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SFPD Tops in Combined Charities Campaign by mikeholy

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									                                                                        c Official Publication Of The c
                                                                        SAN FRANCISCO
                                                                 POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION
  VOLUME 42, NUMBER 2                                        SAN FRANCISCO, FEBRUARY 2010                                                   

President’s Message
By Gary Delagnes,                          cards fall.”                                right and wrong, and imbedded our-
SFPOA President                                The common bond I shared with           selves in our own cultural and histori-
                                           my father was sports. Listening to a        cal perspectives.
“If you’re going through hell,             Giant’s game on the radio or going to          9/11 and the economic melt down
keep going.”                               a 49er game at Kezar stadium was all I      of the first decade of the new century
                  — Winston Churchill      really needed. When I played a good         was a wake up call to our own sense
                                           game in a team sport my dad would           of security. Retirement plans changed,
“Successful leadership is learning how     always dwell on what I didn’t do rather     saving accounts dwindled, effective
to disappoint people at an acceptable      then what I accomplished, and while         education for our children threatened.
pace.”                                     that may be responsible for some of            For the first time in our lives many
 — Marty Linsky, Harvard University        my own insecurities, it taught me to        of the things we took for granted were
                                           never except the status quo, and never      now being threatened and we were
   I am pretty confused these days,        be satisfied with my accomplishments        scared. People often ask me why more
which I accredit to, among other           because there is always so much more        of our members have not entered the
things, the fact that I’m a typical ag-    I can do.                                   DROP program, and I tell them it is
ing Baby Boomer. The events of 9/11            My parents could afford to send         fear of the unknown, fear of letting
thrust me, and many others, into a         me to St. Ignatius because the price        go, fear of the finality of saying good-
new world of reality that I had not        was manageable and not yet the elit-        bye to a profession that has become
before experienced.                        ist institution that it and other private   so much of who we are. We are loyal
   My parents were                                                                                         people who do not       SFPOA President Gary Delagnes
loving, but not very                                                                                       want to lose con-
expressive in that
love. We never had
                        I lost many nights of sleep trying                                                 tact with so many
                                                                                                           of the great friends
                                                                                                                                   enforcement in today’s world. My role
                                                                                                                                   is to help bring a woefully archaic and
a lot, but we had
enough. I had a used
                        to figure out how to help move the                                                 we have met along
                                                                                                           the way.
                                                                                                                                   antiquated police department into
                                                                                                                                   the 21st century, but to do so with
bike, and used base-
ball cleats, but I was
                        department along in a positive way,                                                   W hen Heat her
                                                                                                           Fong finally stepped
                                                                                                                                   minimal disruption to those who have
                                                                                                                                   become very set in their ways and
happy and content.
   We knew our par-
                        while fighting for and retaining our                                               down, I knew the
                                                                                                           challenges for me
                                                                                                                                   abhor change.
                                                                                                                                       These are very tough issues with no
ents loved us but
also sensed that af-
                        members’ hard won labor rights. Issues                                             as president of this
                                                                                                           organization would
                                                                                                                                   clear answers. I am doing the best I can
                                                                                                                                   to walk the tight rope between effec-
ter experiencing the
“Great Depression”
                        loomed like a storm on the horizon                                                 be great. I was fully
                                                                                                           awa re t hat Chief
                                                                                                                                   tive change and unnecessary change.
                                                                                                                                   While we have done a remarkable job
in their youth, and                                                                                        Gascón was not be-      advancing the wages, benefits, and
then the great World                                                                                       ing hired to main-      working conditions of our members
War in their early 20s, they developed     schools have become. I remember             tain the status quo. I also knew that       another new challenge will arise today,
a strong bond with one another.            doctors actually coming to our house        there were many older members who           tomorrow, and everyday thereafter
   I was raised in a middle class up-      when someone was sick and charging          were not going to accept change easily.     that will help some, and adversely af-
bringing in the Sunset district. I never   very little for a house call. More simple   I was aware that we were heading for        fect others. All I can do is the best I can
doubted for one minute that my par-        times, sure, but not without many of        a cultural and historical head-on that      to respect all of your concerns and as I
ents loved me, and I didn’t need to        the same fundamental challenges that        was going to disrupt the status quo and     quoted Marty Linsky at the beginning
hear it 20 times each day. My parents      confront us today. I think most of us       the POA was going to be right smack         of my article, “To disappoint you at an
believed, rightly so, that nobody ever     became strong, self reliant people that     in the middle.                              acceptable pace” before you tire of me
kissed their ass and they sure as hell     really didn’t expect any hand outs and         I lost many nights of sleep trying       and look for a better alternative.
weren’t going to kiss mine. Their man-     pretty much knew we had to make our         to figure out how to help move the              I will remind my fellow Baby Boom-
tra was, “ We love you, we want you        own way in the world and with the           department along in a positive way,         ers of one very important fact. We are
to be successful in life, but we aren’t    exception of our family and a few close     while fighting for and retaining our        the sons and daughters of the greatest
going to hold your hand along the          friends nobody really gave a damn           members’ hard won labor rights. Issues      generation. We are tough and self reli-
way. Go on out there and make your         whether we lived or died.                   loomed like a storm on the horizon;         ant with a tremendous ability to adapt
own way in life. If somebody knocks           We also had a comfortable existence      Decentralization of the Investigative       to change. Remember the lessons of
you down, get up and move on. If           without many of the challenges our          Bureau; civilianization, rising costs       our parents and just keep moving
somebody punches you in the face,          parents faced growing up. We became         of health care and pension benefits;        forward because in the end that is our
punch them back and see where the          creatures of habit who believed in          modern benchmarks of efficient law          only option.

SFPD Tops in Combined Charities Campaign
By Greg Corrales                                                                         On January 14, 2010, I attended the 2009 Combined Charities Campaign
                                                                                       Appreciation and Recognition Awards Ceremony.
   Thank you to all of you that made this year’s Combined Charities Cam-                 I am very proud to report that the San Francisco Police Department received
paign the most successful ever. Despite the economic uncertainty that we are           four awards in the Large Department category:
all facing, members of the SFPD stepped up to the plate. The campaign goal
                                                                                         1st place —     Overall Dollars Raised (over $225,000).
was for 20% participation by City employees. Citywide we reached that goal.
                                                                                         2nd place —     Increase in Dollars Raised ($20,000).
Members of the San Francisco Police Department participated in the campaign
                                                                                         2nd place —     Campaign Participation (40.1%).
at a rate of 40.1%
                                                                                         3rd place —     Increase in Percent Participation (3.8%).
   I think special thanks are in order to the Inspector’s Bureau participation of
49.9%, Mission Station at 65.2%, Central Station at 66.7%, Ingleside Station at         The 1100 members that participated in the 2009 campaign gave me one
80.8%, and Traffic Company at 100% (93 out of 93).                                     more reason to be very proud to be a member of the SFPD. Thank you!
Page 2                                                                                         POA Journal                                                                                                                           February 2010

Minutes of the January 20, 2010 POA Board Meeting*
1. Sergeant-at-Arms Breen called the                   defer any further raises.                            their respective members of the                                               Harry Dorfman for Judge and a
   meeting to order at 1207 hours and               6. If proposed legislation passes dur-                  importance of timely notification                                             $1000.00 donation for Don Perata
   lead the Pledge of Allegiance.                      ing the June 2010 election, new                      to the POA with regards to OCC                                                for Oakland Mayor.
2. Secretary Montoya conducted the                     employees hired after 7-1-10 will                    representation.                                                           13. President Delagnes adjourned the
   roll call of the Board of Directors                 have a 9% retirement contribution                10. Treasurer Halloran advised that                                               meeting at 1436 hours with a mo-
   and Executive Board.                                and 2% health care cost contribu-                    the Building Committee accepted                                               ment of silence for Sgt. Rob Har-
3. Mike Galloway of Galloway Asset                     tion. This does not affect active                    an offer for 502 7th Street. The of-                                          wood (Co A) and Retired Officer
   Management gave a presentation                      employees including those who                        fer was for the asking price which                                            Glenn Ghiselli.
   to the Board of Directors regarding                 promote after 7-1-10.                                is $975,000.00. On the advice of
   services his company offers.                     7. The Legislative Committee rec-                       Cushman and Wakefield who are                                                                                            Tony Montoya
4. As outlined in section 900 of the                   ommended an endorsement of                           listing and showing the properties                                                                                        POA Secretary
   SFPOA Bylaws (Legal Defense                         Harry Dorfman for Judge. Trea-                       on 7th Street, the asking price for
   Fund), “The trustees shall consist                  surer Halloran made a motion that                    510 7th Street was lowered from                                           *These minutes will not be adopted
   of the Officers and four Directors                  was seconded by Representative                       $1,875,000.00 to $1,675,000.00.                                           by the Board of Directors until the
   selected by the Executive Board                     Browne (Co. A) To endorse Harry                  11. Treasurer Halloran provided each                                          next General Membership meeting.
   and approved by simple majority                     Dorfman for Judge. The motion                        Board Member with a copy of the                                           Corrections and amendments might
   vote by the Board of Directors in                   went to a voice vote and passed                      Expense Recap. After discussing                                           be made prior to a vote to enter the
   accordance with Article IV (Officers                unanimously.                                         adjustments that occurred on cer-                                         minutes into the permanent record. All
   and Directors) of these Bylaws.”                 8. The Legislative Committee recom-                     tain the line items, the overall 2009                                     corrections and/or amendments will be
   Due to the passing of Mike Walsh, a                 mended an endorsement of Scott                       budget was under by $46,000.00.                                           published in the succeeding issue of the
   vacancy occurred on the LDF. Trea-                  Wiener (Deputy City Attorney) for                12. Treasurer Halloran advised the PAC                                        Journal.
   surer Halloran made a motion that                   Supervisor (District 8). President                   approved a $2500.00 donation to
   was seconded by Representative                      Delagnes made a motion that was
   Ferraez (Co. C) that Representative                 seconded by Secretary Montoya
   Falzon (Vice) be appointed to the                   and Sergeant-at-Arms Breen to                           Board of Directors Meeting Roll Call
   LDF. The motion went to a voice                     endorse Scott Wiener for Supervi-
   vote and passed unanimously.                        sor (District 8). The motion went                                                Wednesday, January 20, 2010
5. President Delagnes told the Board                   to a voice vote and passed unani-
                                                                                                          President                       Gary Delagnes                       P
   of Directors to advise their respec-                mously.
   tive members that the POA has no                 9. Vice President Martin advised                      Vice President Kevin Martin                                         P       Co. G                Dean Sorgie                                    P
   intention to open the contract or                   the Board of Directors to remind                   Secretary                       Tony Montoya                        P                            Dominic Yin                                    P
                                                                                                          Treasurer                       Marty Halloran                      P       Co. H                Maris Goldsborough                             P
                                                                                                          Sergeant-At-Arms                                                                                 James Trail                                    P
                                                                                                                    Chris Breen                                               P       Co. I                Scott Biggs                                    P
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jody Kato                                      E
                                                                                                          Editor               Ray Shine                                      P
                                                                                                                                                                                      Co. J                Kevin Lyons                                    P
                                                                                                          Co. A                Ed Browne                                      P
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Brian Philpott                                 E
                                                                                                                               George Rosko                                   P
                                                                                                                                                                                      Co. K                Matt Gardner                                   P
                                                                                                          Co. B                Larry Bertrand                                 P                            Corrado Petruzella                             P
                                                                                                                               Jayme Campbell                                 P
                                                                                                                                                                                      Hdqtr.               Bob Mammone                                    P
                                                                                                          Co. C                George Ferraez                                 P
                                                                                                                                                                                      Narcotics Dave Falzon                                               P
                                                                                                                               Chris Schaffer                                 E
                                                                                                                                                                                                Frank Hagan                                               P
                                                                                                          Co. D                Martin Covarrubias                             P
                                                                                                                                                                                      Tactical             Dan Laval                                      P
                                                                                                                               Jose Jimenez                                   P
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mark Madsen                                    P
                                                                                                          Co. E                Jesus Peña                                     P       Invest.              Gavin McEachern                                P
                                                                                                                               Tim Flaherty                                   E                            Dean Taylor                                    P
                                                                                                          Co. F                Peter Dacre                                    P       Airport              Anton Collins                                  P
                                                                                                                               Rob Imbellino                                  P                            Joe Finigan                                    P
                                                                                                                                                                                      Retired              Ray Allen                                      P
Mike Galloway of Galloway Asset Management addresses the Board

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February 2010                                                                 POA Journal                                                                                 Page 3

Counselor’s Corner

Blame It on the Unions
By John Tennant                             mune from the temptation to wag               renewed growth of productivity have            drive all down to a lower level. One
SFPOA Counsel                               the finger at public sector labor for         not brought corresponding increases            can see this tactic at work in recent
                                            California’s economic woes. Former            in real wages (for example, between            criticism over the Senate Bill’s exemp-
   Nearly twenty years ago, Chicago         Assembly Speaker and San Francisco            1973 and 1995, output per person of            tion of union-bargained health care
labor lawyer Thomas Geoghegan la-           Mayor Willie Brown wrote in his               all non-farm workers in the private sec-       plans from the new 40 percent tax on
mented the sorry state of organized         weekly SF Chronicle column early last         tor increased by 25 percent, while the         so-called “Cadillac” health care plans
labor in his moving and heartbreak-         month that “[W]e politicians, pushed          real wages of non-supervisory workers          in the proposed health care reform
ing memoir, Which Side Are You On?          by our friends in labor, gradually            fell by twelve percent). The only brake        bill. Some decry this as a union “sweet-
Geoghegan wrote,                            expanded pay and benefits to private-         available to halt that slide has been the      heart” deal, when the real villain is use
“A union move-                              sector levels while keeping the job                                                          of the misleading term “Cadillac” to
ment in America                             protections and layering on incredibly                                                       describe health care plans that aren’t
will always be a                            generous retirement packages that pay         To blame organized                             necessarily more generous than other
scandal.” By this                           ex-workers almost as much as current                                                         plans but simply happen to cost more
he me a nt t h at                           workers.”                                     labor — public sector                          based on any number of factors (e.g.,
even when labor                                This sounds suspiciously close to                                                         Are the people covered old or sick vis-
was for t u nate                            the myth that Geoghegan’s memoir              unions in particular                           à-vis those in other, less costly plans?
enough to secure
a modicum of suc-
                                            exposed, namely, that it’s scandalous
                                            in America to suggest that a working
                                                                                          — for the sufferings                           Is the “Cadillac” plan located in an
                                                                                                                                         area of the country with a high cost
cess in the often ruthless economy,
such victories would invariably be
                                            man or working woman should ever
                                            receive any wage or benefit that might
                                                                                          faced by their non-                            of living?, etc.). Indeed, as Washington
                                                                                                                                         Post business columnist Allan Sloan
used in service of the loathsome myth       be thought of as “incredibly generous.”       union counterparts                             illustrates, take the 100 U.S. Senators
that unions per se have a debilitating      Again, here is Geoghegan’s devastating                                                       out of their current federal plan where
effect on the American economy. As          take on that myth, in his description         in the current dismal                          they benefit from being pooled with
Geoghegan put it with unsparing             of Chicago labor back in 1991:                                                               many other, younger federal employ-
sarcasm, “After all, this is America,          The rank and file sit in front of          economy is to get                              ees, put them in their own health care
and there should be no “working
class” with people making $40,000 or
                                            the TV…like the rest of the country.
                                            Except they know that the rest of the
                                                                                          things precisely                               plan, and you would have insurance
                                                                                                                                         premiums far above what the Senate
$50,000 a year.” (Remember what real
wage levels were back in 1991 when
                                            country is gunning for them: for their
                                            cars, their RVs, their Chicago Bear
                                                                                          backwards.                                     characterizes as “Cadillac” plans!
                                                                                                                                            To blame organized labor — public
Geoghegan wrote those words.)               tickets, their big, high-wage, high-                                                         sector unions in particular — for the
   It is no surprise that the myth of       pension jobs. After all, this is America,     grit and determination of organized            sufferings faced by their non-union
unions dragging the economy down            and there should be no “working               labor, despite the ever-decreasing per-        counterparts in the current dismal
gathers more force in tough economic        class,” with people making $40,000            centage of the workforce that actually         economy is to get things precisely
times. It’s natural to want to point the    or $50,000 a year. There should just          belongs to a labor union.                      backwards. Would that all workers
finger at someone, something, when          be one big indeterminate middle                  But it is a tactic as old as the hills to   enjoyed the level of success we have
people from so many different walks         class, like in Les Miserables. A union        pit one group of more successful work-         managed to obtain.
of life find it tougher to make ends        movement in America will always be            ers against their beleaguered coun-                “Roll the Union On…”
meet. And given the crisis in the state     a scandal.                                    terparts in the contemptible effort to
budget with its ominous repercus-              It should not be “scandalous” that
sions for local government, the finger      California’s finest receive “generous”
is pointed squarely at public sector        wages and retirement benefits for the                           Re-Elect San Francisco
unions like ours. A new book put out        dangerous and often thankless work
by the director for journalism at the       they perform. The real scandal is — or                  Police Credit Union Board of Directors
Pacific Research Center (a free market
think tank based in San Francisco)
                                            ought to be — the fact that too many
                                            other workers receive inadequate
                                                                                                    Steve Tacchini, Bob Puts, Willie Frazier
carries the provocative title, Plunder!     wages and, more often than not, no                 The continued stability, strength, and long term prosperity of our credit
How Public Employee Unions Are Raid-        pension benefits. Indeed, starting              union must be maintained. Despite the current economic crisis affecting
ing Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and   as early as the 1970’s, most workers            financial institutions across the country, the San Francisco Police Credit
Bankrupting the Nation.                     have seen a consistent, downward                Union is thriving and prosperous. We need to maintain the successful lead-
   While it might be understandable         trend in their real wages. While some           ership of the SFPCU, which has served members’ needs for so many years.
that a staunch free market advocate         might point to overall declines in U.S.            Ballots will be mailed to all eligible members. Voting will be from Janu-
would make such a claim, even those         productivity as part of the explana-            ary 15 – February 15, 2010. Your vote is essential to continue the economic
whom we have traditionally assumed          tion for such wage stagnation, the              success and security we currently enjoy.
to be allies in our cause are not im-       fact remains that various periods of

                                                        Calendar of Events
          ark your calendars for the following meetings and events by the POA and its friends and supporters. All dates and times are subject to last minute
          changes, so always contact the event coordinator to confirm dates and times. If you have an event you would like posted on our calendar, contact
          the editor at

Regularly Scheduled Meetings or Events
Event                                       Location                                Date & Time                                            Coordinator

Veteran Police Officers Association         3255 Folsom, SF                             Second Tues. of Every Month, 11:00 AM              Larry Barsetti (415) 566-5985

Widows & Orphans Aid Association            Ingleside Police Station,                   Second Tues. of Every Month, 2:00 PM               Mark Hurley (415) 681-3660
                                            Community Room

Meeting, American Legion                    Old POA Building                            Second Tues. of Every Month, 6:00 PM               Rene Laprevotte
SF Police-Fire Post                         510-7th Street, SF                                                                    

POA Board of Directors Meeting              POA Building                                Third Wed. of Every Month, Noon                    POA Office (415) 861-5060

Meeting, Retired Employees of CCSF          Irish Cultural Center                       Second Wed. of Every Month, 11:00 AM               Reyna Kuk (415) 681-5949

Retiree Range Re-qualification              SFPD Pistol Range                           First Fri. of each Month, 0730 – 1130              Range Staff (415) 587-2274

Specially Scheduled Events

Foothill Fuzz Luncheon                      Redhawk Casino, US 50                       Thursday, February 25, 2010                        Rene Laprevotte
                                            near Shingle Springs                                                                 

9th Annual Guns & Hoses Tourney             SF Tennis Club                              Saturday, April 24, 2010                           Robin Matthews (415) 553-1093
Page 4                                                                       POA Journal                                                                    February 2010

                           WidoWs’ and orphans’ aid association
                               PO Box 880034, San Francisco, CA 94188-0034 u Established 1878 u Telephone 415.681.3660

