer)
  Saturday: 9 a.m.-noon (Urgent Care          appointments available                        bicycles, wallets, and clothing. The point       Sgt. Katie MARTIN (not trained)               HHC USAG Graf
Only)                                             Grafenwoehr Optometry Clinic is           of contact at the Rathaus is Ms. Felkl’s         Phil Romanowski                               AAFES Graf
  Closed all training holidays and            open and appointments are available for       office which is located at #13                   Rober Chace                                   POSTAL
federalholidays.                              all Grafenwöhr beneficiaries. Call CIV        Marktplatz, 92249 Vilseck, her phone             Clarence Stephens                             POSTAL
Active Duty Sick Call                         09641-83-7251/8393 or DSN 475-7152/           number is CIV 09662-9927.                        Jose Guevrea                                  111th Postal Co
  Monday-Wednesday, Fridays 6:30-7            8393 to make your appointments.                   The point of contact at the Vilseck          Michael Price                                 CMR 411
a.m.                                              You must be enrolled at Grafenwoehr       MP Station is Staff Sgt. Buchanan, DSN           CW2 Jason Cintron                             A Co, 2d MI Bn
  Thursdays 1 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.                Health Clinic in order to make appoint-       476-2903.                                        Darius Pratt                                  USAG Graf, DPW
   Beneficiary Appointments by Phone          ments. Vilseck enrollees must continue            Remember, if you don’t secure your           1st Lt. Bryan H. Roy-Smith                    12th Chemical Co
Only                                          to use services at Vilseck Optometry.         personnel property, someone else will.           1st Lt. Christina Hummel                      12th Chemical Co
   New Phone Appointment System:                                                                                                             2nd Lt. Matthew Martinez                      212th MP Co
DSN 476-2882/2804/2936 or CIV                 CYS SKIES Unlimited                                                                            2nd Lt. Shonette Jones                        212th MP Co
09662-83-XXXX.                                   CYS SKIES Unlimited (School of                      Hohenfels                               2nd Lt. Jessica Johnson
                                                                                                                                             2nd Lt. Sarah S. Noyes
                                                                                                                                                                                           212th MP Co
                                                                                                                                                                                           18th CSB
                                                                                                      Briefs                                 Capt. Paul F. Speering
                                                                                                                                             Staff Sgt. Valery Pfiffner
                                                                                                                                                                                           255th Med Det (PM)
                                                                                                                                                                                   3747th MFTB-E (Reserves)
                                                                                                                                             Dedrick Carr                                  USAHC Vilseck
                                                                                            Free tax assistance offered                      Ruth Pepito                                   USAHC Vilseck
                                                                                                The Hohenfels Tax Center will open           Sgt. Alan D. Buchholz                         USAC Grafenwoehr
                                                                                            Tuesday and began scheduling appoint-            Capt. Richard S. Wilt                         ¼ INF Bn
                                                                                            ments yesterday. The Tax Center, located
                                                                                                                                             Capt. Brandon M. Gage                         561st Med Co
                                                                                            in the Hohenfels Legal Center. Bldg.
                                                                                            313, will be open throughout the tax             Sgt. 1st Class Steven M. Cormier              69th Sign Bn
                                                                                            season, Monday through Friday (except            Sgt. 1st Class Troy S. Hardy                  709th MP Bn
                                                                                            federal holidays). Call DSN 466-2836 to          Staff Sgt. Fernando A. Batista                709th MP Bn
                                                                                            schedule an appointment.                         Michael McGonigal                             615th MP Co
                                                                                                                                             2nd Lt. Matthew J. Songe                      615th MP Co
                                                                                            Want to learn German?                            Sgt. 1st Class Santiago Gallardo              72d Med Det (VS)
                                                                                                Visit            Capt. Justing BINGHAM                         Dental Vilseck
                                                                                            hp120887/Filialen.htm. (VHS German               1st Lt. Johseph Walker                        2SCR, RD
                                                                                            classes) For any persons interested in           1st Lt. Pauline Harris                        2SCR, RD
                                                                                            learning German (beginners or experi-            Capt. Shawn D. Giacobbe                       2SCR, FS
                                                                                            enced) see the above Web site and                Capt. Angelique Mitchell                      2BN, 405th AFSB
                                                                                            instructions to register with Frau Elfride       Sgt. Kim Hurst                                41st TRANS
                                                                                            Abrigo at the Neumarkt Volkshochschule
                                                                                            (classes at the Parsberg Hauptschule).           JMTC / JMRC
                                                                                            Call Frau Abrigo at CIV 09492-906290             CW3 Koo Yoo                                         JMTC, HQ G1
                                                                                            on Mondays (9-11 a.m.) or on Tuesday             Sgt. 1st Class Sebastian Rojas                      HHC 7th Army, JMTC
                                                                                            through Thursday (2-3 p.m.) with your            Sgt. 1st Class Paul Garrett                         7th Army, NCOA
                                                                                            bank account and BLZ numbers.                    Staff Sgt. Eliezer Orellano                         7th Army, NCOA
                                                                                                                                             Capt. William R. Duncan                             JMTC
                                                                                            CYS registration free                            Danny R. Thomsen                                    HHC JMTC
                                                                                                Registration for Middle School/Teen          Capt. Kevin P. Emore                                HHC JMTC
                                                                                            Services is free. Pick up registration           Staff Sgt. Anthony Ridley                           HHC, JMRC
                                                                                            forms at the MS/Teen facility, tempo-
                                                                                                                                             Maj. Mark Huntanar                                  JMRC, S1
                                                                                            rarily located in the Community
                                                                                            Activities Center, Bldg. 40, or register at      Master Sgt. Chrisanna Garcia                        HHC, JMRC, OPS
                                                                                            Counseling available                             Steven Denman
                                                                                                Counseling is available for individu-        Alonzo Edwards (not trained)
                                                                                            als, couples or families on Mondays,             Jessica Roberson (not trained)
                                                                                            Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Family
                                                                                            Life Center, Bldg. 743, across from the          HOHENFELS
                                                                                            commissary.                                      Sheddrick Knight                                    USAG Hohenfels, DHR
                                                                                                Appointments can be made to see
                                                                                            Chaplain (Maj.) Darin Nielsen by calling
                                                                                            DSN 476-3276 or counselor intern Beth
January 30, 2008                                                                                                                                                                                       Bavarian News         15
                                                                                   Community Spotlight

