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									October 2010
                         Mainstream                                                                                   Issue 31

Contents                                                                      about 1% per year from 1999 to 2006, and cancer-
                                                                              related deaths dropped 1.6% per year from 2001
Bending the Curve
                                            omas P. Flynn
P4P- Pay for
                                       By Th             ,M                     to 2006. As shown in the graphic, the curves
                                                                                 for annual

Battlefield Strategies                                                             age-adjusted
Dr. Avina Singh Shares   Health
Expertise                                                                          cancer
Michelle O’Brien         care                                                        death rates
Lung Conference
“Down Under”             reform is                                                  in the U.S.
MN Oncology              moving                                                    from 1975
-Dr. Joseph Leach
                         forward, and a                                          to 2006 are
-Dr. Sanda Morar &       number of measures that will benefit                  clearly bending
-Matthew Rudberg,
 PA-C                    patients went into effect in September, with more    downward for
Celebrating Patient      to come in the future. During the debate and
Appreciation Week                                                             men, both sexes
Laboratory News          discussion on these reforms, a primary area of       combined, and
SPCC Upgrades            focus and the main impetus to pursue reform has      women.
Linear Accelerator
                         been the need to control health care costs. The
Introducing New Lab                                                           These improvements are due to advances in
Supervisor, Rachael      President has talked of “bending the curve” in
Zimmermann                                                                    detection and treatment for the major cancer
2010 3rd Quarter
                         reference to reversing the trend on these rising
USO Research
                                                                              types. The rates of new diagnoses and death rates
                         costs. Many have expressed concern, however,
Report                                                                        are decreasing for lung, prostate and colorectal
The Race Goes On…        that the federal legislation now in place does not
-ACS Relays for Life
                                                                              cancer in men, and for breast and colorectal
                         contain effective measures to reduce cost. This is
-Breath of Hope                                                               cancer in women. After steep increases in lung
 Lung Run                of particular concern in our specialties since
-MOCA Silent No                                                               cancer in women in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the
                         cancer as a group of diseases is particularly
 More Walk for                                                                incidence and death rates have been leveled off
 Ovarian Cancer          expensive to treat. Minnesota Oncology is
Theresa McGauley                                                              since 2003. While there is no single reason for
Retires                  working to address these costs with our
                                                                              the lower rates, it appears that effective early
Grand Opening            application of Level I Pathways. Data is
Minneapolis Clinic                                                            detection (for example mammography in breast
                         accumulating that when patients are treated “on-
CBO Appreciation                                                              cancer and colonoscopy in colorectal cancer) and
Day - Olé                pathway” as opposed to “off-pathway” the cost of
Purchasing Points
                                                                              more effective treatments for specific cancers are
                         care is lower and outcomes are the same.
Pharmacy News                                                                 both responsible. Lower smoking rates and less
Sizzling Summer          Whether the cost curve will bend remains to be       use of hormone replacement therapy are
                         seen, but the cancer care community is bending       contributing to lowering the number of new lung
Great Book of Life
Angel News
                         the curve on death rates and the rate of new         and breast cancer cases respectively.
Quarterly Calendar       diagnoses for all cancers combined. A recent
of Events                                                                     Related to the development of more
                         report from the National Cancer Institute in
Taking Note                                                                   effective treatments for specific
                         conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control
                                                                              cancers, there are now nearly
President                and Prevention, the American Cancer Society,
Thomas P. Flynn, MD                                                           thirty “targeted” agents
                         and the North American Association of Central
Executive Director                                                            available, fifty years after the
Randy Thompson           Cancer Registries shows that new diagnoses for all
Editor &                                                                      first discovery of a direct link
                         types of cancer combined went down on average
Writer                                                                                   Continued on page 2
Eleanor Vasey
    Bending the Curve - continued from page 1
    between a specific genetic alteration in the cells of a     about things like: “What makes a tumor spread to other
    particular type of leukemia. This ultimately led to the     organs” and “Why do certain tumor cells involve the
    development of a drug (Gleevec) that works by               liver rather than the bones or lungs.” As a result of
    blocking the product of this abnormal gene and can          posing these challenges, opportunities may emerge to
    control the leukemia (CML) for many years.                  target these factors.
    Researchers in this field predict there will be more
                                                                There is already a lot of excitement about new agents
    than a hundred targeted agents available within several
                                                                for certain types of breast cancer called PARP inhibitors
    years. To help accomplish this
                                                                that block a cell’s ability to repair genetic damage. Also
    Dr. Harold Varmus, the new director of the National
                                                                in lung cancer and melanoma, new drugs are being
    Cancer Institute, has planned a “Big Questions
                                                                studied that target genetic pathways needed for cancer
    Initiative” in which he will be asking researchers which
                                                                cell growth. We can expect to see many more exciting
    of oncology’s mysteries should be the focus of
                                                                developments in new ways to control a variety of
    government cancer research. The questions may be
                                                                cancers in the next several years.

