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					                                 The Bush Club Inc
             Spring Walks Schedule - September 2010 to November 2010

Here is another excellent program of walking for the forthcoming season. Thanks very much to
all the leaders for making it possible. In this program, there are six members who have joined
the ranks of leader, and we welcome them sincerely. Look for their walks listed throughout the
program (in bold italics) and summarised below.

o Andrew S has a couple of walks – the first on Saturday 11 September from Berowra to Mt
   Kuring-gai through the Berowra Valley Regional Park, and the second on Saturday 27
   November from Mt Colah to Berowra in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.
o Laurie T is leading a walk in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park from Mt Kuring-gai to
   Wahroonga on Sunday 5 September.
o Yuri B is offering a wide variety of experiences on his walks. On Wednesday 8 September
   and Wednesday 22 September, look for his walks in the Gardens of Stone. He has walks
   in Wollemi National Park on Friday 8 October and Monday 1 November. On Tuesday 2
   November, he has arranged a unique experience at Sculpture by the Sea, and on
   Saturday 20 November a walk to Wheeny Gap in Wollemi National Park - an excellent
   Spring time walk.
o Bob W has a walk in the Royal National Park from Waterfall to Bundeena on Thursday 16
o Steve D has planned a great three day walk in Morton National Park from Saturday 18 to
   Monday 20 September.
o Di B is leading a couple of popular walks – on Thursday 7 October from Sutherland to
   Woronora, and on Wednesday 3 November from Spit to Manly.

Over this year, there has been a steady and sustained increase in the number of short notice
walks that are being listed. These are sent out by email, so don’t miss out. Ensure you are
registered to receive short notice walks by email by sending your request to

John Cooper
Walks Secretary
Every person participating in any activity organised by or with the involvement of The Bush Club Inc. does so at his
       or her own risk and by participating, acknowledges that neither The Bush Club Inc. nor its office-bearers or
       its activity leaders have accepted any responsibility or liability for any damage to property or for any death
       or injury suffered and that he or she will take all responsibility for any person under 18 years of age invited
       by him or her to participate in any activity organised by or with the involvement of The Bush Club Inc.
President:                     Bob Taffel                          Secretary:        Carol Henderson
Walks Secretary:               John Cooper                         Treasurer:        Barbara Mitchell
Membership Secretary:          Kevin Yeats                         Web Site:
GENERAL:                       Walkers should carry a small first aid kit, matches and torch, and come suitably equipped with
                               strong walking shoes, a rucksack, hat, rain gear, and water. Members are also encouraged to
                               carry map and compass and become proficient in their use. With experience gained in club
                               walks it is expected that members will become walks leaders and/or office-bearers.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT:              Phone 131 500 to check train, bus and ferry times. Timetables are sometimes altered at
                               short notice. If the train is not running to timetable or if there is any doubt, contact the leader.
                               Traditionally, Bush Club members travel in the second railway carriage from front, upper level,
                               unless otherwise advised.
ENQUIRIES:                     Enquiries about a walk should be directed to the leader. In times of bush fires, check news
                                         services and/or NPWS re closures of parks or access roads. Do phone the leader if you
                                         are unsure.

 M Qualifying All walks grade 3 and higher are membership qualifying walks, unless noted otherwise. Look for the ‘M’ label.
 However, prospective members may attend any walk with the leader’s consent.
 LTW Leadership Training Walk The leader is available to instruct aspiring leaders in techniques of walks leadership.
 SEA Support, Encourage, Achieve The leader promotes an encouraging and supportive environment - a team effort.
 Grade 1 (Easy) Opportunity for large number of walkers, including those with reduced walking ability to walk on well marked
 and even tracks. Tracks are man made and may have a few steps. Should not be steep. Suitable for beginners. Distance
 should not exceed about 10km.
 Grade 2 (Easy-Medium) Easy walk, mostly on tracks of low gradient. Opportunity to walk easily in natural environments on
 well marked tracks. Tracks should not be steep. Distance should not exceed about 15km.
 Grade 3 (Medium) Medium walk with some hilly sections and/or rougher terrain. Opportunity to walk on defined and distinct
 tracks with some steep sections requiring a moderate level of fitness. Suitable for fit beginners. Distance should not exceed
 about 20km.
 Grade 4 (Medium-Hard) Steeper, rougher terrain and may have off-track sections (no more than one quarter of the walk) or
 a longer distance track walk. Opportunity to explore and discover relatively undisturbed natural environments mostly along
 defined and distinct tracks. Tracks can be steep. There may be short sections of rock scrambling involved. Leaders should
 have map reading abilities and/or ability to use a compass. Distance depending on circumstances. Not suitable for most
 Grade 5 (Hard) Off-track or difficult terrain. Opportunity for walkers with advanced outdoor knowledge and skills to find their
 own way along often indistinct tracks or off track in remote locations. May include steep sections of unmodified surfaces.
 There may be rock scrambling, creek walking and crossing involved. Distance should not exceed 30km, but may be short and
 difficult. Not suitable for beginners.
 Grade 6 (Very Hard) Strenuous off-track walk or very long distance. Opportunity for highly experienced walkers to explore
 remote and challenging natural areas without reliance on managed tracks. Terrain may be steep, uneven and no track. There
 may be rock scrambling, creek walking and crossing involved. Distance covered is unlimited, but may be short and difficult.
 Only for experienced walkers and not suitable for beginners.
CAR COST SHARE:                The rate is 25c per km divided by the number of car occupants, including the driver.
LEADERS:                       All day walks must be held unless conditions are unsafe. A minimum of four (4), including
                               leader, is required for a Club walk. If there are fewer than four, including leader, a walk, if
                               continued, is not an official Club activity and is not covered by insurance. If a leader is unable to
                               lead his/her walk, he/she should arrange for a substitute leader and inform the Walks Secretary
                               accordingly. The leader (or substitute) must travel to the starting point of the walk. See list of
                               volunteer substitute leaders on last page of the walks program.
PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS:           Prospective members are required to phone the leader before attending any walk; they are
                               advised to commence with Medium Grade 3 walks.
VISITORS:                      Visitors including children are welcome to take part in walks only if invited by a full member
                               (who must be present on the walk) and subject to the leader’s prior approval. Approval should
                               be requested by the member, not the visitor. A leader has the right to refuse to take visitors on
                               walks. Visitors will be granted temporary club membership to enable them to take part in the
SEARCH AND RESCUE:             Contact the police or other emergency agency only if life or limb is endangered. In the event of
                               a party being overdue, or some other incident, please ‘phone the following Bush Club contacts –
                               Graham Conden 0418 647 951, Kaye Birch 0407 115 560 or Dick Weston 4753 1003.
                               Contact may also be made with the Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue by phoning 132 222. Ask
                               the operator to page 627 7321, leave your message and a return telephone number. If there is
                               no reply within fifteen (15) minutes please call again and repeat the message.

