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					WSEAS/CIEO International Conference


               PROBLEMS (CGB '10)

                NATURAL HAZARDS (NAHA '10)


                  (MACMESE '10)

                  (DNCOCO '10)

             SENSORS and SIGNALS (SENSIG '10)


           Faro, Algarve, Portugal, November 3-5, 2010

        Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

8:30-10:00 REGISTRATION: CIEO, Faculty of Economics, Campus de Gambelas,
                  Building 9, University of Algarve, Faro

  9:00-9:30 OPENING CEREMONY: Red Amphitheatre Faculty of Economics

                   Opening Ceremony Speakers:

 Efigénio Rebelo, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Algarve
   Teresa Noronha Vaz, Director of the Research Centre for Spatial and
                    Organizational Dynamics (CIEO)
               Thomas Panagopoulos, CIEO Vice-Director
                        WSEAS Representative

                         11:00-11:30 Coffee-Break
                         16:00-16:30 Coffee-Break
      3/11, 9:30-10:15, Faculty of Economics, Red Amphitheatre, Building 9

                          Creating Disaster Resiliency in Tropical Storm Regions:
                          Re-Building for Flood Resilient and Sustainable Coastal
                          Louisiana Communities and the Mexican Gulf Coast
                          by Prof. Bruce G. Sharky, Louisiana State University, USA.

      Plenary Lecture 1 on CLIMATE CHANGES, GLOBAL WARMING,
                         BIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS
                  10:15-11:00 Red Amphitheatre FE, Building 9

                          Contribution of Portuguese Agriculture to the Climate
                          Change and Adaptation Strategies for the Sector
                          by Mrs. Corina Carranca, INRB, PORTUGAL.

                            11:00-11:30 Coffee-Break

             3/11, Faculty of Economics, Red Amphitheatre 11:30-13:30
Session: Climate changes and biological problems
Chair: Corina Carranca
Climate Change in the XXIst Century: Mechanisms Igor Khmelinskii and Peter        638-191
and Predictions                                   Stallinga
Landscape science and global environmental change Olav Slaymaker                  638-097
Formation of Agreements on Climate Change: The Michael Finus, Pedro               638-540
Impact of Uncertainty                             Pintassilgo
Technology for Decision Support during Biological Tereza Otcenaskova,             638-421
Incidents Responses                               Vladimir Bures, Pavel
                                                  Cech, Karel Antos
Vegetation Changes in the Pine Forests of the     Inga Straupe, Vija Kreile       638-309
Nature Park Tervete, Latvia
The Effect of PAM (Polyacrilamid) on Wind Blown Jiftah Ben-Asher, Arthur          638-526
Sand Abrasion Injury and Production of Vegetables Genis, Leonid Vulfson

                                 Break for lunch
     14:30-15:15 Red Amphitheatre FE, Building 9, Chair Prof. Bruce G. Sharky

                            Effects of Global Climate Change on Development and
                            Growth of Crops
                            by Prof. Jose Paulo de Melo-Abreu, Technical University
                            of Lisbon, PORTUGAL.

     15:15-16:00 Red Amphitheatre FE, Building 9, Chair Prof. Bruce G. Sharky

                            Economic Viability of Passive Houses and Low-Energy
                            by Assist. Prof. Amaryllis Audenaert, Artesis University
                            College of Antwerp, BELGIUM.

                              16:00-16:30 Coffee-Break

             3/11, Faculty of Economics, Red Amphitheatre 16:30-18:10
Session: Rehabilitation and sustainable development
Chair: Amaryllis Audenaert, Bruce G. Sharky
The Flat and the Knurled Space in the               Maria Bostenaru Dan           638-325
Reconstruction of Cities
Linear Infrastructures in Complex Landscapes: The Elena Berte, Thomas             638-356
Case of A22 Highway, Portugal                       Panagopoulos
The Urban-Rural Interface and the Natural Risk        Susana Freiria, Alexandre   638-330
Management                                            O. Tavares
Residential Interior Occupant Health Criteria in      Morna Hallsaxton, Jon       638-296
West Michigan                                         Burley
Learning by Experience: Using Case Study              Luis Loures, Jose Nunes,    638-547
Research towards the Definition of a Postindustrial   Thomas Panagopoulos
Redevelopment Approach
                       in SCIENCE and ENGINEERING
              3/11, 10:00-10:30 Green Amphitheatre FCT, Building 8

                          Normal Forms Theory with Applications to the Non-linear
                          Oscillations in Mechanics
                          by Prof. Nicolae-Doru Stanescu, University of Pitesti,

                      in SCIENCE and ENGINEERING
             3/11, 10:30-11:00 Green Amphitheatre FCT, Building 8

                          Some Mathematical and Computational Methods in Solid
                          by Prof. Tamaz S. Vashakmadze, Javakhishvili Tbilisi State
                          University, GEORGIA.