                                              What’s Happening
                                              and 13. The plan offers community              a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Warner Club. Guest      and catch the NFL play-offs Tuesdays at
          Ansbach                             members a chance to make their voices
                                              heard by allowing them to make
                                                                                             speaker will be Gen. William E. Ward,
                                                                                             commander, United States Africa
                                                                                                                                           6 p.m. at Moonlight Cabin. Call CIV
                                                                                                                                           0951-300-8423 for details.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Shop for flea market bargains
                                                                                                                                                                                             Browse a local flea market for great
                                              suggestions on things to improve.              Command. Tickets are required and                                                           bargains at Wirsingstrasse near the train
           Briefs                                 Idea forms and the gold boxes to put
                                              them in will be available throughout the
                                                                                             available for free from your command or
                                                                                             local EOA. For more information contact
                                                                                                                                           Super Bowl family fun at SAS
                                                                                                                                               School Age Services hosts a
                                                                                                                                                                                         station in Schweinfurt on Saturday. The
                                                                                                                                                                                         flea market runs from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Immigration outreach                          community, including commissaries,             Sgt. 1st Class Freeman at DSN 469-1610.       Superbowl Family Night Friday from 6
    People who are considering becom-         bowling allies, health clinics, libraries,                                                   to 9 p.m. at Bldg. 7669. Watch great          B.O.S.S. events slated
ing a U.S. citizen or have questions          Yellow Ribbon rooms and on the                 Celebrate Black History                       video clips, plays and bloopers from the          Participate in Better Opportunity for
about immigration, passports or visas are     garrison Web site.                             Month at the library                          past 41 years of the big game. Enjoy          Single Soldiers events throughout the
welcome to attend the Immigration                 All ideas will be addressed and most           Explore and learn more about              tailgate finger food and a chance to win      winter. All instruction, materials, and
Outreach Seminar Feb. 7 from 9 a.m. to        will be worked at the local level to ensure    African-American history in America at        football prizes. Open to ages Kindergar-      games are provided free of charge. Call
1 p.m. at Vilseck in Bldg. 355. Frankfurt     approved improvements take place.              the Bamberg community library.                ten to 5th grade. Only 50 slots available,    DSN 354-6270 or CIV 0170-725-6464
embassy officers will be on hand to               For more on AFAP and how you can               Monday, 3:30 p.m. Join Anansi’s           sign up in advance.                           for more information.
answer people’s questions on a variety of     be active in improving things at USAG          Treasure Hunt and help Anansi, a tricky                                                            Super Bowl party, Finney Sports
subjects. To get to Bldg. 355, turn left at   Ansbach or within the Army, call Katie         spider, find African treasures.               Apply for BSCC scholarships                   and Leisure Center, Sunday, pool
the movie theater and left at Bldg. 322.      Server at CIV 09802-83-2370 or send                Feb. 11, 3:30 p.m. Play Mancala; a            The Bamberg Spouses and Civilians’        tournament begins at 8 p.m. and madden
    Also, for people unable to attend,        her an e-mail to Katie.server                  count and capture game played all over        Club is accepting applications for Term 4     tournament begins at 9 p.m.
Ansbach’s own legal assistance center                                  Africa.                                       continuing education scholarships from               Welding instruction, Conn Auto
stands ready to help people with these                                                           Feb. 19, 3:30 p.m. Meet Addy a            Bamberg community members.                    Skills Center, Feb. 6 from 6-9 p.m.
same types of services, as well.              Register to vote now!                          courageous African-American girl              Applications are available at the Thrift             Framing, Ledward Wood ‘N’
                                                   The Army’s Voting Assistance              growing up during the Civil War.              Shop, the Education Center or can be          Frame Shop, Feb. 12 from 6-9 p.m.
Cheerleaders visit tomorrow                   Program aims to ensure that Soldiers,              Feb. 26, 3:30 p.m. Create peanut          downloaded at                    Bowling (drill a customized ball),
    The Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders       their families and civilians overseas can                                                    under “Education”. Applications must be       Kessler Bowling Alley, Feb. 14 starting
                                                                                             butter science experiments in honor of
will help USAG Ansbach show off the           exercise their right to vote.                                                                turned in at the Thrift Shop by Feb. 27.      at 8 p.m.
                                                                                             George Washington Carver.
renovations at a free open house at the            The USAG Ansbach Voting Assis-                For more information contact the          For more information, contact the BSCC               Ski and snowboarding class, Italy,
Bunch Fitness Center tomorrow at 4:30         tance Program officers are Mohammad            library at DSN 469-1740.                      Education Chairperson at education            Feb. 15-18.
p.m. The facility sports a family fitness     Alkadri and Scott Hamilton.                                                         The Term 5
room, cardio theater and fitness sessions.         Absentee ballots can be applied for by    Dinner and wine tasting                       scholarship deadline is May 7.                Build a volunteer portfolio
    For more information, call DSN 467-       filling out the federal postcard application       Join the CAC for a unique dining                                                             Not sure how to make your volunteer
4582 or CIV 09841-83-4582.                    (Standard Form 76). The form is available      experience at the historic Schloss
                                                                                                                                           Shop the Bazaar with Heart                    experience work for you? Let Army
                                              at the garrison command group or can be                                                          The Bamberg Spouses and Civilians’        Community Service show you how in a
Youth sports registration                                                                    Buttenheim Feb 15. The event includes a
                                              downloaded at             three-course dinner with wine tasting         Club hosts the annual Bazaar with Heart       class at Ledward Yellow Ribbon Room
    USAG Ansbach Child and Youth              Filling out the form not only registers        and presentation for $50 per person. Trip     on Warner Barracks Feb. 8-10 at the           Feb. 7 from 9 to 11 a.m. Bring any
Services holds spring sports registration     voters for an absentee ballot, but it also     price includes transportation, dinner and     Basics Building. The bazaar is a unique       certificates, memos, scrolls, awards, job
Friday - Feb. 29 for developmental T-ball     registers them to vote in federal, state and                                                 shopping experience that brings together      descriptions, and pictures from past
                                                                                             wine. Contact the CAC for more
(ages 3-5), Pee-Wee T-ball (ages 6-7),        local elections.                                                                             dozens of European vendors, crafts and        volunteer experiences and learn to put it
                                                                                             information at DSN 469-8659.
coach-pitch baseball (ages 8-9), bantam            For more information, call Alkadri at                                                   collectibles all under one roof. The          all together in a book that highlights
baseball and softball (ages 10-12), junior    DSN 468-7730 or CIV 0981-183-730.              Buy Girl Scout cookies                        Bazaar with Heart is open starting Feb. 8     strengths in order to show off to family
baseball and softball (ages 13-15), senior                                                       The Bamberg Girl Scouts will be           from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Feb. 9 from 10        members or to apply for a job. For more
baseball (ages 16-18), and spring             Idling illegal in Germany                      selling cookies throughout the month of       a.m. to 6 p.m., and Feb. 10 from 11 a.m.      information or to sign up, call DSN 354-
bowling (ages 6-15).                              The garrison’s environmental staff         February. Pick up a box or two of your        to 4 p.m. The bazaar is open to all U.S.      6933 or CIV 09721-96-6933.
    Age cutoff date is June 15 and youth      reminds community members that                 favorites every Friday from 3 to 7 p.m.,      military ID card holders. Cash, Checks,
will be places in their proper age group      allowing their car to idle on and off post     Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6       Military Star Card, Master Card, and          Learn to control anger
according to their playing age.               is prohibited by national law. By not          p.m. in front of the Shoppette or PXtra.      Visa accepted. For more information or            Do you know your anger style? Come
    A 10 percent multiple child discount      allowing your car to idle, you help protect    Sales end Feb. 29 and cookies are $3.50       to volunteer, e-mail bazaarwithheart2008      to Army Community Service’s class on
will be given, and deployment and             the environment from harmful emissions         a box. Be sure to buy early for the best      @bsccgermany.                                 anger management at Ledward ACS
coaching discounts may also be                of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen         selection.                                                                                  Bldg. 242 Feb. 12 to find out ways to deal
available. Participants must have a           and other volatile organic compounds.                                                        Chapel needs Protestant                       with and control your anger. The class
current CYS health assessment at the              For more on how you can be a               Get fit for the New Year                      Religious Coordinator                         runs from 3 to 5 p.m. Anger management
time of sports registration.                  responsible environmental steward, call            Step, kick, and stretch your way fit at       USAG Bamberg Community Chapel             will also be held at Leighton Barracks
    For more information, call DSN 467-       the staff at DSN 467-3423 or CIV               one of the many fitness classes being         has a non-personal service contract           ACS Bldg. 14 Feb. 15 from 2 to 4 p.m.
2533 or CIV 09802-83-2533 on                  09802-83-3423.                                 offered at the Freedom Fitness Facility.      available for a Protestant Religious          For more information or to sign up, call
Katterbach, or DSN 467-4880 or CIV                                                           Cardio classes include Step Aerobics,         Coordinator with a range of $7,200 to         DSN 354-6933 or CIV 09721-96-6933 in
09841-83-4880 at Storck Barracks.             Massage therapy available                      Aerobic Body Blast, Boot Camp and             $9,000. The anticipated performance           Schweinfurt or DSN 350-7103 or CIV
                                                 The Katterbach Fitness Center offers        Mommy Boot Camp. Toning and                   period will be one year starting Feb. 15.     0931-889-7103 in Wuerzburg.
Community flea markets                        massage therapy by appointment from            stretching classes include, Total Body        Applicants should contact the Bamberg
    USAG Ansbach Morale, Welfare and          noon to 8 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, and          Stretch, Pilates and Yoga. Tae Kwon Do,       Regional Contracting Office at CIV 0951-      Schweinfurt parades around
Recreation hosts a community flea             Thursdays.                                     Mixed Martial Arts and Tiny Tots Tae          300-9401for a copy of the solicitation,          Come watch the fasching parade in
market on Bismarck Kaserne Saturday              Choose from Swedish, deep tissue,           Kwon Do are also offered.                     (packet number W912PG-08-T-0025) or           downtown Schweinfurt Tuesday. Parade
from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Von Steuben      and prenatal massages. Swedish                                                               visit their Web site at http://               begins at Spital-See-Platz (near St.
Community Center.                             massages cost $30 for 30 minutes and           Stay on top of address change        For more             Josef’s Hospital) at 1 p.m.
    Single spaces cost $10, double spaces     $50 for 60 minutes. Deep tissue                    The Bamberg consolidated mail room        information call Sara Bernier at the Chapel
are $16, and an extra table is $5.            massages cost $30 for 30 minutes and           reminds customers to notify friends,          at CIV 0951-300-8326. Completed packets       Orientation for newcomers
    For more information, call DSN 468-       $60 for 60 minutes. Prenatal massages          family, and institutions of their address     will be accepted through Feb. 8.                  Are you new to the Schweinfurt
7336 or CIV 0981-183-336.                     cost $50 for 60 minutes.                       change. As of May 1, 2008 the CMR will                                                      community? If so, then the five-day
                                                 For more or to schedule an appoint-         no longer accept mail addressed to old        Barons basketball schedule                    Schweinfurt Newcomers Awareness
Autism support group                          ment, call DSN 467-2771 or CIV 09802-          unit mailroom addresses. Improperly               Come out and support the Bamberg          Program, held by Army Community
    The USAG Ansbach Autism Support           83-2771.                                       addressed mail will be returned to sender.    Baron’s girls and boys basketball teams       Service, begins Monday and runs
Group meets Feb. 20 and March 19 from                                                            For more information contact Leland       at home or away.                              through Feb. 8. Free childcare is
noon to 1 p.m. on Katterbach and Feb.         Preschool drama time                           Samuels, Postal Officer at DSN 469-7794.      Friday: Bamberg vs. Vilseck                   available the entire week. Get acquainted
21 and March 20 on Storck Barracks.               The Terrace Playhouse offers                                                             Saturday: Vilseck vs. Bamberg (home)          with the military community as well as
    The group’s sessions give families a      preschool drama time Thursdays from            Get into the FAST lane                        Feb. 15: Ansbach vs. Bamberg (home)           the German town of Schweinfurt. For
chance to discuss concerns and share          10-11 a.m. The class is a parent and               Soldiers looking to improve their GT      Feb. 16: Bamberg vs. Ansbach                  more information or to sign up, call DSN
ideas. Topics include current theories,       child interactive and directed playtime        score or anyone simply looking to                                                           354-6933 or CIV 09721-96-6933.
behavior management, inclusion
techniques, stress management and
whatever parents would like to discuss.
                                              that is open to children ages 5 and up. It
                                              gives parents and children an opportu-
                                              nity to explore their creativity together.
                                                                                             improve their basic skills in math and
                                                                                             reading are encouraged to take the next              Schweinfurt                            Respite care available
                                                                                                                                                                                             Sign up now for Child and Youth
                                                                                             Functional Academic Skills Training class
    For more on the group or for exact
locations, call DSN 467-2516 or CIV
09802-83-2516 on Katterbach, or DSN
                                                  The playhouse is located in Bleidorn
                                              Housing Area. For more information, call
                                                                                             Sunday to Mar. 4. FAST class attendees
                                                                                             must take the TABE prior to the class. All
                                                                                                                                                    Briefs                               Services’ Super Saturday Respite Care
                                                                                                                                                                                         Feb. 9. Children ages 6 weeks to fifth-
                                              DSN 468-7636 or CIV 0981-183-636.              military personnel require a memo signed      Immigration seminar set                       grade will be cared for from 9:30 to 2:30
467-4752 or CIV 09841-83-4752 at                                                             by their unit commander authorizing them                                                    p.m. One meal will be served. Children
Storck Barracks.                              Understanding your car with                                                                      Do you have questions about               must be registered with CYS and also
                                                                                             to attend the on-duty class. Call the         immigration, visas, passports, or
                                              automotive skills classes                      Bamberg Education Center at DSN 469-                                                        have current immunizations at the time
ACAP job opening                                                                                                                           citizenship? Frankfurt Embassy officers       of reservation. Sign-ups for the March
                                                  The USAG Ansbach automotive                7715 or e-mail        are coming to the Vilseck military
    There is a full-time Army Career and      skills centers on Barton Barracks and          for more information.                                                                       Super Saturday begin Feb. 8. Call CYS
                                                                                                                                           installation Bldg. 355 on Feb. 7. Come        central registration to sign up or for more
Alumni Program counselor vacancy in           Storck Barracks can help people learn                                                        to the Immigration Outreach Seminar
the Katterbach ACAP office. The               about their cars, and give them the skills     Complete DLPT 5 testing                       from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more informa-
                                                                                                                                                                                         information at DSN 354-6517 or CIV
counselor provides comprehensive              and mental tools to accomplish the                 Are you going downrange? Avoid the                                                      09721-96-6414.
transition assistance to service members                                                                                                   tion, call Legal Assistance at DSN 353-
                                              seemingly impossible, all at no cost.          last minute rush and get your DLPT 5          8384 or CIV 09721-96-8384.
and spouses leaving active duty.                  For more on what the centers have to       language testing done early. If it has                                                      Basketball game set
Requirements include two years of             offer, call the Barton center at DSN 468-      been at least 6 months since your last        American group performs                           Come watch a community basketball
counseling and/or training experience, a      7662 or CIV 0981-183-662 and the               testing, you are eligible to retest.              Come watch the American Drama             game, Schweinfurt against Rattelsdorf, at
master’s Degree in the human resources,       Storck center at DSN 467-4608 or CIV           Contact Rebecca Bradley at the Bamberg        Group Europe perform “Short Stories,          the DJK gym in Schweinfurt Feb. 9.
counseling, Education or related fields,      09841-83-4608.                                 Army Education Center at DSN 469-                                                           Game begins at 8 p.m. and tickets can be
                                                                                                                                           One Language – Many Voices” at the
and strong administrative skills.                                                            7715 to schedule your exam.                                                                 purchased at the door.
                                                                                                                                           Schweinfurt Theater, Rossbrunnstrasse 2
    E-mail a cover letter and resume to       Hook into Wi-Fi                                                                              at 7 p.m. tomorrow. For tickets, call CIV
Travis Reynolds at travis.reynolds1               USAG Ansbach Morale, Welfare and           ACAP employment workshop                      09721-51475 or e-mail                         Smooth move seminar or call DSN 353-8871 for        Recreation offers Wi-Fi connections at             The Army Career and Alumni                                Leaving the community? Army
more information.                             the Von Steuben community center, and          Program is offering a 2 ½ day employ-                                                       Community Service wants to help
                                              the Katterbach and Storck Barracks             ment assistance workshop for separating       Celebrate fasching season                     “smooth” your transition. Attend a
Hit the slopes with ODR                       bowling centers.                               and retiring service members and their            Come to a fasching party Friday at        seminar at Ledward ACS Feb. 12 from 9
    Outdoor recreation offers many                People can hook up their laptops and       families Feb. 12 and 13 from 8:30 a.m.        the Schweinfurt club “Eskage” in the          a.m. – 12 p.m. to get tips on packing,
weekend and one-day ski trips this winter:    wireless devices in the centers for            to 4:30 p.m. and Feb. 14 from 8:30 a.m.       city Eskage Hall, Am Hainig. Enjoy            shipping, moving with pets and more.
    * Saturday day trip to Feldberg           various rate charges: $3.50 hourly, $9.50      to noon at Preston Hall. All participants     carnival comedy and show dance                For additional information, call DSN
    * Feb. 9 day trip to Gross Arber          daily, $24.50 weekly, and $39 monthly.         must complete pre-separation counseling       performances. The evening begins at           354-6933 or CIV 09721-96-6933.
    * Feb. 16-19 weekend trip to Solden                                                      prior to enrolling in this course. Call the   7:54 p.m.
    * Feb. 23 day trip to Feldberg                                                           Bamberg ACAP Office for more                                                                Salsa dancing classes offered
    Outdoor recreation also has ski and
snowboard equipment available.
                                                        Bamberg                              information at DSN 469-8925.                  Feb. 14 romance from USO
                                                                                                                                               Looking for a romantic evening out
                                                                                                                                                                                             Learn some moves and shake it up on
                                                                                                                                                                                         the dance floor! Schweinfurt Army
    For times, costs, and more informa-                                                      Super Bowl Party to be held
tion, call DSN 467-3225 or CIV 09802-
                                                         Briefs                                  See the XLII Superbowl game live at
                                                                                             the Moonlight Cabin Sunday. Win great
                                                                                                                                           for Valentine’s Day? Go to USO inside
                                                                                                                                           Café Rohr on Ledward Barracks to sign
                                                                                                                                                                                         Community Service is offering salsa
                                                                                                                                                                                         dancing lessons as part of a “Couples
                                                                                                                                           up for a special Feb. 14 evening including    can do it” success series. Class will be
                                              Black History Month event                      raffle prizes. Manager Allen Vance and        dinner, dessert, drinks, candy, and roses.    held at the Ledward Yellow Ribbon
Make your voice heard                            Celebrate the multicultural history of      staff will be serving up some tailgating      The last day to sign up is Monday. For        Room Feb. 13 from 6 – 8 p.m. For more
   USAG Ansbach hosts its Army                America at the USAG Bamberg Black              favorites including burgers, hot dogs,        more information, call DSN 354-6711 or        information, call DSN 354-6933 or CIV
Family Action Plan conference Feb. 12         History Month event Feb. 14 from 11:30         and ribs! Get geared up for the big game      CIV 09721-96-6711.                            09721-96-6933.
January 30, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                              Bavarian News       17

                              80th Academy Awards
Try your hand at guessing this year’s Oscar winners
                                         Arts and Sciences is a professional                                             Achievement in art direction            Best documentary feature                                                                   Assassination of Jesse James by
                                         honorary organization of over 6,000     the Coward Robert Ford”                 ”American Gangster”                     ”No End in Sight”
    Every February Oscar fever hits      motion picture professionals. It was    Javier Bardem in “No Country            ”Atonement”                             ”Operation Homecoming: Writing
the entertainment community and          founded to advance the arts and         for Old Men”                            ”The Golden Compass”                    the Wartime Experience”
film fans around the world, build to     sciences of motion pictures; foster     Philip Seymour Hoffman in               ”Sweeney Todd The Demon                 ”Sicko”
the crescendo of the annual              cooperation among creative leaders      “Charlie Wilson’s War”                  Barber of Fleet Street”                 ”Taxi to the Dark Side”
Academy                                  for cultural, educational and           Hal Holbrook in “Into the Wild”         ”There Will Be Blood”                   ”War/Dance”
Awards                                   technological progress; and             Tom Wilkinson in “Michael
Presentation a                                                                   Clayton”                                Achievement in cinematography           Best foreign language film of the
                                         recognize outstanding achievements,
month later,                                                                                                             ”The Assassination of Jesse             year
                                         among its many other goals.
when hundreds                                                                    Best actress, leading role              James by the Coward Robert              ”Beaufort” Israel
                                            This year, Jon Stewart, host and                                             Ford”
of millions of                           executive producer of Comedy            Cate Blanchett in “Elizabeth:                                                   ”The Counterfeiters” Austria
cinema lovers                                                                    The Golden Age”                         ”Atonement”                             ”Katyn” Poland
                                         Central’s The Daily Show with Jon                                               ”The Diving Bell and the
glue themselves                          Stewart, has been selected to host      Julie Christie in “Away from                                                    ”Mongol” Kazakhstan
to their                                                                         Her”                                    Butterfly”                              ”12" Russia
                                         the 80th Academy Awards® telecast.                                              ”No Country for Old Men”
television sets to                          The Oscars® will be telecast live    Marion Cotillard in “La Vie en
                                                                                                                         ”There Will Be Blood”                   Achievement in makeup
learn who will                           Feb. 24. Stay tuned for updates.        Rose”
                                                                                                                                                                 ”La Vie en Rose”
receive the                                                                      Laura Linney in “The Savages”
                                         Best actor in a leading role                                                    Achievement in costume design           ”Norbit”
golden                                                                           Ellen Page in “Juno”
                                         George Clooney in “Michael                                                      ”Across the Universe”                   ”Pirates of the Caribbean: At
statuettes.                                                                                                              ”Atonement”                             World’s End”
    After more                           Clayton”                                Best actress, supporting role
                                         Daniel Day-Lewis in “There Will         Cate Blanchett in “I’m Not              ”Elizabeth: The Golden Age”
than seven                                                                                                                                                       Best motion picture of the year
                                         Be Blood”                               There”                                  ”La Vie en Rose”
decades of                                                                                                                                                       ”Atonement”
                                         Johnny Depp in “Sweeney Todd            Ruby Dee in “American                   ”Sweeney Todd The Demon
recognizing                                                                                                                                                      ”Juno”
                                         The Demon Barber of Fleet               Gangster”                               Barber of Fleet Street”
excellence in                                                                                                                                                    ”Michael Clayton”
                                         Street”                                 Saoirse Ronan in “Atonement”                                                    ”No Country for Old Men”
film-making                                                                                                              Achievement in directing
                                         Tommy Lee Jones in “In the              Amy Ryan in “Gone Baby Gone”                                                    ”There Will Be Blood”
achievement,                             Valley of Elah”                         Tilda Swinton in “Michael Clayton”      ”The Diving Bell and the
the presentation                         Viggo Mortensen in “Eastern                                                     Butterfly”                              Achievement in visual effects
of the Oscars® has become the            Promises”                               Best animated feature film              ”Juno”                                  ”The Golden Compass”
Academy of Motion Picture Arts                                                   ”Persepolis”                            ”Michael Clayton”                       ”Pirates of the Caribbean: At
and Sciences’ most famous activity.      Best actor, supporting role             ”Ratatouille”                           ”No Country for Old Men”                World’s End”
    The Academy of Motion Picture        Casey Affleck in “The                   ”Surf’s Up”                             ”There Will Be Blood”                   ”Transformers”