                                    Missed the program?
                              Why not put on a short notice walk?
                                Send the details to

        Get many more short notice walks and also this walks program
                                 by email.
                      Send your request to


Sep           6      High Passes Trek Everest Region, Nepal This is a challenging trek in the Everest region over approx. 20
2010                 days providing an unforgettable experience and superb breathtaking views. Trek commences from the
                     mystical Kathmandu Valley, and then traverses some high passes and valleys in the Everest region. The
                     inclusion of a section of a historic trade route makes this a very adventurous trek with Everest Base Camp as
                     its focus. A good fitness level required, and a sense of adventure and strong cultural sensitivity required.
                     Max. altitude 5545m; max. 12. Note that this walk is being organised and led by a commercial organisation
                     and is not a Bush Club programmed walk. Therefore insurance arrangements of The Bush Club do not apply.
Sep           6      Island Peak (6,189m), Nepal Two week trek involving Tea House trekking and camping expedition.
2010                 Experience at high altitude and mountaineering an advantage but not essential. Training with ropes and ice
                     axes, eg self arresting techniques, will be taught on the ascent to base camp. This trek can be done in
                     conjunction with Helena Smith's High Passes trip (branching off on the descent to Lukla), or as a stand alone
                     trek. Note that this walk is being organised and led by a commercial organisation and is not a Bush Club
                     programmed walk. Therefore insurance arrangements of The Bush Club do not apply.
Tue           5      Blue Mountains NP: Korrowall Buttress (Mt Solitary) Day 1: Walk to Singajingawell Cave and set up base
31 Aug to     M      camp. Day 2: Walk to Point Repulse, than down pass to Korrowall Ridge, returning via Waterboard road to
Thu 2 Sep            cave. Day 3: Return to Golden Stairs. Views; scrambling; some off track; total 25km.
Thu                  Bush Club Committee Meeting 4.30pm, McManus Room, Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre, 16 Fitzroy Street,
2 Sep                Kirribilli
Fri         Social   Lunch with Ramblers and Friends Lunch from 12 noon onwards – no need to book. Venue is Bardwell
3 Sep                Park RSL next to Bardwell Park Railway Station (about 20 minutes from Central on East Hills Line).
Sat           3      Olney SF The Basin – Walkers Ridge Forest Road – Pig and Sow Ridge Road – Wild Boar Road – Piglet
4 Sep         M      Point Road – Wollombi Brook – Lyrebird atrack – Rock Lily Track – The Basin. Wonderful forests, beautiful
                     brook, hopefully rock lilies in bloom. Tracks; firetrails; climbs; 15km; 250m total ascent. Maps: Morisset ,
                     Murrays Run
Sat           4      Blue Mountains NP Neates Glen – Grand Canyon – Evans Lookout – Govetts Leap – Junction Rock – Blue
4 Sep         M      Gum Forest – Perrys Lookdown. Great scenery; all on tracks, with creek crossings. A chance to see the re-
                     opened Grand Canyon whilst having a good stretch. Car shuffle; 17km; ascent and descent 800m each,
                     including the steep, hard 600m climb up Perrys at the end. Maps: Katoomba, Mt Wilson.
Sat 4 and     6      Kanangra Boyd NP Nooroo Buttress – Mt Guouogang – Kanangra Road – Mt Krungle Bungle – Whalania
Sun 5         M      Creek – Nooroo Buttress – Mt Guouogang – Mt Krungle Bungle – Kanangra Road. Nooroo Buttress is
Sept                 arguably the steepest negotiable ridge in this area and climbs 990 metres to Mt Guouogang, the highest point
                     on the Kanangra map. Spectacular scenery with views back to the Sydney CBD on a clear day. Only for the
                     very fit and experienced walker; 24km, half on track; 990m steep, scrambly descent/ascent. Map: Kanangra

Sun           3      Ku-ring-gai Chase NP: Mt Kuring-gai to Wahroonga Mt Kuring-gai Station – Bobbin Head –
5 Sep         M      Gibberagong Track – Wahroonga Station. A wonderfully diverse mix of gum trees, mangroves and
                     rainforest, hillside, creeks and waterside walking, rock overhangs and aboriginal carvings; 14km
                     only for this treasure!

Sun 5 to    1-2-3    Walkabout around Wagga Wagga: A series of walks based in Wagga and surrounds All at moderate
Wed 8       LTW      pace.
Sep                  Walk1: Adelong Falls and Gold Mill Ruins: A 1 to 2 hour guided walk by Louise Halsey (Conservation Co-
                     ordinator). Tracked fairly steep descent to river and ascent. Gold mining history, ruins, river and waterfall
                     views. Level 1-2.
                     Walk 2: The Wiradjuri Walking Track: Two Lagoons and a River: A 15km flat circuit walk along the
                     Murrumbidgee and the two lagoons of Wagga. On track; river and pastoral views. Level 2.
                     Walk3: The Rock and Return: A 6km tracked walk with 250 metre ascent at The Rock Nature Reserve. On
                     a clear day, views to Kosciuszko and Bogong. Level 2-3.
                     Walk 4: Lake Albert Circuit: A 6km flat walk on pathways around Lake Albert. Level 1.
                     Walk 5: The Wirajuri Walking Track: Wagga Beach to Botanical Gardens: One river, and a garden.
Tue          2    Epping Epping Station – Terrys Creek – Lane Cove River – City View Lookout – Pennant Hills Park –
7 Sep             Devlins Creek – Epping; about 12km.

Tue         4     Blue Mountains NP: Blackheath Blackheath Station – Popes Glen – Govetts Leap – Rodriguez Pass –
7 Sep       M     Horsetrack – Evans Lookout – Cliff Track – Braeside – Blackheath Station; 18km; 650m. Map: Katoomba.

Wed         5-6   Gardens of Stone: Pagoda Maze Park vehicles on the Moffits Trail at approx GR 268 182. Walk down
8 Sep        M    Moffits Trail and head north at approx GR 275 193. Continue on the ridge towards the Tarpeian Rock
                  View. From here, traverse the Pagoda Maze in the N to S direction. When back at the Moffits Trail,
                  continue E, cross Jews Creek and climb the ridge where there are more pagoda formations. Explore
                  to the S end of this ridge, then turn N traversing the ridge up to where it meets Moffits Trail. Return
                  to cars; about 8km; exploratory. Map: Ben Bullen

Fri         5     Blue Mountains NP: Mt Hay Mt Hay – Boorong Crags – Mt Hay Creek – Hurley Heights Track – Mt Hay.
10 Sep      M     Nice views; good walking; 10km.

Fri 10 to   6     Blue Mountains NP: Yerranderie to Katoomba 65km; 950m ascent. Maps: Yerranderie, Bimlow,
Sun 12      M     Jamison, Katoomba

Sat          3    Berowra Valley Regional Park: Berowra to Mt Kuring-gai via Benowie Track / Great North Walk and
11 Sep            Crosslands Reserve. Wildflowers, water views and scenic lookout; 13km; ups and downs + 1x200m
                  asc. Maps: Cowan, Hornsby 1:25,000 or Ku-ring-gai Chase NP tourist (NPWS)

Sat         3     Georges River NP Riverwood – Salt Pan Creek – Georges River – Panania. Creek and riverside walking
11 Sep      M     before we visit the bush orchids at the local wildflower garden. Some rough sections. Medium pace; 14km.
                  Map: Street directory. Joint walk with NPA.

Sat         5     Blue Mountains NP: Wild Dog Wanderings #4 Galong, Tinpot Hill, Coxs River, Grand Bluffs, Goolara
11 Sep      M     Peak, Tinpot Mountain, Ironpot Mountain. 16km, 900m ascent, on and off track, partly exploratory, some
                  exposure possible. Come and explore the beauty of the Wild Dogs with me – views and climbs to die for!