                           P4P – Pay for Performance
                           A New Way to Work with Payers
                           By Randy Thompson, Executive Director

    The history of insurance company / physician group          there is a hard-wired reimbursement incentive to utilize
    relationships is based on a ‘piece-meal” approach.          expensive, brand-name drugs. In our negotiations, we
    In other words, the negotiations between the parties        are proposing a partnership with payers in providing
    would be based on determining a rate of payment per         the proper incentives for the utilization of generic drugs
    unit (visit, procedure, CPT Code, RVU, etc.) In other       when appropriate.
    words, the more care (or units) you delivered, the more
                                                                The other approach is to structure reimbursement
    the insurance company paid.
                                                                which recognizes and incentivizes the use of the US
    This pay-per-unit approach is starting to change.           Oncology clinical pathways method. Level I Pathways is
    The new approach is to structure the new payer              a physician-led initiative to identify and document “best
    contracts more-and-more on a Pay-for-Performance            practices” information that will help ensure the
    (P4P) basis. This means that overall reimbursement is       consistent delivery of quality-driven, evidence-based
    re-calibrated to provide incentives (higher payment per     treatment recommendations that reduce treatment
    unit, bonus, etc.) for practices that deliver improved      variability and resulting costs while providing a platform
    care and that can report and prove their compliance of      for standardization, outcomes measurement, and
    the predetermined P4P measures. The goal is to deliver      ongoing peer review. Pathways are reviewed quarterly to
    the most cost-effective and clinically appropriate care     ensure that regimens are current and reflect scientific
    possible. The electronic health record is the key engine    breakthroughs and emerging clinical data.
    for reporting and monitoring these P4P activities.
                                                                As health reform continues to evolve and as resources
    Minnesota Oncology is on the leading edge in the P4P        for health care tighten, these “win-win” approaches to
    area. To illustrate, we are currently proposing two new     payer contracting are going to be vital in this new
    approaches in our payer contracting:                        environment. Because our business and care delivery
                                                                model is based on clinically excellent and integrated
    As you may know, the cost of cancer drugs is a very large
                                                                care, Minnesota Oncology is well situated to survive and
    part of the overall patient treatment cost in oncology.
                                                                thrive in this brave new world.
    In some cases, under the recent payer environment,

Battlefield Strategies
Mark D. Sborov, MD – Quality Program Medical Director

I am fascinated by the anatomy of disease and what can        As we bring resources to bear
be done to impact on its natural progression. This is         on the disease, we must be
what I do, and it gives me immense satisfaction to see        wholly supportive - helping
success. When I am in a room with a patient I am              patients with the emotional, physical, psychological and
completely at peace - confident that I can help. It’s me      financial challenges that will come.
against the disease.
                                                              The purpose of the fledgling Survivorship Program we
Research evidence is an invaluable tool in this battle.       are developing here at Minnesota Oncology is to
Data gained from research studies helps us understand         provide support to our patients in all the areas impacted
and support treatment options and allows a                    by a cancer diagnosis. Our focus must encompass both
concentrated focus on the disease. I also encourage my        the battle and the battlefield – the disease and our
patients to maintain weight and activity levels to keep       patients and their families.
themselves strong enough to tolerate therapy because
                                                              We will soon be communicating a blueprint or
the patient is essentially the battlefield.
                                                              framework for the Survivorship program. Practice-wide
But at times, we as physicians find ourselves focusing on     implementation will take time… but it will certainly be a
the scientific aspects of treatment rather than the whole     valuable component of cancer care at Minnesota
patient – mind, body and spirit - who will be faced with      Oncology.
potential side-effects and the impact of treatment on
themselves and their families.
The battle and the battlefield are intimately related.
I love the intensity of a personal relationship with my
patients, which can be both exhausting and energizing.

Dr. Avina Singh Shares Expertise
at Living with Breast Cancer Conference
As the number of breast cancer survivors increases, the       Other timely topics included: Heredity
need for resources and education                                               & Cancer, Heart
also grows. The Breast Cancer                                                  Health, Radiation and
Awareness Association’s annual                                                 Imaging, Women and Money, The
conference held at the                                                         ABC’s of Energy and Clinical Trials.
Minneapolis Convention Center
                                                                                  A Sense of Style fashion show and a
on October 9, 2010 was an
                                                                                  delightful luncheon were also part of
important vehicle for meeting
                                                                                  the day’s activities. This year’s BCAA
these needs.
                                                                                  award recipient was Kelly Moore,
Seminars on a wide variety of                                                     Founder of Treasuredchests.org, a
topics were given by community                 Dr. Singh answers questions        group dedicated to raising awareness
experts including Dr. Avina Singh                                                 and funds for early detection, research
who practices at our Burnsville clinic. Dr. Singh shared         and prevention of breast cancer.
on the topic Landmarks in the Treatment of Breast
                                                                 A vibrant conference – a great mix of education,
Cancer. This was very well received by an enthusiastic
                                                                 emotion and fun. – Avina Singh, MD
                          Michele O’Brien, CNS Takes Part in
                          Lung Conference “Down Under”
    The year 2010 has been designated as “Year of the                This year, leading lung cancer clinicians and researchers
    Lung,” with activities taking place locally; nationally and      took part in the special workshops and explored trends
    internationally. The Australian Lung Foundation hosted           and insights, while making new contacts, strengthening
    a multi-national lung conference in Melbourne on                 existing relationships, and sharing ideas and the latest
    October 6-9, focusing on the topic,                                                knowledge about lung cancer.
    Emerging Evidence.
                                                  Representing Minnesota                 This was an amazing opportunity for me.
    As a result of many years of                                                         It became clear to me that nursing and the
    networking and information sharing
                                                  Oncology and the United                American health care system are very
    between Australia, the United States        States at this conference was            progressive. I had the opportunity to tour
    and the United Kingdom, the                  an amazing and humbling                 two hospitals in Melbourne and felt like I
    Australian Lung Foundation held a                                                    stepped back in time. Their healthcare
    nurse networking session at the              experience. I will continue             system is managed by the government and
    International Association for the            to build relationships with             it can take weeks for diagnostic tests to be
    Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) World                                                   completed in Australia and New Zealand.
    Lung Conference in San Francisco                 other nurses on an                  Access to care is complicated and newer
    2009. The goal of this session was to            international level.                treatment agents such as Alimta and
    discuss the growth of the Lung                                                       Avastin have just recently become available.
    Cancer Coordinator/Nurse role and                   ~ Michele O’Brien                Although the healthcare environment is
    the need to provide specific lung                                                    governmentally controlled, it was
    cancer education to nurses                                                                  interesting to note that many areas of
    within Australia. Subsequently, a                                                           Australia and the UK work in
    decision was made to invite a                                                               “Tumor Subset” programs with
    nurse from the USA and the UK                                                               nurses specializing in lung cancer. ~
    to the Australian Lung Cancer                                                               Michele O’Brien
    Conference to share their
                                                                                                 Going forward Michele has been
    experiences and nurse practice
                                                                                                 invited to take part in an
                                                                                                 international nurse steering
    Michele O’Brien, Thoracic                                                                    committee. The goal of the
    Nurse Navigator at our Edina                                                                 committee is to provide a
    clinic, was invited to speak on                                                              nursing perspective at IASLC on
    the subjects of USA Nursing           Michele’s “family album” with UK and Aussie nurses      strategic and clinically relevant
                                                       and lung cancer survivor
    Practice Environments,                                                                        issues in the care of patients
    Mesothelioma and Supportive Care                                                           affected by thoracic malignancies.
    for the Complex Patient at this                                                            Discussions are ongoing regarding
    year’s event, to highlight and                                                             the opportunity for an
    promote the role of Lung Cancer                                                            international nurse networking
    Coordinators.                                                                              session at the 2011 World Lung
                                                                                               conference in Amsterdam. Possible
    The need for an Australian Lung
                                                                                               presentations would focus on the
    Foundation was first recognized by
                                                                                               Lung Cancer Nurse Forum (UK),
    the Thoracic Society of Australia
                                                                                               the role of nurses for lung cancer
    and New Zealand in the mid-80’s
                                                                                               patients and sharing on current
    and was launched in 1990 by a
                                                                                               experience in the United
    group of physicians concerned
                                                                                               Kingdom, Australia and the United
    about the chronic shortage of                          Gala celebration                    States.
    funds for life-saving research. The
    first conference was held in 2006 with nearly 200                Representing Minnesota Oncology and the United States at this
    delegates in attendance; this grew to over 300                   conference was an amazing and humbling experience. I will
    participants in 2008 and included delegates from                 continue to build relationships with other nurses on an
    around the world.                                                international level. ~ Michele O’Brien

