Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter July 2005 by dfsdf224s


									                        Bell Island Community
                        Policing Newsletter                                            July 2005

                                                                      The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
                                                                         Avalon East District – Bell Island
                                                                           Executive Editor: Donna Kubik

“My belief is   From the Corporal’s Desk
that if         You won’t be on the Island     These include wood              that have fallen over on
someone         long before you notice         management programs,            the others, cramped trees
could offer a   piles of small trees cut       woods planning, thinning        so close together you
                and placed near houses to      of wood lots, tree planting,    can't even see through
landowner a     be burned for heat. You        forestry engineering            them and areas where the
professional    won’t find them in all, just   programs and similar            trees are just brown dead.
service of      in certain yards in around     attempts to control, re-        This is the owner’s fault!
                the community. And when        grow and save what we           This is mismanagement.
treelot         you sit down and talk to       have. In fact all I have
management      locals before long you will    seen is one side saying, “I     Wood cutters on the other
                hear about people cutting      own that wooded area            hand (I am talking about
then both the   down all the trees, ruining    over there and I don't          the ones cutting without
owners and      the water table,               want anyone near it.” and       ownership and
the tree        trespassing to cut trees,      the other side saying, “I       permission) take to the
                cutting on crown land,         need to cut some wood or        areas of the Island where
harvesters      cutting on private land and    my family will freeze.”         they think no one is
would be in     related topics. In fact                                        watching and simply clear
                people talking about           Luckily there is a              cut whatever areas they
business”       cutting trees on this Island   solution to both                feel they have a right to,
                is quite common.               dilemmas.                       or won't get caught in.

                This sort of interests me      Wood owners know that           Shame on you! Stealing
                as I was brought up in tree    without caring for their        is stealing but this is
                country. Smack dab in the      wood lots they become           worse because the
                middle of New Brunswick        worthless. Once they get        damage you are doing
                where if you passed in         grown over to a point not       after each theft is
                grade nine you may have        one tree can get enough         leaving nothing for the
                received a chainsaw for        to eat then all the trees       environment or the
                your anticipated summer        begin to die and fall over.     owners of the land. And
                job in the woods. Some of      Once the wood lot               if you think you can't be
                us started younger. We         becomes too crowded, the        caught then wonder how
                lived in and around all        woodlot simply becomes a        dumb police would have
                kinds of woods, played in      fire hazard of dead trees.      to be not to notice the
                the woods and camped in                                        piles of unexplained wood
                the wooded areas where         These well-known facts          in your yard...or in the
                in the fall people would       are very evident in many        yard of the person you
                hunt. I basically wouldn't     wooded areas even in the        sold it to. What you are
                survive unless I have a        town of Wabana limits.          doing is wrong and it
                combination of woods and       Drive around and really         cannot and will not
                nearby ocean.                  look at the treed areas just    continue. ATV's will have
                                               off Quigley's Line, East        to be seized as well as
                There are however some         End, Fitzgerald's Lane,         the wood you stole.
                things I am familiar with,     Long Harry and around
                as far as woods go, that I     the Old Track. You will         What do we do now?
                don't see much of here.        easily notice dead trees

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Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter
                                                              the wood cleared for           would set this up in
                                 (continued from pg. 1)       themselves.... legally, or     cooperation with others so
                                                              at minimum earn money          that at minimum we would
                                 Easy. My belief is that if   for the service. The           have a handful of Bell
                                 someone could offer a        landowners would have          Islanders who could be
                                 landowner a professional     value added to their           called to help others make
                                 service of treelot           acreage. Where land was        their woods more beautiful
                                 management then both         once valueless it would        and valuable than they
                                 the owners and the tree      become of value again as       now are. Hopefully then
                                 harvesters would be in       the remaining trees left on    other kids could learn to
                                 business.                    these lots would be able       love the I do.
                                                              to grow to large trees
                                 This is the practise used    instead of the fenceposts      What are your thoughts?
                                 all over N.B. The            we now grow.                   Enough is enough!
                                 harvesters would train in
                                 seminars provided by an      I would like to see some of
                                 educational extension                                       Boyd MERRILL,
                                                              this happen. I would like to
                                 service (possibly at the     see some free courses
                                                                                             Cpl. Bell Island RCMP
                                 Trade School) where they     offered here for those who
                                 would learn to thin woods,   would like to learn some
                                 dispose of debris safely     tree management
                                 and properly, and keep       principles and practises. I

