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Eight Major Natural Treatment Hemorrhoid Victims Need To Try


Tips and tricks for quick hemorrhoid relief.

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									      Eight Major Natural Treatment Hemorrhoid
                 Victims Need To Try

By Jonathon Dentler, independent researcher

You have to find out the natural treatment hemorrhoid sufferers must be aware of to be able to
minimize or get rid of pain because of hemorrhoids. People struggling with this disorder usually feel
pain and itching in the anus. There are cases wherein blood is released from the hemorrhoid when
one is emptying the bowels. These and more create hemorrhoids a dreaded disorder.

Most of the time, these symptoms go away completely in a few days time. But if they keep to persist,
you will find natural treatments for hemorrhoids that may be done in your own home. These kind of
natural treatments work to help ease the pain and annoyance at an earlier stage and at the same
moment serve as prevention for any more dangerous kind of hemorrhoids.

Here is a list of natural hemorrhoid treatments:

1. Use the ideal eating plan. Probably the most common causes of hemorrhoid is constipation. To
avoid it, it is advisable that anyone should pay attention to what he eats. Meaning eating vegetables
and fruits rich in fiber and staying away from highly processed foods.

2. Stay hydrated. Drinking water cleanses the body from harmful toxic compounds and aids in
digestive system. As soon as you’re well hydrated, you may prevent straining during colon

3. Exercise. Run, jog, walk, dance or go into sports. It keeps our bodies fit and can help increase food

4. Keep clear of straining at the time of colon movements. A normal functioning stomach helps
prevent constipation; then it usually puts off straining during colon movement. Women that are
pregnant have to be very aware of this, while there is high risk of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

5. Proper hygiene. In case the hemorrhoid is already protruding, a natural technique for cleaning it's
with the use of moist cotton dipped in the very best made from 450 ml of water along with a
teaspoon of salt. Lightly press it on the area while lying down.

6. Carry out the compress. Do a hot and cold compress alternately twice a day. This may reduce the
swelling and functions as a all-natural pain reliever for hemorrhoids.

7. Frequent hot sitz bath. This can be accomplished simply by using Epsom salts or even the ordinary
table salt which is dissolved in water. Per 3 and 1/2 liters of water, put in about 1 cup of salt. Lay on
your back in order that the water can reach the rectal area and also to prevent unnecessary pressure
on it. Ensure that you pat it clean and dry later.

8. Medicinal plants for hemorrhoids:

* Natural aloe-vera extracts is often applied to sticking out hemorrhoids. They assist minimize the
burning sensation of the swollen and irritated blood vessels.

 * Horse chestnut seed can also be used to treat hemorrhoids. Its aescin extract works well for
increasing the veins’ elasticity.

* The bark and leaves of a witch hazel bush act as a natural astringent and help prevent swelling of
external hemorrhoids. These natural treatment hemorrhoid sufferers can try at home are very useful
particularly when you would like fast relief. Before trying them, make sure you speak with your
doctor and then determine if they apply to your form of hemorrhoids.

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