                            11:00-11:30 Coffee-Break

                     3/11, FCT Green Amphitheatre 11:30-13:10
Session: Computational methods in engineering
Chair: Maria Bostenaru Dan
Measurement of Ultrasound Attenuation for Normal Maheza Irna Mohamad           638-352
and Pathological Mice Breast Tissue using 10MHz Salim, M. Azizi Tumiran,
Ultrasound wave                                  Siti Nor Zawani Ahmmad,
                                                 I. Ariffin, Abdul H. Ahmad,
                                                 B. Rosidi, Eko Supriyanto
Application of Hadamard's Variation to Numerical Nuha L. Othman, Takashi       638-245
Solutions of a Free Boundary Problem             Suzuki, Takuya Tsuchiya
Minimax Robust RHC Method for Two Mobile         Tohru Kawabe                  638-190
Robots Cooperative Carrying Task Problem
Software Guide Suggestion to Assist Clinical     Maria-Elena Cocuz,            638-315
Medical Diagnosis in Human Trichinellosis in     Codruta Nemet, Mihaela
Primary Care                                     Idomir, Roxana Miclaus
Model Based Predictive Control for a Class of    Siller-Alcala, A. Ferreyra-   638-396
Maximum Phase Nonlinear SISO Systems             Ramirez, R. Alcantara-
                                                 Ramirez, J. Jaimes-Ponce
                    3/11, FCT Green Amphitheatre 14:20-16:00
Session: Computational methods in science
Chair: Jose Beltrao
A General End-Point Detection Algorithm for    D. Della Giustina, M.           638-329
Cardiac Sounds                                 Fanfulla, M. Malcangi, F.
                                               Belloni, M. Riva
Dynamics of Automatic Weapon Mounted on the    Jiri Balla, Marek Havlicek,     638-251
Tripod                                         Ludek Jedlicka, Zbynek
                                               Krist, Frantisek Racek
Euclidian Edge Length and Topology of Networks Nobutoshi Ikeda                 638-221
Generated by Random Transports on One-
Dimensional Lattice
Recommendation of Environmental and Industrial Sylvia Encheva                  638-213
Method and Program for Automatic Calculation   Vasile Alexa, Sorin Ratiu,      638-398
Forces and Momentum to Asymmetric Longitudinal Gabriel Nicolae Popa

                            16:00-16:30 Coffee-Break

                     3/11, FCT Green Amphitheatre 16:30-18:50
Session: Mathematical and computational methods
Chair: Maria de Belem Martins
Normal Forms Theory with Applications to the    Nicolae–Doru Stanescu          638-278
Non-Linear Oscillations in Mechanics
Accelerating the Local Search Algorithm for the Jiri Skala, Ivana Kolingerov   638-214
Facility Location
Faculty Evaluation using Multicriteria Value    C.A. Bana E. Costa, Paulo      638-394
Measurement                                     Martins, M.D. Oliveira, A.
                                                Sernadas, C.A. Mota Soares
A New Digital Stethoscope with Environmental    F. Belloni, D. D. Giustina,    638-326
Noise Cancellation                              M. Riva, M. Malcangi
A Mathematical Model for the Fire-extinguishing Cristina Mihailescu            638-402
Rocket Flight in a Turbulent Atmosphere
Six Sigma Methodology with Fraud Detection       Andrej Trnka             638-560
Lava Flows Impact Prediction at Mount Etna by    V. Lupiano, Rocco Rongo, 638-409
Cellular Automata                                M.V. Avolio, W. Spataro
Plenary Lecture 1 on MATERIALS SCIENCE
                3/11, Faculty of Economics Room 3B 13:00-13:30

                          Principle of Polysaccharide Gels
                          by Prof. Masakuni Tako, University of the Ryukyus,

                   3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3B 13:30-16:10
Session: Materials Science
Chair: Dagmar Merinska
Barrier Properties of Filled High-Impact            Zuzana Dujkova, Dagmar 638-195
Polystyrene                                         Merinska, Miroslav Slouf,
                                                    David Pistek
Shape and Size of Filler vs. Mechanical Properties Dagmar Merinska, Zuzana 638-184
and Flammability of Polystyrene Nanocomposites Dujkova, Hana Kubisova, P.
                                                    Svoboda, Miroslav Slouf
The Optical Properties of Magnesium Oxide           Vera Skvortsova, Laima     638-521
Containing Transition Metal Ions and Defects        Trinkler
Produced by Fast Neutron Irradiation
Preparation of (Ethylene-Methacrylic Acid)          P. Zadrapa, J. Zykova, E.  638-252
Copolymer/Vermiculite Composites                    Tripska, J. Malac, L.
Structural Characterization by HRXRD and Raman A. Mendez-Lopez, J. Diaz- 638-297
Scattering of AlxGa1-xSb/GaSb Heterostructure       Reyes, J. Martinez-Juarez,
                                                    M. Galvan-Arellano
Secondary Powder Materials – Raw Material           Mirela Sohaciu, Cristian   638-206
Alternative for Steel Making in EAF                 Predescu, Avram Nicolae,
                                                    Daniela Nagy
Characterization of a multilayer GaAs/AlGaAs        Ugur Serincan, Bulent      638-368
broadband quantum well infrared photodetectors      Aslan, Burcu Arpapay,
                                                    Tugce Karakulak,Bulent
                                                    Arýkan, Hulya Kuru
Effect of deposition temperature on the crystalline Seval AKSOY, Yasemin       638-363
structure and surface morphology of ZnO films       CAGLAR, Saliha ILICAN,
deposited on p-Si                                   Mujdat CAGLAR