Minnesota Oncology Welcomes…
Dr. Joseph Leach
to the Thoracic Oncology Team in Minneapolis
                        As part of his practice of          Institute and current position as Oncology Research
                        medical oncology and                Director at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute. Dr.
                        hematology, Dr. Leach has           Leach has also served as President-Elect of the
                        joined the Thoracic Oncology        Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology from 2008 to
                        team at the Minneapolis Clinic,     the present. Over the past three years, Dr. Leach was
                        bringing his expertise and          also recognized by his peers as a Top Doc and Best
                        focused interest in the clinical    Doctor for Women by Minneapolis/St Paul magazine
                        management of lung cancer to        and Minnesota Monthly magazine respectively.
                        the program.
                                                            A special interest in cancer research motivated Dr.
                        Dr. Leach received his medical      Leach as principal and co-investigator on numerous
  Joseph Leach, MD      degree from the University of       clinical trials. He has co-authored a number of
                        Minnesota and subsequently          academic papers in professional publications such as the
completed his Residency and a Fellowship in Medical         American Journal of Hematology and the Journal of
Oncology at the University of Oklahoma. He is Board         Supportive Oncology.
Certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology.
                                                            Dr. Leach makes his home in Prior Lake with his wife
His leadership skills have served him well in his prior     and two children. He enjoys running, fishing at their
capacity as Oncology Research Director at Park Nicollet     cabin, and challenging his son on the Wii.

Dr. Sanda M. Morar
Joins Staff at Cambridge Satellite Clinic
We are pleased to welcome Dr. Sanda Morar to the            In addition to Medical Oncology, Dr.
practice of Medical Oncology at our satellite clinic at     Morar holds Board Certification in
Cambridge Medical Center.                                   Hospice and Palliative Care. Dr.
                                                            Morar comes to us from Mid-Illinois
Dr. Morar received her Medical Degree from the
                                                            Hematology & Oncology in Normal,
University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest,
                                                            IL where she practiced for two years.
Romania and emigrated to the United States for
                                                                                                     Sanda Morar, MD
internship and residency at the Ohio Valley Medical         She loves spending time with her
Center in Wheeling, WV. She completed a fellowship in       daughter and enjoying personal interests that include
Medical Oncology at Allegheny General Hospital,             opera, theater, painting and traveling.
Pittsburgh, PA.
                                                            Welcome to Minnesota Oncology!

Matthew Rudberg pa-c
Joins Thoracic Oncology Team in Minneapolis
Our thoracic program in Minneapolis grew                               with Kim Ness, CNS as co-founder of the CARS
in September to include Physician Assistant                            (Colon & Rectal) support group, a joint
Matt Rudberg who will support Dr. Graczyk                              initiative with CRSAL.
and his team. Matt comes to us from
                                                                       Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and
Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates
                                                                       family, and also enjoys many outside activities
                                                                       such as hiking, biking, and boating. When not
His special interests include minimally                                outdoors he enjoys playing piano and guitar or
invasive surgery and survivorship, living                              curling up with a good book.
with a cancer diagnosis. Matt also worked
                                               Matthew Rudberg, PA-C                                                     5
     Celebrating Patient Appreciation Week
    Across the network patients and staff enjoyed our annual Patient Appreciation Week                        Patient Apprec
                                                                                                                            iation Week
                                                                                                                September 20
    festivities September 20-24. Each day, glorious gift baskets and delicious treats put a                                 -24, 2010

                  smile on our patients’ faces and many appreciated seeing staff and
                    physicians sporting their “We Love Our Patients” buttons. Hundreds                 Thank you for en
                     of drawings included a wide range of specialty items including                       us with your care
    We                restaurant gift cards, jewelry, theater tickets and much, much more.                                  .
      patien  ts!    Our sincere thanks to the staff, physicians and local
             olog   y.com
                             businesses that enlisted or donated gift items and worked hard to
                            make this week special for our patients.