JANUARY 12,2010                            safety, even though he suffered from        who stabbed a victim with a piece of        believe you would let your member-
                                           smoke inhalation.                           broken glass. He had to overcome the        ship go with nothing to your family
   The regular meeting of the Widows’                                                  suspect and use his service revolver to     when you die.
and Orphans’ Aid Association of the           ROBERT L. CLEARY, 73 years. Bob          make the suspect drop the glass. The        SUSPENSION FOR NON-PAYMENT
San Francisco Police Department was        was born in San Francisco and grew          victim had over 40 stab wounds. He          DUES SIX MONTHS:
called to order by President Joe Gar-      up in the Excelsior. He attended Bal-       was awarded another medal for his              Article III, Section III of the Consti-
rity at 2PM in the Conference Room         boa High School. He proudly served          arrest of an armed robbery suspect          tution. Ivan Chavez, Stephen Christie,
of Ingleside Station.                      his country in the Army. Upon his           who fired at the officers. The suspect      Mario Machi, Walter Posey and Timo-
   PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by            discharge, he came home and took            was running from officers when he           thy Tang.
President Joe Garrity.                     the Police Examination and entered          fell and was overpowered and arrested.
   ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: Present          the Police Academy in 1962. His first       Tom was awarded a Gold Medal for his        REINSTATED TO MEMBERSHIP:
were President Joe Garrity, Vice Presi-    station was Ingleside. Three years later,   actions when off-duty on disability            Article III, Section 5 of the Consti-
dent John Centurioni, Treasurer Joe        he went to Central. From Central, he        leave. He witnessed an armed robbery        tution Michael Gannon and Jeffery
Reilly, Secretary Mark Hurley, Trustees    went to Planning and Research. Bob          and chased the suspects to a garage         Lindberg, PURSUANT TO ARTICLE III,
Mark McDonough, Bill Gay and Bob           received a Bronze Medal of Valor for        area and identified himself as a Police     SECTION 4 OF THE CONSTITUTION.
Mattox. Excused were Harold Vance          his arrest and disarming of a suspect       Officer. They fired at him and he re-       (NON-PAYMENT OF DUES FOR ONE
and Matt Gardner. Also presented           who was threatening a citizen with a        turned fire. He had to use his left hand    YEAR) This list is unbelievable to me
newly elected Treasurer John Fewer         knife. Unfortunately he had to leave        because his right arm was injured and       for all the time you pay your dues,
and Trustee Al Luenow.                     the department with a Disability pen-       in a sling. At least one of his shots hit   you no longer have any benefits to
   MINUTES OF THE DECEMBER                 sion in 1971.                               one suspect and other officers were         your family)
MEETING: Motion by Centurioni,                                                         able to follow the blood trail to make
seconded by Mattox that the minutes           LUCIO GARCIA, 88 years. Lucio            arrest. When awarded the Gold Medal         DROPPED FROM MEMBERSHIP
be approved as published. Motion           was born in San Francisco and grew up       he was given a enthusiastic well done          JA M E S BL A NSON, JACK CIPP
carried.                                   on Potrero Hill. He attended Mission        by the Police Commission.                   ARRONE, NANCY DOWNER, DA-
   BILLS. Treasurer Joe Reilly presented   High School and served his country                                                      VID DUGGER, RANDY, FLANNERY,
the usual bills. Motion by Gay, sec-       in the Navy. After his discharge, he           GUS BRUNEMAN, 81 years. Gus              THOMAS FOGARTY, BRUCE GEN-
onded by McDonough that the bills          returned home and took the Police           was born and raised in San Francisco.       DRON, HENRY HUNTER, JOHN KAN-
be paid.                                   Examination. He entered the Police          He was raised in Cow Hollow and went        NISTO, JACK KILLOUGH,GEORGE
                                           Academy in 1945. His first assignment       to Galileo High School. He served his       MALIM,MICHAEL NOWLIN, EU-
We Had Seven Deaths This Past              was Potrero Station. After a few years      country in the Army during WWII.            GENE REED, ROSALIND REID, ADELE
Month.                                     he was transferred to Southern. Six         He also went to USC, SF State, and          ROBERTS, VERNE ROHME, JIMMIE
   ROBERT J. HARWOOD, 40 years.            years later he went to Mission Station.     Golden Gate University. He took the         TOLIVER, JOYCE WATKINS, GARY
Bob was born in Soquel, California         He was awarded a like-work Sergeant         Police Examination and entered the          WOMMACK, HERMAN DIGGS AND
and went to Santa Cruz High School.        job and was transferred to Ingleside.       Police Academy in 1951. His first as-       KARL SELCHAD.
He served his country as a member          A year later, he retired on a service       signment was Park. A couple years              If your name is on the list or you
of the Coast Guard. After discharge,       pension as a Sergeant. He was awarded       later, he went to Northern. In 1960, he     know anyone please attempt to get in
he took the Police Examination and         several Captain’s Comp’s for his every-     made Sergeant and went to Richmond.         touch with them and have them call
entered the Police Academy in 1995.        day work in uniform. He worked Hotel        He then worked Central and South-           us at 415681 3660.
His first assignment was Richmond          security in retirement.                     ern. He worked the original Dog Unit           REPORT OF TRUSTEES: Our rep-
Station. After a year at Richmond, he                                                  when assigned to Southern. He made          resentatives from Wells Fargo Bank
was assigned to Taraval for three years.      GERALD J. SHAUGHNESSY, 82                Lieutenant in 1966, and was assigned        gave us a report. WE are a lot better
He then was transferred to Northern        years. Gerry was born in San Fran-          to Northern. He then was assigned to        off then we were last year. We gained
where he made Sergeant in 2007 and         cisco, grew up in the Excelsior, and        Community Relations and Inspectors          $792,039.00 to our account. That is
was transferred back to Richmond.          attended Balboa High School. He also        Bureau. He made Captain and worked          with all our expenses and paying all
In 2008 he was assigned to Central,        went to U.S. F. and served his country      Ingleside and Crime Prevention. He          our death benefits for the year. They
where he remained the remaining few        in the Navy during WWII. After his          also worked the Property Clerk, Juve-       reviewed a letter from Manatt, who of-
years of his life.                         discharge, he returned home, took           nile, Central, and Operations. In 1977,     fered to do pro-bono legal work for us
                                           the Police Examination and entered          he served as Supervising Captain and        and A Motion by Trustee Bill Gay that
   RICHARD D. ESTRADA, 71 years.           the Police Academy in 1951. His             Commander of Patrol. Gus retired            we go along with them and let them
Rich was born in Denver, Colorado.         first assignment was Headquarters           with a Disability Pension in 1979. Gus      help us. Seconded by Bob Mattox. We
His family moved to San Francisco          Company. He then went to Central.           received several Captain’s Comp’s and       will form a committee and meet with
and settled in Bernal Heights. He at-      He was detailed to the Inspectors Bu-       a Gold Medal of Valor for his arrest of     them in the near future.
tended Poly High School and served         reau, then made Sergeant /Inspector.        a robbery suspect who just held up a           OLD BUSINESS: The Officers for the
his country in the Air Force. He worked    He remained there until 1967 when           liquor store. He and his partner, Art       year 2010 President John Centurioni,
as an orderly at San Francisco Gen-        he made Lieutenant and worked at            O’Keefe ordered the suspect to drop         Vice President Matt Gardner. Trustees
eral Hospital and a senior clerk typist    Southern, Central, and the Academy.         the gun. He turned to point gun at          Bill Gay, Mark McDonough, Harold
before he took the examination and         In 1971, he made Captain and was as-        officers and was shot and wounded.          Vance Jr., Bill Gay and newly elected
entered the Police Academy in 1964.        signed to Hdq. And BSS. In 1976, he         Gus also was awarded a Bronze Medal         Al Luenow. Secretary Mark Hurley,
His first assignment was Potrero Sta-      went to Patrol Bureau Headquarters.         of Valor for the arrest of an armed rob-    Treasurer John Fewer. President elect
tion. A year later, he went to Mission.    He worked Vice as his final assign-         bery suspect. With everything Gus did       John Centurioni Gave a big thanks
A few years later, he went to Central      ment before he retired on a disability      he had time to raise a family (two sons     to outgoing Treasurer Joe Reilly and
for nine years. He was promoted to         pension in 1977. He was awarded a           in department Mark and Kurt) was co-        President Joe Garrity.
Sergeant and assigned to Northern. He      Bronze Medal of Valor for his actions       founder of PAL and coached football.           NEW BUSINESS: Please keep your
worked on the operation “S” squad and      in an off-duty arrest of a suspect in       Gus was a great boss and always took        beneficiary information up to date
in 1982 made Inspector. He worked          a robbery of a wholesale jeweler. He        care of his troops. We all have a lot of    (This last year we had to pay the ben-
General Works, Robbery, and Fraud.         pursed the suspect and disarmed him         great memories because Gus was a part       eficiary that the member puts down,
He was awarded numerous Captain’s          of a .38 cal revolver.                      of our lives.                               and we know they wanted someone
Comp’s and one Silver Medal of Valor                                                                                               else. Give us a call 415 681 3660 and
and three Bronze Medals. He received          THOMAS JAMES GRIFFIN, 60                    COMMUNICATIONS. Receiving                we will take care of your address or
the Silver for his actions in disarming    years. Tom was born in San Francisco        and processing retired member’s dues.       beneficiary changes)
an armed suspect who fired a shot at       and grew up in Noe Valley. He at-              DROPPED FROM MEMBERSHIP.                    ADJOURNMENT: Newly elected
him as he was approaching him in           tended Riordan High School and was          Pursuant to Article III, Section III of     President John Centurioni had a
front of a tavern on 16th Street. He       employed as a janitor before he took        the By-Laws. (Did not complete pro-         moment of silence for our departed
just finished firing several shots into    the Police Examination and entered          bationary period) Khang Do, Timothy         members and those men and women
the ceiling just before he was appre-      the Police Academy in 1970. His first       Hallisy, Matthew Hom, Dennis Jeong,         serving our country in the armed
hended. A Bronze Medal For his arrest      assignment was Potrero. A year later,       Timmy Ku, Robert Lyons, Christina           forces. He set the next meeting for
of a suspect who just shot a man and       he was detailed to the Intelligence         Snyder, Luis Viera, Lin Xia, Charles        Tuesday February 9, 201 0 at 1:45 PM
was attempting to shoot him again.         detail for a few months before going        Charanghat and Charles Mc Carville.         in the Conference Room of Ingleside
Richard was in a furious struggle on       to Mission Station. He then worked          President Garrity ordered them re-          Station. The Meeting was adjourned
the stairway before he made the ar-        Central and Potrero before going to         moved from membership roles.                at 3:10 PM.
rest. He was awarded another Bronze        the Warrant Bureau. He then went               Treasurer Joe Reilly reported the                                    Fraternally,
Medal for overpowering and arresting       back to Mission and was transferred to      following suspensions. I worked with                                 Mark Hurley,
an insane man with an axe who came         the Dog Unit. He made Sergeant and          a lot of names on the list and can’t                                      Secretary
after him and had to be put down. He       worked Southern Station before he re-
was awarded another Bronze Medal for
awaking sleeping tenants of a burning
                                           tired with a Disability Pension in 1991.
                                           Tom was awarded three Silver Medals
                                                                                                        Support our advertisers.
building and carrying two of them to       of Valor. One for the arrest of a suspect
                                                                                             Tell them you saw their ad in the POA Journal.
February 2010                                                              POA Journal                                                                                     Page 5
                                                                                                                                     …Check Your Statement:

                                                                                       around the                                        Monitoring your credit union,
                                                                                                                                     credit card and bank statements is

                                                                                                                                     just common sense. Since 2006 when
                                                                                                                                     the Unlawful Internet Gambling
                                                                                                                                     Enforcement Act was instituted fi-
                                                                                                                                     nancial firms have been monitoring
                                                                                                                 By Al Casciato
                                                                                                                                     electronic transfers to firms identified
                                                                                                                                     as participating in Unlawful Internet
                                                                                                                                     Gambling. Effective December 1, 2009
                                                                                                                                     many financial institutions now have
                                                                                                                                     the ability to restrict transactions by
                                                                                                                                     those participating in illegal internet
                                                                                                                                     gambling and have started restricting
                                                                                                                                     transactions. This enforcement has
                                                                                                                                     encouraged those involved in the il-
                                                                                                                                     legal gambling to start utilizing inter-
                                                                                                                                     net fraud to continue their gambling.
                                                                                                                                     Beware of opening any suspicious
                                                                                                                                     file sent to you and especially moni-
                                                                                                                                     tor credit, electronic fund transfers,
                                                                                                                                     checks, drafts or any proceeds that the
                                                                                                                                     gambling house may accept in order
                                                                                                                                     to protect your accounts from being
                                                                                                                                     hijacked. The internet is wonderful
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                                                                                        Fax (415) 550-6615
Page 6                                                                       POA Journal                                                                  February 2010
                                                                                                                                  classroom, Officer Babbs placed the

This and That…                                                                                                                    murder suspect into custody.
                                                                                                                                     Doesn’t seem to be too complicated
                                                                                                                                  at this point, right?
By Kevin Martin,                           plays “Santa;” Officer Robert Fung of                                                     WRONG!
SFPOA Vice President                       Northern Station who also plays “San-                                                     It seems in his overabundance of
                                           ta;” Officer Leon Sorohando and the                                                    infinite wisdom, John O’Connell
It’s a Mission, not a Statement…           “Great” Stewart Ng both of Central Sta-                                                principal, Rick Duber, exhibiting a
   As many changes take place in our       tion; as well as Officers Randy Wong                                                   disturbing lack of “principle,” inexpli-
department and new approaches to-          and Richard Woon of the California                                                     cably took umbrage with the actions of
ward old issues abound, one constant       Highway Patrol. Making sure that this                                                  Officer Joel Babbs and professed to be
remains…our members’ dedication to         is a family affair, Jordan’s sons Michael                                              quite upset because Joel did not inform
the community. Although there might        and Matt also get involved with the                                                    him of the planned arrest — oh, and
be vast differences of opinion among       festivities. Great work, guys!                                                         also because the poor juvenile was ac-
our members as to the direction and                                                                                               tually handcuffed in public. Oh, dear!
implementation of these changes,           Wreaths Across America…                                                                   In reality, Inspector Delahunty
there is very little difference of opin-      A very special thanks to Sgt. Mat-                                                  of the Homicide Detail had been in
ion as to our basic Mission Statement:     thews of the Homeland Security Unit                                                    communications with principal Duber
”…to help protect and serve others.”       and formerly of the SFPD Marine Unit                                                   several times before the incident and
   It seems like such a simple phrase,     for his usual outstanding job at orga-                                                 advised the principal of the wanted
containing only six words, but to-         nizing the “Wreaths Across America”                                                    subject. A conversation between
gether the words form a thought,           ceremony. This event was held at the                                                   Inspector Delahunty and principal
sentiment, and bond which has meant        San Francisco National Cemetery in                                                     Duber took place at 0815 hours on
                                                                                       who defend our members at the Of-
so much to so many for so many gen-        the Presidio on Saturday, December                                                     December 15th. It was not until 1330
                                                                                       fice of Citizen Complaints. Both new
erations. We are in a profession that is   12, 2009.                                                                              hours on the afternoon of the 15th
                                                                                       members are experienced with the
so much more than a job. Our chosen           This has become an annual event                                                     that Officer Babbs was contacted by
                                                                                       OCC process and bring a lot of tal-
line of work is an absolute vocation.      in which Keith has organized those                                                     Lt. Pedrini of Mission Station and in-
                                                                                       ent to the table. Martin has been a
A vocation that necessarily leads and      members of the San Francisco Police                                                    formed that the juvenile suspect was
                                                                                       fine representative at Mission Station
lends us to give so much of ourselves      Department who attend and partici-                                                     wanted for murder and upon seeing
                                                                                       and is ready and willing to expand
for the betterment of others. Genera-      pate in this outstanding show of re-                                                   the suspect, to take him into custody.
                                                                                       his horizons. Steve Ford spent a few
tions of public safety officers, police    spect for our fallen veterans and their                                                One of the ironies in this incident was
                                                                                       years assigned to MCD and is a very
officers and firefighters have made the    families. This year several members                                                    that Joel saw the same juvenile suspect
                                                                                       experienced investigator. Steve has
“ultimate sacrifice” in order to save or   of our department, representing the                                                    at least three times that day prior to
                                                                                       already made a dynamic impact and
protect the lives of others.               Field Operations Bureau, the Marine                                                    taking the suspect into custody. (Joel
                                                                                       will give our team and subsequently
   We have to look no further than to      Unit, Co. K Traffic Bureau and the                                                     first saw the suspect at 0830 hours
                                                                                       our membership the great benefits of
our lost brother Bryan Tuvera, whom        always-dependable Mounted Unit                                                         that morning). Joel saw the suspect
                                                                                       his experience and insight.
we honored this past December 22,          braved some very miserable weather                                                     who was in the company of his aunt
                                                                                           As we welcome our two new mem-
2009 on the third anniversary of           to be part of this ceremony.                                                           while the aunt was returning the juve-
                                                                                       bers, we are sad to lose one of the
his death in the line of duty. Only           2009 marked the eighteenth anni-                                                    nile back to school after the juvenile
                                                                                       original members of the OCC Defense
a month before, we honored the fif-        versary of holiday wreaths being sent                                                  had been suspended and sent home
                                                                                       Team that was established in 2004. Sgt.
teenth anniversary of the line-of-duty     from the state of Maine to Arlington                                                   because he was drunk in school the
                                                                                       Theresa San Giacomo who is currently
death of James Guelff.                     National Cemetery. As in the previous                                                  day before.
                                                                                       assigned to the Northern Station
   It is important to keep in mind our     seventeen years, the employees of the                                                     Joel took the suspect into custody
                                                                                       Investigative Unit has decided to con-
resolve and dedication to our Mission      Worcester Wreath Company make                                                          without incident and out of the view
                                                                                       centrate on her new assignment that is
Statement because in the end, it is        and decorate the wreaths that adorn                                                    of students, teachers and staff. It was
                                                                                       taking up so much of her time. Theresa
what essentially defines us as a depart-   5000 headstones of our Nation’s fallen                                                 a very successful low-key operation.
                                                                                       has always been a very knowledgeable
ment and as individuals.                   heroes to honor those who did not                                                         At this point, you’d think all re-
                                                                                       and extremely competent member of
                                                                 return home to                                                   sponsible parties would have been
                                                                                       our team. She is a tenacious fighter and
                                                                 their families and                                               grateful for the outstanding and safe
                                                                                       advocate for the members of the POA.
                                                                 loved ones.                                                      police work performed by Officer
                                                                                       Theresa has never backed down from
                                                                    In 20 06, the                                                 Babbs and others. WRONG AGAIN!
                                                                                       a fight or a tough situation and has
                                                                 program was ex-                                                     It seems principal Duber took ex-
                                                                                       always been one of our more popular
                                                                 pa nde d to t he                                                 ception that Joel did not contact him
                                                                                       OCC Defense Team members.
                                                                 placing of me-                                                   prior to the arrest. In fact, Duber knew
                                                                                           On behalf of the POA Executive
                                                                 morial wreaths                                                   all of this before Joel ever entered the
                                                                                       Board, the POA Board of Directors and
                                                                 during a special                                                 picture. The principal was very well
                                                                                       our entire membership, thank you so
                                                                 ceremony at each                                                 aware of the police department’s inten-
                                                                                       very much for your outstanding hard
                                                                 of the over 230                                                  tions relating to the juvenile suspect.
                                                                                       work and dedication to our members.
                                                                 State and Nation-                                                   The sad fact of the matter is that
                                                                                       Your absence will certainly be felt! We
                                                                 al Cemeteries and                                                principal Duber was not even aware
                                                                                       wish you nothing but the very best in
                                                                 Veterans Monu-                                                   that the juvenile suspect had been
                                                                                       your new assignment and endeavors.
   I’d like to thank Captain Denise        ments across our country.                                                              returned to school that very morning.
                                                                                           Speaking of the OCC, Please con-
Schmitt of Taraval Station for presid-        As in the past, the ceremony began                                                  Principal Duber did not even have
                                                                                       tact the POA as soon as you receive
ing over the Bryan Tuvera Memorial         at 0830 hours when all participants                                                    the decency to advise his staff of the
                                                                                       a nasty-gram from our friends down
Service this past December at Taraval      gathered, including representatives                                                    very dangerous situation that existed
                                                                                       at the OCC. Too often of late we are
Station. Captain Schmitt was joined        from each branch of our armed forces.                                                  in the school while the student was
                                                                                       receiving member requests for OCC
by Chief of Police George Gascón who       A Military Chaplain delivered the                                                      on campus. It also appears that the
                                                                                       representation at the last hour, much
spoke to the overflow crowd of family      invocation, which was followed by a                                                    principal compromised the safety of
                                                                                       to the detriment of our members. In
members, fellow S.F.P.D. officers, law     National Moment of Silence at 0900                                                     the entire school, student body and
                                                                                       order to best represent you at these in-
enforcement officers of other jurisdic-    hours. After a short address, the lay-                                                 members of the public surrounding
                                                                                       terviews, comprehensive preparation
tions and many civilian well-wishers.      ing of the wreaths began by placing                                                    the school. I guess it was so much more
                                                                                       is required. It is even more important
Thanks as well go to Lt. Jason Cherniss    a wreath to honor the United States                                                    important for the principal to exercise
                                                                                       to prepare well when there are two
who spoke at the service and certainly     Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine                                                      political correctness than to exercise
                                                                                       or more members involved in a com-
to Sgt. Judith Riggle who once again       Corps. Wreaths were also placed                                                        care and prudence. The principal has
                                                                                       plaint of alleged police misconduct.
coordinated this honorable event.          to honor our country’s real heroes,                                                    often professed that he believes in
                                           the POWs and MIAs. Participants                                                        “intervention over suspension.” My,
                                                                                       Only in San Francisco …
Christmas in Chinatown…                    then gathered and placed wreaths                                                       how compassionate! That was prob-
                                                                                          Only in modern day San Francisco
   A tip of the hat to Officer Jordan      on many of the headstones near                                                         ably very assuring to the families of
                                                                                       could a San Francisco Police Officer be
Hom of Traffic Company, Co. K Solos        to where the ceremony was held.                                                        the two people killed by the suspect. Is
                                                                                       called on the carpet for executing the
for his continuing outstanding service     Keith Matthews puts a lot of work and                                                  this school authority out of his mind?
                                                                                       arrest of a wanted person for murder,
to the staff, children, and parents of     effort into this event because it means                                                How could he not understand the
                                                                                       (A double homicide at that). It seems
the Chinatown Child Development            so much to him personally. Good job,                                                   gravity of the situation? How did this
                                                                                       our very own Officer Joel Babbs, one
on Sacramento Street. For the past         Keith! Thank you very much.                                                            man whom only the year before was in
                                                                                       of the department’s most popular offi-
eight Decembers, Jordan Hom has               Strengthening an already outstand-                                                  charge of the Washington Eagle High
                                                                                       cers, assigned to John O’Connell High
coordinated efforts to bring a very        ing team…                                                                              School Yearbook ever rise to the posi-
                                                                                       School, made the arrest of a juvenile
special Christmas to some deserving                                                                                               tion of so much importance? Did he
                                                                                       male wanted in the connection of a
children. Jordan makes sure each child     Bring in the reliever…                                                                 win a contest or just draw the shortest
                                                                                       rather brutal homicide this past De-
in the program receives a special gift.       Congratulations to Sgt. Steve Ford                                                  straw? Inquiring minds want to know!
                                                                                       cember 15, 2009.
For the past three years, Jordan was       of the Criminal Investigations Unit                                                       What was this principal think-
                                                                                          Officer Babbs was acting under the
worked hard to provide a hot lunch for     and to Mission Station POA Represen-                                                   ing about? His absolute first concern
                                                                                       explicit direction of Lt. Chris Pedrini
each child and their parents at a super    tative Martin Covarrubias for being                                                    should have been to cooperate with
                                                                                       when with the assistance of a school
Christmas party. This year, as in the      named to the OCC Defense Team.                                                         the police in removing this murder
                                                                                       security guard, the juvenile suspect
past, Jordan was joined by Inspector       Both Steve and Martin are outstanding                                                  suspect from the school and protect-
                                                                                       was asked to exit the classroom by
Phil Wong of the Robbery Detail who        additions to a great team of members                                                   ing students and staff. But how could
                                                                                       the security guard. Once outside the
February 2010                                                                 POA Journal                                                                               Page 7
                                                As for principal Duber, maybe the
                                            students of the San Francisco Unified
                                            School District would be better served
                                                                                        Brother Resumes
                                            if he were relegated to yearbook duty…
                                            an assignment for which he is probably
                                                                                        Anti-Body Armor Quest
                                            better suited…
                                                                                        By Brent Begin
                                            Heroes get in free…                         Examiner Staff Writer
                                               From February 1 through March            Reprinted from the
                                            15, 2010, police officers, firefighters,    San Francisco Examiner,
                                            military personnel and teachers re-         January 7, 2010
                                            ceive free admission to the California
                                            Academy of Sciences. To participate,           SAN FRANCISCO — Fifteen years
                                            individuals must show proof of oc-          ago, Lee Guelff sat next to his dead
                                            cupation and a valid identification at      brother, Officer James Guelff, as po-
                                            the admission window. Please note           lice came in twos to pay their respect
Officer Joel Babbs                          that this discount applies to one in-       to the officer who was gunned down
that be when he is not even aware of        dividual admission only and cannot          in San Francisco by a man covered in
                                            be combined with other offers. Also,        body armor.                                   Lee Guelff, the brother of slain San
who is in his school and who is not?                                                                                                  Francisco police Officer James Guelff,
    If I were a parent of a student at      the offer cannot be processed over             The stories he heard in that dim
                                            the phone or on-line. Just show your        hospital room would serve as testi-           speaks at a news conference held to op-
John O’Connell High School and                                                                                                        pose the state court decision to overturn
learned of this incident, I would be        documentation at the ticket window          mony when he traveled the country
                                            when you arrive. Thanks very much to        in an effort to ban violent felons from       a law barring violent felons from pos-
raising holy hell with the principal                                                                                                  sessing body armor — a law he helped
and school district as to his inabilities   Inspector Dave Falzon and his lovely        possessing body armor. The death
                                            wife Mary for the great tip.                of his brother — as well as another           campaign for in the 1990s.
to adequately protect and maintain a                                                                                                              (Cindy CHew/THe exAMiner)
safe learning environment for the stu-                                                  high-profile shootout in Los Angeles
                                            Troops need our help…
dents. I would also be very concerned                                                   in 1997 — helped create the first law         of cops with both dark uniforms and
                                               Officer Greg Gotelli from Taraval
that if this juvenile murder suspect                                                    of its kind in California. About a            dark expressions at a news conference
                                            Station passes this very important
was not taken into custody, the very                                                    dozen states would follow suit, and           Wednesday at Pine and Larkin streets.
                                            message along to the entire member-
real potential for a rival gang retalia-                                                eventually Congress would pass its               The intersection is where the family
                                            ship and all our readers…
tion thus putting students and staff                                                    own version.                                  gathers every November to remember
                                               “Our U.S. Marines with Fox Com-
into even greater harm and danger!                                                         But on Dec. 17, that state ban was         James Guelff, a husband and father
                                            pany, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines in
    In a memo directed to Assistant                                                     overturned because the statute does           of two.
                                            Afghanistan need your help…help that
School Superintendent Margaret Chiu                                                     not cover all of the varying types of            On Nov. 13, 1994, Victor Boutwell
                                            can literally save a life.
the very same day, principal Duber                                                      body armor. The 2nd District Court            opened fire on Officer Guelff when he
                                               A few weeks back, I received an
expressed his displeasure with the                                                      of Appeal in Los Angeles ruled the law        was the first to arrive on a call about
                                            Email from a buddy working for the
actions of Officer Babbs, particularly                                                  “unconstitutionally void for vague-           a man with a gun. Guelff managed to
                                            U.S. Government in Baghdad. He was
because the officer did not advise him                                                  ness” because the regulations are too         return fire, striking Boutwell several
                                            telling me about his younger brother
of the impending arrest. Duber ended                                                    difficult for violent felons to decipher.     times, but Boutwell was wearing a
                                            who is a Marine ‘grunt’ serving his first
his memo by stating that Officer Babbs                                                     San Francisco police Chief George          helmet, vest and makeshift leg pro-
                                            tour of duty in the Helmand Province
actions that day would preclude him                                                     Gascón immediately rallied law en-            tection, said former police Chief Alex
                                            of Afghanistan. In the last received
from ever returning to the campus. In                                                   forcement officers from across the            Fagan, who was the lead investigator
                                            e-mail, this young Marine indicated
retrospect, Duber should be the one                                                     state to apply pressure to legislators        at the time.
                                            that his platoon has only ONE tourni-
not allowed to return to the school.                                                    and the California Supreme Court                 Boutwell shot and killed Guelff
                                            quet per Fire team, which equals one
    It seems to me that principal Duber                                                 to change the law. District Attorney          while the officer was reloading his re-
                                            tourniquet for three to four Marines
was already aware of the situation and                                                  Kamala Harris pledged to draft state          volver.
                                            and a very limited supply of “Celox/
had been given notice that the arrest of                                                legislation that would extend the body           Lee Guelff says each visit to the
                                            Quikclot” (which stops severe bleed-
the juvenile was impending. Let’s face                                                  armor ban to all felons, not just vio-        place is a reminder of what damage
                                            ing). In reading this e-mail I thought
it, the principal dropped the ball and                                                  lent ones.                                    can be done when a criminal is pro-
                                            to myself, that’s just crazy.”
was now backed into a position forc-                                                       And Lee Guelff is fighting again as        tected. His brother was the first to be
                                               Finding this unacceptable, “ he con-
ing him to deflect warranted criticism                                                  well.                                         killed in such a way. A handful of oth-
                                            tinued, “I contacted three TacGear /
and begin to point the finger at others.                                                   Dressed in a light-brown corduroy          ers would follow. He hopes the court’s
                                            TacMed companies and have arranged
    Once this story hit the presses, all                                                jacket and chestnut shoes, Guelff,            latest change won’t lead to another.
                                            to secure enough tourniquets and
hell broke loose for the principal and                                                  57, stood in sharp contrast to the row
                                            Celox and Combat Bandages for 100
the school district as well. Public sen-    hard-charging Marines.”
timent was overwhelmingly favorable            The plan is to send 100 “kits” direct-
towards Officer Babbs and the actions       ly to the Marines of Fox Company 2/2
he took that day. Joel has received an
                                                                                        Cleaning for a Reason
                                            in Helmand Province that have been
outpouring of support from across all       individually sponsored by police and
interested spectrums. Law enforce-          fire personnel. Each of these “kits” will
ment officers from around the country       contain (1) package of Celox, (1) SOF       Subitted by Robin Matthews                    her zip code area arrange for the ser-
have weighed in on their support for        tourniquet, (1) Combat Bandage and                                                        vice. http://www.cleaningforareason.
Joel. Joel has also received tremendous     any other small item(s) you’d like to          If you know any woman currently            org/ <http://
support from the community at large.        include. I look at it this way…for about    undergoing Chemo, please pass the                Please pass this information on to
    Joel has asked me through this ar-      the same price of a large combo pizza       word to her that there is a cleaning          bless a woman going through treat-
ticle to thank all his fellow street cops   and a six-pack of soda, you could help      service that provides FREE houseclean-        ment. This organization serves the
for their outstanding support during        save the lives of those who provide our     ing — 1 time per month for 4 months           entire USA and currently has 547
this fiasco.                                freedoms in the first place.                while she is in treatment.                    partners to help these women. It’s
    As of this article, Joel remains as-       As of this notice, Fox Company 2/2          All she has to do is sign up and have      our job to pass the word and let them
signed to John O’Connell High School        has lost at least 10 Marines in the past    her doctor fax a note confirming the          know that there are people out there
where he continues to provide out-          60 days. For just $37.00 your sponsor-      treatment. Cleaning for a Reason will         that care. Be a blessing to someone and
standing police service to the school       ship could truly save a Marine’s life.      have a participating maid service in          pass this information along.
community.                                     To sponsor a “kit” and to get more
    Joel has been an outstanding mem-       information regarding this most
ber of the San Francisco Police Depart-     worthwhile project, please contact
ment for the better part of 19 years        Greg at Taraval Station at (415) 759-                                                                         easy.
and has served in a variety of assign-      3100 or call Greg directly at (707)
ments. A man and a police officer of        799-3826. Thanks very much for your                                                                         honest.
Joel Babbs stature deserves a hell of a     outstanding service Greg and best of                                                                       different.
lot better treatment than what he got       luck with your efforts!
from principle Duber.                          Semper Fi…                                                   Successor to S & C Ford

