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					The Local Area Agreement has been operating in Peterborough for over 5 year’s, but what
has it achieved to date? Below is an extract of the recent Greater Peterborough Partnership
performance report:

Creating Strong and Supportive Communities
Neighbourhood Management and Neighbourhood Councils continue to develop well, resulting
in real differences being made and local issues being resolved. Examples include the
Parnwell community achieving changes to the road works to incorporate access to the new
garden centre; Fellowes Gardens residents working with partners to develop an action plan to
address anti social behaviour; Walton Community Association and the local school
developing a new relationship that means they share each other’s facilities to provide
services for the community enabling the community centre to remain in the locality and the
opportunity for a youth club to be developed. The success in these examples is largely down
to a partnership between local residents and the Neighbourhood team.

•     Serious acquisitive crime levels drop 43% in 12 months;
•     Domestic violence work, has successfully led to a 13.5% drop in repeat cases;
•     Peterborough continues to lead within the East of England on building resilience to
      violent extremism

Creating the UK’s Environment Capital
Positive progress is being made towards launching the city’s Environment Capital ambition
this autumn. The Council and Opportunity Peterborough in partnership with IBM, Green
Ventures and Royal Haskoning received international acclaim for “The Peterborough Model”
which showcases our environmental performance on Google Earth. Performance against
LAA targets is mixed. In many instances, declining recycling performance and the fall in bus
passenger journeys are being experienced by the majority of local authorities and are due
partly to the impact of the recession.
•     Eco Innovation Centre achieved 100% occupancy
•     4 additional schools achieving the green flag ‘eco schools’ status
•     But…. Recycling and landfill targets have not been achieved

Creating opportunities, tackling inequalities
Performance remains mixed with strong areas of performance in supporting people to live
independently, but other areas remain off target. A review of actions and impacts is taking
place to identify where progress can be accelerated;
•     Reduction of Childhood obesity at reception age
•     Supporting older people and vulnerable adults to live independently
•     However, the Under 18’s conception rate has not improved and still our young people
      are getting pregnant
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                          National News
   Government pledges to make bureaucracy less onerous for small charities
The Government is committed to making it easier to run charities, voluntary groups and social
enterprises. Reducing bureaucratic burdens will free-up time and resources for these organi-
sations to make a difference in their communities and help mobilise the Big Society.

Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd, said, “This is a tough time for small civil society organisa-
tions and we want to make life easier for them. So I have asked for specific ideas on how we
can thin the thicket of bureaucracy and regulation that too often gets in the way. I see it very
simply. Every pound or hour we can save a small voluntary organisation is a pound or hour
that could be better spent."

Some of this work will include :
• HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs review of bureaucracy associated with Gift
• Home Office work on the criminal records and vetting and barring regime
   To find out more visit www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/newsroom/news_releases/2010

But not all bureaucracy is being cut …Contracts exacerbate regulatory burden
for small charity sector, says Navca

NAVCA has blamed the trend of replacing grants with contracts for increasing red tape for
small sector groups, in its submission to the BIS Task Force on cutting bureaucracy for the
small charity sector. This week, Navca has responded to the BIS Task Force on lightening the
regulatory burden for the small voluntary sector.
It lists the top five burdens that Navca members say hinder them, which includes disproportion-
ate reporting and disproportionate funding applications. The report blames contracts for exac-
erbating the problem of disproportionate reporting and funding applications, and says,
“Reversing the trend of replacing grants with contracts would reduce red tape.”
Duplicate reporting to the Charity Commission and Companies House is also listed as a bur-
den. Navca complains that the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which was meant
to be created to address this problem, is still not available for charities to adopt. Criminal Re-
cords Bureau checks were also criticised as one of the top burdens.

 Did you know…..
 The Office of the Third Sector has been replaced by the Office for Civil Society, taking re-
 sponsibility for charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations in the Cabinet Of-

 Many people were unhappy with the term ‘Third Sector’ but feel ‘Civil Society’ is still not a
 term they agree with. Voluntary and Community Sector is still widely accepted and does
 what it says on the tin!

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 Volunteering news
  PCVS Project News                                                         Page
                                                                          Page 3 3

Volunteer Managers Toolkit ….. Available now!
“The rollout of the Volunteer Managers Toolkit is still going strong with 47 organisations so
far, taking advantage of the toolkit and consultation. The target of 50 groups is within reach
but we will not stop when that figure is reached” said Mark Pickels, who works on the Capac-
itybuilders project.

