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					           Dedicated to fostering and supporting Argentine tango in Minnesota
                                                                                             Winter 2007 • Volume 9, No. 
Tango for cause
By Pauline Oo

What’s better than dancing to
good music? Dancing for a good
cause. About 55 people turned up
at the Eagles Aerie Club in Min-
neapolis on Jan. 20 for the Twin
Cities Habitat for Humanity fund-

                                                                                                                             Photo by Adrianne Page Photography
raiser hosted by the Tango Society
of Minnesota and Mandrágora
Tango Orchestra. The four-and-a-
half hour event raised $,27.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprof-
it organization that seeks to elimi-
nate poverty and homelessness
by building affordable housing
for low-income families. Habi-
tat relies on volunteer labor and
contributions of cash, materials,         Lisa Thurstin, new TSoM board member, and husband Eric are part of the growing Twin
                                          Cities tango community. TSoM, with about 160 members, plans to focus on increasing
professional services, and proper-        membership this year. (For more on Lisa and Eric's wedding, see Miscellany, page 10.)
ty to build the homes. More than
200,000 Habitat houses have been
                                          Twin Cities tango community is flourishing
built around the world for more
                                          By Pauline Oo
than ,000,000 people in more
than 3,000 communities.                   Merriam-Webster’s defines a com-             tango events in the United States.
                                          munity as “people with common                A community that is committed to
“We chose Habitat because they            interest living in a particular area.”       inclusiveness and working together
are a super-efficient charity, and        The Twin Cities Argentine tango              is more likely to grow than one in
[the members of Mandrágora                community has more than tripled in           which competitive attitudes prevail.
have] all had positive experiences        the past decade since a handful of
with it before,” says bandlead-                                                        In their notes for an upcoming
                                          residents took a liking to the dance.
er Bob Barnes. The Mandrágora                                                          guide to building a successful tango
                                          There are classes, practicas, and
quartet of Barnes (accordion),                                                         community, Clay and Megan Pin-
                                          milongas pretty much every night
Ewa Bujak (violin), Scott Mateo                                                        gree, tango teacher and DJ, define a
                                          of the week.
Davies (guitar) and Ron Bacardi                                                        successful tango community as one
Yanes (bass) performed without            Yet quantity is not a sure sign that         with a critical mass (or greater) of
their regular fee—00 percent of          a tango community is successful.             people who want to dance, regular
the evening’s proceeds went to            Quality and cooperation must also            well-attended milongas with good
Habitat. DJ Dave Rost and tango           exist, says Clay Nelson, organizer           music, harmony between partici-
teacher Rebecca Abas volunteered          of Portland tango festivals Valen-           pants, and good quality dancers.
their services; Rebecca taught a          tango in February and TangoFest              And here in the Twin Cities, we’re
                                          in October—two of the biggest                well on the way. n
       Tango for cause, cont. on page 2
    From the president
    The vision for 2007
    This year, the board is focusing
    on growing TSoM. We want
    our community to be vibrant,
    with many places to dance
    and many people to dance
    with. How do we achieve this?
    Several people in our commu-
    nity attended classes at other
    festivals that focused on how
    to grow your community. The
    major point was to be open
    and inviting to everyone—
    new people, instructors, and
    dancers—and to new ideas.          Mandrágora musicians Bob Barnes (clockwise from bottom left), Ron Bacardi Yanes,
                                       Ewa Bujak, and Scott Mateo Davies donated their time and money to the Jan. 20
    A consistent comment at the        Mandrágora and TSoM Habitat for Humanity fund-raiser.
    festival in Minneapolis was
    that our people were very nice     Tango for cause, cont. from page 1          lessons in college 5 years ago.
    and welcoming. Let’s contin-       one-hour lesson from 8–9 p.m. Ea-           “I am blown away by how much
    ue to build on what is clearly     gles Aerie donated the room, and            tango there is [in the Twin Cities],”
    one of our core strengths.         local teachers Lois Donnay and Flor-        says Shaun. “And I am amazed by
    Let’s accept the differences in    encia Taccetti, along with Rebecca,         how friendly everyone is. They’re
    style and approach toward the      donated private and group lessons           all happy to dance with a begin-
    dance. The more diversity in       for the raffle.                             ner. Or let’s just say, I haven’t been
    milongas, classes, and activi-                                                 turned down yet.”
                                       “I’ve wanted to dance the tango
    ties, the broader the range of                                                 More TSoM- and Mandrágora-
                                       for a long time, and I finally tried it
    people in our community.                                                       sponsored charity events are in the
                                       a year ago,” says Tom Gigowski. “I
    Currently we have more than        came tonight because the connec-            works, check
    60 members. I’d like to grow      tion to Habitat struck me. I’ve been        or subscribe to tsom-announce
    that to 80 in 2007 and 220        a volunteer for Habitat for three or to stay informed. n
    in 2008. A new committee is        four years now, building houses in
    looking for ways to grow and       Minneapolis. It’s a great cause.”              Social Dance Studio
    retain our membership.                                                            Presents
                                       Shaun McKinlay agrees, readily
    The TSoM Web site has a new        handing over wads of cash for the
    etiquette page outlining what      pay-as-you-can admission and raffle            Foundations in
    is expected at milongas. Please    tickets. Shaun won a group class for           Tango and Be yond
    share this with others. Eti-       one couple in the raffle.
                                                                                      Every Friday, Anew Fitness
    quette creates a common lan-                                                      n 7–8 p.m., foundations 1
                                       “I’m happy to donate,” says Shaun.
    guage among dancers, making                                                       n 8–9 p.m., foundations 2
                                       “It’s a good cause, and I also got a
    people feel comfortable. In                                                         and beyond
                                       class, live music, and dancing out of
    time, we’ll add more resourc-                                                     Sabine Ibes and Niko Salgado
                                       it, and I won the raffle.”                     612-501-7956, 612-600-1288
    es. Thank you for being pa-
                                       Shaun had learned about the event
    tient during the construction.
                                       from some local dancers at the
    —Diane Hillbrant                                                                  Every Fourth Saturday:
                                       January TSoM milonga. He is a re-
                                       turning dancer, having taken tango             Social Dance Milonga