                            Coffee Break 16:00 – 16:30
                  3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3B 16:30-19:10
Special Session: Materials Science II
Chair: Prof. Masakuni Tako, J. Diaz-Reyes
Improved Impact-Echo Approach for Non-             R. Zhang, L. D. Olson, A.      638-386
Destructive Testing and Evaluation                 Seibi, A. Helal, A. Khalil,
                                                   M. Rahim
Structural and Optical Characterization of ZnO     J. Diaz-Reyes, J. Martinez-    638-295
Layers Grown by Chemical Bath Deposition           Juarez, R. Galeazzi, G.
Activated by Means Microwaves                      Juarez-Diaz, M. Galvan-
                                                   Arellano, P. Rodriguez-
                                                   Fragoso, E. Lopez-Cruz
Optical and Structural Properties of WO3 as a      J. Diaz-Reyes,J. E. Flores-    638-294
Function of the Annealing Temperature              Mena, J. M. Gutierrez-
                                                   Arias, M. M. Morin-
                                                   Castillo, H. Azucena-
                                                   Coyotecatl, M. Galvan, P.
                                                   Rodriguez-Fragoso, A.
Optical and Structural Properties of GaAs Highly   J. Diaz-Reyes, J. E. Flores-   638-293
Doped with Carbon                                  Mena, J. M. Gutierrez-
                                                   Arias, M. M. Morin-
                                                   Castillo, H. Azucena-
                                                   Coyotecatl , P. R. Fragoso
The Influence of Transient Strain Rate Deformation H. Arabshahi, M. Ghorji        638-331
on the Microstructure of AA2024 Aluminum Alloy
in the Low Temperature Range
Influence of Kaolinite Modification on the PVC     Jitka Zykova, Alena            638-197
Composites Properties                              Kalendova, V. Matejka, Petr
                                                   Zadrapa, Jiri Malac
The Mechanical and Optical Properties of the PVB D. Pistek, D. Merinska, Z.       638-196
Nanocomposites with Modified Nanofiller            Dujkova, M. Tupy
Nanostructuration of black nickel low cost solar   Ricardo luiz perez             638-124
absorbing electrodeposited on c81100 high          Teixeira,Renata antoun
conductive copper                                  Simão,Bruno
                                                   Coelho,A. Oliveira
Plenary Lecture 1 on SENSORS and SIGNALS
                3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3C 10:00-10:30

                           Collaborative Sensors Data Processing and Environment
                           Information Infrastructure as Means to Support
                           Autonomous Actions of Service Robots
                           by Prof. Vitaliy Rybak, Tecnological University of the
                           Mixteca, MEXICO.

Plenary Lecture 2 on SENSORS and SIGNALS
                3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3C 10:30-11:00
                         Novel Fluorescence Methods for Biotechnological and
                         Biomedical Sensoring: Assessing Antioxidants, Reactive
                         Radicals, Superoxide and NO Dynamics, Immunoassay and
                         Biomembranes Fluidity
                         by Prof. Gertz I. Likhtenshtein, Ben-Gurion University of
                         the Negev, ISRAEL.

                   3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3C 11:30-13:30
Chair: Vitaliy Rybak
Adequacy of Identification of Controlled              George Popov, Tasho         638-096
Phenomena in Alarm Systems                            Tashev, Vanya Ivanova
Increasing Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks       Dragos Mihai Ofrim, B.A.    638-250
using Adaptive Scheduling Technique                   Ofrim, Dragos Ioan
                                                      Sacaleanu, Rodica Stoian
The TDOA system topology optimization from            Jiri Vesely, Petr Hubacek   638-243
signal source position error estimation point of view
Investigation of Optical Correlation Based Velocity H. Luo, U. Ricklefs           638-360
An Experimental Comparison of Source Location G. S. Tangil, E. Palomar, B.        638-255
Privacy Methods for Power Optimization in WSNs Ramos, A. Ribagorda
Analysis of Non-ideal Effects of Pipelined ADC by Vilem Kledrowetz, Jiri          638-264
Using MATLAB-Simulink                             Haze
                   3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3C 14:00-16:20
Chair: Prof. Gertz I. Likhtenshtein
Novel Fluorescence Sensing of Molecules of          Gertz I. Likhtenshtein      638-130
Biomedical Importance and Biomembranes Fluidity
Motion Sickness Assessment with Bio-Signal          Yongsoo Song, Suk-Moon      638-357
Indices on Korean Train                             O, Yongkyu Kim
Development of Odor Recorder for Practical Odor Pakpum Somboon,                 638-276
Recording Application                               Takamichi Nakamoto
Design and Fabrication of an Intelligent Irrigation A. Algeeb, A. Albagul, A.   638-349
Control System                                      Asseni, O. Khalifa, O.S.
Evaluation of Implicit Contextual Memory with       Andreea Catalina Enache     638-397
EEG Methods
Measurement of CO2 Using Refractometric Fiber      C. Gouveia, A. Markovics, 638-410
Optic Sensors                                      J. M. Baptista, B. Kovacs,
                                                   P. A. S. Jorge

                  3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3C 16:30-18:00
Special Session: Optical Sensors
Chair: Orlando Frazão
Photonic Crystal Fibres for Sensing Applications Orlando Frazao                 638-336
Fiber-Optical High-Resolution Esophagus          Martin Becker, Manfred         638-200
Manometry Based on Drawing-Tower Fiber Bragg Rothhardt, Kerstin
Gratings                                         Schroder, Hartmut Bartelt,
                                                 Sebastian Voigt, Andreas
                                                 Teubner, Thomas Lupke,
                                                 Christoph Thieroff
Fiber Lasers for Optical Sensing Applications    Rosa Ana Perez-Herrera,        638-350
                                                 Manuel Lopez-Amo Sainz
Electrical Dynamic Interrogation System for Long J. P. Carvalho, L. Coelho,     638-400
Period Gratings                                  O. Frazao, J. L. Santos
Fiber Optic Refractometric Configurations for    Pedro A. S. Jorge              638-523
Environmental Sensing
Wireless Communicated Smart Wind Sensor          Zdenek Bohuslavek              638-320
                 3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3A 9:30-10:00

                          How to Model Software Generator for Information System
                          in Order to Support Normative Organizational Activities
                          by Prof. Dzenana Donko, BOSNIA AND

                  3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3A 10:00-11:00
Chair: Dzenana Donko
Frameworks for Model-Driven Development of      V. Okanovic, Dzenana        638-267
Web Applications                                Donko, Tadej Mateljan
Specific Modeling of the Business Processes     Dzenana Donko, S. Sabeta    638-266
Using Social Network Services as an Input for a Teo Eterovic, Benjamin      638-319
Trust Clustered - Collaborative Filtering       Kapetanovic, Dzenana
Recommendation System                           Donko

