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									         Hemorrhoid Remedies: Do-It-Yourself
       Treatments in order to Treat Hemorrhoids

By Jonathon Dentler, independent researcher

Today you can find much information on hemorrhoid remedies. You are able to ask your physician
about them or you will do your personal little research by going through health magazines or
checking out resources online.

There are plenty of ways on how to remedy and get rid of hemorrhoids but none is a lot more well-
known compared to those which you may do on your own and at the comfort of your home. Many
hemorrhoid sufferers prefer remedying their condition simply by themselves after talking to their
doctor since they find that it's embarrassing.

If you’re on the same boat with one of these patients, be assured that there are actually effective
and easy to do hemorrhoids remedies available. Listed here are quite a few of them:

* Change your diet plan

Getting a hard stool can cause straining when defecating. This will likely cause hemorrhoids to bleed
and healthier veins to swell. Change to a fibrous diet by including fiber-rich fruit and veggies as part
of your daily meals. Drinking lots of water can also soften the stool.
* Create proper bowel routine

Most people have the tendency to hold on for nature to call before hitting the toilet. As soon as you
feel even the smallest urge to defecate, go straight to the toilet and it'll be over in just a couple of

* Move around

Do you notice how your anal and rectal regions feel heavier when you’re sitting or standing for too
much time? That’s because of increased pressure. Avoid doing more damage for your hemorrhoids
by going around and stretching your body. Sit or stand now and then especially when you really feel

* Use over-the counter treatments

You can get creams and ointments created for hemorrhoids. Some might contain natural extracts of
witch hazel, hydrocortisone, and numbing agents. They can provide instant relief from pain and itch.
One good example is petroleum jelly and pads with extracts of witch hazel or chamomile.

* Use compress

Cold compress is really effective in numbing the impacted areas. It can also prevent hemorrhoids
from swelling and bleeding. Put it on for ten to fifteen minutes a minimum of three times each day.

* Use hypo-allergenic products

Hemorrhoids can be sensitive this is why you should be extra careful in washing the impacted areas.
Using plain water alone is way better while using fragrant soaps and body baths are strictly
prohibited due to their high chemical content. Instead, try using wet, non-fragrant tissues to wipe
your anus. You can even use a soft towel to pat the spot dry or go with a hair dryer.

* Take health specialist-prescribed treatments

Even though a friend who has hemorrhoids takes a particular medicine to take care of them doesn’t
mean you are able to too. Taking medications such as pain relievers are advisable for those who’re in
a lot of pain. It's adviseable to confer with your doctor beforehand with regards to the medicines
you’re allowed to take.
Taking care of your hemorrhoids had never been easier even more convenient. Simply practice these
hemorrhoid remedies for immediate relief but as soon as your condition continues to worsen, it’s
time to check the other choices available for you.

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