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					                                           2ND QUARTER

                   2010-2011 Board of Directors
State President                      State Vice President
Randy Norris                        Charlie Boone
5942 Joe Brown Hwy. South           1509 Carroll Heights Road
Chadbourn, NC 28431                 Zebulon, NC 27597
(910) 653-4066                      (919) 269-4193
nccba@embarqmail.com                 fbird54@bellsouth.net

State Secretary                                                  State Treasurer
Cat Mohan                                                        Darlene Kimsey                                  Always welcome!
1204 Chapel Ridge                                                2225 Bevan Drive
Apex, NC 27502                                                   Trinity, NC 27370
(919) 363-8662                                                   (336) 880-0277                                     NC BIKE PAC
catmo0905@nc.rr.com                                              (336) 472-7838 (Fax)                              469 Red Fox St NW,
                                                                 wkimsey@mindspring.com                            Shallotte, NC 28459
State Legislative Director                                       State Information Director
Doc Ski                                                          Terri Hairston
PO Box 1691                                                      467 Holly Circle
Pittsboro, NC 27312                                              Mount Holly, NC 28120
(919) 662-6229                                                   (704) 820-0013
docskivnv@aol.com                                                (704-820-6390 (Fax)

Membership Services Director                                    Director of Safety, Education & Awareness
Iris Hindle                                                     Charlie Chandler
4047 Old Franklinton Road                                       2501 Pinecroft Road
Franklinton, NC 27525-8165                                      Greensboro, NC 27407
(919) 528-9164                                                  (336) 362-9539
irhindle@aol.com                                                charliegirl@triad.rr.com

Eastern District Coordinator                                    Central District Coordinator
Matt Shamblin                                                   Robert “Shaggy” Causey
484 Old Airport Road                                            2501 Pinecroft Road
Newport, NC 28570                                               Greensboro, NC 27407
(252) 241-0682                                                  (336) 442-8885
mshamblin@ec.rr.com                                             shaggy6901@triad.rr.com

                                Western District Coordinator
                                Bill “Blastoff” Starnes                                              For the latest news from Raleigh, please consider
                                5205 Clearwater Lake Road                                            reading the Weekly Legislative Update at:
                               Mount Holly, NC 28120                                                 http://docskivnv. bravejournal. com/
                               (704) 827-0492
                               star1568@bellsouth.net                                                Doc Ski

Advertising Rates                                                                                    Legislative Director, CBA/ABATE of NC
Full Page..............................................................................$175/issue    Registered Lobbyist, NC Bike-PAC
Half Page................................................................................$75/issue
Quarter Page.........................................................................$35/issue
Business Card.......................................................................$15/issue
One Time Flyer Insert...........................................................$125/issue.

FRONTLINE is published quarterly. Bulk mailing permit paid in Mount Holly, NC. Submissions to this publication and advertising inquiries may be sent to
terrihairston.info@yahoo.com. Address changes and corrections to membership services at irhindle@aol.com. This publication is a benefit of
membership in CBA/ABATE of North Carolina. At this time, subscriptions are not available .To receive this publication, join CBA/ABATE of North
Carolina. If you are already a member, we thank you. CBA/ABATE fights for freedom of the open road and your rights as a motorcyclist. Contact
Membership Services or the State Information Director. Your Support is very important. Disclaimer: Frontline-Freedom Fighter News NCCBA/ABATE is an
official ABATE publication. NCCBA/ABATE accepts no responsibility for the comments or opinions contained within this publication.
                                  EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING
                               Wyndham Garden Hotel, Greensboro NC
                                         18 April 2010

The meeting commenced at 9:15 am

BOD present: President Randy Norris, Legislative Director Thomas ―Doc Ski‖ Wasileski, Membership
Services Director Iris Hindle, MSAP Director Charli Chandler, Treasurer Darlene Kimsey, Secretary Cat
Mohan, Information/PR Director Terri Hairston, Central District Coordinator Robert ‗Shaggy‘ Causey, and
Western District Coordinator Bill Starnes.

Regrets sent: Eastern District Coordinator Matt Shamblin.

Members were reminded that questions and responses are to be made by members only.
Voting: Maximum of 5 votes per chapter; At-Large: One vote per member with a maximum of 5 votes.

Opening Prayer was offered by Cliff Cyphers
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Doc Ski

Chapter Roll Call & Introductions
Chapters represented: Alamance, Brunswick, Buncombe, CBA of The Pines, Cabarrus-Rowan, Carteret-
Craven, Chatham, Charlotte, Columbus, Davidson, Gaston, Granville, Hickory, Iredell, Lincoln, Macon,
Raleigh, South Piedmont, Surry, Tar River Basin, and Triad. One At-Large member was present. Chapter
not represented: Randolph.

All chapter Treasurers are to clear Membership Services with the State Treasurer and State Secretary today.
All quarterly reports go to Cat Mohan. Monies owed and bank statement copies go to Darlene Kimsey.

State Secretary’s Report: Cat Mohan
A motion was made by Larry Blankenship to forego reading of the January Executive Meeting minutes as they
are out on the CBA state website [NOTE: this was questioned during the meeting but later confirmed by
looking at the website online] and the yahoo Staten chapter website. 2nd‘Ed and passed. Cat said that any
member can contact her asking for the minutes to be sent to them via email or regular mail.

State Treasurer’s Report: Darlene Kimsey
Treasurer‘s packets were passed out the previous day (notes from yesterday‘s meeting is attached to the end
of these minutes) to include checklist, copy of treasurer‘s report, money transfer form, quarterly report form,
and fundraiser ideas. Darlene asked membership how they would like to see the reports from QuickBooks -
consolidated or by chapter; the majority voted for the consolidated report. Darlene can email reports to you
upon request and they are usually available to view at the state meetings. A motion was made to accept the
Treasurer‘s report; 2nd and passed.