My tango family (what is community?)                                                       the party! It requires us to be non-
By Gretchen Larson                                                                         judgmental of ourselves and oth-
                                                                                           ers as we belong for as long as we
I often talk about a tango commu-            you in the middle of the night? Or            have two feet to dance and the
nity, but what exactly do I mean by          is it just a way of killing ‘free time?‘      desire to do so with a consenting
that? I define a tango community             I don’t want to help you kill your            partner and others of a like mind.
as a collection of people that asso-         free time. I want to help you find
                                                                                           I have a partner who reminds me
ciate by choice, and for some of us,         kindling to fuel your fire. I want
                                                                                           regularly that his tango educa-
necessity, like members of a 2-step         to show you how to gather wood,
                                                                                           tion is on the 20-year matriculation
program or an extended family. No            rather than smother the coals with
                                                                                           plan, and I think it’s a good idea to
one controls membership or takes             an abundance of things that you
                                                                                           approach it that way. Acknowledge
attendance in this community/fam-            don’t need and don’t really want.”
                                                                                           that people have different agen-
ily, you don’t have to be Argentine,
                                             In many ways, a tango community               das for participating and that time
understand Castellano, or acquire
                                             reminds me of an extended fam-                changes us all. Be gracious. I per-
an alternate identity to participate.
                                             ily, the people you might see only            sonally hope to die on the dance
You can’t buy your way in or be in-
                                             at holiday time. The people who               floor at an advanced age and gain
vited in because you know the right
                                             suffer with you through the ter-              a great deal of comfort from the
people or wear the right shoes.
                                             rible twos and awkward adolescent             fact that I have not even scratched
You belong if you choose to devote
                                             periods. The people who can say               the surface of the experience yet.
your time and passion; there are
                                             to each other, “Remember when                 (Thus far, tango has taught me a lot
no shortcuts! Eventually you will
                                             cousin Cory screamed all the way              about myself, and I have become a
be faced with two questions: How
                                             through grandpa’s Christmas toast?            better human being by identifying
much do you want and what are
                                             Or “Remember that year second                 myself with all of you.)
you willing to give?
                                             cousin Lucy went Goth?” We give
                                                                                           Don’t be discouraged; it takes a
One of my favorite teachers says             each other permission to change, to
                                                                                           lifetime to make a tanguero/a. That
that he wants to know the answers            be ourselves even if it involves plas-
                                                                                           term, while not complimentary in-
to these two questions “because              tic surgery or hair implants.
                                                                                           the early days, was worn as a badge
I need to know what to give, and
                                             A tango community embraces spe-               of honor by those from whom we-
what to receive. Maybe this is my
                                             cial people, like a family—even               have inherited this rich treasure of
job as a teacher—to show you the
                                             weird uncle Gordon is accepted. It’s          human experience. So come to the
different sides of the dance. And
                                             a big potluck supper—a lot more               potluck and bring something to
then let you decide for yourself: Do
                                             fun when you bring something to               share; it will change you! n
you want the tango? Does it call

