5 Warning Signs One Needs Hemorrhoid Surgery

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					 5 Warning Signs One Needs Hemorrhoid Surgery
By Jonathon Dentler, independent researcher

The majority of hemorrhoids can usually be treated easily though there are some that require
hemorrhoid surgery. Individuals who suffer discomfort and pain from the disorder implement all
non-invasive alternatives for treating hemorrhoids. The option to go under the knife is merely
considered if the hemorrhoid is already in its serious phase.

A hemorrhoid surgery is always the final resort for treating hemorrhoids. If the natural options and
medicinal drugs fail and then the individual is going through terrific pain that’s the time you have to
consult your medical professional for surgical removal of hemorrhoids.

It is essential to know if the hemorrhoids are inside of and out the rectal and anal areas. This will help
your medical professional measure the suitable hemorrhoid surgery. It is additionally essential that
you have a bird’s eye view of the whole treatment to prepare yourself for it.

So , just how could you tell you have to undergo hemorrhoid surgery? Listed here are the top five
signs you should go see your medical professional for operation:
    1. Prolapsed hemorrhoid

You should know that internal hemorrhoids are usually not painful, but they can bleed at times. You
will see that blood covers the stool or sometimes appears on the toilet paper and the toilet bowl
especially after colon movement. The hemorrhoid may extend and it protrudes outside the anus.
Normally, it may return back inside the anus naturally or by gently pushing it. Whether it can’t return
on its own or pressed back, a surgery is needed to remove it.

2. Blood clots and too much bleeding

As a result of increased straining or force at the external hemorrhoids, they break out and bleed
overwhelmingly which in turn causes a lump. Surgery is needed particularly if the lump continues to
grow and doesn’t respond to natural or non-invasive treatments. It should also be removed surgically
the moment it shows signs of bleeding.

3. Non-stop itchiness

There's a constant itching in the anal area for continuous period of time which may no longer be
cured by recommended oral and topical medicinal drugs.

4. Rectal pain

Hemorrhoids can be painful especially when they’re inside the anal area. As soon as you start
suffering from extreme anal pain, it’s time to undergo surgery.

5. Presence of pus

Having pus round the anal area makes it more prone to bacteria. Once such a thing happens,
excessive bleeding and itching may occur and worsen your condition. Get rid of hemorrhoids
immediately through surgical operation.

There's also instances wherein minor surgery might be undertaken as a general precautionary
measure to swollen and extreme cases of hemorrhoids. They are the following:

* Laser surgery removes the hemorrhoidal tissue resulting in the pain and discomfort.
 * The rubber band surgery procedure where a rubber band is placed in the hemorrhoid to prevent
the blood supply and finally killing the tissue creating the hemorrhoid.

 * The Sclerotherapy which uses a chemical solution and introduce it to the blood vessel to shrink the
size of the hemorrhoid and finally destroying it.

It is necessary that the hemorrhoid be examined for its size and severity. This may determine
whether a minor or major hemorrhoid surgery should take place. To get ready yourself for
hemorrhoid surgery, make sure you know how it’s done and what normal side effects you’re bound
to experience.

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