                                                                                                     Visit our new state of the art showroom…

     Julia A. Hallisy, d.d.s.
                                                                                              Purchase your next vehicle where the SFPD and SFFD buy.
                                                                                               Special Ford “X“ Plan prices for all City of SF employees.
                                                                                               Ask for the man with over 30 years personal experience in the
     Accepting Most Dental Plans
                                                                                           San Francisco auto business…the commercial truck and fleet manager
      595 Buckingham Way, Suite 305 • San Francisco, California 94132
                                                                                                                    Frank J. Ginotti
                 Office Hours By Appointment • Telephone: 415.681.1011
                                                                                           1595 Van Ness Ave. at California St.     San Francisco, Ca. 94109
                     Wife of Sgt. John Hallisy — Narcotics Bureau                          415-575-4113           415-255-1962 fax        415-786-1701 cell
Page 8                                                                           POA Journal                                                                 February 2010
                                                                                          ger have to prove their illnesses were    kill the proposal, Congress must pass

   police-Fire                                                                            caused by their service in Vietnam.
                                                                                             Here is the full list of the 15 dis-
                                                                                                                                    legislation. If Congress does not act,
                                                                                                                                    the first women to break the gender

    post 456
                                                                                          eases:                                    barrier on subs would probably come
                                                                                             Acute and subacute transient           from the Naval Academy’s 2010 class.
                                                                                               peripheral neuropathy                   It is a controversial issue for sailors

     neWs                                                                                    AL amyloidosis
                                                                                             Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
                                                                                                                                    and their wives, some of whom believe
                                                                                                                                    the cramped quarters of a submarine
                                                                                                                                    could lead to fraternization or sexual
By Greg Corrales                                                                             Diabetes mellitus (type 2)             harassment. An October 26 Navy
                                                self on understanding host coun-             Hairy cell leukemia                    Times online survey revealed that
   “I wish to have no connection with any       try narratives and sensitivities in          Hodgkin’s disease                      61% of respondents were opposed to
ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to   complex climes and places. General           Ischemic heart disease                 the proposal. Only 30% were in favor.
go in harm’s way.”                              James Mattis, whose catch-phrase is          Multiple myeloma                          The enlisted men may have won
            — Admiral John Paul Jones           ‘no better friend, no worse enemy,’          Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma                 the annual softball game against the
                                                better captures the essence of Ma-           Parkinson’s disease                    officers, but they lost the public rela-
   The movie “Avatar” is a box office           rines who helped usher in the Sunni          Porphyria cutanea tarda                tions war. An officer wrote the game
sensation, but there are a number of            Awakening in Anbar province than             Prostate cancer                        up in the base newspaper: “The officers
people that are not happy about the             the cinemagraphically convenient             Respiratory cancers                    powered their way to a second-place
content of the movie. The Marine                colonel-turned-mercenary antagonist          Soft tissue sarcoma (other than        finish, while the noncoms managed
Corps Times recently published a let-           in ‘Avatar.’                                   osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma,        to finish next to last.”
ter from Col. Bryan Salas, who is the              Let’s view ‘Avatar’ for what it is,         Kaposi’s sarcoma or                     The post is anxious to recruit our
director of public affairs, Headquarters        a leap in the wizardry of cinema, a            mesothelioma).                       newer veterans, particularly female
Marine Corps. In his letter, Col. Sa-           digital fantasy and a vehicle for a          The Navy is preparing an official      veterans, into the organization. If you
las wrote, “Lost amid the staggering            film-maker to make a statement, but       notification to Congress for ending       have any questions, please contact
commercial success of ‘Avatar’ and ob-          not emblematic of the Marines who         the ban allowing female sailors to        me at Mission Station (558-5444). We
scured by the punditry of the left and          honorably fight and fall to win our       serve aboard submarines. If approved,     meet on the second Tuesday of every
right as they debate James Cameron’s            nation’s real battles today.              women could be on subs by late 2011.      month at 1800 hours. Temporarily,
social and historical commentary are               To be filed under the category of         According to an October article in     meetings are held in the Mission Sta-
the real warriors whose heroism, valor          “Nowww they tell us!!!,” The Veterans’    the Navy Times, when Navy officials       tion community room, 630 Valencia
and selfless service has allowed the            Administration announced in October       approve the plan, the Pentagon must       Street. We look forward to seeing you
U.S. to leave a war in Iraq that many           that three more illnesses qualify for     notify Congress of its intent and then    there!
in 2006 thought was unwinnable and              service-connected disability compen-      wait 30 days before moving ahead. To
indeed salvage success from the jaws
                                                                                          Retirements Officers
                                                sation based on exposure to Agent
of calamity.                                    Orange in the Vietnam War. VA now
   “Avatar” takes sophomoric shots at           considers Parkinson’s disease, ischemic    The San Francisco Police
our military culture and uses the lore          heart disease and hairy-cell leukemia     Association congratulates each of the
of the Marine Corps and over-the-top            to have been caused by exposure to        following POA members on his recent
stereotyping of Marine warriors to set          the defoliant.                            retirement from the SFPD. These veterans
the context for the screenplay. This               The announcement now brings the        will be difficult to replace, as each takes
does a disservice to our Corps of Ma-           total to 15 conditions that VA pre-       with him or her decades of experience
rines and the public’s understanding            sumes to have been caused by Agent        and job knowledge. The most recently
of our Corps.                                   Orange. All 15 diseases are eligible      retired POA members are:
   The Marine Corps embraces a war-             for service-connected compensation.       • Captain Ronald Roth #145 from the Airport
rior-scholar mentality and prides it-           Veterans with the conditions no lon-
                                                                                          • Sergeant Lawrence Ratti #1534 from the Airport

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       repair equipment that is             Audi, Mercedes Benz,                 associated with           maintaining the original        collision repair service is
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February 2010                                                                            POA Journal                                                                                           Page 9

Gala Celebration
Star Performers Investment Club Celebrates Its $700,000 Portfolio
By Mike Hebel, Club Member                  $309,000 by September of 2002. Then                      Investment Process
                                            it began a steady climb to $795,836                         The Star Performers In-
   On January 7, 2010 the Star Per-         only again to retrace and retreat in the                 vestment Club is affiliated
formers Investment Club members             global financial crisis of 2008.                         with the National Asso-
met, with their spouses/partners,              Star Performers meets the first                       ciation of Investors Corp.
at the Bistro Boudin at Fisherman’s         Thursday of each month, 4pm, at                          (NAIC) — a national edu-
Wharf to commemorate and applaud            Northern Station’s community room.                       cational organization of
again achieving a milestone. Its port-      At its typical monthly meeting, the                      over 7,000 US investment
folio has again just exceeded $700,000      Club will review its equity portfolio,                   clubs. The Club invests
in value. It was a joyous prosperity din-   its partners’ capital accounts, any sig-                 monthly, reinvests all divi-
ner. Bistro Boudin is owned by former       nificant events affecting its holdings,                  dends (now over $10,000
Police Commissioner Lou Ghirado and         and the current condition of the US                      annually), looks primarily
is San Francisco’s oldest continuously      and global economies. Partners review                    for growth companies that
operating business. The partners had        and present reports on individual                        are “best of the breed”,
first celebrated this $700,000 mile-        stocks and mutual funds — both those                     and seeks a broad diversi-
stone in February 2007. Thereafter the      presently owned and those under con-                     fication of industries and                      well again cross the 14,000 boundary
portfolio hit its summit in October         sideration. Buy and sell decisions are                   company sizes. It has three mutual              by the 4th quarter of 2012. It believes
2007 at $795,836. By February 2009          then made.                                               funds: Long Leaf Partners Interna-              that the S&P 500 and NASDAQ will
the “great recession” of 2008 reduced          The partners are already mak-                         tional Fund (international company              make strong and impressive single
the portfolio to $384,330. But with         ing plans for their $800,000 and                         exposure) and Vanguard’s specialized            digit gains in both 2010 and 2011, but
patience and faith in the American          $1,000,000 celebrations. A very special                  portfolio — health care (a health care          no record highs yet.
economic system, the portfolio has          gala (trip to the Hawaiian Islands or                    sector fund), and Alpine International
sprung back. The partners have con-         cruise to Alaska) for its first million-                 Real Estate Equity (international real          KMA Investment Club’s Partners
tinued to make monthly contributions        dollar portfolio is under active consid-                 estate).
and investments.                            eration. The partners are committed                         The Club relies on Value Line, Stan-         •      Bill Arietta
   The 25 partners, mostly active and       to remain with the Club for the long                     dard and Poor’s, TD Ameritrade (its             •      Al Casciato
retired SFPD members, toasted each          term.                                                    discount broker) and Morning Star for           •      Ken Cottura
other for having the patience and                                                                    its research. Also, members subscribe           •      Wanda Dare
endurance to remain together since          Top Ten Holdings                                         to the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s,           •      Phyllis Ford
August 1995. The club is now in its                                                                  Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal            •      Sylvia Harper
14th year. It was formed with the three     T. Rowe Price Group ................ 6.8%                Finance Magazine, Forbes, Fortune,              •      Mike Hebel, president
“E’s” as its foundation — education,        Goldman Sachs Group ..............4.8%                   and the NAIC monthly publication                •      Richard Kahn
entertainment, and enrichment – and                                                                  Better Investing. Some are commit-              •      Val Kirwan
over the years, this is exactly what        Berkshire Hathaway ..................4.7%                ted listeners to Bob Brinker (Starship
                                                                                                                                                     •      Franklin Lee
the Club has done. It has diligently        IBM ............................................4.4%     Money Talk, KGO on weekends) and
                                                                                                                                                     •      Thomas Lovrin
studied stocks, equity trusts, and mu-                                                               viewers of Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money”
tual funds, invested wisely — stayed        AFLAC .......................................4.3%        (daily on CNBC).                                •      Kathy Mahoney
the course — and celebrated each            BYD Co. .....................................3.9%           The Club is looking for companies            •      Susan Manheimer
$100,000 advance.                                                                                    with strong and growing revenues,               •      Herb Meiberger
                                            Starbucks ...................................3.8%
   Like most clubs and individual in-                                                                earnings, cash flow and, to a lesser            •      Dennis Meixner, treasurer
vestors, Star Performers saw its portfo-    Long Leaf Partners Int’l ............3.7%                extent, dividends. It is also concerned         •      Donna Meixner
lio erode during the dot com crash of       Visa ............................................3.5%    about price. At its investment best, Star       •      Jack Minkel
2000–2002. Its portfolio reached an all                                                              Performers buys good to great compa-            •      Tom Mulkeen
time high ($539,000) in August 2000;        Vanguard Health Care Portfolio                           nies at fair to good prices.                    •      Jamie Ongpin
thereafter, it painfully declined to          ..............................................3.4%        Like many investment clubs, Star             •      Marlene Ottone
                                                                                                                      Performers struggles           •      Mary Petrie
                                                                                                                      with “when to sell.” It
                                                                                                                                                     •      Frank Reed
                                                                                                                      is working on a written
                                                                                                                                                     •      Ray Shine, secretary
                                                                                                                      sell discipline to take
                                                                                                                      the emotional factor           •      Farrell Suslow, vice-president
                                                                                                                      out of this important          •      Marty Way
                                                                                                                          The Club remains              The club’s partnership agreement
                                                                                                                      optimistic that the            allows for up to 30 members, so there
                                                                                                                      Dow Jones Industrial           is room for 5 additional members. If
                                                                                                                      Average (DJI) will hit         interested, please call Mike Hebel (861-
                                                                                                                      new continuing highs           0211) for more details.
                                                                                                                      in 2010 and may very

                                                                        Communicate with Confidence!
                                                                     Coaching for promotional exams: individuals or study groups
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                                                                                                                                        PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS / DIGNITARY PROTECTION
                                                                                       “Without Gloria’s coaching, I would
                                                                                       not be where I am today in my career.                    POLYGRAPH EXAMINATIONS
                                                                                       She helped me package and sell                                • Pre-Employment
                                                                                       my full potential in the competitive                          • Fidelity
                                                                                       process environment, and is the best
                                                                                       in the business.”
                                                                                                                                                     • Criminal
                                                                                       — Chris Boyd, Chief of Police, Citrus Heights                 • Civil
                                                                                       Gloria Cohn                                                   • Specific Issues
                                                                                       Telephone: 415.777.4156 Cell: 650.906.4155                                          415-320-0628
                                                                                                                                        Bob Brodnik	       
                                                                                                                                        P.I.	Lic.	#26243	             P.O.	Box	1619	•	Novato,	CA	94948
Page 10                                                POA Journal                                                               February 2010

                                                              2010 Census to Begin
                 Here it goes again!!
                                                              Census Cautions from the
               Foothill Fuzz                                  Better Business Bureau
                Luncheon                                      Be Cautious About Giving Info to Census Workers
                                                              By Susan Johnson                              credit card or banking informa-
                           At the                                With the U.S. Census process begin-        tion to anyone, even if they claim
                                                              ning, the Better Business Bureau (BBB)        they need it for the U.S. Census.
                 Red Hawk Casino                              advises people to be cooperative, but          REMEMBER, NO MATTER WHAT
                                                              cautious, so as not to become a victim     THEY ASK, YOU REALLY ONLY NEED
          US 50 (Exit #40) near Shingle Springs, Ca.
                                                              of fraud or identity theft.                TO TELL THEM HOW MANY PEOPLE
                                                                 The first phase of the 2010 U.S. Cen-   LIVE AT YOUR ADDRESS.
          When: Thursday, Feb 25th                            sus is under way as workers have begun
                                                              verifying the addresses of households
                                                                                                             While the Census Bureau might ask
                                                                                                         for basic financial information, such as
                                                              across the country. Eventually, more       a salary range, YOU DON’T HAVE TO
                                                              than 140,000 U.S. Census workers           ANSWER ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT
               Attitude Adjustment:                           will count every person in the United      YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION.
            11:00 at the Koto Grill Bar                       States and will gather information
                                                              about every person living at each ad-
                                                                                                            The Census Bureau will not ask
                                                                                                         for Social Security, bank account, or
                                                              dress including name, age, gender,         credit card numbers, nor will employ-
                                                              race, and other relevant data.             ees solicit donations. Any one asking
      Lunch: 12:30 at the “Waterfall Buffet”                     The big question is — how do you        for that information is NOT with the
                                                              tell the difference between a U.S. Cen-    Census Bureau.
                 (Private Banquet Room)                       sus worker and a con artist? BBB offers       AND REMEMBER, THE CENSUS
                                                              the following advice:                      BUREAU HAS DECIDED NOT TO
                                                              • If a U.S. Census worker knocks on        WORK WITH ACORN ON GATHER-
                   Price: $12.99 pp                              your door, they will have a badge,      ING THIS INFORMATION. No Acorn
                                                                 a handheld device, a Census             worker should approach you saying
           (Discount with Red Hawk Casino card)                                                          he/she is with the Census Bureau.
                                                                 Bureau canvas bag, and a confi-
                                                                 dentiality notice. Ask to see their        Eventually, Census workers may
           Please RSVP Rene LaPrevotte at                        identification and their badge          contact you by telephone, mail, or in
                                                                 before answering their questions.       person at home. However, the Census
    or                          However, you should never invite        Bureau will not contact you by Email,
                                                                                                         so be on the lookout for Email scams
                   (530) 295-0946                                anyone you don’t know into your
                                                                                                         impersonating the Census. Never
                                                                                                         click on a link or open any attach-
                                                              • Census workers are currently
                  ACCURATE HEADCOUNT                             only knocking on doors to verify
                                                                                                         ments in an Email that are supposedly
                                                                                                         from the U.S. Census Bureau.
                needed not later than Feb 22nd!                  address information. Do not give
                                                                                                            PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO WITH
                                                                 your Social Security number,
                                                                                                         FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

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February 2010                                                              POA Journal                                                                         Page 11

Chief Gascón Explains Need for Sit-Lie Ordinance
   In a recent op-ed piece in the Bay       In light of this, I have a pressing                                               borhoods today, where groups of
Guardian, Chief Gascón explained to an
editor the need for a proposed “Sit-Lie”
                                            obligation to look for creative solu-
                                            tions that pass constitutional muster,
                                                                                     Bullying and                             street thugs take over public spaces
                                                                                                                              intimidating entire communities, of-
Ordinance to enhance quality of life in     have been shown to be effective, and     intimidating innocent                    ten hurting local businesses and oc-
the neighborhoods:                          most importantly, strengthen the                                                  casionally assaulting and physically
                                            relationships we have worked hard        passers-by and local                     injuring people. A narrowly crafted
Dear Mr. Redmond,                           to establish with the city’s various                                              “sit-lie” ordinance would provide
    I feel compelled to respond to          communities.                             merchants cannot and                     a tool for the police to quickly and
your recent editorial on the proposed
“sit-lie” ordinance currently under
                                               As I have publicly stated, a well-
                                            crafted “sit-lie” ordinance would pro-
                                                                                     will not be tolerated:                   effectively prevent these situations
                                                                                                                              from escalating to the levels they
discussion in our City. I am some-
what surprised that you have dis-
                                            vide police officers with a valuable
                                            tool to deal with this problem in
                                                                                     period. No one should                    have around the Haight-Ashbury.
                                                                                                                                 It is unfortunate that the Bay
missed out-of-hand one modest, and          an effective, sustainable, and smart     be allowed to invade                     Guardian has taken the position
cost effective, approach to dealing         manner.                                                                           expressed in your current editorial.
with the increasing thuggery seen on           Given the SFPD’s current resources    public spaces wantonly                   I look forward to a thorough public
some streets in San Francisco.              and the further reductions we know                                                exploration of these issues. I believe
    The San Francisco Police Depart-        will occur due to unalleviated attri-    without regard for                       the majority of the people of San
ment (SFPD), like most police agen-
cies, faces a multiplicity of chal-
                                            tion and anticipated funding short-
                                            ages, the Department will be unable
                                                                                     the rights of others,                    Francisco are no longer willing to
                                                                                                                              quietly surrender their neighbor-
lenges; continually reassessing where
and how scarce resources are to be
                                            to sustain the enforcement posture
                                            required to deal with the thugs who
                                                                                     and then attempt to                      hoods to street hooliganism. How-
                                                                                                                              ever, to correct the situation we
allocated. Any reasonably attentive         have overrun the Haight-Ashbury,         hide behind a non-                       must be willing to work together for
person knows that the current eco-          and other City neighborhoods. A                                                   the betterment of our communi-
nomic environment is placing un-            “sit-lie” ordinance would go a long      existent constitutional                  ties, looking at solutions that may
paralleled strains on local coffers. I      way in helping to remedy this situa-                                              not have been implemented here
am a realist and know that the SFPD         tion.                                    protection.                              before but are surely worthy of our
will be expected to do more with               I welcome vigorous discourse on                                                thoughtful consideration.
less, much as other city agencies will.     this issue, but this is surely not the                                               I look forward to working with
We will be expected to continue             time to engage in ideological warfare    be dismissed based on some ill-con-      you, the SF Bay Guardian, the ACLU,
to deal with the deeply troubling           which militates against the develop-     ceived notion of personal freedom.       and other responsible community
and totally unacceptable situation          ment of thoughtful solutions to very     Bullying and intimidating innocent       stakeholders in developing reason-
prevailing in some of our neighbor-         real problems.                           passers-by and local merchants can-      able and sustainable solutions to
hoods, where street thugs take over            Simply put, I must reiterate that     not and will not be tolerated: period.   this problem. Our jewel of a City of
public spaces with impunity.                the SFPD does not have the resources     No one should be allowed to invade       deserves no less. I am committed
    I cannot in good faith as Chief         necessary to deploy foot beat offi-      public spaces wantonly without           to working collaboratively to bring
stand by idly and assert that the only      cers in every community that needs       regard for the rights of others, and     practical and tested solutions to the
answer to this problem is an around-        them. Therefore, constitutionally        then attempt to hide behind a non-       table.
the-clock beat officer presence that        sound solutions that can assist the      existent constitutional protection.                              George Gascón
is, quite frankly, not possible given       police to help neighborhoods deal            Unfortunately, that’s exactly what                              Chief of Police
the competing demands for officers.         with street hooliganism shouldn’t        is taking place in many of our neigh-             San Francisco Police Department

                 Injured On Duty By A Negligent Motorist Or DUI Driver?
                           “It’s Not Just A Workers Comp Case!”
                       Former Prosecutor Todd P. Emanuel Can Help!
                 Myth #1:	          My	only	remedy	is	filing	a	worker’s	compensation	claim.
                 Myth #2:	          I	can’t	bring	a	claim	against	the	negligent	driver.
                 Myth #3:	          I	can’t	file	a	claim	with	my	own	auto	insurance	company.