GLADCA (Gladstone District Community Association) have
had use of the Toolkit and consultation and have produced
all the necessary documentation to aid recruitment and a
volunteer policy. Hasina at GLADCA said ‘The toolkit has
helped understanding and given more in-depth knowledge
of volunteer management, it has been very useful’.

Also there has been steady and growing interest in the
toolkit online with over 300 ‘hits’ on our website, if anyone
is downloading the Toolkit please remember that the ap-
pendix is available again from Mark Pickels.

There is still time to take advantage of the Toolkit and the
consultation time of Mark Pickels so please get in touch to arrange an appointment on
01733 311016 or email mark.pickels@pcvs.co.uk

Institute for Volunteering Research launches new evidence

The Institute for Volunteering Research, the research arm of Volunteer-
ing England, has today launched a new evidence bank for volunteering

This searchable database is free to use and accessible to everyone. It
is home to all publicly available Institute for Volunteering Research
(IVR) reports and publications produced since 1997. It also contains
articles from the Voluntary Action Journal published between 1998 and

Publications are available on a wide range of topics, from diversity to
employer supported volunteering to skills development in volunteering
– and much more. The database replaces previous research listings on
this website, bringing all of the infor-
mation together in one place.

The evidence bank currently contains
around 200 entries and will be updated
on an ongoing basis. The database
will eventually include research produced by external organisations, as
well as Institute for Volunteering Research’s own work.

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        Page 4                   Funding

                 Feeling the Squeeze!
                       The feared double dip recession

•       Have you experienced any cut or reduction in your current funding?

•       Are your services over subscribed?

•       Do you have enough staff and volunteers to cope?

•       Are you concerned about how you will cope from April 2011 onwards?
John, Sarah and Naomi at PCVS really want to hear from you about how you are handling
the pressures of the economic challenges we are all experiencing.

You may already have evidence of difficulties faced or be concerned about the future.

PCVS and the Peterborough Infrastructure Consortium will be collating your replies and
sending a report of the findings to local and national decision makers.

                                     Funding surgery in October 2010

                   The Tudor Trust will be attending the Funding Surgery on

                     Wednesday 6th October, at PCVS offices from 10.30am

                              Please contact Naomi or Sarah to book a place.

    Tudor is an independent grant-making trust which supports organisations working
    across the UK. They aim to support work which addresses the social, emotional and
    financial needs of people at the margins of our society, and are particularly interested
    in helping smaller, under-resourced organisations which offer direct services and
    which involve the people they work with in their planning.
    We recommend you visit their web site and check your eligibility before attending
                      Telephone 01733 342683 to book a place your place now!

    Reg. Charity No’ 299823
          Funding opportunities                                           Page 5

Winning the Contract

Winning the Contract is a free online public procurement course helping small organisations bid
for public sector contracts. The course is aimed at anyone responsible for business
development within their organisations. It takes place online and takes a maximum of four
hours, to be completed at the convenience of the delegate. Once registered, delegates have
six months to complete the course. For more information, please visit http://www1.learndirect-

Funding opportunity for social enterprises
In 2009, the Arthur Guinness Fund became active with an initial donation from Guinness & Co.
of £6million, to be distributed as grants by 2012. The Arthur Guinness Fund is an independent
investment vehicle created to further the legacy of Arthur Guinness by supporting social
entrepreneurs around the world. According to the Guinness website, "the fund is committed to
identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs globally with the skills and resources required
to deliver measureable, transformational change to communities around the world."
So far, the fund has awarded grants to projects in West Africa, Ireland, the United States,
Indonesia, and Great Britain.

The application process for this year's grants begins on September 28th. Do you have a social
enterprise in need of grant money? If so, visit the Arthur Guinness Fund website to apply

Unlimited Advantage
Are you a social entrepreneur looking for investment?

The UnLtd Advantage investment readiness programme aims to help social entrepreneurs to
prepare for, and find, investment. They support the best social entrepreneurs across the UK
who are working on breakthrough ideas that are ready to scale up. The programme provides
intensive support to increase your success and save you time. UnLtd Advantage is part
of UnLtd – the foundation for social entrepreneurs. UnLtd aim to de-mystify the world of
investment so you can find the right finance to grow your social business.
To apply for the UnLtd Advantage programme, please send them an Initial Enquiry.