Committee Reports
1. Legislative Committee: Doc Ski
    We have bill sponsors for the helmet & discrimination bill.
    Helmet defense team – Bill Starnes is still looking for members from each chapter to work on this team.
    Motorcycle only checkpoints: Charlie Boone – there is info on the Statenchapter yahoo group
      concerning this issue. We haven‘t heard of any incidents of these checkpoints since the warmer
      weather last year but anticipate some coming up with the warmer riding weather approaching.
      Lobby Day is 19-May in downtown Raleigh. Headquarters will be at the Raleigh Sheraton; call 919 834
       9900 if you need to get a room.
      Legislative Agenda – we are seeking support for the Drivers Ed program in NC. Please talk to your
       legislators about this and encourage them to continue this program as this is essential for our MSAP
       program to continue.
      DOT signs – the committee would like to see some kind of motorcycle awareness message on these
       signs when not conveying traffic information or alerts. A motion was made to support this effort; the
       majority voted ‗aye‘.
      Reminder of BikePac – this fund helps members financially with attending motorcycle rights
       conferences/meetings. Please either contribute to this fund or you can request assistance from this
       fund. Contact is Deb Knox.
      Cindy Hodges reminded membership that you can sign up online for legislative town hall meetings.

2. MRF: Cindy Hodges
    Senator Trent Lautenburg out of NJ is proposing a federal helmet law as part of the ISTEA
    Bikers in the Beltway will be in May; MRF still working on logistics.
    MRF Young Activist Award – still trying to recruit younger people. If there is a member in your chapter
     18-30 years old, please encourage them to apply for this award.
    Beast of the East was last week in Greenville, SC; there were around 80 people in attendance from all
     over the US which was a small crowd but the conference was effective. Larry Blankenship asked
     Randy to write a letter to ABATE of SC thanking them for a great job with hosting the Beast of the East.
    MRF membership; please consider renewing if you are expired.

3. NCOM: Randy Norris
   The NCOM conference is 6-9 May in Orlando; Randy and Doc Ski will be attending; NCOM pays the bill for
   them to attend.

4. NC Confederation of Clubs: Doc Ski
   The COC has made the decision to adopt the US Defenders program. We need 2 Defenders
   representatives from NC to go to the COC meetings. Upon discussion, Randy explained the US Defenders
   program. Also, it was noted that members can check out their website at Usdefender.org. Randy
   explained that he and Doc could be Defender representatives at the NCOM and COC meetings which they
   attend anyway but they wanted to see if anyone else is interested and/or the support of membership. Dale
   Carroll made a motion that Randy and Doc represent CBA in the US Defenders program; 2 nd‘Ed and

5. Information/PR: Terri Hairston
    Newsletter
         o We had to start all over with bulk mailing so that‘s why the newsletter has not been sent out yet.
         o A worm in computer also slowed things down for a while.
         o We need ads; ad prices are in the newsletter and will be on the website soon. There‘s been
             some discussion on restructuring the ad prices – this is tabled until the next committee meeting.
         o We need article submissions from districts and chapters.
         o Information from chapters is due the 3rd Sunday after the state meeting.
         o Larry Blankenship suggested sending the newsletter to the advertisers.
         o Will be printing 2000 newsletters; some members have indicated they would read it online.
             Please ask your chapters how they would like to receive their newsletters and let Terri know.
             Get this information to Terri after your next chapter meeting.

      State Website
          o Updating the website is still ongoing. Some out-of-date pages are being deleted; some new
              pages are being created.
          o PR - When you make up your literature such as flyers for a run, we ask that you put the state
              website link on it: www.cba-abatenc.org

6. Membership: Iris Hindle
    New member packets; we will be adding more info regarding our legislative goals, in addition to mailing
     the small CBA patch, key chain, and cover letter. To decrease mail expense, a coupon will be sent to
     new members to purchase the CBA pin at a State meeting.
    New fax number as of 1-May: 919 528 9164; email is irhindle@aol.com. In case you need to talk to
     Iris regarding membership questions/concerns, her mobile number is 919 630 1499.
    Membership incentive program –Mark Watson of Lincoln is doing well so far with new membership
     sign-ups so please be sure to write down your name on applications to get credit for new members.
    Membership numbers: 1,279 members, 59 new members. 2 chapters did great in membership renewal
     numbers last quarter – Cabarrus-Rowan at 62%, Gaston at 50%.
    Iris is at the point where membership requests will be turned over within 7 days.

7. Safety, Education and Awareness: Charli Chandler
    New awareness signs are in; please pick up from Charli or get her to ship them to you. Price is $5
      each from Charli; onward, you can sell them for whatever you want from your chapter.
    The new DVDs for the MSAP program are in. Let Charli know if you need the new presentation. These
      DVDs were created in order to promote consistency in program content/presentation.
    It is greatly appreciated that the Raleigh chapter donated a laptop to Charli to use for her role as SEA
    Let Charli know if you want a workshop in order to train instructors for the MSAP program.
    Cabarrus-Rowan, Gaston, and Charlotte chapters have legislators supporting the request to use the
      amber alert signs to show the motorcycle awareness message.
    Looking for nominations for the MSAP LeeAnne Redwine award. Paperwork is on the state website.
      The October state meeting date is the deadline for nominations.

8. Constitution: Charlie Boone
   Not much happening with the Constitution this past quarter. A member did make a request for revision on
   the absentee voting process but membership turned it down in committee.

9. Events: Charlie Boone/Robert Causey
   Mark your calendars! The annual CBA party/campout will be 8-10 October @ Tamarac Marina, High Rock
   Lake. There will be more information forthcoming on this event. www.tamaracmarina.com

Other Business
Products (to be added to future Executive Council agendas): Nicole Smith
There was $621 profit from the last state meeting. Nicole will try to have new products at each state meeting.
Mike Mohan asked that Products be added to the Treasurer‘s report.