     Fact:	If	you’ve	been	injured	on	the	job	by	a	third	party	such	as	a	negligent	motorist	or	drunk	driver,	YOU caN	
     (and	should!)	recover	substantial	personal	injury	damages	(tax	free)	in	addition	to	worker	compensation	benefits.		
     DO NOt	leave	money	on	the	table	by	limiting	your	remedy	to	workers	compensation!	I	have	helped	police	officers	
     throughout	the	counties	of	San	Francisco,	San	Mateo,	and	Santa	Clara.

              Call	for	a	FREE	consultation!	•	Police	Officer	references	available	on	request.

                                 TE                  Todd P. Emanuel,	ATTORNEY	AT	LAW
                                                  LaW OFFIcES OF tODD P. EMaNUEL
                                     Tel.	800.308.0870	or	415.399.1112	•
                                           505	Montgomery	Street,	11th	floor,	San	Francisco,	CA	94111
Page 12                                                                           POA Journal                                                                      February 2010

Retirement Planning Semina Class # 53

Three Days At Sigmund Stern Grove
By Mike Hebel                                 discussion was the DROP (deferred re-         2006 - 4.9%; 2007 – 6%; 2008 – 7%;           balances are the highest amongst all
Welfare Officer, Attorney, CFP                tirement option program) passed by the        2009 – 6%, and 2010 – 4%. (Note:             city departments. He said that the life
                                              voters on the February                        subsequently the contract was revised        style portfolios (near term, mid term
   The Clubhouse at Sigmund Stern
                                                  2008 ballot (effective July 1, 2008),     to provide for a 2% raise in July 2009,      and long term), with their automatic
Grove hosted the latest SFPD–POA pre-
                                              the 3% at 55 Charter amendment (              2% raise in January 2011, and a 3% to        daily rebalancing, were particularly
retirement seminar (October 19, 20 &
                                              passed by the voters on the November          5% raise in July 2011). What a glorious      attractive offerings for broad diversifica-
21, 2009) — class #53. The Stern Grove
                                              2007 ballot) for those who served at the      record of accomplishment! This will          tion. Each strategy suits a specific inves-
with its club house and concert pavilion
                                              Airport prior to the merger in 1977, and      be known as the Gary Delagnes legacy.        tor profile — based on the number of
is a beloved community treasure and
                                              the additional 4% pensionable, longev-        Gary outlined the 30 year police career      years you have until your planned start
part of San Francisco’s romantic his-
                                              ity pay with 30+ years of service.            path: years 1-10, job oriented; years        of distribution. Javier explained all the
tory. The Clubhouse, built in 1892 as
                                                  The DROP will allow police officers       11-20, promotion oriented; and years         distribution options: defer distribution
the Trocadero Hotel and beer garden, is
                                              to defer retirement by entering DROP,         21-30, retirement oriented.                  (up to April 1 of the year following the
a beautiful Victorian, stick-style resort
                                              direct their monthly retirement check            Mike Hebel urged all to consider          year in which you reach 70 ½), lump-
with its multi-gabled roof and delicate
                                              into a 401(k) like-account, and continue      participation in the 30–30 program:          sum payment (full or partial), periodic
ornamentation. Shortly after the 1906
                                              to work in the Department earning full        30 years of service and then at least 30     payments (amount certain, period cer-
earthquake and fire, Police Chief Wil-
                                              salary and benefits. Police officers could    years’ collecting a retirement benefit       tain), annuity payment (fixed, fixed
liam Biggey arrested Mayor Eugene
                                              remain in DROP for up to 3 years, ser-        with no death before age 80. This is the     with period certain, joint and survivor)
Schmidt’s bag-man — the notorious Abe
                                              geants for up to 2 years, and lieutenants/    Hebel corollary to the Delagnes police       and a combination of these options. He
Ruef — on corruption charges at this
                                              captains for up to one year. The mon-         career path description.                     also explained the distribution options
very site. Shortly after this infamous
                                              ies placed in the 401(k) like-account                                                      for your designated beneficiary who will
arrest, the Chief disappeared while                                                         Class Comments
                                              have a 4% interest guaranty. DROP is a                                                     receive any remaining funds in your
on boat trip from Sausalito to SF. The                                                          Comments from past and present
                                              voluntary program allowing members                                                         account upon your death. Javier urged
Grove property was purchased in 1931                                                        attendees during the informal course
                                              to build a substantial, supplemental re-                                                   continued contributions into equity
by Mrs. Sigmund Stern and donated to                                                        evaluation included: “very helpful
                                              tirement nest-egg. As of January 1, more                                                   funds appropriate for each participant’s
the City. It is a festive and fitting venue                                                 and useful information. What an eye
                                              than 60 members have entered DROP of                                                       risk tolerance and distribution date.
for the seminar.                                                                            opener. A wonderful seminar — the
   The seminar has been expanded to           which 4 are sergeants. One lieutenant,                                                        When to start social security pay-
                                                                                            Department did something good for us
include discussion of social security and     Harry Pearson, recently completed the                                                      ments? The class agreed, the sooner the
                                                                                            all. I am glad I came; everyone close to
medicare benefits, health service system      program — the first member to do so.                                                       better. If you began to collect at age 62
                                                                                            retirement should come to these. Much
plans, long-term care, post retirement        This program will continue to June 30,                                                     (the earliest age allowable) rather than
                                                                                            needed information; should be open to
employment, retired employee organi-          2011 at which time its renewal will be                                                     at age 66 (normal retirement age for
                                                                                            officers with 20 or more years of service.
zations, health and nutrition, taxation,      determined by the SF Board of Supervi-                                                     baby boomers), it would take 14 years
                                                                                            Super and marvelous; I enjoyed this
essentials of estate planning, and criti-     sors.                                                                                      for the older recipients to catch up.
                                                                                            seminar immensely. I am now more
cal psychological issues presented by             Chief George Gascón and Assistant-                                                     Monthly social security payments for
                                                                                            confident in the City’s retirement sys-
and in retirement.                            Chief Jim Lynch welcomed the partici-                                                      police officers, subject to the windfall
                                                                                            tem. I would hate to think what would
   This seminar, titled “The Gino Mari-       pants and asked them to put to practical                                                   elimination provision, average between
                                                                                            happen if we retired without the knowl-
onetti and Michael Sugrue Memorial            use the information that is contained in                                                   $100 to $450 after deduction for Medi-
                                                                                            edge that we now have. Great class,
Seminar”, honors its two founders. May        this 3-day seminar. He urged thought-                                                      care part B.
                                                                                            everyone should attend, keep them up.
they rest in peace. This seminar is now       ful consideration on the decision to          Very good, can I come again. Most prac-         Wow! Said many: a CCSF retirement
in its 25th year having started in March      retire. He reminded the attendees that        tical course I have ever attended. Great     pension (at 90%), deferred compensa-
1985. Since its inception, more than          police work is a stressful occupation;        facility, coordinators, and presenters.”     tion distributions, and social security.
2,300 participants have completed this        he exhorted them to take good care of             From a class member comes the fol-       And now DROP!
seminar.                                      themselves, their families, and their         lowing admonition: Cops must think              George Eimil, retired deputy chief
   Special thanks to Chief George Gas-        future. He said the focus of this 3-day       out of the box when it comes to retire-      and dedicated instructor in these semi-
cón and Captain Tim Foley for provid-         seminar was to provide adequate time          ment. We are so used to 30 years of          nars, said that he began estate planning
ing the necessary funding to expand the       for attendees to attend to their life after   taking directions and receiving a check      as an attorney when he realized after
seminar subjects and to allow members         the SFPD. This was Chief Gascón first         every 2 weeks. At retirement, the gate       his 1986 retirement that he needed
a three day detail to make their plans for    presentation at the Retirement Planning       opens up. You have to think about what       something more than golf to keep him
a prosperous and rewarding retirement.        Seminars which, since inception, has          to do every day. No can no longer look       occupied. George does an excellent job
                                              now heard from 8 chiefs.                      at a calendar for your days off for every    in explaining the basics of estate plan-
44 Participants                                   POA president Gary Delagnes stated                                                     ning (wills, trusts, gifting, probate and
   Forty-four participants attended this                                                    day is a day off. Your retirement requires
                                              that a large exodus of police officers was    at least 3 years’ advance planning. Take     its avoidance, estate taxes, powers of
lively and informative seminar which is       expected over the next 4 years with as                                                     attorney, property titles, and medical
coordinated by Courtney Dixon, POA                                                          your pension and go do what you really
                                              many as 600 police officers reaching a        want to do. Now it is solely your choice.    directives). George covers a lot of terri-
staff member.                                 full/maximum pension status (a full                                                        tory in 50 minutes. His advice on dying
   The seat of honor, which is reserved                                                         Another member stated that when
                                              one-third of the Department, not in-          neighbors ask about his retirement, he       remains: “If you have to, the year 2010
for the most senior member in atten-          cluding the Airport Division). Between                                                     is best for federal estate tax avoidance.”
dance, was given to both Ken Sanchez                                                        says: “I am on a fixed income.” But I do
                                              2008 and 2012, over 800 police officers       not say what it’s fixed at. Many others      Although he believed that the Congress
and Al Wong both members of the               will join the KMA club. These officers                                                     would make further changes in the fed-
Academy class of November 1978. A spe-                                                      marveled at how truly wonderful their
                                              entered the department between 1979           retirement and health plan benefits          eral estate tax in 2010. He again warned
cial moment of appreciation was given         and 1982 when an unprecedented 22                                                          attendees not to put their real property
to senior department members Marty                                                          truly are.
                                              Academy classes were graduated; then              And just recently this comment was       in joint tenancy with anyone other
Bastiani (53 years’ department service        from 1984 through 1988 there were                                                          than your spouse or domestic partner.
joining on 9-1-56) and Ray Koenig (46                                                       received: “This class is worth at least
                                              no Academy classes due to CCSF fis-           $20,000. Consider all the experts you        With respect to titling property, he con-
years’ department service joining on          cal problems. The Department is now                                                        tinues to urge the use of “community
1-3-64 in the 97th class).                                                                  have direct contact with, who stay and
                                              understaffed by over 200 officers; he         answer your questions, and give such         property with right of survivorship”
   All of the attendees were in the Tier II   noted that police officer recruitment                                                      for best tax advantages. He urged the
retirement plan (now with the acquired                                                      helpful advice. Any SFPD member who
                                              is an urgent problem for all large city       doesn’t attend this 3 day seminar has        use of a revocable living trust to avoid
moniker “Tears Too”). Tier I members          police departments. He stated that the                                                     probate and to protect estate tax exclu-
are nearly an extinct species. Class at-                                                    truly failed to take advantage of a mar-
                                              first raise under the new MOU did occur       velous pre-retirement resource.”             sions. George emphasized the need for
tendees were from the 132nd to the            on July 1, 2007 at 4%; over the next 5                                                     a Will, Revocable Living Trust, Durable
184th recruit classes. The 227th recruit                                                        And of course, the comment by a
                                              years (through July 2011) the wage in-        member of achieving a successful finan-      Power of Attorney and Advance Health
class is currently completing its basic       crease will equal 25.5% compounded.                                                        Care Directive.
course at the Academy. Some members                                                         cial plan and life: “Save at least 15% of
                                              Gary was commended for his primary            gross income, be great at work you love,        Duane Collins (SFPD 1976-2000),
attended with their spouses/partners          role in advancing, in thirteen years, the                                                  licensed tax preparer and dedicated in-
(which is much encouraged).                                                                 stay social with good friends and family,
                                              total compensation of SF police officers      develop a spiritual life or get those big    structor in these seminars, covered the
   Herman Chu did an excellent job            from #92 in the state of California to #1                                                  issues of federal and state taxation in
as fire-tender. The long standing tradi-                                                    questions answered for your self, choose
                                              in the nation (cities with populations of     a true companion, exercise often, sleep      retirement, Social Security off-sets, and
tion wherein members attending from           200,000 and over). Gary appears close                                                      retirement plan (traditional and Roth
Taraval Station either provide sunshine                                                     and eat well.”
                                              to accomplishing his personal goal of                                                      IRAs) distributions. With his short tax
or presto-logs for the fire-place was fol-    financial freedom for the rank and file:      Instructor Comments                          quiz, he clearly demonstrated the tax
lowed. Two members of the seminar             a thirty-year veteran Q4 police officer,                                                   savings for those awarded an industrial
                                                                                               Javier Obando, Great West Retire-
will be 4-baggers in retirement (SFPD         on July 1, 2009, receiving an annual                                                       disability retirement.
                                                                                            ment Services deferred compensation
pension, social security, deferred com-       wage of $106,690 and thereafter retir-                                                        Maria Newport and Candice Fan
                                                                                            regional director, urged participants to
pensation, and DROP).                         ing with an annual pension of $96,021.                                                     set forth all the basics of the CCSF Re-
                                                                                            select an appropriate asset allocation
Hot Topics                                    Gary set forth the pay raises that have       plan for themselves identifying their        tirement plans. They most adequately
   As expected, much discussion fo-           been received over the last decade: 1992      risk tolerance, time horizon, and retire-    described the benefits of and qualifica-
cused on the 3% at 55, 90% cap charter        – 5%; 1993 – 5%; 1994 – 5%; 1995 – 0%;        ment savings target. The SFDCP has 18        tions for service and industrial disability
amendment which was approved by               1996 – 3.5%; 1997 – 3.5%; 1998 – 3.5%;        options and, if desired, a self-directed     pensions. Also explained were death
the voters at the November 2002 elec-         1999 – 5.5%; 2000 – 5.5%; 2001 – 8%;          brokerage account through TDAmeri-           benefits, beneficiary designation, and
tion. It passed with an unprecedented         2002 – 8%; 2003 – 0%; 2004 – 9%               trade. Xavier said that the police depart-   cost of living adjustments. Candice and
65% majority. Also the source of lively       (with uniform allowance); 2005 – 6.5%;        ment’s average deferred compensation         Imelda answered all questions insuring
February 2010                                                                  POA Journal                                                                              Page 13

that the basics of the CCSF Retirement       of the presenters, who retired holding       dependent. The member’s health care          The study showed a shocking 5 year
System were understood by the attend-        the rank of sergeant in May 1976 in the      cost on retirement, depending upon           average retirement because of: lack of
ees. To increase your pension: work lon-     Tier I system with 29+ years’ service at     the plan selected and the number of          cardio-fitness, lack of physical exercise,
ger, get older, and hope for many more       age 51, received his first monthly check     dependents included, is zero or highly       poor diet lacking fruits and vegetables,
pay raises. Also, buy-back miscellaneous     in the amount of $1,130 — having             subsidized. Susan Rodriguez-Corns,           failure to have annual physical exams,
time (accrued during police academy)         contributed less than $15,000 in retire-     HSS benefits analyst, urged participants     alcohol/drug abuse, and pre-mature
to obtain a separate monthly pension         ment system contributions over his long      to take care of their dental needs before    heart related deaths. Thanks Dean for
check, albeit small; such buy-back must      career. In January 2009 that monthly         retiring. She emphasized that the HSS        the good news that SF police officers
be completed before retirement. With         check had grown to over $5,100 thanks        plans, excepting the City’s plan, were       have a much longer average life span
regard to service pension calculations,      to the power of the cost of living adjust-   geographically limited. She said that        following retirement.
the age factor goes up every 3 months        ments. Wow! For a $15,000 investment         the HSS walk-in hours are 8 am to               Joining this seminar for the tenth
while the service factor increases each      — a pension that started at $13,560 a        4:45pm; phone calls are taken for four       time was retiree Mike Gannon (SFPD
day. To schedule a retirement interview      year has now grown to a pension of           hours every day. On an average day,          1972-1998) speaking, robustly and vig-
call 415-487-7070 up to 6 months before      $61,200 a year and it will keep grow-        there are up to 200 walk-ins and over        orously, on the issue of long term care
your expected date of retirement. They       ing. Tier I grew at a 4.7% compounded        1,000 phone calls. The plans available,      insurance. Mike is a licensed insurance
urged members to bring their spouse/         rate. Fortunately for Tier II members,       as of July 2009, are: City Plan, Kaiser,     salesperson (since 1984). He said that
domestic partner to this interview. Also,    the supplemental 1% cola has been            and Blue Shield. City retirees are indeed    long term care is not covered by the
said Candice, keep your beneficiary          paid in every year since its adoption        very fortunate to have life-time medical     CCSF health plans or by Medicare. As
designation current. They all noted          in 1996, except 2003-04 & 2008-09,           care; most employers terminate health        he told the attendees: “You deserve a
that the date of retirement chosen will      thereby lessening, but not eliminating,      care coverage at age 65. Clare Zvanski,      long walk in the sunshine. You deserve
effect cost of living adjustments as well    the cola differences in the two systems;     employee elected commissioner on             the glory and honor that you earned as
as the SP/OU/VA payout. Cola’s are ef-       and the recent passage of Proposition B      the City Health Service Board, spoke         a public safety hero.” With the average
fective on July 1 of each year; to get the   creating a compounded basic cola (up         on the funding of retiree health plans,      stay in a nursing home now 2.5 years
cola for any given year you must retire      to 2%) and added ½% supplemental             the importance of Medicare reimburse-        and its annual cost of $74,208 for a pri-
on or before June 30 of that year; but       cola will also lessen this difference. The   ments, and the pre-funding of retiree        vate room, he urged all to consider long
remember that payouts (SP/OU/VA) are         retired sergeant also reminded the class     health care that new City employees          term care insurance. Since almost 25%
based on your rate of compensation for       that police wages were set by Charter        (hired after January 10, 2009) will be       of original applicants for long term care
the month in which you retire (higher        amendment prior to 1953; by annual           required to make (up to 2% of salary)        are denied (medical issues), he urged
payout if you retire on or after July 1).    salary survey from 1954 onward; and          so as to pre-fund their benefits to the      picking this up in your early 50’s. He
There were options for retiring members      now by collective bargaining since           year 2038. Clare is the longest serving      thought that excellent long term plans
to reduce their monthly pension so that      1992. Thanks to Larry Barsetti, Sol          city employee on the Health Service          were available from Genworth (GE),
a spouse/partner/beneficiary could get       Weiner, and John Lehane for discuss-         Board. Congratulations to Clare on her       Met Life, & John Hancock; he also
a larger monthly pension as a survivor.      ing the Veterans POA and the Retired         recent re-election victory and to Sharon     urged comparison with the plan offered
Candice explained that the pension           City Employees organization. This well       Ferrigno (SFPD lieutenant, Homeland          by CALPERS. Mike quoted his favorite
benefit calculation for new plan mem-        informed and entertaining trio said that     Security unit) who just won a Health         financial advisor, Suze Orman: “1 in
bers (Tier II). It is based on the highest   the most valuable assets a police retiree    Service Board seat replacing retiring        1200 homeowners will use their fire
average monthly compensation paid            has are his/her CCSF health plan and         commissioner Jim Deignan.                    insurance, 1 in 240 automobile owners
to a member. The Retirement System           retirement plan. The retiree’s most valu-       Dr. Forrest Fulton, Ph.D. (formerly       will use their auto insurance, but 1 in 2
compares each member’s earnings for          able personal asset is his/her training as   of the behavioral science unit, retired      long term care insured’s will call upon
the 12 months immediately preceding          a decision maker which in much valued        July 2003, and thereafter became a           their policy for financial assistance.
their retirement date with the member’s      in post-retirement employment. They          certified gerontologist) reminded the at-
highest fiscal year earnings. Whichever                                                                                                   Retirement Board commission-
                                             urged the class participants to qualify      tendees that men are the suicide gender
is higher is used for the pension calcula-                                                                                             ers Herb Meiberger and Al Casciato
                                             for social security benefits (40 units)      with men’s rates now increasing and
tion. They also explained the cost of liv-                                                                                             helped bring this seminar to a most
                                             and to consider finding some type of         women’s decreasing. Reason: women
ing adjustment changes resulting from                                                                                                  successful conclusion. Al and Herb
                                             post-retirement employment or volun-         are better at expressing their feelings.
the successful passage of Proposition B                                                                                                proudly told the attendees that San
                                             teer; just “doing nothing” will lead to      He urged the use of stress reducers
(June 2008 ballot) wherein the basic                                                                                                   Francisco’s retirement fund is amongst
                                             a disastrous retirement.                     including restriction of caffeine and
cola (up to 2%) is now compounded                                                                                                      the best funded in the United States.
                                                Darlene Hong (VP–Organizational           alcohol and the elimination of tobacco.
and the supplemental cola, when excess                                                                                                 They urged the members to stay active
                                             Development) provided many convinc-          Relying on the work of George Valliant
earnings from the Retirement System                                                                                                    in the retiree organizations to protect
                                             ing reasons why members should con-          entitled Aging Well, Dr. Fulton said
Trust Fund are present, was increased                                                                                                  their retirement and health service
                                             tinue their financial contacts with the      that longitudinal research has shown
from 1% to up to 1.5%.                                                                                                                 benefits. Of course, with the recent
                                             SF Police Credit Union. Thanks Darlene       what life styles led to a successful life.
   It was noted that the average retire-                                                                                               passage of Proposition B improving
                                             for the morning beverages and treats.        He mentioned: good attitude, positive
ment age for San Francisco police offi-                                                                                                the supplemental cola, attendees asked
                                             Darlene has completed more than              self identity, intimacy in relationships,
cers in 1931 was 71.5 years; in 2008, the                                                                                              Herb and Al: “Will the SFERS earn suf-
                                             25 years service — congratulations.          love-work-play in balance, career transi-
average age was 55.5. Quite a difference                                                                                               ficient ‘excess returns’ so as to be able
                                             Thanks also to Roy Priest, Art Howard        tions, generous & giving back, keepers
in two generations.                                                                                                                    to pay the annual supplemental cola at
                                             and Paul Lane for candidly discussing        of meaning, mentoring other people,          1.5%?” Answer: Not in FY 2009-2010;
                                             emotional problems that can arise in         integrity and a personal value system,
Tier I vs. Tier II                                                                                                                     but probably yes in 2010-2011. Let’s
                                             retirement and how to avoid destruc-         need for a retirement plan with fun
   The participants reviewed the retire-                                                                                               hope and pray for continuing better
                                             tive responses.                              and creativity, wisdom in old age, and a
ment/survivor benefits contained in                                                                                                    returns thereafter.
the two police retirement plans. Tier I      Other Observations                           spiritual dimension to help give mean-
(old plan, pre-November 1976) remains           Chief Gascón continues the tradi-         ing to life.                                 Next Seminar
superior for 3 main reasons: 1. spousal/     tion of gifting every retiree with his/her      Dean Hall made his first presenta-           The next retirement planning semi-
domestic partner continuances are 25%        police officer star as the Department’s      tion at this seminar — and successful it     nar is scheduled for February 23 -25,
larger; 2. cost of living adjustments        recognition for a job well done; this        was. He discussed fitness for life. Dean     2010. The other two seminars in 2010
are about 1.5 times better; and 3. the       has also reduced to zero the number of       urged attendees to adopt life-styles that    are scheduled for: June 8-10 and Octo-
marriage/domestic partner rights are         missing/lost police star reports made        would ensure a longer, healthier life. His   ber 5-7. The seminar will be available
superior (a Tier I member can marry          by those members approaching retire-         suggestions included an annual physi-        to the first 50 persons, members and
or form a domestic partnership after         ment age.                                    cal check-up, avoiding fatty, processed      their spouses/partners, who contact the
retirement, live one year, and then the         Attendees were stunned by the costs       foods, adequate exercise, and a diet         POA after the announcement is sent to
spouse/domestic partner is entitled to       of health coverage upon retirement.          full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains,    all members with or near retirement
a continuation; for Tier II, the mar-        Few had realized just how good the POA       and protein. He distributed several          eligibility. Preference is given to those
riage/domestic partnership must have         Memorandum of Understanding is in            booklets covering topics of healthy life     members who are near retirement or
occurred at least one year before retire-    keeping these costs down for members         style, lowering blood pressure, weight       who have already contacted the Re-
ment for there to be a spousal/partner       and their families. After retirement,        management, and control of choles-           tirement System for their retirement
continuation entitlement).                   there is no subsidized dental plan, but      terol and stress. Dean reported on a         dates. The seminar fills up quickly so
   To understand the cost of living          thanks to Proposition E (Nov. 2001           recent study from the Cooper Institute       don’t delay. Contact Courtney at the
adjustment (cola) differences, the class     ballot) there now is a medical care          examining national statistics on po-         POA (861-5060) if you desire advance
undertook a comparison exercise. One         monetary subsidy for the principal           lice officer life spans after retirement.    notification for these seminars.
Page 14                                                                    POA Journal                                                                 February 2010       February 2010                                                         POA Journal                                                                    Page 15