                                Public Notice regarding old Wrecked and Junked

                                A very large thank you to     personal direction please      summons. The patrol for
                                all members of our            be advised I personally        the completion of this type
                                community who cleaned         will be at your doorstep       of cleanup will be soon.
                                up their properties of old    soon with the court
                                vehicles when asked to do     documents you are              Boyd MERRILL,
                                so. It is estimated that      requesting. No one will be     Cpl. Bell Island RCMP
                                close to 100 vehicles         left out! If you wish to
                                made their way to the         clear your property of
                                dump without anyone           these vehicles before the
                                seeing the inside of a        police can make patrols
                                court room. Excellent         for this purpose then by all
                                cooperation!                  means do so. Once the
  “It is estimated that close
                                                              police arrive at your door
to 100 vehicles made their      For the few who have not      there will be no extended
   way to the dump without      responded to our              time limits, no warnings or
  anyone seeing the inside      requests, notices and         extensions...only a
 of a court room. Excellent
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             Where in the World is this Newfoundlander?
                     A. He is walking through               E. He is visiting a Canadian         I. She is sailing through a
                     the busy streets in the largest        province, which is named             canal completed in 1914 that
                     city in Switzerland?                   after a daughter of Queen            stretches from Colon to
                     _________________                      Victoria.                            Balboa. Which Canal?
                     B. He is eating rice for a                                                  _________________
                     light lunch in the capital city        F. She finds herself lost in
                     of the People*s Republic of            the Okefenokee Swamp,                J. She surveys the world
                     China.                                 Which country is she in?             atop Mont Blanc. Which
                     _________________                      ________________                     country is she in?

                     C. He is taking a tour of              G. She is vacationing on a           _________________
                     South America. On his                  chain of islands that include
                     itinerary are the four                 Cat, Acklins, Long, Great and
                     countries whose coastline              Little Exuma and about 700           (Look for the answers on
                     touch the Pacific Ocean.               others. Where is she?                page 5)
                     Name at least three.                   _________________
                                                            H. She is standing on the
                     D. He is taking a canoe trip           Answan Dam, which spans
                     down the longest river in              which great river?
                     South America.

                 From The Anglican Parish of Bell Island
                         Dear Bell Islanders;                I wish you all a very happy and        Note: There will be a Church
                                                             enjoyable summer.                      Service at St. Cyprian's at 11:00am
                         The weather is changing, we                                                on July 31st.
                         have actually had a few
                         warm and sunny days                 May your visitations and               We welcome visitors to all of our
                         recently. Summer is in the          reunions be moments that bring         Church Services. The July
                         air! The landscape is once          back many treasured memories.          Schedule for Services will be
                         again filled with colours of        May you be renewed with many           prepared shortly and visitors may
                         the season; green-leafed            blessings.                             obtain a copy at either of the
“Grace is not            trees and a rainbow of                                                     Churches.
simply leniency          colours being shown in              Most of you will be following the
when we have             others plants and                   very rich and wonderful tradition      A thought to ponder… (Author:
sinned. Grace is         flowers...and of course the         of attending the Flower                John Piper)
the enabling gift        musical singing of the birds.       Services. I take great pleasure
of God not to sin.       How wonderful and how               in welcoming you to these              "   Grace is not simply leniency
Grace is power,          beautiful God's creation            Services. The dates and times          when we have sinned. Grace is the
not just pardon.”        really is.                          are as follows:                        enabling gift of God not to sin.
                                                                                                    Grace is power, not just pardon."
                         Along with summer comes             July 31st
                         Vacation Time, travel and           •   St. Cyprian's St. Boniface         Whatever your Church affiliation,
                         visitations, family reunions            Cemetery (Old Cemetery)            plan to worship regularly at your
                         and seeing old friends. This            2:30                               Church.
                         being Come Home Year on             • St. Mary's Old Cemetery
                         the Island, there will likely be         4:00                              Have a glorious summer, and God
                         much of this going on.              August 7                               bless you all.
                                                             •  St. Cyprian's Cemetery
                         On behalf of St. Mary's                (New Cemetery)                      Rev. Russell Osmond
                         Congregation and St.                   4:00                                Priest Island
                         Cyprian's Congregation, as          •  St. Mary's (New Cemetery)           Anglican Parish of Bell Island
                         well as on my own behalf,              2:30
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  Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter


  In D.A.R.E I learned a        good life. Then I learned      increase your knowledge,
  great many things about       about marijuana and how        be able to write a book,
  life like how to say no to    it can fry a person’s brain    invent a video game or
  drugs, deal with bullies      and make them forget           even become a pop star.
  and other things like that.   things so they do badly in
                                school. Marijuana is not        Education is the way to go
  The thing I liked best was                                   if you want to lead a good
  the role-plays. Constable     for me, I want to do well in
                                school and have a good         life for yourself. I learned         For more information go to
  Dan told us stories to                                       that knowledge is power    
  make us more interested       life. Next, we learned
                                about cocaine and how it       and that’s in support of
  in what we were learning                                     me!
                                can make you see things
  about drugs and bullying.
                                and do things you              So remember, listen to
  I also liked the movies
                                shouldn’t do. It is very
  because they told us about                                   Drug Abuse Resistance
                                addictive and can change
  the D.A.R.E programs                                         Education, be good to
                                your life so that you go
  purpose in addition.                                         yourself and be real to
                                further down the wrong
                                road. Cocaine is not for       whom you are.
  Other things I learned
  were that alcohol can kill,   me. I want friends and a       Nicole Neary,
                                good life.                     Age 11,
  fry or sicken people. They                                   Mrs. O’Keefe’s Grade 5 Class
  don’t remember anything
  that happened to them,        In conclusion, I learned
  except that they were         about schooling and that it
  drunk. I then learned         can help you get a job, go
  drinking is not for me        to a good university to
  because I want to live a

               IMPORTANT NOTICE
“No Executive- No Minor Hockey”
                                                                                                                 “A treasurer's
           On Saturday June 18 a       A final attempt to elect an      Kent and Ken                             report was
           quorum of 16 people         executive will take place        Kavanagh. This                           presented and
           attended the annual         on Sunday July 17, at            committee will attempt                   adopted showing
           meeting of BIMHA. A         8:00 PM at the Wabana            to bring forward names
           treasurer's report was      Complex. Those in                for all executive                        a healthy
           presented and adopted       attendance endorsed the          positions for the July                   financial
           showing a healthy           establishment of a               17th meeting.                            position.”
           financial position.         Nomination Committee of
           Unfortunately, during       Glenna Brown, Keith              Anyone interested in
           the election of officers,                                    serving the youth of this
           NOT A SINGAL                                                 community by serving
           POSITION WAS                                                 on the executive, please
           FILLED!                                                      contact one of the
                                                                        committee members
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                            Greetings from St. Michael's Parish:
                            The school year is               Ursula Lahey for ticket
                            complete and the excited         purchase                     Thank you to the RCMP
                            kids and youth begin a                                        for their faithful work with
                            few months of relaxation.        With reference to            the newsletter especially
                            For families and adults, it      Immaculate Conception        to the leadership in
                            is a time to take a              School, we have sold         ensuring it was completed
                            vacation or to immerse           the property to Clarke       on a regular basis. Last
                            themselves into the work         and Clarke. The final        but not least, we say
                            that must be completed           transfer of property will    farewell to Constables
                            around the Home and              take place during the        Danny Bennett and Steve
“Enjoy the                  other properties.                coming months as we          Burke along with their
summer and                                                   survey the property and      families as they move to
let us be                   It is also the time for all of   complete other legal         new areas of policing. We
faithful in                 us to get ready for the          matters. I sincerely         thank them for their
extending                   Home Coming                      thank the seven              excellence in policing and
the great                   celebrations. I trust it will    individuals who              we pray for their continued
Bell Island                 be a time of family              submitted a tender for       protection in future years.
hospitality to              gatherings and many              the property but only one
all whom we                 blessings.                       could be successful.         Enjoy the summer and let
meet.”                                                       Thank you for your           us be faithful in extending
                            For our parish, we will          interest.                    the great Bell Island
                            have several events,                                          hospitality to all whom we
                            which will include our           I invite all families to     meet.
                            annual cemetery masses           take time to visit our
                            in Lance Cove and at the         cemeteries during the        God Bless
                            Front. Also, we will host        coming weeks and help        Father Wayne Dohey
                            the annual Dinner Theater        with the annual clean up.
                            with the theme this year: "      Our cemetery is a
                            Steve, Ray and Harry:            sacred place which we
                            Home Again". This theater        must never neglect and
                            is a tribute to the rich         to ensure the resting
                            culture of the island as we      places of your loved
                            remember: Ray McLean,            ones are cared for with
                            Harry Hibbs and the              love and dignity. Please
                            memories and political life      take time and clean up
                            of Steve Neary. The              the property as early as
                            tickets for the first showing    possible.
                            on July 23rd are already
                            sold out but if you wish to      On behalf of the parish
                            attend the second                pastoral council, I extend
                            showing, you may call            a warm welcome home
                            Roasanne Grant,                  to all visitors and we
                            Christine Quinlan or             pray it will be a safe and
                                                             enjoyable summer for

       Answers to ….                                         a.   Zurich                  e. Alberta
       Where in the World is this Newfoundlander?            b.   Peking                  f. U.S.A.
                                                             c.   Colombia, Ecuador,      g. Bahamas
       (Continued from page 3)                                    Chili, Peru             h. Nile
                                                             d.   Amazon                  I. Panama
                                                                                          J. France