The Allen Lane Foundation
Do you work with the following groups:

Asylum-seekers and refugees (but not groups working with a single nationality); Gay, lesbian,
 bi-sexual or transgender people; Gypsies and Travellers; Migrant workers; Offenders and ex-
 offenders; Older people; People experiencing mental health problems; People experiencing
 violence or abuse.
The Allen Lane Foundation makes grants for up to three years, with a value of £500-£15,000 in
total. Funding is focused on a number of specific beneficiary groups and grants are made
across the UK. Please visit their web site and carefully read the guidelines for more details of
the criteria how to apply, www.allenlane.org.uk.

 Reg. Charity No’ 299823
       Page 6

What is infrastructure?
As part of the Office of the Civil Society’s consultation process they will be circulating a document
in the Autumn of 2010 to ask the voluntary and community sector how they have been supported
by the work of Infrastructure organisations such as PCVS or Consortiums. For many groups this
use of ‘jargon’ doesn't mean much, so how do you benefit from infrastructure:

Do you attend one of the 7 specialist networks set up in the city?

Have you attended one of the Voluntary Sector Business School courses?

Do you have salaries or year end Independent Account checks completed by PCVS?

Do you receive a copy of MEMO?

If so these a just a small example of the many areas of infrastructure support available.
Infrastructure work usually happens ‘behind the scenes’ but benefits all.

                                              Specialist networks Updates
                              Advice network—We are seeking to refocus and re-launch the
                              network. Peterborough CAB have formed a small steering group with
                              New Link and Independent Age to pool ideas on the way forward.
                              A mapping exercise has been undertaken to highlight groups in
                              Peterborough who indicate that they provide advice or information; it
                              is clear from this exercise that the majority of the groups highlighted
                              are small and are likely to be groups which may also interact with
                              one or more of the other specialist networks.
                                The steering group does not want to duplicate what other networks
are providing and has agreed to pursue a virtual network concept and respond to needs highlighted
by advice giving groups. The network will now produce a regular ‘Advice Hub’ newsletter on issues
of interest and are seeking views from advice providers on what else they need. Possible future
deliverables include specific training events, network meetings with guest speakers and a bespoke
Advice Hub web site.
Any groups wanting further information about the hub or have ideas for activities or events please
contact Phil Dobbs at Peterborough CAB; tel. 01733 887923 or email

                              Volunteering network—is planning an event in late Autumn to
                              discuss the impact of the Big Society on volunteering. They are
                              hoping to have a guest speaker from the Office of Civil Society and
                              Compact Voice. For more information please contact Annette
                              Atkinson by email annette.atkinson@pcvs.co.uk or 01733 311016.

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                                                                          Page 7

                     Encouraging Creativity In Peterborough

Beat This, which was setup in April 2009 is a not-for-profit music service that deliver creative,
hands-on workshops to children, young people and people with disabilities. Since then the
organisation have become members of PCVS and have received help with accounting, funding
and recruiting volunteers. They are currently working in schools, youth centres and other
community settings across Peterborough and with organisations such as NACRO, Connexions,
The Phoenix School and the Peterborough Youth Service.
In February this year Beat This managed to secure their own funding so that they could acquire
an office/studio premises in order for them to have a base to work from and workshop space so
that people can come to them.
“In March we were awarded our status as a Community Interest Company;
so we’re one of the very few C.I.C’s currently operating in Peterborough”
                                                                          Lee Ashton - Beat This
Beat This are currently going for more funding so that they can reach out to youth centres in the
Fenland district and provide music and creative arts workshops to them for FREE. They are
also looking for young volunteers and potential music practitioners to join the team; they will be
able to learn new skills in music technology, recording, graphic design and web design and
even work up to leading their own workshop.
 For more information on the creative workshops and how to get involved, please pop in to see
                                             them at:
      Beat This C.I.C, Unit 2 The Courtyard, 27 Norfolk Street, Peterborough, PE1 2NP

                                        Comic Relief
Comic Relief continues to seek applications for its current programme and is keen to support
projects in the East of England. Funding programmes cover Young People, Older people, Sexu-
ally Exploited Young People, Local Communities, Domestic and Sexual Abuse, Mental Health
and Refugee and Asylum Seeking Women.