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Tango guidelines
By Bill Boyt

Navigating the floor
. Do not move against the line of
   dance, and that means dancing
   counterclockwise around the
   room. Avoid stepping back into
   the line of dance because you
   risk stepping on a follower.

2. Watch for the wait staff, they
   are just trying to do their jobs.
   Give them the room they need.

3. Take steps appropriate to the
   amount of space available.
   Large steps may look stylish but
   the community knows you are         Bumping into other couples is a no-no at a milonga.
   being impolite.
                                       Guidelines for milongas                           tion. Leaders should not insist.
. Do not pause for more than the
                                       . There is a reason that Argen-                  This is not wrestling.
   time it takes to repeat “Man-
   drágora Tango Orchestra” a             tines use eye contact. It doesn’t         5. Show appreciation for live mu-
   few times. Remember we are             interrupt conversations, it                  sic. It’s a gift from people who
   all dancing as one—when one            works over relatively long                   are playing from their heart;
   couple stops the rest soon have        distances, and it establishes                respond appropriately.
   to stop. If you want to pause          a special connection before
                                                                                    6. Following your dances, walk
   longer move to the center of           the dance begins. Those who
                                                                                       your partner to the edge of the
   the floor.                             don’t allow for eye contact
                                                                                       dance floor closest to where
                                          make it harder to get invita-
5. Do not teach on the main floor                                                      you entered the floor. Do not
                                          tions to dance.
   and never offer a suggestion                                                        just walk away.
   without permission. Milongas        2. When the follower agrees to a
                                                                                    7. Close embrace is a gift not a
   are not practicas. (Note to in-        dance, it’s a gift. An agreement
                                                                                       right, do not assume the close
   structors: milongas are also not       to dance usually means you will
                                                                                       embrace position unless invited.
   venues to recruit students.)           dance for a minimum of two
                                          songs. Etiquette suggests you             8. Remember to talk with your
6. Both leaders and followers
                                          dance until the end of the tan-              partner between dances; it is
   should keep their feet close to
                                          da (set of three to four songs).             considered polite to extend the
   the floor unless they are certain
                                                                                       talk through the first few bars
   that no one is within range. If     3. When the person you would
                                                                                       of the next song. If you are go-
   you misjudge and touch some-           like to dance with is having a
                                                                                       ing to talk longer, move off the
   one, apologize at the first op-        conversation, state your interest
                                                                                       dance floor.
   portunity. We understand that          in a dance (eye contact works
   mistakes happen.                       nicely) and allow the conversa-           9. Other dancers are part of your
                                          tion to draw to a close.                     family; treat them like you will
7. Tangles, losing balance, being
                                                                                       see them again. Like any fam-
   off beat, attempting unprac-        . The leader offers a step, pro-
                                                                                       ily member, we have unique
   ticed steps are all the leaders’       vides an invitation, and the
                                                                                       personalities, respect for each
   fault—provided the follower            follower decides whether to
                                                                                       other, and joy in sharing with
   maintains her own balance,             accept the offer. Unaccepted of-
                                                                                       each other.
   steps with the beat, attempts to       fers are to be appreciated as an
   follow, and does not back lead.        important reply in the conversa-          0. Have fun. n