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Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter

                  Do you want a taxi? Who will you call?
                  On June 30th, 1966 your       He claimed to have fast take         I guess Gary carried on the
                  choices were:                 out service, you could call in at    family tradition because he
                                                2888 and the minute you              also makes regular trips
                  Louie Carbage*s Taxi -        arrive, your order would be          around Newfoundland and to
                  2515                          waiting for you.                     the mainland.
   “In June of    Wilson Noseworthy*s Taxi
   1966, Bell     - 2955 or 2194                Clarke & Clarke Ltd. - still alive   In June of 1966, Bell Islanders
   Islanders                                    and well today had Super             were also fighting for what
   were also      Simon*s Taxi - 3338 or        Specials in June of 1966 as          they felt were fairer ferry rates,
   fighting for   3273                          well:                                much like we do today. The
   what they                                                                         concerns they had at that time
   felt was       Cobb*s Taxi - 2816 or         Snowflake Shortening 1 lb.           were:
   fairer ferry   2297                          2 for 69 cents
   rates, much                                  Snowflake Shortening                 Free transportation for
   like we do     Broderick*s Taxi - 2363 or    2 * lb. Tin - 85 cents               emergency hospital cases;
   today.”        2295                          Sugar 5 lbs.
                                                45 cents                             One dollar for car (regardless
                  Fitzgerald*s Taxi - 2403      Chum dog food                        of how many passengers);
                  (was this our Cyril           4 for 49 cents
                  Fitzgerald who is still       Maxwell House coffee                 Adult fares - 25 cents;
                  operating today)              6 oz. For $1.25
                                                Crosby Orange Drink                  Child fares - 25 cents;
                  Tom Sweeney*s Taxi –          2 for 89 cents
                  3242                          Princess Mix biscuits                Lower rates for trucks carrying
                                                2 for 69 cents                       freight;
                  You could go to the bingo     Delmonte Peaches
                  for 25 cents,                 28 oz for 49 cents                   Another ferry, along with the
                                                Lamb roast                           John Guy, for a more
                  "anywhere" on "Bell           49 cents a pound.                    convenient service;
                  Island" for 50 cents before
                  6 PM,                         This is just one of the many         Ferry to run from 6:45 AM to
                                                adds which occurred in the           1:30 A.M and
                  75 cents after 6 PM,          June, 1966 edition of the
                                                Bell Island Reporter.                Free transportation for people
                  I guess this should have                                           attending school off the Island.
                  read "Wabana" because         Moving - The Gosine brothers,
                  to go to Lance Cove or        Harold & Francis announced
                  Freshwater you had to         that they can move household
                  pay $1.00.                    furniture anywhere in
                                                Newfoundland, and they pack
                  While you were waiting for    and crate freight for anywhere
                  a taxi, you could go to       on the mainland.
                  Hughie*s Lunch and have
                  a snack:                      The Gosines have been
                                                moving furniture through the
                  Fish & Chips - 50 cents       Unemployment Insurance Plan
                                                since 1962 and are licensed
                  Chicken & Chips - $1.00       and insured to give you
                                                satisfaction & service.
                  Chicken Legs and Chips -
                  85 cents                      We also offer the best possible
                                                prices - phone 2807, 3032 or
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                            “Every Kid Has Potential”
                                                           - Wabana Boys & Girls Club