                                  Wilderness Program 2009 — Camping and Backpacking on Angel Island
By Mike Rivera, Wilderness Program                                                    written by the students and photos of the trips.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Oct. 9, 2009
   Even though a lot has changed in the last five years, the Wilderness Program          I would like to thank Chief George Gascón, Deputy Chief Kevin Cashman, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    On the camping trip I learned lots of new
continues to steadily move along. We got off to a great start this past September     my fellow participating officers for allowing the Wilderness Program to provide
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 things about myself and the people around
with day hikes to Angel Island State Park with elementary school students and         our children with these rich educational opportunities.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 me. I learned that if I put my mind to some-
the trips continued into December. The elementary school students seem to                The Wilderness Program is administered by the San Francisco Police Depart-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 thing, I can do it. I also learned that most of
have endless energy and really enjoy the hikes as they encourage each other to        ment’s Juvenile Bureau and is funded by grants and donations. All donations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 the people around me can help me in differ-
keep going as some of their classmates begin to lag. The parents, however, have       should go to:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ent ways. On the trip I learned that not all
to dig down a litter deeper and pull out those wonderful smiles that keep their          Supporters of The San Francisco Police Department’s Wilderness Program
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 cops are bad. It’s just that if you’re bad, then
children going.                                                                          220 Montgomery 15 Floor • San Francisco, CA. 94104 • 415-986-4059
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 a cop will do the same thing back to you. The
   We kicked off the backpacking trips in October with James Lick Middle School          The Wilderness Program is now listed as a Combined Charities organization
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 difference I feel about cops now and before is
for a 3-day 2-night trip to Angel Island State Park. This is the first time in many   under “Local Independent Charities.” The code is L2306, Supporters of the San
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 before I thought cops are going to take you to
years that James Lick has participated on a backpacking trip and we were happy        Francisco Police Department’s Wilderness Program.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 jail. Don’t go to them. Now I know that cops
to have them. Along with great weather they had the added excitement of see-             All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 are here for one reason: to help us be us and
ing the Blue Angles fly. Aptos Middle School stepped up next in October and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 help us not to be someone else besides your-
Marina Middle School Followed in November for exciting and challenging trips.                    San Francisco Police Department’s Wilderness Program
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 self. This trip helped me a lot. Some of the
   We also participate with Blue Water Foundation to provide sailing trips in                        Summary: September through December. 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Oct. 9, 2009   things it helped me with was teamwork and
San Francisco Bay for middle and high school students that allow the students
                                                                                                                                                                              When I went to Angel Island to camp out for        trust the people around you even if they look
to steer a 40’ sail boat and spend time with police officers.                           Adventure                         #Programs           #Youth         # Officers
                                                                                                                                                                           three days, it was fun. But what I didn’t like was    scary or act funny it doesn’t matter. I would
   By the time you read this we will be well into the spring 2010 program that we       3-Day Backpacking. (Angel Island)     3                 42               4         that we had to walk 11 miles to the camp with         like to thank Officer Rivera and the people
are looking forward to. Most of the students have no idea what they are getting
                                                                                        1-Day Hike                           10                206              19         those 25 pound bags on our backs. Everything          who started this program. I hope that more
into until we start up the first hill with the heavy backpacks. The looks on their
                                                                                        Middle School Sails                   6                 84               6         else was great and fantastic. I would do it again.    people see how much fun this program is and
faces tell all. In the end they all have a great experience and come away more
                                                                                                                                                                           What I liked the most about the trip was that we      how much you can learn from it.
confident and with a more positive image of police officers.                            Total                                19                332              29
                                                                                                                                                                           got to take a boat there and go on a night hike                                               Thank you,
   Included are the trip numbers from Sept. Thru Dec. 2009 as well as essays
                                                                                                                                                                           to see that amazing view. Once again I would                                                Kevin Chan
                                                                                                                                                                           love to do that field trip again. By the way the
                                                                                                                                                                           food Mike had cooked was very good and deli-                                                                                                  Oct. 9, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                           cious.                                                                                                         I will tell you what I learned on this
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Quincy Norton                                                            trip is: I can push myself and eventu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ally get use to it. I also learned how fast
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I can make friends and how much I can
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       trust them so quickly. I also learned how
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       to solve problems with teamwork. I also
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       learned that I am very stronger than I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       thought I was and will continue to push
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       myself just a little knowing that it is pos-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       sible. I learned that you always have to be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       prepared. I learned to never wander off
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       and always have fun were ever you go. I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       also learned how to be in nature without
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       any technology or junk food whatso-ever.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I also learned to follow directions or else it
                                                                                                                                                            Oct. 9, 2009                                                                                                               has quensigences. I also learned how to go
                                                                                                         What I learn in this field trip is that I could actually walk                                                                                                                 on without any sweets or juice or even a
                                                                                                     4 miles and I thought I couldn’t but now I think I could. An-                                                                                                 Oct. 9, 2009        soft confy bed or a pillow and I had to use
                                                                                                     other thing I learn about this field trip is that the police are                                                                   I learned that if someone be positive          a smelly bathroom but it was still fun in
                                                                                                     nice and you could trust them because I used to think that                                                                      with you and respect you you can trust            every way.
                                                                                                     they were mean by there mad faces. I really liked this field                                                                    him. Also I learned that if I want to be                                          Joshua Rivera
                                                                                                     trip. I think I learned that you could trust on people because                                                                  a police man I have to study to much
                         Oct. 9, 2009
                                                                                                     another thing is that I used to not trust on people very much                                                                   so I can be a very good officer. Also I
        I learned a lot of things
                                                                                                     because they could do something to you and in this field                                                                        learned that if you go to camping with
    about myself. Thing like that
                                                                                                     trip met new people. I think Angel Island is a good place to                                                                    3 teachers and 15 student, and went
    if I push myself to my limit
                                                                                                     go camping because it was cool going to Angel Island and I                                                                      we eat and you don’t like the food that
    I can almost do anything I
                                                                                                     thought Mr. Rivera was doing a good job on his work because                                                                     the teachers made you have to eat it
    want. I also learned that I
                                                                                                     I learned a lot about him he was funny nice and cool and                                                                        or to give it to another person but you
    can trust other persons so I
                                                                                                     I liked his attitude but 1 of the things I didn’t like was that                                                                 do not have to trash it. I trust some of
    don’t get hurt. Another thing
                                                                                                     there was’nt a lot of girls and there were more boys but it was                                                                 my friends because they did respect me
    that I learned about myself is
                                                                                                     fun and cool I relly liked this field trip it was the best field                                                                and be positive but some of ones were
    that I can make friends really
                                                                                                     trip I had have so I think you should keep this field trip go-                                                                  saying a lot of bad words to me that I
    easily. One other thing that I
                                                                                                     ing for all the schools for that could learn that in USA these                                                                  didn’t like it.
    learned about myself is that
                                                                                                     are cute places to go and for they could learn more about the                                                                      I learned that you have to respect ev-
    police officers are really nice.
                                                                                                     future.                                                                                                                         eryone that is around you and be posi-
    And they really do care for
                                                                                                                                                               Cindy P.                                                              tive to them because if you not respect                                             Oct. 9, 2009
    youre well being. Another
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     them they are not gonna respect you.                 I learned I can do anything and nobody
    thing I learned about myself
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Luis A        can stop me but myself. When I got to
    is that I like nature cause it                                                                                                                       Oct. 9, 2009
    is cool and you can get dirty                                                                      What I learned about myself in this trip was that I can do                                                                                                                      school I thought I would not make these 3
    and have fun. I also learned                                                                    things I want if I put my mind into it. For example, on the                                                                                                                        days without technology. I thought that I
    about myself that I don’t like                                                                  hiking, I thought that I was not going to make it. But I felt                                                                                                                      couldn’t live without taking a shower but I
    long hikes I prefer short hikes.                                                                confident with myself and put my mind into it and made the                                                                                                                         did. I said I could and live for these 3 days.
                    Marco Martinez                                                                  hike. Also, I learned that I can trust other people more than                                                                                                       Oct. 9, 2009   Even though the bathroom smelled real
                                                                                                    I do. For example, in the night hike, we all cooperated with                                                                               I learned that I can do everything      bad, I learned that this is how our “things
                                                                                                    each other as a group, one team, and made it.                                                                                           that I want to do. I learned the cell      we take out” smelled. When I started
                                                                                                       Also, I learned on how to live out of the city and technol-                                                                          phone is not that important that I         going up the first hill I got tired and
                                                                                                    ogy. For example, we hiked, walked around with no iPods,                                                                                can do others things that are fun          couldn’t continue. But Mike, the officer,
                                                                                                    cell phones etc. and still had a great time. I also think that it                                                                       and helpful. I learned that friends        made me believe I could. I went with only
                                                                                                    is a good way to cool down the earth from global warming.                                                                               are good but don’t do everything           one thing on my mind, “I can do this.” I
                                                                                                                                                     Gerardo Juarez                                                                         they do or said. I felt so happy           didn’t really know how to use my water
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            because I was 1 of 16 people that          and didn’t drink any on the way. After a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            went to the field trip and because I       while I realize that I needed to drink it to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            made friends from 6th grade and 8th        get energy and not faint. When we walked
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            grade and it feels good to help others     for one hour I was so so so tired that I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            peoples and they help me.                  didn’t realize we were only half way there.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mr. Rivera (Mike)                       But I made it after one hour more. After
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Gracias por todo y cuidese porque       that, at night it was all worth it because
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            su trabajo es muy peligroso. Y otro        we had a blast before we went to sleep.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            vez muchas gracias por ensenanme           Also I enjoyed the marshmallow. I learned
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            que yo puedo lograr lo que yo quiero.      that I can do anything and no can stop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SFPD                                       me.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Maria Ordonez                                       Hector Chan
Page 16                                                                                                       POA Journal                                                                     February 2010

                                                                POA mail
Dear Gary —                                                 Dear SFPOA —                                                 Dear Marty —                                challenging economic times.
   Tomorrow’s my last day and again                            Thank you very much for keep-                                This has taken me long enough               Your support helped us to:
I wanted to thank you and the POA                           ing both of us in your thoughts and                          and for that I apologize! I want to            • Celebrate our 50th Anniversary
for bringing our salaries/retirement/                       prayers this holiday season. Our                             thank you, your committee, and the          of serving tens of thousands of San
benefits to the top of the industry.                        second family, the police community                          POA for their support of Riordan            Francisco youth.
   Me and my family will live much                          here in San Francisco, has always                            H.S. and their athletic program.               Honor nineteen men and women
more carefree thanks to you.                                been there for us and we cannot ex-                          Because of your generosity, the golf        Champions, thirteen of whom were
   Best wishes on your last year or                         press how grateful we are for every-                         tournament raised nearly $35,000            members of the SFPD. into our inau-
so- it’s been a real roller coaster ride                    thing you have done for us over the                          which will go directly to remodeling        gural PAL Hall of Fame.
for both of us, but I would not have                        years. Merry Christmas and a safe                            the boy’s weight room. John Hallisy            Partner with the Ingleside Police
traded it for anything!                                     and happy New Year to all of you.                            put together a foursome that in-            Station to initiate new community
                               Ron Roth                                                      Love,                       cluded Rich Dalton and John Mino.           policing efforts with kids including
            (Now) Retired Captain, SFPD                                   Dan and Kevin Hallisy                          These Riordan grads had a wonderful         new officer-coached basketball teams
                                                                                                                         time!                                       with kids living the Sunnydale Hous-
Dear SFPOA —                                                Dear SFPOA —                                                    Next year, we’d like to have you         ing Development.
   How very thoughtful of you to                               Thank you for the flowers at                              join us for this fun event!                    Support 200 PAL Seahawks foot-
remember me at Christmas. I was                             our father, Gus Bruneman’s (1784)                               Have a blessed Christmas and a           ball players and cheer/dancers from
deeply overwhelmed with your gen-                           funeral on December 12, 2010. Our                            healthy New Year!                           the Western Addition and Bayview
erosity. With your gift I was able to                       mother truly appreciated the way                                                     With gratitude,     in winning seasons. Three of the
create Christmas for several families                       the SFPD honored his memory as a                                                       Al Trigueiro      Seahawks Cheer/Dance teams once
at St. John’s School, give aide to our                      retired commander.                                                                                       again competed and won champion-
sisters in Mexico and Angel’s Piazza                           Sincerely,                                                Dear Friends —                              ships at the National Pop-Warner
— an Ursuline woman’s shelter in                                               Mark, Lorie, Erik,                           Thank you so much for your gift          Super Bowl in Florida.
Montana. Thank you for making al                                  and Kurt (Lt. SFPD) Bruneman                           of 25 turkeys to St. Anthony Founda-           Provide healthy activities for more
of this possible. It is truly an honor,                                                                                  tion, which you made on Wednes-             than 5000 kids throughout San Fran-
for me, to walk with our officers as                        Dear POA —                                                   day, November 25, 2009. Your gift           cisco with the dedication and time
chaplain. I hope I can always be a                             Thank you for the beautiful floral                        will light the lives of thousands of        of 800 adult volunteers.
help when the need arises.                                  arrangement and card in honor of                             poor and low-income people who                 This year we will be focusing on
   May the New Year bless all of us.                        mom. They both were a lovely trib-                           turn to St. Anthony’s for hope and a        growing and strengthening our PAL
                                    Love,                   ute to her memory and gave us great                          brighter future.                            Law Enforcement Cadet program
                           Lillian Repak                    comfort.                                                        Sonny is one of many of our              and improving our support of SFPD
                                                                          Mary and The Family                            guests who simply needed a second           community policing efforts. Exciting
Dear POA —                                                                                                               chance. He’d been to prison for eight       opportunities also include starting
  Thank you for the lovely flowers                          Dear SFPOA —                                                 years and emerged into a world that         our own SFPAL Jr. Giants League
sent in my mother’s name. It was                               I just wanted to express my grati-                        was utterly changed. He knew how            focusing on the southeastern sector
very thoughtful of you and the POA.                         tude for your generous gift you gave                         to work. But in a world where so            of the city with collaboration of the
  Mom believed in police officers                           us. I really appreciate your gesture                         much is handled on the internet, he         Bayview and Ingleside District Sta-
and prayed for their safety every day.                      and your unconditional care for our                          didn’t know how to get a job.               tions.
                       Denis O’Leary                        family. It has made all the difference                          St. Anthony staff in the Tech Lab           Thanks to the San Francisco Police
                                                            during this experience. I hope you                           trained him how to search for em-           Officers Association, the SFPAL was
Dear POA —                                                  all have a wonderful Christmas and                           ployment online, develop a resume           born half a century ago. And thanks
  Thank you so much for the                                 New Year. Take care, and stay warm.                          and cover letter, open an email             to your support, we will continue to
money. I am going to spend it in Dis-                                                      Sincerely,                    account, and apply for jobs through         serve San Francisco kids for another
neyland. (His favorite vacation was                                                   Brigid Walsh                       the internet. Within a month of             50 years.
there.) I can’t thank you enough.                                                                                        coming to St. Anthony’s, Sonny had             Wishing the best to all of you in
                    Jimmy Lamerdin                          Dear POA —                                                   the job he needed to begin again.           2010.
                                                               Thank you so very much for the                               At St. Anthony Foundation, we                                            Sincerely,
Dear POA —                                                  check. It was extremely kind of ya’ll                        work with low-income people who                         Lorraine Woodruff-Long
  Thank you.                                                to think of us this time of year.                            need extra help or a second chance.                                Executive Director
                                                 Nick          You guys rock. I hope you all have                        Your gift lights a candle of hope for                  Captain Rick Bruce (Ret.)
                                                            a good Christmas and happy New                               those who feel the rest of the world                    President, Board of Directors
Dear POA —                                                  Year.                                                        has given up on them.                                     SF Police Activities League
  Thank you for the check.                                                                Colleen                           Thank you for being part of this
                                           Michael                                                                       work. Thank you again for your gift.        Dear POA —
                                                            Dear POA —                                                                                  Sincerely,      I wanted to once again thank you
Dear SFPOA —                                                  Thank you so much for the special                                              Linda Pasquinucci       for helping to make our 50th anni-
  Thank you so much for the gift to                         Christmas surprise. You are very                                           Deputy Executive Director     versary and Hall of Fame event such
the boys. They are going to use the                         kind and generous. Happy Holidays!                                            St. Anthony Foundation     a success. Many of you who attended
money for spending money on our                                                    Molly Walsh                                                                       the event have remarked that it was
“Moose Memorial Cruise” to Alaska.                                                                                       Dear SFPOA —                                like attending your high school
  The SFPD has gone above and                               Dear SFPOA —                                                    As we launch into our next half-         reunion, except that all of the other
beyond to support our family during                            Thanks so much for the check you                          century, we wish to thank the San           high schools in town were holding
this difficult time.                                        guys sent me. It really meant a lot                          Francisco Police Officers Association       theirs at the same time and the same
                            Thank you.                      and came at a good time. Hope you                            for your extraordinary support of           place.
                         V. Lamerdin                        all have a very merry Christmas and                          the San Francisco Police Activities            For others, particularly the many
                     “Moose’s” daughter                     blessings in 2010!                                           League in 2009.                             retired department members who at-
                                                                                     Thanks again,                          Your generous sponsorship of             tended, it was a chance to reconnect
                                                                                  Brendan Walsh                          SFPAL was pivotal in helping us to          with some of the men and women
                                                                                                                         maintain our support for thousands          with whom you shared your career,
                                                                                                                         of San Francisco youth during these         and to talk about life after the SFPD.
                                  Nathalie A. Whisman, Financial Advisor
                                  The MEMBERS Financial Services Program                                                     We Take Care of Our SFPD/SFFD Members
                                  located at SF Police Credit Union
                                                                                                                                            Search San Francisco, Marin
                                  Specializing in Deferred                                                                               and Sonoma county MLS listings at
                                  Compensation/Pension Rollovers                                                                    

                                 Call Nathalie today for a no-cost/no-obligation                                                                      Please call Vince Sheehan
                                 appointment at 415.682.3361.                                                                                          and Al McCarthy for all
Representatives are registered, securities are sold, and investment advisory services offered through CUNA Brokerage
Services, Inc. (CBSI), member FINRA/SIPC, a registered broker/dealer and investment advisor, 2000 Heritage Way,                                         your real estate needs
Waverly, Iowa 50677, toll-free (866) 512-6109. Nondeposit investment and insurance products are not federally
insured, involve investment risk, may lose value and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the financial institution.    	Vince	Sheehan,	Broker	                                 Al	McCarthy,	Realtor
CBSI is under contract with the financial institution, through the financial services program, to make securities               (SFPD Member 1981–90)                              (Retired/SFPD Member 1974–03)
available to members. CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc., is a registered broker/dealer in all fifty states of the United
States of America.                                                                                       FR120808-0059    	 Call	(415)	302-2500	                                    Call	(415)	246-1753
February 2010                                                                  POA Journal                                                                                        Page 17

                                               POA mail
   But for everyone who attended,            Sgt. Dennis Quinn (Ret.) and Capt.          need, we tried to help.                                grams and projects that link parks
it was a chance to honor the many            Jere Williams have had a long his-             The San Francisco Firefighters                      and open green space with commu-
Hall of Fame inductees, particularly         tory of support for our senior servic-      Toy Program is the city’s largest, as                  nity.
our founders. We would like to take          es, especially Curry Senior Center’s        well as the oldest, Firefighter Toy                       Once again, thank you for com-
a moment to remember Commander               Mealsite and primary care clinic.           Program in the United States and                       ing to the aid of community groups
Gus Bruneman, who passed away                We also recently welcomed Capt.             is sponsored by the San Francisco                      who want to improve and take care
last week. His legacy, and the legacy        Dominic Celaya in his new position          Firefighters Union, Local 798. The                     of their parks and recreation centers.
of all these men and women who               as Captain of the Tenderloin Station,       program has evolved from a few                         Your generosity enables our Park
have given so much of themselves,            continuing the tradition of regular         firefighters repairing broken toys and                 Partners to fund invaluable pro-
lives on, and will always remind of          presence.                                   bikes for fifteen families in 1949 to                  grams that revitalize, reforest, and
us of why there is a PAL, and why we            Curry Senior Center’ mission is:         over three hundred firefighters and                    restore San Francisco’s parks, green
continue to support our PAL.                 “to provide services to seniors that        their friends volunteering. The Toy                    space, and playgrounds, benefiting
                                Sincerely,   promote independent living while            Program relies solely on donations to                  everyone in our community.
                     Capt. Rick Bruce,       maintaining their dignity and self-         stay afloat each year. This includes                                                  Sincerely,
                         Board President     esteem.”                                    placing toy barrels at businesses,                                             Karen Kidwell
              SF Police Activities League       Thank you for your support!              street fairs, holiday parties and other                                     Executive Director
                                                                            Sincerely,   functions. We wish you a happy                                       San Francisco Parks Trust
                                                                      David Knego        season filled with joy and may the
Dear SFPOA —                                                       Executive Director    coming year be overflowing with all                    Dear SFPOA —
   Our thanks to you and the San                                 Curry Senior Center     the fine things in life.                                   I want to thank you for your gen-
Francisco Police Officers Association                                                                                    Sincerely,             erous contribution to my re-election
for the recent payment of $10,000            Dear SFPOA —                                                          Sally Casazza                campaign for San Francisco Supervi-
towards the $50,000 pledge for the              Thank you for your generous                              San Francisco Firefighters             sor, District 4. Your support ensures
National Law Enforcement Museum.             donation to the Westmoor Junior                             Toy Program Chairperson                a strong foundation for me to con-
With your generous support we are            Varsity Soccer Team. Your donation                                                                 tinue the work we began over two
making progress towards our Cam-             has made it possible for the purchase       Dear POA —                                             years ago.
paign goal. This will put us closer          of badly needed uniforms and equip-            On behalf of the Philippine                             In District 4, and citywide, we
towards groundbreaking and making            ment that will be used for years to         Exchange Training Team I would                         have begun making investments that
the Museum a reality.                        come.                                       like to express our gratitude for the                  will benefit residents for generations
   Again, we are truly grateful for             From myself, the Westmoor Junior         monetary support you have gener-                       to come. Both the Ortega and Park-
your generous support.                       Varsity Soccer Team and the Staff at        ously given to each of the SFPD/POA                    side branch libraries are currently
   Sincerely,                                Westmoor High School, we greatly            members. Each of these members                         under construction and spaces like
                           Sara Pollack      appreciate your generosity.                 has given so much of their time and                    the Sunset Recreation Center and
            Gift Accounting Coordinator                             Happy Holidays       personal funds to keep this program                    McCoppin Square are slated to see
         The National Law Enforcement                    Officer Robert Vernengo         going. Keeping a completely volun-                     $19 million in seismic and accessibil-
                 Officers Memorial Fund                             Mission Station      teer program alive in these hard eco-                  ity improvements.
                                                                                         nomic times has been challenging.                          In this difficult economic climate
Dear POA —                                   Dear SFPOA —                                Your thoughtful contribution is very                   it is increasingly important to look
   On behalf of all the members of              Each day during the holiday sea-         much needed and appreciated. Over                      for ways to support our local busi-
Police-Fire Post #456 of The Ameri-          son, there is something wonderful           the past 29 years that I have been a                   nesses. As such, I have been working
can Legion, we sincerely thank you           going on in San Francisco. Down at          POA member, the Association has                        on efforts to streamline city con-
for your generous contribution for           Old Station 30, off-duty firefighters       always stepped up and supported a                      tracting to improve local business
our Christmas Veteran’s Hospital             volunteer their time to make sure           diverse variety of community-related                   participation, increase the vibrancy
visit. Because of people and organi-         that each child in San Francisco            programs.                                              of our merchant corridors, and cre-
zations such as yours, we are able to        has a smile on their face when they                                        Sincerely,              ate jobs that put San Franciscans to
continue our charitable efforts and          unwrap donated gifts from the San                                      Eric Quema                  work.
touch the lives of our oft forgotten         Francisco Firefighters Toy Program.                                                                    Now, more than ever, we need
veterans who have given so much              Station 30 turns into Santa’s Work-         Dear SFPOA —                                           to work together to bring the City’s
to our country. We appreciate your           shop, donated toys are placed on               On behalf of the trustees, staff,                   structural budget gap to a close.
donation. You have made our visit            shelves according to age and volun-         and volunteers of San Francisco                        While this will require many com-
to the Fort Miley Veteran’s hospital a       teers bag toys for 200 families a day.      Parks Trust, we thank you for your                     ponents, I plan to use the experience
huge success.                                While this is happening, we have            generous gift of $500 made recently                    and expertise I have gained in bud-
                                Sincerely,   Santa visiting some very special kids       for Community Partners United. As                      get and finance to refocus our city
                         Robert W. Belt      at the San Francisco hospitals as well      the fiscal partner of more than 50                     on our long-term responsibilities and
      Police-Fire Post #456 San Francisco    as child development centers and            neighborhood organizations, events,                    fundamental city services.
                                             schools.                                    and park groups, like Commu-                                                        Best regards,
                                                The San Francisco Firefighters Toy       nity Partners United, San Francisco                                               Carmen Chu
Dear SFPOA —                                 Program would like to thank you             Parks Trust is working to maintain,                                         Supervisor, District 4
   On behalf of the Board of Di-             for your generosity. It is because of       develop, and provide support for pro-
rectors, staff and clients of Curry          bighearted people like yourselves we
Senior Center, we thank you for your         are able to do what we do. There is
generous donation of $1,000. Your            a saying in the firehouse that many
donation will help provide needed            hands make light work and because
services to the many low-income,             of you we were able to assist over
frail seniors living in San Francisco’s      47,000 kids. We gave toys to indi-
Tenderloin neighborhood.                     vidual families, as well as homeless
   We also want to acknowledge a             shelters, battered women’s shelters,
few of your officers who have made           HIV groups, and many additional
a difference here in the Tenderloin.         places. Where there was a child in