NC State Fair (October) – Jean Dasnoit and Charlie Boone talked to the Fair people about procuring a booth.
Cost for one day would be $1K to set up a booth. Some logistics: typically, at least 60,000 people per day
come through the gates during the week of the Fair, best days being a weekend day or Wednesday; vendors
are provided a tent in a 10x10 space; location would be near the back gate; hours would be 10am-midnight; we
could not sell anything at booth but can pass out membership applications; and a banner will be kept up the
entire time of the fair. Please take this information back to your chapters to discuss if this is worthwhile to get
the word out about CBA.

Tax Status Change Concerns – since the cost for the state is going to be expensive, a 70/30 split was
suggested for membership dues; please take this proposal back to your chapters to discuss.
Annual State of the Organization report – Randy Norris
This report is attached as a pdf file and will be put out on the state website.

2-Nov-10 Banquet Budget – Darlene Kimsey
We will have a detailed budget for this event soon.

Wyndham Hotel – Darlene Kimsey
Due to the problems with not enough rooms available for this State meeting, we will be blocking 30 rooms for
future state meetings.

Statenchapter yahoo groups – Randy Norris/Cat Mohan
A reminder to cut down the chatter: If you want to send a message to someone on the board that does not
benefit most of or the entire group, click on ―Send email‖ in the message and your message will be sent to the
poster only.

BOD meetings – Randy Norris
Randy reminded membership that any members are welcome to come to the BOD meetings. We had a
chapter president at the last one and BOD welcomed his input on decisions made.

Thoughts and Prayers:
 Please keep your thoughts and prayers for Matt Shamblin regarding his mother‘s illness;
 Rick Nail fell last week and broke his femur;
 Dwayne Jenkins thanked everyone for their support in the ride for the member who lost her daughter in the
   car fire.

   Lunch break. BOD asked members about future lunch break timings for the future committee meetings
    days. The majority agreed for us to keep going out vs. having food served in the conference room or
    eating in the hotel; they also voted to keep lunch break at 1.5 hours.

Eastern District: Charlie Boone for Matt Shamblin
 Jim Barker of Carteret-Craven has passed away; Jim was a very active member, especially in the MSAP
   program; and he attended many a State meeting.
 The Eastern District Swap Meet will be 30Apr-2May.
 Upcoming chapter events were reported.

Central District: Robert Causey
 Central District Spoker Run was a success; thanks to Chatham for hosting. Robert won the $500 prize
   money and donated half of it back to the CBA. A plaque was awarded to Roger Boger for most supportive
   chapter (South Piedmont). Next year‘s run will be 9-Apr-11 with South Piedmont hosting.
 Two Central District members attended the Beast of the East – Raz Zipf and Darlene Kimsey.
 Upcoming chapter events were reported.

Western District: Bill Starnes
 Upcoming chapter events were reported.


       1. Next State Committee / EC Meeting Dates: 17-18 July 2010
       2. Closing Benediction offered by Cliff Cyphers.
       Meeting adjourned.
     For an update on political events in Raleigh please consider reading the latest legislative
     blog at: http://docskivnv. bravejournal. com/

Doc Ski

Legislative Director, CBA/ABATE of NC
Registered Lobbyist, NC Bike-PAC

Up Coming Events: Check State Web Site and Chapter Web Site’s for information
18-20 Dixie Steel Stampede
                                   By Charlie Boone
                                        1-Carteret Craven Heat Run
19-Fund Run Charlotte Chapter           14-Granville Memorial Ride
21-National Ride to Work Day            14-Triad Ride to Vote
25-27 Hot Springs Rally                 21-Buncombe Co Veterans Appreciation Ride
July:                                   21-Wendy Norris Memorial Ride
3-Charlotte Chapter Freedom Run
4-Gaston County Helmet Protest Ride
10-Randolph County Jim’s Kids Ride
17-Cab/Rowan Farmers Day Bike Show
17-Gaston County Fund Run
17-State Committee Meeting18-State Meeting
24-Iredell Beat the Heat Poker Run
               With this being a short session for the legislature, there should be few
               bills that would be problematic for motorcyclists. We must be
               vigilant though, you never know what might get slipped into a bill
               that is already on the table. We are gaining more supporters within
               the legislature every year. Raleigh chapter President Jean Dasnoit and
I visited with several of them on the legislative opening day this year, and all of
them seemed glad to see us there.
      On the national level, both the MRF and the AMA keep tabs of legislation
affecting motorcyclists. The work that they do is extremely important to all
SMROs. I urge you to join both of the organizations, both for the monetary support
and for the education that they give you on federal legislation.
      We have had successes in many fronts over the last year. The MSAP program
continues to grow with over 10,000 students reached last year, and this year’s total
should exceed that. The program has also received a $1,000 grant from the AMA,
thus showing that MSAP is receiving national attention for its success. There has
been some progress made with the NCDOT on getting motorcycle safety messages
displayed on the electronic signs on our major highways. That effort has been led
by Gaston Co. CBA members and while we haven’t yet gotten satisfaction on this
issue, progress has been made and I believe that it will eventually be implemented.
      One of the biggest concerns that we have for this year is the use of motorcycle
only roadblocks. We feel that any stop that discriminates due to mode of
transportation is illegal, and that law enforcement is using this as a method of
writing helmet tickets en masse. The training film that the GHSP has distributed to
all law enforcement agencies throughout the state is also a concern. This film has
inaccurate information on how to identify a “non DOT approved” helmet, and leads
law enforcement to believe that they are qualified to make such identification.
      With the election of new BOD members this year, you will see changes in
some of our programs. The newsletter has a new look and membership services
will tweak some methods to better serve the members. If you have suggestions for
improvements, please contact the board member. The corporate restructuring
continues to advance; this will all be finalized by the end of the year and will make
our organization stronger.
      As a final note, please support chapter rides and events throughout the state
whenever possible. A good time is always had by all, and the friendships that you
establish can last a lifetime. Hope to see you at these events. Until then, ride safe.
                Do you enjoy the freedoms motorcycling brings?