     Patient Appreciation at Woodbury Clinic
                                                                                                   St. Paul Cancer Center Patient Appreciation

           Laboratory News Submitted by Therese Sumstad
           Introduction of the Sysmex XE 2100 Analyzer
           Over the next few years we will be upgrading our                differential is called the IG or Immature
           hematology analyzers across the practice to the                 Granulocyte. This parameter includes the following
           Sysmex XE 2100. The installation and validation                 three neutrophilic immature cell types:
           process has been completed in Minneapolis and we                metamyelocytes, myelocytes and promyelocytes.
           are currently implementing the new analyzer in                  Increases in this parameter may be an early
           Edina. Installation will take place at two more sites           indicator of acute infection, inflammatory response,
           in 2011 and continue until all sites have been                  cell recovery or myeloproliferative disorder. The
           upgraded.                                                       Sysmex XE 2100 is also able to detect and quantify
                                                                           nucleated red blood cells (NRBC) and can
           With advances in technology and flow cytometry,
                                                                           automatically correct the white blood cell count
           this analyzer now has the functionality to
                                                                           (WBC). Both of these features are very beneficial to
           differentiate immature granulocytes from mature
                                                                           patients and providers by decreasing wait times,
           granulocytes giving us the ability to report a 6-part
                                                                           increasing lab efficiency and improving overall turn-
           differential. The additional parameter in the
                                                                           around time.

     SPCC Upgrades Linear Accelerator
                                                 Towards the ongoing goal of providing leading-edge radiation therapies, the St.
                                                 Paul Cancer Center retired its aging 2100C Linear Accelerator in September.
                                                 The linac vault is currently being remodeled to accommodate the new and
                                                 improved model that will allow respiratory gating, on-board imaging, CBCT and
                                                 IGRT for optimum efficiency and an enhanced patient experience. Once physics
                                                 commissioning is complete, go-live for treatments is slated for early December.
                                                 New to the St. Paul team is Mustafa Ozer, Radiation Physicist and Mallory
                                                 Delegardelle, Radiation Therapist.
   Introducing our new Laboratory Supervisor:
   Rachel Zimmermann
   Submitted by Therese Sumstad, Laboratory Manager
   A big congratulations and welcome to Rachel                  Minneapolis clinic in December
   Zimmermann who is now filling the position of                of 2007. I transitioned into the
   Laboratory Supervisor formally held by Julie                 Lead role at that clinic in May of
   Fleming. Rachel is a strong lab tech with great              2009 and now look forward to
   communication and interpersonal skills, lots of              serving as the Laboratory
   energy and great ideas; all of which are assets to the       Supervisor for all the practice
   laboratory and Minnesota Oncology. She will be               clinics..
   helping out at the clinics and overseeing the
                                                                I am originally from Wisconsin, but went to school in
   laboratory processes. I have asked Rachel to write a
                                                                Minnesota and have lived here for over 10 years. My
   little bio about herself so you all can get to know her
                                                                husband, David, and I have been married for 6 years and
                                                                we have a 10 month old son named Grayson.
   I have been a Medical Technologist for close to 6 years. I
                                                                Please introduce yourself and welcome Rachel to
   began my career in the Acute Care Lab at the University of
                                                                your clinic.
   Minnesota and started at Minnesota Oncology’s

2010 Third Quarter US Oncology
Research Report By Lynn D. Anderson, RN
Minnesota Oncology is the top accruing site globally for the Ovarian study 08194! What a great team we have!
3rd Quarter Update…                                             New studies:
 • With two accruals, Dr. Matthew Boente, Dr. John              Breast 09185/2010EAP; Dr. P.J. Flynn PI
   Schwerkoske and Dr. Steven Rousey
   are the top physicians this quarter.                         An Open-Label, Expanded Access Protocol of Iniparib
                                                                in Combination with Gemcitabine/Carboplatin in
 • With 4 accruals, Edina and Minneapolis are tied              Patients with ER-, PR-, and HER2-Negative Metastatic
   for the top accruing clinic.                                 Breast Cancer
 • US Oncology research has 16 accruals in the                    • Metastatic breast cancer (Stage IV)
   second quarter of 2010 vs. 8 accruals for the
   same time period in 2009. Overall in 2010 we                   • Systemic anti-cancer therapy within 14 days of the
   have 62 - way ahead of our total 46 accruals                     first dose of study drug
   for 2009. We are 28 below our accrual target of                • Brain metastasis requiring steroids or expected to
   10/month and below US Oncology’s expectation                     require other therapeutic intervention during
   of 96.                                                           study participation, including WBRT and
 • Twenty-five physicians have participated in US                   intrathecal therapy; patients must be > 21 days
   Oncology research so far in 2010.                                from neurosurgical intervention

Research has some new team
members…                                                                 The research team thanks everyone,
 • Edina: Karen Schmidt US Oncology research                            with your help we continue to provide
 • Minneapolis: Vu Huynh US Oncology/NCI data
                                                                        cutting edge therapy for our patients.
   manager Marcy Mickelson NCI research nurse

    The Race goes on…
    ACS Relays for Life
    Fundraising events continued into the late summer and autumn, and
                              Minnesota Oncology was there to support the
                              community and our great patients. ACS
                              Relays for Life continued in Bloomington,
                              Blaine, Burnsville and Waconia
                                     Take a look at some of our faithful
                                     volunteers… Minnesota Oncology                              Waconia Relay Team
                                     ambassadors to the community.
    Patient greets Robin Highum