Sat 11 to   5     Newnes to Bell in three days
Mon13       M     Saturday: Follow line of old railway to the glowworm tunnel, take pagoda track to old coach road, follow that
Sep               then take tracks east across Deanes Creek, etc. and then down to roomy camp cave at Rocky Creek.
                  Sunday: Cross Rocky Creek, climb over Mt Budgary, cross Budgary Creek then use tracks to get to Deep
                  Pass, Mt Norris, Derailment Hill, cross Dingo Creek, climb to Waratah Ridge (high camp?).
                  Monday: Descend on track to Bungleboori Creek, cross and climb over next hill and cross Dumbano Creek
                  near camp cave, climb to Shay Ridge, descend to Wollangambe River, cross it then follow track past Centre
                  of Universe (aka Submarine Rock) and thence to Bell.
                  Combination of fire trail, tracks and bush bashing. A little exposure and pack hauling. Maps: Ben Bullen,
                  Cullen Bullen, Rock Hill, Wollangambe. Joint walk with SBW. Party limit: 8.

Sun         3     La Perouse to Clovelly Part of the Sydney Coastal Walk, going via Boora Point. Wonderful views of
12 Sep      M     Botany Bay and the coast. Can be boggy in parts at the start; 18km.

Tue         3     Blue Mountains NP: Blackheath Blackheath – Popes Glen – Govetts Leap – Cliff Walk – Evans Lookout –
14 Sep      M     Grand Canyon – Neates Glen – Braeside Walk. Ups and downs all the way; lots of steps; about 17km.

Wed         3     Waverton to Artarmon From Waverton Station walk to Balls Head, Berry Island, Gore Creek, Lane Cove
15 Sep      M     Bushland Park, Gore Hill and the Pacific Highway where the option is catch a bus or proceed to Artarmon
                  Station. Mainly tracks and footpaths; 11km.

Wed          4    Ku-ring-gai Chase NP: Hawkesbury River Hawkesbury River – Peak Hill – old dam – Hawkesbury River.
15 Sep       M    Tracks, some off-track, climbs, two steepish descents, nice views; 10km. Map: Cowan

Wed 15      3     Morton National Park: Great Horseshoe Bend 1 Pack walk. There are 2 beautiful and symmetrical bends
and Thu     M     in the Shoalhaven River, this first walk will cover Great Horseshoe Bend. Day 1 - From Bullion Hill it’s a
16 Sep            steep descent down The Assay Buttress to a 5 star campsite. Here we will explore Horseshoe Bend and
                  perhaps climb a bit of the Backbender Buttress for an overview. Day 2 – Cruisey; return to cars.

Thu         4     Ku-ring-gai NP: Berowra to Wahroonga via Waratah Bay, Apple Tree Bay, Bobbin Head, Wahroonga.
16 Sep      M     Climbs on tracks and fire trails, creek crossings; 20-22km. Map KCNP.

Thu         4     Royal NP: Waterfall to Bundeena Experience the Springtime floral diversity of RNP from rain forest
16 Sep      M     to coastal heath and wonderful ocean scenes. Waterfall – Couranga Track – Forest Island Path –
                  Wallumarra – Curra Moors – Coast Track to Bundeena and finish with a delightful ferry ride to
                  Cronulla. Brisk pace; creeks; some ups and downs; 29km; max. asc 240m. Map: CMA Royal National
Sat             2      Botany Bay NP: Kurnell to Cronulla Easy flat walk. Great ocean views. Track and beaches. Coffees
18 Sep          M      possible; 11km.

Sat             3      Cooks River Bike Ride: Bushwalkers on Bikes (1) Not a lycra event, any bike will do; borrow, buy or rent
18 Sep          M      a bike for the series. Strathfield to Botany Bay and return. Total ride (flat) about 40km (like walking 10km).
                       Excellent coffee/cakes/ speciality chocolates stop at Undercliff for am and pm teas. Lunch at Brighton Le
                       Sands fish and chips shop and vino from bottle shop – the grilled barramundi and chips are to die for. Come
                       exercise in a different way and put on weight for a change.

Sat             4      Gardens of Stone: Panoramas of the Capertee 3 – Mt Genowlan A traverse of Mt Genowlan from Airly
18 Sep          M      Turret to Point Genowlan via Genowlan Creek and Genowlan trig. Outstanding views, historical artefacts,
                       and unique vegetation; all on track; 15km; 400m ascent. Map: Glen Alice

Sat 18 and      4      Kanangra Boyd NP: Whalania Heights area Day 1 to Mt Krungle Bungle and Mt Guouogang; 15km, 400m
Sun 19          M      ascent. Day 2 fire trails around Whalania Heights; 12km, 100m ascent. Map: Kanangra

Sat 18 to       5      Morton National Park Three day bushwalk from Mt Bushwalker to Mt Talaterang, Dummal Creek,
Mon 20                 Clyde River, Claydons Creek, Gaol House Pass. Camp cave first night, tent camp second night.
Sep                    Scrub and creek scrambling to reach the Clyde River. Maps: Tianjara, Milton, Corang. Limit: 6

Sun             3      Royal NP: Helensburgh to Otford The Burgh Track – Burgh Ridge – Otford
19 Sep          M

Mon             3      Sydney Harbour Circle and Loop Walks: Four separate walks around the foreshores (with a
20 Sep          M      smattering of local history) Section 1: Observatory Hill, Wynyard to Greenwich Wharf Fairly easy
                       walking, track and street, a few short, steep sections; 16.5km. Return to Circular Quay by ferry or by bus to
                       St Leonards Station. Coffee spots.

Tue             3      Pennant Hills to Parramatta Pennant Hills – Cumberland State Forest ramble – Darling Mills – Parramatta
21 Sep          M      Park – Parramatta Station. Some streets but mostly good bush. Tracks and fire trails; about 16 km; easy
                       climbs only.

Wed            5-6     Gardens of Stone: The Cliffs of Koopartoo Park the car on the Wolgan Road at about GR 419 216
22 Sep          M      and climb steeply up into the headwaters of an unnamed creek. Try to breach the cliffline at any of
                       the 3-4 possible spots. If successful, this will re-connect us with the Minotaur's Lair route attempted
                       on 21/07/10. If unsuccessful, traverse under the cliffs SW and try the next gully running at about GR
                       405 214; about 8km; exploratory. Map: Ben Bullen

Thurs           2-3    Blue Mountains NP: Faulconbridge to Springwood via Numantia Falls. Some offtrack/easy scrambling                 G
23 Sep           M     and creek walking (dry). A lovely rainforested gully and rarely visited waterfall. An interesting route using    r
               LTW     some historic, but little used tracks. Only short (7km) but with enough ups’n’downs and twists and turns to      r
                       give you a satisfactory workout. Map: Springwood                                                                 o

                    71st Birthday Celebration of The Bush Club – Saturday 25 September
 The 71 birthday of The Bush Club will be celebrated at an afternoon tea to be held at the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden from
  1.30pm on Saturday 25 September. The following walks will conclude at the afternoon tea at the Garden. To participate in
                  these walks, and reserve your place at the afternoon tea, you need to contact the leader.

To return afterwards from the Wildflower Garden, the following transport options are available:
Forest Coach Lines (travels along Mona Vale Road towards St Ives Shops)
              •   Bus 197: St Ives Showground 3.15pm, also stops Mona Vale and Ayres Roads, then Gordon Railway 3.30pm,
                  Macquarie Centre/Railway 3.44pm
              •   Bus 196: St Ives Showground 3.46pm, also stops Mona Vale and Ayres Roads, then Gordon Railway 4.02pm
              •   Bus 196: St Ives Showground 4.46pm, also stops Mona Vale and Ayres Roads, then Gordon Railway 5.02pm
TransdevTSL (comes along Mona Vale Road from St Ives Shops, and turns right into Ayres Road)
              •   Bus 582: Mona Vale and Ayres Roads 3.12pm, Gordon Railway 3.33pm
              •   Bus 582: Mona Vale and Ayres Roads 4.12pm, Gordon Railway 4.33pm
              •   Bus 582: Mona Vale and Ayres Roads 5.12pm, Gordon Railway 5.33pm

Sat             1      Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden A walk in the Wildflower Garden; about 4km. Please bring a small
25 Sep                 wildflower or plant book if you have one. One descent and one ascent, all taken at an easy pace.