Bossy leaders on the tango floor                                             and other commitments can keep
By Nick Aguilar                                                              people from taking classes.

                                                                             I remember as a beginning lead-
I was talking with a young, new,    say, “Yes, please do.” They seem
                                                                             er, I didn’t care for unsolicited ad-
lady tango dancer at the Loring     sincere about it, but perhaps
                                                                             vice or teaching while dancing. A
Pasta Bar in mid-January. The       they’re just being polite. I figure if
                                                                             few times some experienced and
subject of the men teaching         these women have danced a tanda
                                                                             gracious followers, after a tanda,
while dancing came up, and          or two with me, they know wheth-
                                                                             would ask me if I wanted feedback,
she said there were really “a       er or not I’m an acceptable dancer.
                                                                             and I was always grateful for it.
lot of bossy men” on the dance
                                    If I’m dancing with a woman who          These days, after a dance or even
floor. When she used the word
                                    shows up a lot for dances but            during a dance if practical, if I feel
“bossy,” her tone of voice
                                    doesn’t go to classes, I will ask her    my technique was not up to par,
revealed that this “bossiness” is
                                    the same question after a tanda          I ask the woman outright for that
quite an unpleasant thing.
                                    and encourage her to take some           particular feedback; and I’m always
I’m guilty of doing this myself,    classes—and I do know that time
                                                                                       Bossy leaders, cont. on page 8
but I have developed, what I
think, are tactful guidelines for
doing so. When dancing with a
very new beginner, I’ll dance a
tanda with her. After our tanda,                                Stephen Peters
if needed, I will ask her: “Would
                                                         Editor/ Writing Coach
you mind if I give you a tip or
two on your tango technique?”                    (62) 872-6288 n
Almost without exception they

                                    Milonga Del Corazón
                                                  Tango on Thursdays
                                                          Ongoing Thursdays
                                                          8 - 9 pm | Class | $5
                                                      9 pm - 12 am | Milonga | $3
                                                      Free class & milonga for diners
                                                    Hosted by: Andrea & Ilya | DJ: Ilya

                                                  354 Wabasha St N, St Paul, MN
                                                     For more information contact:
                                               Andrea 612-802-3687 | Ilya 612-246-4701

                                                                                          fashionable. I saw what they wore
                                                                                          and that’s what I bought. What I in-
                                                                                          advertently did was cater to one of
                                                                                          the Argentines’ top priorities. You
                                                                                          have to look good. The milongas I
                                                                                          went to are frequented by dancers
                                                                                          who are impeccably dressed. The
                                                                                         “tourists” often got negative atten-
                                                                                          tion because of their jeans, athletic
                                                                                          shoes, and baseball caps. You don’t
                                                                                          want to stand out for the wrong
                                                                                          reason. Wear what they wear to
                                                                                          blend in, but stand out by being
                                                                                          sharper and neater.