                             11:00-11:30 Coffee-Break

                   3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3A 11:30-13:00
Chair: Petr Tucnik, Dimo Boyadzhiev
Multicriterial Decision Making in Multiagent     Petr Tucnik                638-359
Systems – Limitations and Advantages of State
Representation of Behavior
A New Approach in Fractal Image Compression      Elham Afarandeh, Mahdi     638-272
Based on Honey Bee Mating Optimization and       Yaghoobi
Initial Testing and Assessment of the First      Dimo Boyadzhiev            638-406
Share.TEC Repository System
On the Dynamic Decode-and-Forward Relay          Stefan Maagh, Mohammad 638-204
Listen-Transmit Decision Rule in Intersymbol     Y. Sharif, A. E. A. Almaini
Interference Channels
                  3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3A 14:00-16:00
Chair: Silvia Fernandes
User Acceptance of the Microsoft Ribbon User    Martin Dostal                    638-427
Communication Security for SCADA in Smart Grid Rosslin John Robles, Tai-         638-212
Environment                                     Hoon Kim
Comparison of Digital Libraries Systems         Michal Kokorceny, Agata          638-285
A Gradual Data Acquisition Replacement Strategy Ramon Montellano-Garcia,         638-218
for the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant        Ilse Leal-Aulenbacher,
                                                Hector M. Bernal
Information Systems in Healthcare: Potential of Silvia Fernandes, Vitor          638-529
Mobile Systems. The Case of INEM                Vieira

                   3/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3A 16:30-18:00
Chair: Inga Straupe
Gender Influence in Perception and Adoption of e- Jorge Arenas-Gaitan, F. J.R.   638-205
Learning Platforms                                  Cataluna, P.E. R. Correa
Building robust web-based systems by managing       Sharil Tumin, Sylvia         638-271
exceptions through logging, reporting and analysis Encheva
Categorization of Semantic Web Applications – The Lidia Rovan, Tomislav          638-273
Basis for Defining Semantic Web Application         Jagust, Mirta Baranovic
Development Process
Isolation Solution for Insecure Information Systems M.Balitanas, Tai-Hoon Kim    638-265
               Thursday, November 4th 2010
                      in SCIENCE and ENGINEERING
                 9:00-9:30 Green Amphitheatre FCT, Building 8

                         Ethics, Mathematical Methods, Informatics Pattern,
                         by Prof. Liliana Rogozea, University Transilvania of
                         Brasov, ROMANIA.

                      4/11, FCT Green Amphitheatre 9:30-11:10
Session: Mathematical methods
Chair: Tsuyoshi Takayama
Waiting/Cruising Location Recommendation Based Tsuyoshi Takayama, Kenji         638-354
on Mining on Occupied Taxi Data                 Matsumoto, Ayaka
                                                Kumagai, Nobuyoshi Sato,
                                                Yoshitoshi Murata
Computational methods used for information      Angela Repanovici, Liliana      638-292
technology impact in scientometric studies for  Rogozea, Gabriela Ratulea
scientific production
Analysis of Dental Implants Behaviour in        Mihaela Baritz, Diana           638-284
Mobilizing Prosthesis                           Cotoros, Luciana Cristea
Store-Level Latent Segmentation Models: A Case G. Trindade, M. Magalhaes        638-208
Study                                           Hill, Jose G. Dias
Application of Generative Algorithms in         Stavric Milena, Marina          638-328
Architectural Design                            Ognen

                            11:00-11:30 Coffee-Break
                     4/11, FCT Green Amphitheatre 11:30-13:30
Session: Computational methods in engineering
Chair: Stavric Milena
Statistical Methods used in Measuring Impact of    Luciana Cristea, Angela        638-290
Copyright Ownership Author Behaviour Regarding Repanovici, Carmen
Open Access                                        Gheorghe
Computational Methods Used in the Study of         Gabriela Sechel, Andreea       638-289
Border Breast Lesions Diagnosed by                 Fleancu, Liliana Rogozea,
Mammography and Ultrasound                         Dana Sorina Alexandrescu
Portfolio Decision Analysis with PROBE:            J.C. Lourenco, Carlos A. B.    638-518
Addressing Costs of not Financing Projects         Costa, Joao Oliveira Soares
Stochastic Resonance in the Case of a Generalized Katrin Laas, Romi Mankin,       638-404
Langevin Eq. with a Mittag-Leffler Friction Kernel Eerik Reiter
Some Properties of Nonlinear Continuous Time       I.I.S. Alcala, A.F. Ramirez,   638-395
Generalized Predictive Control                     R A. Ramirez, J. J. Ponce
Fast Frame Decomposition and Sorting by Contour Yusuke In, Takashi Oie,           638-210
Tracing for Mobile Phone Comic Images           Masakazu Higuchi, Shuji
                                                Kawasaki, Atushi Koike,
                                                Hitomi Murakami

                     4/11 FCT Green Amphitheatre 14:00-16:00
Session: Mathematical Modeling
Chair: Joao Oliveira Soares, Diogo Baltazar
Requirements on the Accuracy of Determination of Ludek Jedlicka                   638-358
Target Position and Movement Parameters
Planning and Control of Logistics for Offshore     Bernd Scholz-Reiter,           638-361
Wind Farms                                         Michael Lutjen, Jens Heger,
                                                   Anne Schweizer
Evaluation of Real Options in an Oil Field         Joao Oliveira Soares, Diogo    638-098
Speed Booms Detection for a Ground Vehicle with Juan Martin Raya Bahena,          638-379
Computer Vision                                    C.A. Cruz, Arturo Zuniga
                                                   Lopez, A. Ferreyra-Ramirez
An Investigation of Preferential Flow Path in Case Marie-Alice Ghitescu,          638-392
of Urban Flooding, Using 2D Mathematical           David Ioan
Hydrodynamical Modeling
Error Analysis of the Mobile Phone GPS and its     Yuki Odaka, Yusuke In,         638-198
Application to the Error Reduction                 Mayuko Kitazume, M.
                                                   Higuchi, Shuji Kawasaki,
                                                   Hitomi Murakami