                                                                                                        Unfurling the banner in Waconia
                                      Never too old!
    Relay Volunteers                                               Beth Watterson creates Crazy Hair

      Breath of Hope Lung Run
      The grey, low-hung clouds parted to reveal a bright blue sky just in time for the start of
      the 2010 Lung Ran a beautiful Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. A large crowd was on hand
      to support the cause and to remember loved ones who lost their battle this year. Sen.
      Amy Klobuchar welcomed the crowd and offered brief remarks. Our own Dr. Louis
      Jacques and Michele O’Brien, CNS received this year’s fundraising award on behalf of
      Minnesota Oncology, a major sponsor of this event. It was “lift your arms and bend your
      knees” as runners warmed up for the run and then the race was on! Thanks to all the
                                                                                    wonderful        Dr. Jacques greets crowd
                                                                                    and employees who participated in
                                                                                    the race or volunteered to greet the
                                                                                    public at the Minnesota Oncology

        Dr. Weinshel reunites with    Dr. and Mrs. Steve Rousey   Dr. Weinshel and Dr. Jacques
             patient’s family              support the cause

    MOCA “Silent no More” Walk for
    Ovarian Cancer
    The Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance Silent No More Walk/Run was held on
    Saturday September 11, 2010 at Rosland Park in Edina. This event raises funds for
    ovarian cancer research, awareness and education of the disease and gives support
                                                                                                                       Move over Rocky Balboa!
    and hope to women and their families touched by ovarian cancer.
    Minnesota Oncology has been a participating sponsor of this event
    since it began in 1999. This year the Minnesota Oncology tent was
    once again a popular booth, giving out 1600 blue bandanas to the
    participants and guests.

8                                                                                         Couldn’t do it without you              What a day!
    Theresa McGauley Retires
                              On September 15th, a retirement celebration was held for
                              Theresa McGauley who has been a dedicated and valued
                              member of the team since 1996. Theresa began her career
                              at Minnesota Oncology as a front desk receptionist and
                              culminated her time in Maplewood as the Office Manager.
                              During a lovely luncheon, many
                              staff members, physicians and
                              administrators stopped by to wish
                              her the best in the next phase of
                              her life.
          Theresa will be greatly missed by all.
        Happy retirement and best wishes, Theresa!

Grand Opening Celebrated at Minneapolis
Family, friends and business associates helped the Minneapolis Clinic
celebrate a Grand Opening on October 7th. This expanded and
beautifully appointed space was on display and available for tours – and
free chair massages were available. Our gracious volunteer staff
members were on hand to answer questions in each department and
serve as hosts and hostesses.
What more could you want…mingling and meeting new friends at our
stunning new clinic, fabulous food and beverages and smooth
                                     entertainment by Jazz Savvy trio
                                     Three lucky winners also went
                                     home with great raffle prizes.
                                      Dignitaries for the ribbon-cutting ceremony
                                      included Dr. Tom Flynn, Randy Thompson,
                                      Tim Sielaff, VPCI President, and Robert
                                      Lilligren, V.P of the Minneapolis City Council,
                                      who delivered greetings, congratulations and
                                      best wishes from Mayor R.T. Rybak.

  CBO Appreciation Day Olé
                                 Central Business office employees said good-bye
                                       to a very busy summer season with an
                                   appreciation lunch hosted by Business Office
                                    Manager Joan Theis. A Mexican Fiesta and
                                  virgin marguerites topped the festivities which
                                 also included prize drawings throughout the day.
                                     Viva our hard working employees!
                                        Viva Minnesota Oncology!

         Purchasing                               Pharmacy News
                 By Lisa Hewitt                   Just say YES to the flu vaccine!
     All clinics are now up and running           Every year in the US, over 200,000 people are hospitalized from
     on the iKnowMed electronic                   flu-related complications, and about 36,000 people die from flu-
     medical record system. With that             related causes. Some people, such as older people, young
     great news comes much savings to             children, and people with certain health conditions (such as our
     Minnesota Oncology. Just to                  cancer patients), are at high risk for serious flu complications.
     highlight a couple…                          By getting the vaccine, we can ALL help prevent the spread of
                                                  the influenza virus. As healthcare workers in contact with ill and
     Printed forms:                               immuno-compromised patients, we play an even more critical
                                                  role in preventing illness.
     We will no longer need 25 of the many
     forms we have printed – A total cost         There are some common
     savings of around $16,000 per year.
                                                  misconceptions about flu
     Medical Records Folders/Charts: We no        shots.
     longer use these charts and have no need
     for them with the new system. Annual
     savings of over $42,000. This amount
                                                  I   Can a flu shot give you the flu?
     does not include additional savings from     No, a flu shot cannot cause flu illness. The influenza viruses
     the labels used with them!                   contained in a flu shot are inactivated (killed), which means
                                                  they cannot cause infection. Flu vaccine manufacturers kill the
                                                  viruses used in the vaccine during the process of making
     Other News:                                  vaccine, and batches of the vaccine are tested to make sure they
     USON Procurement Services has                are safe. In randomized, blinded studies, where some people
     negotiated a lower minimum order level       get flu shots and others get placebo shots, the only differences
     with Office Depot. Effective June 1st,       in symptoms was increased soreness in the arm and redness at
     2010 all sites must meet a $25.00            the injection site among people who got the flu shot. There
     minimum order level to avoid the $ 9.95      were no differences in terms of body aches, fever, cough, runny
     fee. In the past, sites were charged a fee   nose or sore throat.
     for orders less than $50.00.