Sat             2      Terrey Hills to Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden Terrey Hills, Firetrail, Neverfail, Cooyong Track, Christies
25 Sep                 Pool, Warrimoo bus stop opposite fruit shop on Myoora Road, then firetrail to Neverfail Track, Cooyong
                       Track, Christies Pool and Warrimoo Track to Wildflower Garden.
Sat           3      North Turramurra to Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden
25 Sep        M      Bobbin Head Track, Warrimoo Track, Harbour to Hawkesbury Track to Wildflower Garden; 14 km; ascents.

Sat           3      Mt Kuring-gai to Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden Mt Kuring-gai, Apple Tree Bay, Bobbin Head, along
25 Sep        M      Cowan Creek, up to St Ives, then down to and along the Mueller Track; about 14km.

Sat           4      Garigal NP: Lindfield to Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden Lindfield Station – Two Creeks Track – cross
25 Sep        M      Roseville Bridge – Lyre Bird Track – Middle Harbour Track – Cascades Track – Wildflower Garden. Brisk
                     pace, tracks and minimum street walking; 22 km; 200m asc.

Mon           3      Sydney Harbour Circle and Loop Walks: Four separate walks around the foreshores (with a
27 Sep        M      smattering of local history) Section 2: Greenwich Wharf to Valentia Street Wharf, Woolwich Track
                     and street walking; 18km. Return to Circular Quay by ferry.

Mon 27        M      Kanangra Boyd NP Carlons Farm – Coxs River via Mt Dingo and Howling Dog Ridge, return via Mt Yellow
and           6      Dog; 32km; 1630m ascent. Maps: Jenolan, Kanangra
Tue 28

Tue           3      Artarmon to Chatswood Through attractive bushland, mangroves and rainforest along Stringybark Creek,
28 Sep        M      Lane Cove River and Swaines Creek. On track, some short ascents/descents, some streets. Finish
                     Chatswood Station; about 14km. Map: STEP Lane Cove Valley.

Tue 28 to     4      Classic Walks in the Wollemi 9: Gundywattledie Explore the rainforest and natural arch of Blackwater
Thu 30        M      and Gundywattledie Creeks, with an ascent of Elyl Peak. Three day walks in the spectacular Wollemi
Sep                  wilderness from a base camp (at cars) on Blackwater Creek. Up to 10km and 500m ascent each day. Map:
                     Mt Pomany Limit: 8

Wed           1      Manly to South Head Day 5 A detour for a change. From Circular Quay round the Rocks, Darling Harbour,
29 Sep               Jacksons Landing, Anzac Bridge and through Balmain to finish at the Darling Street wharf for a ferry back;
                     about 10 km.

Thu          2-3     Carol’s Not So Cruisey Culinary Caper: A Vietnamese Vignette: Liverpool to Canley Vale via Chipping
30 Sep      LTW      Norton Lakes, Georges River, and Prospect Creek. Flat walking along lake, river and creek tracks and cycle
                     ways. Two morning tea breaks; about 20km. Fairly brisk pace. Enjoy late lunch (1.30pm to 2.00pm) at the
                     popular Bach Dang Vietnamese restaurant that has been in business for over 30 years. Limit for lunch 20.

Sep/Oct       4      Turkey: Taurus Mountains, Cappadocia, Lycian Way, Pamukkale, Ephesus and Gallipoli Experience
2010                 multi-day supported trekking in the Taurus Mountains and along
                     the Mediterranean. Explore a variety of natural and ancient wonders and wander the Gallipoli peninsular.


Fri         Social   Lunch with Ramblers and Friends Lunch from 12 noon onwards – no need to book. Venue is Bardwell
1 Oct                Park RSL next to Bardwell Park Railway Station (about 20 minutes from Central on East Hills Line).

Sat           3      Rumbala / Katandra Reserves Casuarina Track – Flannel Flower Track – Red Gum Track – Mouat Walk –
2 Oct         M      Guringai Walk – Grasstree Track. Rainforest track – alternative track. Tracks; firetrails; road; climbs.
                     Variety of beautiful forests; 14km; 200m total asc. Map: Gosford

Sat 2 to     5       Morton NP: Ettrema Creek Transportation Spur – Ettrema Creek – to exit near Bullfrog Creek. The classic
Mon 4        M       walk up this open wilderness creek of towering cliffs and beautiful pools with great campsites; 21km, all off
Oct         LTW      track; 400m steep descent, 200m ascent, some scrub bashing; 10km rock hopping. Wet feet in some
                     wading sections. Maps: Touga, Nerriga

Tue           5      Royal NP: Otford Station to Waterfall Station via Burning Palms, Garie, Eagle Rock, Curra Moors,
5 Oct         M      Wallumarra Track, Couranga Track. Brisk pace; 28 km; 450m. Map: RNP Tourist.

Tue 5 to    2-3-4    Cape to Cape, Western Australia Walk Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin in the wildflower season, 135
Wed 13        M      km, taking 9 days, including a vineyard rest day. A spectacular and varied walk. Supported walk likely.
Oct                  Some caravan parks, some camp sites. Walk full; wait list operating.
Wed          6     Newnes State Forest: Exploring the Pagodas and Ravines above Sawyers Swamp Park a vehicle at
6 Oct        M     GR 343 015 (off the Beecroft Firetrail and a second vehicle at GR 323 029. Walking from west to east
            LTW    explore 8 ravines and associated pagodas, then walk down an old track on the south side of Sawyers
                   Swamp to GR 318 016, climb to the ridge top at approx GR 318 005, explore several parallel N-S ridges
                   visiting terminals at GR 318 998, GR 325 998 and GR 328 995. Return via an old track to first vehicle.
                   Rugged, ambitious, possible rope use. About 15km; 200m +&- several times. Map: Lithgow

Thu          2     Sutherland to Woronora Some street walking to Burnam Burnam reserve across Woronora bridge
7 Oct              and then along Prince Edward park and return to Grande Parade; approx 11km.

Thu                Bush Club Committee Meeting 4.30pm, McManus Room, Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre, 16 Fitzroy
7 Oct              Street, Kirribilli

Fri         5/6    Wollemi NP: Little Cerberus Creek and Cerberus Creek Park the car at GR 477 035 off Waratah Ridge
8 Oct       M      Road. Take a side track and try to descend below the cliffline to Little Cerberus Creek. Follow it just
                   below the cliffline to Cerberus Creek. From here 2 options exist, depending on the available time.
                   The longer option is to ascend through the cliffline the point GR 481 044 (amazing view) , then follow
                   the road west and drop into Cerberus Creek at about GR 471 040. Follow the creek downstream and
                   exit up the ramp at about GR 477 042, to join the road. The shorter option is to turn up the Cerberus
                   Creek from its junction with Little Cerberus Creek and then exit to the south at about GR 472 028, to
                   join the road; about 9km; exploratory. Maps: Wollangambe, Rock Hill

Fri 8 to     2     Wollemi NP: Family Camp at Deep Pass Lovely camp site with toilet. Visit aboriginal hand stencils,
Sun 10             impressive narrow slots (dry), and optional abseiling (for which Bush Club abseiling policy applies). On Sun
Oct                visit Deep Pass Canyon (grade 1 and no abseils), where there are some fixed ropes to manage the tricky
                   sections, and no swimming (unless you fall in); 2km walking (3km if doing canyon); 2 ascents each 110m; for
                   all ages over 10 and abilities, although anyone under 18 must attend as a guest, under the care and
                   responsibility of a Bush Club member, with the approval of the leader. Optional camp Fri night. Joint activity
                   with NPA. No limit.