                              16:00-16:30 Coffee-Break
                   4/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3B 14:00-16:00
Session: New and Friendly Mathematical and Computational Methods in Biological
Science and Medicine
Chair: Liliana Rogozea
Hospital Web Pages – A Brasov Case Study             L. Dima, Cezar Podasca, L. 638-477
                                                     Rogozea, A. Balescu,
                                                     Victoria Burtea
Information Network and Data Base in Clinical        Scarneciu Camelia, Maria- 638-369
Diagnosis and Bacterial Sensibility Surveillance – A Elena Cocuz, Scarneciu
Special Requirement in Acute Diarrhoea Control       Ioan, Roxana Miclaus
and Monitoring into a Regional Area
Applying Engineering in Healthcare: A Proposed       Alina Mihaela Pascu, D. M. 638-370
Computer-Assisted Mathematical Model for             Barbu, Ion Barbu, Ligia
Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk Assessment       Neica, Andreea Fleancu
IT Monitoring of Determinative Factors in            Felicia Dogariu, Antonella 638-342
Adherence to Treatment of Patients Having            Chesca, M.C. Luculescu,
Tuberculosis                                         Mihaela Elena Idomir
E-Communication – A Modality to Improve the          Liliana Rogozea, Cezar     638-384
Hospital Management                                  Podasca, Rudolf Derczeni,
                                                     Daniela Adriana Ion
Online Informing and Self-Appointment of             Livia Sangeorzan, Mihai    638-522
Population – A Method to Improve Patient's Access Varciu, Razvan Peste,
to Health Services                                   Roxana Miclaus, Dana
                                                     Sorina Alexandrescu

                   4/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3B 16:30-18:00
Session: New and Friendly Mathematical and Computational Methods in Biological
Science and Medicine
Chair: Liliana Rogozea
Statistic Study Regarding the Correlation of        Andreea Fleancu, Gabriela 638-343
Ischemic Stroke Etiologic Diagnosis with the        Sechel, Lorena Dima, Calin
Computer-Tomographic Imaging of Initial Scans       Fleancu
The Employment Field of the Patients Suffering of Antonella Chesca, Felicia 638-344
Tuberculosis as Part of an IT System of the Disease Dogariu, M.C. Luculescu,
Causing Decisive Factors                            Daniela Diaconescu
Analysis of Results and Optimization of a WEB-      Mihaela Elena Idomir,      638-345
based Program used for the Antibiotic Resistance    Maria Elena Cocuz, A.
Surveillance in a Romanian Universitary Hospital Chesca, C. Gabriela Nemet
Volume Fraction-Corrected Mitotic Index in          Daniela Diaconescu, Sorin 638-346
Prostate Cancer                                     Diaconescu, Antonella
                                                    Chesca, Sebastian Toma
                    4/11 Faculty of Economics Room 2A 14:00-16:00
Chair: Prof. Peter Mikulecky
SIP Threats Detection System                      Miroslav Voznak, Filip      638-419
Possibilities for Formal Models of Smart          Peter Mikulecky             638-423
Ambient Intelligence and Knowledge Management: Richard Brunet-Thornton,       638-425
Perspectives from the Czech Reality               Vladimir Bures
Feasibility Analysis upon the Implementation of   Ciprian Pirna, Simona       638-422
GSM Based Date Transfer Systems in Precision      Lache
Testing of a Microwave Transmission Link System L. Ekonomou, V. Vita, G.      638-187
at 2.45 GHz                                       E. Chatzarakis
E-model Improvement for Speech Quality           M. Voznak, M. Tomes, Z. 638-417
Evaluation Including Codecs Tandeming            Vaclavikova, Michal Halas

                            16:00-16:30 Coffee-Break

           4/11, 16:30-17:15 Faculty of Economics, Room 3A, Building 9

                         Large-Scale Ambient Intelligence
                         by Prof. Peter Mikulecky, University of Hradec Kralove,
                         CZECH REPUBLIC.

                      in SCIENCE and ENGINEERING
             4/11, 16:30-17:15 Green Amphitheatre FCT, Building 8

                         Softcomputing Methodologies Applied to Audio-Based
                         Information Retrieval
                         by Prof. Mario Malcangi, Universita degli Studi di Milano,
         4/11, 9:00-9:30 Red Amphitheatre Faculty of Economics, Building 9

                        Some Relevant Aspects of Developing a Customized Remote
                        Control System
                        by Assoc. Prof. Mihaiela Iliescu, "POLITEHNICA" University
                        of Bucharest, ROMANIA.