                                                                                          Bookmark yourself on their
                                                                                         “mental dance card”
Club Gricel takes its name from José Maria Contursi and Mariano Mores’ classic           Ever notice that when you walk
composition and respects its nostalgic atmosphere.
                                                                                         into your favorite dance venue at
                                                                                         home, you scan the floor for the
Dancing with the elusive Porteños                                                        people you usually dance with? You
Story and photos by Steve Lee                                                            probably have already decided on
There are many horror stories                 ries could have been avoided with          your mental dance card who you’re
about Twin Cities dancers’ first              a little foresight.                        going to dance with. The Buenos
trips to Buenos Aires. Most deal                                                         Aires tango venues are the same,
                                              Fully expecting to "go down in
with how bad it went at the                                                              with one big exception. The expe-
                                              flames," I was all ears whenever
milongas—there are stories of                                                            rienced dancers have a long his-
                                              someone who had been there had
partners walking off the dance                                                           tory of networking. Their cards are
                                              something to say about their trip.
floor in the middle of their first                                                       already filled. In my opinion, this
                                              I wanted to be prepared as much
tango, stories of dancing only                                                           is the reason why it’s so difficult to
                                              as possible. The experiences of and
one or two dances the entire                                                             get a dance with the good dancers.
                                              advice from good friends helped
evening and being accosted by                                                            They, like you at your favorite ven-
                                              me to avoid many of the problems
Porteños when all you wanted                                                             ue, have already mentally filled up
                                              other people had faced; some pit-
was a drink and small talk. De-                                                          their dance cards with their usual
                                              falls I missed by sheer luck. I think if
spite these stories, last November                                                       partners and are less open to any-
                                              more people contribute their expe-
I decided to take a chance and                                                           one else. You need to get on their
                                              riences, we can have a higher rate
see what this dancing in Buenos                                                          dance card.
                                              of successful trips to Buenos Aires.
Aires was all about. Why would I                                                         A good way to do this is to attend
spend that kind of money to go                Below are my “do’s and don’ts” for
                                                                                         the lesson before the dance. The
there to be shot down and put                 the Argentine tango scene. All of
                                                                                         more basic the class, the higher
in my place? Because the timing               these things helped to put me in a
                                                                                         the chance you can make the class
was right and so was the air-                 position to enjoy the milongas in
                                                                                         material look clean and neat. Re-
fare. The steaks sounded pretty               Buenos Aires.
                                                                                         member that you are on display.
good too. After being there, I                Blend in and stand out                     Look good and the rest of the night
can see why some people before                                                           you will have easy pickings. Those
                                              Someone suggested I bring two
me have had a hard time. One                                                             preferred dancers will be looking
                                              empty suitcases for shopping. I
trip does not make me an expert                                                          for you because they have book-
                                              planned on having a new ward-
on Argentina nor have I expe-                                                            marked you in their minds. Screw
                                              robe when I returned because of
rienced all of the pitfalls, but I                                                       up and you might as well go to an-
                                              how style-minded the Argentines
think many of these horror sto-                                                          other milonga.
                                              are and how inexpensive it is to be
                                       well with a good dancer, you’ll be            Don’t dance two tandas, one
                                       rated at that level and be open to            after the other, with someone
                                       that same level. If you start with a          you’ve just met
                                       beginning-level dancer, you’ll be             To protect her reputation, a woman
                                       dancing with this group the rest of           should turn down a second tanda—
                                       the evening. You want someone                 unless a large interval of time has
                                       who is as good if not better than             passed. Dancers who know each
                                       you. Only after you’ve danced a               other can and will do it, but for
                                       lot and built your partner base and           dancers who have just met, it looks
                                       reputation, can you dance “lower.”            like something besides a dance is
                                       Don’t get fancy                               going on. If that’s the case, you dis-
                                                                                     cretely go out for “coffee.”
                                       The Buenos Aires dancers favor
                                       simple perfection over complicat-             Don’t accept invitations for post-
                                       ed screw-ups. Trying something                milonga “coffee,” unless you want
                                       complicated and messing up in                 more than coffee. I thought “cof-
Street dancers at Plaza Dorrego
                                       the middle of the dance floor is              fee” meant an after-dance meal
                                       very embarrassing. Dancers watch-             like we have in the Twin Cities
Each milonga has its own rules
                                       ing will avoid such embarrassment             ballroom community. Not so. This
Watch and figure them out. See
                                       at all costs and those who cause              coffee comes with a need for a cig-
what it takes to blend in. Will a
                                       it. Do low-risk, basic steps that will        arette afterwards. Nuff said?
host or hostess seat you? Is there
                                       increase your chances of looking
a section for “couples only?” Are                                                    Anyone who can think of other do’s
                                       good. Keep it simple.
there separate sections for men                                                      and don’ts, jump right in and add
and women? Take note of what           Don’t teach or be taught on the               them. An “Idiot’s Guide to Bue-
dancers are doing and how they’re      dance floor                                   nos Aires” might just be enough to
doing it. How fast are they going      This doesn’t make either person               turn a “not-so-hot” Buenos Aires
down the line of dance? How much       look good. If you are being taught,           trip into a good one for someone
space is there between couples?        counter by walking away. If you               else. For me, thanks to the stories
Are there lanes? Do they pass each     are seen teaching, you could lose             and advice of my dance buddies, it
other? What steps do they gener-       prospective partners because they             turned out to be a great and mem-
ally use to get around the dance       don’t want to be treated like a stu-          orable one. n
floor? Is it different at different    dent on the dance floor.                      Next article: The “Eye Game.”
times of the evening? Know the an-
swers without thinking about them.
These are the “how we do things
here” that you must know to avoid
stepping on toes. Being inconsider-
ate on or off the dance floor can
be embarrassing to prospective
partners. They will not give you
a chance if they think you might
make them look bad.