     This past spring USON Procurement            I   Why do some people not feel well after
     Services signed a new national contract          getting the seasonal flu shot?
     with Shred-it for on-site document
                                                  The most common side effect of seasonal flu shots has been
     destruction. Prices dropped from $11.00
                                                  soreness at the injection site, which usually lasts less than 2 days.
     per console last year to $8.00 this year.
                                                  The soreness is usually caused by a person’s immune system
     A nice savings for the national account.
                                                  making protective antibodies to the killed viruses. These
     Minnesota Oncology’s procurement
                                                  antibodies are what allow the body to fight the flu. Very
     department has been able to negotiate
                                                  uncommonly, according to the Advisory Committee on
     and hold our local console pricing to
                                                  Immunization Practices (ACIP), rare symptoms of fever, muscle
     $5.50. This has been our charge for the
                                                  pain, and feelings of discomfort or weakness occur and may last
     past three years.
                                                  1-2 days.

                                                                    Top 10 Reasons
                                                                      to get your
                                                                        flu shot!
I   What about people who get a seasonal
    flu shot and still get sick with flu-like
There are several reasons possible:                                 1.    It’s FREE and provided right where
People may be exposed to one of the influenza viruses in the              you work; no co-pay, appointment, or
vaccine shortly before getting vaccinated or during the 2-week            travel needed.
period that it takes the body to gain protection after getting      2.     It’s the right thing to do for our
vaccinated.                                                                patients’.
People may become ill from non-flu viruses that circulate during
the flu season, which can also cause flu-like symptoms (such as
                                                                    3.     It protects you from a very
                                                                           unpleasant and potentially serious
rhinovirus). Flu vaccine will not protect people from respiratory
illness that is not caused by flu viruses.

A person may be exposed to an influenza virus that is very
                                                                    4.     It helps protect everyone you come
                                                                           into contact with from possible
different from the viruses included in the vaccine.
                                                                           spread of the flu.

                                                                    5.     Our nursing staff give great shots!
I   Is it too late to get the vaccine after                                Almost pain free!
No. Vaccination can still be beneficial as long as influenza
                                                                    6.     The only side effects are possible
                                                                           injection site soreness and
viruses are circulating. In fact, the CDC recommends continuing
                                                                           achiness for 1-2 days, but you may
to offer vaccination throughout the season if a person has not
                                                                           be able to use this as a reason to
been vaccinated. Protection during some months is better than
                                                                           not carry out the garbage or do
nothing at all.

                                                                    7.     By getting the vaccine, your kids
I   Is the ‘stomach flu’ really the flu?                                   and family won’t catch the flu from
No. Many people use the term ‘stomach flu’ to describe illnesses           you; it might save you days of
with nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. These symptoms can be                   caring for ill children or family
caused by many different viruses, bacteria, or even parasites.             members at home or arranging for
While these symptoms can sometimes be related to the flu –                 alternative daycare.
more commonly in children than adults – these problems are
                                                                    8.     The CDC and MN Dept of Health
rarely the main symptoms of influenza. The flu is a respiratory
                                                                           have an initiative to get 100% of
disease and not a stomach or intestinal disease.
                                                                           health care workers vaccinated.
                                                                           Last year MN was at 70%.

                                                                     9.    Your coworkers will not have to
                                                                           work short since you won’t be out
                                                                           sick with the flu this year.

                                                                    10.    There are much better things to do
                                                                           with your TOWP than being sick!

     Sizzling Summer News…
       St. Paul Clinic “Fit for Four”
       A little friendly competition was in evidence at the St Paul Cancer Center during Fit for Four – a four-day
       walking challenge in July. Participants racked up miles on their pedometers to see who could walk the farthest
       both on and off the job. Pedometer checks were done each Monday with the following prize winners:

                                              Week 1 – Leslie Ferguson
                                             Week 2 – Jen Maaske Swain
                                             Week 3 – Stephanie Linssen
                       Weekly winners received a Minnesota Oncology thermal lunch bag

                                 1st Place: $40 Ramlow Gift Card – Jen Maaske Swain
                                  2nd Place: $25 Target Gift Card – Stephanie Linssen

       Thank you especially to Mary and Emily for putting this together. The event promoted a healthy
       lifestyle and friendly competition among co-workers. What a great start to the summer months and
       a terrific morale booster for all. ~ Bobbie Jo Heinsch

     Hot Dog Picnic Lunch Benefits
     Relay for Life
     The indomitable Angels of Hope from Maplewood Cancer Center were at it
     again in July raising funds for White Bear Lake’s Relay for Life.
     Under the leadership of Team Captain Lezli Milles and Dianne Farley, the
     grill was smoking as Jim Farley roasted the hot dogs to perfection.
                                               Summertime living was easy and
                                               tummies were full thanks to a
                                               menu of beans, chips, pickles, and
                                               watermelon to accompany the
                                               dogs – all washed down with icy
                                               cool water and lemonade.
                                              A total of $188.00 was raised for
                                              the race.
                                              Thanks to Tara Schmahl for
                                              serving as event photographer!
               Jim and Lezli fire it up

                    Take me OUTSIDE to the ballgame
                     The day was hot as
                    Minnesota Oncology’s
                 rabid Twins fans enjoyed
             their first company baseball
outing under blue skies at the fabulous new
Target stadium on July 18th.
Arriving by car, bus and the new Northstar
train, the young and the old…the bashful
and bold cheered the team while sampling
the newest stadium fare…but there’s nothing
like a traditional brat and beer! Target Field
lived up to its hype – not a bad seat in the
It just got better and better as the Twins
came from behind to beat the Chicago
White Sox in the 9th inning with a flurry
of runs.

                                              Than s
                                             for the memories!

    It was a “crumby” job….but someone had to do it!
                                                 Staff members at the Central Business Office worked hard this
                                                 summer raising money for Angel Foundation. One of the most
                                                 enjoyable activities was a Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake-off.