                                CBA/ABATE of NC                             Chapter Creation Process
                  For reference, the following is from the CBA/ABATE of NC Constitution regarding chapters:

                                                                 Article VII
      1)             A chapter may be chartered by the action of the State Executive Council wherever 5 Concerned Bikers come
                 together to accomplish the purposes for which the CBA was formed. Each chapter will operate as a non-profit
                 organization, using the Constitution of the Concerned Bikers Association/A.B.A.T.E. of North Carolina, Inc. as a guide.
                 Chapters cannot vary from the rules specified in this Constitution.
      2)            The primary purpose of the chapters shall be to help improve the effectiveness of Concerned Bikers Association in
                 obtaining its goals.
      3)           When 5 or more members decide to form a new chapter, a full staff of acting officers shall be elected.
                 A)             These officers shall serve for a period of not less than 80 or more than 120 days. Before these temporary
                          elections are held, the length of term of office shall be decided.
                 B)             At the end of this temporary term, regular elections shall be held, with officers serving until December 31.

It is strongly recommended that you read the whole Constitution prior to your chapter proposal – in particular, read the remaining text of
Article VII as it gives more chapter information such as individual officer responsibilities, election information, membership dues
distribution, and other pertinent information.

Here are the steps to follow in order to create a chapter:
Send an email to or call all three of the below CBA Board of Director members informing them of your desire to start a CBA chapter.
You can find their contact/email information on the CBA Website here: http://www.cba-abatenc.org/bod_info.htm.

  -        District Coordinator (DC) – there are 3 DCs – Eastern, Central, and Western. If you need help determining to which district the
           new chapter falls under, any DC can refer you to the appropriate one. When you contact the appropriate DC, please be
           prepared to state your goals and visions for the new chapter and how they would align with CBA’s goals which are outlined on
           the State CBA website and Constitution.
  -        Membership Services Director – give information on interim officer information until an official election is complete.
  -        State Treasurer – this officer will give you guidance on setting up the bank account, tax status, etc.

Your email should contain the names and contact information of the 5 persons who want to create the new chapter and what positions
they will temporarily hold until the chapter is chartered and a regular election can be held. A name for the new chapter will need to be
provided also. You can check out other chapters and their links to home pages here: http://www.cba-
abatenc.org/chapter_listings.htm. Most chapters are named for a NC county or the region in which the members reside.
Next steps:
    1. Establish a PO Box and checking account.
    2. Send confirmation of PO Box and checking account attainment along with details to District Coordinator, State Treasurer,
           Membership Services Director, and State Secretary. Also send information regarding monthly meetings – day(s) of the month,
           time, and location.
    3. Apply for a charter to be voted upon at the next State Executive Council meeting. This can be done via email or verbally to
           your area’s DC.

It is requested that the new chapter have their first chapter meeting on a weekend day so at least one CBA Board of Director can
attend to answer any questions that may arise and offer support in this endeavor.
                            If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate District

     From the Legislative Trenches: Are we Fighters or are we

Weekly Legislative Update 5/29/2010
The North Carolina General Assembly completed its third week of the 2010 Short Session with the Senate convening a
rare Friday morning "skeleton" session (a session with a blank calendar and attended by only a small number
of Senate members who convene and then immediately adjourn the session without taking up any bills). This was done
so that the Senate wouldn't have to come back into session until Tuesday, thus giving the Senators the
day off on Memorial Day (the NC Constitution provides that when in session the General Assembly must not be absent
more than three consecutive days). The House adjourned on Thursday and will reconvene on Monday evening, but
then, the House is busy formulating its own version of the budget and can't afford to take off any more time than
BUDGET - Hurry up and wait is the word on the budget. Compared to the nearly light-speed pace at which the budget
was approved in the Senate, work on the budget in the House is moving at the pace of a continental glacier,
but still faster than in past years. The latest proposal to hit the headlines is to transfer funds from the university system to
K-12 education, probably a good move, since historically NC has spent more per pupil on post-secondary education and
less on K-12 than most other states. Predictably, the university big wigs are howling.
BILLS OF INTEREST TO MOTORCYCLISTS - Several new bills introduced this week may be of interest to CBA
members who: 1) are concerned about their right to privacy, (2) have ever had a motorcycle stolen and chopped, or (3)
are concerned that the government might confiscate their guns just when they need them most (in a declared
emergency). S 1383, similar to H 1403 calendared to be heard in committee in the House on Tuesday, would allow law
enforcement agencies to collect DNA samples from anyone convicted of or arrested for certain specified felonies. H 2027
would make stealing a motor vehicle for the purpose of stealing its parts a Class H felony. H 2031 clarifies that laws
relating to the declaration of a state of emergency does not authorize agencies of state or local governments in NC to
confiscate or restrict the possession, transportation, sale, use, or purchase of legally possessed firearms.
BILL INTRODUCTIONS - As of Friday, 28 May, a total of 754 new bills had been introduced (342 in the Senate, and 412
in the House). Combined with the 2767 bills introduced last year, the total number of bills introduced thus
far in the biennial session stands at 3521 bills!
SESSION COST - As of Friday, 28 May, the North Carolina House has been in session a total of 124 legislative days, 123
in the Senate (2009 and 2010). The cost of this biennial session now totals $11,133,500 thus far, and the
clock is still ticking.

This original of this report was prepared by Paul Wilms, Legislative
Coordinator for the Raleigh Chapter of CBA/ABATE of NC.


http://www.judicial watch.org/ news/2009/ dec/judicial- watch-announces- list-washington- s-ten-
most- wanted-corrupt- politicians- 2009
Greetings, Everyone,

The North Carolina General Assembly doesn't convene in Raleigh until 12 May, but legislative budget writers, anticipating a $1.2 billion revenue
shortfall in FY2011, are already hard at work trying to fashion next year's budget even while Governor Perdue grapples with a $500 million budget
gap in the current fiscal year.