Don’t dance with just anybody
Appearance is priority one. When
studying how things are done at
milongas, keep an eye open for
possible dance partners but don’t
just look for any partner. For your
first dance, be very selective about
who you dance with. If you dance       Club Español, one of the most traditional and beautiful porteño buildings.
                               Bossy leaders, cont. from page 5
                                                                       Toe to toe
                               grateful when she gives me friendly     A column by John MacFarlane
      Learn Argentine          and helpful advice.
                                                                       One of the things I liked when
        tango with             Sometimes while dancing, one            I took my first Argentine tango
                               partner will do something that          class was not having to explain
    Lois Donnay                requires, more or less, immediate
                               attention. At that point, the other
                                                                       myself. There were no forms to
                                                                       fill out, no nametags, no inqui-
    • Lessons from             partner should tactfully address        ries about occupation, did I like
                               the “mistake.”                          coffee or tea, or was I Swedish or
      beginner to advanced
                                                                       Norwegian. All of us there were
                               Leaders, we must make the begin-
    • Private lessons                                                  simply interested in learning the
                               ners feel welcome, comfortable
                                                                       tango. We were in it together.
    • Workshops including      while on the dance floor, and en-
      musicality, floorcraft   thusiastic about returning to it. If    I have often thought of this little
      and embellishments       we lead something the follower is       facet of my tango experience in
                               not yet prepared to do, then we         light of the pride of difference
    • Tango demonstrations     must, during that particular dance,     that runs through our world
                               simplify and adjust our leading to      today. Yes, we can get shot by
    • Trips to Buenos Aires
                               the follower’s level to give her the    intruding on someone else’s turf,
                               most enjoyable and musical dance        right here in river city. Differ-
     More infomation           that is consistent with her level of    ences make life interesting, but          experience. This is creative leading.   they can destroy what we hold
        62-822-836           On the other hand, what the heck
                                                                       in common. Spices make a recipe
                                                                       delicious, but overdone, the dish
                               do I know? Concerning this little
                                                                       is lost.
                               essay and just to get the conver-
                               sation going, I’m open to any           Community, in life and in tango,
                               replies and feedback from lead-         is more important than divisions.
                               ers and followers on this subject.      There are only so many stories in
                               Teaching while dancing is some-         the world. What’s interesting are
                               thing we need to think and talk         the differences. But what makes
                               about. In the long run, it affects      them understandable is that they
                               the good growth and reputation          are common to all of us.
                               of our tango community. n
                                                                       Let’s draw a circle around us and
                                                                       not lines between us.