Story and photos by                                    The Carnevale masks and costumes               Square, Piazza San Marco. It is also enjoyable   lines and likely standing room only.
Spc. CRYSTAL ABBOTT                                originally broke down the social barriers          to walk around viewing the varying                   It is possible to walk from the train or bus
                                                   between the upper and lower classes and            flamboyance of the costumes and masks.           station to the square, but even the walkways

SETAF Public Affairs Office
                                                   allowed them to mingle freely.                        For those who enjoy photography,              are crowded, so be sure to safeguard your
                       himsical costumes with          Today, traditional style masks are available   Carnevale is the perfect venue to get many       personal items.
                       elaborate masks create      to purchase in many of the shops around            colorful photos.                                     You may also want to consider leaving
                       parades of color down       Venice. Costume rentals are also available in         Some of the participants turn their costume   small children at home as it is easy to get
                       the cobblestoned streets    some of the shops and through some of the          into pieces of living art, as they pose and      separated in the crowds and there is no room
                       of Venice. People in        hotels.                                            move in an artistic and fluid manner, flirting   for strollers.
                       their bright and fanciful       Today’s Carnevale festival includes many       with the cameras that surround them.                 This year’s Carnevale festival runs from
costumes fill the streets during Carnevale.        elaborate balls, operas and parties that require      However, Carnevale certainly isn’t for        Jan. 25 – Feb 5. You can find more
   Similar to the Mardi Gras celebrations,         the participants to be in costume.                 everyone. The popularity of the festival         information about the events online at: http://
most famous in New Orleans and Rio de                  Many of these parties can be costly, with      brings in multitudes of people from all over
Janeiro, Carnevale is a time of merriment,         ticket prices ranging from 75 to 250 euros.        the world.                                           To arrive in Venice by train, be sure to take
feasting and voluntary madness, and prior to           For those who want to enjoy the festival on       You will find yourself stuck in large         the train to the Venezia San Lucia station.
the start of Lent.                                 a smaller budget, there are parades and public     crowds with very little maneuvering room. All    From the bus or train station you can either
                                                   performances held in and around St. Marks          forms of transportation will have very long      walk or take a water taxi to St. Mark’s Square.

                                                                                                                                                                                   (Far left) Some
                                                                                                                                                                                   of the more
                                                                                                                                                                                   costumes are
                                                                                                                                                                                   renditions of
                                                                                                                                                                                   fashion and
                                                                                                                                                                                   But it’s not just
                                                                                                                                                                                   period costume
                                                                                                                                                                                   that is in
                                                                                                                                                                                   fashion as can
                                                                                                                                                                                   be seen by the
                                                                                                                                                                                   futuristic Star
                                                                                                                                                                                   Wars garb worn
                                                                                                                                                                                   by revelers at
                                                                                                                                                                                   last year’s
 January 30, 2008
                                                                                              Ansbach                                                                                   Bavarian News         19

CMR crews deliver happy holidays AMS students
Bavarian News
                                                       he said. “I was surprised at how many people
                                                       were appreciative of the job we were doing.
                                                       Everyone here knows the job, wants to get it
                                                                                                                 Lane added that people with difficulties
                                                                                                             getting a package or mail item should talk to him
                                                                                                             as he can oftentimes find out what happened or
                                                                                                                                                                      compete in
   By taking on 60-hour work weeks and
moving more than 10 tons of mail a week, U. S.
Army Garrison Ansbach community mail room
workers helped deliver happy holidays to
                                                       done and pulls together to get the job done.”
                                                           Lane said it takes a lot of work by a lot of
                                                       people to ensure a timely mail delivery.
                                                           “I want to thank the APO (American Post
                                                                                                             give them insight on what they can do about it.
                                                                                                                 The success of the 2007 holiday mail season,
                                                                                                             and the general success of everyday mail
                                                                                                             delivery within USAG Ansbach, was summed
community members.                                                                                                                                               Story and photo by
                                                       Office) down the hall for getting the mail            up by Kenneth Aungst, supervisor at the             RONALD H. TOLAND JR.
   While many other people were on leave or            scanned in so we could get it to our customers—       Illesheim CMR.
working half days, the CMR crews at Storck                                                                                                                       Bavarian News
                                                       and also for letting us help them break down              “We enjoy what we’re doing—taking care
Barracks, Katterbach Kaserne, Shipton Barracks         the mail to get it out even quicker,” he said. “And   of Soldiers and their families,” Aungst said. “We       A seventh grader who hopes to follow in her
and Barton Barracks were busy making sure              I know some people didn’t get some mail on            have a good staff that is motivated, we have a      father’s footsteps as a pilot won top honors in
Christmas presents were delivered on time.             time, but we can only give them what we have          good work climate, we do things in accordance       Ansbach Middle School’s GEO-BEE.
   Switching to 10-hour days for six days a            in the facilities.”                                   with regulations and we have fun doing it.”             Victoria Bone proved tops in geography at
week around Thanksgiving in preparation for                                                                                                                      the school after competing against 10 fellow
their busiest time of the year, CMR employees                                                                                                                    students in the final round of the school-level
from the top down realized the importance of                                                                                                                     National Geographic GEO-BEE competition
delivering the goods for the holidays, said Fred                                                                                                                 Jan. 11.
Lane, USAG Ansbach postal officer.                                                                                                                                   As a reward for her victory, Bone got to take
   “Because of the deployment, we wanted to                                                                                                                      a test Jan. 18. The results of that test, which are
make sure this holiday season was extra special,”                                                                                                                not known at this time, will determine if she
Lane said. “We worked hard to provide great                                                                                                                      makes the final cut for the national-level
customer service along with speedy service                                                                                                                       competition in March in Washington, D.C.,
getting the mail out as early as possible each day.”                                                                                                             hosted by Jeopardy!’s own Alex Trebek, said
   Lane said the holiday season basically means                                                                                                                  Ansbach teacher and event organizer Jeff Dye.
doubling the normal workload for the CMRs.                                                                                                                           “She must do exceptionally well on it” to
He said the CMRs processed about 21,500                                                                                                                          make the cut, Dye said. “The National
pounds of mail a week, with a total of about                                                                                                                     Geographic Society began this (competition)
130,000 pounds over the six-week period that                                                                                                                     because there was a concern that people did not
just ended in mid-January.                                                                                                                                       know their geography—where places are on the
   How do they feel now that the rush is over?                                                                                                                   globe.”
   “Exhausted,” Lane said, adding that some                                                                                                                          He cites popular NBC talk show host Jay
well-earned time off was in store for the CMR                                                                                                                    Leno’s “Jay-Walking” as an example.
crews, while continuing to provide the same                                                                                                                          “When Jay does his ‘Jay-walking’ segment
great service they always provide.                                                                                                                               and asks ‘Where is Canada?’ people do not
   “To be honest, whether it’s a holiday or a                                                                                                                    know,” he said. “So there was a real concern,
regular day, whether you’re a colonel or a                                                                                                                       and as a result, they decided that if there was
private, everyone gets the same great service                                                                                                                    some kind of competition where students were
every day—it doesn’t fluctuate,” Lane said.                                                                                           Photo by Jim Hughes        recognized for their knowledge—to learn these
“We’re really conscious about our customer             The employees who delivered mail, packages, and happy holidays to community                               places and increase awareness of geography as
focus. If employees are happy, customers are           members: (from top left) Fred Lane, Sherman Byrd, Pamela Frank, Christopher Cox,                          a whole—it would encourage kids to pay closer
happy and the mail is getting out, then that means                                                                                                               attention.”
everything is running smooth.”                         Regina Reeder, Seth Frank, Charles Morris, William Swanson, Charles Braxton,
                                                       Gloria Curry and Scott Hamilton, (from bottom left) Detlev Johnston, Leslie Smith,                            The school submitted Bone’s test to the
   And it was smooth sailing, said Scott                                                                                                                         judging committee in Washington and her results
Hamilton, garrison director of human resources         Jerry Rinehart, James Dorman, Robert Agard, and Cody Dillard.
                                                                                                                                                                 will be compared with other Department of
who oversees the postal operation. He said he’d                                                                                                                  Defense Dependent Schools-Europe and Pacific
received 20-25 positive comments through the                                                                                                                     students’ results. The student who scores the best
garrison’s Interactive Customer Evaluation                                                                                                                       on the written portion will be selected to
system and more are coming in daily.                                                                                                                             compete in Washington.
   “That’s huge for an organization,” he said.                                                                                                                       “It is a competition of about 2,000-3,000
“We got the occasional ‘not satisfied’ comment                                                                                                                   students,” Dye said of the overall competition.
card, but getting 20-25 positive comments is                                                                                                                         This is the second year in a row Bone has
outstanding. I’m proud of the work Fred and                                                                                                                      competed.
the CMRs are doing.”                                                                                                                                                 “I was nervous, even though I prepared and
   That success was also evidenced by some                                                                                                                       studied with my sister,” she said.
patrons making deliveries to the mail rooms.                                                                                                                         “Being in the competition last year, where I
   “Several patrons took time to show their                                                                                                                      studied for a month, helped prepare me. We
appreciation for our work by bringing us                                                                                                                         studied capitals of continents, countries, major
cookies, a cranberry cake, and one person even                                                                                                                   mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers—basically
went to the commissary and bought sub                                                                                                                            everything you can learn in geography.
sandwiches for everyone,” Lane said. “It’s nice.                                                                                                                     “This year I only had to study about a week—
It makes it all worth it because you feel                                                                                                                        a re-cap of last year’s work,” Bone added. “It is
appreciated.”                                                                                                                                                    my favorite subject.”
   Bill Swanson, a worker at the Katterbach                                                                                         Photo by Ronald Toland           And her life goals give her added incentive
mail room who started the job as the Christmas                                                                                                                   to do well in geography.
rush was kicking off, agreed that the customer         The employees who delivered mail, packages and a happy holidays to community
                                                       members at Storck Barracks: (from left back row) Michael Bushell, Adam Morris,                                “I like to travel and I hope to one day take
appreciation was welcome.                                                                                                                                        after my dad and be a pilot,” she said. “Having
   “No one was mad or sniping at us—they were          Christian Simons, Edward Dominique, Olivia Hendricks; (from left front row) Kenneth                       a geographical knowledge will really help me—
understandably anxious to get their packages,”         Aungst, Lori Copland, Lisa Hardwick and James Gatan.                                                      I have to know this stuff. You never know what
                                                                                                                                                                 you’ll run into.”
                                                                                                                                                                     Tyler Holderby finished in second place

                                 Garrison Spotlight
                                                                                                                                                                 while Steven Taylor took third. The rest of the
                                                                                                                                                                 Top 10 were (in no particular order): Melody
                                                                                                                                                                 Reeder, T.J. Propp, Colton Cross, Gregory
                                                                                                                                                                 Mariscal, Dennis Allen, Jordan Callahan, and
                                                                                                USAG Ansbach leadership recognizes                               Andrew Ahearn.
                                                                                                 employees for a job well done and
                                                                                                  excellent customer service in the
                                                                                                         Garrison Spotlight.
                                                                                         Maximus Brandel, Katterbach Commissary store work
                                                                                         leader supervisor, was recently recognized for his
                                                                                         outstanding customer service. A woman was shopping in
                                                                                         the store with her four children when her 4-year-old
                                                                                         became ill and collapsed on the floor, face down.

                                                                                         Brandel was nearby and came to their aid. “I noticed while I
                                                                                         was busy stocking that she needed assistance and just did
                                                                                         what came naturally to me,” Brandel said. “I helped out and
                                                                                         did what she told me to do with no questions asked. I am a
                                                                                         people person—I enjoy helping others. It is rewarding.”

                                                                                         He added that customer service is “the backbone of any
                                                                                         operation—it is our lifeblood and livelihood, and keeps
                                                                                         customers coming back.