Sat          3     Engadine Engadine, Head of Navigation, Uloola Track, Uloola Falls, Karloo Pool, Engadine. Tracks,
9 Oct        M     climbs, creek crossings; 15km; 200m ascent.

Sat          5     Gardens of Stone: Panoramas of the Capertee 4 – Pantoneys Crown An ascent of this unique icon of
9 Oct        M     the Capertee Valley. A long day with an early start, but with the rewards of outstanding views and a real
                   sense of accomplishment. Mostly trackless walking; some rock scrambling and exposure to heights; 12km;
                   500m ascent. Map: Ben Bullen

Sat          5     Blue Mountains NP: Wild Dog Wanderings #5 Galong, Ironpot Mountain, Ironmonger Spur, Coxs River,
9 Oct        M     Merrigal Creek, Blue Pup Spur, Cattle Dog Ridge, Breakfast Creek, Pots and Pans. 21km, 1 x 600m, 1 x
                   500m ascent, on and off track, partly exploratory, some exposure possible. Come and explore the beauty of
                   the Wild Dogs with me – views and climbs to die for!

Sat 9 and          Remote Area First Aid Course: Weekend 1 Run over 2 weekends by BWRS (Bushwalkers Wilderness
Sun 10             Rescue Squad) and held at Berrima Scout Camp. Cost $250 with a 50% refund to Bush Club members. Full
Oct                details on the BWRS website: Second weekend Oct 23 and 24. Please advise Sandra if
                   you are attending.

Sun          1     Cooks River: a Cooks Tour – 10km, 10 bridges on 10/10 On this auspicious day meander along the
10 Oct             Cooks River crossing a variety of road and foot bridges from the Airport Bridge to Canterbury Station. All
                   pathways and grass. No need to book. Map: UBD

Sun 10 to    4     Missing MMM Stages: Eurobodalla, Mimosa Rocks and Ben Boyd National Parks Floodwaters turned
Sat 16       M     us back in February and May on the South Coast, so we will use warm spring weather to enjoy some coastal
Oct                scenery. Climbing over rocks, and some scrub walking mandatory. Car camping day walks; about 15km per
                   day. Joint walk with NPA.

Mon          2     Wagstaffe to Ettalong Wagstaffe – Putty Beach – Maitland Bay – Bouddi NP – Ettalong; 14km.
11 Oct

Mon          3     Blue Mountains NP: Euroka Clearing to Red Hands Cave via Ironbark Link. Crayfish Pool for lunch.
11 Oct       M     Return via Campfire Creek Track. A short scramble down to Crayfish Pool; 16km. Map: Penrith

Wed          5-6   Gardens of Stone: Valley of the Kings Park at Airly Gap, climb the Airly Turret Track to the
13 Oct        M    communication tower, follow the Point Hatteras Track to GR 250 336 then descend into the Valley of the
            LTW    Kings – spend up to 3 hours exploring before returning via the Genowlan Mountain road and the Airly Turret
                   Track back to the vehicles. About 10km; 200m +&- several times. Map: Glen Alice

Wed                TIME TO SUBMIT WALKS FOR THE SUMMER PROGRAM (December – January – February)
13 Oct             Send your walks to the Walks Secretary:
                   1. via the Bush Club website at ;
                   2. by email to; or
                   3. by post to PO Box 95, Pymble Business Centre, 2073
Fri           2       Chatswood Station to Gordon Station via Ferndale Track, Lane Cove River Park, Great North Walk,
15 Oct                Blackbutt Track. A pleasant morning’s walk, arrive Gordon at lunchtime. Some ups and downs; 9km.

Fri           3       Turramurra to Thornleigh Turramurra – Sheldon Forest – Browns Waterhole – Whale Rock – Pennant
15 Oct        M       Hills Park – back to Great North Walk – Thornleigh Railway; about 18 km.

Fri 15 to      2      Kosciuszko NP: Kayaking, Upper Murray River Tom Groggin to Murray Gates. Camp Thu night at Tom
Sun 17       (one     Groggin, practise kayaking for beginners Fri, descend to Murray Gates Sat and repeat Sun. Bring own
Oct         grade 3   kayak (hired if necessary), fitted with spray-skirts. Helmets compulsory, PFDs compulsory. Pleasant
             rapid    camping for others who may not wish to kayak. Joint activity with NPA. No limit.

Sat           3       Woy Woy to Umina Woy Woy – to Great North Walk – old sanitary depot – Pearl Beach –Umina. Mostly
16 Oct        M       track and fire trail including some roughish but very pretty bush; about 17km.

Sat           3       Parramatta-Chipping Norton Lake Bike Ride: Bushwalkers on Bikes (2) Start near Parramatta, follow
16 Oct        M       railway cycleway towards Liverpool, detour to Chipping Norton Lake for picnic lunch (munch on your Asian
                      delicacies bought on the way). Circle lake park and back different route rejoining railway cycleway at Fairfield
                      and back to Parramatta. Just about all on flat bikeways (no cars) except for about 1km on quiet suburban
                      roads. Try something different in exercise. Join the ride, visit Sydney’s exotic Asian ethnic areas, buy their
                      tasty wares and then avoid running them down as they meander across the cycleway; 50km (like walking

Tue           3       Blue Mountains NP Katoomba – Landslide – Ruined Castle – Loop walk – Golden Stairs – Narrow Neck.
19 Oct        M       Rocks; scrambling; a big climb out; about 16km.

Tue 19 to     4       Classic Walks in the Wollemi 7: Mt Never Never Pack walk from Widden Valley across the Great Divide
Thu 21        M       tracing the historic bridle trail to Mt Never Never via Razorback and Coricudgy Creeks. Base camp two
Oct                   nights on the creek. See the traces of early pioneers as they sought to cross this rugged area; up to 10-
                      15km each day; 700m ascent. Maps: Coricudgy, Mt Pomany Limit: 8

Wed           2       Kincumba Mountain Tracks in a bushland reserve. Views and aboriginal history; 8km; easy pace.
20 Oct

Thu           3       Manly to South Head Day 6 From Circular Quay to South Head as much as possible via the coast to South
21 Oct        M       Head and finishing at Watsons Bay; about 19 km.

Sat           3       Royal NP: Bundeena – Marley – Bundeena Rock hopping along coast, visit Aboriginal rock carvings and
23 Oct        M       return via the inland track; 16km, medium pace. Map: RNP Tourist. Joint walk with NPA.

Sat           3       Berowra Valley Regional Park; Cowan to Berowra A nice part of the Great North Walk; 12km; 300m
23 Oct        M       ascent. Map: Cowan

Sat 23                Remote Area First Aid Course: Weekend 2 Run over 2 weekends by BWRS (Bushwalkers Wilderness
and                   Rescue Squad) and held at Berrima Scout Camp. Cost $250 with a 50% refund to Bush Club members. Full
Sun 24                details on the BWRS website: First weekend Oct 9 and 10. Please advise Sandra if you
Oct                   are attending.

Sun           2       Blue Mountains NP: Canyoning, Dargans Creek Bring wetsuit for the several short swims. No abseils,
24 Oct                but some short climb-downs. The climb out is by way of spikes in a tree and will be safeguarded by a rope.
                      Children over 11 welcome; 3km; 60m asc. Map: Lithgow Joint activity with NPA. No limit.