                               L aw Office Of
                   ROBERT K. WYMAN
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  News From the District Attorney’s Office
Tenderloin Armed Robber Sentenced to Life in Prison
   SAN FRANCISCO, CA — District              testified at trial that Totua told him      with defendant Totua. At trial, the        felony “strikes”), he was eligible to be
Attorney Kamala D. Harris announced          to “[g]ive me everything f---er” and        victim identified the gun with Totua’s     sentenced under California’s “Three-
December 11, 2009 that Kenny Kent            proceeded to rob him of his cell phone      DNA as the same gun used during the        Strikes” law.
(CN 2385816), 39, was sentenced to           and cash. As the two victims were be-       commission of the robbery.                    On December 11, 2009, in Depart-
life in prison for his role in a 2008 rob-   ing robbed, the adult victim fled for          The case went to trial in early Sep-    ment 17 of the San Francisco Superior
bery and shooting in the Tenderloin          his safety and yelled for help. As that     tember 2009. On October 20, 2009,          Court, Judge Carol Yaggy sentenced
that left a 14-year-old boy injured with     victim fled, Totua shot the 14-year-old     after a lengthy jury trial before the      Kent to 35-years-to-life in State Prison.
gunshot wounds. Kent was prosecuted          boy in the leg. Witnesses at the scene      Honorable Carol Yaggy of the San              Kent and Totua were to stand trial
under California’s “Three-Strikes” law       provided police with a description of       Francisco Superior Court, the jury con-    separately. After Kent’s conviction,
and will not be eligible for parole for      the suspects’ vehicle, a silver minivan.    victed Kent of four felonies: robbery (a   Totua chose to forego his trial and pled
35 years.                                    An hour later, the San Francisco Po-        violation of section 211 of the Penal      guilty to two felony “strikes” related to
   “ADA Beckelman and the San Fran-          lice stopped the minivan. The police        Code); attempted robbery (a violation      the incident. He was sentenced to 15
cisco Police Department worked hard          contacted the driver of the minivan,        of section 664/211 of the Penal Code);     years in State Prison.
to secure Kent’s conviction and sen-         Kent, and recovered the victim’s cell       and two counts of assault on a person         The arrest and prosecution of defen-
tence,” said District Attorney Kamala        phone from Kent’s possession. A few         with a firearm (violations of section      dant Kenny Kent and Totua Totua is
D. Harris. “Together, they ensured           hours later, the cell phone was brought     245(a)(2) of the Penal Code).              the result of a first-rate investigation by
that Kent will never have a chance to        to the hospital and the juvenile victim        Kent has two previous convictions       San Francisco Police Department Offi-
victimize another San Franciscan.”           identified the phone as the one taken       for robbery in San Francisco. Kent’s       cers Alicia Castillo and Oscar Barcena,
   Kent and an accomplice, Totua             during the robbery. The next day, the       first robbery conviction was on July       who were part of the FRET (Fugitive
Totua, 28, robbed two young victims          injured boy identified Kent as one of       17, 1989 and his second conviction         Recovery Team), which is an arm of
on September 18, 2008 at approxi-            the robbers, but did not identify him       was on December 21, 1994. Kent had         the Gang Task Force.
mately 1:30 a.m. on the 500 block            as the triggerman. The SFPD obtained        been sentenced to a total of 8 years in       Assistant District Attorney Elliot
of Hyde Street. Both Kent and Totua          and executed a search warrant on            State Prison on those earlier robberies.   Beckelman tirelessly prosecuted the
were armed with guns when they               Kent’s residence and recovered two          Because of the Kent’s previous robbery     case.
approached the two victims, one of           firearms. Samples taken from one of         convictions and extensive criminal
whom was a 14-year-old boy. The boy          the firearms led to a DNA “match”           history ( both of which count as

Federal Government Study Shows Tasers and Other
Less Lethal Tools Protect Police and Save Suspects
From Reuters, December 4, 2009               can cause subjects to fall from a height    the devices, when all other conditions     getting some actuarial, epidemiologi-
                                             or injure the face or groin.                were similar.                              cal data out there to show that Tasers
   NEW YORK — As less lethal weap-              “If you just do a simple comparison          (Police department records did not     are really reducing injuries.”
ons rose in popularity and availability      between cases where they use a less         specify the type of conducted energy          One heart specialist who has stud-
during this decade, local police depart-     lethal weapon and those where they          weapon being used, but given Taser         ied deaths linked to Tasers said he
ments tended to develop their own            don’t, you get the impression that          International’s market share, MacDon-      still thinks all agencies who use Tas-
internal policies governing them, the        the weapon causes injury,” said John        ald believes 90 percent of the devices     ers should have automatic external
study’s authors note in their report in      MacDonald, a criminologist at the           were Tasers.)                              defibrillators (AED) on hand in case it
the December issue of the American           University of Pennsylvania who led              MacDonald’s team zoomed in on          is necessary to restart suspects’ hearts.
Journal of Public Health. The Depart-        the study.                                  the Orlando, Florida and Austin, Texas     “The study does nothing to examine
ment of Justice funded the study, one           To make their comparison more            police departments, because they both      the harm side of the Taser equation (as
of several it says it will use to deter-     meaningful, the authors took a num-         had records before and after the imple-    our study did), only the benefits side,”
mine which “use of force” policies           ber of factors into account. In par-        mentation of less lethal weapons. Or-      Zian Tseng, a cardiologist at the Uni-
allow police to work most safely.            ticular, they compared the number           lando’s rate of suspect injury dropped     versity of California, San Francisco,
   One concern of Amnesty Interna-           of times police had conflicts with          53 percent after the Taser rollout, and    wrote Reuters Health in an email.
tional and other Taser critics is that       suspects when officers had Tasers to        officer injuries dropped 62 percent.          MacDonald said requiring an AED
police are more likely to use Tasers in      when they did not.                          The impact in Austin — where the           in the back of every police cruiser
situations that would not have called           Police usually resort to Tasers and      Tasers were phased in slowly — was         would be disproportionate to the risk.
for physical force. That could mean          pepper spray in more dangerous situ-        smaller but still significant at 30 per-   He said that physical force “is much
that even if the injuries sustained by       ations where injuries are more likely to    cent less for suspects and 25 percent      more likely to cause injury and death.
suspects are less severe than those they     occur, MacDonald said. In comparing         less for officers.                         For the average case where someone
would have sustained during the use          records of more than 24,000 police of-          Taser International spokesperson       is struggling, Tasering is better than
of other physical force, there are more      ficer and suspect conflicts from 12 dif-    Stephen Tuttle said his company —          getting hit with baton or a flashlight.”
injuries overall.                            ferent police departments, MacDonald        which had nothing to do with the new          Still, “if there are other less lethal
   At least 350 people have died af-         and his colleagues found the risk of        study — is thrilled by the new scien-      devices that people can invent that
ter they were Tasered, according to          injury to suspects apprehended with         tific support. “Taser has taken it on      can cause even less harm that’s great,”
Amnesty International. It’s unclear          less lethal weapons typically fell more     the chin for a number of years,” Tuttle    he said.
why, but in many well-documented             than 60 percent compared to the risk        told Reuters Health. “This is really a        SOURCE: American Journal of Public
cases, the victims were highly agitated,     to suspects who were arrested without       watershed for Taser in terms of finally    Health, December 2009.
drugged, or had chronic medical con-
ditions. Taser International says that
the device’s barbs cause skin punc-
tures, and if used improperly, Taser fire
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  Book Reviews
The Semantics of Murder                                                                 Windshift
By Aifric Campbell                             The value of therapy is challenged       By Andrea De Carlo                              becomes stuck in a ditch and breaks
Reviewed by Dennis Bianchi                 in this novel. The author seems to have      Reviewed by Dennis Bianchi                      a suspension part; it has become dark
   This book is best described as in-      made it clear that one should be very                                                        and, if that’s not enough, it begins
triguing. It is unlikely to be found on    cautious about any counseling that he           Continuing this month’s reviews              to rain. Not one of their cell-phones
an American best-seller list, although     or she might seek.                           with another European writer not                can function. They are forced to walk
it has been lavishly praised in Europe.        Dr. Hamilton has set up shop in          found on American best-seller lists,            in search of help and find a group of
The author, Aifric Campbell, was born      London, believing that the weight            Windshift, by the currently very popu-          derelict buildings that, having been
and reared in Ireland but educated in      of the circumstances surrounding             lar Italian writer Andrea De Carlo, is a        abandoned once, are now occupied by
schools throughout the world. In 2005      his brother’s murder in Los Angeles,         smoothly written and clever examina-            a group of aggressive “back-to-nature”
she was granted a fellowship at UCLA.      California will be lightened by the          tion of modern life when the electric-          activists; folks sharing nothing with
She had become interested in the 1971      distance. His success and confidence         ity disappears and cell-phones aren’t           anything resembling modernity or
murder of a Professor of Philosophy at     are upset when a young attractive            functioning.                                    the lost Milanese professionals. In a
UCLA, Richard Montague, who was            female biographer, wishing to write             Four successful people who have              very short time it is discovered that
discovered strangled to death on the       about the doctor’s brother begins dig-       been friends for many years decide              this run-down group of buildings is
bathroom floor of his home in Beverly      ging a bit deeper than the LA.P.D. Her       they want to look at some country               the so-called “project of opportunity”
Hills, CA. He was 41 years of age and      choice of questions, her understand-         property, perhaps to be developed               where Allesio had been taking them, a
was considered extremely brilliant. He     ing of the case and the victim creates       into their vacation get-away condo-             site the smooth-talking salesman had
was working on a mathematical analy-       an uncomfortable situation with the          miniums. They have been informed of             never seen before. As disappointing,
sis of language, particularly semantics.   therapist and, coupled with a crisis in      just such a project somewhere in the            even crushing as that news was, the
He was also gay, promiscuous and pre-      one of his client’s treatment, old stories   hills of Umbria by a young fast-talking         back-to-nature group becomes a much
ferred picking up men from the streets.    begin to unravel.                            empty-suit of a realtor, Allesio. Allesio       bigger problem. Led by the charismatic
The LAPD has not solved his murder to          When the action is in the United         picks the group up in Milan and the             Lauro and the seemingly brilliant
this day. The author has studied both      States the scene is often the San Fran-      quick wit and sharp criticisms begin            Arup, this band of rebels begrudgingly
psychotherapy and creative writing         cisco Bay Area, which made it easier         immediately. The tempestuous Mar-               assist the Milanese while holding them
and found this murder to be perfect        for my mind’s eye to picture where           gherita, a star on local television and         in contempt. As the hours become
for her expertise. I agree.                and what was happening, a nice plus.         having the appropriately huge ego, and          days the reader learns that the activists
   Dr. Jay Hamilton is a successful        On the other hand, the author uses           Allesio do not hit it off at all, in spite      have made enemies of other groups
American psychotherapist who has           very graphic and harsh descriptions          of Allesio’s immediate star-struck view         living in the surrounding hills and the
moved to London, England. He has           of sexual encounters, which may not          of her. The relationship will deteriorate       Milanese become targets as well. But
become successful and comfortable.         please all readers. Mercifully, she uses     throughout the novel and provide                the real enemy for the city-dwellers
He also has things to hide. Without his    those scenes sparingly. The book is          some great fiery exchanges. Luisa is an         turns out to be themselves and their
patients’ knowledge or permission, he      not just a murder mystery or a psycho-       editor of some authority and heft and           delusional ideas of themselves. By the
uses their tales of psychological imbal-   logical thriller; it asks tough ethical      her husband, Enrico, is an architect            end of the book much more than a trip
ances, of anguish and sorrow to cre-       questions and examines the dynamics          who is wired a bit too tightly; Arturo,         has been ruined, much more than an
ate best-selling novels under the pen      of family life. If you don’t see it on a     a design engineer, fills out the group.         automobile part destroyed.
name J. Merritt. His urge for fame and     shelf in your favorite book store check         As they make their way to the site              De Carlo is very good at creating
wealth supersedes his patients’ need       it out on or your favorite        the scenery changes from big-city               so many different characters; that all
for care and therapy. As the story pro-    e-store. If you like your mysteries a bit    to rural and some of the group tries            come alive. He is also great at setting
gresses one realizes that his patients     more cerebral Ms. Campbell is worth          to relax while others, particularly             the stage for interaction among those
are not the only ones in need of help.     your time                                    Margherita, can’t leave behind their            characters. Not all of his other works
                                                                                        professional lives and worries. That            have been translated into English,
                                                                                        will be altered shortly.                        but this one is unique in that he did

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                                                                                        spend the night at the projects’ main
                                                                                                                                        the translation himself. He came to
                                                                                                                                        the conclusion that translation was
                                                                                        building the group asks Allesio to              much more difficult than he realized.
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  Labor Relations Information Systems                                                                                                

Retirement Incentive Leads To ‘Brain Drain’ At
Long Beach Police Department
From The Contra Costa Times,                mediately reduced by about $6,000,            “It’s bad enough that we’re losing        the elimination of 14 sergeant posi-
January 3                                   officers said.                             some of our best officers because the        tions, although that number was even-
                                               “I really hadn’t planned on retiring    city can’t maintain a budget, but we         tually dropped to 10, Zapalski said.
   LONG BEACH, CA – The New Year            for another three or four years, but       don’t even know yet if they’re going             With the 15 recent retirements and
will be a leaner one for the Long Beach     this was too good to pass up,” said        to replace some of the positions or          a number of the 10 positions already
Police Department following the             one sergeant.                              get rid some departments or combine          chosen for civilian jobs, the goal to
retirement of more than 30 officers            The retirement incentives are part      departments; everything is up in the         reduce the sergeants’ pool was met and
responding to city-offered incentives       cost-saving effort by the city, which is   air,” one frustrated officer said.           well surpassed. The LBPD is now down
within the past three months.               still struggling to come to terms with        City and Police Union officials an-       11 unfilled positions, Zapalski said.
   A total of 33 officers filed notice of   an $11 million general fund deficit        nounced last September they will save            “Acting sergeants will be used,
intent to retire between Oct. 1 and         in the 2011 fiscal year, followed by a     more than $7 million this year, and          which is when we take an officer who
Dec. 29, said Sgt. Dina Zapalski, a         $21.7 million deficit in the 2012 fis-     more than $15 million over the next          has a lot of experience and have them
Long Beach Police Department spokes-        cal year.                                  five years, with the new contract that       fill-in as sergeant until the position is
woman.                                         While many are glad to see the cost-    took effect at the start of October. Au-     replaced,” Zapalski explained.
   Almost half those positions, 15 to       savings from the incentives, a number      thorities noted then, however, that the          It was not yet known when the
be exact, were sergeant posts, Zapalski     of officers remaining on the force are     department still had to cut more than        replacements, or promotions, might
confirmed last week.                        less than delighted at the loss of the     $8 million to make budget.                   happen, she said.
   The rush to retire was prompted by       veterans.                                     Part of the budget could be reached           That lack of certainty seems to have
a deal offered by the city to veteran          Official average yearly retirement      by taking positions once held by sworn       fueled fears among those already upset
officers, particularly those holding the    numbers were not available last week,      officers and turning them into civilian      over the loss of veteran and knowledg-
position of sergeant, several officers      Zapalski said.                             jobs, officials said.                        able officers.
explained.                                     But a number of officers who spoke         Another way to reduce the budget              “They need to come up with a plan,
   For some, retiring by the Dec. 31,       on condition of anonymity said the         involved early retirements and, possi-       and quick, because morale is drop-
2009, date could mean an extra $7,000       recent exodus coinciding with the new      bly, job eliminations, the city warned.      ping,” said another officer. “If they
every year in their pension, several        contract — which took effect on Oct.          At the time of the signing of the new     don’t care about morale, they’re going
retiring officers said.                     1 — resulted in well more than half        contract, 32 positions were marked for       to care about the problems that come
   If they waited until Jan. 1, 2010        the number of officers who typically       elimination to meet the goal.                with a lack of effective and respected
or later, that extra bump was im-           leave during a full fiscal year.              Part of that plan initially called for    leadership.”

                       International Association of Women Police
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  Labor Relations Information Systems                                                                                                  

New Jersey Police Recruits Required To Take Suicide Prevention Training
From The New Jersey Star-Ledger,            Police Department, began requiring             babies are born or invite us to a bar-     show care and comfort,” she said.
January 3                                   its officers to begin suicide awareness        becue,” he said. “They call us when           Since Cop2Cop was formed in 2000,
                                            training in the fall.                          that baby stops breathing or when that     the agency’s hotline has fielded 24,000
   At law enforcement academies                 “You see tragedy day in and day out.       barbecue grill blows up in their face.”    calls, Castellano said. In 171 cases, the
around the country, cadets learn            It’s human nature to be affected by               Across the country, an average of       officer calling was suicidal. In all but
chapter and verse about statutes, the       it,” Newark police director Garry Mc-          436 law enforcement officers have          two of those cases, counselors talked
sanctity of evidence, the appropriate       Carthy said. “We have a responsibil-           taken their lives each year since 2004,    the officers out of taking their lives,
way to handle suspects and dozens           ity to make sure we provide resources          according to the National Police Sui-      she said.
of other topics related to crime and        to police officers so they can protect         cide Foundation.                              Kenneth Burkert, a union represen-
public safety.                              themselves.”                                      In New Jersey, 10 law enforcement       tative for corrections officers in Union
   Starting this year in New Jersey,                                                       officers committed suicide last year,      County, lost two colleagues to suicide
they’ll also learn about depression, the                                                   up from an average of 7.4 per year         in a recent 18-month span.
emotional hazards of their work and         “You see tragedy day                           between 2003 and 2007, said Cherie            “After the first one, everybody was
the possibility one of their colleagues
will consider ending his or her life        in and day out. It’s                           Castellano, director of Cop2Cop, a
                                                                                           state-funded police counseling service.
                                                                                                                                      devastated,” Burkert said. “After the
                                                                                                                                      second one, everyone I knew was very
with a bullet.
   It’s a blunt message meant to coun-
                                            human nature to be                             In 2008, 11 officers took their own
                                                                                           lives, said Castellano, who also served
                                                                                                                                      numb and somber.”
                                                                                                                                         Within a month of the second
ter the persistent problem of suicide in    affected by it. We                             on the 14-member task force.               death, he said, about 20 corrections
law enforcement ranks.                                                                        Come July, the recruits will learn      officers attended a Cop2Cop seminar.
   While the issue isn’t unique to the      have a responsibility                          how to spot the signs of depression in        “It helped them understand what
Garden State, New Jersey is the first                                                      themselves and others, how to cope         suicide is,” Burkert said.
state to mandate suicide awareness          to make sure we                                with difficult experiences and how to         For Ramos, the effort to reduce the
training for all recruits, said trooper
Orlando Ramos, who served on a task         provide resources                              seek assistance, either through private
                                                                                           practitioners or groups like Cop2Cop.
                                                                                                                                      number of police suicides is intensely
                                                                                                                                      personal. Seven years ago, a friend
force created by Gov. Jon Corzine to
assess and combat the problem.
                                            to police officers                                At a recent training session for ac-
                                                                                           tive officers in the Trenton suburb
                                                                                                                                      and colleague on the State Police shot
                                                                                                                                      himself in the heart. Ramos said he
   Ramos, who helped develop the            so they can protect                            of Hamilton, state Attorney General        didn’t see it coming.
training program, called the move “a                                                       Anne Milgram told some 200 people             “He was such a positive person,”
step in the right direction. My hope        themselves.”                                   that officers need to break down the       Ramos said. “He was the last person
is that over time, it will reduce the                                                      stigma that prevents so many troubled      I thought would do something like
number of suicides,” he said.                  The stresses of the job — including         cops from reaching out for help.           that.”
   The curriculum goes into effect July     long, irregular hours, and exposure               “There’s no question these pro-            The suicide prompted Ramos to
1 and will be required for prospective      to horrific crimes and danger — put            grams work,” Milgram said. “This           focus his dissertation on police sui-
police officers, sheriff’s officers, cor-   law enforcement officers at an above-          difficulty is getting people to actually   cides when he obtained a doctorate.
rections officers, juvenile detention       average risk for suicide, according to         use them.”                                 His friend’s death continues to drive
officers and state and county investi-      the task force’s findings. That risk is           At a separate session in Newark, for-   him today.
gators. The New Jersey Police Training      exacerbated by ready access to fire-           mer homicide detective Shelia Hobson,         “Day in and day out, we take care
Commission approved the change last         arms, making it easier for despondent          a Cop2Cop supervisor, urged officers       of everyone else,” he said. “But who’s
month.                                      cops to act on impulse.                        to be one another’s “keeper.”              going to take care of us?”
   The training remains voluntary              Ramos called the nature of the work            “Sometimes all you have to do is
for active officers, though the state’s     “inherently negative.”
largest municipal force, the Newark            “People don’t call us when their

Cleveland Police Officers And Firefighters
Could Be Forced To Retire At Age 65
From The Cleveland Plain Dealer,               Sgt. Ralph Dicorpo, a 32-year of-
January 6                                   ficer, learned last week that he must
                                            retire Thursday on his 65th birthday.
   CLEVELAND, OH – Cleveland’s vet-         McGrath recommended that Dicorpo
eran cops and firefighters used to work-    be honorably retired, and Flask said he
ing past the mandatory retirement age       accepted the recommendation.
of 65 could be forced out this year.           Wally May, head of the police super-
   Police and firefighters have been        visors union, said Dicorpo intended to
allowed to work past the retirement         work longer.
date as long as City Council approved          “They’ve been given extensions
the extension -- typically just a formal-   every year,” May said. “We support
ity. But City Council revised the 1975      them staying.”
ordinance in June to give the safety           The workers should be allowed to
director the power to decide on each        stay if they pass the required physical
extension.                                  and other requirements, said Chester
   Safety Director Martin Flask an-         Ashton, head of the fire union, and
ticipates 20 to 25 police officers and      Steve Loomis, head of the patrolmen’s
firefighters will need an extension if      union.
they want to remain on the job. He             Unlike other city workers who will
ordered Police Chief Michael McGrath        have to take 10 unpaid furlough days
and Fire Chief Paul Stubbs to review        in 2010, the city’s safety forces were
the extension requests and make rec-        asked to accept other concessions,
ommendations. The requests will be          such as forgoing days off and clothing
decided on the needs of each agency,        allowances next year.
Flask added.                                   Sixty-seven patrol officers face lay-
   He said he does not plan to force        offs after rejecting cuts that city offi-
people into retirement in order to          cials said would save $4.1 million next
reduce the ranks, but acknowledged          year. Police supervisors rejected cuts;
some will be made to retire.                31 face demotions. The police unions
   “Some people will be extended if         instead offered to defer overtime and
they have critical jobs,” Flask said.       other payments and put dispatchers on
   Police and firefighters who retire are   10-hour shifts to curb overtime. The
owed money for unused vacation and          fire union and city are still negotiating.
sick time, and in some cases, overtime         The laid-off or demoted officers,
worked decades ago. The wave of retire-     Flask said, could return to work or their
ments will cost the city at least several   former rank as people leave through
hundred thousand dollars, although          voluntary or forced retirements.
the payments could be spread out over          “If an officer or firefighter retires, he
two or three years.                         or she will be replaced as expeditiously
   The first worker forced out could be     as possible with an employee in a layoff
gone Thursday.                              or demoted status,” he said.
Page 22                                                                        POA Journal                                                                    February 2010

