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Anti - Social
Tackling not Tolerating

Anti-Social Behaviour can have a huge impact on the
quality of life in our communities. Rowdy, nuisance
and inconsiderate behaviour should be TACKLED NOT

Whether it be noisy neighbours or nuisance youths that
are causing you harassment, alarm or distress, there is
something that you can do.
Minimum Standards of Service
1. We will strive to contact victims       6. We will engage with communities
of Anti-Social Behaviour within 24         to understand local concerns, and
hours, but in all cases, within 48         work together to tackle them. We will
hours.                                     do so sensitively and confidentially
                                           when necessary.
2. Staff attending incidents of anti-
social behaviour will deal with them       7. Victims and witnesses will be
professionally. Whenever possible          supported throughout investigations,
they will make contact and update          including support through any
the caller/victim at the time unless       proceedings dealt with through
inappropriate.                             judicial processes.

                                      8. Following a report of anti-social
3. If there are incidents of anti-social
behaviour in your neighbourhood we    behaviour we will ask you what
will tackle it, and regularly tell youimpact this behaviour has had on
when we have done so.                 you, your family, or local community.
                                      In cases of high impact, vulnerability,
4. As a victim you will have a single or recurring incidents we will visit you
point of contact that you can access at a time, date and location which
in person, phone or email. This may is convenient for you. Cases of this
be someone from the Neighbourhood nature will be prioritised.
Policing Team or the Council Anti-
Social Behaviour Team. You will       9. If you are dissatisfied with the
be kept informed and updated, the     service you receive and the matter
frequency and method of contact will has not been resolved through the
be decided by you.                    relevant agencies normal complaints
                                      procedure, you have the right to
5. We will investigate reports of     complain to the Community Safety
anti-social behaviour thoroughly      Partnership via your local elected
and will coordinate resources         Councillor.
across different agencies and other
support organisations to tackle it.   10. We will make it clear to
We will support victims/witnesses,    perpetrators that anti-social
and communities throughout the        behaviour will not be tolerated and
investigation.                        that they will face robust enforcement
                                      action if it continues.

  Tackling, Not Tolerating
  Anti-Social Behaviour in Your Community
Anti - Social Behaviour Team
In November 2008 Bath & North East Somerset Council set up an Anti-
Social Behaviour (ASB) Team, to tackle those issues that have a detrimental
impact on the quality of life of people who live, work and visit the Bath &
North East Somerset area.

The team work very closely with the Police, Social Landlords such as Somer
Community Housing Trust and numerous other agencies to intervene in
tackling and preventing such behaviour.

  ASB Team Objectives:
     Co-ordinate & implement procedures to tackle
      anti-social behaviour.

     To gather & present evidence of anti - social behaviour.

     Supporting victims & witnesses.

     Deal with perpetrators, changing their poor behaviour
      and where necessary, seeking court orders to reinforce

 Tackling, Not Tolerating
 Anti-Social Behaviour in Your Community
Further Information
If you want to discuss any ASB issues that are having an impact on the
quality of your life, then please do not hesitate to contact:

The ASB Team Co-ordinator,
Tim Harris on 01225 842462 or

Reporting During An Incident
If an incident is actually occurring or it is a crime such as criminal damage
then this should be reported to the Police in the first instance on 0845

Your Local Neighbourhood Policing Team is led by:

Inspector Steven Mildren
Bath Police Station,
Manvers Street,
Bath BA1 1JN


  Tackling, Not Tolerating
  Anti-Social Behaviour in Your Community

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