For more details please visit ukapplication@comicrelief.com

The next funding round opens on 11 October 2010 and the deadline for submitting your applica-
tion for this cycle is 7 January 2011.

To discuss possible applications please contact: Nors Jackson, Comic Relief, East of England
Adviser on 01206 323 822 or email nors.jackson@dial.pipex.com

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                            Job Vacancies

                        FRIENDS OF PETERBOROUGH PRISON
                              (Based HMP Peterborough)
                            15 hours /week (3-4 afternoons)
                               Salary £7,215 per annum
Friends of Peterborough Prison is a local organisation providing support to the friends
and families of prisoners by undertaking appropriate activities for their benefit.
A vacancy has arisen for a volunteer coordinator who will be responsible for developing
the scheme locally and for recruiting, training, supervising and supporting a team of
volunteers. The coordinator will also need to liaise closely with HMP Peterborough and
local voluntary organisations.
Experience of working within a community environment is desirable for this Post.
The hours of work are 15 flexible afternoon hours a week.
Occasional evenings are required
Criminal Record Disclosure (Enhanced level) will be required.
To receive an application pack or for an informal discussion contact:-
The Friends Office Tel 01733 217500 Ext 7176 or Hilary Keegan Tel 01733 265769
Email PBFriends@kalyxservices.com
(We do not accept CV’s)
Closing Date 29/10/2010 (Interview date 08/11/2010 afternoon)
Friends of Peterborough Prison is committed to equality of opportunity and diversity

  Reg. Charity No’ 299823
        PCVS Project News                                                Page 9

                              The charity for your community
                              LSC Welfare Rights Worker
                              Salary: £16,162 p.a. Hours: 28 per week

We are looking for an experienced welfare rights worker to join our LSC team

to ensure the delivery of quality specialist legal advice services to local people.

You will need to be a good communicator, enthusiastic and adaptable, with experience
of managing your own caseload and hitting targets.

You will have:

•   Proven welfare rights skills.

•   Current relevant experience of advice work.

•   A high level of communication skills.

•   A commitment to the aims and principles of the Citizens Advice service.

Visit www.peterboroughcab.org.uk to download an application pack

(CVs are not accepted)

Closing date: 5th October 2010.

Interview date: 12th October 2010.

We are committed to working towards equal opportunities

for all groups subject to discrimination

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                            Local News

Quakers in Peterborough have arranged special public events to
mark the forthcoming national Quaker Week. ‘Making Peace’, celebrating
almost 350 years of Quaker commitment to non-violence will begin with a
meditation on peace on Thursday morning, September 30th. It will be
followed by the launch of an exhibition on Saturday October 2nd which
features displays on the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, including British
and American Quaker organisations that won the Prize in 1946.
Present day Quaker efforts to bring about peace and security in the world will also be
represented in the exhibition. Recognising that it is people who make peace there will be
personal reflections on peace together with an account of how people associated with
Peterborough Quakers have made their own contribution to peace and humanitarian aid. This
includes a winner, in their own right, of the Nobel Peace Prize.

On October 12th, the professional Quaker Theatre Company is returning to Peterborough with
the ‘The Word’ a play by Kaj Munk. He was a Danish Lutheran Pastor murdered after he
denounced the Nazi invasion of his homeland. Although written in the 1930s, ‘The Word’ is
brought up to date and explores the contemporary issue of faith versus reason. In our rational,
logical world how will we cope with faith when it becomes central to our lives and families?

‘These issues of peace and of reasonable faith are central to Quakerism and we think they are
also concerns for many others - whether they have a faith or not. This is why we are offering
them locally as our contribution to Quaker week’’, says Clerk to the Peterborough Quakers,
Daphne Lynas.

All of the events take place in the Quaker Meeting House, 21 Thorpe Road, Crescent Bridge,
Peterborough PE3 6AB. Members of the public are invited to all events.
The opening of the exhibition will be at 2.00 p.m. on Saturday 2nd October. Further openings will
be Sundays 3rd and 10th October 1.00 p.m. to 5 p.m. Friday 8 October 10.00a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Visitors are invited to use our Quiet Garden for personal reflection and refreshments will be
Alongside the exhibition on Friday 8 October there will be a sale of goods in aid of the Quiet
Garden at the Meeting House from 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

The performance of the play ‘The Word’ on October 12th will commence at 7.30 p.m. The
content of the play makes it unsuitable for those under 16. Tickets are available from 01778
344049 or on the door and cost £5.