                                                                       I like what 9th century poet
                                                                       Joaquin Miller wrote:

                                                                       In men whom men condemn
                                                                           as ill
                                                                       I find so much of goodness still.
                                                                       In men whom men pronounce
                                                                       I find so much of sin and blot
                                                                       I hesitate to draw a line
                                                                       Between the two, where God
                                                                           has not. n

“but you’re pulling me” n “you’re not stepping back far enough” n “you’re falling on me n “your
 head is in my way” n “my arm is numb” n “stop running away without me” n “did you know
 embellishments are not supposed to interrupt what I’m leading” n “my back is killing me from
 those volcadas” n “you’re holding me so tight I can’t breathe” n “you’re pushing me off balance”


Not just fancy patterns, not just “steps” or “moves”—
but dancing in balance with your partner.

We are very lucky to have

in town the first two weeks of March.

He will be teaching at Four Seasons on Wednesdays and Thursdays, March 7, 8, 14, and 15.
He will also be available for private lessons.

Javier’s dancing originated through the true social tango scene in Buenos Aires. He studied tango
to develop his dance skills and became an instructor who really understands the teaching/learning
perspective. He is fluid, dancing and teaching old style, new style, close embrace, neo-tango, and
mixing elements of each.

Still warming up the cold with tango!   n   Did you know it’s summer in Argentina?

       Small groups: 2 to 4 couples

Phone: 612-245-6194   n   E-mail:

Miscellany                                video segment stars local dancers     Andrea Du Cane is hosting tango
Share your news (new baby, wedding,
                                          Pauline Oo and Javier Zuniga.         teacher and DJ Robin Thomas from
death, etc.),   On March 30, Mandrágora will play     New York Aug. 3–6. Watch your
Local tango dancers Eric & Lisa           at Shakopee Ballroom, 200 E. th     e-mail for details.
Thurstin married Oct. 2, 2006.           Ave., Shakopee. Free lesson at 7:30   Tango at Midtown Global Market
“As we prepared for our wedding,          p.m.; dancing until midnight. Dur-    every Sunday, beginning Feb. 8.
we decided our first dance should         ing band breaks, DJ Bob Barnes will   TSoM will host a free lesson and
be a tango. Lois Donnay helped us         play a mix of neo- and alt-tangos.    open dancing from –2 p.m. at the
choreograph a dance to “Tango to          Mauricio Castro workshops and         food court in the market (corner of
Evora.” My dress was a ball gown          classes will be held March 6–22      Lake St. and Chicago Ave. S.) Local
by Birnbaum and Bullock specially         at Four Seasons. (Times vary;         instructors will take turns teaching
made to show off my blue wed-             flyers are available at the studio    the 30-minute class. Show your sup-
ding shoes, which were customized         or e-mail Florencia Taccetti at       port—come dance! Parking is free
in Argentina. Our wedding tango                  on weekends. n
took us two months of serious prac-
tice, but everything—the dance and
the wedding—was incredible.
Tango dancer and University of
Minnesota graduate student Kristin
Helle’s “Connection,” a tango-re-
lated video, is part of “A Woman’s
Perspective on Mind, Body, Spirit”
multimedia art exhibition through
March 3 in Fargo-Moorehead. A

                                                           Stop the rumor!
                                                           By Diane Hillbrant, TSoM president

                                                           Currently there is a rumor that
                                                           TSoM has a policy that prohib-
                                                           its the scheduling of a visiting
                                                           instructor or workshop within
                                                           six weeks of another scheduled
                                                           workshop. This is not a TSoM
                                                           policy. Some of the instructors
                                                           and promoters in the Twin Cities
                                                           entered into this informal agree-
                                                           ment among themselves.