                                                 Judges came through unscathed despite the calorie count while
                                                 sampling the crispy, chewy and oh so gooey entries

                                                                    And the winners are…
                                                                 1st Prize – Melanie Tsarfati
                                                                 Runner-up – Becky Kramer
                                                 P.S. Melanie is willing to part with her recipe for $1.00 – all
                                                 proceeds will go to Angel Foundation.

     Great Book of Life
     Family Heritage for the Generations

     The stream of thoughts that a cancer diagnosis brings
     cuts new river beds in the mind and often turns the
     course of your dreams and goals in a new direction.
     This was true for Hudson Wisconsin native Joel Larson
     as he dealt with a diagnosis of Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s
     Lymphoma in 2003.

     When his insurance refused to cover a recommended
     bone marrow transplant, Joel returned to Minnesota
     Oncology’s Woodbury clinic and his primary
     oncologist, Dr. Nicole Hartung, who was undaunted
     and began an aggressive course of chemotherapy that
     would continue for five years.

     “I was in remission within the first year and held on during            L to R: Tim Gleiter, Dr. Nicole Hartung, Bobbie Miles,
                                                                           Joel Larson, Robin Florek, Celia Mattke, Wendy Stahnke.
     the process,” said Larson. “The general philosophy was that
                                                                                         Not pictured, Muhaz Fisseha.
     the faster cancer goes away, the quicker it is likely to come
                                                                                     Photo courtesy of the Hudson Star Observer
     back.” He was considered high risk for the next three
     years so chemotherapy continued. Joel’s cancer was              “We are offering two services that complement each
     already in the skull bones, and 11 spinal taps were             other; an End of Life Planning Guide and the
     performed over time to ensure that it had not spread to         opportunity to create a chapter about your life. This is
     the brain.                                                      designed so that you can leave a legacy in your own
                                                                     words – not an autobiography or obituary, but the real
     As Dr. Hartung and her staff journeyed with Joel and
                                                                     story of what you loved, your passions, or even a
     diligently applied his therapy regimen over the years,
                                                                     favorite recipe,” explains Joel.
     his desire to make end-of-life plans and leave a written
     legacy of his life grew, culminating in The Great Book of       The best way to experience The Great Book of Life is to
     Life business venture. Expertise from a 30-year career in       visit the website at www.greatbookoflife.com. Chapters
     hotel and hospitality management, a grant from the              are available for a one-time fee, depending on what you
     Wisconsin Small Business Association, and the strong            wish to include, and chapters can even be given as gifts.
     support of family and friends have helped to make this
                                                                     “My heart is in it,” says Joel. “We have tried to do the
     vision come true for Joel and many others.
                                                                     best job we can, and are by no means done. We have 19
     The Great Book of Life is a web-based opportunity which         patents pending and are trying to make a truly great
     provides guidance for people to reflect on their                book.”
     personal wishes concerning end of life issues and even
                                                                     Joel’s cancer is currently in remission and he remains
     provides a framework for self-directed funeral service
                                                                     under the vigilant care of Dr. Hartung. It was with great
     plans. The Life Chapter allows for a self-authored,
                                                                     joy and excitement that he launched his The Great Book
     written legacy to be published on-line upon their death.
                                                                     of Life business on July 30, 2010.
     Joel’s vision is to archive thousands of life chapters
     saved for generations.

                                                                             About Angel Foundation
                                                              Angel Foundation provides families struggling with cancer
                                                              with support programs and emergency financial assistance
                                                                           for their non-medical expenses.
Building community for kids who have a parent with cancer
                                                                                                           SAVE THE DATE!
Since 2005, Angel Foundation’s Kids Kamp has       When a parent gets cancer, families often
given children who have a parent with cancer a     become focused on survival, and “fun is the           UPCOMING ANGEL EVENTS
place to let go of their worries for a few days.   first thing that falls off the list,” says          I 3rd Annual Bowling for Angel –
Each year, dozens of kids who participate in the   Lundquist, “even though you can much more           November 6th, 2010
Facing Cancer Together (FaCT) program come to      easily deal with tough times if you have            All-day bowling tournament at the Park
Kids Kamp to play group games, create art, sing    positive experiences to balance it out.”            Tavern Bowling & Entertainment Center
karaoke — and realize in doing so that they are    Sometimes kids have almost forgotten how to         in St. Louis Park, with pizza, raffles,
part of a community. “At Kids Kamp I learned       smile, or that it’s all right to smile, when they   and, of course, bowling.
that I’m not the only one who has a mom with       come to camp. By the end, though, even those        I 10th Anniversary Angel Awards –
cancer,” said one teen.                            who came in serious and tense have                  January 22, 2011
                                                   remembered that they can laugh and be silly.        Kick off Angel’s 10th anniversary
Organized by FaCT co-directors Janice Haines
                                                                                                       celebration in style and recognize those
and Missy Lundquist and Teen Outreach               “Our goal is simple: to have kids leaving camp     who have made a difference to the
Coordinator Kelly Theesfeld, Kids Kamp hosted      knowing two things,” Lundquist explains.            families in our community dealing with
more than 90 campers from all across               “First, that they’re not alone — there’s a whole    cancer.
Minnesota. Each summer, camp begins when           community to lean on or give back to — and
all the campers line up along the outdoor          second, that they can still be a kid, play games,   FACING CANCER TOGETHER
basketball court. Counselors call out fun          grow, and learn even while going through            I Kids Kamp 2011 –
questions like “Who likes pizza?” and anyone       tough times with their families.”                   August 2-4 2011
who does takes a step forward. Finally, they ask                                                       Free 3-day summer camp for children
                                                   “I learned how vulnerable a person can be,”
“Who has a parent with cancer?” and everyone                                                           and teens who have a parent
                                                   says one camper, “but with trust and teamwork
steps forward. Suddenly, kids who have felt like                                                       diagnosed with cancer.
                                                   that vulnerability can disappear.” For three
they were alone in struggling with adult issues
                                                   days every August, 90 campers from all over         I Spring Series –
realize that they are surrounded by caring                                                             Spring 2011
                                                   Minnesota come together and build a
friends with the same concerns.                                                                        5-week program for families dealing
                                                   community capable of having fun, supporting
However, just as important as community-           each other, and facing cancer — together.           with cancer, with individualized
                                                                                                       discussions for all age groups.
building is providing a safe place to have fun.
                                                                                                       I Monthly Parent Support Group
             “We want to embolden kids to talk about                                                   Intimate small-group discussions for
                                                                                                       parents with cancer.
                their dreams and their futures.”