‘Quakers’ is the popular name for The Religious Society of Friends. It was founded in England in
the 1650s and is noted for its peace testimony and attempts at peace making since 1660s.
There has been a Quaker Meeting in Peterborough since the beginning of the last century but it
really became established in the 1930s when the Baker Perkins company came to
Peterborough. The controlling family in the company, the Bakers, had been Quakers since the
earliest days of the religion.

Further information from: Mick Langford on (01733) 262137 or Chris Rowell on 01778 344049

  Reg. Charity No’ 299823
        PCVS Project News                                                 Page 11


                                                        Volunteering Cambridgeshire &
                                                        Peterborough’ are very pleased to
                                                        announce that the six partnership
                                                        Volunteer Centres have all just gained
                                                        accreditation with Volunteering
                                                        England. This means that they had to
                                                        pass the high quality standards set to
                                                        gain this status and will be valid for
                                                        three years.

                                                          The six volunteer centres in Cambridge,
                                                          Ely, Fenland, Huntingdonshire,
                                                          Peterborough and Royston form the
                                                          partnership of ‘Volunteering
                                                          Cambridgeshire & Peterborough’ and
                                                          work together to provide a quality
service for all volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations across the county. Please visit
www.volunteeringcambsandpboro.org.uk for more information.
                                                                                  The main carers’
 Pictured back left to right:- Annette Houghton (Manager Fenland), Annette Atkinson (Manager
                                                                                  benefit – Carers
Peterborough), Avril Hayter-Smith (Manager Ely), Penny Shaw (Manager Huntingdonshire),
Denise Graham (Manager Royston and VC&P Chair).                                     Allowance - is
                                                                                      £50.55 for a
Front left:- Stephanie Matthews (Manager Cambridge) and Louise Walker (County Development
                                                                                   minimum of 35
Officer).                                                                               hours,
                                                                                     equivalent to
                                                                                    £1.34 per hour

                                                  As many of you may be aware the
                                                  Peterborough Compact has recently been
                                                  reviewed and a new document has been
                                                  produced. This document has been
                                                  circulated for comments during a 12 week
                                                  consultation period up to 31st August.
    The new Compact agreement is now ready to be approved by the leaders of the city in
    October at the Greater Peterborough Partnership Executive Board meeting. This is
    exciting news and the new document once approved will be launched during National
    Compact Week 1—7 November.
    To find out more please contact Leonie McCarthy at Peterborough City Council or
    speak to Naomi or Sarah at PCVS.

    Reg. Charity No’ 299823
 Meet the PCVS Team!

      Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service is dedicated to supporting voluntary and
                               community sector organisations.

      If you feel we could do this better in any way or you want to make a complaint, then
                      please get in touch is using the contact details below:

                           Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service
                                        3 Lincoln Court
                                         Lincoln Road
                                            PE1 2RP
                                      Tel: 01733 342683
                                    Email: pcvs@pcvs.co.uk
                                     Web: www.pcvs.co.uk

              John Cunningham                                   Sarah Fletcher

               General Secretary                          Assistant General Secretary

        John.cunningham@pcvs.co.uk                        Sarah.fletcher@pcvs.co.uk

                  Naomi Jones                                      Gill Flack

            LAA Involvement Officer                             Admin Support

           Naomi.jones@pcvs.co.uk                          Gillian.flack@pcvs.co.uk

    Lorraine White and Mary Haddon                                Ben Turner

                    Reception                                Centre Administrator

             reception@pcvs.co.uk                              pcvs@pcvs.co.uk

 As you may or may not know, Nicola Fenton has now left PCVS to pursue her dream of
working with plants instead of human beings; yes she training to be a herbal therapist. Her
replacement is that of Ben Turner. Ben currently also works in the third sector and will be
  taking over the role of Centre Administrator, so feel free to ask him lots of impossible
                           questions to make him feel at home!

            The deadline for our next edition of Memo is
                           FRIDAY 15th OCTOBER
       If you would like to include anything please email
Reg. Charity No’ 299823

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