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Proposal to establish a new primary school at St George's Road


        Proposal to establish a new primary school at St
         George’s Road, Lupset and proposals affecting:
                      Snapethorpe Primary School and
                                   Waterton J&I School
           Please respond by 16th July 2010 to let us know what you think
2 3

Our vision is to:                                          Bringing the schools together will allow us to:
• make education in Wakefield simply the best              • Invest in the buildings at St George’s Road to create an
                                                             improved facility for all children and the local community
• build upon successes of the past
                                                           • Build on the achievements gained at both schools by
• build aspiration and ambition, realise potential           bringing together expertise and experience
During 2009 parents, carers, pupils, teachers, governors   • Develop partnerships, by bringing the best people
and the local community were asked to comment on             together to ensure that every child can flourish and
the proposal to close Waterton JI School and transfer        reach their full potential
pupils to Snapethorpe Primary School. The outcome of
that consultation was considered and the proposal was      • To create a new school that will meet the needs of all our
changed to the amalgamation of Waterton JI School with       children, our families and our community
Snapethorpe Primary School to create one primary school
                                                           • Remove the number of empty school places in the area
for the area of Lupset in Wakefield.
                                                           • Develop the extended school facilities for children,
                                                             parents and the local community

 Cllr Pat Garbutt                                           Elaine McHale
 Cabinet Portfolio Holder for                               Corporate Director
 Children and Young People                                  Family Services
Consultation                                                  This would mean:
                                                              • Running a competition to establish the opening of the
This consultation seeks to:                                     new school
• Explain the process for opening a new school                • Closing Snapethorpe Primary School and Waterton J&I
• Help you understand the benefits of creating a new            School
  school for the area
• Gather your views on the proposed specification
• Gather your views on closing the current schools
                                                              Local Authorities (LA) are required, in accordance with the
                                                              Education and Inspections Act 2006, to invite proposals
                                                              from potential providers for any proposed new or
Events                                                        replacement school. The process is generally referred to as
                                                              a “competition”.
During the consultation we will be arranging various events
to give further information and opportunity to give your      A competition is a process which allows interested parties
views. Full details are given on the enclosed letter.         e.g. faith group, public, private or voluntary body to submit
                                                              proposals for the new school.
These will include:
                                                              A competition is expected to last between 10 and 14
• Staff and parents briefings
                                                              months and has six stages:
• Public meeting for all interested parties
                                                              1. Consultation
• ‘Round table’ event
                                                              2. Publication of notice and at least 4 months for interested
                                                                 parties to come forward

The Proposal                                                  3. Publication of the second notice which outlines the
                                                                 proposals received from interested parties
To open one primary school with Nursery provision on the St
                                                              4. Representation period of 6 weeks to allow everyone to
George’s Road site.
                                                                 give their views on the proposals received
It is proposed that the planned admissions number for the
                                                              5. Decision
school would be 75. This means that 75 children will be
admitted to each age group.                                   6. Implementation
                                                              More information is available on our web pages. Details are
                                                              on page 6 of this booklet.