              For more information about Angel Foundation or to sign up for a FaCT program,
                                visit www.mnangel.org or call 612-627-9000.
 Follow Angel Foundation on Twitter and Facebook:                  @angelfoundation,             www.facebook.com/angelfoundation
                                          Founded and Supported in 2001 by Minnesota Oncology                                                     15
Quarterly                                         Taking Note
Calendar of Events                                O Woman of Valor
                                                  Kelli Daly (Edina Clinic) ran in the Whistlestop
October                                           Marathon in Ashland, WI on October 9th. A time of
                                                  3:40:58 qualifies her to run the Boston Marathon in
I October 5 – Look Good Feel
  Better, Edina Clinic, 10:00am –                 April, 2011. Way to go Kelli!
I October 5 – Lung Cancer Support Group,
                                                  O Nuptials
  Southdale Medical Bldg, C73, 4:00-5:00 PM                              Congratulations to Mason Moline
                                                                         (MCC) on his September 4th
I October 21– Look Good Feel Better,
  Minneapolis Clinic, 10:00am – 12:00pm                                  marriage to Crystal McCabe.

I October 28 – Look Good Feel Better,
  Burnsville Clinic, Main Floor Conference Rm.,                              Wedding bells rang for Amy
  10:30am-12:30pm                                                             Saunders (CBO) who was
I October 20 – Look Good Feel Better,
                                                                               married to James Stoffel
  Maplewood CC, 10:00am – 12:00pm                                                           on Oct. 2nd.
                                                  O Stork Club
                                                  Congratulations to Allison Pattberg (Fridley) on the July 22nd arrival of a
November                                          daughter, Jillian Gale, weighing 6 lbs 10oz.
I November 2 – Look Good Feel                     Jennifer (HR) and Nick Graziani welcomed a son, Jackson Jay, on August 8th.
  Better, Edina Clinic, 10:00am –                 Jack weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 19.5” long.
I November 2 – Lung Cancer Support Group,
                                                  A baby boy was born to Kim Racine (MCC) and her husband Paul
  Southdale Medical Bldg, C73, 4:00-5:00 PM       on August 10th. Jason Allen weighed 9lbs, 10.5 oz and was 20”
I November 3 – Look Good Feel Better,
  Woodbury Clinic, 1:30-3:30 pm                   Best wishes to Amy & Jerrod Jasperson (Coon Rapids)
I November 9 – Look Good Feel Better, St          on the birth of their son, Cohen Lawrence, on August
  Paul CC Conference Rm., 10:00am – 12:00pm       13th. Baby weighed 9 lbs and was 21.5 inches long.
I November 17 – Look Good Feel Better,
                                                  Michelle and Jim Schlosser (Coon Rapids) are proud to
  Maplewood CC, 10:00am – 12:00pm
                                                  announce the birth of a son on August 13th. Baby Gavin weighed in at 6 lbs 1oz.
I November 18 – Look Good Feel Better,
  Minneapolis Clinic, 10:00am – 12:00pm           Congratulations to Rhonda Harter (Edina) and her family on the birth of a son,
                                                  Derek Gene on August 30th, weighing 8lbs 15oz, 22” long.

                                                  Amanda Kipfer (Mpls) and her family welcomed a son, Corbin Thure Kipfer, on
December                                          September 8th. Baby weighed 7lbs 1oz and was 20.5 inches long.
I December 7 – Look Good
                                                  Best wishes to Stephanie Schwalbe (Maplewood) and family on the birth of a
  Feel Better, Edina Clinic,
  10:00am – 12:00pm                               daughter, Brooklyn Sophia, on September 15th. Brooklyn arrived weighing 8lbs,
                                                  7oz and was 20 inches long.
I December 7 – Lung Cancer Support Group,
  Southdale Medical Bldg, C73, 4:00-5:00 PM       Dr. Karin Armstrong (SPCC) and her family welcomed a daughter, Reagan
I December 8 – Look Good Feel Better,             Elizabeth, on October 4th. Reagan weighed 8lbs, 14 oz and was 21 ¼ inches.
  Woodbury Clinic, 1:30-3:30 pm
I December 15 – Look Good Feel Better,            O Coming Events
  Maplewood CC, 10:00am – 12:00pm                 October 25th      Fridley Clinic Re-opens at new location: 480 Osborne Rd NE,
I December 16 – Look Good Feel Better,                              Suite 220 (Clinic Closed on Oct 21 & 22) The public is invited
  Burnsville Clinic, Main Fl. Conference Rm.,                       to an Open House from 2 – 4 PM (480 Osborne Road in
  10:30am-12:30pm                                                   Fridley) on Saturday November 13th. Enter a drawing to win a
                                                                    Nintendo Wii Fit
                                                  O Save the Date
                                                  December 11th     Let it Snow Practice-wide Holiday Party
                                                                    Sheraton Bloomington

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