             4/11, Faculty of Economics Red Amphitheatre 9:30-11:10
Session: Visualization and simulation
Chair: Mihaiela Iliescu,
Event-Based Semantic Visualization of Trajectory Chen Zhong, Chamseddine           638-306
Data in Urban City with a Space-Time Cube           Zaki, Vincent Tourre,
                                                    Guillaume Moreau
Urban Environment Quality Indicators: Application Claudio Carneiro, Eugenio        638-549
to Solar Radiation and Morphological Analysis on Morello, Gilles Desthieux,
Built Area                                          Francois Golay
BAS2, an In-House Developed Stand Alone GIS         I. Z. Gitas, Thomas Katagis,   638-177
Application for the Estimation of Burned Area       Anastasia Polychronaki,
Statistics                                          Marcel Mateescu
CFD Modeling of Tree-induced Effects on Flow        J. H. Amorim, V.               638-562
and Dispersion of Traffic Emissions in City Centres Rodrigues, R. Tavares, C.
3D FEM Analysis of Cutting Processes                Corina Constantin, S.Mihai     638-232
                                                    Croitoru, G. Constantin,
                                                    Claudiu Florinel Bisu

                              11:00-11:30 Coffee-Break
              4/11, Faculty of Economics Red Amphitheatre 11:30-13:10
Session: Visualization, imaging and simulation
Chair: Irina Jackiva
Developing an Innovative System for Skates       Iliescu M., Tiganu I., Boboc   638-231
                                                 D., Ploscan C.
Performance Evaluation of Visual Cryptography    Masakazu Higuchi, Shuji        638-327
Schemes with Intensity Transformations for Gray- Kawasaki, Jonah Gamba,
Scale Images                                     Atsushi Koike, Hitomi
                                                 Murakami, Aya Emori
Geographic Information System for Railway        Hazem M. El-Bakry, Wael        638-555
Management                                       A. Awad
Application of Enterprise Modeling Method for    Ginta Stale, Sarma Cakula      638-270
Continuing Education Design and Development
3D Visualization Framework Based on MVC for In- Sung Gook Kim, Kyeong           638-253
Situ OLAP Knowledge/Information Interpretation Deok Woo, Beom Seok
                                                 Lee, Kyoung Il Kang,
                                                 Cheolwhan Lee, Sung Kyun
                                                 Lee, Sung Wook Baik

              4/11, Faculty of Economics Red Amphitheatre 14:20-16:00
Session: Shrinking cities
Chair: Ana Paula Barreira
Urban Rehabilitation and Sustainability in Slovene Mojca Sasek Divjak           638-283
The role of urban design in the process of         Francesco Selicato,          638-300
regeneration of suburbs: The case of Puglia Region Francesco Rotondo
Postindustrial Land Transformation: From Theory Luis Loures, Thomas             638-546
to Practice and Vice-Versa                         Panagopoulos, Jon Burley
Challenges and Prospects of Urban Allotments in    Ilze Jankovska, Thomas       638-532
Latvia and Portugal                                Panagopoulos
Coastal Areas also Shrink: Main Determinants for Ana Paula Barreira             638-186
the Case of Southern Portugal

             4/11, Faculty of Economics Red Amphitheatre 16:30-17:50
Session: Landscape and sustainability
Chair: Jon Burley, Thomas Panagopoulos
Reinventing Landscape in Postindustrial Sites:   Luis Loures, Ana Viegas, 638-548
Three Sites Revised                              Tiago Ramos, Sandra Silva
Reclamation and Landscape Design Suggestions for Sebla Kabas, Jose A.       638-216
a Mine Tailing in Cartagena, SE Spain            Acosta, Raul Zornoza, Dora
                                                 M. Carmona, Silvia M.
                                                 Martinez, Angel Faz Cano
Visual and Environmental Quality Perception and Fei Mo, Jon Burley          638-530
Preference in the People's Republic of China
Parks' Planning and Local Development between     Antonio Scarpino, Milena      638-317
Biodiversity and Sustainability                   Lopreite
18:00-20:00 Welcome reception in the Municipality of Faro Museum (old city,
downtown), with the presence of Macario Correia, President of the Municipality of
Faro and Rogério Bacalhau

Dinner at 20:00 Hotel EVA (rich social program).
                Friday, November 5th 2010
                      in SCIENCE and ENGINEERING
                 9:00-9:30 Green Amphitheatre FCT, Building 8

                          Analytical and Boundary Elements based Integral
                          Representation for Numerical Solution of 3-D Potential
                          Problems in Heterogeneous Media Containing Singularities
                          by Prof. Ioan David, POLITEHNICA University Timisoara,

                      5/11, FCT Green Amphitheatre 9:30-11:10
Session: Mathematical methods
Chair: Ioan David
Two Degrees of Freedom Model for Non-Linear       Nicolae–Doru Stanescu         638-217
Vibrations of the Automobile
Combined Disaggregation of Agricultural Land      Antonio Xavier, Maria De      638-338
Uses, Livestock Numbers and Crops' Production:    Belem Martins, Rui Manuel
An Entropy Approach                               De Sousa Fragoso
A Multivariate Analysis of the Relative Impact of Carlos M. F. Monteiro, Joao   638-381
Performance and Relationship Attributes on        Oliveira Soares, Helena M.
Customer Satisfaction                             P. Teixeira
Application of Cubic Spline to Determine Changes G.Flores Marcos, Cortez        638-473
in the Solid Solution of Metronidazole            Jose Italo, G.C. Marco
                                                  Antonio, Moreno R. Jose
                                                  Albino, H.A. Miguel Angel,
                                                  Gomez V. Hillary Sacnite
Over a New Approach on Investment Strategies      Razvan Raducanu               638-193

                             11:00-11:30 Coffee-Break
                     5/11, FCT Green Amphitheatre 11:30-13:30
Session: Computational methods in engineering
Chair: Carlos Guerrero
Analysis and Quantification of Human Subject      Cotoros Diana, Baritz          638-480
Stability Behaviour under Visual and Motor        Mihaela, Ligia Neica,
Perturbations                                     Lorena Dima, G. Sechel
Estimating Local Thickness for Finite Element     Vanio Ferreira, Luis Paulo     638-165
Analysis                                          Santos, Ricardo Simoes,
                                                  Markus Franzen, Omar O.
Numerical Solution of Iterative Ordinary          Maitree Podisuk                638-164
Differential Equation by Integration Method
A New Method of Multiple Imputation for           Arkady Bolotin                 638-139
Completely (or almost Completely) Missing Data
Application of Quick Response (QR) Codes in       Tan Shiang Yen, Long           638-413
Mobile Tagging System for Retrieving Information Yoon Foo, Rosnah Idrus
about Genetically Modified Food
Generalization of Sequential Wald's Test for more Boris Darkhovsky               638-156
than two Hypotheses