4 5
Outline Specification                                             Support for parents and
The school will cater for children living in the Lupset area
and those who currently attend Snapethorpe Primary and
Waterton J&I schools.                                             We will support and guide families affected by the proposed
                                                                  change. Maintaining stability and promoting improvement in
The school will provide 520 full time places and 52 full time     educational achievements is core to this proposal
equivalent nursery places for boys and girls. The planned
admissions number for each age group will be 75 and the
age range will be 3 to 11 years.
The school will be located at the current St George’s
                                                                  Support for staff
Road site and access onto the site will be improved for           Retaining our skilled teaching and support staff to maintain
pedestrians and vehicles by developing a school travel plan       high standards of teaching and learning is fundamental to
to support the reduction of car use on the school run.            our plans. We have been working with staff groups and
                                                                  trade unions to develop a Human Resource (HR) framework
The expected start date for the newly created school will be      to support staff transitions that will ensure processes are
1 September 2012 but the works required for the buildings         fair and supportive of individual’s career ambitions and
are not expected to be complete until September 2013.             personal aspirations.
The remodelling of the existing buildings to improve facilities
and bring them up to 21st Century standards will be
funded through the Primary Capital Programme and other
Capital funding streams. The estimated cost of this will be
approximately £2 million. Children with Special Educational
Needs (SEN) will continue to have their requirements met
as the schools amalgamate. Consideration has been given
to the individual child’s needs and this will be met and
appropriate support provided.
The LA believes the proposal is likely to lead to
improvements in the standard, quality and/or range of
educational provision for the children with SEN currently
attending Snapethorpe Primary School and Waterton JI
Extended services will be provided by providing the core
offer and in addition offer a widely extended services
programme that will open up experiences and provide
equality of opportunity for children, young people and their
Next Steps                                                   Your Views
Subject to decisions made by Cabinet, the estimated          Please complete the tear-off form and return in the pre paid
timeline for the next stages of the statutory competition    envelope provided
process are set out below:
                                                             Or you can tell us what you think by completing this form
                                                             online at:
 Dates                   Stages
 17th May to             Consultation period                 primaryschoolplaceplanning
 16th July 2010
                                                             Please make sure you take part by Friday 16th July 2010
 September 2010          Cabinet to consider consultation    to ensure your views are heard.
                         feedback and decide how to
                         proceed to the next stage           If you have any questions about this form or would like more
                                                             information, please contact:
 October 2010 to         Publish 1st competition notice
 February 2011           Engagement period of at least       School Organisation Team
                         4 months to invite proposals from
                         interested parties                  Tel:      01924 305510

 March 2011              Publish 2nd competition notice      Email:
                         and statutory notices for the
                         school closures
 March 2011              Representation to the proposals
                         to April 2011
                         (6 weeks)
 June/July 2011          Decision made by Cabinet or the
                         Schools Adjudicator if LA submit
                         a bid
 September 2012          Implement proposals

6 7
    Your Views on a New Primary School for the Lupset Area of Wakefield

    1. Thinking about the proposal to establish one primary school for the area, how do you think the plans might
       contribute to:
       (Please tick 4one box for each question)
                                                                    Much Better Neither Worse Much                  Don’t
                                                                   better              better               worse   know

     the quality of education and standards for pupils in the area     n       n         n         n        n        n

     the long term financial security of the school                    n       n         n         n        n        n

     support and care available to pupils attending the school         n       n         n         n        n        n

     the range of learning opportunities for pupils at the school      n       n         n         n        n        n

     people in the local area getting on well together                 n       n         n         n        n        n

     the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of the school          n       n         n         n        n        n

     access to and from the school                                     n       n         n         n        n        n

     traffic in the area                                               n       n         n         n        n        n

     the range of facilities at the school for the local community     n       n         n         n        n        n

     the range of before and after school clubs and activities         n       n         n         n        n        n

                                                                     Strongly Support Neither Oppose Strongly       Don’t
                                                                     support          support        oppose         know
    2. Considering your responses to the questions above,           n          n         n         n        n        n
       how far do you support or oppose the proposal to close
       Snapethorpe Primary School and Waterton JI School and
       establish one primary school for pupils aged 3-11 in Lupset?
Finally, do you have any comments to make about the proposals?
(Please write in box below)

About you
This section asks you for some information that will help us to analyse the results of the survey and to see who has
taken part. You will not be identified by any of the information you provide.
(Please tick 4 what mostly applies to you)
I am a:

   n Parent/Carer                                             n Pupil

   n Governor                                                 n Member of staff

   n Local resident                                           n Other

Name of school you represent:

Please return this form in the pre paid envelope provided by 16th July 2010
Thank you for taking part in this consultation, your views are essential
Schools Organisation Team, Family Services, County Hall, Wakefield

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