                            On Sunday May 29th, we         Jessica is the daughter of    please call the club or
                            had our Annual Awards          Mary & Clyde Rees and         drop in. We will
“We would like to thank     Day at the club. We had a      Mikey is the son of Debbie    appreciate any help that
                            great turnout considering      & Bill Lahey, both of them    we can receive from the
  the many people that      that there were a couple       attend St. Michael’s High.    community. It is you that
           attended our     of events on the same                                        make the difference in any
AwardsDay to show the       day. There were over 300       We would like to thank the    fund raising project held
children that they care.”   awards presented to the        many people who made          by the club.
                            members of the club by         generous donations to the
                            Special Guests that were       club at our Awards Day        A list of Events for our 50th
                            invited. We would like to      ceremonies, they were:        Anniversary should have
                            thank the many people                                        been received by mail by
                            that attended our Awards       - Kiwanis Club ($500.00);     the residents of Bell Island,
                                                                                         for those of you who
                            Day to show the children       - Volunteer Firemen           haven’t received the list of
                            that they care. Not only       ($1,125.00);                  events, they are as follows:
                            do we wish to                  - Ladies Auxiliary
                            congratulate the medal         ($1,600.00);                                nd
                                                                                         Friday July 22 -----
                            winner but each and every      - Walshee’s ($1,250.00);      •   Wabana Boys & Girls
                            child that took part in our    and                               Club Walk Down
                            many programs for the          - Mixed Dart League               Memory Lane.
                            year. Most of the time an      ($1,500.00).
                            individual can learn more                                    Saturday July 23rd ----
                            from losing that winning.      Each year the Boys &          •   Larry Dunn Memorial
                                                                                             Softball Tournament in
                                                           Girls Club have                   aid Boys & Girls Club,
                            We hope that the               Scholarships that former          sponsored by Mens
                            memories and the               and present members of            Slowpitch League
                            friendship that they have      the club can apply for.           (Postponed until Labour
                            gained through the club        Each year we have some            Day).
                            will be just as equal as       of these scholarships
                            winning a medal.               awarded to members of         •   Ladies Slowpitch
                                                           our club on Bell Island.          Tournament, call the
                            Congratulations to our         This year we are very             club for info. Adult
                                                                                             Reunion dance at the
                            Sportsmanship Award            proud to announce that
                            winners, Stephen Newell        Jilly Foley won a
                            & Tamie Arnold.                $3,000.00 Scholarship                        th
                                                                                         Sunday July 24 ----
                                                           from the Future Shop.         •  Softball Playoffs for
                            Special congratulations        Congratulations Jilly and        Ladies Tournament.
 “It is you that make the   to our Boy & Girl of the       we wish you all the best
         difference in      year for 2004, Mikey           with your education.
                                                                                         Monday July 25 ----
 any fund raising project   Lahey and Jessica Rees.                                      •  9:00am: Mini Olympics
 held by the club.”         Mikey and Jessica have         Reminder to all parents          at the Sports Field,
                            been outstanding               that our summer programs         prizes and lunch
                            members at the club for        will start on Monday July
                            some time now. They are        4th. If you haven’t           •   7:00pm – 8:30: Kiddies
                            Teen Mentors for our           registered please call the        Dance at the club for 5-
                            younger members. They          club.                             12 years of age (games,
                            have volunteered many                                            refreshments, & prizes
                            hours towards helping          During the summer                 free).
                            with our daily                 months the Boys & Girls       •   9:00 – Midnight: Teen
                            programming at the club        will be having tickets and        Dance at the club for
                            and they have become           shirts for sale. If you are       ages 13-18, free.
                            great role models for          interested in buying or
                                                                                         (continued next page…)
                            younger members.               selling any of these items,
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Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter

 (Continued from page 4… Wabana Boys and Girls Club)

  Tuesday July 26th ----          • There will a Big Bingo           Sunday July 31 ---
  •  Club Family Cookout               at the club starting at       •  Boys & Girls Club Garden
     starting at 10:00am at            8:30; the $1000.00 will          Party, starting at 2:00pm
     the Sports Field. Cost is         be split up.                     on the sports field. Call the
     50cents which includes                                             club to register your booths.
     2 hotdogs, 1 snack, and
                                  Friday July 29th ----
     a drink.                                                        •     CLOSING CERMONIES
                                  •    Breakfast at the club,
                                                                           TO FOLLOW
                        th             starting at 9:00am – cost
  Wednesday July 27 ----
                                       will be $3.00 for adults &
  •  Starting at 10:00am,                                            So as you can see from the
                                       $2.00 for children.
     there will a Family Bike                                        dates above there will be many
     & Hike; it will start at the                                    activities for everyone to help
                                  •    Gala Banquet, starting
     club, travel up West                                            celebrate the 50 years that the
                                       at 8:00pm at the St.
     Mines and Middleton                                             Boys & Girls Club served the
                                       Michael’s School. This
     Ave, and end at the club.                                       youth of Bell Island.
                                       will be a formal event, the
     Prizes and refreshments
                                       tickets will be $30.00
     will be given out.                                              Starting in May we will have
                                       single and music will be
                     th                provided by BILLY and         tickets out for our annual
  Thursday July 28 ----                                              summer ticket draw. The tickets
                                       the BRUSERS.
  •  Kids Softball & Soccer                                          are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00.
     Skills Competitions,                                            The first prize is $1,000.00 and
                                  There are only 400 tickets
     starting at 10:00 am.                                           the second prize is $500.00.
                                  printed, and they will go on
     Prizes and refreshments
                                  sale May 1st and they can be
     will be given out.                                              If you are interested in
                                  picked up at the club. Only 4
                                  tickets per person, no holding     purchasing or selling some
  • Club family BBQ               tickets.                           tickets please call the club at
     starting at 4:00pm and                                          488-3801 or 2288.
     ending at 7:00pm.            Saturday July 30 ---
     There will be Hotdogs,       Sports Day events
     Hamburgers, and drinks conclude on the Sports Field.
     served, live

