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Frank A


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									                                 Frank Anthony Goehringer
                         5420 Laguna Park Drive, Elk Grove, CA 95758
                          (916) 996-1877 frank.goehringer@live.com

 OBJECTIVE:        I am applying for the position of FOS-Group Quarters Supervisor.
(Recruiting Bulletin # 10-2713-FOS(GQS)-42

EDUCATION:       B.S. Business Administration / Economics; Saint Mary’s College, Moraga, CA


US Census Bureau, Office Clerk/Supply Room, (Reference Lisa Leung AMA 2713)
       Receive, Ship, Order, Log, and Inventory Office Equipment, Forms and Supplies
       Set up and organized supply room; Maintain D-616 binder
       Prepare inventory reports, initial, weekly, monthly, and quarterly
       Trained on DAPPS and assist LCOM, AMA, AMR, AMT, AMQA, and AMFO

US Census Bureau, Crew Leader, GQV (Reference Michal Dutcher GQS 2728)
       Trained and Supervised 18 Listers and a Crew Leader Assistant
       Completed GQV, 2713 CLD 0113 (102 AA’s, 687 Cases 25% ahead of schedule)
       Completed assignment under budget with 3 reinterviews (.0043%)

US Census Bureau, Crew Leader, Address Canvassing (Reference Roland Bryant FOS 2713)
       Trained and Supervised 19 Listers and Crew Leader Assistant
       Completed AdCan, 2713 CLD, 0308 (157 AA’s, 42,000 50% ahead of schedule)
       Completed assignment under budget with 1 QC Failure (.0063%)

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Account Executive (16yrs combined with Wells Fargo)
        Managed 60 mortgage broker relationships with 200 loan agents
        Trained and marketed products to approved brokers in SF Bay Area
        Funded 75-100 loans per month

Wells Fargo Bank, Credit Officer, Mortgage Processing Center
        Reviewed, evaluated and recommended / approved loan requests
        Ranked top 10 in California for Volume, Turnaround Time, Quality Control and
            Customer Service

Wells Fargo Bank, Supervisor, Mortgage Processing Center
        Supervised 15 subordinates; Customer Service, Title/Appraisal, and Mailroom Depts.
        Automated operations: Increase production 300% & Reduce expenses 50%
        Manage vendor relationships: $500 million w/15 Title companies & 500 Appraisers

United Title Company, California IS & Facilities Manager
         Managed tech support staff of 15 subordinates
         Managed PacBell WAN of 60 branches, 600 employees & 4 data centers
         Responsible for Y2K compliance & upgrading MS-Dos & Novell to NT OS
         Opened 20 branches in 18 months

California Army National Guard; 20 years
          CI Agent, Military Police Officer, Unit Clerk, and 3 PSG (Platoon Sergeant)

                              Bob Lindsey (Stockton LCOM 2728)
                             Jon Zwanziger (Elk Grove LCOM 2713)

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