                                                                                         “It interjects daily in my job here—from store opening to
                                                                                         closing. I see these people every day and most of them
                                                                                         know me by name. They come to me when they need                         Victoria Bone is congratulated by
                                                                                         something. I am always helping people with something—                   Ansbach Middle School teacher Jeff Dye
                                                                                         special orders, product inquiries, customer assistance,                 after she won the school-level National
                                                                                         shoppers unfamiliar with the store, those types of things.”
                                                                                                                                                                 Geographic GEO-BEE competition Jan.
                                                                                         Brandel said that he is usually upbeat and has a positive               11. Bone then took a test Jan. 18, which
                                                                                         attitude while working every day. “I like to have a good time           will determine if she is invited to take part
                                                                                         at work, finish what I start and I lead by example—I would              in the national-level GEO-BEE in
                                                                                         not ask anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t do.”                      Washington, D.C., in March.
20      Bavarian News
                                                                                                  Ansbach                                                                                       January 30, 2008

Soldier joins Army to travel, becomes ‘go-to guy’
Story and photo by                                       Derrian. Mims says he had no idea exactly where       and then he moved to Germany where he’s been
Sgt. BRANDON LITTLE                                      joining the Army would take him.                      ever since.
Task Force XII Public Affairs Office                        “I joined the military 13 years ago because I          “I’ve known (Mims) since August of 1999,”
                                                         wanted to travel, see different things and just       said Company D 1st Sgt. Ronald Pickens, a native
   This is the first story in a new series entitled      get away from Shreveport,” he said. “Most of          of Abilene, Texas. “When we first met, I was an
“Why I Serve.”                                           my family thought going into the military wasn’t      aircraft component repair supervisor and later
   Staff Sgt. Derrick Mims, a native of                  a good (idea) but, being a rebel, I decided I’m       became his platoon sergeant.”
Shreveport, La., has become the “go-to guy”              getting out of this place.”                               The two kept in touch over the years and,
whenever Company D, 3rd Battalion, 158th                    He hoped to become a photographer in the           Pickens says, he even received a call from Mims
Aviation Regiment needs something done.                  Army because he had been taking photographs           before he went to Iraq in 2003 because he had
   “I do a little bit of everything,” said Mims,         since he was in high school. When that job was        some questions and needed a little mentorship
the shop’s platoon maintenance supervisor for            unavailable, he chose to pursue for his second        on how to handle his first deployment.
Company D.                                               love: aviation.                                           Mims, now on his third deployment, is giving
   In addition to being the maintenance                     “Growing up, my brother and I did a lot of         the same mentorship he received from Pickens
supervisor, he is also the unit movement officer,        research on aircraft,” he said. “My recruiter had     to the younger and less experienced Soldiers of
the company equal opportunity liaison, the unit          a background in aviation maintenance, and once        Company D.
historian and the unit photographer.                     he explained his job to me, I knew that’s what I          “He’s been married for quite some time, and
   He has been married to Tamara Mims for                wanted to do.”                                        this is his third deployment,” Pickens said. “One
almost six years and they have a 5-year-old son,            He was first stationed in Korea for five years     thing the junior Soldiers who are married need is
                                                                                                               that faith and confidence that a marriage can
                                                                                                               work through these deployments. He gives them
                                                                                                               a little advice here and there on how to handle
                                                                                                               situations because everything seems to magnify
                                                                                                               while you’re apart.”
                                                                                                                   As for his dreams of becoming an Army
                                                                                                               photographer, Mims says he has accomplished          Staff Sgt. Derrick Mims, the shop’s
                                                                                                               just as much as any military photographer.           platoon maintenance supervisor for
                                                                                                                   “I’ve had photos published in ‘Freedom
                                                                                                               Watch Magazine’, the ‘Anaconda Times’,               Company D, 3rd Battalion, 158th
                                                                                                               ‘EURARMY Magazine’, ‘Army Aviation                   Aviation, enjoys taking pictures of
                                                                                                               Magazine’ (Quad-A) and on various web pages          activities that happen in the deployed
                                                                                                               (USAREUR, V Corp, U.S. Army, etc.),” he said.        Company D area. Mims has been in the
                                                                                                               “I’ve also had non-military-related photos           Army for more than 13 years, but he has
                                                                                                               published in the ‘Girls of Lowrider Magazine’        been taking photographs since he was
                                                                                                               and various webzines.
                                                                                                                   “I placed first and third in the 2005 Quad-A     in high school.
                                                                                                               Photo Contest and received an honorable
                                                                                                               mention in a USAREUR-sponsored photo                 him, and someday soon he’s going to make a
                                                                                                               contest,” he said. “I also placed third in a photo   great platoon sergeant.”
                                                                                                               contest on in 2005.”               “I like the big responsibilities that come with
                                                                                                                   Ever since he’s known Mims, Pickens says,        the jobs, and I think I’ve assured them I’m
                                                           U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Derrick Mims          he’s been his “go-to guy” to get things done.        capable of handling those jobs on my own,”
                                                                                                                   “Whether it’s handling unit equipment            Mims said. “I’ve been able to do all of the things
Several Soldiers from Company D, 3rd Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment prepare                                movement or temporarily filling in as platoon        I set out to do, and I’ve been able to see different
to connect containers to a CH-47 Chinook to be moved via sling load. The cargo                                 sergeant, he’d be the guy I would turn to,” he       parts of the world. The Army’s been good to
was moved to Camp Taji, Iraq to support Multi-National Division-Baghdad.                                       said. “I know he can perform any job asked of        me.”

  Garrison opens gates to Kinderheim kids to                                                                                                                             For more
                                                                                                                                                                     happenings and
   share fortune, help spread holiday cheer                                                                                                                            events in and
Story and photo by RONALD H. TOLAND JR.
Bavarian News
                                                                                                                                                                     around Ansbach,
    U. S. Army Garrison Ansbach community
members helped spread holiday cheer outside
the garrison’s gates by inviting 43 children from
                                                                                                                                                                       check out the
the Walburgisheim Von Feucht Kinderheim to
Storck Barracks for tours, basketball, bowling,                                                                                                                          electronic
and shopping right before Christmas.
    Children from the home, located 14 km south
of Nuremburg in the town of Feucht, have been
                                                                                                                                                                       newsletters -
holiday guests of the Ansbach community for
over 20 years, said Helga Moser, German-                                                                                                                              “On the Scene”
American liaison for the 12th Combat Aviation
    This year’s event was coordinated by the J.
                                                                                                                                                                       and “Cultural
Ruth Roberts, Chapter 22, Order of the Eastern
Star, District 8, Western Europe, Oklahoma                                                                                                                              Calendar” -
Jurisdiction, Prince Hall Affiliated, along with other
private organizations sponsoring the event.
    The children were treated to bowling, static
                                                                                                                                                                        available via
displays of military vehicles and aircraft, sporting
events, games, and a favorite American
pastime—shopping. And individual sponsors
helped give the children a sense of belonging,
Moser said.
    She worked through unit family readiness
support assistants to help J. Ruth Roberts find
                                                                                                                                                                        To get on the
agency and individual sponsors.
    “The purpose is to give disadvantaged                Capt. Stephen Short, USAG Ansbach provost marshal, receives a handmade gift                                     mailing list,
children—those without families—a chance to              from Varinia Bulut from the Walburgisheim Von Feucht Kinderheim, one of the 43
interact with a family and feel part of one every
year,” Moser said. “What the children experience
                                                         children from the home who shared in some holiday cheer at USAG Ansbach right
                                                         before Christmas.
today gives a lasting impression on them
throughout the year.                                        “This is the first year that the individual        Seeley, Det. 5, 7th Weather Squadron, and his  
    “What is so special about this for them is           sponsors bought gifts for the children,” Moser        wife, Jennifer, said sharing was their reason for
that they get to interact with American families
since the culture and activities are so different
                                                         said. “Usually, the gifts are purchased from
                                                                                                               sponsoring a child.
                                                                                                                   “We have been fortunate in our lives, we have
from the German ones they are used to—bowling
is usually a big one,” she added. “It is a different
                                                            Patrik Weichmann, a child visiting for the third
                                                         time, got to ride around the community in the
                                                                                                               children of our own, we are compassionate about
                                                                                                               children, and we want to share love with other
way of celebrating Christmas with the children—          Military Police command vehicle, sponsored by         children in need,” Seeley said. “It is a good way
it is louder and more celebratory as opposed to
the ‘quieter’ season the Germans typically share.”
                                                         Sgt. 1st Class James Hicks.                           to spend our extra money on somebody else and 
                                                            “I am having a lot of fun—riding around,           for a good cause—less fortunate kids.”
    And there was a more personal touch added            playing basketball,” Weichmann said.                      Mrs. Seeley added that, “It is the holidays!
to this year’s event.                                       Other sponsors, Air Force Staff Sgt. Scott         Who doesn’t want to make a child smile?”
22     Bavarian News
                                                                                           Bamberg                                                                                            January 30, 2008

Ongoing improvements benefit community
    January is a time of change and                   diagram. I understand the change will take a
commitment. For the garrison and residents of         little time to get used to and I appreciate your
Warner Barracks it is the perfect time to take        cooperation.
notice of all the changes happening in our                 The new traffic pattern gives us
community. I’d like to take this opportunity to       approximately ten new parking spaces on
discuss a particular project/initiative that will     Zollner Strasse, (inside gate 3) which will
take place soon - the closure of 15th Street.         help facilitate signing in guests. More
    For those of you who do                           importantly, on 15th Street alongside the
not know, 15th Street is the                          CAC, we will gain seven additional parking
street that runs along                                spaces, making the CAC more accessible to
building 7047, the                                    users. Whether you stop by to pick up a cup of
Community Activity                                    coffee, drop off laundry or check out a book,
Center, more commonly                                 this makes the valuable services provided by
known as the CAC. It is the                           the CAC, the library and the Bamberg
first road you can turn right                         education center more convenient to you.
on after entering gate 3.                                  The closure of 15th Street will occur Feb 4.
    If you regularly drive                            After the closure, when the weather is
through this area, then you                           suitable, the marking of the designated
know, it’s a high traffic area that can be            parking spaces will occur. Rest assured, it will
confusing. The intersection raises a number of        take no time for us to get used to this change.
safety issues primarily arising from the number            Next up, I will provide an update on some
of near-miss vehicle accidents. While looking         prime time projects to include the opening of
at the options for dealing with the 15th Street       the newly renovated Child and Youth Fitness
intersection we realized that closing the road        Facility and Community Bank, both reopening
would address two issues; safety and force            in early March. As always, this command is
protection. The street closure not only creates a     committed to our vision USAG Bamberg
safer environment for people entering the             works every day, so Soldiers and Families can
installation, it also improves our force              say: “Bamberg was the greatest community in
protection measures at gate 3.                        which I have ever in. “Our Garrison: Making
    Additionally, the new traffic pattern will        memories of a lifetime every day.”
create designated parking spaces for anyone
needing to sign in visitors, reducing the
                                                               Lt. Col. Gary A. Rosenberg
congestion at the intersection.                                Commander, U.S. Army                         After the 15th Street closure, cars entering Warner Barracks through Gate 3 will no
    Please take some time to review the new
gate 3 traffic pattern as illustrated in the                   Garrison Bamberg                             longer be able to make an immediate right turn.

Student recognized for Local Soldiers help move mail                                                        Story and photo by AMY L. BUGALA                       downrange addresses and loading mail onto
                                                                                                            Bavarian News                                          outbound trucks.

commitment to service                                                                                           The holidays have come and gone and so did
                                                                                                            all the mail, but not without a little help from
                                                                                                            three local Soldiers.
                                                                                                                                                                       “It was stressful at times, like during the
                                                                                                                                                                   holiday rush, but everyone contributes and the
                                                                                                                                                                   work gets done,” said Guzman, a night vision
                                                                                                                                                                   goggle repairer with 317 th Maintenance
by AMY L. BUGALA                                                                                                Spc. Christopher Correll, Pfc. Jose Guzman,        Company.
Bavarian News                                                                                               and Pfc. Douglas Talbot took a break from                  “It’s definitely something new,” said Talbot,
                                                                                                            regular duty to work as postal operations clerks       a small arms repairer with 317th Main.Co.
    Alysha Worrell leads a life of service, and                                                             at the Bamberg Army Post Office during the
her commitment to her community isn’t going                                                                                                                            Guzman commented on what it was like to
                                                                                                            holiday mailing season Nov.1 through Jan.15.           be part of the process, especially during the
unnoticed.                                                                                                      Douglas Stewart, Bamberg post master said
    Worrell has been selected as Bamberg’s 2007                                                                                                                    holidays.
                                                                                                            that year-round the Bamberg APO requires a staff           “I love getting mail. Daily, after seeing all
Youth of the Year after being nominated for the                                                             of 10 to maintain operations, but during the
local Boys and Girls Club of America Youth of                                                                                                                      the full bags, you just know what you’re doing
                                                                                                            holidays the number required is closer to 16.          is going to make someone smile,” Guzman said.
the Year competition.                                                                                       Borrowed military manpower helps supply the
    Worrell, 17, was nominated for the local                                                                                                                           Stewart said without the extra manpower,
                                                                                                            additional staffing the post office requires to move   customers may have experienced long lines and
competition by Army Junior Reserves Officer                                                                 the mail during the two-and-a-half-month season.
Training Corps instructor, retired Army Maj.                                                                                                                       wait times during the unpredictable season.
                                                                                                                “Making certain the mail gets to people is             “We plan for the worst case scenarios,” he
Madonna Roberts.                                                                                            very gratifying work,” said Stewart.
    “Alysha stood out among her peers because                                                                                                                      said. “Ultimately the Soldiers’ efforts freed up
                                                                                                                Before volunteering for the APO detail,            the finance clerks so they could provide service.”
of her caring attitude, maturity and commitment.                                                            Correll worked as a generator mechanic with
I nominated her for her leadership, volunteer                                                                                                                          Upon completion of their detail, the three
                                                                                                            the 240th Quarter Master Supply Co.                    Soldiers received training certificates and were
service, strength of character and academic                                                                     “It’s definitely a job I am interested in doing
record,” said Roberts.                                                                                                                                             recognized for their outstanding service and
                                                                                                            in the future; a nice break from unit,” he said.       dedication during the 2007-2008 holiday
    Worrell’s strength is tested daily as she faces
the physical challenges of living with muscular                                                                 After reporting for duty and two weeks of          mailing season by Lt. Col. Richard Shepard,
dystrophy. Diagnosed at age 2, Worrell says she                                                             mandatory training, the new clerks could be seen       commander, 38th Personnel Services Battalion.
draws her strength from her father, Parrish, a
                                                                             Photo by James Fredrick        bagging and tagging outbound mail for                      All three Soldiers agreed, “It’s the best detail
teacher at Bamberg Elementary School.                 Alysha Worrell reviews her notes before               “Gateways” to CONUS, international, and                we’ve ever been on!”
    “He is my role model,” Worrell confesses,         recording a video submission for the
“and the strongest person I know.” Worrell’s          European-wide Youth of the Year
father also has MS and requires the use of a          competition.
motorized wheelchair. “Watching him handle his
disability has taught me a lot.”                      serve...You only need a heart full of grace, a soul                                                                            (left) Douglas Stewart,
    Despite her challenges, she keeps a lot going     generated by love.’”                                                                                                           Bamberg post master
for a teenager besides her good grades. As a              Worrell explains how being committed to                                                                                    stands with the holiday
Cadet Major and battalion training officer with       serving others is not always easy. “It is difficult
the 15th Battalion AJROTC, she is committed           to keep things balanced at times,” she said while                                                                              postal operations clerks
to volunteering for organizations such as the         taping a video interview to be sent to the Europe-                                                                             Spc. Christopher Correll,
American Red Cross, the community library,            wide competition level.                                                                                                        Pfc. Douglas Talbot, and
Club Beyond and the High School. She                      “I have to put school work first, and do all                                                                               Pfc. Jose Guzman.
volunteers over 100 hours per year and last May       my other activities in my spare time,” she said.
was awarded the “President’s Volunteer Service            As Bamberg’s local YOY winner Worrell
Award.”                                               now moves on to compete for the IMCOM-
    “She is the first to volunteer and is always      Europe title and the chance to be named the
willing to help others,” said Roberts. “Alysha        National Youth of the Year.
lives by the words of Martin Luther King Jr.;             Additional reporting for this article done by
‘Everybody can be great because anybody can           James Fredrick.