                     5/11, FCT Green Amphitheatre 14:00-16:00
Session: Mathematical Modeling
Chair: Prof. Egils Ginters, Jose G. Dias
A Two-Phase Local Search for the K Clusters with Graca Marques Goncalves,        638-211
Fixed Cardinality Problem                          Lidia Lampreia Lourenco,
                                                   Margarida Vaz Pato
A New Solution of Spiral Chambers and Aspiration Teodor Eugen Man, David         638-544
Elbows of Welded Double Shells for Pumps,          Ioan, Mihai Dimitriu,
Provided by Mathematical Modeling                  Gheorghe Vertan
Single-Allocation Hub Location Problems with       Isabel Correia, Stefan        638-158
Capacity Decisions and Balancing Requirements      Nickel, Francisco Saldanha-
A New Approach about Lu System                     Camelia Pop, Ioan David,      638-391
                                                   Alina Ioana Popescu Busan
Numerical Solution of the Initial Value Problem of Kanoknapa Erawun              638-414
the Ordinary Differential Equation with Singular
Point by Multi-Step Integration Method
Smart Gun with Implantable RFid Match System. A Gazziro, M.A., Almeida,          638-335
practical approach                                 L.O.B., Pedrazzani, C.D.
                                                   Machado, C.G.C.F

                             16:00-16:30 Coffee-Break
                     5/11, FCT Green Amphitheatre 16:30-18:30
Session: Mathematical & Computational methods in engineering
Chair: Rui Guerra
Statistical Measurement System Analysis of Ruston R. Shojaei, M. Sohrabi, M.     638-123
TA1750 Gas Turbine 1st Stage Nozzle                  A. Amjadi
Effect of the Temperature Profile on the Fluid Flow Simina Maris, Liliana        638-333
and Interface Deflection in the Case of Crystals     Braescu
Grown by Bridgman Technique
Measurement of the Stereoscopic Rangefinder          Roman Vitek                 638-355
Beam Angular Velocity using the Digital Image
Processing Method
Qualitative Analysis of ODEs Describing Cavitation Constantin Patrascoiu         633-522
Application of Helical and Energetic Characteristics Ekaterina Glebova           638-155
of the Velocity Field to Predict and Evaluate
Tropical Cyclones’ Formation and Development
Modeling Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) Jose G. Dias                        638-207
Data by Latent Class Models: An Application

         5/11, 9:00-9:30 Red Amphitheatre Faculty of Economics, Building 9

                       Distributed Simulation Environment Access
                       by Prof. Egils Ginters, University of Applied Sciences,
                       Valmiera, LATVIA.

              5/11, Faculty of Economics Red Amphitheatre 9:30-11:10
Session: Visualization and simulation
Chair: Peter Ndajah
Easy Communication Approach for Data Exchange Artis Silins, Egils Ginters,       638-313
in Distributed Simulation Environment            Dace Aizstrauta, Juris Binde
SSIM Image Quality Metric for Denoised Images    Peter Ndajah, Hisakazu          638-241
                                                 Kikuchi, M. Yukawa, H.
                                                 Watanabe, S. Muramatsu
Agent and Mobile Technologies and Their Usage in Kaspars Osis, Janis             638-242
Development of Learning Environment Supportive Grundspenkis
A Visual Language Framework for Music            Lim Chen Kim, Abdullah          638-237
Rendering Using L-System                         Zawawi Talib
Visualization Methods in Emergency Medical         Bruno Jezek, Jan Vanek,       638-405
Services Readiness Evaluation                      Karel Antos

                             11:00-11:30 Coffee-Break
             5/11, Faculty of Economics Red Amphitheatre 11:30-13:10
Session: Visualization, imaging and simulation
Chair: Dulce Antunes
Robotics Tools for Constructing Stereo Systems  Vitaliy Rybak, Ismael De J. 638-303
Using off-the-Shelf Cameras                     Perez V.
Shadow Image and Special Effects Implementation Tan Kian Lam, Abdullah      638-262
Techniques for Virtual Shadow Puppet Play       Zawawi Talib
Personalized Expressive Embodied Conversational Izidor Mlakar, Matej Rojc 638-390
Agent EVA
Soil Erodibility Assessment at the Alqueva Dam        Vera Ferreira, Thomas      638-533
Watershed, Portugal                                   Panagopoulos
Refrigeration Needs for Sustainable Preservation of   C.Gago,A.Sousa, M. Julião, 650-158
Horticultural Products                                G. Miguel, D. Antunes