WRAL-TV (Raleigh) reported yesterday that one of the casualties of the State's budget woes could be drivers’ education. Those classes cost the State
about $33 million per year, and those funds are currently NOT included in next year's budget (the second year of the biennial budget approved by
the General Assembly last year). Driver Education funds have historically come from the Highway Trust Fund (capitalized by the State motor-fuels
tax), but the General Assembly is facing a 20-year, $65 billion highway and bridge maintenance need, so there is a concerted effort to stop
transfusions of funds from the Highway Trust Fund to other programs. Rep. Nelson Cole (D-Rockingham), co-chair of the House Appropriations
Subcommittee on Transportation, has suggested that driver’s education should be funded from the education budget. Conversely and not
unexpectedly, the co-chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Education, Rep. Ray Rapp (D-Madison), has stated that his Subcommittee
will recommend that the current funding formula for driver’s education remain in place. My sense is that the General Assembly will find the $33
million for driver’s education for FY2011 somewhere. After all, getting a drivers license is almost a rite of passage, and parents are not going to
stand for their little Johnny and little Susie being deprived of drivers education in the schools, and politicians hearing from those parents are not
going to eliminate funding for a program that is nearly iconic, not when they are facing reelection in November.
And because it is an election year, members of the General Assembly are going to try to adjourn the biennial session sine die as quickly as possible
so they can get back to their districts to campaign. The Insider is reporting this morning that legislative leaders have already scoped out a plan to
have the Senate approve revisions to the budget by 20 May with the House following suit by 10 June and budget conferees presenting a final budget
reconciliation report to both chambers by 29 June, one day before the end of the current fiscal year.
What does all this mean for CBA/ABATE members? First, as there will be no MSAP classes if there are no driver education classes, we need to make
sure funding for drivers education is included in the FY2011 budget. Second, a fast-paced "short" session will likely benefit this year's largely
"defensive" CBA/ABATE legislative agenda, but it also means that whatever happens will happen quickly, so CBA/ABATE must be increasingly
vigilant in monitoring the happenings in the General Assembly.
What can CBA/ABATE members do now? First, mark your calendar for CBA's Lobby Day on 19 May - put a big red circle around it - and plan to be in
Raleigh to lobby on behalf of the one organization that consistently fights for your rights. Second, contact your Senators and Representatives NOW to
encourage them to include funding for drivers education in the FY2011 budget. It is particularly important that members of the House and Senate
appropriations subcommittees on education and transportation hear from their constituents, so below are links to the member lists for those
House Appropriations Subcommittee on Education
http://www.ncleg. net/gascripts/ Committees/ Committees. asp?sAction= ViewCommittee&sActionDetails= House%20Standing _7

House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation
http://www.ncleg. net/gascripts/ Committees/ Committees. asp?sAction= ViewCommittee&sActionDetails= House%20Standing _13

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education/Higher Education
http://www.ncleg. net/gascripts/ Committees/ Committees. asp?sAction= ViewCommittee&sActionDetails= Senate%20Standin g_87

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation
http://www.ncleg. net/gascripts/ Committees/ Committees. asp?sAction= ViewCommittee&sActionDetails= Senate%20Standin g_84

If your Senator/Representative is a member of any of these committees, please email or call them NOW to encourage their support for continuing
funding of drivers education classes. If your Senator/Representative is not a member of any of the above committees, contact them nevertheless to
let them know that you support continued funding for drivers education.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

R. Paul Wilms     Legislative and MSAP Coordinator, Raleigh Chapter CBA/ABATE of North Carolina

                                            ATTENTION ALL MOTORCYCLISTS
- Do you enjoy the freedoms motorcycling brings?
- Do you love the feeling you get when you put your machine on the road?
- Do you want to always be able to enjoy these freedoms without more restrictions?
- Do you want to dress as you like, park where others park and be welcome in all public places?
The Daily Southerner,
Tarboro, NC
May 17, 2010 Drivers   must share road with cycles                      JAMICÁ C. ASHLEY Staff Writer

TARBORO — Be careful on your motorcycle.
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and Tarboro along with the Tar Basin Chapter of American Bikers Aimed
Toward Education are encouraging everyone to Look Twice, Save a Life.
"North Carolina's mild climate means that motorcyclists are out on the roads throughout the year," said State Transportation
Secretary Gene Conti. "Educating both bikers and other drivers about the importance of motorcycle safety and sharing the
road, not just this month, but every month."
According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, motorcycles represent about two percent of all registered
vehicles in the state but they account for almost 12 percent of all traffic fatalities.
There has been one fatality in Edgecombe County involving a motorcycle this year.
In 2009, 151 motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents.
During the Tarboro Town Council meeting Monday night, Tarboro Mayor Donald Morris signed a proclamation declaring
May 2010 as Motorcycle Awareness Month.
"I think this is good," Morris said. "I have noticed that over the past five to 10 years that there has been more awareness of
motorcycles and it’s good to have awareness.
"Often when we're driving we're aware of the other motor vehicles on the road but not of motorcycles," added Morris.
During his presentation last week, prior to the issuing of the proclamation, John Vaudo of Patriot Guard Riders presented
the Council with some information that showed the importance of motorcycle safety.
Vaudo reported that the majority of all motorcycle accidents occurred on streets and secondary roads and involved the
motorcyclist going straight ahead.
"The top five contributing circumstances are speeding for the conditions, careless and reckless, inattention, failure to reduce
speed and speeding," Vaudo said. "Some recent statistics for Nash and Edgecombe Counties show that as of 2008, the five
year average is overall 36 fatal crashes with 41 fatalities and 1,421 crashes with 2,294 injuries. Of those, three were fatal
motorcycle wrecks and 47 were non-fatal with 52 injuries."