                                                                                                             “Listen to your parents and teachers, they are the ones who love you and want
 ‘Daddy                                                                                                     the best for you,” said professional basketball player Derrick “Daddy Cool”
                                                                                                            Taylor. Taylor, a basketball veteran and member of the 2004 German basketball
                                                                                                            championship team GHP Bamberg, spent time speaking with and inspiring
 Cool’                                                                                                      approximately 40 children at the Bamberg community library Jan. 22.

                                                                                                            Taylor who now coaches a youth team in Bayreuth stressed education during his

 inspires                                                                                                   speech. “Education and hard work are the keys to success. If I was going back
                                                                                                            to the States today, all my basketball records wouldn’t mean anything. What they
                                                                                                            would ask me there is if I had a degree.”

 Bamberg                                                                                                    “The children all had great questions,” said Karen Lazerri, Bamberg library
                                                                                                            director who invited Taylor to speak after meeting him at a team building event.

 youth                                                                                                      After the speech Taylor signed autographs and was available for photos.

                                                                                                            Photo by Simon Hupfer
24      Bavarian News
                                                                                           Bamberg                                                                                         January 30, 2008

Bamberg aid station makes a difference along border
Story and photos by                         Maj. Warren Cusick, 41, from Mesa,        that’s happened before, we handled it                                                                Capt. Scott M.
Spc. GREGORY ARGENTIERI                     Ariz., a certified registered nurse-      appropriately, we got everybody out,
173 ABCT Public Affairs                     anesthetist and the officer-in-charge     and we saved their lives,” he said.                                                                  Harrington, 31, a
                                            of the 160th FST.                             “I am much more emotionally                                                                      family medicine
    Surrounded by snow covered                  “The main thing is for troops to      invested out here because you’re                                                                     doctor, from
mountains, the medical personnel of         have confidence and know when they        among friends. It’s very scary when                                                                  Daytona Beach,
Task Force Saber work side-by-side          go fight they’re going to be cared for    we know the guys are in harm’s way,”
to provide a first-class, life saving aid                                                                                                                                                  Fla., assigned to
                                            if anything bad happens to them. I        Harrington said. “Every time                                                                         Charlie Company,
station on Forward Operating Base           used to be enlisted, and one thing that   somebody goes out, one of our medics
Naray located in northeastern               made me feel confident was knowing        from the aid station go with the line                                                                173rd Brigade
Afghanistan along the Pakistan              I would get medical care, and that is     units. Whenever they go on convoys,                                                                  Support Battalion,
Border.                                     important,” said Cusick.                  one of our medics, who I work with                                                                   examines an
    The FOB Naray Aid Station team              Even though the aid station is only   daily, goes out with them.”                                                                          Afghan baby girl,
is comprised of medical personnel           a series of tents, the Task Force Saber       The Naray Aid Station does much
from the 173 rd Airborne Brigade                                                                                                                                                           testing her
                                            medical team delivers extraordinary       more than provide medical care for
Combat Team and the 160th Forward           medical care day and night as close       American Soldiers. They also are                                                                     reflexes with help
Surgical Team. Their first                  to the fight as logistically possible.    providing life changing and life                                                                     from members of
responsibility is to the U.S. Soldiers,         “Our biggest challenge is ensuring    saving medical treatment to many                                                                     the 160th Forward
whether it is routine shots, taking care    that the U.S. personnel are taken care    Afghans, Afghan National Security                                                                    Surgical Team
of them when they’re sick, caring for       of when they get wounded in battle,       Forces, and when the need arises, the                                                                Jan. 3, at FOB
them when they are injured, or their        and that is what we’re always training    enemy.
top priority, treating Soldiers                                                                                                                                                            Naray Aid Station
                                            for,” said Capt. Scott M. Harrington,         “We have the best relationship
wounded in action.                          31, from Daytona Beach, Fla., a           with the aid station, they help us all                                                               in northeastern
    “The Soldiers know that we are          family medicine doctor assigned to        the time,” said Afghan National Army                                                                 Afghanistan. The
here for them, and that has given me        Charlie Company, 173 rd Brigade           Capt. Amanullah, 36, a general-                                                                      infant’s father
a lot of good feelings about being out      Support Battalion.                        internal doctor assigned to the 3rd                                                                  said she has been
here. It’s a huge privilege to be able          “In a big battle, we could have 10    Kandak, 3rd Brigade, 201st Corps.                                                                    weak since birth,
to take care of U.S. Soldiers,” said        or 20 Soldiers come at one time, and      “When our soldiers are sick, first we                                                                and the doctors
                                                                                      treat them. We try to cure them by
                                                                                      ourselves. If we are unable to cure                                                                  are concerned
                                                                                      them, we take them to the aid station,                                                               she may have
                                                                                      and the good doctors help us. We have                                                                cerebral palsy.
                                                                                      a very good relationship with the
                                                                                      surgeons.”                               medical treatment.                          my daughter, and the doctors did a
                                                                                          “I was worried and nervous about        “Since we’ve been deployed, from         good job,” said Ramdad, “I was very
                                                                                      being treated by U.S. doctors, not       May of 2007, the [aid station] has seen     happy, and because of that I brought
                                                                                      knowing what to expect, but after        5,400 local nationals in our five clinics   my 3-year-old son, who is sick with
                                                                                      arriving at the aid station and seeing   throughout the upper Kunar                  pneumonia in for help. We are happy
                                                                                      how nice and kind everyone there         Province,” said Harrington. “We see         with the American doctors are taking
                                                                                      was, I was okay,” said Afghan Soldier    many children, adults, and fewer            care of our people because we are
                                                                                      Sherin Beg, 22, a medic assigned to      women, but everyday we’re seeing            poor people, we are not able to take
                                                                                      3rd Kandak, 3rd Brigade, 201st           more of the local nationals and more        our sick family members out of the
                                                                                      Corps. “Within an hour after arriving,   of their women because they’re              country, and it’s helpful for us.”
                                                                                      I was asleep on the operating table      feeling more comfortable with us.”              The doctors and medics working at
                                                                                      having my appendix removed; the             An Afghan named Ramdad from              the FOB Naray Aid Station are the best
                                                                                      next thing I was awake and it was all    the nearby village of Juba is one of        of the best, they are highly-trained,
                                                                                      over.”                                   the 5,400 people pleased with the           dedicated professionals, working
                                                                                          The majority of people in need of    services provided by the Soldiers at        tirelessly day in and day out, while
U.S. Army Spc. Melissa A. Hoffman, 23, from Avondale, Ariz.,                          medical care at the aid station          the Saber run aid stations.                 remaining committed to providing
                                                                                      overwhelmingly have turned out to be        “The first time I came to Coalition      excellent medical care to all.
assigned to Charlie Company, 173rd Brigade Support Battalion                          Afghan. Mostly by word of mouth, the     forces hospital on FOB Naray was                “Being out here providing the care
prepares an Afghan mother to draw blood for testing Jan. 3 at                         doctors and medics are gaining the       three months ago when I brought my          that I’ve been trained to do is why I
FOB Naray Aid Station in northeastern Afghanistan. The aid station                    trust of the local people, and are       daughter for treatment because she          joined the Army. I get to wake up
has seen more than 5,400 locals since Task Force Saber took over                      building a solid reputation for their    was burned. I was not sure the doctors      everyday and know that I am doing
in May 2007.                                                                          compassionate, and respectful            were going to take her, but they treated    the right thing,” Harrington said.

Finance Soldiers train, certify for war at JMRC in Hohenfels
Story and photos by                                   missions, they’re on the frontlines as often — if      “I definitely felt glad that it was a fake,”          “As finance Soldiers, we don’t get to do this
Sgt. KEITH M. ANDERSON                                not more often — as combat units.”                  Kowalski said. “It was one of those wake-up           everyday,” Brown said. “It was a great
16th SB Public Affairs                                    The finance Soldiers had to conduct the         calls.”                                               experience that has better prepared us for
                                                      planning and execution of the convoy mission           Finance units do leave the Forward Operating       deployment.”
    Finance Soldiers fought their way through         on a compressed schedule, but managed to sneak      Base and have to be proficient in warrior tasks,         The finance Soldiers also rehearsed warrior
small arms ambushes, treated and evacuated            in at least four hours sleep before the daylong     said 1st Sgt. Andrea Wright, first sergeant, 106th    tasks and battle drills, conducted cashier training
injured Soldiers, convoyed through hostile,           iterations of convoy logistics patrols.             FM Co.                                                and participated in a convoy live fire, during
crowded towns, and transported a VIP through              “The STX lanes are intensive. We develop           “Everybody’s taking mortars,” Wright said.         the two-week certification exercise at JMRC,
a route full of improvised explosive devices and      our scenarios based on what convoys are             “And finance Soldiers have finance support            Hohenfels, and US Army Garrison
vehicle-borne IEDs during a situational training      experiencing downrange,” LaCaria said.              team missions outside the wire.”                      Grafenwoehr.
exercise at the Joint Multinational Readiness             Spc. William Kowalski, supply clerk and            Wright explained that finance Soldiers have           Headquarters, 106th FM Co., will be joining
Center, Hohenfels, Jan. 18.                           armorer for 106 th FM Co., was manning a            to go out and make contract payments to               two other finance units from the company in
    The Soldiers of Headquarters, 106th Financial     machine gun during a STX mission when an IED        vendors, and have to go on “money runs,” so           Iraq. Bravo Detachment, 106th FM Co., Ansbach,
Management Company, 16th Special Troops               exploded and took him by surprise.                  that Soldiers can cash checks or get other            Germany, deployed last July to Ramadi and
Battalion, 16 th Sustainment Brigade, went                “I was focused on the Iraqi Police vehicle      financial services while in Iraq.                     other nearby areas, and Alpha Detachment, 106th
through the intensive training to get certified for   broke down on the other side of the road,”             Sgt. 1st Class Frank Brown, internal control       FM Co, Vilseck, Germany, deployed Oct. 22, to
an upcoming deployment to Iraq.                       Kowalski said. “The IED exploded and smacked        manager and convoy commander for the Jan.             Rustimiya in southeastern Baghdad.
    “All Soldiers have to be warriors,” said Capt.    me on the back. It was pretty realistic with all    18 convoy mission, said that the training was             Army units must be certified within 120 days
James LaCaria, logistics convoy officer in            the debris flying up.”                              important.                                            of deploying.
charge, Operations Group, JMRC. “This isn’t               The plaster-spray from the simulated IED
the days of the Cold War, when combat service         that sprayed all over him and the up-armored
support Soldiers were back in the rear. With          High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled vehicle
constant convoy logistic patrols and resupply         made the training more real, he said.

A finance Soldier ducks as a simulated improvised explosive device detonates
during a situational training exercise at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center,
Hohenfels, Germany, Jan. 18. Soldiers from the 106th Financial Management                                 Soldiers from, 106th Financial Management Company, 16th Special Troops Battalion,
Company, 16th Special Troops Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade, conducted the                           16th Sustainment Brigade from Bamberg, go through an “Iraqi” village during their
STX as part of a certification process for their upcoming deployment to Iraq.                             situational training exercise lane at Hohenfels.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Bavarian News         25
January 30, 2008
Town hall explains more details of Graf move
Story and photo by                                   buildings supplementing teaching space.
KIMBERLY GEARHART                                       “We do not believe we will have a problem
Bavarian News                                        next year (because of new construction) … but
                                                     kids may have to be bussed” to the Vilseck
    Representatives from U. S. Army Garrison         school if they arrive before the end of the current
Grafenwoehr held a town hall meeting at the          school year, Boyle explained.
Conn Club Jan. 14 aimed at familiarizing Dagger         Another area of support about which families
Soldiers and families with what will soon be         may be concerned is health care. Lt. Col. Telita
their new home. Approximately 1,500 Soldiers         Crosland, Grafenwoehr health clinic
and their families will be relocated to              commander, was on hand at the town hall to allay
Grafenwoehr by mid-June.                             concerns and explain what her clinic has to offer.
    Col. Brian Boyle, USAG Grafenwoehr                  “I’m gonna sum it up: We’re going to give
commander, believes his command and                  great health care,” Crosland said of her clinic’s
community are ready for them.                        mission.
    “Every one of these big moves is a challenge        The clinic is requesting additional staff in
… but we have done this a couple of times,” he       preparation for the growth spurt the garrison will
said, referring in particular to the recent move     soon experience. Using nursing staff to triage
of the 2d Stryker Cavalry Regiment.                  and handle patients with routine problems is one
    The decision to move the Dagger Brigade to       way Crosland intends to keep appointments
Grafenwoehr, announced Jan. 10 by U.S. Army          available for more serious or complex issues.
Europe, was primarily a tactical one, but Boyle’s       “We’ve focused on what you need and on
main focus is on more day-to-day concerns.           getting it in place before you get there,” she
    Housing for Soldiers and families is a top       added, referring to the many new services being
concern, particularly when moving such a large       added, such as audiology and psychiatric care.
group so quickly. Most family housing in                Audrey Bender, Grafenwoehr Moral,                  Brigade representative Maj. John Nelson answers questions during a joint briefing
Grafenwoehr is handled off-post in built-to-lease    Welfare & Recreation director, briefed attendees
housing, with the largest single group being                                                               with USAG Grafenwoehr Commander Col. Brian Boyle Jan. 14 in Schweinfurt.
                                                     on MWR and Army Community Service Center
located in the exclusively built-to-lease            programs as well as Child & Youth Services            in Schweinfurt, so that records may be released.            For many questions, however, the answer had
community of Netzaburg. New schools and care         available in her area.                                    Brigade representative Maj. John Nelson             to be, “I’ll get back to you.”
centers are under construction there as well.           “I have a very dynamic staff that does a lot       fielded questions from Schweinfurt community                Questions from the town hall were
    Many other small communities in the              of out-of-the-box thinking” which allows              members faced with a move to Grafenwoehr.               catalogued by brigade representatives and
surrounding area support built-to-lease housing,     Bender to be able to offer unique programs like       Questions focused on issues ranging from                answers are forthcoming for those as yet
“and frankly, they’re ecstatic” at the prospect      scuba diving.                                         delaying moves to dislocation allowance                 unaddressed concerns.
of such a large influx of people, Boyle said.           Those moving with children will be able to         eligibility to when and how orders will be issued.          Nelson noted that individual Soldier requests
    Even so, that influx may put a strain on the     electronically transfer their CYS registration            “We’re trying to avoid taxing out the               will be considered on a case-by-case basis taking
elementary school in Grafenwoehr, which is           when moving to Grafenwoehr, she added.                transportation system. It’s a little bit of a Rubik’s   into consideration not only the needs of the Army,
currently operating at capacity with temporary       Participants should notify Central Registration       cube,” Nelson said.                                     but also the needs of the Soldier and his family.