                 5/11, Faculty of Economics Room 3C 14:00-16:00
Session: Visualization and simulation
Chair: Aldo Cumani
Improving the Accuracy of Visual Odometry from Aldo Cumani                      638-160
Point Features
Boundary-Based Depth Image Improvement          Yang-Keun Ahn, Young-           638-246
                                                Choong Park, Kwang-Soon
                                                Choi, Kwang-Mo Jung, Ji-
                                                Man Hong
A Study About Daylight Perception by the Human Toadere Florin, Radu             638-403
Eye                                             Arsinte, N.E. Mastorakis
Measurement of Eye Reaction and Eyelid          Frantisek Racek, Teodor         638-248
Movement                                        Balaz, Jan Komenda
Simulation and Modeling of Packet Loss on Self- Homero Toral, Jaime S.          638-510
Similar VoIP Traffic                            Ortegon, Julio C. Ramirez,
                                                Leopoldo Estrada
An Approximate Solution Corresponding to a      J.L. Bernal, F. Castillo, J.    638-517
Quasi-Stationary State during Nitriding         Oseguera, A.Fraguela, A.
                                                Medina, L. Bejar, A.
                                                Barranon, A. Juanico
             5/11, Faculty of Economics Red Amphitheatre 14:00-16:00
Session: Rehabilitation and sustainability
Chair: Nuno Pinto
The Impacts of Urban Regeneration Companies in Luis Neto, Nuno Pinto,            638-531
Portugal: The Case of Porto Vivo SRU               Malcolm Burns
Informing the Rehabilitation Process in Urban      Bibiana Ramos, Thomas         638-528
Landscapes                                         Panagopoulos
The Silent Language of Artistic Representations in Fabienne Jeanne Joliet, Wes   638-542
Landscape: Alentejo (Portugal) and Yellowstone     Landon, Jon Burley
Spatial Modeling of Urban Environmental            Iuliana Armas, Marian         638-298
Vulnerability to Seismic Risk. Case Study: The     Dardala, Adriana Reveiu,
Historical Center of the Bucharest Municipality –  Titus Felix Furtuna
Early Urban Water Management of Gdansk, Poland Piotr J. Kowalika, Simo           638-114
                                                   Laakkonenb, Ziemowit
Iran and the World Trend of Urbanization in the    Heydar Lotfi, P. Azizi, S.    638-185
21st Century                                       Hemmati, Reza Pourali

                   5/11 Faculty of Economics Room 3D 14:00-16:20
Chair: L. Ekonomou, V. Vita, G. E. Chatzarakis
Method describing system management operations Matsuki Yoshino, Norihisa 638-238
and its use in evaluating energy saving operations Komoda, Michiko Oba
Datanetworking aspects of power substation         Josef Horalek, Vladimir    638-240
automation                                         Sobeslav
CryptoNET: Security Management Protocols           Abdul G. Abbasi, S. Muftic 638-128
Process Analysis as an Optimalization Support in   Pavel Vlcek                   638-557
Public Administration
Automated Risk Assessment: A Hierarchical          Ricardo J. Rodriguez, James 638-244
Temporal Memory Approach                           A. Cannady
Managing NetLogo Models in CLIPS                   Kamila Olsevicova, Agata 638-514
                                                   Bodnarova, Pavel Cech
Compensating the Nonlinearity of Laser Diode in    Haleh Karkhaneh, S.         638-279
Optical Wireless Transmission Using OFDM           M.Hassan Javadzadeh,
                                                   Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini,
                                                   A. Ghorbani, J. Rodriguez
                 5/11, Faculty of Economics Room 3C 16:30-19:30
Session: Climate – Global change
Chair: Manuel Costa
The Climate and History of Algarve - Interactions Manuel Costa                638-341
Carob-Tree as CO2 Sink in the Carbon Market       Daniel Geraldo, P. Correia, 638-534
                                                  J. Filipe, Luis Nunes
Changes in the Structure of Zooplankton            Arturs Skute, R. Deksne,       638-416
Communities in the Freshwater Ecosystems in        Jana Paidere, Natalja Skute,
Latvia over the Last Five Decades                  Aija Brakovska
Seasonal Fluctuations of the Fine Fraction of PM1.0Josef Navratil, Vladimir       638-415
in Urban Conglomerations                           Adamec, Alena Bumbova,
                                                   A. Langerova, L. Jesonkova
Visual Appearance of Turfgrass under Different     Manuel Costa, Jose Beltrao,    638-226
Water Regimes                                      J.C. Brito, Carlos Guerrero
Salt Removing Crops in Arid Climates               Gulom Bekmirzaev,              638-263
                                                   Mukhamadkhan Khamidov,
                                                   Jose Beltrao, M. A. Neves
The Zonal Interpolation Of Socioeconomic           Antonio Xavier, Maria De       638-340
Statistics: An Application of a Dasymetric Mapping Belem Martins
Methodology to the Region of Algarve
The Agro-Forestry Farms’ Socioeconomic             Antonio Xavier, Maria De       638-339
Characterization for a Forest Fire Prevention and  Belem Martins
Management Model
Climate Changes and Their Effects on the           Zhanna V. Kuzmina, Sergey      638-152
Vegetation Recovery in the Pre-Aral Region         E. Treshkin

             5/11, Faculty of Economics Red Amphitheatre 16:30-18:50
Session: The Institutional Dimension of Sustainability
Chair: Teresa Noronha
Regional Distribution of Public Incentives for Firms Purificacion Vicente         638-535
Support in Portugal                                  Galindo, T. Noronha Vaz
E-Work, Corporate Management and Sustainability: Maria Do Rosario Almeida,        638-539
New Challenges, New Opportunities                    Jose Antonio Porfirio
Gravitational Models and Spatial Foresight: From Eric de Noronha Vaz,             638-536
Agricultural Policy to Agricultural Loss             Teresa de Noronha Vaz
Horticulture in Algarve: A Case Study for            Emilia Madeira, Joao Pinto   638-537
Sustainable Development                              Guerreiro, Agostinho de
The Agricultural District: A Conceptual Framework Jose Porfirio, Marc             638-538
for Sustainable Development Issues                   Jacquinet, Tiago Carrilho
Desertification and Sustainability in Calabria: An    Antonio Scarpino, Milena    638-310
Economical Analysis                                   Lopreite
Study of the impact of the global financial crisis on Dariusz Pechorzewski        638-307
selected local residential property market in poland
in the context of the attractiveness of locations
Pos-conference tour. At 6/11 Saturday.
Optional, about the history of Algarve and go till Sagres the most western part of the
continent, organized by Abreu tours. Cost 40euro.
The tour will start from the Hotel EVA at 9:00 and finish at 18:00.

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