The Governor's Highway Safety Program offers some tips to motorcyclists and other drivers on how to safely share the
• Follow state law and always wear a federal motor vehicle safety standard 218 helmet;
• be visible at all times, including wearing bright, reflective clothing.
Other drivers:
• Share the road, motorcyclists have the right to a full lane;
• stay alert, be aware that motorcycles can easily hide in
a car's blind spot;
• keep a safe distance, allow more room between the
vehicle and the motorcycle;
• and be cautious.
FYI            (Information you may have missed or want to know about)

[1] Petitioners contend the following ordinances were invalidated by repeal of the ordinance establishing the administrative
hearing system: 2008-61 (accommodations restrictions) ; 2008-62 (consumption and open possession of
alcohol in parking areas); 2008-63 (use of parking lots for non-parking activities); 2008-64 (helmet and eyewear
requirements for cycles and mopeds); 2008-65 (parking of trailers on public streets or unlicensed
private lots); 2008-66 (convenience store and premises security); and2008-67 (minor or juvenile curfew).
[2]Because we find that the Helmet Ordinance fails under implied field preemption, we need not reach Petitioners'
remaining preemption issues. See Futch v. McAllister Towing of Georgetown, Inc., 335 S.C. 598, 613, 518
S.E.2d 591, 598 (1999) (appellate court need not discuss remaining issues when disposition of prior issue is dispositive).
Additionally, we need not address Petitioners' request for a writ of prohibition barring the municipal
court from exercising jurisdiction over the alleged ordinance violations See Sangamo Weston, Inc. v. National Surety
Corp., 307 S.C. 143, 148, 414 S.E.2d 127, 130 (1992) ("This court will not issue advisory opinions . . .").
[3] Though Petitioners phrase their argument as whether the administrative hearing ordinance is "severable" from the
Motorcycle Ordinances, Petitioners actually argue implied repeal.

The SC Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the bikers and against the City of Myrtle Beach in regards to the
City Helmet Law. The formal ruling will be released soon.

I wish to extend thanks to all those who rode with me in the rain February 29, 2009 to challenge this bad law.

More details to follow...--
Biker Ezine
http://www.fastfred s.com/cgi- bin/dada/ mail.cgi/ list/bikerezine

Doc Ski
                                                                        Legislative Director, CBA/ABATE of NC
                                                                        Registered Lobbyist, NC Bike-PAC

                                                                                SPOKER RUN 2010

                                                                        Pictures the Central District Spoker Run have been
                                                                        posted to NCRider.com at the below URL. The
                                                                        weather was perfect and we had over 109 bikes
                                                                         http://www.ncrider. com/photo gallery
                                                                        /Spoker-Run- 10/index.
                                   If it happened there could it happen here?


Drone aircraft are patrolling U.S. Cities 26 April 2010 11 Comments Public Intelligence

Public Intelligence has received several messages from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department requesting the
removal of a Law Enforcement Sensitive document which was published on March 25, 2010 regarding Nevada¹s
³Silver Shield² infrastructure protection program. The document, which is from November 2007, reveals that Las Vegas
Police are using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and systems to patrol the city and deliver aerial imagery during incidents
or special events. Though isolated reports of domestic UAV use do exist, there has not been widespread coverage of the
growing use of unmanned aircraft systems over U.S. cities. In March 2006, Declan McCullagh of CNET News reported
that police agencies around the country were looking at the use of UAVs for all sorts of purposes, including everything
from border patrol to domestic surveillance. In an article titled ³Drone aircraft may prowl U.S. skies² McCullagh writes:
In a scene that could have been inspired by the movie Minority Report, one North Carolina County is using a UAV
equipped with low-light and infrared cameras to keep watch on its citizens. The aircraft has been dispatched to
monitor gatherings of motorcycle riders at the Gaston County fairgrounds from just a few hundred feet in the air--close
enough to identify faces—and many more uses, such as the aerial detection of marijuana fields, are planned. That raises
not just privacy concerns, but also safety concerns because of the possibility of collisions with commercial and general
aviation aircraft.

In early January 2010, KPRC News Houston reported on the Houston Police Department and the Department of
Homeland Security deploying UAVs for surveillance purposes: The document released by Public Intelligence corroborates
these previous reports, indicating that as early as November 2007, Nevada law enforcement officials were discussing
plans to implement the use of UAVs for aerial surveillance during special events and during incident response. Given the
character of earlier reports concerning the use of UAVs in other states, it is reasonable to assume that the usage of these
unmanned systems is likely be widespread throughout the U.S. The document also indicates that the UAVs feed into a
system that is integrated with the local fusion center, along with various systems for recording and geo-mapping
Suspicious Activity Reports² which may be filed by businesses and critical infrastructure throughout the state.
 Attention Concerned Motorcyclist:
To all motorcyclist concerned about their rights,
We are attempting to file a bill to prohibit discrimination against bikers. We need evidence that there is discrimination to show
legislators. Please fill out the Discrimination Complaint form at: Once the process is completed you will be able to see your
complaint listed at: http://nccomc. org

Thanks for helping us to compile data on discrimination.

doc ski

I just was discriminated against because I have a motorcycle. I was trying to make a reservation at a campground and
was told that motorcycles are not allowed. I said that was discrimination and the lady said that they have a "few" sites that
allow bikes and they are all filled. I explained that I have a legal, registered street bike and she still said I cannot bring it.
 I suggest that we make a list of Non-Biker friendly businesses.
The campground is Cross Country Campground in Sherrils Ford, NC.

