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					                                  Brasserie Bread
                                    Bakery Café

                                   Favourite Café
                                     NSW 2006

                                   good living – sept 5, 2006

1737 Botany Road, Banksmeadow, NSW 2019 Tel: (02) 9666 6845 Email:
         All Brasserie Bread pastries are handmade and baked fresh daily

                                                                             Executive Breakfast
  Freshly Baked Pastries
                                                                             A basket of freshly baked buffet size
  A basket of buffet size pastries including:
                                                                             pastries served with seasonal
  Croissant, Pain Chocolate, Pain Raisin
  and Brioche.                                                               3

                                                                             Serves 12 - 14 people
  Serves 12 - 14 people

                                Savoury Breakfast
                                A platter of freshly baked double smoked
                                ham & cheddar cheese Croissants
                                Serves 12 - 14 people

Brioche of two varieties; the Chocolate Babka, layered with chocolate and orange ganache, and the Pineapple brioche, with fresh
raspberries and rich coconut.

Croissant      a classic French flaky, crisp pastry made from folded leavened pastry with the fantastic flavour of first class butter

Pain Chocolate          classic French pastry with the flavour of first class butter and quality Belgian chocolate

Pain Raisin        classic French pastry with the flavour of first class butter, raisins, currants & succulent sour cherries
   A selection of the following sandwiches made with freshly baked Brasserie Bread.
                    Served 2 per box & cut in half (4 halves per box).

                                                       Smoked Trout
Brasserie Chicken Club
                                                       Tasmanian smoked trout with cucumber salad,
Roasted chicken, Dijon mayonnaise, avocado, oven
                                                       mint, lemon and taramasalata on light rye
roasted tomato and bacon on a panini roll
Tuna and Herb
                                                       Roast Beef
Tuna, marinated with an extra virgin olive oil, herb
                                                       Roast beef with ravigote dressing (cornichons,
dressing, boiled egg, red radish, black kalamata
                                                       capers, extra virgin olive oil, tarragon, parsley)
olives, lettuces and oven dried tomato on Quinoa
                                                       and fried onions on sourdough
and Soya
                                                       Mushroom and Ricotta
Croque Monsieur
                                                       Grilled field mushroom, basil and ricotta on
Smoked ham with gruyere cheese and rocket on
                                                       spelt wholemeal bread
Organic Sourdough
                                                       Goat curd
                                                       Avocado, oxheart tomato, goat curd and
                                                       lettuce of Quinoa and Soya sourdough

       Basket of traditional tea sandwiches featuring 3 ribbons of fillings.
       Ideal for a light snack or finger food.
       There are 3 baskets available – all meat, vegetarian, mixed (meat/vegie)
           All Brasserie Bread cakes are handmade and baked fresh daily

           Mixed Cakes                                       Brownies & Fruit
           A platter of 15 mixed cakes                       A platter of 10 Brownies served
           Pecan Bites, Friands & Brownies                   with seasonal fruit

Brownie fudge style brownie made with 3 kinds of Belgium chocolate & Californian walnuts (gluten free)

Pecan Bite a light cake filled with caramelized Pecan nuts moistened with non-alcoholic grand marnier syrup

Raspberry Friand made with almond meal folded throughout with raspberries & sprinkled with pistachios

                                All salads are tossed fresh to order

Mixed Salad                                                Cos lettuce
Green salad mixed with the days                            Caesar style salad with Cos lettuce,
selection of vegetables served with                        prosciutto & parmesan croutons
balsamic vinaigrette                                       Individual bowl served with a Brasserie Bread
Individual bowl served with a Brasserie Bread              roll/butter & dressing on the side
roll/butter & dressing on the side

Goats Cheese and Spinach
Crispy, pan seared goats cheese,
lentil du puy & baby spinach salad
Individual bowl served with a Brasserie
Bread roll/butter & dressing on the side
Breakfast                                                  Champion Sandwiches
Fresh Pastries                     $50.00                  Meat                $10.00
Executive Breakfast                $75.00                  Vegetarian          $9.00
Savoury Breakfast                  $75.00                  Mixed               $10.00

Salad                                                      Ribbon Sandwiches
Mixed salad                        $11.00                  Vegetarian                         $60.50
                                                           Meat                               $71.50
Cos lettuce                        $11.00
                                                           Mixed                              $66.00
Spinach & Goats Cheese             $14.00
Still spring water 500ml           $3.00                   Desserts & Fruit Platters
                                                           Mixed Cakes (15)         $45.00
Sparkling spring 500ml             $3.00
                                                           Brownies & Fruit (10)    $65.00
Freshly squeezed OJ 2ltr           $13.00

Delivery Fee                       $10.00                  Extras
                                                           Plates                             FOC
All prices include GST
                                                           Knife & Fork                       FOC
                                                           Napkins                            FOC
Terms & Conditions
1. All orders must be placed on Brasserie Bread Fax Order Form
2. Orders for same day delivery must be received by 10.00am – only orders under $100
3. All other orders must be placed by 2.30pm the afternoon before required delivery day
4. Minimum order for delivery is $50.00 (pick-up also available from bakery)
5. Delivery Fee $10.00 within designated delivery area
6. Cancellation permitted up to 2.30pm the day prior to delivery, after this time a 50% cancellation
   fee will be charged.
7. Payment Terms – payment in advance by cheque or credit card, or by cheque upon delivery.
                                                                                                   12 Dec 2008

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