Mon           3-4     Sydney Harbour Circle and Loop Walks: Four separate walks around the foreshores (with a
25 Oct         M      smattering of local history) Section 3: Valentia Street Wharf, Woolwich to Thames Street Wharf,
                      Balmain Mostly flat walking; 23.5km. Coffee spots. Return ferry to Circular Quay.

25 Oct                February)
                      Send your walks to the Walks Secretary:
                      1. via the Bush Club website at ;
                      2. by email to; or
                      3. by post to PO Box 95, Pymble Business Centre, 2073

Tue           3       Manly to Artarmon The classic Manly to The Spit walk, and then via Quakers Hat and Tunks Park to
26 Oct        M       Artarmon. Wonderful harbour views and a lovely ferry ride; 22km.
Wed          5-6     Gardens of Stone: Eastern Extension of Genowlan Mountain Park at Airly Gap, climb the Airly Turret
27 Oct        M      Track to the communication tower then follow the Genowlan Mountain road to GR 267 335 then head east
            LTW      exploring very challenging terrain, maybe reaching the cliff line at GR 290 334. About 12km; 200m+&- many
                     times. Map: Glen Alice

Wed           3      East Gippsland: Cycling on Maureen’s Meander to Melbourne. Exploring on rail trails visiting places such
27 Oct to            as Nowa Nowa, Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance. We will cycle through tall forests, over old timber bridges
Mon                  and even visit a winery. Suitable for MTB’s and hybrids; up to 65km day; medium pace. Maps/books
1 Nov                available. Joint with NPA.

Fri           2      Rose Bay to Sculpture by the Sea at South Bondi Ferry Circular Quay to Rose Bay, then Vaucluse,
29 Oct               Parsley Bay, Watsons Bay, Sydney Coast Walk to Bondi and Sculpture by the Sea to Tamarama.

Fri           3      Lane Cove NP: Roseville Roseville to Fullers Bridge, De Burghs Bridge, return to Fullers Bridge via other
29 Oct        M      side of river, then walk back to Roseville Station. Undulating track; about 14km. Map: STEP

Sat           M      Berowra Valley Regional Park: Berowra to Hornsby
30 Oct        3      20km; 400m asc. Map: Hornsby

Sat          4       Blue Mountains NP: Wentworth Falls to Katoomba Darwins Track – National Pass – Leura Forest –
30 Oct       M       Furber Steps – Katoomba; about 19 km.


Mon           3      Sydney Harbour Circle and Loop Walks: Four separate walks around the foreshores (with a
1 Nov         M      smattering of local history) Section 4: Darling Street Wharf, East Balmain to Observatory Hill,
                     Wynyard Very pleasant 18 km walk. Lunch at Fish Markets. Coffee to finish.

Mon          5/6     Wollemi NP: Ravines of Dingo Creek Park the cars at GR 467 057, come down the ridge to a huge
1 Nov        M       natural arch and Dingo Creek; then follow Dingo Creek down to an unnamed tributary coming from
                     the N at GR 487 048; come up it to re-connect with the road (Deep Pass Trail). Walk back to the cars;
                     about 10km; exploratory. Map: Rock Hill

Tue          1-2     Sculpture by the Sea: Bondi to Tamarama and back The sculptor Rae Bolotin is one of the exhibitors
2 Nov                and will provide a commentary on her work; about 8km.

Tue 2 to      3      Morton NP: Budawangs From Wog Wog to Monolith Valley via Corang Peak and Canowie Brook. One of
Fri 5         M      the classic Budawangs walks; about 40km; moderate pace. Map: Corang, or Budawangs Sketch Map

Wed           2      Spit to Manly Walk to Manly wharf for lunch; 10km.
3 Nov

Thu                  Bush Club Committee Meeting 4.30pm, McManus Room, Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre, 16 Fitzroy
4 Nov                Street, Kirribilli

Fri          6       Gardens of Stone: The “Mothers Arms” Park at Airly Gap, climb the Airly Turret Track to the
5 Nov        M       communication tower then follow the Genowlan Mountain road to GR 268 349 attempt to cross the “Mothers
            LTW      Arms”, a series of precipitous ravines on the eastern cliff edge. If successful then explore pagoda country
                     east of GR 267 338. About 16km; 250m+&-. Map: Glen Alice

Fri         Social   Lunch with Ramblers and Friends Lunch from 12 noon onwards – no need to book. Venue is Bardwell
5 Nov                Park RSL next to Bardwell Park Railway Station (about 20 minutes from Central on East Hills Line).

Sat           2      Rumbalara and Katandra Reserves, Gosford An easy day out above Gosford; 14km; 150m ascent. Map:
6 Nov                Gosford

Sat           3      Watagans NP Gap Creek Lookout – Monkey Face Lookout – Gap Creek Picnic Area – Gap Creek Falls and
6 Nov         M      return. Overlooking the picturesque Martinsville Valley. Beautiful creek and cascade. Tracks, firetrails; 8km;
                     100m total vertical ascent. Map: Morisset
Sat           3     Wollongong Beaches Bike Ride there; Beach Walk back: Bushwalkers on Bikes (3) Bike Scarborough
6 Nov         M     – back to Ocean Bridge (spectacular views) then ride down to Sandon Point Reserve (all downhill), lock up
                    bikes (15km ride). Beach walk back along a series of beautiful beaches to Scarborough. Retrieve bikes by
                    cars. With dropping tide, we will have firm sand and able to walk around headlands on rock platforms. Time
                    for swim stops (water temp fine, think global warming) (10km walk). Try something different – bike ride,
                    beach walk and swim, or alternatively join just for beach walk (phone re alternate time).

Sat           5     Blue Mountains NP: Wild Dog Wanderings #6 Dunphys Car Park, Ironpot Mt, Pots and Pans, Breakfast
6 Nov         M     Creek, Cattle Dog Ridge, Bad Dog Deck, Black Horse Ridge, Breakfast Creek, Bellbird Ridge. 23km, 1 x
                    500m, 1 x 400m ascent, on and off track, partly exploratory, some exposure possible. Come and explore the
                    beauty of the Wild Dogs with me – views and climbs to die for!

Sat 6 and     3/4   Blue Mountains NP: Bungleboorie Creek – Beginners Pack Walk Waratah Ridge – Canyoners exit track
Sun 7         M     – Camp Cave – return. A great camp cave with a short side trip down to the spectacular Bungleboorie
Nov          LTW    Canyon. Some scrub and a minor scramble; 20km; 14km on track. Map: Wollangambe

Sat 6 and     5     Blue Mountains NP: Dumbano Creek Shay Ridge – Dumbano Creek – Mini Arthurs – Holts Heaven –
Sun 7         M     Shay Ridge. Off track, some rock scrambling, etc, but probably not as vigorous as the grading suggests.
Nov                 Hopefully we will see some good Waratah displays. Map: Wollangambe Joint walk with SBW. Party limit.

Mon           3     Hornsby to Epping Hornsby – Great North Walk – Thornleigh – Epping (via back way). Tracks, climbs,
8 Nov         M     bush; about 16 km.

Tue           2     Ku-ring-gai Chase NP: West Head Towlers Bay and Elvina Bay. This Alan Fairley classic starts and ends
9 Nov               with a ferry ride from Church Point; 10km; 200m.

Tue 9 and     3     Wollemi NP: Wollangambe Crater One night pack walk from Bell to Wollangambe Crater and back. A
Wed 10        M     great campsite near the river in the Wollemi wilderness; 9 km each way; some gradual climbs, all on track.
Nov          SEA    Beginner packwalkers welcome. Map: Wollangambe.