Steve Herbert
VP Iredell County Chapter       CBA/ABATE of NC
                        Where and What                                                Will Be Next?
   J. Darlene Kimsey
                                                   2225 Bevan Drive
                                                   Trinity, NC 27370
                                                   Phone (336) 880-0277
                                                   Fax (336) 472-7838
   January 28, 2011

   John Rhodes
   5712 Springs Avenue
   Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

   Dear Mr. Rhodes,

On Friday March 8th 2010 my husband and myself took a spur of the moment trip to the coast. Night came and
we found our self in Myrtle Beach. We choose to stay at the Polynesian Beach & Golf Resort. During the check
in process we were both asked for our Ids, I did not have mine so I had to return to my vehicle to get mine. In
my absences the young man checking us in (Rob) informed my husband that the reason they copy everyone‘s
ID is because of the ―criminals‖, my husband did not understand so Rob proceeded to inform him ―you know
the bikers‖. My husband relayed this conversation to me during dinner, before we actually went to the room.
Please let me share with you what I do - I am the State Treasure for the Concerned Bikers Association/ABATE
of NC, needless to say I was not pleased with being labeled as a ―criminal‖ simply because I ride a motorcycle.
I also need to inform you that we were in a truck and did not have our motorcycles with us nor did we have
―biker‖ attire on.
I went back to the hotel and had a discussion with Rob. I informed Rob that my husband had shared the
conversion with me and he did not deny it. Rob told me I had the city council of Myrtle Beach to thank for that
and that ―they‖ were going on rumor that someone had been murdered. I proceed to inform Rob that had
nothing to do with me and then he proceeded to ask me if I know the NAACP was involved in this and I again
told him that had nothing to do with me. I told Rob that I could not stay at his hotel and he did refund my
money. Rob asked me if I would be staying in Myrtle Beach and I told him NO…I had learned my lesson and
would be spending my money at North Myrtle Beach.
I‘m sure you are asking…so why is she writing to me? Do you as the Mayor of Myrtle Beach realize that
because of your City Council‘s actions that you now have merchants calling everyday citizens ―criminals‖? Do
you even care? I am saddened and sickened that a place that my family and friends have been coming to all of
our lives now considers me a criminal simply because I ride a motorcycle. I have been tried and convicted
without ever have committed a crime…how dare you! I suggest that you sit back rethink the message that you
are sending the merchants and the public.
I will be sending letters to the newspapers, your State Senator, magazines and the Governor. I will not allow
your town to label me as a criminal!!!

J. Darlene Kimsey
2225 Bevan Drive
Trinity, NC 27370
                                                   Court Watch Program
   What is Court Watch? Court Watch is a citizen run volunteer program that holds the court system accountable for the
   decisions it makes regarding case disposition and adjudication. The program does this by citizen monitoring of various
   aspects of the courts from pre-trial release hearings, trials, and sentencing. It basically gets neighborhoods to participate
   in the court process, allowing them to understand and perhaps influence how it is operated. While this concept is new
   to the Charlotte area, it thrives in others such as New Orleans where a well-organized Court Watch program is in place.
   Imagine this… A known prolific offender who has repeatedly been through the “system” has been arrested again for
   breaking into a home in your neighborhood. The Court Watch group that you belong to is notified and arranges for
   someone to go to the hearing where this person’s pre-trial release is being considered. A Community Impact letter is
   generated and sent by the group to the District Attorney’s Office, requesting consideration when pursuing the charges,
   which is then added to the case file. A Court Watch member is in the courtroom each time this subject is in court.
   Getting started. The Eastway Division of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is willing to facilitate the
   creation of such a group in this area. A similar program has been initiated in the Providence Division by members of the
   community who are tired of being victimized by same people who keep going through the system, and those who want
   to make everyone in the criminal justice system accountable, hopefully making their neighborhoods safer places to live.
   The Providence group was originally a small group of people, with a relatively small focus area. A couple of members
   stepped up to be the leaders of the group, and they are becoming more and more organized. The group works closely
   with officers to identify chronic offenders in their community that they are going to follow through the system.
   The group has designed a logo to be used with the Police Division logo for shirts they are having made up. The idea is
   that each Division will have its own color shirt and members will be easily recognizable in court. They are also creating a
   website with information about their program and notes from their observations and experiences.
   Interested? If you are interested in being a part of this new program, please e-mail Sergeant Christian Wagner at
   cwagner@cmpd.org indicating your name, address, and neighborhood. A meeting will be scheduled here at the
   Eastway Division team office on Eastway Drive. This letter is the seedling for this program; it is now up to residents to
   cultivate this program. There is likely to be some trial and error, but this program has the potential of being very
   successful in this area. We sent this out last year with only a few respondents. Please consider participating in this
   Please check out the following website from the New Orleans program. The focus of this group may not be exactly what
   is intended for the Eastway group, but it does provide some useful information. http://courtwatchnola.com/

   Staff Sergeant C.S. Wagner #2295
   Response Area Commander
   Eastway Division Response Area Three
   Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
   3024 Eastway Drive, Charlotte, NC 28205 (704) 336-8535

CBA MEMBERS: For the Newsletter to be a success all members need to take an active part.
Articles are necessary from All Chapters, District Coordinators and individual members. An
update needs to be made to the page In Memory Of…..We need your events and event flyers.
The next newsletter should follow approximately six weeks following the State Meeting. The
dead line for submissions is three weeks following the state meeting. Remember this is your
Newsletter and we need you.

Thank you for your support,
Terri Hairston
State Information Director
Newsletter Editor
Between publications of the newsletter articles, flyers and important information is placed on
the web site so please check it often.
              TAKE NOTE
With all the outdoor activities we are enjoying or whatever we are doing, WE NEED TO BE PREPARED... Having a first aid course
through your work, Red Cross or any other certified instructor is are great start. Have you participated in an Accident Scene
Management Course Basic or Advanced? When was the last time you were certified or had a refresher course? If you don’t
know you need to take and emergency course of some type THE LIFE YOU SAVE MIGHT BE SOMEONE YOU CARE FOR...
Encourage your friends to do the same because the life they save might be YOURS. Below is just a small amount of
information with major rewards.