  Curious George story time                                                                                ‘A break in our ranks’
                                                                                                           Couple remembered at ceremony
                                                                                                           by MARK HEETER                                          Justin had recently returned from deployment
                                                                                                           Bavarian News                                           to Iraq, and the pair was together for only a few
                                                                                                                                                                   weeks before the accident.
                                                                                                               The 9th Engineer Battalion, Dagger Brigade              “They were happy,” he said.
                                                                                                           and Schweinfurt community honored a Soldier                 Spears’ company commander, Maj. John
                                                                                                           and his wife at a memorial ceremony at the              Fernas, recalled the first time he met Spears,
                                                                                                           Ledward            Chapel          Jan.       17.       during a training rotation in Grafenwoehr.
                                                                                                           Sgt. Justin Spears, Company B, 9th EN Bn, and           ”We were stuck in what seemed like mountains
                                                                                                           his wife, Vilma Crespo-Spears, were killed in           of snow,” he said, describing the harsh
                                                                                                           an automobile accident on Autobahn 70 near              conditions facing him, Spears, and the rest of
                                                                                                           Eltmann, Germany, Dec. 30, when a motorist              the Company B “Outlaws” in early 2006.
                                                                                                           traveling the wrong way collided with their                 When he asked his platoon sergeants to name
                                                                                                           vehicle. The couple’s 10-month-old daughter,            the Soldier who was most up to any task they
                                                                                                           Amira, was injured in the accident but has since        gave him, one name came to mind – Spears.
                                                                                                           been returned to the custody of family members.             “He was self-motivated, mature, focused and
                                                                                                               “There is a break in our ranks,” said Chaplain      dependable,” Fernas said. Above all, though, he
                                                                                                           (1st Lt.) Richard Nevard, 9th EN Bn chaplain.           said, Spears was a family man.
                                                                                                               “In a flash, this young family, making their            “His topic of conversation was always his
                                                                                                           way back to us, was taken from us,” said Lt.            family,” which also included children, Thunder,
                                                                                                           Col. Glen Masset, 9th EN Bn commander.                  10, and Steel, 7, Fernas said.
                                                                                                               “Events like this are not supposed to occur.            Recalling his comrade, Staff Sgt. David
                                                                                                           So why did it?” Masset pondered. “Maybe in              Barrera remembered that Spears was a willing
                                                                                                           this case, there is no right answer.”                   friend who was always there for anyone who
                                                                         Photo by Sandra Wilson                The Spears family was at a place they wanted        needed him.
                                                                                                           to be in their lives at the time leading up to the          “He definitely made an impact on my life,”
 Three-year-old Ashleigh Bock sits on Curious George’s lap during story time at                            accident, Masset said.                                  Barrera said, adding that Crespo-Spears was “a
 Ledward Shoppette Jan. 18. AAFES employee Desiree Faehr reads a book to                                       Crespo-Spears had recently completed                really amazing woman.”
 her while Curious George makes sound effects to put a smile on her face.                                  military service with the 38th Personnel Service            “They will always be on my mind, in my
                                                                                                           Battalion and was the proud mother to Amira.            prayers,” Barrera said.

Free tax filing service available                                                                                                                                                Dance,
at Conn Barracks tax center
Bavarian News
                                                     according to Allen.
                                                        “It’s because forms aren’t available,” she said.
                                                        Among the important reminders, according
    The Schweinfurt tax center, located in Bldg.     to Costello, is that spouses whose Soldier-                                                                                  Alba Torres and
30 on Conn Barracks, has opened for business.        sponsor is deployed can file the return with a                                                                               husband Cesar Colon
As of yesterday, paid tax preparers are available    power of attorney, Costello said.                                                                                            of 1st Battalion, 77th
to make appointments and see walk-in                    “You can get a special power of attorney done                                                                             Armor Regiment, learn
customers.                                           here (at the legal center in Bldg. 1, Conn
    “We have some of the best tax filers in                                                                                                                                       how to salsa dance at
                                                     Barracks) for this,” Costello said.                                                                                          the Army Community
Germany. We have a lot of experience in the             Those who plan to file electronically need:
office,” said Capt. Gregory Costello, legal                 Military ID card                                                                                                      Service class Jan. 16.
assistance attorney with the Schweinfurt legal               Social security or Individual Tax                                                                                    ACS is offering free
center.                                              Identification Number card for all individuals                                                                               salsa dancing lessons
    The preparers are equipped to electronically     on the return
file federal and state income taxes and can help                                                                                                                                  to anyone interested as
                                                            All W-2 and 1099 forms                                                                                                part of the “Couples
customers receive refunds, in many cases, in 10             Copies of last year’s returns, if available
to 14 days – with one exception.                            Bank routing and account numbers – not                                                                                Can Do It” Success
    “This year, because of late changes to the       from a debit or credit card                                                                                                  Series. The next dance
tax code, people getting education credits and              Joint filers must bring either the spouse or                                                                          lessons are held at the
the credit for child and dependent care, their       power of attorney for tax filing                                                                                             Ledward Yellow Ribbon
refund is going to be delayed,” said Robin Allen,           Any other relevant tax information                                                                                    Room from 6 to 8 p.m.
one of the center’s tax preparers.                      The tax center hours of operation are Mon-
    People expecting to file for those credits can                                                                                                                                on Feb. 13 and 27.
                                                     Fri, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the third Saturday
come in to have their forms prepared; however,       of each month, according to Costello. To                                                                                    Photo by Sandra Wilson
the filers will not be able to submit the returns    schedule an appointment, call DSN 353-8992
via computer until around mid-February,              or CIV 09721-96-8992.
26     Bavarian News
                                                                                        Schweinfurt                                                                         January 30, 2008

Miska wins SES spelling bee for second year
Story and photo by SANDRA WILSON                         Teresa Duncan, Susan Wesley, and Carol
Bavarian News                                        Haager sat at the judges’ table for the duration
                                                     of the competition while Rakestraw pronounced                                                                             Fourth-grader
    Schweinfurt Elementary School reconvened         each word to the participating students.
their annual spelling bee Jan. 17 for third-                                                                                                                                   Heather Miska
                                                         By round three, only 10 of the 28 students                                                                            spells a word
through fifth-graders.                               remained, and within 45 minutes of the first
    Twenty-eight children gathered in the            word being read, fourth-grader Heather Miska                                                                              as her
multipurpose room with number tags around            correctly spelled “genuine” and was declared                                                                              competitors
their necks and ready to spell.                      the winner for the second year in a row.                                                                                  look on. Miska
    “They’ve all taken it in stride,” said Sharon        Fourth-grader Justin Bulanadi came in                                                                                 won the
Rakestraw, SES reading support teacher,              second place to serve as the alternate for the                                                                            Schweinfurt
regarding the student reactions to having to         next-level competition to be held in Ramstein
repeat the spelling bee due to complications with                                                                                                                              Elementary
                                                     in the near future.
the initial competition held two days earlier.           “I wasn’t here last year, but it’s just nice to                                                                       School spelling
    Each student was provided the opportunity        be here this year,” said Miska’s father, Lt. Col.                                                                         bee Jan. 17 for
to study the pre-approved words ahead of time.       Steven Miska, who was downrange for last                                                                                  the second
    “This year everything was online,”               year’s spelling bee.                                                                                                      year in a row
Rakestraw said. Teachers, students, and parents          For winning the SES competition, Miska                                                                                after spelling
were given instructions on how to download           received a $25 AAFES gift card as well as a
“Spell It!” in order to view the possible words      collegiate dictionary to continue her studies.
to be used in the competition. “Spell It!” focuses       “Spelling is a lot of hard work,” said SES
on approximately 700 words which are divided         Principal Wilma Holt. “Some of us have it
into sections by language of origin.                 naturally, and some of us have to work at it.”

 Family members, civilians named ‘Heroes of the
  Heart’, honored for service to Dagger Brigade
by KIMBERLY GEARHART                                                                                                                                Amy Miska
Bavarian News                                                                                                                                       Ramona Morris
                                                                                                                                                    Nicki Moser
   Conn Community Club was an island of                                                                                                             Barbara Murphy
activity in a dense sea of fog Jan. 10 as the 2nd                                                                                                   Kim Napier
Brigade Combat Team gathered to honor 88                                                                                                            Anna Parke
family members and civilian employees, and 11                                                                                                       Lisa Parmeter
local agencies for their long-standing support                                                                                                      Debby Pedroza
and assistance to the Dagger Brigade, and for                                                                                                       Susan Perkins
being “Heroes of the Heart.”                                                                                                                        Angleina Philbin
   Col. J.B. Burton, Dagger Brigade                                                                                                                 Sarah Polacek
commander, thanked everyone in attendance for                                                                                                       Jennifer Pray
their hard work and dedication.                                                                                                                     Cheryl Ray
   “Where there are caring people … wonderful                                                                                                       Andrea Reynolds
things can happen,” he said.                                                                                                                        DeeDee Reynolds
   Cathy Burton, who has been a driving force                                                                                                       Tuvale Robinson
for volunteerism and family support during the                                                                                                      Jessica Romero
Dagger Brigade’s deployment, praised awardees                                                                                                       Brandy Simmons
as “the future of the army.”                                                                                                                        Wendy Sledd
   “You are, by far, the greatest volunteers in                                                                                                     Yvonne Spiller
the greatest Army, in the history of the world,”                                                                                                    Bettie Strickland
she added, holding back tears.                                                                                                                      Dennis Swain
   Recognized agencies include: Red Cross;                                                                                                          Staci Swotek
Army Community Service; Morale, Welfare &                                                                                                           Jessica Tanner
Recreation; Child & Youth Services; MEDDAC;                                                                                                         Jamie Taylor
DENTAC; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Dagger                                                                                                            Wendy Theis
Guardian Association; Schweinfurt Community                                                                                                         Ruth Torres
Spouses Club; United Service Organization; and                                                                                                      Silvia Turpin
the USAG Schweinfurt.                                                                                                                               Christina Vargas
   Individual awards went to (in alphabetical                                                                             Photo by Eugene Pittman   Cindy Weisskopf
order):                                              Hundreds of Dagger Brigade Soldiers and supporters gathered Jan. 10 to honor                   Sharlynne Wermter
Angele Ackerson                                                                                                                                     Casie Wester
Michelle Adair                                       the volunteer “Heroes of the Heart” who supported the brigade during their most
Jo Ellen Arthur                                      recent deployment to Iraq.                                                                        A special brigade award, the Dagger Rose,
Leigh Ann Bandy                                                                                                                                     given for “exceptionally meritorious volunteer
Maggie Banks                                         Grace Maravilla                                       Jackie McClaflin                         service” to the Schweinfurt Military Community
Gervais Baptist                                      Melissa Marbut                                        Meghan McCormick                         and the Dagger Brigade Combat Team, was
Angela Beller                                        Angela Martin                                         Nicole McMurtrie                         awarded to: Cris Isom, Laura Merkle, Morissa
Brittany Blake                                       Monika Martin                                         Laura Merkle                             Booker, Amy Meyer, Denise Higgins, Lynn
Jenny Bohns                                          Nadja Martin                                          Amy Meyer                                Lauer, Sarah Polacek, Christina Vargas, DeeDee
Morrisa Booker                                       Peggy Masset                                          Ron Mihalko                              Reynolds, and Angelina Philbin.
Jacqueline Borum-Evans
Maria Branyan
Annette Carlsrud
Tom Casarez
Deborah Chambers
                                                      Commander ushers in New Year 2008
Diana Choudhri                                                                                                                                                    Lt. Col. Anthony Haager,
Diana Clark                                                                                                                                                       left, USAG Schweinfurt
Chris Comish                                                                                                                                                      commander, addresses
Marisol Corbett                                                                                                                                                   the crowd at his New
Jacqueline Dean
Michelle Delgado                                                                                                                                                  Year’s reception in the
Sara Dick                                                                                                                                                         Community Club on Conn
Gabriela Egan                                                                                                                                                     Barracks Jan. 11. Haager
Kelly Ferris                                                                                                                                                      used the opportunity to
Susi Gawlick                                                                                                                                                      thank his partners and
Valerie Glaze                                                                                                                                                     friends from the local
Carol Gowin
Kary Griffith                                                                                                                                                     German communities for
Katrina Hardy                                                                                                                                                     their support, while also
Manuela Hedman                                                                                                                                                    looking forward to the
Denise Higgins                                                                                                                                                    year ahead. Noting the
Cris Isom                                                                                                                                                         Jan. 9 announcement
Annabel Jasso
                                                                                                                                                                  that the Dagger Brigade
Kelly Johnson
Tonia Johnson                                                                                                                                                     is slated to move to
Carrie King                                                                                                                                                       Grafenwoehr, Haager
Heike Kloeckl                                                                                                                                                     reminded his guests that
Stacie Kolberg                                                                                                                                                    Schweinfurt remains a
Lynn Lauer                                                                                                                                                        critical and important
Brittany Learmonth
Dora Lewis                                                                                                                                                        installation for the
Blanche Livingston                                                                                                                                                American military.
Era Sue Lowenthal                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Mark Heeter
Crystal Malone
January 30, 2008                                                                                                                                                                          Bavarian News         27
Bamberg clinic fills host nation prescriptions
USAG Bamberg Public Affairs news release              substances cannot be filled at military
                                                      pharmacies. Herbal supplements and
    Active duty Soldiers and family members           nutraceuticals normally prescribed by German
seen by host nation providers do not have to pay      providers are usually not available.
up-front for their prescriptions. Patients seen by        While the military pharmacy does provide
German providers can have their prescriptions         cost savings and convenience to beneficiaries,
filled at the Bamberg Health Clinic provided the      not all host nation prescriptions can be filled here
written prescription meets certain criteria.          Gahol explains. Patients should note that
    In the past, prescriptions coming from host       German providers do not have to participate in
nation providers were not filled because of           this program. German providers can prescribe
patient safety concerns.                              German medications and if this occurs the
    “Most unfilled prescriptions we received          prescription will need to be filled at a German
were not written according to the U.S.-based          pharmacy (Apotheke). In this instance, patients
pharmacy protocol,” said Maj. Pablito Gahol,          will need to pay for the prescription and file a
U. S. Army Garrison Bamberg Health Clinic             claim for reimbursement through TRICARE.
commander, and “with over 150 prescriptions               To assist patients, “We have asked our host
being filled per day by our pharmacy personnel,       nation providers to look at our formulary before
there is no room for errors.”                         issuing prescriptions. If the medication is in our
    To ensure that your prescription gets filled,     formulary, then we can easily fill this request,”
and avoid paying up-front, patients should            Gahol said.
review the pharmacy requirements for host                 For more information about reimbursement
nation written prescriptions.                         contact Michaela E. Blanton, TRICARE BCAC/
    The Bamberg Health Clinic pharmacy can            Network Coordinator (Referrals/Billing/
only fill prescriptions from TRICARE                  Benefits) at DSN 469-7897.
authorized providers contained in the Health              The Bamberg Health Clinic Pharmacy is
Clinic’s pharmacy database. The prescription          open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday                                                                                              Photo by Krista Browning
must be for U.S. Federal Drug Administration          through Friday. Closed on federal holidays,            Sgt. Orlando Marin, pharmacy technician discusses a drug with pharmacist David
approved drugs listed on the Europe Regional          weekends, and on some training days (two
Medical Command formulary. Medication                 afternoons a month). Health Clinic closures are        Cannon at the Bamberg Health Clinic pharmacy. Cannon is happy to fill host nation
names and dosage instructions must be written         announced in advanced in the Warner Weekly             prescriptions and can even translate instructions for any medication filled at a
in clear English. Prescriptions for controlled        and the Bavarian News.                                 German Apotheke.