Tue 9 to      6     Wollemi NP: Mount Cameron area Three day walk-in base camp at Mount Cameron. Day 1 – the rarely
Thu 11        M     seen Brighties Falls. Day 2 – Apple Tree Point above Annie Rowan Creek. Day 3 – Windy Gully. Hard slog
Nov          LTW    along the old Mount Cameron Trail. Day 1, 18km; day 2, 8km; day 3, 21km. A demanding walk. Map: Rock

Thu           3     Cooks River History Walk Two Valley Trail taking in indigenous, environmental and architectural history,
11 Nov        M     washed down with good coffee. Extend walk to finish at Flemington Station; 21 km. Map available from:

Fri           3     Ku-ring-gai Chase NP: Cowan to Hawkesbury via Porto Hill and Peak Hill; 12km with 50% offtrack, a
12 Nov        M     steep climb out of Jerusalem Bay, and a steep rough descent into Sandy Bay. A “top” spot for lunch with
             LTW    magnificent 360o degree views. Gaiters/longuns recommended. Map: Cowan

Fri 12 and    3     Morton NP: Budawang Ranges Introduction to full pack walks and overnight camping. Inexperienced
Sat 13        M     walkers only. Limits apply.
Nov          LTW

Sat           3     Ku-ring-gai Chase NP: Wahroonga to Mt Colah 16km; 250m ascent. Map: Hornsby
13 Nov

Sat           2     Pindars Cave Steep climb 100m from Wondabyne Station but we’ll take it easy. Lunch beside a pretty
13 Nov              waterfall, nice views along the way. Plenty of time for photos, etc. All on track; 12km.

Sun           3     Blue Mountains NP: Canyoning, Bowens Creek North Several short swims, maybe 2 abseils. Long day,
14 Nov              so suggest we camp Sat night at Cathedral Reserve, Mt Wilson. Wetsuit advisable, helmet and abseil gear
                    essential. Bush Club abseiling policy applies. Children over 11 welcome; 8.5km walk; 220m asc. Map: Mt
                    Wilson Joint activity with NPA. Limit 12.

Mon           2     Manly to Collaroy via Little Manly and Collins Beach, Shelly Beach, Queenscliff, Curl Curl, Windy Drop
15 Nov              Down, Dee Why and Long Reef; about 17km.

Tue           2     Ettalong to Wagstaffe Ettalong – Bouddi – Bouddi spur – Killcare – Wagstaffe. Tracks, some climbs,
16 Nov              views; 12km.

Wed           2     Saratoga – Mt Pleasant Lookout – Davistown Tracks, streets and a small hill with steps. Water views,
17 Nov              wetlands and history; easy pace.
Wed           4     Wollemi NP: Canyoning, Gateway and NE Canyons This walk starts and ends at Deep Pass and takes us
17 Nov              down a canyon requiring a 5m jump into a pool (alternatively down a rope), then along Bungleboori Creek
                    and up NE Canyon to return via Railmotor Ridge. Wetsuit and gaiters recommended. No abseils; 9.5km
                    walk; 420m total asc. Children over 12 welcome. Map: Rock Hill Joint activity with NPA. Limit 10.

Wed           6     Wollemi NP: Penrose Gully south Park on the Wolgan Road near the ford crossing GR 415 208. Climb up
17 Nov        M     into the Penrose Gully walking the old Wolgan Valley Railway alignment to the crossing of the creek bed, GR
             LTW    427 208. From here it is wild off track walking as we attempt to reach the very limits of the deeply recessed
                    valley at GR 431 197. This is very tough country. Count on rope work, scrambling and a late finish. About
                    6km; 400m +&-.

Fri           3     West Pymble Radiation – Route 4: West Pymble to Eastwood West Pymble – GNW to Browns
19 Nov        M     Waterhole – Terrys Creek Track to Wood Street Reserve, Eastwood – then return; about 12km.

                    Transport options for this walk:
                    •   9.34am TransdevTsl bus no. 560 from Gordon railway station west side to West Pymble. Alight at bus
                        shelter in Wallalong Crescent. To get to Gordon:
                                  o 8.41am train from Central to Gordon (arrive 9.16 am); or
                                  o 9.09 am train from Hornsby to Gordon (arrive 9.22 am).
                    •   9.34 am TransdevTsl Bus no. 575 from Macquarie Centre (stand 4) Mac Uni railway station, to Hornsby.
                        Alight in Yanko Road at Congham Road then walk down Congham Road to Wallalong Crescent.
                    •   8.34 am TransdevTsl Bus 575 from Hornsby to Macquarie Centre. Alight in Yanko Road at Congham
                        Road then walk down Congham Road to Wallalong Crescent.
                    PET tickets valid on buses.
                    At end of walk, leave by bus no. 560, or bus no. 575, or by car.

Sat          3-4    Wollemi NP: Wheeney Gap Park the cars on North Wheeney Gap Trail, follow the trail E for about
20 Nov        M     5km and then descend to Flat Rock Creek. Follow it to Wheeney Gap where there is a waterfall and a
                    swimming hole. Climb the ridge back to the fire trail; about 13km. Map: Mountain Lagoon

Sat           4     Travers-Sabine and Leslie-Karamea Tracks, New Zealand Two 6 day full pack walks in the north of the
20 Nov to           South island with a two day rest between walks. High quality walks with high alpine passes, river walking,
Fri                 pleasant bush and interesting huts each night; 10 to 15 km each day with often rough tracks and plenty of
3 Dec               climbs and descents. Limit 8. Walk fully booked and wait list operating.

Sun           2     Brisbane Water NP Staples Lookout – Scopas Peak and return; 13km; 250m ascent.
21 Nov

Mon           3     North Wahroonga to Berowra Golden Jubilee Oval, Ku-ring-gai Chase link track, Gibberagong track,
22 Nov        M     Bobbin Head, Apple Tree Bay, Berowra; 15km.

Tue           3     Gladesville (Huntleys Point) to Gordon Some street but lots of bush tracks with lovely views of Lane
23 Nov        M     Cover River, walking along the east side of the river. A pleasant ferry ride to start the day; 20km.

Wed           3     Great North Walk: Circular Quay to Fullers Bridge via Woolwich, Buffalo Creek Reserve and Stringy Bark
24 Nov        M     Creek. Reasonably level terrain, with climbs on tracks; about 16km. Map: GNW

Wed           4-5   Newnes State Forest The Rain Cave, The Mist Cave and the Weather Cave. Working on research from
24 Nov         M    the Sydney Speleological Society we will visit three very special caves rarely visited by bushwalkers. No
             LTW    special skills required. If we finish early a visit to Michaels Chair may be included. About 4km; 200m+&-.

Thu           2     Ku-ring-gai Chase NP: West Head – Mackerel Beach plus bushcare Basin track in and Resolute track
25 Nov              out – about one hour each way. Stunning views, aboriginal rock carvings, excellent swimming. Morning tea
                    and tools, gloves provided. Three hours of weed eradication.

Sat           3     Ku-ring-gai Chase NP: Mt Colah to Berowra via Kalkari and Berowra Tracks. Excellent views along
27 Nov        M     Cowan Creek; 16km; ups & downs + 1x200m asc. Maps: Hornsby 1:25,000, or Ku-ring-gai Chase NP
                    tourist (NPWS)

Sat           3     Blue Mountains NP: Upper Blue Mountains Porters/Colliers Passes and Walls Ledge. All on track,
27 Nov        M     relaxed pace; 10km; 260m asc/des.