Long-Term Investing
The 2010–2020 Decade: Americans
Adapt to Change in the New U.S. A. Economy
  By Edwin K. Stephens,                                                                  sued has caused irreparable damage          for Reuters said that there were strong
  The Stephens Group                                                                     that will plague the United States          healing signs that the American
                                                                                         economy for many years. On March 9,         economy was recovering. The pace of
  All things must change to something                                                    2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Aver-        layoffs has slowed sharply in recent
new, to something strange. — Longfellow                                                  age was at a mid-year low of 6,547.05.      months as the economy resumed
                                                                                            On December 31, 2009, Mr. Tim            growth following its worst recession
   Compromise makes a good umbrella,                                                     Paradis, Associated Press business          in 70 years.
but a poor roof; it is a temporary expedi-                                               writer noted that the year’s stats told        President Barack Obama said in
ent, often wise in party politics, almost                                                an incredible story across the financial    March 2009, “We are moving system-
sure to be unwise in statesmanship.                                                      markets. By March 2009, the Dow             atically to bring about change, but
                                —Lowell                                                  Jones industrials had tumbled 53.8          change is hard.” The President stated
                                                                                         percent from a record high in Octo-         at a town hall meeting in California,
   Are Americans going to be better off                                                  ber 2007 to a low of 6,547.05. It then      “Change doesn’t happen overnight.”
financially with the various changes                                                     rocketed 59.3 percent in the final nine     Christopher S. Rugaber, Associated
that are occurring in the U.S.A.                                                         months of the year. The Dow is still        Press economics writer said a Labor
economy?                                                                                 down 26.4 percent from its 2007 peak        Department report provided some
   Answer: I hope so. Americans are                                                      of 14,164.53                                cause for optimism: Claims for un-
resilient. We are coping with the                                                           Mr. Paradis further said that United     employment aid barely rose last week
many changes that has occurred                                                           States stocks had gained about $5.2         after falling in the previous week to
in the U.S.A. economy. And, we                                                           trillion in value since the low in          the lowest point since July 2008. And
are adapting to our new economic                                                         March, putting the gain for the year at     the four-week average of claims fell
realities.                                   poverty. We welcomed immigrants to          $2.6 trillion. However, the stock mar-      for the 18th straight week to 450,250.
                                             our shores, we opened railroads to the      ket climb was still not enough to give         Mr. Rugaber noted that a gain in
Candidate Obama’s                            west, we landed a man on the moon,          investors a win for the decade. The         jobs for December could improve
Campaign for Change                          and we heard a King’s call to let justice   Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 24.1       consumer confidence and spur greater
   On February 17, 2007, Senator             roll down like water, and righteousness     percent from 2000-09, it’s first loss for   spending, fueling the economic re-
Barack Obama in Springfield, Illinois        like a mighty stream.”                      a decade. The S&P says it managed to        covery. Many analysts predict the
announced his candidacy to seek the             Senator Barack Obama further             advance during the Depression thanks        economy grew by up to 4 percent at an
Presidency of the United States of           noted, “Each and every time, a new          to dividend payments.                       annual rate in the October-December
America.                                     generation has risen up and done               Americans have had to adjust to          quarter. Federal Reserve officials and
   Senator Obama’s Presidential cam-         what’s needed to be done. Today we          the roller coaster ups and down of          private economists worry that much
paign was designed to change the             are called once more — and it is time       the economy in 2009. Stocks began           of the recovery stems from temporary
attitudes of people who had become           for our generation to answer that call.     the dramatic turnaround in March            factors, such as government stimulus
disenchanted with their government.          For that is our unyielding faith — that     2009, after Citigroup, Inc. and other       and business rebuilding inventories.
Candidate Obama said in his an-              in the face of impossible odds, people      big banks said that they were making           Most economists agree that it will
nouncement to run for United States          who love their country can change it.”      money again. The stocks then climbed        take several years for the economy
Presidency, “The genius of our found-        On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama           at a fairly steady pace as signs of an      to create enough jobs to bring the
ers is that they designed a system of        was sworn in as the 44th President of       economic recovery from the Great Re-        unemployment rate back down to
government that can be changed.              the United States of America.               cession became more pronounced. The         pre-recession levels of about 5 percent.
And we should take heart, because                                                        Standard & Poor’s 500 index roared
we’ve changed this country before.           Americans Adjusting to Change               back 64.8 percent from its early March      Living in a Changed World
In the face of tyranny, a band of pa-           On January 1, 2009, the Dow Jones        low. The S& P finished 2009 at 23.5            Americans are facing an uncertain
triots brought an Empire to its knees.       Industrial Average began the year at        percent, its best showing since 2003.       future for themselves and their fami-
In the face of secession, we unified a       8,772.25.                                   On December 31, 2009, the Dow Jones         lies as 2009 came to a close. For the
nation and set the captives free. In            Within the first three months of         Industrial Average ended at 10,517.38.      unemployed, often getting a new job
the face of Depression, we put people        2009, the United States economy and            Mr. Edward Krudy a reporter for          means receiving a pay cut. It is one
back to work and lifted millions out of      the global financial markets experi-        Reuters said that “Despite a 65 percent     of the bleak realities of the economic
                                                            enced a meltdown. The        gain in the S&P 500 from its 12-year        recovery: Even as more employers are
                                                            overextended United          closing low in March, stock investors       starting to hire, the new jobs typically
                                                            States housing market        have lost money this decade when to-        pay less than the ones that were lost.
                                                            experienced a bubble         tal returns are taken into account. Few        Mr. Till Marco von Wachter, a
                                                            that popped. The sub-        will be overwhelmed with the long-          Columbia economics professor said,
                                                            prime mortgage mar-          term performance of their portfolios.”      “The first jobs to emerge from a reces-
                                                            kets collapsed and the                                                   sion typically aren’t well-paying ones.
                                                            business credit mar-         Cautious Optimism for Change                Companies delay hiring for higher-
                                                            kets became illiquid.           On January 14, 2010, Mr. Philip El-      paying jobs, in particular, until they’re
                                                            The convergence of           liott, Associated Press writer noted that   confident the recovery will last.” In
                                                            these three catastroph-      President Barack Obama’s campaign           addition, as the unemployed compete
                                                            ic events did create a       ambition has been diluted with a prag-      for the new job openings available,
                                                            perfect financial storm.     matism that has been the hallmark           employers face no pressure to raise
                                                            And the crisis that en-      of Year One — without much of the           wages. According to Labor Department
                                                                                         progress he had hoped.                      data more than six people are now vy-
                                                                                            However, Mr. Elliott said that Presi-    ing, on average, for each job opening,

             Divorce Mediation                                                           dent Obama inherited an economy in
                                                                                         severe distress that has since shown
                                                                                                                                     compared with just 1.7 workers per
                                                                                                                                     opening when the recession began in
                                                                                         marked improvement. With the                December 2007.
                Paula M. lawhon                                                          financial crisis and later the employ-
                                                                                         ment crisis developing so close to last
                                                                                                                                        Americans in the 2010-2020 decade
                                                                                                                                     will be forced to adapt to the changes
                                                                                         year’s election, it was not the focus       in the new United States economy.
 •	 Civilized	divorce	process	without	litigation                                         of his earlier campaign promises. But       However, I am optimistic that the
 •	 Fair	and	enforceable	agreements	while	                                               President Obama did manage to craft         “change we can believe in” for a pros-
    saving	time	and	money                                                                his main anti-recession measure to          perous American economy will come
                                                                                         address one of the top commitments.         not from government alone, but from
 •	 Balanced	premarital	and	post-marital	                                                The President almost delivered on his       those resilient people who have an
    agreements                                                                           campaign pledge to provide a $1,000         indomitable spirit and vision of the
 •	 Experienced	with	police	pensions	and	                                                tax credit to 95 percent of all working     opportunities that lie dormant within
    related	benefits                                                                     families.                                   America.
                                                                                            Ms. Lucia Mutikani, business writer
                 fax:	415	398-3446
                                                                                         Visit our website:
            870	Market	Street,	Suite	1151
           San	Francisco,	California	94102                                                                  and activate your account
February 2010                                                                   POA Journal                                                                           Page 23

                                                                                                                       League Leaders
                                                                                                                          as of 01/15/10

nick’s notes                                                                                Total Points
                                                                                                                     (mimimum 2 games played)

By Nick Shihadeh,                                                                           134 — Fong (Bayview)                       34 —   Tong (HOJ)
Journal Sports Editor                                                                       100 — Tiffe (Mission)                      29 —   Chew (Ingleside)
                                                                                            87 — Chew (Ingleside)                      23 —   Barton (Daly City)
Department Basketball Update                                                                82 — Barton (Daly City)                    21 —   Knight (Northern)
                                                                                            76 — Murphy (Park)                         20 —   Tiffe (Mission)

         HECK IT OUT: The league                                                            71 — Tong (HOJ)                            19 —   A. Nguyen (TTF)
         update is as follows accord-                                                       59 — Fegan (Narcotics)                     19 —   T. O’Connor (Central)
         ing to Commish Steve “Yeah,
Yeah, Yeah” Coleman: With less than                                                         Average Points                             FTM
a month remaining in the regular                                                            22.3 — Fong (Bayview)                      24 —   Tong (HOJ)
season at the printing of this column,                                                      21 — Thorpe (Northern)                     24 —   Chew (Ingleside)
each game being played at St. Mary’s                                                        20.5 — Barton (Daly City)                  15 —   Barton (Daly City)
Gym has been forty minutes of hard                                                          17.4 — Chew (Ingleside)                    15 —   Moran (Park)
fought basketball. CHP, Daly City PD,                                                       16.7 — Tiffe (Mission)                     14 —   A. Nguyen (TTF)
and Central Station are at the top of                                                       16   — Jas. Johnson (Bayview)              12 —   Knight (Northern)
the league standings (on this same           brink of their first loss. GTF made it
                                                                                            15.2 — Murphy (Park)                       12 —   T. O’Connor (Central)
page) and are pulling away from the          close but it wasn’t enough in the 77-70
                                                                                            14.8 — Fegan (Narcotics)                   11 —   Tiffe (Mission)
rest of the pack. With only eight of the     loss. Northern Station added depth to
twelve teams eligible for post season        their team, but it’s taking them longer
                                                                                            3’s Made                                   FT% (min 12 att.)
play, every game means something             they’d like to gel together while on the
                                             court. Northern will be another team           16 — Solarzano (TTF)                       83% — Chew (Ingleside)
and the intensity level is rising every                                                     15 — Tiffe (Mission)                       83% — Moran (Park)
week.                                        that will be “scary” to the rest of the
                                             league once they start clicking on all         15 — Fong (Bayview)                        77% — Tursi (Northern)
   Regardless of the match-ups on any                                                       14 — M. Costello (Central)                 75% — Del Carlo (HOJ)
given day, many of the games have            cylinders; in fact; Northern was the
                                             team that made it all the way into the         12 — Murphy (Park)                         74% — A. Nguyen (TTF)
come down to the last minute and                                                            10 — Labanowski (GTF)                      71% — Tong (HOJ)
have gone into overtime to decide the        championship game last year despite
                                             starting the playoffs as the eighth seed.      10 — Soares (TTF)                          69% — Murphy (GTF)
outcome. Despite playing with only                                                           9 — M. Williams (Narcotics)               67% — Murphy (Park)
four players in the first half of a recent      Tenderloin Station and Mission Sta-
game vs “the Chippies”, Central actu-        tion, despite having losing records, still
ally had a chance to win it with a shot      have a say in the league. Their games        ver Police Department. A barbecue will
at the buzzer. The shot was missed,          will help determine which teams make
                                             the postseason and which teams don’t.
                                                                                          be taking place during the these two
                                                                                          games so anyone wishing to attend
                                                                                                                                              SFPD Standings
and CHP continues to march through                                                                                                               as of 12/28/09
the regular season undefeated.               That “spoiler” role that both clubs will     should contact Steve “Cang” Caniglia
   When Central played against Bay-          be playing will help them gain more          (Northern Station) at 415-317-1166.           Teams         W        L       GB
view, they battled back and forth for        experience as they look forward to           Later that evening is the club’s third
                                             next season. The month of February           Hall of Fame Dinner taking place at           CHP            6       0        –
the first half of the game. Central
                                             will be interesting to see which teams       Harrington’s Bar and Grill in The City        Daly City      5       1        1
was able to pull ahead in the second
half because of the clutch three point       make it into the playoffs.                   with the cost being $55.00 American.          Central        5       2        1.5
shooting of Mikey Costello. It should           Take note that Law Enforcement            The inductees will be John Connefrey,         HOJ            4       2        2
be known that Timmy O’Conner                 Appreciation Night will take place at        Joe Boyle, Steve Roche, John Anton,           Ingleside      4       2        2
held the league leading scorer from          the Warriors vs LA Clippers game at          and Don West and the special guests
                                                                                                                                        Bayview        4       3        2.5
Bayview, Tommy Fong, to only one             the Oracle Arena in Oakland on Wed.          will be the “Cannucks” from the
                                             Feb. 10th at 7:30pm. In addition to          Vancouver Police Soccer Club . More           Park           3       3        3
point for the whole game. Bayview as
                                             the memorial honoring the fallen             details for this exciting event includ-       Narcotics      3       3        3
a whole scored only thirty-eight points
for the game. Despite a couple of disap-     police officers in the Bay Area from         ing contact information are in a flyer        Northern       3       4        3.5
pointing losses, Bayview still hopes to      last year, there will be a tournament        in this same sports section. Hope to          Mission        2       6        5
win “back-to-back” titles behind the         amongst police teams taking place in         see you there....otherwise, that’s all for    GTF            0       6        6
scoring of Fong, the strong rebound-         the afternoon before the main event.         now…So See Ya next month…
                                                                                                                                        TTF            0       7        6.5
ing of Leon Jackson, and of course the       Gerry Newbeck is putting together
veteran leadership of Eddie Hagan.           two teams from the department to
   Like predicted, the veteran laden         compete in the tourney and can be
Narcotics team has come alive and is         reached at Bayview Station if you’re

                                                                                               Bruce construction
marching into the playoff hunt with          interested. A flyer with more informa-
Gerry Newbeck’s driving and scoring.         tion about the events of that evening
Park Station has suffered a couple of        and pruchasing tickets at the POA is
tough losses recently; and, besides          in this same sports section. Otherwise,
their group of star players, they will       Commish Coleman says: “So see ya in                                            Specializing in
                                             the playoffs.”
need the quiet but solid play of Ruben
Reyes to push the team to the top.                                                                                      Kitchen and Bathroom
                                             SF Police Soccer Hall of Fame
Ingleside Station squeaked past Park
by a score of 49-45 a couple of weeks        Dinner/Alumni Game                                                              remodeling
back with Nate Yuen connecting on               There is a Hall of Fame/Alumni day
                                             taking place on Sat. March 27 where
                                                                                                                        General Construction
many three point shots to help his
                                             department soccer players past and
team win. For Daly City, Mike Barton
has been “unconscious” the past week         present are encouraged to participate
                                             in. First is an alumni game that will
while scoring thirty-eight and twenty-
eight points in back-to-back games as        be played at noon at a field that hasn’t             Fax: 650-872-8584                       Cell: 650-296-0323
his team is cruising to a number two         been determined yet. This will be a
seed in the playoff bracket.                 game played for fun so former play-                    E-mail:
   Although Gang Task Force (GTF)            ers and their families can attend and
has been struggling without a victory        renew old friendships. Following that                         California Contractor’s License Number: 872600
so far this season, they have been play-     game is another match between the
ing solid basketball just the same while     department’s number one soccer team                       Owner: Rick Bruce, retired SFPD
taking the undefeated CHP team to the        and a team visiting from the Vancou-
Page 24                                                                          POA Journal                                                                   February 2010

TAC Takes 2nd in Best of the West Competition
By Gerry Newbeck                             the cars were clear we hustled to the
                                             shoot house. Bradford quickly ran up
   This past September 17 and 18             and breached the door with the ram he
several members of the San Francisco         was carrying the entire time. We en-
SWAT team participated in the annual         tered the shoot house using our tactics,
Best of the West S.W.A.T. Competition.       entering two to a room taking out all
The event was held at the Santa Clara        danger targets and not shooting any
County Sheriff’s Office Regional Train-      “no shoot” targets. I have to say that
ing Facility. This SWAT competition          the entire team did a great job assess-
is an invitational event and the San         ing every target. With the adrenaline
Francisco SWAT team has participated         going and it being the first time most
for several years since 1991.                on the team has ever been in a shoot
   Approximately 25 to 30 SWAT teams         house we were very tactically sound.
from around the west coast partici-          Santa Clara put some difficult targets
pated in several different events over       up as well featuring plain clothes po-
the two days. The Santa Clara County         lice officers with their guns up in one
Sheriff’s Office training facility is out-   hand pointed straight at you while the
standing. I can’t say enough about the       other hand was near their waistband
facility and their range staff, who were     holding their police badge. Once all
very professional and accommodating.         the rooms were clear we rescued a
What a great location and staff they         downed body in the shoot house. We            The team came away with four awards
have in that department.                     ran with this 160lb dummy through
   This year we sent a relatively new        the narrow maze of this shoot house           says the right eye. The safety Officer      handgun portion of the course. We
team to the Best of the West. It con-        and out the front door. Once outside          radios down to the other range officer      shot five strong hand and five non-
sisted of myself (Gerry Newbeck) and         the time stopped. Results: no penal-          and says, “This guy is calling his shot.    dominant hand plate targets. We then
also team leader for the event, Kevin        ties/no missed targets. We came in 2nd        Where did he hit?” We listen wait-          holstered our handguns and ran to the
(CHIN K.) Chin, Steven “E.O.D. Sgt.”         place for this event.                         ing for the voice to respond over the       finish line where the time is stopped.
Jonas, Malcom Anderson, Jason “J-                                                          radio. Then hear it comes, “Looks like      We didn’t fare too well in this event,
Rob” Robinson, Tim “Ginger” Yee,             Next we had the Sniper Course                 a good hit! RIGHT EYE!” The range           and in addition the individual scores
Brent “Hooraah” Bradford, and Jason             Team of six with one sniper. Yee           safety Officer looks at Yee and says,       weren’t readily available.
“Mongo” Garden.                              with a bolt action sniper rifle and one       “Wow, you’re good. But you still have
   Over the two days a team of six           spotter, Newbeck with a fully auto-           to shoot it again. We’ll see how good       Next was the Two Man
competitors and one alternate com-           matic M4 (with .223 rounds) outfitted         you really are”                             Combat Course
peted in seven events. Each event was        with a scope, and four assaulters with           So the first and last documented            This is a two man event with MP-5
a timed event and some carried penal-        AR-15s. First off we had to maneuver          rule for Best of the West is “no whin-      and a handgun being used where both
ties which added time to your overall        through the obstacle course making            ing”. That being said and Yee always        members of the team must move to-
time for that event.                         every attempt not to bang our optics.         up for a challenge, we get back into our    gether. This course had an 8 foot wall,
   The entire competition starts out         Then we hustled over to the long              shooting positions. We wait and wait.       window openings to jump through,
with a physical challenge at 0800hrs         range. Yee and I climb up a ladder (I         The targets appear. Yee has a hit again!    tires to zig-zag around, monkey bars
on the first day. This required the          love this part as I am the only witness).     Unbelievable! My shot is way off. We        move across, and a balance beam to
team of six to run through an ob-            We are told to get into a shooting posi-      then climb down off the roof and            manage before any shooting began.
stacle course while carrying a large         tion on top of this roof. It was sunny,       move into other shooting positions.         The first course of fire was a plate
log or small telephone pole; however         hot, and one could’ve cooked eggs             This time it’s through small cut-outs       target at a distance of about twenty
you want to look at it, it was heavy! A      on those shingles with maybe some             in a wood wall. I have two 100 yard         feet with the hand gunner prone and
team would start out by going over a         bacon too. Back to the course: we had         hostage taker shots and Yee has two         the sub gunner on a ladder just over
six foot wall and over several hurdles       a fifty yard moving target shot. Yee’s        200 yard hostage taker shots. Next we       a wall. After that there were several
with the log. The log would then be          target was a hostage taker and I had          run 50 yards and we each have one           balloon targets. Once those targets
placed down and the team maneu-              just a bad guy to shoot. We were to           standing 50 yard hostage taker shot.        were popped there was an “on the
vered over a long balance beam which         get into position and wait until the          After that we run back to the building      move” portion of “good guy/bad guy”
had a hurdle in the middle. The log          targets presented themselves. We got          and the other four assaulters run 50        paper targets at different distances and
was then picked up again and carried         into position and waited. Looking             yards and proceed to take out 20 metal      angles. The movement was laterally
through two open window obstacles.           through the scope we waited. For me           plates at 100 yards. Once all twenty        from right to left. These shots had to
After that there was a sprint with that      it seemed like forever. I was burning         shots are taken we are to run back to       be made where your rounds did not
log to a platform where once the log         up! Sweating like a hostage. Then,            the building and the time is stopped.       hit any of the good guy targets in
was set down and all six team mem-           finally, the two targets appeared from        Results: despite some penalties, we still   the background. The next shooting
bers had their hands on the log, time        right to left at a good pace. I’m trying      ended up in 1st place for t his event!      platform was behind a sedan parked
was stopped. We came in 8th place in         to get my crosshairs on target but I’m                                                    on the range that was used as a bar-
that course.                                 too shaky. Then bang! Yee shoots. The         The Shot Gun Course was next up             ricade and several metal plates on a
                                             safety range officer yells, “Hold your          This event is an individual event in      pick-up truck down range needed to
Next we had the Team Assault                 fire! Hold your fire!” We stop and look       which six individuals from the team         be shot. The last stage of shooting was
   It all started with a sniper initiated    at him. He tells us that there was a mal-     would compete separately. It starts out     an 8 foot wall with two 6 foot ladders
shot. Tim Yee the former Specialist          function with the moving target and           with a prone 60 yard slug shot, then        on each side with a shooter on each
Sniper turned Tactical Operator made         that it took too long to start moving.        running to the next shooting position       side — you were to climb the ladder
a great head shot into a passenger win-      We had to shoot again. Good, cause I          and shooting both slug and buck shot.       without your head popping up from
dow of a van parked down range. The          didn’t get my shot off. Bad, cause Yee        Unfortunately some guys shot targets        the top and shoot from the side of the
team moved forward and assaulted             said he got his target. Yee looks at the      out of order which greatly diminished       wall. Here you take down more metal
three additional vehicles, acquiring         Safety Officer and pleads, “But I hit my      their overall score. We were unable to      plates which were two rows of five.
targets as they were presented. Once         target.” He replies swiftly, “Call it!” Yee   come in the top 5 in this event.            Then it’s a run to the finish line. The
                                                                                                                                       individual scores weren’t available on
                                                                                           Next Day’s Competition                      this event too, and just as well as we
                                                                                              Now on to the next day’s competi-        weren’t happy with our performances.
                                                                                           tion. Our first event is the Combined
                                                                                           Weapons Course: this was also an            Our final event was the Jungle Run
                                                                                           individual event where we started out          This was the toughest and most
                                                                                           with “long gun” shots while standing        strenuous event of the entire competi-
                                                                                           on a ladder leaning on top of a cargo       tion. It was our last event and we knew
                                                                                           box. We used AR-15s or M4s. Those           we were in good standings after the
                                                                                           guns were then downed and we ran            first three team events. If we placed
                                                                                           through some obstacles to the sub-          high enough we could come in first
                                                                                           machine gun portion. We would load          for the team competition. We were
                                                                                           MP-5 .40 caliber assault weapons and        ready! We needed a sniper rifle (bolt
                                                                                           shoot five paper targets while stand-       action .308), shotgun with slugs(we
                                                                                           ing (“two to the body and one to the        went with the Remington 870 pump
                                                                                           head” for each target). We downed           action), and our .40 caliber hand guns.
                                                                                           those guns and went over some more          It would start out with each team
                                                                                           obstacles to the shotgun stage, where       member going over an 8 foot wall.
                                                                                           we shot slugs from a kneeling position      Members could be lifted or pulled over
                                                                                           behind barricades(both strong hand          the wall. The last person always had
                                                                                           and non-dominant hand). We downed           the hardest time. Once over the wall
                                                                                           those weapons, went over some walls         we ran to the first shooting platform
Beginning of the Physical Challenge.                                                       and hurdles, and moved next to the          for the sniper. It was a 280 yard shot,
February 2010                                                                                POA Journal                                                                            Page 25

Brent Bradford and Tim Yee running down the Jungle Trail.