      Is Your                                              TSoM was not involved in creat-
                                                           ing this agreement. It also does
                                                           not support, condone, or partici-
      Cobra                                                pate in any policy, agreement,
                                                           understanding, or discussion that

      Payment Killing You?
                                                           in any way would inhibit, limit,
                                                           regulate, or restrict the num-
                                                           ber or frequency of workshops,
                                                           milongas, or classes etc. in the
                                                           Twin Cities. Furthermore, TSoM
      We might be able to help.                            has not and will not be involved
                                                           in any attempts to establish mini-
                                                           mum prices for any events, which
                        Mike McGuire                       may include but are not limited
                       Benefit Specialist                  to classes, workshops, milongas,
                                                           or any other activities. The TSoM
                        (651) 330-8035                     board only determines the prices
                                                           for its own events. TSoM’s role
                                                           is to promote Argentine tango
                                                           in the Twin Cities, a role it takes
                                                           very seriously. Any policy, such as
                                                           limiting the frequency of work-
                                                           shops, classes, or milongas would
PFP Financial Advisors, Inc.
                                  James M. Dunn            violate its mission.
Michael Helffrich, CFP, Owner
                                      ATTORNEY &           For questions regarding this is-
                                     DANCER-AT-LAW         sue, please don’t hesitate to
                                                           contact me at diane_hillbrant
                                                  or you can also
                                      Wills, Trusts,
                                                           speak to any board member.
                                    Personal Injury etc.
612-789-9671                                               This is the second time this is-
1933 NE Arthur St                    Free consult for      sue has come up in the past six
                                     TSoM members          months. To avoid further confu-
Minneapolis MN 55418
                                                           sion, the TSoM board is publicly
                                                           distributing this information and
                                    952-285-6858           adding it to its Web site. n
Fee-only Advisors Since 1983

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     Tango moments is published
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     2007 TSoM board
     Diane Hillbrant, President
     Robert Haselow, Vice president
     Dan Griggs, Treasurer
     Kim Kotila, Secretary
     Lina Dajani, Member at large
     Sylvia Horwitz, Member at large
     John MacFarlane, Member at large
     Pauline Oo, Member at large
     Lindsay Orr, Student representative
     Lisa Thurstin, Member at large

                                                Member spotlight                        K: I dance 2–3 times a week, and
                                                                                        that is enough for me, but I like
                                                Names: Vessela Kouneva (V), psy-
                                                                                        to watch tango clips on my cellu-
                                                chotherapist, & Kalin Kounev (K),
                                                                                        lar phone every day!
                                                mechanical engineer
                                                                                        Biggest challenge?
                                                How did you get into tango?             V: Relaxing!
                                                V: I discovered tango in Bulgaria,      K: Dancing to music I don't
                                                when my mother was dying and            know and waiting for Vessela
                                                I was taking care of her, trying to     to cross!
                                                hold onto my sanity. During that
Tango couple Vessela and Kalin have been        difficult time, tango allowed me        What does tango mean to you?
TSoM members since September 2005.              to connect to my body and senses        V: Somebody once told me
They are originally from Bulgaria and                                                   that the meaning of tango is
moved to Minneapolis in 1995.                   for the first time in a long time. I
                                                discovered the healing power of         striving for perfect connection
                                                movement and fell in love with          with the other. That made a
     TSoM hotline                               Argentine tango.                        lot of sense to me.
                                                K: And so Vessela found tango           K: Tango for me is pleasure.
     For current information on
     milongas and other tango                   for both of us!
                                                                                        Tango mantra?
     events in the Twin Cities.                 How often do you dance?                 V: Be in the moment!
     763-576-3349                               V: Not as often as I’d like. If I win   K: Experiment with new
                                                the lottery, I’ll dance every day.      possibilities!


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