Sat           4     Royal NP: Bundeena to Otford Coast track to South Era – Burgh Ridge – Cliff Track – Otford. Long walk –
27 Nov        M     fit walkers –nice views – pie shop at the end; about 23km.

Sat 27 and   2-3    Gardens of Stone: Mt Airly and Mt Genowlan Spend a night in a wonderful area of pagoda country, rich in
Sun 28              history and with outstanding views. Two day walks from a base camp (at cars) in Airly Gap will provide
Nov                 ample time to view the old cave houses and mines, as well as experience the escarpment views, and a few
                    other hidden treasures as well. Map: Glen Alice
Sat 27 and     3       Morton NP: Kayak weekend, Kangaroo Valley Paddle from Tallowa Dam up the beautiful Shoalhaven
Sun 28         M       River Gorge branch towards Fossickers Flat, camp (at present dam level) likely near Wirritin Creek (3hrs
Nov                    paddle). Dream kayaking as no power craft allowed and superb grassy camping site (thanks to feral goats).
                       On Sun paddle back, stop at Bullangalong Creek for 1km walk to waterfall and pool for extra swim. Here’s a
                       chance to ‘backpack’ in luxury, like taking a comfy blow up bed, pillow, an esky, chilled chardonnay and a
                       couple of steaks all inside/on kayak, not on your back! PFD’s compulsory. (Kayak hire available Kangaroo

Sun            3       Blue Mountains NP: Hazelbrook Hazelbrook, Cataract Falls, Federal Falls, Junction Falls, Victor Falls,
28 Nov         M       Terrace Falls, Bedford Pool and return to Hazelbrook. Relaxed pace; 12km; 160m asc/desc.

                                                 ADVANCE NOTICES

Mon 3 to       4       Maureen's Meander to Melbourne: Croajingalong NP Clinton Rocks to Mallacoota; 5 days full pack and
Mon 10         M       then 3 days car camping at Cape Conran Conservation Park. Permit applied for to continue coastal walking
Jan                    with beaches, rocks, sand dunes and sometimes off track; 10 to 16km per day; medium pace. Max 8
2011                   people. Joint walk with SBW.

Sun 16 to    2-3-4-5   Snowy Mountains NP Walks in Southern Kosciuszko area. Stay at St George Lodge, Jindabyne - $100 per
Sun 23                 person. Fully booked, and wait list operating. (Any members staying independently in the area are welcome
Jan                    to join our day walks.)

Tue 8 to       3       Morton National Park: Great Horseshoe Bend 2 and Little Horseshoe Bend Day 1 – Again starting from
Thu 10         M       Bullion Hill and descending to the Shoalhaven River and set up a base camp, spend afternoon swimming.
Feb                    Day 2 – With lilos, walk/lilo our way upriver to Little Horseshoe Bend and also to explore Tim’s Gully and an
2011                   old mining area, return to camp. Day 3 Cruisey return to cars. Map: Touga

Tue            2       Hume and Hovell Track Day walks, car camping.
22 Feb to
Sun 6 Mar

Thu            5       South Coast Track, Tasmania This 85km walk is “one of the great wilderness walks in the world”,
24 Feb to      M       following the southern coastline of SW National Park from Melaleuca airstrip to Cockle Creek on the east
Thu 3 Mar              coast. Pristine beaches, big climbs. Limited numbers.

March          4       Tasmania Full pack walks in the Walls of Jerusalem, and Frenchmans Cap track. These walks will follow
2011           M       Kaye Birch’s South Coast Walks.

Feb/Mar        4       Patagonia Lyn Taylor will be our guide and will get final prices to me very soon. We're planning about 4
2011                   weeks in Patagonia, including the 'W' trek and Easter Island on the way over. Then we'll have an optional 2
                       weeks in the Atacama Desert of Chile and NW Argentina which, I've been told are fantastic. I'll email details
                       asap to those who have shown an interest. Note that this walk will be organised and led by a commercial
                       organisation and is not a Bush Club programmed walk. Therefore insurance arrangements of The Bush Club
                       do not apply.

Sun 6 to       4       Snowy Mountains. A series of day walks in the high country. Short full pack walk of 2km to Daveys Hut on
Sat 12         M       the Gungarlin River to set up camp for 3 nights. Day walks to Kidmans and Botherum Plain Huts. On day 4
March                  we drive a short distance then walk in 2 km to Cesjacks Hut near the Doubtful River where we again camp
2011                   for 3 nights with day walks to Mt Jagungal (the bushwalkers' mecca) and along the Doubtful. Great mountain
                       walking with some off track but no huge climbs. Great camp sites. A good way of exploring the Snowies
                       without carrying heavy packs for long periods. Limit 12. Walk out and drive home on March 12 with a stop for
                       hot showers and lunch.

April        2-3-4     Northern NSW National Parks Car camping expedition visiting Werrikimbe, New England, Cathedral Rock,
2011                   Guy Fawkes, and Gibraltar/Washpool National Parks.

Sat 23 Apr     6       Combined Everest Base Camp – Three Passes and Gokyo Lakes Trip: The Highest Walk on Earth Fly
to Sun 22              to Kathmandu and then fly to Lukla (and return similarly). A teahouse trek staying and eating in lodges and
May 2011               inns along the way (no camping). Walk to Namche Bazaar – Tengboche – Chhukung – then day walks to
                       Chhukung Ri (peak) 5545m and Island Peak Base Camp. Thence over Kongma La (pass) 5545m to Gorak
                       Shep. Day walks to Everest Base Camp and various lakes en route. Thence to Renjo La (5345m) and back
                       to Lukla. Two days at Kathmandu either end. Good fitness required, as well as cultural sensitivity. Self
                       guided to save $$$. Cost estimate $3,500 to $4,000. Warm clothing needed, breathtaking scenery, nice
                       people and interesting culture. Limit 8 (3 vacancies). In conjunction with Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking
Jun            6     Kokoda Track Eight Day Trek Come and experience the physical challenge and raw emotion of this
2011                 legendary track. 96km of steep climbs and descents. Numbers limited. Dates to be finalised but will be
                     outside Australian school holidays. Contact leader for information pack. Other activities, eg ascent of Mt
                     Wilheim (4509m), after Kokoda track being planned. Note that this walk will be organised and led by a
                     commercial organisation and is not a Bush Club programmed walk. Therefore insurance arrangements of
                     The Bush Club do not apply.

Aug            4     Hiking Across the Alps: from Germany, through Austria, Switzerland to Northern Italy 15 days,
2011                 unsupported (you have to carry your own equipment ie clothes 7-8kg), Escorted, Staying huts, hotels, shared
                     rooms. All transport to and from UK, all accommodation, all meals included. Approx. cost $AUD2000

Sep            4     The West Highland Way plus The Great Glen Way Scotland (Milngarvie, Glasgow, to Inverness via
2011                 Fort William) This 269 km, 18 day walk will be self-guided, but commercially supported (B&B
                     accommodation and door to door luggage transfer ). Cost £895 per person in 2010 prices, plus your
                     meals/airfares, etc. Deposit of £90 per person required. Must be prepared to share room. Limit 10. Exact
                     dates will be determined when booking made. Two groups formed. A waiting list applies. Member Priority

       For train, bus and ferry timetables, see the transport infoline on or call
       131500. Log on to (or call
        9995 5000) for park closures, flood and fire information. Phone leader for queries about walks.
         Receive short notice walks and changes to scheduled walks by email, or call one of the contact
                                  people listed in the Bush Club Newsletter.

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