but you couldn’t get a sight picture                shooting platform. All six of us had to
                                                                                                        Top: Lt Rick Parry, Jason Robinson, Malcolm Anderson, Steve Jonas,
from a prone position. Tim Yee made                 shoot paper targets which were head
                                                                                                        Capt. John Goldberg. Bottom: Jason Garden, Kevin Chin, Tim Yee, Brent Bradford,
the shot from a sitting position and we             and body shots. We ran about thirty
                                                                                                        Gerry Newbeck.
moved along about 40 yards down a                   yards between shooting stations yell-
dirt path covered in shrubbery which                ing and screaming at each other with                rope and so on. Once all the team is         Time National/Three Time World”
lead up to the next sniper platform. It             motivating expletives to get it done.               at the top you could move to the next        Spagnoli who helped us get the ammo
would be a 200 yard shot where you                  We also did “combat” reloads and “tac-              location which was another sniper            and guns ready for the competition.
were again unable to get into a prone               tical” reloads when the opportunities               platform. Yee makes the shot and we          Next, thanks go to the POA for their
position to make the shot.                          presented themselves. We would clear                run to the finish line. The finish line is   support as well as to the Specialist
   Here we go, running as fast as we                two more handgun stations before                    that same 8 foot wall we jumped over         Team with Sgt. Matt O’leary, who let
can without falling down this dusty                 coming upon the “woodpeckers”.                      in the beginning. We each get over           us use some of their range time. We
trail so steep there should have been                  Woodpeckers are targets that were                and the time stops. We had a good            also really appreciated the Tactical
steps. Oh wait, there were steps. If you            just a strip of wood hung horizontally              run, but we know we could have been          command staff of John Goldberg,
can call boulders, rocks, stumps and                by nails on each end. The object was to             faster. Not knowing how we scored on         Rick Parry, and Lt Ed Cota. I would
protruding roots steps. We survived                 shoot the wood until it was completely              this last grueling event, we just had to     also like to acknowledge past TAC
the avalanche of SFPD TAC guys down                 broken and both ends of the wood                    wait patiently for the awards ceremony       competitors of the Best of the West
the slippery slope. Anderson fell once,             swung down. Each handgun target                     while hoping we’re in the top three.         who showed their support and gave us
but got up as quickly as he fell and con-           present was a three inch wide piece of                 It was good to see Captain John           much needed advice and instruction.
tinued pushing on. Next we had a low                wood and the shotgun target had a five              Goldberg and Lt. Rick Parry support-         Dan Laval, thanks for the targets. Scott
crawl under some barbed wire. Since                 inch wide piece of wood. This type of               ing us during the last three events;         Hurley, thanks for the rifle stock. Da-
I had a shotgun strapped to my back                 target was the first for anyone on our              they would be present at the awards          vid “Crazy Dave” Batchelder, thanks
and Yee his rifle, we were instructed               team. We broke every woodpecker and                 ceremony as well. Finally the wait was       for the scope. There’s also Mark “The
to put them in our hands as we low                  ran to the next obstacle. There it was: a           over and we found out how we fared:          Rock” Williams, Damon Keeve, Angelo
crawled under the obstacle. This was                wall, a cliff, and a mountain with rope             we ended up getting 2nd place by only        Spagnoli, Dino Zografas, Nate Chan,
due to some earlier competitors getting             resting on the rocks. First man up; he              one excruciating point in the overall        Rob Toy, Jay Dowke, Sgt. John Syme,
their long guns stuck in the barbed                 held on to the rope and climbed until               competition. We did finish 1st place         Sgt. John Greenwood, Sgt Brien Hoo,
wire which pulled down the obstacle                 he got to the top. We couldn’t see the              in the sniper course though, with Tim        Sgt. Jason Sawyer, Sgt. Kevin Dempsey,
onto their teammates. Once we cleared               top. The first man gets to the top and              Yee and I also getting third place in        and of course Lt. Glenn Mar. These
the low crawl, we ran to the next                   yells, “Up.” The next man starts up the             the sniper/observer combo. Bottom            people and some I probably forgot to
                                                                                                         line, we came away with four plaques        mention influenced us and inspired us
             The SF Police Soccer Club (SFPSC)                                                           and at 2nd the highest place the SFPD
                                                                                                         Tactical Team has ever finished in the
                                                                                                                                                     to keep our “heads in the game” and
                                                                                                                                                     to be mentally and physically ready for

           Third Hall of Fame Dinner
                                                                                                         Best of the West competition.               life or death situations. We were able
                                                                                                            Finally, I want to thank the Lake        to show this during the competition
                                                                                                         Merced Range staff: Sgt. George             and can hardly wait until the next one.
                            Saturday March 27                                                            Carrington, Mike Furusho, Nick Shi-
                                                                                                         hadeh and of course Angelo “Seven
                          Harrington’s Bar and Grill
                                 245 Front St. in The City.                                                                     —
                                                                                                                                ­ ­46­Years­of­experience­—

            No host cocktails at 6 pm and dinner at 7:30 pm                                                           Serving San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area

            Choice of Prime Rib, Salmon or a Vegetarian Dish.
                                                                                                                             aenzi Plumbing
                                       Cost $55.00
                                            Inductees                                                     	                           New	Construction	•	Additions	•	Remodeling
      Steve “Ocho” Roche       Johnny “JC” Conefrey                                                       Bob­faenzi,­SFPD	CO.	K	             Copper	Repiping	•	Water	Heaters
     Joey “Stretch” Boyle   Johnny “Tippy Tap” Anton                                                      Tel:­(650)­344-2114­                                  Service	•	Repair
                                                                                                          cell­phone:­(415)­730-1485­ Bonded	and	Insured	•	License	No.	539363
                  Donald “Wild Wild” West
               Special guests: the Vancouver Police Soccer Club
                                 RSVP by March 17 to
                    Steve Caniglia (Northern Swings) 415-317-1166
                     Matt Gardner (Traffic Co. Days) 415-309-8849
                 Johnny Sheehan (Tenderloin Swings) 415-345-7300
                 Mike or Tom Costello (Central Swings) 415-315-2400
            Nick “Someguy” Shihadeh (Lake Merced Range) 415-587-9251

      This event isn’t just for former and present members of the Police Soccer Club                                                  1923 PolICE SPECIal
             but for anyone who knows the inductees and wishes to attend.
                                                                                                                 Serving the SFPD for more than 90 years!
                                     Alumni Game
                                     Alumni Game
    NoonOn thesame day, March 27, thestrictly for fun so that alum can come
              the same day is the Alumni Game that is strictly-for-fun Alumni Game.
   out to play and renew old friendships at the same time. This will be at noon followed by the main
                                                                                                                     Dudley-Perkins Co.
                                                                                                                                             est. 1914
                 event which will out to between renew old Vancouver PD.
             Alums: come be a matchplay —the SFPD and the friendships.
   The location/field for this event is TBD. Families are of course welcome and food will be provided
        The main event follows— also, all drinks will be complimentary.
                  with a sensational barbecue; the SFPD vs. the Vancouver PD.
                           RSVP for this event to Steve Caniglia at 415-317-1166.                                         333 Corey Way, South San Francisco, 94080
       The location/field for this event is TBD. Families welcome.                                                           Phone: (650) PERKINS (737-5467)
              Food provided with a sensational barbecue.                                                                      
                       All drinks complimentary.                                                                            A family tradition of four generations
         RSVP for this event to Steve Caniglia at 415-317-1166.
Page 26                                                                            POA Journal                                                               February 2010
                                                                                             lunches on the course and Loon Kevin

The Loons                                                                                    Richins (Central Station) treated loons
                                                                                             to warming beverages on passes by his
                                                                                                                                               Season in Review

Nest Report
                                                                                             links side residence. O’Connor took
                                                                                             the Long Drive contest with a blast of      Two-Man, Best Ball Championship
                                                                                             283 yards. This was a very long drive              Shadow Lakes G.C.
By Ed Garcia, Co. A                                                                          considering the cold conditions and         Kevin Richins & John Schmolke 61
                                                                                             soft fairways. Ken Lum (civilian) took
Morimoto Captures Holiday                                                                    the Close to the Hole contests on the       Spring Championship at Monterey
Crown at Discovery Bay                                                                       fourteenth and seventeenth holes.                    Del Monte G.C.
   Monday, the seventh of December                                                           Johnson took the prize on the second             & Links at Spanish Bay
saw the Loons play their 22nd Holi-                                                          hole and Wismer grabbed first on the             Craig Kane 77-84 = 161
day Classic and it looked like a White                                                       seventh hole. Second place winners
Christmas indeed. As Loons traveled                                                          were John Wong (civilian), Jerry Sen-
                                                                                             kir (retired), O’Conner, and Hanacek.             Summer Golf Classic
during the early morning toward the                                                                                                            Paradise Valley G.C.
Delta Country there was snow as low                                                             The event brought the Loon’s twen-
                                                                                             ty-third season to a close. In the course          Tom O’Connor 74
as three hundred feet above sea level.
Loons traveling from parts west used                                                         of the year the Loons covered four
Vasco Road to come over the Liver-                                                           new courses. The Links at Spanish Bay             Club Championship
                                                    As play continued Morimoto’s             and Discovery Bay Country Club were               San Geronimo G.C.
more Hills, which were covered with              short-game was hot as he went on to
three inches of snow. The temperature                                                        played as well as Silverstone Country              Tom O’Connor 81
                                                 fire a thirty-nine on the back side for a   Club and Boulder Creek Country Club
read 31 degrees at the summit, only              total of seventy-seven. Kovaleff made
eighteen miles from the tournament                                                           in Las Vegas. The Charlie Anzore Me-            Charlie Anzore Memorial
                                                 a very good run at the leader (back-        morial made the move to Las Vegas
site. Loons arriving from the East Bay           to-back birdies on the fourteenth and                                                             at Las Vegas
saw Mt. Diablo covered with snow, as                                                         this year after eight years in Reno. The            Silverstone C.C.
                                                 fifteenth holes), en route to a one         medallist for the event this year was Ed
well as Clayton and other towns in               over par score of thirty-seven on the                                                        & Boulder Creek C.C.
                                                                                             Anzore (Central Station) and the flock            Ed Anzore Medallist
                                                 back side. Walt finished with a fine        of loons that made the trip had a great
                                                 round of seventy-eight, one stroke          time. Unfortunately, the editorial staff
                                                 behind Morimoto. Walt’s net score of        at the Loons Nest Report was not able                Holiday Classic
                                                 sixty-four put him into 1st Low Net,        to report on these events, as “What                Discovery Bay C.C.
                                                 allowing O’Connor to take 2nd Low           happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”                 Steve Morimoto 77
                                                 Gross in the flight with a round of
                                                    Tom has been playing some great
                                                 golf in his comeback season with vic-                             Loons Nest Scoreboard
                                                 tories in the Summer Golf Classic at
                                                 Paradise Valley and the Club Cham-                              Discovery Bay Country Club
                                                 pionship at San Geronimo. Third Low
                                                 Gross in the 1st flight went to Tom
                                                                                                                     December 7, 2009
                                                 Hanacek(civilian) who fired an eighty-
                                                 eight. This was one of Hanacek’s best                                        First Flight
                                                 rounds since his 1st Low Net in Mon-
                                                                                                      Player               Gross Score         Index          Net Score
                                                 terey in this year’s Spring Champion-
                                                 ship and his victory in the Charlie                  Morimoto                 77                 9              68
                                                 Anzore Memorial in 2008.                             Kovaleff                 78                14              64
          Kovaleff and Morimoto
                                                    Second Low Net in the 1st flight                  O’Connor                 81                 8              73
          Holiday Golf winners.
                                                 went to Central Station’s Eric Valen-                Lee                                       85               11 74
                                                 tini, as his net score of seventy-three              Vernengo                 86               10               76
the area. The frigid conditions might            left him one stroke ahead of Tim Lee’s               Chang                    87               12               75
have prohibited many golf clubs from             net score of seventy-four. Lee (civilian)            Valentini                87                14              73
tournament play, but not the Loons!!             had the advantage over Valentini until               Dougherty, W.            88               12               76
   Upon landing at Discovery Bay we              he ran into a quadruple bogey on the                 Hanacek                  88               13               75
found the rain had stopped and no                par three fourteenth hole. Valentini                 Lum                      88                11              77
frost was on the course, which was in            finished his back nine with three pars               Sullivan                 88               13               75
very good shape despite three days of            and nothing more than a bogey.                       Wong                     89               10               79
rains. The Loons gathered in the club-              In second flight play Homicide’s                  Garcia                   92                11              81
house after clearing the ice from their          Mike Johnson was leading the pack                    Sorgie                   96               10               86
                              w ings a nd        through the first sixteen holes of                   White, M.                96                14              82
                              e nj o y e d a     play. Mike then hit the wall at the                  Toomey                   97                14              83
                              cont i nen-        seventeenth hole with a double bogey,                Schmolke                 99                14              85
                              t a l b r e a k-   followed by a triple bogey on eighteen.              Fontana                 103                14              89
                              fast prior to      This allowed Richmond Station’s Gary
                              a shotg u n
                                                 Watts to charge past with a par on the                                    Second Flight
                                                 final hole, as well as three additional
                                  The shot-      pars on the back nine. Watts finished                Player               Gross Score         Index          Net Score
                              gun fired at       at ninety-one, two strokes ahead of                  Watts, Gary              91               18               73
                              0930 hrs. as       Johnson at ninety-three. Pierre Mar-                 Wismer                   92               21               71
                              the temper-        tinez of Domestic Violence took third                Costello, Tom            93               17               74
                              ature sat at       with a score of ninety-six.                          Dyer                     93               20               73
                              38 degrees            Second flight low net went to Earl                Johnson                  93               21               72
                              with heavy         “The Pearl” Wismer(retired). Earl post-
O’Connor fires approach cloud cover.                                                                  Martinez                 96               20               76
shot at 15th green.                              ed a net score                                       Richins                  96               19               77
                              As the day         of seventy-                                          Smith                    96               20               76
                              prog ressed        one strokes,                                         Meyers                  100               18               72
a moderate wind came in and cleared              leaving him                                          Stellini                101               22               79
away the cloud cover; the Loons en-              two strokes                                          Geraty                  104               26               78
joyed blue skies as the mercury rose to          ahead of                                             Newlin                  105               22               83
a high of 46 degrees, and not a drop of          r e t i r e d                                        Senkir                  105               19               86
rain fell on the Loons that day.                 Solo Bill                                            Brown, Jim              108               26               82
   In early play Steve Morimoto (Acad-           Dyer. Play-                                          Griffin                 108               25               83
emy) took a two-stroke lead on the               i ng i n h is                                        Noto                    113               28               85
field for the first nine as he used thirty-      first Loon’s                                         Tapang                  113               27               86
eight strokes, and was the only player           e v e nt , r e -
to break forty on the front side. Steve          tired Hon-
was prepared to play his best, eager to          del Way ne                                                               Long Drive Winner
match his 2007 Holiday Classic vic-              S m i t h
tory at Monarch Bay where he fired                                                                                        Tom O’Connor 283 yards
a round of seventy-seven. Morimoto               third with a
had also tasted victory at the 2003              net score of
                                                                                                                       Close to Hole Winners
Charlie Anzore Memorial at Reno.                 seventy-six.                                      Hole    #2    1st   Mike Johnson 6’9”     2nd   John Wong          17’5”
Roy Sullivan (retired) posted a front               T h e                                          Hole    #7    1st   Earl Wismer 21’8”     2nd   Tom O’Connor       22’8”
nine score of forty, followed by Tom             Loons were                                        Hole    #14   1st   Ken Lum      4’4”     2nd   Jerry Senkir       6’11”
O’Connor (retired) and Walt Kovaleff             p r o v i d e d Stellini not intimidated          Hole    #17   1st   Ken Lum      7’7”     2nd   Tom Hanacek        14’7”
(retired) at forty-one strokes.                  w i t h b o x by near-artic conditions.
February 2010                                                                      POA Journal                                                                                   Page 27

   Classified Ads
 Home For Rent                                  Vacation Rental                                Vacation Rental                                Wanted
Location: 53 Longview Drive, Daly City,        HAWAII- MARRIOTT’S MAUI OCEAN                  TUCSON ONLY $125 PER NIGHT. 1,100              S&W CENTENNIAL SERIES, Model 40,
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2 bonus rooms down stairs, great ocean         unit (accommodates 5 persons) Check out        renovated and refurbished at 5500 N. Kolb.     retired #1771 (415) 648-4332
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                                                                                              cable television, deck and hot tub. There is
Tresspass Fee Only. Contact Bob Brodnik,       Member Rates: $150 night or $900 Week
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 Lot for Sale                                  K AUAI — KIAHUNA PLANTATION,
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 Room For Rent                                 sociated with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Free
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Southern Hills area of San Francisco/Daly
                                               resort. Pictures and additional informa-
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Word Search
Created by Officer Michelangelo Apodaca, Chief’s Office

   Enjoy this relaxing and fun-to-solve puzzle! If you’ve never solved a puzzle
like these before, it’s a good idea to read this before you begin.
   Each puzzle has a grid of letters that conceals words reading in different
directions — forward, backward, up, down, or diagonally — but always in a
straight line. The words, abbreviations, or phrases one must find and circle are
listed below the grid in capital letters. That’s all you need to know before you
sharpen your pencil and begin your search!
   For the Month of February, the combination of words are derived from the many
of the various February Observances. For example, you’ll find the word Freedom, for
Freedom Day, Groundhog, for Groundhog Day, etc. Enjoy!

   FREEDOM                        WHITE SHIRT                    PRESIDENT
   SERPENT                        THOMAS EDISON’S                CHOCOLATE
   GROUNDHOG                      LINCOLN’S                      HOODIE
   CARROT CAKE                    READ                           WASHINGTON’S
   GIRLS IN SPORTS                VALUE                          FLORAL
   BOY SCOUTS                     VALENTINES                     ASH
   CLEAN COMPUTER                 GALILEO
   INVENTOR’S                     GALILEI’S
Page 28                                                                        POA Journal                                                                   February 2010

                                                                                        Yuen responded along with Matt and          ening suicide who Robin finds sitting
                                                                                        Amanda and the suspects were caught         on the ledge of a 5-story building on
                                                                                        driving away from their residence.          the 1600 block of Quesada. Officer
                                                                                        They still had the victims property         Matthews was able to establish a rap-
                                                                                        and, in addition, a fully-loaded, .380      port with the young woman who was
                                                                                        semi-automatic.                             intent on ending her life to the point
                                                                                                                                    where she had also slashed her wrists
                                                                                                                                    and was losing a lot of blood. Robin
                                                                                                                                    worked her way closer to the subject,
                                                                                                                                    gaining her trust, to the point where
                                                                                                                                    she finally had the ability to grab the
                                                                                                                                    suicidal subject and pull her to safety.
By Steve Johnson,                            were able to locate those responsible         It’s back to December 18, 1982, at       Robin risked her life to save the life of
SFPOA                                        and, not only recovered a substantial      4:30 a.m. when Officer Steve Cani-          another and received a Bronze Medal
                                             number of stolen items, but also took                                                  of Valor for her efforts.

                                                                                        glia responds to a report of a shoot-
        couple of months ago I was con-      a gun off one of the suspects.             ing on the 1200 block of Mendall.              Officer Kevin Edison and Officer
        tacted by a retired police officer      It just wouldn’t be the Mission Dis-    Steve was approached by a woman             Edmund Huang had to admire the
        who told me how impressed            trict without a ’shots fired’ call being   bleeding from a gunshot wound who           honesty of the suspect they pulled
he was with the outstanding work             reported at 3:30 a.m. in the vicinity      told him that the suspect was inside        over for a minor traffic violation - he
chronicled in this column. He said a         of 17th and Mission Streets on Feb-        armed with a shotgun. Steve entered         not only admitted he didn’t have a
few of the stories reminded him of the       ruary 2, 1982. And that’s when Of-         the building and attempted to remove        driver’s license before they checked,
time he was with his long-time partner       ficer Chris Cunnie and Officer John        another wounded subject when the            he also volunteered the fact that the
and they had to respond to a call for        Kowal, partners in the Mission 5-car,      shotgun-toting suspect came around          loaded, .380 semi-automatic they
service that resulted in an outstanding      responded. They found the suspect          the corner and shot the person Officer      found in his car was his.
arrest, very similar to what is going on     waving his fully-loaded, .357 magnum       Caniglia was assisting. The force of the       The Broadway Corridor is still a
today. He went on to say how great           at just about anything that moved.         blast knocked the victim and Officer        problem. Two individuals were robbed
it would be for the active officers to       Once the suspect saw Officer Cunnie        Caniglia down a flight of stairs. Officer   recently at gunpoint right when the
know about some of the heroics of the        and Officer Kowal he started to run        Caniglia then confronted the suspect        clubs were closing. The victims man-
past. We agreed and that’s why we’ve         but suddenly changed his mind and          once again at which time he complied        aged to get the license number of the
included a few of those stories ’from        spun around pointing his weapon at         with orders to drop his weapon. Of-         suspect vehicle. Officer Esther Gon-
the past’ each month, mixed in with          the officers. The suspect also lost his    ficer Steve Caniglia received a Bronze      zalez and Officer Amanda Cordoba
the usual, and very impressive, work         footing which gave the officers that       Medal of Valor for his actions.             located the thieves working their way
of our current members.                      split-second chance to disarm him.                                                     through the Embarcadero and the
                                             They did and received a Bronze Medal                                                   chase was on. Esther and Amanda were
                                             of Valor for their selfless actions.                                                   joined by Sergeant Ed Anzore, Offi-
                                                                                                                                    cer Josh Tiumalu and Officer Chris
                                                                                                                                    Ritter and eventually ended up in
                                                                                                                                    the Mission District where the felony
                                                                                            It’s Christmas Day, 2009, close to      suspects failed to negotiate a turn and
   June 24, 1997, finds Sergeant Vi-                                                    midnight when Officer Greg Skaug            came to a sudden stop. The suspects
van Bruce, Officer Randy Caturay,                                                       and Officer Charlie Ng respond to a         were ordered out of the vehicle and
and Officer Michelle Craig respond-             A young woman was walking home          call of shots fired at Harbor and North-    all but one complied. The last suspect,
ing to Congdon and Silver looking for        from work on Duncan approaching            ridge. The area is notorious for gang       6’3”, 340 lbs, took his time and refused
a man armed with a gun. The officers         Diamond Street when she was sud-           activity and related homicides. The         to show his hands. He kept leaning
found what they were looking for on          denly confronted by an individual          officers pull up to the intersection and    back into the vehicle as though trying
the 400 block of Silver. They heard a        who stood 6’5” and weighed over 260        hear several more shots coming from         to get something but he finally gave
woman screaming for help inside a            lbs. who demanded her purse. The           a path above them. They locate the          up. The object of his fixation was a
building with the suspect, brandish-         victim refused. She was then beaten        suspect who is armed with an assault        fully-loaded, 9mm semi-automatic
ing his weapon, yelling to “come and         by the suspect and an accomplice           rifle. The suspect runs but the officers    weapon which the officers did retrieve
get me.” They did. And for this act of       until she had no recourse but to give      are right behind him and, after a brief     along with all of the other property
courage the officers were awarded a          up her belongings, having sustained        chase, capture him. The suspect was         that was taken from the victims.
Police Commission Commendation.              very serious injuries. The suspects ran    armed with a fully-loaded, .45 Glock
   The story is if you take one auto         to a car and the victim was able to get    semi-automatic as well as an assault
burglar off the street you’re probably       a license plate. Officer Matthew Le-       rifle with an extended clip.                    So, it really doesn’t matter whether
solving about 50 other crimes of a           ong and Officer Amanda Kabanvck                                                        it’s 1982, 1997, or 2010. Police work
similar nature. Officer Daniel Ro-           responded. The officers found out the                                                  was just as dangerous and unpredict-
saia, Officer Ryan Crosby, Officer           vehicle was registered in Pacifica. A                                                  able in the past as it is in the present.
Rolly Junio, and Officer Eric Leung          quick check and the car was located by                                                 The one thing, however, that does
responded to a call from a citizen           Pacifica Police Department Sergeant                                                    remain consistent, is the courage dis-
who was concerned because he just            Buchanan, Corporal Albanesse, and                                                      played by the men and women of the
saw several suspects ransacking their        Officer Max Reising parked in front                                                    San Francisco Police Department, no
way through a number of parked and           of the home of one of the suspects.          Returning to December 1, 1991,            matter when they served.
unattended vehicles none of which            Sergeant Aaron Lozada, Officer Leon        and Officer Robin Matthews is re-
belonged to the suspects. The officers       Ferronato, and Officer Nathaniel           sponding to a call of a person threat-

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