Immunizations prevent measles Retirees urged to get vaccines
by ANNE M. TORPHY                                     very sick with the disease but recover quickly,        Europe Regional Medical Command news release           Veterans Administration Cooperative Trial, run
BMEDDAC Public Affairs Officer                        with no ill effects.                                                                                          by Dr. Michael Oxman out of the University of
                                                          “There is a slight possibility that serious            Zostavax, the vaccine designed to prevent          California, San Diego, Zostavax was more than
    The German State of Bavaria has reported          complications, such as pneumonia or                    shingles for persons age 60 and older is available     50 percent effective in reducing the incidence
ninety-five cases of measles during the recent        inflammation of the brain, can result from             at Army health clinics, and health officials urge      of shingles and more than 60 percent effective
fall and winter months. Measles is a rare disease     infection of the measles virus,” said Niles.           eligible retirees to get the vaccine as soon as        in reducing some of its associated symptoms.
in the United States due to the efforts of health          Immunization is key.                              possible.                                              Even in people who suffer from the disease, most
officials in promoting immunizations. A telling           “The best way of preventing the disease is             Following a Centers for Disease Control and        of those who were vaccinated experienced less
factor in the recent spike is that, except in one     through immunization with the measles vaccine,”        Prevention recommendation on Oct.19, 2007,             pain.
case, the disease occurred in patients who had        Niles said. “This vaccine is administered as part      military health officials decided to make the              Shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster
not been immunized for measles.                       of the combined measles-mumps-rubella vaccine          vaccine available to Tricare beneficiaries. The        virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox in
    According to the Centers for Disease Control      and is typically given to all infants when they are    vaccine is free of charge when given in a military     children. It remains in the body for decades,
and Prevention, measles is an infectious disease      12 to 15 months and then again at 4 to 6 years or      health clinic to authorized beneficiaries and          sleeping in nerve cells along the spinal column.
caused by a virus. Initial symptoms include a         11 to 12 years of age.”                                civilians authorized space available care.             A shingles rash usually appears on one side of
runny nose, cough, fever, and fatigue. After              All unimmunized children and adults are at             Shingles is a painful viral disease that affects   the face or body and lasts between two to four
about three days, a red blotchy rash appears on       risk for the disease and should receive the            more than one million Americans every year.            weeks. It is painful and can be accompanied by
the face and spreads to the rest of the body, and     measles vaccine.                                       More than half of those cases happen in people         fever, chills, and upset stomach.
then lasts about three more days.                         “Adults who have not had measles and who           age 60 or older. The CDC recommends a single               The medical community is also encouraging
     Measles is highly contagious and outbreaks       have not been vaccinated are at-risk for the           dose of shingles vaccine for everyone age 60           adults age 65 and older to get the pneumonia
are most common in the late winter in early spring.   disease. Having the disease or receiving the           and older.                                             vaccine. They stress these facts:
    “It is possible to come into contact with         vaccine provides lifetime immunity from                    “Shingles comes from a dormant virus living               Pneumococcal disease can kill. It is the
people who don’t know they have measles, as           measles,” Niles emphasized.                            in our bodies. It has become more common as            sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.
most have been exposed to the virus about ten             Contact your MEDDAC Bavaria Health                 our children are no longer getting the                       It can be a miserable and expensive illness.
to twelve days before exhibiting any symptoms,”       Clinic for more information on the measles             chickenpox. When we reach our sixties and              There are 100,000 – 130,000 hospitalizations
warned Dr. Sarah Niles, Chief, Preventative           vaccination. Health clinics are located in             older, the immune system does not remember             annually in the U.S. It can affect lungs, blood,
Medicine, MEDDAC Bavaria.                             Bamberg, Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels, Illesheim,            our past infection, and our bodies become more         and brain. It usually causes fever, cough, and
    Measles is spread by coming into contact          Katterback, Schweinfurt, Vilseck, and                  susceptible to this often painful and debilitating     shortness of breath.
with the saliva of an infected person through         Wuerzburg. Clinic information is online at http:/      disease. The good news is that the disease is a               Pneumococcal disease can affect people
coughing, kissing, or sharing utensils or a            short-term illness, but prevention through             of all ages, but adults ages 65 and over are at
toothbrush.                                           . For more information on measles and its              vaccination is the key,” said Dr. Sarah Niles,         higher risk for complications from both the flu
    All children and any adult who did not have       prevention through vaccination, visit the CDC          Chief Preventive Medicine USAMEDDAC                    and pneumococcal disease. The shot can help
measles as a child or who did not receive measles     Web site at           Bavaria.                                               protect from serious infection in your lungs,
vaccine are at risk. Most children will become        vac/measles/default.htm.                                   In a shingles prevention study done by the         blood, and brain.

                          EMPOWERMENT                                                                                                   Look who’s working at the
                          BY DEMETRIUS WILLIS                                                                                            Grafenwoehr Pharmacy:
   Dear Demetrius,                            A personal trainer provides                  Finally, they do not interrupt
                                                                                                                                            Spc. Travis Danning
                                                                                                                                            Spc. Travis Danning
   I have always struggled with            education on muscles and related            your session to converse with
motivation to exercise. I tend to          body systems. Through this                  friends or talk on the phone. You                                                      Hometown: AZLE, TEXAS
begin working out for a couple of          understanding, you begin to                 are their main focus and their only                                                    Favorite Phrase: “Stick to your
weeks and then stop after the              empower yourself so you will not            focus during your one hour                                                             guns!”
soreness,         pain,      and           become dependent upon the                   session.                                                                               Likes: Music, tattoos, video
inconvenience of exercise                  personal trainer to have a “good                Choose a trainer like you                                                          games, relaxing, Rockstar energy
becomes too much. I was                    workout.”                                   choose a doctor. Look at the                                                           drinks, family
considering a personal trainer.               A personal trainer provides              trainer’s credentials, get a feel or
How do I know what to look for in          motivation. Even I need a “kick in                                                                                                 Dislikes: Long work days,
                                                                                       vibe from them, and listen to what                                                     nagging parents, the color
a personal trainer? Do you                 the pants” to get to the gym or to
recommend everyone use a                                                               you have heard from clients about                                                      turquoise
personal trainer?                          do that extra repetition on                 the trainer.
                                           occasion.                                       Do the research and watch                                                          Favorite Food: Wife’s cookin’
                                              The personal trainer is
“Results with Convenience”                 accountable, understands, and
                                                                                       trainers in action. Good Luck.                                                         Dream: To be successful

                                           responds to your needs. She or he                                                                                                  Description: Spc. Danning is an
Natalia                                    should be a professional.
                                              Personal training is a job and it
                                                                                                                                                                              exceptional pharmacy tech that
                                                                                                                                                                              always works to do the best job
                                                                                                                                                                              possible. He manages the
   Dear Natalia,                           should be treated as such. A                    Send your nutrition and                                                            narcotics vault and makes sure
   No, personal trainers are not           personal trainer should not ignore          fitness questions to                                                                   no “sampling of the product”
needed by everyone. Only you will          or dismiss questions or problems            usaggnews@EUR.                                                               occurs on his watch. Capt. Ronn
know if you “need” a personal trainer      you have. They should not only                                                                                                     has to watch him close so he
                                                                                           Demetrius is a registered                                                          doesn’t steal any of his
or not but what I can tell you is what     want you to workout on the days             dietician and a certified personal                                                     ROCKSTARS.
a personal trainer should do.              you are with them.                          trainer.
28     Bavarian News
                                                                                                  News                                                                                        January 30, 2008

  1st AD Soldiers try out Army’s
   improved outer tactical vest
Story and photo by                                   Soldiers for suggestions and feedback about
Maj. WAYNE MAROTTO                                   existing body armor, and then tested new designs
Army News Service                                    based on their responses.
                                                          As a result, the IOTV has several advantages
    For as long as the Army has used Interceptor over its predecessor. It is three pounds lighter;
Body Armor, Soldiers have complained that it it provides more coverage in the small of the
is too heavy, too hot, and too cumbersome.           back; it sits higher around the armpit area; and
    But those complaints may be a thing of the it sits lower on the torso, said Tony Perez, Team
past for Soldiers in U.S. Army Europe’s 2nd 5 fielding leader for Engineering Solution
Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division. Products, the contractor selected by the Army
Those Soldiers recently donned the Army’s to field the IOTV to the 2nd BCT.
newest body armor — the Improved Outer                    Perez noted that the new design addresses
Tactical Vest.                                       one of the biggest complaints about earlier body
    “The IOTV is a lot more comfortable because armor models — that the addition of side SAPI
of the mesh lining                                                                plates forced the

inside,” said Sgt. Brian                                                          Soldier’s       arms
Freeman, a tanker with
2nd      BCT’s       1st
Battalion, 35th Armor.
                                 The IOTV are in a better
                                 position, decreasing the
                                                                       ‘          awkwardly away
                                                                                  from his body.
                                                                                      “The side plates
“The waist strap also               profile and allowing                          on the IOTV are in a
makes it fit better by                                                            better position,
redistributing the                better arm movement.                            decreasing        the
weight       off     my                                                           profile and allowing
shoulders and moving                            ony Perez
                                               Tony Perez                         better           arm
it around my waist.”                   Engineering Solution Products              movement,” Perez
    Freeman ought to                                                              said.
know. He deployed with the 2nd BCT for the                Brigade Soldiers who tried on the IOTV
first iteration of Operation Iraqi Freedom called it a welcome improvement.
carrying woodland camouflage pattern IBA.                 “The IBA had zero cushioning inside,               Sgt. Brian Freeman pulls the quick-release cable on Sgt. William Huff’s Improved
    “We didn’t even get small arms protection especially on the shoulders,” Freeman said. “The               Outer Tactical Vest during a training session for Soldiers of U.S. Army Europe’s 2nd
insert plates until the fifth month in country,” IOTV fits better and it has a quick release, which          Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division in Baumholder, Germany, Jan. 23. The
said Freeman. “I like the mesh lining; it makes makes it better than the IBA.”
it more comfortable.”                                                                                        quick-release, one of several improved features of the new armor, is designed to
                                                          The quick-release cable feature allows
    The mesh is intended to keep the wearer’s Soldiers to get out of the IOTV with one pull by               allow the wearer to quickly remove the IOTV when needed.
body cooler by improving ventilation.                disassembling the vest into two parts that fall to
    The IOTV is the Army’s latest evolution of the ground. That innovation should help a                         Pfc. William Fraleigh, an infantryman from            “I liked the IBA better, because it is easier to
body armor designed to protect the Soldier’s Soldier get out of the IOTV quickly when                        the 2nd BCT’s A Company, 1st Battalion, 6th           put on than the IOTV. I don’t like the emergency
torso area.                                          needed — such as when a military vehicle rolls          Infantry, conceded that the IOTV allows for           quick-release, because it might get snagged on
    According to information released by the over into water — allowing him to escape the                    better flexibility and movement, and even             something during a patrol and the body armor
Army’s Program Executive Office Soldier, the submerging vehicle or be pulled more easily to                  admitted that the quick-release could prove           comes undone. You don’t have time to put it back
agency in charge of developing and fielding new safety. The quick release should also help medics            invaluable if needed during an emergency. But         together while patrolling.”
equipment, the IOTV meets PEO Soldier’s goals to treat injured or wounded Soldiers quickly.                  giving up his IBA will be like throwing away a            The 2nd BCT continues its preparation for
of providing troops the most advanced                     Pfc. Tony Gonzales, a tank driver for 1-35th       comfortable pair of old shoes, and he was a bit       its scheduled spring deployment to Iraq.
protective gear available, while also improving Armor, said the IOTV “is a lot better, because it            superstitious about the idea.                             (Maj. Wayne Marotto is the public affairs
comfort and mission effectiveness.                   fits better around the body and is more                     “It always worked for me in combat and I          officer for 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st
    The Army spent a good deal of time asking comfortable.”                                                  felt comfortable in it,” said Fraleigh.               Armored Division.)