Town of Wabana – News                                                    (2) The dump site is open
                                                                             on Saturdays from
                                                                             7:30am to 3:30 pm.
CONFERENCE                        island this summer during                                             “At this conference
Mayor Gosine in company           the Come Home Year                                                    commitments were
                                                                         (3) Council will be
with other members of             celebrations.
                                                                             meeting with the           received from the
council attended the
                                                                             Minister of Municipal      Premier and Minister
Canadian Federation of            TIDY TOWNS
                                                                             and Provincial Affairs,
Municipalities conference         Council wishes to thank                                               Paul Shelley,(Tourism,
                                                                             Honourable Jack
held in St. John's from           the residents for their                                               Culture and Heritage),
                                                                             Byrne, and our MHA
June 2nd to June 5th. It          clean up efforts and we                                               to visit our island this
                                                                             Minister Dianne
was an excellent                  are hoping this year to
                                                                             Whelan on June 22,         summer during the
conference with over 2000         receive some recognition
                                                                             2005, to discuss many      Come Home Year
persons in attendance.            from the Tidy Towns
                                                                             items of interest for
                                  contest.                                                              celebrations.”
                                                                             improvements to our
At this conference
commitments were                  OTHER NEWS
received from the Premier         (1) A lot of debris and                    Submitted by
and Minister Paul                     vehicles wrecks have                   Peter Kent,
Shelley,(Tourism, Culture             been cleaned up.                       Town Manager
and Heritage), to visit our
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                             On behalf of the Bell          Opening Ceremonies on
                             Island Special Olympics, I     Friday evening followed      The athletes thoroughly
                             would like to take this        by a BBQ and a dance in      enjoyed participating in all
                             opportunity to thank the       which the athletes had a     events and were
                             many people and                wonderful time. They met     especially pleased to
                             businesses of Bell Island      a lot of people and made     receive their medals. The
                             for their contribution         new friends. Saturday was    looks on the faces of the
                             towards the Bell Island        the day of the events.       participants during the
                             Special Olympics.                                           awards ceremony was
                                                            Nichole Lahey                more than can be
                             This past weekend a team       participated in the 25m,     expressed in words.
                             from Bell Island traveled      50m wheelchair race and
                             to Mount Pearl to              Shot-put events. She         Following the events on
                             participate in the             received a Silver medal in   Saturday evening, the
                             Provincial Summer              the 25m wheelchair, a        organizers held a Banquet
“The look on the faces of    Games for Special              Gold in the 50m              for all athletes and
the participants during      Olympics.                      wheelchair race and a        coaches followed by a
the awards ceremony                                         Gold in Shotput.             dance.
was more than can be         The team consisted of;
expressed in words.”         Nichole Lahey,                 Kristen Carbage              The Bell Island team
                             Kristen Carbage, and           participated in the 50m      greatly appreciates the
                             Justin Lahey.                  run, Standing Long Jump      tremendous support we
                                                            and Shot-put events. She     have received from
                             Their coaches were Lorne       received a Gold medal in     community. The
                             Morgan and myself along        the 50m run and a Silver     experience, the fun and
                             with volunteers from St.       in Shot-put.                 the fellowship, which took
                             Michael’s High School,                                      place during the weekend
                             which consisted of             Justin Lahey participated    for these athletes and
                             Sheena Miller, Kelly           in the 50m run, Standing     their families along with
                             Whalen, Jessica King,          Long Jump and Shot-put       the enjoyment felt, would
                             Leann Bickford, Elizabeth      events. He received a        not have been possible
                             Lopez, Jennifer Sweeney,       Gold medal in Shot-put,      without your support.
                             Heather Benoit, Megan          Silver in Standing Long
                             Benoit, Joey Kent, Derek       Jump and a Bronze in the      Thank you so much and
                             Blanchard, Kim Lewis,          50m run.                     we look forward to your
                             Nicole Butler, Rhonda                                       support in the upcoming
                             Tremblett and Challenging      Congratulations to each      year.
                             Needs Teacher Cynthia          of the athletes for their
                             Butler.                        wonderful                    Josephine Lewis
                                                            accomplishments!             Head Coach
                             As part of the Celebration,                                 Bell Island Special
                             the organizers held                                         Olympics

                                             “To accomplish great things,
                                             we must dream as well as act.”
                                                                Anatole France
                                                      French novelist (1844 - 1924)
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Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter

 The 2005 Bell Island      The Bell Island RCMP would like      Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #18
 bike rodeo was a          to acknowledge our sponsors for      Fred Parsons
 success again in 2005.    their past, present and future       Hammond’s Construction
                           contributions which makes this       Father Dohey
 On June 11th, kids        Bike Rodeo a tremendous              House of Stoyles
 gathered well before      success.                             Tremblett’s Ambulance
 1p.m., despite the cold       Kiwanis Club                     Masonic Cliff Lodge
 weather, in order to          VOCM                             Slade’s B&E
 participate in the bike       Island Manufacturing             Linda’s Grill
 rodeo.                        Jardine Family                   Frank Skanes
                               Dr. Walter Tucker                St-Augustine’s School (Staff)
 We estimated about 150        Knights of Columbus              Costco
 kids who tested their         Family Drug Store                Clarke & Clarke Home Hardware
 skills in various courses     Zellers                          Canadian Tire-Kenmount Road
 set up at the arena. All      Noseworthy Hair Stylist          Dr. Alexa Laurie
 participants received         Foodland                         Canadian Tire-Elizabeth Avenue
 treats and drinks for         Wink’s Taxi                      Kelloway Investments
 their hard work.              Elaine Dalton                    Canadian Tire-Mount-Pearl
                               Fitzgerald’s Taxi                Urban Flooring
 With the generous             Jerome Warren                    Dominion Store
 contribution of our           Pendergast Funeral Home          Ken-Mar Contractors
 sponsors, a great             J.B. Lounge                      Sobey’s
 number of kids won            Craft & Decor                    Bennett’s Refrigeration
 brand new bicycles,           Seaview Lounge                   Fred Noseworthy
 helmets, bicycle              Hunt’s Distributing              Kitchen’s Store
 accessories and door          My Friend’s Place                School for the Deaf-Des McCarthy
 prizes.                       Martin Hurley
                               Mr. Home Movie                Special thanks too:
                               Henry Crane
                               Brad’s Convenience               Town of Wabana
                               Princess Pub                     Paul Martin
                               Tina’s Unisex                    Dennis Morgan
                               Judy Burt                        Wayne Fitzgerald
                               Jim Yick                         Lori Hann
                               Sadie Bickford
                               Shirley’s Hair Salon          And a special thank you to Tom Spracklin
                               Personal Touch                for his countless hours of work in making
                               Anne Marie & Bern Metcalfe    the Rodeo a success story.
                               Rychrist Inn
                               St-Michael’s Church           Thanks to everyone.
                               Curling Club
                               Baker Brothers                Cst Stephane Remillard
                               West Mines Sports Bar         Bell Island RCMP
                               Charles Sullivan    
                               Byrne’s Easy Save
Page 11 of 13                                 Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter

                New Faces in the R.C.M.P.

                This community is               Danny has been            You will also see a
                certainly used to seeing        transferred to            couple of other new faces
                the new faces of police         Holyrood and his last     on the island this
                officers on this island         shift on this island is   summer. Cst. Mark Ivey
                every few years. I’m            on July 25th.             will be working this
                certain there are those         Steve has been            summer with Cst.
                you’re not too sad to see       transferred to            Remillard. You may
                leave and others that are       Whitbourne (so slow       notice his uniform is a bit
                definitely missed. I’m also     down when passing by      different. He just recently
                certain most of you are         as we all know how        graduated from Holland
                aware that we are losing        much he loves doing       College in P.E.I. and is
                Cst. Danny Bennett and          traffic work) and his     doing his on-the-job-
                Cst. Steve Burke this           last shift will be        training here on our
                summer. I have only             sometime towards the      island.
                been in the R.C.M.P. for        end of August (exact
                seven years now but in          date still to be          Finally, Cst. Corette
                that short amount of time       determined).              Serna will be here from
                I have worked with many                                   Trepassey to assist us
                officers and Danny and          We would also like to     from the end of July until
                Steve are two of the best.      extend a warm Bell        mid-August to assist with
                We would like to wish           Island welcome to our     the increased population
                them and their families all     newest member to          expected during the
                the best in their new           transfer to the island,   Come Home Year
                posts.                          Cst. Sean Tipple, his     Celebrations. Welcome
                                                wife Natasha and their    Mark and Corette, we
                                                brand new one-month-      hope you enjoy your stay
                                                old son!                  here on the island! The
                                                                          hospitality is second to
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Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter

 Charges and Convictions

              On 2005-05-29, a 51-year-
              old Wabana male was              A Not Guilty plea has been
                                               entered and the trial is set   On 2005-06-15, this
              charged with one count of                                       same 22-year-old
              Assault arising from a 2005-     for 2006-01-24.
                                                                              Wabana male (listed
              05-16 incident at the                                           above), charged with
              business of the victim. The      On 2005-06-09, a 21-year-
                                               old male from West Mines       Assault and two
              first court appearance has                                      charges of Breach of a
              been set for 2005-06-29.         was charged with one count
                                               of Supplying Liquor to         Recognizance
                                               Minors. The charge arose       (document you are
              On 2005-06-02, a 44-year-                                       released on from
              old Wabana male arrested         from a 2005-05-13 incident
                                               at a business in the East      previous arrest)
              on 2005-03-27 and still in                                      appeared in court. The
              custody, appeared in court.      End. The first court
                                               appearance is set for 2005-    charges arose from a
              This male has been charged                                      2005-02-20 incident
              with two charges of Uttering     07-20.
                                                                              near the Post Office.
              Threats, one charge of                                          The Crown withdrew
              Assault, one charge of           On 2005-06-10, a 69- year-
                                               old male from the East End     the two charges of
              Assault Causing/With a                                          Breach of a
              Weapon, two charges of           was arrested and charged
                                               with one charge of Sexual      Recognizance and a
              Criminal Harassment, one                                        Not Guilty plea was
              charge of Mischief, three        Assault, one charge of
                                               Invitation to Sexual           entered for the Assault
              charges of Intimidation and                                     charge. A trial has
              sixteen charges of Breach of     Touching, one charge of
                                               Sexual Interference and        been set for 2005-11-
              Probation. The charges arise                                    01.
              from a number incidents over     one charge of Exposure to
              the past year involving a        Person Under Age of
                                               Fourteen Years. This male      On 2005-06-16, a 48-
              female from the Front. A Not                                    year-old male from the
              Guilty plea has been entered     has been remanded until
                                               2005-06-30, when he will       East End was
              and the trial is set for 2005-                                  convicted of Supplying
              08-16.                           appear before a Judge.
                                                                              Liquor to Minors. The
                                               On 2005-06-10, in Supreme      charge arose from a
              On 2005-06-07, a 42-year-                                       2003-09-26 at his
              old female from Wabana           Court, a 22-year-old
                                               Wabana male, found guilty      residence. This male
              charged with Assault,                                           received a $300 fine.
              Causing a Disturbance and        of Assault Causing Bodily
              Public Mischief (Making a        Harm, Mischief, Assault
                                               and Breach of Probation,       On 2005-06-17, a 19-
              false complaint to police)                                      year-old male from the
              appeared in court. The           appeared in court for
                                               sentencing. The charges        East End appeared in
              charges arose from a 2005-                                      court for one charge of
              01-13 incident at a friend’s     stem from a 2003-03-08
                                               incident in the East End       Assault. The charge
              house.                                                          arose from a 2005-03-
                                               residence of the 30-year-
                                                                              23 incident at the
                                               old victim. The sentencing
                                                                              residence of his
                                               has been postponed until
                                                                              girlfriend. The matter
                                                                              was set-aside until
                                                                              (continued on page 13)
Page 13 of 13                                   Bell Island Community Policing Newsletter

                               (Charges and Convictions continued….)

Contact Us:                     This same 19-year-old male             The judge found the 43
                                was also charged on 2005-              year old male guilty of all
If you have any comments,       06-21 with Assault for a               charges with the exception
concerns, or questions about    2005-06-17 incident at his             of the charge of Mischief,
the newsletter please           parents’ residence in the              for which he was acquitted.
contact us:                     East End. His first court              The 23-year-old son was
                                appearance for this charge             found guilty of all charges.
Cpl. Boyd Merrill at:           is 2005-07-27.                         A Pre-Sentence Report has
boyd.merrill@rcmp-                                                     been ordered and the
                                On 2005-06-17, a 43-year-              sentencing set-aside until
Cst. Colleen Noble at:
                                old male and his 23-year-              2005-09-08.
colleen.noble@rcmp-             old son from The Green,                      appeared in Supreme Court              On 2005-06-21, a 27-year-
                                to hear the judges decision            old male from St. John’s
We can also be reached at       after a trial on 2005-05-24.           was charged with Theft
the RCMP Detachment at          The 43-year-old was                    Under $5000. The charge
116 Memorial Street.            charged with Assault                   arose from a complaint of
(709) 488-3312.                 Causing Bodily Harm,                   theft of lumber, sometime
                                Break and Enter, Mischief              between March and April,
                                and Assault. The 23-year-              2005, from his father’s
                                old was charged with                   property in the East End.
                                Assault Causing Bodily                 The accused’s first court
The newsletter is also          Harm, Break and Enter,                 date is set for 2005-07-27.
available on the internet at    Mischief and Breach of
                                Probation. The charges
                                stem from a 2003-03-08
                                incident in the East End
                                residence of a 30-year-old

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