Please note: First signs of a stroke...new sign found...a must read

This is just a quick neurologic assessment, to see if anything else needs to be done (i.e. go to ER) I might add it is a good
idea to call ahead to the ER or your physician to let them know you are on the way and to tell them what you found. They can
be ready to start clot busters, anticoagulants etc., as needed, sooner.
                   Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue
STROKE: Remember the 1st Three Letters.....S.T.R.
If everyone can remember something this simple, we could save some folks.
Please read:
A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke....totally.
He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed, and then getting the patient medically cared for within 3 hours,
which is tough.
Thank God for the sense to remember the '3' steps, STR. Read and Learn!
Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify... Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke
victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.
Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:
S *Ask the individual to SMILE...
T *Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently)
                    (i.e. It is sunny out today)
R *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.
If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call emergency number immediately and describe the
symptoms to the dispatcher.
New Sign of a Stroke -------- Stick out Your Tongue
NOTE: Another 'sign' of a stroke is this: Ask the person to 'stick' out his tongue... If the tongue is 'crooked', if it
goes to one side or the other, that is also an indication of a stroke.
                                                        S T R

Do you know CPR?
                        Basic                                                                  Can you direct traffic?
                                           First Aid?
Dear CBA Chapters,
This is a reminder that all Chapter Information that you want in the State Newsletter arrive by the third week
following a State Quarterly Meeting. All flyers and events need to be sent to me via e-mail or fax 704-820-6390.
Please also remember if you have not already sent me a list of members that would like the newsletter sent via e-
mail please do so.
The need for sponsors is needed to help supplement the publishing of the newsletter.
Proposed Rates for the newsletter ads are as follows. This will be voted on at the meeting in July 17and 18, 2010.
Prices a for a year 4 additions
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One time flyer inserts                                              125.00
Please have original copy for printing in the newsletter. If you have suggestions for the rate structure please let
me know before the next state meeting July 17-18, 2010.
Remind sponsors that it is to their advantage to offer some sort of a discount to CBA Members because members
come from all over the state. Not just their local biker arena. If each Chapter did at least a ¼ page ad that would
add additional $1430 .If you did a great job and sold at least 11, ½ pages ads that would be $990.
The ad that is the easiest to sell is a business card and if every chapter sold 10 that would be additional $5000.00
and the Paper would pay for it as well as additional promotional materials. Officers please consider the proposed
structure and challenge your members to become pro-active...
If you have any questions please call me at 704-820-0013 or e-mail terrihairston.info@yahoo.com

Terri Hairston
Information Services Director
Concerned Bikers Association

As Matt Shamblin left the position as SEA Director as well as the Motor Cycle Safety Program Director he left
with quite a record.

I'm quite pleased to announce that due to a recent update of a chapter's MSAP Student Record, we have
topped 8000 students in the first three quarters of 2009!!

The present count is at 8024 through September 30th. By the end of December there were over 10,000

To every MSAP Instructor who contributed to this new total & every member that has supported our efforts
to achieve it - I thank you a thousand times over!!! All of you continue to amaze
me (that's a good thing) beyond any dream I ever had about what we could
accomplish with MSAP!!

Thanks Again, Matt

   During the late summer of 2009 there were two separate law enforcement
   license/vehicle checks in North Carolina that targeted only motorcycles. Other
   vehicles were allowed through without being checked. These checks were in
   Newport, NC and Jacksonville, NC. Both of these are military towns. We believe
   that these roadblocks are not legal and that they are discriminatory due to profiling
   based upon mode of transportation. Contacts regarding this have been made to
   legislators, the law enforcement agencies involved, the Governor’s Highway Safety
   Program and other governmental officials by our organization and others. Law
   enforcement seems to think that these enforcement tactics are a great idea. We do
   not. We have started a fund to help combat these roadblocks in the future. The
   advice of a lawyer has been solicited. We hope that with the objections that have
   already been raised that law enforcement will find that continuing these roadblocks
   is just not worth it, but we want to be prepared if these actions continue. Here is
   where you can help. If you see or are subjected to a motorcycle only roadblock,
   note the location, the time of day, the law enforcement agencies involved, officers
   names, and any other information that you may think is pertinent. Take pictures or
   video if possible. Send us this information to ncroadblocks@gmail.com. You can
   also go to the CBA website for information on how to handle helmet tickets. Look
   under the helmet defense section. The website is www.cba-abatenc.org. If you
   would like to make a donation of any size to this action, please note that it is for the
   Roadblock Defense Fund. Checks should be made to CBA of NC and sent to CBA,
   225 Bevan Dr., Trinity, NC 27370. Thanks for any and all help that you can give
   on this matter.
                                PROTECT YOUR RIGHT
                                         TO RIDE
                                JOIN THE CBA TODAY!
PRODUCTS                             Nicole Smith
                       5263 Queens Creek Rd Hickory NC 28602
                               nickie630@ yahoo.com

Grey S/S Shirts         Black L/S Shirts          Black S/S Shirts     Back Patches
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                     May 2010
                     Contact: Jeff Hennie, Government Relations and Public Affairs

                     Bikers Inside the Beltway
                     Last week the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) held their second annual national
                    motorcycle lobby day known as the Michael “Boz” Kerr Bikers Inside the Beltway
                    event. This year, dedicated motorcyclists rode in from 13 different states to meet with
                    their entire Congressional delegations. In total, over 200 individual meetings were held
                    with Senators and Members of Congress. The MRF secured free parking at the base of
                    the US Capitol for the motorcyclists who attended. The group was addressed by staff
                    members from the US House of Representatives Motorcycle Safety Caucus.
                     Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), US House Motorcycle Safety Caucus
                    Chair, had this to say, “As motorcyclists, it is our job to help educate the American
                    public on the differences between motorcycles and other vehicles on the roads today. We
                    all know education is a key component of motorcycle safety. Advocacy is an important
                    part of spreading the message and educating others who may know very little about
                    motorcycles and what it is to ride. A crash avoided is the ultimate goal.”
                     Overall, the event was a tremendous success. Keep an eye out for details on next year’s
                    event and make plans to attend. Anyone who has attended will tell you about the
                    powerful impact this event has on Congress, and on the attendees themselves.
                     Thanks to everyone who rode out; you are the lifeblood of this event. Look forward to
                    next year’s Bikers Inside the Beltway, which promises to be even bigger and badder.


      ●   ●   ●
 Join MRF
  1905 W. Roosevelt Blvd.                    Mike Heafner
  Monroe NC                                    Sales
    704-2839467 – Fax 704-282-2035
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