Dagger families get first-hand glimpse at Graf BDU wear-
                                               From the shopping center, tour           Grafenwoehr ’s on- and off-post            Vilseck – before taking a walk-
Continued from Page 1
footage than any other AAFES
                                            participants received a community
                                            briefing, presented by U.S. Army
                                                                                        housing areas.
                                                                                            “I’m really concerned about the
                                                                                                                                   through of homes in the new off-post
                                                                                                                                   Netzaburg Housing Area.
                                                                                                                                                                              out date set
exchange in Europe, according to PX         Garrison Grafenwoehr Commander              living conditions,” said Staff Sgt.            Danny Brannon, an engineer with
manager Stephanie Burns. The
shopping center also offers several
restaurants and concession shops in
                                            Col. Brian T. Boyle.
                                               “Our mission is to get you
                                            acquainted with our community,”
                                                                                        Brett E. McHaney of Headquarters
                                                                                        and Headquarters Company, 1 st
                                                                                        Battalion, 26 th Infantry. “We are
                                                                                                                                   the Installation Management Agency-
                                                                                                                                   Europe, said Netzaburg contains more
                                                                                                                                   than 550 new houses. There are 11
                                                                                                                                                                               April 30
the mall-like setting.                      Boyle told the visitors. “We are sure       leaving the home we’re (settled) in,”      home designs varying in size from          Continued from Page 1
    The Schweinfurt visitors also           you will find it satisfactory, and that     he added, as his wife, Rachel, nodded      1,300 to 1,900 square feet.
visited the new commissary located          you will enjoy being here.”                 in agreement.                                  “This housing is better than what I    appreciate the improvements that
in the shopping center complex. The            Following the briefing, tour                 The tour made a sweep through the      was offered when I initially took my       were made. This uniform was
store is more than triple the size of the   participants learned that shopping          post’s recently renovated on-post          commission,” said V Corps                  designed by Soldiers for Soldiers.”
previous facility, and offers more          services aren’t the only new features       housing area and past the                  Commander Lt. Gen. Kenneth W.                  All brown T-shirts, black combat
brands – a total of 11,230 items – for      in town. Next up came what the              community’s elementary and middle          Hunzeker, who joined the group for         boots and green and black jungle
shoppers to choose, according to            majority of the Schweinfurt group           schools – the high school is located       the in-depth look at Grafenwoehr.          boots, woodland and desert-
garrison officials.                         seemed most interested in seeing—           in the nearby Army community at            “It’s amazing.”                            camouflage caps, olive-drab-green
                                                                                                                                                                              name and U.S. Army tapes, subdued-
Knowledge key to coping with mild Traumatic Brain Injury                                                                                                                      olive-green shoulder-sleeve insignias
                                                                                                                                                                              and the black rigger belt and web belt
                                                                                                                                                                              with open-faced black buckle will
Continued from Page 1                       it may fall to the spouse to make sure      Soldier involved in his or her own            Family       involvement        and     also become obsolete on April 30.
                                            the Soldier is helped.                      diagnosis and treatment.                   understanding is paramount to
do to help,” she said.                          “There are a lot of avenues                 Other routes include talking to        insuring a successful recovery for the         Active-duty and reserve-
   The local medical command, under         available. One thing the spouse can         your Family Readiness Group, or            injured Soldier.                           component Soldiers can continue to
Col. Theresa Schneider, has been            do is come on over to the clinic. Lt.       FRG, chain of command, or local               “The family member is different,        wear the black-knit cap and the black
“working at increasing awareness            Col. (Daniel) Duecker and his team          chaplain.                                  but they do recover,” said Lopez.          micro-fleece-knit cap with the cold-
among providers and the entire              are very available to talk,” she said.          “The chaplain is oh so important,         “You have to understand that they       weather woodland-camouflage field
MEDDAC team,” but family                    The Schweinfurt Health Clinic has           because he can walk right over and         are going to forget things, and they’re    jacket until Sept. 30.
awareness is key to identifying             many resources for Soldiers and             talk to the Soldier,” Schneider added.     going to be irritable,” she said, “but         The Army Reserve Officer
problems.                                   families dealing with mTBI and other        “The important thing is to get people      once the headaches stop and the            Training Corps wear-out date for
   Often, Soldiers may be reluctant to      post-deployment issues. Clinic staff        talking about and aware of the             sleeplessness ends, there will be          these items is April 9.
seek treatment, Schneider noted, and        can then work on a way to get the           situation.”                                improvement.”                                  According to Easley, there
                                                                                                                                                                              haven’t been any official surveys to
Enlisted Soldier chooses Army over law degree, civilian career                                                                                                                determine how many Soldiers still
                                                                                                                                                                              have the BDUs or Desert BDUs, but
                                                                                                                                                                              she said it’s probably hard to find
Continued from Page 1                           In fact, Williams says the Army has     Forces or as a UH-60 Black Hawk            to be meeting the challenges the Army
                                            provided him with such wonderful            helicopter pilot.                          offers for a long time to come.            many who aren’t wearing the ACU.
the sergeant said. “I probably get asked    experiences and opportunities to meet           Williams’ company commander is             “Most of my classmates have jobs           But if Soldiers are hanging on to
once a week why I’m enlisted if I have      amazing people, that he has changed         confident that the sergeant can achieve    that pay well and they get to go home      any of these uniforms, they can save
a law degree.”                              his goals in life.                          any goal he chooses.                       at the end of the day,” he said. “If I     them for posterity. They aren’t
    “I’ve known (Williams) for about            “Growing up, I thought (being a             “(Williams) is a hard worker who       could live more than one life, then that   required to turn them in. The only
a month and a half, and I was kind of       lawyer) would be the greatest thing,        learns quickly, and he’s a model Soldier   choice would be great. But I’ve got        requirement is that they know the
shocked when I found out about his          and I didn’t think that much about the      because of his excellent physical          to be Special Forces, a pilot or           wear-out date and report for duty in
college background,” said Sgt. Aaron        Army,” he said. “Now I think the            fitness,” said Capt. Shirwen Separa.       something cool, because I just like that   ACUs May 1.
Mertens, lead UAV maintainer for            opposite. I think that (practicing) law         “I could definitely see him            adrenaline rush. I want to be at the tip       “Thousands of our great Soldiers
Company B, 4th Brigade Combat               isn’t that great, and the Army turned       becoming a company commander or a          of the spear and have a long and           spent many years defending our
Team, 1st Infantry Division.                out to be a lot more than ever I expected   first sergeant one day; it just depends    distinguished Army career.”                country wearing that honorable
    “I was shocked, because I don’t         it to be.”                                  on what route he chooses to take,” he          “It’s great that he’s going after      uniform. I know it means something
think I would have chosen to enlist in          When he returns to home base in         said.                                      what he loves to do, instead of what       to them, just as wearing the ACU will
the military with that kind of a degree,”   Germany, Williams says he plans to              Now completing his second              everybody expects him to do,” said         mean something to today’s Army,”
said Mertens.                               apply for a position in Army Special        combat tour, Williams says he hopes        Mertens.                                   said Easley.
January 30, 2008                                                                                                                                                                            Bavarian News        29

Hohenfels wrestler competes in U.S.
 Forces European championships
Story and photo by SUSAN HUSEMAN                       he dominated Gransbery in his own clinch,
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office                   scoring five points. Asher won the period, 13-
                                                       4, and the match.
    An Operations Group career counselor                   In their second meeting, Asher led the first
competed in the 2008 U.S. Forces-Europe 60 seconds of the first period 3-1. Asher clinched
Wrestling Championships held at Stuttgart’s first and scored a three-point throw. Gransbery
Patch Fitness Center Jan. 5-

                                                                             scored three points in the
    Wrestling in the 185-              Age is a factor, and of second the score Asher
                                                                                                  to 8-4
pound class, 39-year-old                 course, so is condi- with two more points. The
Sgt. 1        Class Craig                                                    second period was all
Gransbery said he went to                tioning. I don’t have Asher. He scored six
the      event      because                                                  points in the first minute
attendance has been low in                 the conditioning;                 for a superior decision,
recent years.                           wisdom makes up for thus winning the match.
    Deployments and the                                                         “This was a very good
ongoing           drawdown                  some of it. But I                match, said referee Jeff
accounted for the small field
of competitors, tournament
officials said. With only six
athletes, the planned double
                                           haven’t wrestled        ‘
                                                                   ‘         Pellaton. “Both of these
                                                                             guys are very, very skilled
                                         competitively in 10 and evenly matched. Craig
                                                                             displays incredible skill at
elimination tournament was                          years.                   his age.”
changed to the best two out                                                     “Age is a factor, and of
of three matches.                                              Gransbery
                                         Sgt. 1st Class Craig Gransber y     course,         so        is
    In the first match of the            Operations Group career counselor   conditioning,”         said
185- pound class, between                                                    Gransbery. “I don’t have
21-year-old Jacob Asher, Ramstein Air Base, and the conditioning; wisdom makes up for some of                  Thirty-three seconds into the match, Jacob Asher pins and holds Craig Gransbery
Gransbery, Gransbery scored the first takedown it. But I haven’t wrestled competitively in 10                  for the gold medal in the freestyle 185-pound category of the 2008 U.S. Forces-
but gave up four points in the first clinch.           years.”                                                 Europe Wrestling Championships Jan. 6 at the Patch Fitness Center in Stuttgart.
    Asher scored five points with a grand                  In the first 185-pound freestyle match,
amplitude throw, a move that sent Gransbery, Gransbery scored the first point, but was pushed
with feet flying, onto his back, and ended the off the edge of the mat with 50 seconds to go.                  1-1 when Asher scored a tilt (turning the              fall with only 33 seconds on the clock for the
period. In the second period, Asher scored a While the wrestlers were tied 1-1 at the end of                   opponent so that the opponent’s shoulders face         win.
takedown and a tilt before Gransbery threw him the period, Asher claimed victory as he was the                 the mat at an angle of less than 90 degrees) and           Gransbery, who is also a wrestling coach at
for three points.                                      last to score.                                          held Gransbery for a fall and the match.               Hohenfels High School, said the main reason
    Asher countered with a roll through and led            In the second period, Gransbery dominated              The second match was over almost before it          he traveled to Stuttgart was to participate in the
5-3 at the end of the first minute. He scored three with three takedowns and won the period 3-0.               started. Gransbery scored the first two points,        officials’ clinic that was held in conjunction with
points in the first clinch. In the second clinch, In a sudden death period, the wrestlers were tied            but Asher countered with a tilt and held for a         the championships.

                 Pass your keys to a designated driver this
                 Super Bowl Sunday
USAG Grafenwoehr Safety Office                            penalize you for driving impaired,” said                According to NHTSA, 130 people,                     handy, and take the keys away from anyone who
                                                          Schwarz. “We want everyone to make the right         representing 39 percent of all traffic fatalities in   is thinking of driving while impaired.
    U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr Safety play for the big game.”                                              the U.S., died during the 2006 Super Bowl
Office announced Friday that they are joining                                                                                                                         If you are attending a Super Bowl
                                                                         This effort is part of the NFL-       weekend in crashes involving impaired drivers
forces with the National Football                                                                              with blood alcohol concentration levels of .08         party or watching at a sports bar or
League, the Techniques for                                           TEAM’s                  season-long
Effective Alcohol Management
Coalition, the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration, and
                                                                     Responsibility Has Its Rewards
                                                                     national designated driver program.
                                                                         During the 2007/08 NFL
                                                                                                               or higher.
                                                                                                                  Schwarz said that designating a sober driver
                                                                                                               should be on the top of everyone’s Super Bowl
                                                                                                                                                                            Avoid drinking too much alcohol too fast.
                                                                                                                                                                      Pace yourself. Eat enough food, take breaks and
                                                                                                               party list.                                            alternate with non-alcoholic drinks.
other state and local highway safety                                 season, more than 100,000 football
and law enforcement officials to Super Bowl Sunday is one fans pledged to be a sober                           If you are hosting a Super Bowl                               Designate your sober driver before the
remind everyone to act responsibly        of America’s biggest and
                                          most entertaining national
                                                                     designated driver. For 2008, TEAM         party:                                                 party begins and give that person your car keys.
by designating a sober driver if                                     projects that number will continue              Remember, you can be held liable and                   If you don’t have a designated driver, ask
they plan on using alcohol this           sporting events.
                                                                     to increase as more fans plan ahead       prosecuted if someone you served ends up in an         a sober friend for a ride home; call a cab, friend
Super Bowl weekend.                  It is also one of the nation’s  and make the responsible, winning         impaired driving crash.                                or family member to come and get you; or just
    “We want to remind everyone           most dangerous days on     play.                                                                                            stay where you are and sleep it off until you are
this weekend that real Fans Don’t         the roadways due to                                                       Make sure all of your guests designate their
                                                                         Super Bowl Sunday is one of                                                                  sober.
Let Fans Drive Drunk,” said               impaired driving; 39                                                 sober drivers in advance, or help arrange ride-
                                                                     America’s biggest and most                                                                             Never let a friend leave your sight if you
Garrison Safety Director Michael          percent of all traffic                                               sharing with other sober drivers.                      think they are about to drive while impaired.
                                                                     entertaining national sporting
Schwarz. “If you plan on drinking         fatalities in the U.S.took                                                 Serve lots of food and include lots of non-      Remember, Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.
                                          place during Super Bowl
                                                                     events as friends and families
alcohol while cheering your team                                                                               alcoholic beverages at the party.                            Always buckle up – it’s still your best
                                          2006 weekend. (NHTSA) gather to socialize and watch the
on to victory, pass your keys to a                                   big game.                                      Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third      defense against other impaired drivers.
sober, designated driver before the                                      Yet, it is also one of the nation’s   quarter of the game and begin serving coffee               For more information, please visit
Super Bowl party begins.                                  most dangerous days on the roadways due to           and dessert.                                                      or
    “Follow the rules or law enforcement will impaired driving.                                                     Keep the numbers for local cab companies

                                                                                         Garmisch athletes make a ‘racquet of
                                                                                         a tourney’ at Mueller Fitness Center
           Bob McEntire                                                                  by JOHN REESE                               competition before, McEntire and            his backhand and keep the ball on the
    smashes the ball on                                                                  Bavarian News                               Jose Valdez, were left facing each          walls. It was a good match and I hope
       his way to a hard-                                                                                                            other in the final match.                   we can play some more competitive
     fought tourney win,                                                                    After two days of advancing                  “This was a first-class operation       games later.”
                                                                                         through pool play at Mueller Fitness        put on by the staff which ensured that,        The fitness center staff provided
           becoming the
                                                                                         Center on Sheridan Kaserne, Bob             at the end, every participant was a         sandwiches, fruit and drinks for the
   racquetball player to                                                                 McEntire won the 2007 Garmisch              winner,” said McEntire, a conference        athletes, and the prizes were donated
       beat in Garmisch.                                                                 Holiday Racquetball Tournament              support specialist for the Marshall         by, said garrison
                                                                                         Dec. 9 in straight sets of 15-14 and        Center.                                     sports and fitness director Mike
  Photo by Beate D’Amato                                                                 15-10.                                          “The tournament resulting in new        Criswell.
                                                                                            The tournament began with two            friends being made and significantly           “Lots of fun and exercise for all of
                                                                                         pools of athletes from USAG-                increased awareness of the sport,” said     the participants,” said Criswell. “We
                                                                                         Garmisch, the Edelweiss Lodge and           McEntire                                    plan to continue to bring more of these
                                                                                         Resort, and the George C. Marshall              Although he thought he might            competitions for the athletes of
                                                                                         Center, with the top four players from      have found a weakness in McEntire’s         Garmisch.”
                                                                                         each pool moving on to the Sunday           backhand he could use to win, Valdez           “I really enjoyed playing and
                                                                                         single elimination rounds.                  lost the final close games.                 especially winning” he said. “I look
                                                                                            Those eight players battled it out           “It was real intense—it was a           forward to continued use of this first
                                                                                         until two friendly rivals who’d met in      battle!” said Valdez. “I tried to exploit   class facility. See you on the court.”

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